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Gameday blog: UF 26, Canes 3 (F)

I'll be going down to the field with five minutes to play to get postgame quotes. I'll be back afterward to update you on what I find out.

> Another questionable call by officials gives Florida a first and goal on the 3 after an incomplete pass to Percy Harvin is ruled pass interference on Randy Phillips. On third and goal, Florida finall scores on a 3-yard run with 13:39 left. UF 16, UM 3
> I think we'll finally get so UM's offense get a little more aggressive here now that UM is down by two touchdowns.
> And Louis Murphy -- Mr. Talker -- caps another long UF scoring drive -- 95 yards on 5 plays -- with 20-yard touchdown reception. This one looks like its over. UF 23, UM 3.

> Great start for UM on the opening series of the second half -- a three and out with lots of pressure on Tim Tebow.
> How about Patrick Nix. Two called timeouts on UM's opening possession of the second half and an earful for Robert Marve and the offense. Not sure you want to jump on the guys. They're playing well. How do you feel about it?
> Another good stop by Miami's defense on UF's second possession after the Gators picked up a pair of first downs. Too bad UM couldn't capitalize on offense.
> Tight end Anthony Hernandez comes through for the Gators with a big 38-yard catch and run to move UF into UM territory. Can the Canes defense stiffen?
> After further review, the Canes get -- well you know. Carl Moore's catch down the sideline gets overturned, giving UF possession at the UM 5. We go to the fourth quarter.

> Miami caps a 16-play, 42-yard drive with a nice long field goal by Matt Bosher. Gators 7, Canes 3.
> How bout those Northwestern Bulls? UM freshman linebacker Sean Spence comes through with a huge sack of Tim Tebow on third down. Tebow tried to throw the stiff arm. Spence wasn't having it.
> And as promised, we see freshman quarterback Jacory Harris with 10:39 left in the second quarter. Randy Shannon said he would play in the first half. Mark it off. He's in.
> Jacory's first drive picks up a first down but fizzles when his pass falls harmlessly to the ground behind the UF secondary. I wonder if we'll see him again this half.
> The Gators outgained UM 69 to 49 in the first half, but UM won the time of possession battle 8:55 to 6:05... a key if the Canes are going to stay in the game.
> Huge play by Tim Tebow this time on third and long. He scrambles, avoids the rush and finds Deopnte Thompson at the UM 41-yard line for a big gain and first down. Florida eventually punts, but pins UM inside its own 1-yard line with 4:17 left.
> UM guard Orlando Franklin makes a bad mistake picking up a penalty for a late hit. It leads to Matt losing 10 yards and Florida's Jeffrey Demps blocking a Matt Bosher punt that gets ruled a safety with :47 seconds left. UF 9, UM 3.
> How about Matt Bosher picking up Brandon James and slamming him to the floor on that kick return. That was funny.
> Maybe Gators receiver Louis Murphy heard some footsteps on that third down drop? Or maybe, he got UM's message.

> Miami has a rough start. First Ryan Hill falls on his butt in the end zone on the kick return. And then UM's offense falls on its butt. A bad punt by Matt Bosher gives the Gators possession at the UM 35.
> Florida takes all of 1 minute, 34 seconds to cash in with a Tim Tebow to Aaron Hernandez 14-yard touchdown pass. Is the rout just beginning? UF 7, UM 0.
> Safety Anthony Reddick is already piling up the tackles. Nice start for Reddick, who was a freshman All-American and is starting to look he could be UM's best defensive player this season after coming back from a pair of knee injuries.
> After gaining no yards on their first two possessions, Miami finally starts to the move the ball on the ground behind quarterback Robert Marve and running backs Javarris James and Graig Cooper. Marve picks up a first with his legs on third down and again on fourth down to move UM to the Florida 25.

I'm sitting inside Ben Hill Griffin Stadium aka The Swamp two hours before tonight's showdown between the Canes and fifth-ranked Gators. Since I'm pretty sure everyone will be tuned into this one tonight on ESPN at 8 p.m., I'm not going to provide any detailed info on plays during the game.

Miami_hurricanes_logoBut I will be providing notes and thoughts throughout including answering questions and responding to your comments below. After the game, I'll race down to the locker room to grab quotes for the Canes and fill you in later tonight with what I've learned.

> Miami will be wearing white jerseys on white pants. Florida will be wearing blue jerseys on blue pants.

Florida_gators_logo_2> About 15 minutes ago, I was subjected to some serious Gator propaganda -- along with the 50 or so recruits on hand for tonight's game. As the Gators made their way into the stadium tonight as usual (from their bus with a walk across the field into the locker room) they were followed by the recruits down the middle of the field while a video was blaring music and girls shouting 'It's Great to Be A Florida Gator.' The recruits, with family members, are now sitting in the first three rows behind the end zone that reads Florida. They'll be sitting there all night to watch this one.

I know a lot of people feel this game could affect recruiting between the schools. The truth is, Miami and Florida aren't battling head to head over a lot of the recruits here tonight. The fact Miami was able to win the recruiting war despite going 5-7 almost negates the fact these days winning really affects a recruits decision. I think what plays a bigger role for kids nowadays is the fact so many freshmen are playing right away at Miami. In the grand scheme, as long as Miami doesn't get absolutely embarrassed tonight, this game will probably mean absolutely nothing when it comes to recruiting.

I'll be back before kickoff. Feel free to leave me your questions below.


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first again...im good today!

Do the chickens have large talons?

do you think miami will wear black jerseys like the basketball team anytime this season

Playing time, chance to win, exposure, and college atmosphere mean a ton.

You have no chance to win a National Title at Miami.

If all these freshman are playing at Miami that means it going to be tough for an incoming freshman to come in and play. (No one is going to take over for these freshman, for example Marcus Forston or QB position or many other positions). So who would want to go to Miami, LOSE, not get national exposure unless you play the Gators or a national power, have very little fan support, no atmosphere, and not play.

The choice is easy.

No gator souflet?

I bet Marve wished he had orange pants. Hides the crap stains better.

I bet your mom wishes she could've shoved you back in her cooch

Yeah why would a recruit go to Miami when they arent going to play because the Canes are all freshmen and sophomores now? It doesnt make sense. You go somewhere where you can play.


You make a valid point. The one thing at Miami is the want competition. As you stated they are starting a lot of freshmen which just shows they will play freshmen if they are the best athlete at their position. Miami will put the best athletes on the field no matter if they are freshmen or juniors.

Guys lets all get our game face on and cheer like hell for MIAMI!!!!!!!

Starting to get antsy over here. Ok some quick insights on today's games that have surprised me to be good. Coming in they all seemed like lackluster matchups.

ND still sucks!

ECU is about to knock off last year's Big East champ after defeating the reigning ACC champ last week; not too shabby - post Hanna, so very remaniscient to the post Storm team that I believe knocked off the Kenny Kelly led 99' Cane team.

The local team here in Seattle got hosed against the Mormons of BYU; a BS excessive celebration penalty on Tebow lite - Jake Locker (look him up) and the ensuing 35 yd PAT was blocked: too bad Huskies and coach Willingham.

Ole Miss and Wake was a very good game. ACC must be happy about the outcome and only the beloved CANES pulling the upset would top it off.

UCF and USF, I will have to flip the channel on my alma mater (Go Knights) in a half hour to watch the beginning of the Marve era.


it is so on!! kick off in T-7min.

i'm watching this from brooklyn, NY!!

white on white

Dam QAM onlines is messed up anyone else tyring to listen to QAM

30+ mile from campus stadium

Posted by: gaturd agent provocateur | September 05, 2008 at 08:49 PM
20.93 miles / 28 minutes
separate U ...
-- mapquest

GREEN! whats up my dude? glad you are here!

So who would want to go to Miami

The choice is easy.

Posted by: gaturd agent provocateur | September 06, 2008 at 07:09 PM
b/c crackers repel homeboys ...
the choice is easy ...



Watchin ESPN...WOW...that place is packed.

GREEN! whats up my dude? glad you are here!

Posted by: NigerianCane | September 06, 2008 at 08:00 PM
wouldn't miss it for the world ...



WTF was that Bosher!!!!

not lookin good

How many guys holding 'I love Tim Tebow' signs?

catch the F'in ball ...

hope we settle down

We've got to calm down....these guys are really nervous out there.

Did the D just confuse Tebow?

U 0 - matt botcher 7

Wow, we made things so easy for them with that terrible punt...

That punt killed us, but we've put Tebow under pressure.

To quote my old NCAA game, we're gonna need slow motion replay to recap this drive. TERRIBLE.

Too conservative on the playcalling. We need to stretch the field and we need to do it on first down.

Shannon is in WAYYYYYYYYYYY over his head

WAYYYYYYYYY over his head

It is men against boys.


What did I tell you and the short pass. They are just trying to NOT get EMBARRASSED

Shannon cant coach for crap. And Patrick Nix is a joke. He is an insult to offensive coordinators

harris the yungster gettin into it


Let's go Canes!!!! Nice stop on D!!!

did you see the playcall from the sidelines?

This game is too fast for Baby J...put Cooper and Shawnbrey

open it up

One real pass is what we need, but the short passes give Marv some confidence so I'm up for it.

pass on 1st down cmon nix


we settin up for playaction

go for it!

1st down after 4th down, well done Shannon!

Marve moves the chain ... 1ST DOWN

screen pass needed

Nice penalty....we had them sucked into a blitz.

how do you like them apples?

I'd bring in Jacory and run a screen with Shawnbrey

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