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Shannon talks about suspensions

OK, the news we've been waiting for since Friday night has been addressed by The U. Seven players will be suspended for the opener including starting quarterback Robert Marve. The others are: running back Damien Berry, receiver Kayne Farquharson, fullback Eric Houston, long snapper Chris Ivory, defensive end Adewale Ojomo and safety Randy Phillips.

UM coach Randy Shannon began his 4 1/2 minute meeting with the media by saying this:

"This Thursday night we'll have seven guys that won't be attending the game. Like I said before when I took the job at the University of Miami, we hold everybody to higher standards than most teams in the country. We have our rules and regulations, as far as curfew, study hall, and doing the right things in the classroom. We won't be having a few guys attending the game for those reasons and we'll move forward.

"Robert Marve will be our starting quarterback for the season. He will not be attending the game against Charleston Southern. We have two great quarterbacks. The competition was great between the two guys. They did a great job of competing. Jacory Harris will play in every game we will play this season. Robert Marve will be the starter. We will not have a controversy. When a guy goes in, like Jacory, and has a tremendous game, Robert Marve will be the starter. We got to build depth at that position.

"Some people may think this is a harsh decision because I'm such a stickler about the little things. But one thing I do know if you do the little things, but you forget about them, they add up to big things and that will cause a lot of problems for your team. As I said, we're going to build a championship team. We're going to do it the right way and we're going to keep enforcing those things to make a better team and better program by always doing the right thing. And like I said before, some schools may not be as harsh as we are, but we're the University of Miami and that's the stand we take."

Here's the official depth chart by the way...

QB: Jacory Harris | Cannon Smith
RB: Javarris James | Graig Cooper
FB: Patrick Hill | John Calhoun
FL: Khalil Jones | Travis Benjamin or Sam Shields
SE: Leonard Hankerson | Aldarius Johnson
TE: Dedrick Epps or Chris Zellner | Richard Gordon
LT: Jason Fox | Tyrone Byrd
LG: Orlando Franklin | Matt Pipho
C: Xavier Shannon | A.J. Trump or Tyler Horn
RG: Joel Figueroa | Harland Gunn
RT: Reggie Youngblood | Chris Rutledge

LE: Steven Wesley | Gavin Hardin
LT: Antonio Dixon | Marcus Forston
RT: Joe Joseph | Dwayne Hendricks
RE: Marcus Robinson | Andrew Smith
SLB: Darryl Sharpton | Jordan Futch
MLB: Glenn Cook | Romeo Davis or Spencer Adkins
WLB: Colin McCarthy | Sean Spence
LCB: Chavez Grant | Brandon Harris
RCB: Bruce Johnson | DeMarcus Van Dyke
SS: Anthony Reddick | Vaughn Telemaque
FS: Jojo Nicholas | Ryan Hill

Special teams
K: Matt Bosher | Jake Wieclaw
P: Matt Bosher | Taylor Cook
KO: Matt Bosher
LS: Jake Byrne | Lovon Ponder
PR: Graig Cooper | Travis Benjamin | Thearon Collier
KR: Ryan Hill and Brandon Harris | Shawnbrey McNeal and Davon Johnson

> Check back later tonight for my reaction to everything, as well as audio and video from today.


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Hi Manny,
Nothing like a little drama to spike a pretty meaningless opening game huh?

Can you visit the space later tonight and give us the karma the players and reporters are feeling out there
thanks juan, you still rock


Marves father talked about him possibly being bitter over the delayed benching. any chace of marve transfering if harris excells?

Manny, will Jacory speak with the media?

Manny, any predictions on who you expect to be the others suspended? I have heard names from Kayne F. or Shields to Wesley, etc?

Any guesses?

Manny, with Marve being out for the first game do you in any way shape or form think that this is going to be bad for Marve's confidence going in to the swamp?


I would prefer to support an 8-4 team that upholds rules and yields better men than a 12-0 team that is oblivious to rules and consequences. However, the timing of this punishment is out of the ordinary for when the incident occurred. Can you get a sense, please, if Robert had any idea this would be the punishment for his poor judgment? Thank you.

Just some bit of advice. Be prepared to interview the players if possible. My guess is Randy Shannon will remain as secretive as he always has and will leave the fans and media with as little information as possible. My guess is we will all have even more questions after the 8:30 PM meeting than before.

Marves father talked about him possibly being bitter over the delayed benching. any chace of marve transfering if harris excells?"

Wow, unless you are close personal friends with the Marves, you absolutely did not hear anything like that. Quit trying to make mountains out of mole-hills.

Q: Manny, Marves father talked about him possibly being bitter over the delayed benching. any chace of marve transfering if harris excells? Posted by: shane | August 24, 2008 at 08:01 PM

A: I didn't speak to Marve's father. Susan did. But from what I'm told there definitely was disappointment from Marve's family on the timing of the suspension. I'm not saying Marve will transfer, but you have to imagine this wasn't the way he envisioned his career starting at UM. And I'm sure, if there scenario develops in that Jacory remains the starter and he's relegated to the bench for his career here, he probably will be headed elsewhere.


has anyone got any feeling from the players re: the timing of the suspension? do they as a group feel betrayed by the staff? is anything frayed b/w the players and the staff or is everyone just kin d of rolling with it?

Q: Manny, will Jacory speak with the media? Posted by: SuperCooper | August 24, 2008 at 08:02 PM

A: Yes. I'm told he will.


In YOUR opinion, are coach Shannon's actions simply the discipline that has to come to a team before it inevitably returns to greatness or the missteps of a very inexperienced head coach?

We need answers!

Any chance suspensions go past one game?

Hey Manny, ask RS if the offense scheme is going to change now that Jacory is playing instead of Marve. If Marve earned the spot I think that we should evaulate their performance and play both at UF.

Do you feel that if Jacory plays lights out he gets the start against UF or is Marve automatically the man because he performed better in camp.


Is that right? I would really like to know why..

jojo starting at safety, robinson starting at end

Up here in Cincinnati, it is really hard to digest what is going on.
1) Is the University demanding these suspensions or Randy Shannon?
2) As a past college athlete, I woud be livid over being punished 10 months after the incident.

As a parent, I could not imagine doing this to my children.


RB Damien Berry, WR Kayne Farquharson, FB Eric Houston, LS Chris Ivory, QB Robert Marve, DE Adewale Ojomo, S Randy Phillips.

Suspended against Charleston JV.

from six


Hi Manny,
Can you visit __________
thanks juan, you still rock


Posted by: solarcane | August 24, 2008 at 08:00 PM
why don't you go F yourself ...

Is the game going to be televise ?

whats up green?, you still lurking around being important?
whoooee eat some pie have a glass of milk


depth chart is already on canespace green, that must bust your nutz bad huh?


people get punished all the time for something they did a long time ago.................. If U murdered someone last year and your trial begins today..then there U go. So in essense since it is a football incident punishment should of been then right?

Can anyone answer me please, about the game being televise ? Thank you

To George,
The first Hurricane game is avaliable on ESPN 360

george espn360


how does it feel to be 86Cane's toady?

Damien Berry
Kayne Farquharaon
Eric Houston
Chris Ivery
Robert Marve
Adewale Ojomo
Randy Phillips

All those guys are suspended for the first game.

wad up MH hows life?


Only on ESPN360 aka your computer.

So context is key (for all the suspensions) We're still talking College football? Right? (not murder)


Just got back in. The suspended seven are Marve, DB Damien Berry, WR Kayne Farquharson, FB Eric Houston, LS Chris Ivory, DE Adewale Ojomo and DB Randy Phillips. I'll have reaction soon.

green my boy here's how it works.
I don't get satisfaction out of typing insults to someone I know nothing about over the internet.

I'm going to go ahead and ignore you, it's nothing personal... nothing on the net really is, once you understand that, well life is pretty cool.


86Cane's boy

do us all a favor ...
ignore Eye on the U ...


Thank you !

Pittsburgh, Temple, Tulane, Minnesota, South Florida, San Diego State and Duhhhh U - A Who's Who of teams regulated to off-campus mediocrity.

Negatives centered on lack of a collegiate feel, student apathy, less revenue.

``It honestly never felt like our stadium.'' - guy in the know


"I think ALL of us are confused and stunned by this news." - 86Cane

CONFUSED - I agree as every single canes fan is in denial about the current & future state of their team now that they are in an actual conference and face mediocre competition.

STUNNED - not yet, but soon enough. Starting out the season 0-3 should do it.


"There are not many things around the country that compare to Hurricane football.'' - Kirby Hocutt

Half-filled stadiums, 48-0 blowouts, and 5-7 records.


Jumbotron paid in full by others......

"We'll finally be able to see replays if something isn't right." - Graig Cooper


I don't get the all-caps ending on all your


who cares about the suspended players. coach must have a reason. Lets support the players that will see the filed comes thursday!!!! GO CANES!

The game will not be televised, but per Cooper there will be a 3+ hour show of Cane mistakes & lowlights on the jumbotron.


Remember to refresh this post. I'm updating it as I compile my notes and quotes from today's practice.

gators,dawgs,SEC - The what not of football.

SEC football past ACC future.

What are these suspensions all about, team violations or academics ?

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