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Shannon talks about suspensions

OK, the news we've been waiting for since Friday night has been addressed by The U. Seven players will be suspended for the opener including starting quarterback Robert Marve. The others are: running back Damien Berry, receiver Kayne Farquharson, fullback Eric Houston, long snapper Chris Ivory, defensive end Adewale Ojomo and safety Randy Phillips.

UM coach Randy Shannon began his 4 1/2 minute meeting with the media by saying this:

"This Thursday night we'll have seven guys that won't be attending the game. Like I said before when I took the job at the University of Miami, we hold everybody to higher standards than most teams in the country. We have our rules and regulations, as far as curfew, study hall, and doing the right things in the classroom. We won't be having a few guys attending the game for those reasons and we'll move forward.

"Robert Marve will be our starting quarterback for the season. He will not be attending the game against Charleston Southern. We have two great quarterbacks. The competition was great between the two guys. They did a great job of competing. Jacory Harris will play in every game we will play this season. Robert Marve will be the starter. We will not have a controversy. When a guy goes in, like Jacory, and has a tremendous game, Robert Marve will be the starter. We got to build depth at that position.

"Some people may think this is a harsh decision because I'm such a stickler about the little things. But one thing I do know if you do the little things, but you forget about them, they add up to big things and that will cause a lot of problems for your team. As I said, we're going to build a championship team. We're going to do it the right way and we're going to keep enforcing those things to make a better team and better program by always doing the right thing. And like I said before, some schools may not be as harsh as we are, but we're the University of Miami and that's the stand we take."

Here's the official depth chart by the way...

QB: Jacory Harris | Cannon Smith
RB: Javarris James | Graig Cooper
FB: Patrick Hill | John Calhoun
FL: Khalil Jones | Travis Benjamin or Sam Shields
SE: Leonard Hankerson | Aldarius Johnson
TE: Dedrick Epps or Chris Zellner | Richard Gordon
LT: Jason Fox | Tyrone Byrd
LG: Orlando Franklin | Matt Pipho
C: Xavier Shannon | A.J. Trump or Tyler Horn
RG: Joel Figueroa | Harland Gunn
RT: Reggie Youngblood | Chris Rutledge

LE: Steven Wesley | Gavin Hardin
LT: Antonio Dixon | Marcus Forston
RT: Joe Joseph | Dwayne Hendricks
RE: Marcus Robinson | Andrew Smith
SLB: Darryl Sharpton | Jordan Futch
MLB: Glenn Cook | Romeo Davis or Spencer Adkins
WLB: Colin McCarthy | Sean Spence
LCB: Chavez Grant | Brandon Harris
RCB: Bruce Johnson | DeMarcus Van Dyke
SS: Anthony Reddick | Vaughn Telemaque
FS: Jojo Nicholas | Ryan Hill

Special teams
K: Matt Bosher | Jake Wieclaw
P: Matt Bosher | Taylor Cook
KO: Matt Bosher
LS: Jake Byrne | Lovon Ponder
PR: Graig Cooper | Travis Benjamin | Thearon Collier
KR: Ryan Hill and Brandon Harris | Shawnbrey McNeal and Davon Johnson

> Check back later tonight for my reaction to everything, as well as audio and video from today.


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You guys are missing the big story....the part that jumped out at me was...'Jacory Harris will play in every game'!!! We don't have a starting QB, we have a 2-QB system.

Where is Arthur Brown on the depth chart??? I haven't heard anything about Jordan Futch all camp, now he's a sprained ankle away from starting???

Why the hell are they not sticking Benjamin back there to return kicks and punts? He supposedly runs a 4.26/40 and they say he is like Tedd Gin?!?

I cant believe how much this is being blown out of proportion on here. It's a one game suspension. We are not going to lose to Charleston Southern. Our practice squad is better than Charleston Southern. If Marve can do well against our practice squad and those 7-on-7 drills (not to mention the scrimmages against the first team defense), he'll be fine "Resting up" for the UF game. He even said he's a team player and he wants what's best for the team. It doesnt mean he's not upset. But, this isnt going to cost us a game, recruits, or a heck of a lot of publicity. UF, Georgia, and a lot of other schools are much worse off than we are. Those of you goign crazy need to take a step back and look at what's to gain out of this. I agree with the fact that Shannon didnt tell them going into camp about the suspensions. He (Shannon) knew there would be a competition at MANY positions and didnt want a distraction or let-down on those players' performances. The fact he also said Marve will start against UF is also good. I think Marve either way is more prepared being at UM for a year longer. Jacory, Marve, AND Shannon are in agreeance with that too. It can also be an advantage having UF not seeing all the plays and abilities Marve can do well. Do you guys really think Shannon is going to break out his playbook of schemes for this opener when we have a top 5 opponent next week?? If anything, this will be good for the guys who are starting that SHOULD be second string under those being suspended. It's a positive Jacory and all the other guys are getting acclimated too. And must we remember, while the QB position is important as heck, it's not the entire reason we win or lose a game. So, the whole "Marve needs to prepare for UF" line isnt working. If, and I mean IF, Shannon is going to make or break a team, let him do it himself with his staff. From what I can tell, none of us on here have any experience in coaching or analyzing football (you NCAA players dont count). Just be PATIENT and see what happens. This could very well be a good thing in the long run.

Posted by: BBrinkley | August 25, 2008 at 10:07 AM

I agree with you, well said!!!!!!


I would've chosen Benjamin, Shawnbrey, or Lee Chambers as kick returners.

We are going to have another QB controversy really soon....Robert Marve and Jacory Harris are not going to be OK with spliting time. Randy Shannon is not handling this situation at all.

I might of had a drinking problem when I coached baseball at the U, but at least I could speak intelligently to the media, did anyone understand what he was saying ????

On the other hand, it's not RS fault. Shalala was bamboozelled into hiring Shannon to be politically correct. This will be a collosal failure for us.

R.I.P - Bryan Pata......not (1) player came forward with any valuble information to help the authorities. **Remember the BLACK CODE, mum's the word and no snitching !!

Coach Shannon is doing what's best for the team. You have to have control of your team and punish your team as he see fits. If we would have ignored those infractions the NCAA would have come knocking. Keep up the good work Coach.

It is time to get back to the Old School, the season is here so now weall can focus on football.

I wish all the players luck because win or lose I will be be watching every minute of it on my flat screen in Phoenix.

Go Canes.

Thanks for the comment 5rings.


You took the words right out of my mouth. Enough said. Support the people the are playing and move forward. "No excuses" right? Jacory, he'll be fine. Marve is being a man about. Let's go CANES!!!!!

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hey cl coley
i live in maricopa is this thursdays game on tv out here
go canes

Thanks for the support spy hazard. I rarely speak on here unless it's something I feel strongly about. That's just my 2-cents though. I'm no analyst either. You're right as well... support the players and coaches and let's not add anymore fuel to this fire. GO CANES!


I'm with you man. After all the spring/fall practices this team went through. Bleeding, sweating, pain. Are we gonna really sit around and cry about a few players being suspended? I'm "DYING" to see Marve throw down but hey, let's back Jacory and see what this "TEAM" can do. If our whole season was riding on Marve, we would be in deep s___! This is a TEAM effort. Shame on some of you fans. I don't know about most you guy's but, i'm ready for some Hurricane Footabll!

Randy Shannon needs to reconsider his personnel.

Why doesn't he try to get Sean Spence and Colin McCarthy on the field at the same time?

DVD is our best corner...why is he backing up Bruce Johnson. I know its a rotation, but you think teams aren't going to be waiting for Bruce Johnson to hit the field.

Khalil Jones???

How did Jordan Futch make second string. Maybe this kid is just that good, but we haven't heard anything about him in camp.

I read a few weeks back the all the players & coaches were raving about Futch in practice. Maybe he is just that good. Let's hope.

Though must of us do not like the timing of the suspension decisions being made I have to applaud Shannon's damage control by making sure to say that Marve is no. 1 on the depth chart and will start against UF. I also envisioned a scenario where Jacory would be great and thus keeping Marve on the pine and eventually transferring.

This at least keeps that scenario on hold.

Just remember ppl coaches do tend to know more than us fans about their players, thats what I keep telling myself. I dont quite understand the depth chart myself because like everyone else I read the scrimmages that were updated everyday, and yes it is shocking to see Byrd left out among others.

I keep telling myself the same thing when it comes to the Miami Dolphins. I keep thinking Parcells and his regime know what they are doing. I didnt agree with getting rid of veterens that still make the Pro Bowl but hey, yes it is preseason but the Dolphins are looking damn good (esp our 1st team which is what counts)

Maybe and hopefully we'll see the same out of the Canes. Only time will tell.

Im ready for thursday, I will be at the game. I read 55,000+ is expected to come out. Lets get psyched ppl and stop worrying so much.

We need to quit questioning that depth chart. It's not solid gold for an entire season (or game for that matter). IF you guys feel some of the best players arent starting, consider it a good thing since we'll need everyone healthy and aware for the Swamp in a few weeks. That just means our best are less likely to be injured in this first game. Let jacory, other true freshmen, and second stringers get their work with Charleston Southern. We have to build our depth and give the young guys experience. Also, this move by suspending Marve won't allow the Gators to study his playing style. It will keep our already announced starter for the season in the dark and off UF's study reels. All they'll know is what we do (he's more mobile and has a stronger arm than jacory). So, once again, here's an advantage to not playing him this time. Also remember my comment on the playbook...we shouldnt crack it open all the way just yet. We should save our best for the most important game in terms of recruiting and regaining national prominence (UF). Constantly rotating our guys in skill positions for these plays will keep opponents on their toes as each of our guys have different abilities (speed, yards after catch, ect). Plus, it will keep us having "fresh legs" in the game (something we wont be seeing on the D-line due to injuries and lack of depth). In short, I agree with Shannon. I have to. He studies these guys day in and day out. Let them make the call. It's what he's getting paid to do.

In my opinion, I'm willing to wait and see what happens with the tean this year. Regarding Shannon's disciplining players and choosing the depth chart, I'm willing to see what happen's this year . Let's back our team and show our support for the team while seeing what happens. However, if there is a repeat of the three blow-outs we had last year (losing to oklahoma 51-13, losing to Virginia 48-0, and losing to Virginia tech 44-14), then we can start to question what's going on and where is our competitivenes.

A. Brown is dinged up!

Most of you guys are blinded by Shannon's ability to recruit and are ignoring all of the tell-tale signs of being a dictator which he has displayed since taking over as head coach, e.g., he is obsessed with discipline and frankly the penalty here does not fit the crime. What he is doing is hurting the team as well, if not more. How can anyone say that it does not matter to bench your starting QB in his first college start against a soft opponent where he would be able to gain experience and confidence going into the swamp and facing one of the best teams in college football the following week? You have to be crazy to think that it's o.k. to send a freshman QB to start his first game in that environment against the Gators - what are you guys smoking? It is a horrible decision regardless of the timing aspect, and he should be called out for it, why is everyone giving him a pass on this one? These are college kids and they are going to make stupid mistakes just like we all did when we were young (I would hate to see how you guys punish your kids when they do stupid things - talk about overkill!) Why not do what everyone else in college football does and punish them on the practice field, limit their playing time, put them on scholarship probation, etc.., but don't hurt your team in the process because someone missed mandatory study hall (hell, I missed many study halls when I played college baseball, and was punished, but I still played in the games, and graduated with honors, I turned out ok - what Shannon is doing is just plain stupid and will cost him his job in the end if he keeps it up. You think that future recruits are not going to see this and say "heck, I don't want to be sitting out a game just for missing study hall, I signed up for the U not West Point". It will hurt Shannon in the end, both with wins this year and with recruiting in the future, I assure you.

Just like Edwin said. Shannon had poor management skills. I lived in Miami all my life and The University of Miami has never has this kind of negative shadow over it. Maybe hiring Shannon was a bad move.

The U will be just fine this week . So just watch these kids grow into Sapps,Irvins,Armsteads, and Portis's.

For those of you who are still trying to find a way to watch the game...I may have come up with a solution. If you have an iPhone, APPLE sells a cable where you can hook up your iPhone to your tv. So go to espn360.com on your iPhone. Pull up the video through there and hook it up to your TV. thats what i'm gonna try and do. good luck!!!

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