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Canes crush Aggies 41-23

Sitting here at FIU Stadium where the 12th-ranked South Florida Bulls are playing the Golden Panthers. But I'm still keeping an ear out to hear what's going on with the Canes.

I'm listening to the game here on WQAM and following the game on CBS Sports' Gametracker. I've been really impressed at how UM responded to getting punched in the mouth on the game's opening play. Since the 62-yard touchdown pass by Jerrod Johnson to Mike Goodson, the Canes have gone on a 24-3 run.

> Robert Marve has been impressive, connecting on 11 of 13 passes for 128 yards and a touchdown. He hit freshman Thearon Collier for a 28-yard touchdown and had a 66-yarder to Collier called back by penalty. Solid, solid outing for Marve. He's showing us he can be effective when the offense is opened up.

> Graig Cooper has two touchdown runs and 77 yards on only three carries. UM has thrown the ball 20 times and run it only 8 times. I expect that to flip flop in the second half with a 14-point lead.

> So far, three Canes have gone down with injuries. Guard Chris Rutledge, Marve (who returned in the second quarter) and defensive tackle Marcus Forston. WQAM is reporting Forston injured his shoulder. In a move that didn't surprise me one bit, Allen Bailey saw some time at tackle while Forston was out. Bailey is certainly big enough to handle the war in the trenches.

> Despite reports he likely wouldn't play, Eric Moncur started at defensive end for Miami Saturday. He's made two tackles for loss in the first half.

> Huge punt return by the way by Travis Benjamin to set up UM's final score of the first half. He had a 46-yard return to set up Collier's touchdown pass. It's amazing what happens when you have a few playmakers available.

> Moncur comes through with the first defensive turnover of the season, picking off a pass to setup another UM touchdown -- a Marve to Farquharson TD pass. Canes are now blowing out A&M 34-10.

> Shannon said turnovers come in bunches. He was right. Glenn Cook recovers a fumble and scores to make it 41-10.

> Big, big win for the Canes, who showed they could move the football on the ground with Graig Cooper and use its weapons at receiver. The defense causes two turnovers that lead to easy points. This is what U wanted to see today.


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one notch below ...
miami-dade community college graduated 1.5M ...
where's their beat?
where's their blog?
what about st thomas? barry? nova-southeastern?
minor-league athletics warrant scant coverage in a major-league metropolis ...


Any chance the infield dirt is finally covered now that the marlins finished at home and probably won't make the playoffs? This weekend vs. UNC?

Those low-class refs & wanna-be little gangsters, with their suped up piece of sh*t acuras and hondas? The ones that make up most of your students? Yeah those.

Just the truth.

Green. thanks. Newsweek.


cowed by the florida international comunistas ...
manny navarro erased the truth from his 9/20 entry ...
"half-empty stadium "
"embarrassing scene"
"heart with U in texas"

Building on a 151-year legacy of independence, the company's newspapers and websites are steadfast defenders of First Amendment values
-- mcclatchy company

free speech in short supply @ the miami herald ...
I wonder why ...
email manny navarro's editor ...
remind him we live in America ...
home of the free ...
land of the brave ...
I think ; )

something's rotten at 1 herald plaza ...

I guess the handcuffs are off now. Nix did a great job.

These kids can hit!!! Collisions everywhere, I'm surprised how physical the freshmen are...they can bring some punishing hits.

I don't see what Manny did wrong, its his job to cover UM...I didn't think he was bashing FIU, UM is just a bigger story right now. They are way better than anyone expected.

Unless this blog has been updated before I got here I don't see "half-empty" or "embarrassing scene" mentioned any where in Manny's opening statement. If it hasn't been revised then how can the FIU fans make those assumptions. As long as Manny was able to write a quality summary for the FIU game, and still take in some of the UM game then what's the problem. Many reporters do the same thing.

By the way, I can't take green's word for it.

obviously, you fear me ...

realcanesrule 9 'ships -
Awesome post! It's great to see some class being shown amongst all the trash talk. I agree with everything you mentioned in your post. UM fans and FIU fans should reach some sort of mutual respect. I guess it's easy for me to say since I'm both a die hard Canes' fan and an FIU student. Also, I do think more people should've shown up for our first game at FIU Stadium. I was a little disappointed with the turn out but we put up one hell of a fight! And yea, screw the GAYTORS!

Yuck. If I were a UM fan I'd be really disgusted and embarassed by some of the stuff being posted here.

Green, did you go to UM? I can't see how someone as close minded as you could possibly have gotten in.

when the law is against you, pound the facts when the facts are against you, pound the law and when they're both against you, pound the table
-- timeless lawyerly wisdom

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