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Carolina starting QB out

The visiting North Carolina Tar Heels will be without their starting quarterback this week when they visit the Canes at Dolphin Stadium. T.J. Yates suffered a small fracture in his left ankle according to reports during his team's 20-17 loss to Virginia Tech and will miss the next six weeks.

Tj_yatesFreshman Mike Paulus will start in his place. Paulus was 3-of-8 for 23 yards and two interceptions Saturday after replacing Yates, who is the third-leading passer in the ACC. It's a big blow for the Tar Heels considering how much they love to throw the football.


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2nd! 1st Real Canes Fan! Dude go back where you came from.


The defense is going to pin the ears back and blitz blitz blitz. They know they have an unproven guy back there so it is sack happy time. We haven't forgotten the lost from last year either. This may be our best game of the year when we are running high on all cylinders!! V-12 Engine will be on display come Saturday!!!

Wow, huge blow for the Tar Heels. You can be sure Butch will have the kid better prepared after a week of practice with the first team. Still, this will be interesting to see if Bill Young can cook up something to rattle the kid and put up the dominant defensive performance we'd like to see at "home" against a young QB.

I was wondering how VT got back into the game... guess 3-8 and two picks explains that.

Go 'Canes!!

makes payback a lil' easier, but less sweet. Where can I find highlights of the aTm game online?

dandawg, check it out.


I don't know why everyone is so happy with the outcome against TAMU. I'm glad that we won, but we were expected to win IMHO. TAMU's running defense is one of the worst in college football. So if we expect the run to open up the passing lanes, then good luck. Keep in mind that they have Marvin Austin at DT and that dude is a beast.

The challenge for Nix is to get a team that is focused on stopping the run first leaving the QB and WRs to beat them... that's the real challenge. Keep in mind, Kyle Wright looked impressive against TAMU last year and we all know how the rest of the year went. I will admit that Marve is not Wright, because he has a heart and a brain. The question is does Nix trust Marve's football IQ enough to allow him to put the team on his shoulders to open up the offense.

We've got great backs, but the offense has to keep the defense off balance. Pass when you're supposed to run, run screens on sure passing downs with long yardage (especiailly in a cover 2 zone) etc. Take risks in an openants home field not try to win it in the fourth with their home crowd behind them. With that said, don't wait to win it in the fourth, but win the game from the first kick off.

To emphasize my last thought, when you try to win games planning on defense and field position battles, then you will end up like a Tressel. Every year OSU has a great team, but the coaching staff never takes risks.

An economic philosophy that works in all aspects of life... Risk magnifies the gains and losses... Know when to take risks. Conservative approach in life yeilds little profit, but at least it's a profit... better hope the competition isn't capitalizing on their risks.

hey, EK since you know so much why dont you go apply for Nix job, you make it sound so easy.....gtfh!

Tsk, Tsk, about their QB Situation. We have a problem with having two great QB's! Hope we can keep Jacory Happy in subbing here and there. His greatness is just an injury away -- God forbid....

Somehow I am glad their regular QB is not starting but I think we beat them big either way. Our guys are learning by leaps and bounds every game into the schedule.

I already feel sorry for that freshman UNC QB. Wait until he meets our defense. LOL

MCCarthy is going to kill someone on special teams this year!!!!

I think that 10 and 2 is a real possibility now, although I can't imagine who is going to beat us if we stay healthy. Wake Forest doesn't have the athletes, but let's get the focus on Butch Davis and his Tar Heels. We owe them a present from our little friend.

to hell with butch davis. i hope we rough him up worse than the nfl did.

I sure am glad my gators did not play the CANES in October!

We would have lost by 3 TDs.


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