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Scrimmage night

Eight thrilling plays. That's what me and the rest of the media were privy to tonight. And Jacory Harris was at quarterback for all of them. Maybe Randy Shannon is trying to confuse us.

Anyway, I'm still out here waiting for the closed scrimmage (there are 300 special guests in attendance in the stands) to finish. When it does, I'll give you the full report. For now, this is the only news I can report:

> Safety Anthony Reddick (who missed several practices this week) was not wearing pads and was off to the side.
> Linebacker Arthur Brown was dressed in full uniform, but also standing off to the side. I didn't see him get into any action.
> Defensive tackle Antonio Dixon (whom Shannon told us would practice after leaving the hospital Thursday) was in shorts and a t-shirt. That's it.


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Thanks, sitting by waiting on the details like the rest of the die hard fans.



Who is actually going to play for this team? Man, if we're relying on Khalil and Cook we're in even bigger trouble.

Whats up Manny? What the inside info?

Relax, Miami will get it going this year!There is plenty of young talent that will develop! Laron Byrd,Travis Benjamin, Tommy Streeter,Aldarius Johnson, Kayne F,Jermaine McKenzie,Sam Shields, Davon Johnson. Our Running game is solid with Coop and James! Patrick Hill is an animal as a fullback! Marve and Harris will both shine! I actually like Epps and Gordon at tight end! They are going to turn the corner and win the ACC by years end! There is alot more talent at every position this year than last. Give them a chance to develop! Focus on winning the ACC this season! Two years down the road it will be another National Championship! Miami is way below the radar this season! That's exactly what they need! What all the analysts don't realize is that just because Miami is young doesn't mean their not good! Both Marve and Harris will suprise everyone this year! Go Canes!!

Manny What's the substance?

Manny...The Man
Thanks for the up date.

I think we will have some pleasant surprises this year....

we are due!

I must agree with Dr. Dan, I think we are in big surprises this year....UM

If the hurricanes were a biaaatch, I would marry them. canes are my favorite team. I believe we always had the talent but last year we were out scemed .. the players you could tell they didnt know the plays especially against oklahoma ...if j. james wouldn't have fumbled we would have tied then 21-21 but they recovered and ran it all the way back making it 28-14 .. our mentality was destroyed .. and for the rest of the year .. please randy put the players in who know the scheme . if not it will look like the coaches are the problem. We dont have a scheme .. look at the college programs now who have been winning they have great offensive schemes.. usc, lsu, florida, we need that identity back. also i wish a could give them a motivational speach .. thats what they need someone to remind them who they are as canes ..winners.. domninators... etc...

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