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Another Big 12 opponent waits

Sitting at home watching the NFL as usual this Sunday and saw a little news flash come across the email. The Canes' trip to Texas A&M next Saturday will be a 3:30 p.m. kickoff instead of an 8 p.m. start.

Isuwsbig12I know this happened on Friday, but I wanted to get your reaction to the news that UM has agreed to play Nebraska in 2014 and 2015. Do you like it? Obviously, Miami and Nebraska haven't played of late like the national championship contenders they were in the past. My question is will Nebraska even be any good? The Cornhuskers have obviously dropped off since Tom Osborne left the program and seem to be just another Big 12 team these days. Not, that UM has done much either since the 2001 title game.

Still, my question is why has UM been so focused on playing Big 12 teams in the regular season? Since 2005, UM has scheduled games against Oklahoma for a home-and-away series (2007, 2009), Texas A&M (2007, 2008) and has Kansas State in (2011 and 2012). Now Nebraska? Miami does have a home-and-home with Ohio State in 2010 and 2011. But, can I formally request athletic director Kirby Hocutt to venture outside the Big 12? How about the Pac-10? Washington (2001) was the last Pac 10 team UM played in the regular season. How about a trip out to Southern Cal? Miami hasn't faced the Trojans since 1968.

Or, how about somebody other than Florida from the SEC? Miami played Tennessee in 2002 and 2003, but hasn't played anyone else from the SEC since it won at Arkansas in 1991. How about a home-and-home against Georgia (whom UM hasn't played since 1966) or Auburn (1984). LSU bombed the Canes 40-3 in the 2005 Peach Bowl. But how about a home-and-home with the Tigers, who last hosted UM in the regular season in 1988? I'm just saying.


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first! yes!

Cooper #2.

Manny...I like playing big 12 teams so we can recruit and steal some og those big beef eating OL they grow out there.

If we could play ANY team I would pick Notre Dame.

ya i would really like to play some more sec teams and it would be great to play usc a few times time will tell GO CANES

Honestly, I'm not too concerned about who we're playing in 2014 and 2015 right now. I think the focus of a rising team like ours should be squarely on the conference schedule. Take care of business there, and the rest will fall into place. The problem with that is that these games are scheduled years in advance when you don't know how good you or your opponent will be. Do I think we should branch out?... sure. But we also don't know how many of these team would be wiling to put us on their schedule (see SEC teams whining about how tough their conference schedule is).

Funny you mention the series with Ohio State. I was just thinking last night that T Pryor will be peaking at the same time as our current freshman class (around 2010 and 2011) and that those two games will be fierce. Great job as usual Manny.

Manny - What's up with the rumor on SI.COM?

Though none will say it for attribution, some UM players expressed frustration with the conservative play-calling against UF and said offensive coordinator Patrick Nix must trust them to take chances downfield. The young receivers need work on separating from defensive backs, but one UM receiver strongly disputed Randy Shannon's claim that ''nobody got open'' against Florida. . . . Several UM players are perplexed about why receiver Jermaine McKenzie, who's great in practice, isn't getting playing time. McKenzie, whose ankle had healed before the UF game, didn't play and drove himself there.

"Still, my question is why has UM been so focused on playing Big 12 teams in the regular season?" - Excuse U


TX, the rumor is also circulating and maybe started at the Herald with known Canes beat writer Barry Jackson.

This will teach these kids to tell anything to reporters.

Manny, a lot of those schools don't want to play us 6 years from now. Back in the '80s we played Big 10, Big 12 and SEC schools and beat their azzes down unmercifully, often at home. In six years it's going to be like that again.

"didn't play and drove himself there" - Everything is bigger in TX, even A&M's 4 point loss to the Red Wolves

Don't U own a short bus to transport your team 30+ miles to someone else's stadium for home games. The bus driver should have at least offered him a lift.


I would like to see Miami play someone like USC, Texas, Michigan, ND, Oregon or any West Coast team. But, wait until we start passing the ball. Ha! Ha!

"In six years it's going to be like that again." Asian Weakling aka Goose Egg


Manny...we should play more SEC teams besides Florida. I think Alabama, Auburn, LSU or Georgia.

The Big 12 is also a pretty good conference, so I have no problem playing there also.

I really want a game against USC. Maybe even UCLA. We've got to get out to California, especially if we are interested in recruiting out there.

We should remove the cupcakes from our schedule. There are enough of those in the ACC.

All I can say is get used to a lot more. The crazed, pissed off, we f'd up another play look for the foreseeable future.



Manny, I don't think Hocutt has much of a choice. SEC teams WONT play Miami, because "their conference schedule is too hard". Big 10 teams also rarely play anybody outside of their own conference unless its Notre Dame or Pac 10 teams.. unless you count the sunbelt conference. The big 12 is one of the only other conferences that actually plays out of conference games. He might be able to get Big East games though

Big East match ups aren't very attractive for us. Maybe USF or Rutgers. We need marque type games. Notre Dame would be nice, but they don't want to play us. Teams I'd like to see us play consistently.

1. USC
2. LSU
3. Florida
4. Ohio St.
5. Oklahoma
6. Notre Dame
7. Texas
8. Arizona St.
9. Georgia
10. UCLA (when they get good again)

x - Louisville...would love to stomp the Cardinal on that field again, but with these kids.

"SEC teams WONT play Miami, because their conference schedule is too hard" - livin la vida

Not an opinion you imbecile. I know it's been 2+ years since U have been ranked so you've forgetten that the Top 25 even exists.


canesrule, go fukc yourself, your mom, your daughter, and your dad. get thefukc off our block. you are so effin annoying!!!

F$U in top 25...with wins over NOBODY.

I guess it pays to play girl schools


I thought the same thing...their schedule is so easy. The do have a lot of team speed, but that team will pack it in against a better team. That said, I still think they will beat Wake Forest.

The ACC stinks...I watched Virginia Tech and Georgia Tech. Those teams can't score against us. The conference is there for the taking.

"you are so effin annoying!!!" - Where's Waldo Cane

Not as annoying as only putting up 140 yards and 3 points against a top notch team that only gave it half their true effort.


"F$U in top 25...with wins over NOBODY." - M.H.

If U didn't start the season ranked outside the Top 80, U may actually be within the Top 50 by now. Best of luck at being ranked at any point in time in the next 3 seasons.


"The ACC stinks..." - Canes Junk in Randy's Trunk

Welcome to the obvious and what everyone outside of the 305 has known to be true for the past 5 years. Before you realize it 2 years from now...... here's a free heads up.

Shannon is the Zook of the U! No matter how hard you want to believe, he will never lead Duhhh U even close to the number of a single season's wins while U were in the Big Easy. As predicted when U fired your DC (after stating U were keeping the entire staff in tact), Nix will be the scapegoat for 2008 and in 2009 there will be no one else to blame.



But not the top two spots!


Who in the SEC will beat USC?


SEC = Scoring?


Auburn 3 points?

Georgia 10 points?

What power houses!

They schedule big 12 teams because big 12 teams will schedule miami. Usc id love to see play miami and they have shown a willingness to schedule anyone.The sec doesn't wanna play miami its why miami florida only happens once every 6 yrs. Florida is scared to play miami every year. Look at sec schedules other then florida, miami game name one big out of conference game they play? ole miss, virginia tech is the other. Most sec teams schedule 1aa teams or low level `1 a teams using there conference as an excuse. Miami doesn't schedule sec teams cause sec teams won't schedule miami.Sec fans wont admit it but there teams are all a bunch of sissys when it comes to scheduling non conference games. Big 10 teams are alot like the sec they only schedule pac 10 teams and patsies in there own states. Ohio state being the one exception.


Canesrule Why don't you go rub one out on your Tim Tebow centerfold and just go away.

Yeah the SEC is so tough that's why they hardly ever schedule the Canes. The reason they don't schedule them is because more times than not the Canes are in the top 5 in the nation and they are scared to play the Canes. Don't worry Canes fans we will soon be back at the top of the national rankings. And by the way that top notch team last weekend was took to the 4th quarter by a bunch of freshmen and sophomores. So if their a top 5 team then what do you think these Canes are going to be? Thats right the SEC and rest of the nations worst nightmare.
Oh and by the way Canesrule whats up with that 1 vs 2 matchup in Jacksonville? Its not looking too good is it little fellow?
Go Canes!!

Sell all your stocks this week..you've been warned..


I could've used your advice on my Lehman, now at $3.95...and my sister is clearing out the desk of her cushy job right now.

Bank of America just purchased Merrill, maybe Lehman next?

As for the SEC, I think they generally don't like to schedule tough out of conference games. Not to knock them, it is a tough conference. Tennessee will usually schedule them.

It's probably a good idea to schedule these games. Miami needs to be playing in areas where there is good OL talent. This is a glaring weakness on this team.

Maybe we could add some Big 10 schools. That's what the out of conference games are good for. Exposure in a part of the country where you would like to recruit.

I personally think Miami could get a series with USC. They will play anyone. I'd love to see some SEC schools schedule them. :-)

Doubt that will happen after then beat the crud out of Auburn a few years back at Auburn.

USC will play anyone though. Look at their out of conference schedule over the last 8 years.

"The reason they don't schedule them is because more times than not the Canes are in the top 5 in the nation and they are scared to play the Canes." - CJ


"This is a glaring weakness on this team......Exposure in a part of the country where you would like to recruit." - JSB


"USC will play anyone though. Look at their out of conference schedule over the last 8 years." - JSB

Reminds me a lot of Duhhhh U when they were in the Big Easy. Pretty simple to schedule a few mediocre out of coference schedule games when your own conference has the softest teams in the nation now isn't it.


The teams I would love us to play are
1. Texas - I love games I can drive to.
2. USC - LA great time for all.
3. UCLA - LA
4. Stanford or Cal - close to San Fran great city
5. Notre Dame - nothing I like better than winning at ND.
6. LSU - I can drive there, and a good team
7. Michigan - I would love to see a game in the Big House
8. Oregon - Why else would I go there?
9. Washington - A great reason to goto the Pacific NW
10. Louisville - I had a great time at the bourbon distilleries.

I will be at the TAMU game this weekend provided I have power in Houston. Who am I kidding I will be at the game no matter what. Let's Go Canes.

"Oh and by the way Canesrule whats up with that 1 vs 2 matchup in Jacksonville?" - For Rent, House Under Rock

I wouldn't expect U to know anything about rankings or beating highly ranked teams (Google UM 2005) but when one highly ranked team beats another highly ranked team they move up. As it stands today, USC is the odd man out as they don't play anyone in the Top 15 for the rest of the season.

If you can't comprehend this, throw your U in the airreeee.



Why do you even come on this blog? You're the top poster on a blog for a team you don't even like.

You probably hit the FSU, Georgia, etc...blogs too, don't you. We don't even mention your team on this blog, so you've got no reason to be on here.

Bottom line is, you're a loser. You waste a couple of hours a day posting the same stupid comments on a blog that has nothing to do with you. The thing that is even more sad is that you spend another couple of hours reading our posts.

Is your life really that empty? We should've dedicated this bye week to trying to find you a new hobby or a girlfriend....something.

I honestly feel sorry for you everytime I read one of your bitter posts.

We have a perpetual need of solid lineman, and getting exposure through Big 12 or Big 10 games is a great way. Playing the SEC doesn't help us at all.

As it stands now USC doesn't have to play anyone in the top 15 for the rest of the season after the beat down they put on Ohio State last night. All they have to do is win out and then if an SEC team does make it to play them who's gonna beat them? I know you don't think a team that was on the ropes going into the 4th qtr really has a shot at beaten the Trojans. As far as rankings go I know Miami has not been in the National Rankings for a couple of years but U can believe they will be there very soon. I know that nobody will pass USC and get to number1 based on an SEC game and I know USC would crush any SEC team pitted against them. Also U are ignorant or just cannot understand plain English. I said typically Miami is a Top 5 team. Not currently numnuts. When Miami was and is back at the top lets see how many SEC teams did and want to schedule the Canes. That would be a big fat Zero. So why don't U tell me why it is that the SEC schools most notably Florida don't play the Canes besides once every 6 years since you're such an expert on things genious that you're not.
Later little fellow

Texas, Fresno State, UCLA, Wisconsin, BYU

This is da U were talking about. We have the most players in the NFL, and the most first round draft picks. We rule gaytors drule! Next year bcs bowl, year after dat National Championship! Miami Northwestern and Booker T. had excellent teams and playmakers last season and with our recruiting class we combined them, so if no one could beat them then who da hell is gonna beat us in da next 1-4 years?

Online football game for free. Cool sim if you haven't tried it out yet. Create players, gain levels, buy equipment, win championships. Can be a team owner too.

Try it out.


Nice posting time "canesrule" Great life you have. Living in the past. Way to pin your college team hopes on the results of high schools. Your stupidity knows no bounds.

"Manny, a lot of those schools don't want to play us 6 years from now. " -cane fan - That has to be the funniest statement I've seen in years coming out of DuhhhU. SIX YEARS????? Someone should print that out and frame it...PRICELESS. Im sure all of you 27 cane fans collectively cringed when you read that. Maybe by then UM will figure it all out and bring back the mighty Art Kehoe as head coach. WHAT A JOKE !!

""The reason they don't schedule them is because more times than not the Canes are in the top 5 in the nation and they are scared to play the Canes." - cane fan - CANE ON SALVIA The top 5? UM DID NOT GET ONE SINGLE TOP TWENTY FIVE VOTE

I honestly feel sorry for you everytime I read one of your bitter posts.-cane fan - GOOD COMEDY FROM HYPOCRITE U

Cane fans are scrambling around trying to figure out what they should do about out of conference scheduling. You should have thought about that before you joined the dreadful ACC. Hows that ACC move workin out for ya anyway?

independent > Big East > ACC Ahhh..the good ole days when DuhhU RULED the Big East. U SUCK

Randy shut his mouth finally. Only after getting ROASTED in the national media as being a whiner. He's already made a tidy list of huge missteps. You're going nowhere with that guy.

Butch will probably put a beat down on you and you're staring up at 2-2. You'll be right on schedule for your 6-6 finish.


FSU cracks top 25
USF top 15
UD top 5

Where's DuhhhU?????

4th best(debatable) team with 4th choice coach playing 4th tier conference

Do you hypocrites fully realize just how bad U suck?????

Manny, Sorry don't want to see any of those teams right now. Personally rather face confident builders (schools we can beat up on)

You either love the U or hate the U, doesn't get any better than that!

Yankees, Red Sox, Patriots, Cowboys, Red Wings, Lakers, Celtics and the U!

The more negative posts the more I know the U is getting better. I love it so keep on talking smack.

canesrule keep it coming, I know your bored and worried about the U taking over again.

Live, Laugh, Love and the U!

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