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Yonder signs with Reds

It's official. Yonder Alonso will not be returning to the University of Miami. The left-handed, power-hitting first baseman signed a $4.55 million deal late Friday night, an hour before the midnight deadline, to officially end his career as a Hurricane.

Yonder_alonso Alonso's agent Mike Maulini called me at 11:15 p.m. and had Yonder talk with me for about 10 minutes. Both are definitely relieved. I can't say it's a surprise. Even though Yonder told me last week there was a 50-50 chance he'd return for his senior season because contract negotiations weren't going well, the Reds weren't going to let him get away. They were supposedly $4 million apart (Yonder was asking for $7 mil, and the Reds were looking at $3). 

Alonso, who led UM to the College World Series in June, says he plans to finish school at UM and get his degree in Criminology. I got to say I'm happy for Yonder. When he came out of Coral Gables High as the All-Dade Hitter of the Year, he was drafted and offered $170K to sign a pro contract.

Instead, he went to UM and made the most of it. Included in his $4.55 million, 4-year deal is a $2 million signing bonus. "My family doesn't know what to do," Alonso said. "They're on cloud nine."

Maulini, who also advises UM signee Harold Martinez, said the former Braddock shortstop will be a Cane. Maulini said contract negotiations with the Texas Rangers broke off earlier this week.


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New AP poll just out. Two years in a row, NO Miami in the top 25. UM didn't even get a single top 25 vote. The people who cover this stuff professionally and make their mortgage payment by being informed on these matters all agree that UM has no business even being mentioned.
Go ahead inflatable helmet cane fan, believe it's gonna happen in 08.

"We like it that way." - Loser statement

Unfortunately, it's only gonna get worse Cane fan. You're interior defense is WOEFULLY insufficient. Florida will CRUSH you.

Just got back and see the board is clear... hopefully there wasn't a free for all and I missed it...

Ok, guys, who tapped out first or who KOed who?

Florida fan... take a hike!

As a buddy of mine once said...I'll be bock!


Hello...Tap,tap,tap... testing 1,2,3...this mike on??? I feel like, I awoke in a time warp...

Well I guess, it's all mine... 1st, want to thank....the Zoo keepers for corralling all of the wild animals and...


Florida fans have nothing better to do than post on our board?

Good for Yonder, would have loved to see him come back, but he'll be a great pro.

Manny...update us again, on Yonda, when you find out..

Sounds like Duhhhhhh U is still living independently back in the 1980's or enjoying the bake sale durng their cake walk in the Big Easy.

Looked what has happened to both former "powerhouses" now that they face minimal competition in the 12 Team ACC. The numbers don't lie, but U do.

The University of Miami did not receive a single vote in the AP poll released Saturday, marking the first time the Hurricanes and Seminoles have both started a season unranked since 1977.


Six teams from the SEC in the AP Top 25. That's twice as many teams as the weakened ACC.


Why do some people have this unrealistic sense of Entitlement...?

"Why do some people have this unrealistic sense of Entitlement...?" - M.H.

For the same reason some people think they are superior for winning 5 titles while facing a cake walk shedule in which they prepared for 1 game a year (Independent) or while facing embarassingly minimal in-conference competition (Big East) without a conference title game.

Indy < Big East < ACC

Multiple Titles < Barely Won < Below 500


Duhhhh U's unrealitsic sense of entitlement for 08'.......... having to only face one team in the Top 10 and still believing Randy will coach them to above 500.

If U were in the SEC, U couldn't even go toe-to-toe with Vandy.


Well said Canesrule. These stuck in the past caners don't realize that if they played all these years in a major conference that they would have never won all those NC's. Just look at Butch's statements. "It was basically a cakewalk. We played for one game a year." If that doesn't say it all what does? UF will win another title soon. UM will never see another one . When Florida gets that third NC, they will have 3NC's and 8 SEC's. That'll smoke all that weak kraap the canes did. Look at Um's 1983 schedule. What a joke.

NOT ONE SINGLE voter in the AP gave Miami a vote. NOT ONE. Maybe that 108th offense will sneak into the top 75 this year. UM's O won't be seeing the field much as there DT's SUCK. Teams will just run on em all day...like Virginia did..BWAHAHAHAA...
Sorry arse DUKE took you into the 4th quarter cane fan. DUKE !!!
I wonder what it feels like to get CRUSHED 48-ZIP at HOME in the storied Urine Bowl finale?

I know why you gator fans come here to talk s hit. It's because for the fist time ever in your schools history (106 years is how long it took) do you have a chance to brag. The sad part about that is it only comes at a time when UM and FSU are having down years. Come to think of that's the only reason anyone even knows who the florida gators are. Your just like a one hit wonder you can't even make to back to back national titles.

Harvin one of your number one rushers will be watching the 09/06/08 game from the side lines.

Remember the last time UF was suppose to be UM:


Folks, can anyone help me? I'm looking for topless pictures of Tim Tebow.

Folks, can anyone help me? I'm looking for topless pictures of Tim Tebow.

Posted by: canestool | August 17, 2008 at 05:17 PM

Sorry gator bro, can't help you.
But I do have some pics of Urban's daughter if you're interested (think team+train).

I hear that she is hot.


Posted by: M.H. | August 17, 2008 at 05:21 PM


Posted by: M.H. | August 17, 2008 at 05:22 PM




Is this so-called "Canesrule" character the same guy who posts on the gator blog as "Gatorsrule"?
If so, dude has problems.

"The sad part about that is it only comes at a time when UM and FSU are having down years." - AtlantaCane

No, you imbecile, the sad part is that it will take both UM and FSU another 4 to 5 years of barely cracking 500 to realize what the rest of the world already knows...... NEITHER of you can win in a league in which you have to face mild in-conference competition.

Duhhhh U was so full of themselves in the Big Easy that they were more than happy to take the $3M hit to join the ACC because they figured they would dominate in any conferernce.


Look at Coker's record in the Big Easy vs Duhhhh ACC. No need to include Randy's record to sway the jury on this one.

Indy < Big East < ACC

Multiple Titles < Barley Won < Below 500


Multiple Titles < Barley Won < Below 500


Posted by: canesrule | August 18, 2008 at 01:03 AM

Barley won?
Too funny.
Unquestionably a product of an SEC school.



"For the same reason some people think they are superior for winning 5 titles while facing a cake walk shedule in which they prepared for 1 game a year (Independent) or while facing embarassingly minimal in-conference competition (Big East) without a conference title game" --Canesrule


Just wait till UM's special teams take this field this year. You think 07 was bad? Shannon has already shown that he is clueless with ST's. The pressure on him has just grown since 07. UM will once again be dreadful in the kicking game. It's the result of a coach who is way over his head. Certain things begin to fall through the cracks. Go look up UM's 07 kicking game numbers cane fan. LAUGHABLE. It's hard to have ANY chance of hanging with your mediocre ACC opponents when you're getting slaughtered in the field position battle. Not to mention that you're porcelain tailbacks, very average and inexperienced WR's, and you're complete lack of ANY experience at the QB position will have UM going three and out at an exhausting pace. "Bring on the punting unit." You're no depth D will be so pissed at your no depth O that this team will self destruct. Combine that with clueless Shannon trying to run this thing and you have MAYBE 6-6. More realistically you're looking at another 5-7 or 4-8. Very real possibility. Those dorkmeats over at Lamespace have you guys at 9-3. ( I just chuckled). It's gonna be a long season blow up helmet cane fan. Somebody do Marble Mouf a favor and send him a link to Jobs.com. He already said he doesn't use the "internets". It won't be too long until he's getting ROASTED by the local sports media. You can bank on that one Cane fan. 08 will be a disaster. The ACC coastal division 3rd place trophy will leave a bad taste in your mouth. Good luck with that guy.

Are you seriously having a conversation with yourself, you psycho? No one agrees with you, so you actually have to write in another name and agree with yourself? What a pathetic loser.

I've already challenged you to look at the stats and schedules year by year and compare who was the better team between the Hurricanes and the Gators on a yearly basis. You refuse to because you already know the answer. I've also challenged you to go look at the Hurricane alumni in the NFL and compare them to the Gator alumni in the NFL, to see who produces the better players. Again, you refuse. Anyone that knows anything about sports knows which program is the superior program and which program produces more NFL talent, and more importantly, elite NFL talent.

So let me get this straight. In the history of both programs, Miami is the team with more success, accolades, and National Titles. They lead the series vs UF and have won 6 straight vs them. They also produce better NFL players, in quantity and quality.

Florida has 2 titles (none off an undefeated season) and they have been better than Miami for the past 2 years.

Is this your argument, you dumb son of a b.itch? Shut your mouth for 2 seconds and actually look at the facts, for once. Making you look stupid and ignorant is so easy.

Florida fans that post stupid comments on this board are a bunch of idiots. They wish they were Canes.

I think this picture is good for a laugh

You say florida fans like it is more than 1. It's just one coward.

Watch as the numbers of former U players declines in the NFL. Those days are grinding to a halt. Just like every other single thing in your storied PAST. Dumb Cane fan hangs on to the same old tired things. No one cares if you have 300 players in the NFL. YOUR TEAM SUCKS. Did those NFL players help when you played Virginia last year? Did those NFL players help when you played Sorry BC last year? Did those NFL players help in your other FIVE losses. Did those NFL players help keep maybe 400 people in the urine bowl during the 48-0 BLOWOUT? Did those NFL players help when UM had no choice but to hire their 4th choice coach? Did those NFL players help Miami to that stellar 108th best offense last year? Did those NFL players help when Marble Mouf was ranked 66th out of 66 BCS coaches? Will those NFL players help your non-existent depth chart?


MIAMI SUCKS You haven't seen the bottom yet Cane fan. Good luck with Marble Mouf running the show. The ACC laughs at you. That's right....the ACC.

Manny what up with the phone call with Lamar Thomas? I thought you were going to write something up.

Again, the basis of your argument is on the past 2 years. You are an idiot.

You know who the people are that say stop bringing up the past? The people that have NO SUCCESS IN THE PAST. ie: The Florida Gators. That's why you don't want to talk about the past, because you have no success in it, you piece of s.hit. If you had Miami's legacy and storied history, you'd be bringing it up, as you should. But you don't...that's why you keep the conversation on the past 2 years. You are a loser and a p.ussy.

And you'll suck for the NEXT 2 years...at least.


Fire Marble Mouf or suck for the next 5

CGNC- We need the rain!!!

LOL...I knew the Gators had an inferiority complex with Miami but this is a little ridiculous.

And it doesn't matter if we suck for the next 2 years. We'll get back eventually. Just know that no matter how hard you try, you will NEVER have a legacy or a dynasty like the Miami program, you losers. I'd much rather be temporary losers than lifetime losers, like you pathetic scrubs.

Virginia FEARS your awesome legacy.



gave up

That's your rebuttal? Are you serious? That is so pointless, I don't even know where to begin.

You have to be one of the dumbest human beings I've ever had a coversation with. You have ZERO reading comprehension and constantly ignore history and facts. You just come up with pointless statement after pointless statement. I'm seriously surprised that you even know how to post on a blog. If you are over the age of 15, you should just go hang yourself.

Lets talk about the VOTERS you canesrule/Cane Pain/whateverelse loser. You 1st say "New AP poll just out. Two years in a row, NO Miami in the top 25. UM didn't even get a single top 25 VOTE" Then you say "For the same reason some people think they are superior for winning 5 titles while facing a cake walk shedule in which they prepared for 1 game a year (Independent) or while facing embarassingly minimal in-conference competition (Big East) without a conference title game" you contradict yourself. If VOTES mean something like you satarted out saying, then when the U won their 5 (s/b 6) NCs they were VOTED in. Independent or not, they were VOTED over all of the top powerhouses and weaklings (Gayturds).

Gayturds=Evil Empire
Canes Fans=Jedi
Canesrule/Cane Pain/Canes tool/etc=Vader
(A former Jedi that couldn't cut it (get into the U) so he/she/it got into turdschool and became evil, but still is a closet U fan and a wanker.)

"Indy < Big East < ACC

Multiple Titles < Barley Won < Below 500"

I would like to barely win the way we have been every year and we will win the NC most years. You wish your gayturds would "barely win" the way the U does.

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