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Shannon talks about suspensions

OK, the news we've been waiting for since Friday night has been addressed by The U. Seven players will be suspended for the opener including starting quarterback Robert Marve. The others are: running back Damien Berry, receiver Kayne Farquharson, fullback Eric Houston, long snapper Chris Ivory, defensive end Adewale Ojomo and safety Randy Phillips.

UM coach Randy Shannon began his 4 1/2 minute meeting with the media by saying this:

"This Thursday night we'll have seven guys that won't be attending the game. Like I said before when I took the job at the University of Miami, we hold everybody to higher standards than most teams in the country. We have our rules and regulations, as far as curfew, study hall, and doing the right things in the classroom. We won't be having a few guys attending the game for those reasons and we'll move forward.

"Robert Marve will be our starting quarterback for the season. He will not be attending the game against Charleston Southern. We have two great quarterbacks. The competition was great between the two guys. They did a great job of competing. Jacory Harris will play in every game we will play this season. Robert Marve will be the starter. We will not have a controversy. When a guy goes in, like Jacory, and has a tremendous game, Robert Marve will be the starter. We got to build depth at that position.

"Some people may think this is a harsh decision because I'm such a stickler about the little things. But one thing I do know if you do the little things, but you forget about them, they add up to big things and that will cause a lot of problems for your team. As I said, we're going to build a championship team. We're going to do it the right way and we're going to keep enforcing those things to make a better team and better program by always doing the right thing. And like I said before, some schools may not be as harsh as we are, but we're the University of Miami and that's the stand we take."

Here's the official depth chart by the way...

QB: Jacory Harris | Cannon Smith
RB: Javarris James | Graig Cooper
FB: Patrick Hill | John Calhoun
FL: Khalil Jones | Travis Benjamin or Sam Shields
SE: Leonard Hankerson | Aldarius Johnson
TE: Dedrick Epps or Chris Zellner | Richard Gordon
LT: Jason Fox | Tyrone Byrd
LG: Orlando Franklin | Matt Pipho
C: Xavier Shannon | A.J. Trump or Tyler Horn
RG: Joel Figueroa | Harland Gunn
RT: Reggie Youngblood | Chris Rutledge

LE: Steven Wesley | Gavin Hardin
LT: Antonio Dixon | Marcus Forston
RT: Joe Joseph | Dwayne Hendricks
RE: Marcus Robinson | Andrew Smith
SLB: Darryl Sharpton | Jordan Futch
MLB: Glenn Cook | Romeo Davis or Spencer Adkins
WLB: Colin McCarthy | Sean Spence
LCB: Chavez Grant | Brandon Harris
RCB: Bruce Johnson | DeMarcus Van Dyke
SS: Anthony Reddick | Vaughn Telemaque
FS: Jojo Nicholas | Ryan Hill

Special teams
K: Matt Bosher | Jake Wieclaw
P: Matt Bosher | Taylor Cook
KO: Matt Bosher
LS: Jake Byrne | Lovon Ponder
PR: Graig Cooper | Travis Benjamin | Thearon Collier
KR: Ryan Hill and Brandon Harris | Shawnbrey McNeal and Davon Johnson

> Check back later tonight for my reaction to everything, as well as audio and video from today.


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Per the post 6 academics, 1 marve breaking a mirror

"What are these suspensions all about, team violations or academics?" - FIUBlueandGold

They are all about Randy recruiting qauntity over quality.


Yep, the 2 stars that wooped the Gators.

"gators,dawgs,SEC - The what not of football" - fan of duhhhh WAC

More like pre-season Top 5 and two months away from a #1 vs #2 showdown.

Hurricanes,Bucaneers, relative unkowns - Thursday night showdown of two Top 116 offenses.


Khalil Jones has no business playing in a college football game least of all starting.

seriously...I wish I knew you. So, I could kick you...


The game will not be televised, but per Cooper there will be a 3+ hour show of Cane mistakes & lowlights on the jumbotron.


Posted by: canesrule | August 24, 2008 at 09:23 PM

How can you watch it from 95?

Learn your Interstate.

Sorry for being so lame, Are you telling I can watch the game online at espn360, The entire game or just highlights ? Thank once again in adavance !

George - it is also on ESPN Gameplan so check your local bar.

ESPN360 is only provided on specific IPs. ATT, Verizon, etc.

We all have to deal with adversity on and off the field, so Marve should get ready for it.

If Marve is the guy, he will shine through it. If not, then he is kyle wright jr.

We all have to deal with adversity on and off the field, so Marve should get ready for it.

If Marve is the guy, he will shine through it. If not, then he is kyle wright jr.

"I'm not saying Marve will transfer, but you have to imagine this wasn't the way he envisioned his career starting at UM."

He didn't envision getting arrested or beingn punished for it?

Gaytors Defense=Twinkies (soft and creme filled)

We WILL have our way with them.

And our RBs alone will score enough points to win.

Oh yea and were 22-9 vs the SEC, crazy huh? Look it up.

I was wondering too, I know Tebow was the first sophmore to win the heisman, was he also the first to win it with a 9-4 record?

Shows all the 'weapons' you have on your soft a*s team.

Can anyone show me the new depth chart. Forgive my impatience, but its just really teasing to have all this suspension info, and no depth chart that all was released about the same time.

ask ...
and you shall receive ...

Starting Depth Chart:

WR Leonard Hankerson (Aldarius Johnson)
LT Jason Fox (Tyrone Byrd)
LG Orlando Franklin (Matt Pipho)
C Xavier Shannon (AJ Trump or Tyler Horn)
RG Joel Figueroa (Harland Gunn)
RT Reggie Youngblooid (Chris Rutledge)
TE Dedrick Epps/Chris Zellner (Richard Gordon)
WR Khalil Jones (Travis Benjamin or Sam Shields)
QB Jacory Harris (Cannon Smith)
RB Javarris James (Graig Cooper)
FB Patrick Hill (John Calhoun)
K Matt Bosher (Jake Wieclaw)

DE Steven Wesley (Gavin Hardin)
DT Antonio Dixon (Marcus Forston)
DT Joe Joseph (Dwayne Hendricks)
DE Marcus Robinson (Andrew Smith)
LB Darryl Sharpton (Jordan Futch)
MLB Glenn Cook (Romeo Davis or Spencer Adkins)
LB Colin McCarthy (Sean Spence)
CB Chavez Grant (Brandon Harris)
CB Bruce Johnson (DVD)
S JoJo Nicholas (Vaughn Telemaque)
S Anthony Reddick (Ryan Hill)
P Matt Bosher (Taylor Cook)

LS Jake Byrne (Lovon Ponder)
PR Graig Cooper (Travis Benjamin and Thearon Collier)
KR Ryan Hill and Brandon Harris (Shawnbrey McNeal and Davon Johnson)

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I don't know what's worse the pathetic Florida fans who have nothing to do but post here or the Miami "what have you done for me lately" Miami fans.

As for the Florida fans you really should be embarassed to call yourself a University when your coach lets a messed up kid like Ronnie Williams play after firing off an unregistered A47. No integrity doesn't even begin to cover it.

And for the Miami fans how many of you thought you were going to beat UF this year anyway. Given the state of the program the last 3 years, thinking of winning a NT is dream for a couple of years. Get used to and pull for the team. They will get better and we won't have any criminals playing for us like Florida.

And, I bet not one of you has a kid playing FB in college. You'd be surprised how many parents don't think about their kids going to the NFL like you think, but want them to get an education.

Good for Randy. And you watch how parents of recruits will respect him for what he did.

No Arthur Brown? Interesting.

if he didnt do his job u all will talk he's doing his job and some of u still not happy shut up and give da man a chance this turning to a black & white thing and thats bad

who is this canesrule guy?

get a life man... and get over yourself.

If you're only gripe is the timing of the suspension and not the decision to suspend him, get over it already. If you think it would have been better for RM to compete for the starting QB position with the knowledge he wouldn't play the first game, you're an idiot. Of course that knowledge might have affected him...no distractions is better than fearing the suspension might be held against you when the coaches make their final decision.

As it turns out, he won the battle ON THE FIELD, has been named the starter post the suspension, and I hope he goes on to have a great career.

A little concerned about the MLB spot. Hopefully, Cook steps his game up...alot.

couldnt help but notice that Arthur Brown wasnt on the chart..does that mean he didnt make the 2 deep or is he hurt or something like that?

Wow after a hot start Laron Bryd is nowhere to be found on the opening depth chart.

Yeah Author Brown stood out to me too... also I guess Bailey and Moncur didn't get to practice this week to... Jones in front of TB and Shields, and Grant in front of DVD, wow?!? No McKenzie or Byrd, I had high hopes for McKenzie and I thought Byrd was tearing it up in practice what happened???

What's up with safey postion, I thought Lovon Ponder & Randy Phillps was the starter, I know Randy is out for game 1 but what happen to Lovon isn't he a senior

Yeah, disappointed about no L.Byrd or McKenzie at WR, and DVD and B.Harris not starting at the CB spots. I guess they're relying more on experience.

Although, DVD has plenty of experience from last year.

Here is a thought...By keeping Marve out of the game, it will give us an advantage over Florida, no game tapes on him if he played this week. Shannon did say he was the starter, and we will need some surprises to beat the gators.

Those guys were suspended for impersonating legendary "U" footballers !!!

- Frank Costa
- Ryan Clement
- Kenny Kelly
- Ryan Collins
- Scott Covington
- Buck Ortega
- Kyle Wright
- Kirby Freeman
- Robert Marve
- Jacory Harris

Long list of pedestrian QBs at dah U.

Scott Covington was pretty good, Frank Costa was ok, Ortega came in as a QB but did not play as one, and Marve and Harris have yet to play a down, you c0cksucker.

Costa did take big hits though

Real Cane:

You don't really think that malnourished Jacory or Beer Pong Robert can lead this team back to any prominence do you ?

Canes r gonna get smoked by the Bucs and everyone watching SportsCenter will see how soft Randy Shannon teams are.

Kenny Kelly vs. Penn State in the rain was a killer...brings back bad memories! That guy sucked monkey nuts....We are back!

The only way UM gets smoked by any Bucs it would be the ones from tampa


you're kidding about marve transferring if he faces some adversity right? lets take a look at troy smith at ohio state. 2003 plays running back and gets into a bar-room fight.

smith gets suspended for the 2004 alamo bowl for taking money from a booster and is also suspended for the first game of the 2005 season. the buckeyes 2nd game was at texas. sound familiar. smith goes 5-11. marve should be better at florida. smith takes his punishment, the fans stay calm. smith wins the heisman.

instead of suggesting marve could transfer, why don't you calm down hysterical canes fans with some perspective. its a marathon not a sprint.

Why is Marve suspended for the CSU game on Thursday? Because it is his 1st game after he violated team rules. I know one of the rules was being out after curfew (the incident on Halloween happened after team curfew). Again, that is just one of the team rules that he violated. Marve was redshirted last year so he was unable to play in any games. The 1st game that he can play in happens to be the season opener against CSU. That just the way it goes. If he was not redshirted, his suspension would have been for one of the games last year. Those where the rules that Coach Shannon placed when he first got the job.

Everyone has stated and praised Butch Davis how he cleaned up the UM program. Well, the program has had discipline problems in the latter stages of Larry Cokers regime. Now Coach Shannon is trying to clean it up and rebuild the program, but he is getting cr*p from all of the "so called UM fans" who don't care about the program being great again and being in the ACC championship picture in the '09 and contending for a national championship in '10 or'11. All everyone care about is Marve having his 2nd start in Gainseville in a game that UM will probably lose even if Ken Dorsey, Vinny T. or Tim Tebow where the QB's. Folks, they are games after the Gators game. Thank goodness that Coach Shannon is not a near sighted and see the big picture more than many of U "so called" fans.

The turds will demolish the U...We have to many jerks like Marve and co.

man..after all the extremely UNLIKELY upsets we saw last year...everyone is calling the UM vs UF game a loss already.

UF lost to Michigan in the Capital One bowl and I am sure we are far better than Appalachian State. Stranger things have happened and this team seems like they got a great attitude. If they go out in the Swamp with their balls firmly attached we'll be good.

You can compare rosters and stats all you want but on the field its 11 on 11

We're gonna beat the Gators, watch.

Where is arthur brown?

are you still lurking about accusing other people of doing the same things you do day after day? Trying to deflect attention from the fact that you have nothing to contribute to any of the blogs. Well anything thats not copied and pasted from somewhere else anyway.


ask ...
and you shall receive ...

Posted by: green | August 24, 2008 at 09:54 PM


Just because a player is not on the depth chart does not mean they will not get PT.

The WR will be rotated in and out for certain packages and situations.

Arthur Brown is way to green, he techniques need to improve.

It's only one game. you reap what you sow. Marve will be fine. The rest of the team knows that, if I break a team rule, the I will be punished for it. If this happens at other school would we agree or disagree on the suspension? What was he going to do bench him during Spring Ball, or would you prefer Shannon benching him against Fla.

Why is the depth chart not getting a lot of talk? I have quite a few questions...
1). No Arthur Brown AT ALL? Where is he in terms of position and depth? I see Futch got in there and he came after Brown. Proof enough those "stars" on the recruiting sites dont always pan out for starting positions and play time.
2) Sam Shields is not starting. I know he had some issues over the last few years and people were concerned about these talented underclassmen showing him up. Well, it looks like it happened...for now. If Shannon is going to rotate recievers like D-linemen, starting position doesnt matter as much.
3). Same with Laron Byrd. After his spring progress he isnt on the depth chart at all either. But once again, if it's a rotating system of recievers, it doesnt matter.
4) I like all of these underclassmen making up a lot of that chart (regardless of starting or not). It's going to be an interesting few years as we continue to build.

You guys are so toast.

Um could very possibly start out 2-4. Two tough road games early. Then FSU and UCF. Only one gimme in the bunch.

Lets be nice and throw in a win at Duke and say UM could easily start out 3-4 instead of 2-4.


Everything about the way Shannon communicates, what he says, how he says it, and when he says it are all almost bizarrre. Good luck with that guy.


this is just bad timing!!!

All this does it focus all the negative attention to UM. Check FoxSports, ESPN, etc... All the blogs are calling the Canes thugs again. And for what, petty crap to satisfy Shannon's ego.

Does anyone have the email address to the University? I would love to start sending complaint emails.

I cant believe how much this is being blown out of proportion on here. It's a one game suspension. We are not going to lose to Charleston Southern. Our practice squad is better than Charleston Southern. If Marve can do well against our practice squad and those 7-on-7 drills (not to mention the scrimmages against the first team defense), he'll be fine "Resting up" for the UF game. He even said he's a team player and he wants what's best for the team. It doesnt mean he's not upset. But, this isnt going to cost us a game, recruits, or a heck of a lot of publicity. UF, Georgia, and a lot of other schools are much worse off than we are. Those of you goign crazy need to take a step back and look at what's to gain out of this. I agree with the fact that Shannon didnt tell them going into camp about the suspensions. He (Shannon) knew there would be a competition at MANY positions and didnt want a distraction or let-down on those players' performances. The fact he also said Marve will start against UF is also good. I think Marve either way is more prepared being at UM for a year longer. Jacory, Marve, AND Shannon are in agreeance with that too. It can also be an advantage having UF not seeing all the plays and abilities Marve can do well. Do you guys really think Shannon is going to break out his playbook of schemes for this opener when we have a top 5 opponent next week?? If anything, this will be good for the guys who are starting that SHOULD be second string under those being suspended. It's a positive Jacory and all the other guys are getting acclimated too. And must we remember, while the QB position is important as heck, it's not the entire reason we win or lose a game. So, the whole "Marve needs to prepare for UF" line isnt working. If, and I mean IF, Shannon is going to make or break a team, let him do it himself with his staff. From what I can tell, none of us on here have any experience in coaching or analyzing football (you NCAA players dont count). Just be PATIENT and see what happens. This could very well be a good thing in the long run.

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