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Gameday blog: UNC 28, UM 24 (F)

> UNC's 1st Drive: The Tar Heels get some field position help when the opening kickoff by Bosher goes out of bounds. A few plays later, Brandon Tate strikes with a 37-yard catch and run to the UM 11-yard line. On fourth and goal, Ryan Houston puts UNC right back into the game with a 2-yard scoring run with 9:38 left in the third quarter. UM 17, UNC 14.

> UM's 1st Drive: The Canes get great field position at the UNC 44, but can do nothing with the ball. Marve gets sacked by Mark Paschal on first down back at the 31. Two plays later, UM punts, giving UNC possession at its own 19.

> UNC's 2nd Drive: After picking up another first down on the ground, UNC tries a reverse to Brandon Tate that loses a yard. Two incomplete passes later, UNC punts and Miami takes over at its own 47.

> UM's 2nd Drive: UNC's defense keeps coming up with stops. After Marve picks up one first down with a scramble, UM is forced to punt. Sam Shields come through with a heck of a play catching the punt and pinning UNC at its 1-yard line.

> UNC's 3rd Drive: Pinned on its own 1, UNC can't move and is forced to punt from its own 1 when Spence smacks down UNC's running back on 3rd and 10. UM gets great field position when a UNC punt is return to the UNC 27. But the return gets negated on a block on the back by Romeo Davis. UM starts its drive on its 36.

> UM's 3rd Drive: Robert Marve comes through again. Faced with a 3rd and 11, Marve scrambles and finds Dedrick Epps in the flat for a big 3rd down conversion down to the UNC 22-yard line. Big, big, big, play. Graig Cooper then moves the ball even deeper with another solid run up the middle. UM caps the drive with a Marve to Aldarius Johnson touchdown pass with 9:59 to play. UM 24, UNC 14.

> UNC's 4th Drive: Right when it looks like UM is going to put the 'Heels away, UNC's speciality -- the big play -- strikes. On third and 10 at his own 26, Sexton finds Nicks down the center of the field for a 74-yard scoring strike. Bruce Johnson had the coverage on the play and missed the tackle. There was no safety help. UM 24, UNC 21.

> UM's 4th Drive: The Canes catch a break when the ensuing kickoff goes out of bounds, giving UM possession at the 40. After Graig Cooper picks up a couple first downs on the ground, UM gets called for holding at the UNC 39. Faced with a third and long, Marve forces a deep pass that gets picked and returned to the UM 43.

> UNC's 5th Drive: UNC picks up one first down and move to the UM 29. But on third and long, freshman Brandon Harris sacks Sexton back at the 36. On fourth down, Jay Wooten's 53-yard field goal attempt sails just wide left with 3:50 to play.

> UM's 5th Drive: Miami runs the ball three times trying to run the clock, but a holding penalty on Jason Fox hurts the team. Miami s only able to eat up 49 seconds off the clock as Butch Davis uses all three of his timeouts to leave 3:01 to play.

> UNC's 6th Drive: UNC partially blocks Bosher's punt and takes over at its own 44. On first down, Sexton picks up a 13-yard completion to the UM 42. Two plays later, Sexton finds Nicks for about a 22-yard gain when Bruce Johnson misses yet another tackle. But UM catches a break when Nicks get flagged for an offensive face mask. The ball is moved back to the UM 35. Sexton then finds Tate for an 11-yard gain and first down to the UM 24. On second and 9, UM's Chavez Grant collides with Brooks Forster at the 15-yard line. Referees throw flags and ultimately rule pass interference on Grant at the UM 14. Two plays later, Foster sneaks behind DeMarcus Van Dyke and makes a leaping catch for a touchdown with :46 left.

> Couple of injury notes... backup running back Damien Berry left the game midway through the first quarter with a lower left leg injury... receiver Thearon Collier had his abdomen looked at after taking a hit and dropping pass late in the first quarter... right tackle Reggie Youngblood is having his lower left foot looked at by trainers.

> UM's 1st Drive: The Canes start at their own 11 after Jojo Nicholas gets flagged for holding on the kickoff. Graig Cooper, just like a week ago, gets the Canes rolling with three long runs including a 31-yard scamper to the UNC 9. On the next play, quarterback Robert Marve finds Kayne Farquharson in the middle of the end zone for a touchdown. Miami scores in 8 plays, going 89 yards. Impressive. UM 7, UNC 0.

Butch_davis_randy_shannon> UNC's 1st Drive: The Heels pick up a first down on three straight runs when UM's defense wakes up. Colin McCarthy and Chavez Grant pick up the first tackle for loss. Two incomplete passes later, UNC punts and Grant picks up the second big hit of the game when he absolutely lights up Melvin Williams on the return. It springs Travis Benjamin for a 38-yard punt return to the UM 48-yard line. That block just edged out Jason Fox for the biggest hit of the game so far. On the second offensive play of the game, Fox destroyed defensive end Robert Quinn.

> UM's 2nd Drive: The Canes once again move the ball down the field, picking up first downs on two third down conversions including another nice run by Graig Cooper and Benjamin. But on 3rd and 11 at the UNC 25, Thearon Collier drops a pass at the first down marker. Matt Bosher's 42-yard field goal attempt goes wide right.

> UNC's 2nd Drive: Penalties, penalties, penalties. Carolina moves the ball and then picks up a 36-yard run by Shaun Draughn deep into UM territory. But it gets negated by a holding penalty. Carolina eventually is forced to punt. Punter Terrence Brown the bobbles the punt and falls on the ball at the Carolina 11 giving UM great field position.

> UM's 3rd Drive: Following an incomplete pass to an open Dedrick Epps and a 1-yard run by Cooper, Marve finds Cooper on a middle screen and Coop does the rest, avoiding two tackles on his way to the end zone with :39 left in the first quarter. Joel Figueroa had a key block to spring him. UM 14, UNC 0.

> UNC's 3rd Drive: Cameron Sexton comes in the game quarterback, replacing Paulus, and instantly sparks the Tar Heels offense. Carolina caps a 7-play, 58-yard drive and scores with 12:49 left when Greg Little follows a pack of blockers into the end zone on a 6-yard run. UM 14, UNC 7.

> UM's 4th Drive: Jacory Harris replaces Marve at quarterback with 12:46 left in the half and the offense goes three and out. But Carolina keeps the drive alive with a running into the punter penalty. Miami takes advantage of new life. Harris connects on one key passes on third down to Farquharson and another 14-yard gain to freshman Davon Johnson. UM caps a 14-play, 62-yard drive that chews up 7 minutes, 42 seconds with a 35-yard field goal by Matt Bosher. UM 17, UNC 7.

> UNC's 4th Drive: Sexton picks up a first down on his first play of the drive. But the Heels offense fizzles and the drive ends when DeMarcus Van Dyke bats away a third down pass.

> UM's 5th Drive: Marve comes back in at quarterback, but UM goes three-and-out before draining the clock and punting it. Carolina takes over at its own 7 with :25 left.

> Miami's starting offense featured Aldarius Johnson and Khalil Jones at receiver, Chris Zellner and Dedrick Epps at tight end, Robert Marve at quarterback, Graig Cooper in the backfield and Jason Fox, AJ Trump, Xavier Shannon, Joel Figueroa and Reggie Youngblood starting from left to right on the line.
> Miami's starting defense featured Steven Wesley, Dwayne Hendricks, Joe Joseph and Eric Moncur starting left to right on the line, Darryl Sharpton at strongside linebacker, Colin McCarthy at weakside, Glenn Cook in the middle, Chavez Grant and Bruce Johnson at corner and Anthony Reddick and Jojo Nicholas at safety.

> Defensive tackle Marcus Forston is definitely out for this game. He's not dressed out.

> Checking in before kickoff here at Dolphin Stadium where Miami is about to open ACC play against former coach Butch Davis and the North Carolina Tar Heels in what will be overcast and maybe rainy conditions. I've got my pregame keys to the game as well as this week's market watch and prediction to share with you.

But before I do, some interesting comments from ESPN analysts Kirk Herbstreit moments ago. Herbstreit said he believes the Canes' ceiling is winning the ACC title this year. Lee Corso, meanwhile, picked the Canes to win today by at least two touchdowns.

> WIN THE BATTLE UP FRONT: This is where Carolina can win the game. Next to the Florida Gators, this could be the most physical team UM faces all season. North Carolina's strength is its defensive line. Up front, Marvin Austin and Cam Thomas are two of the best defensive tackles in the country. Butch Davis teams have always been good at shutting down the run. We know that's going to be their focus today. Carolina only has three sacks this season -- but had two last week against Virginia Tech, which means they could be getting better at rushing the passer. If Miami can own the line, they'll own this game.
> CONTAIN BRANDON TATE: With starting quarterback T.J. Yates out, nobody is expecting either of Carolina's quarterbacks to Mike Paulus or Cameron Sexton to be flinging the ball deep down field. Davis is going to play this game conservatively and try to get the ball in the hands of his best playmaker and that's Tate. The 6-1, 195-pound senior had 54-yard touchdown run last year against Miami and leads the nation in all purpose yards (265.7 yards per game) and is explosive on punt returns. Miami can't let Tate have a big day.
> GET OFF TO A BETTER START: Last year, Miami fell behind North Carolina 27-0 before a rally fell short. Last week, UM gave up an early score and responded with a scoring drive. Although UM has shown some toughness in being able to come back in games, this UM team is still a young team. You can't keep putting yourself in a hole and expect to come out of it every time. This is a game Miami should win because Carolina is without its starting quarterback. But come out slow and give a Butch Davis team confidence and you give Carolina a chance to win a game it shouldn't.

> As usual, we take a look at the guys we expect to blow up, guys who are on the bubble and guys who probably won't factor into this game.
> Steven Wesley, defensive end: Eric Moncur was the star last week at A&M. I think Wesley will be the guy this week. He's been UM's most consistent end and stopper in the run game. I think the Canes turn up the pressure today and Wesley racks up a few sacks and maybe recovers a fumble.
> Dedrick Epps, tight end: Epps caught 3 passes for 48 yards last week and has five catches this season, but still hasn't gotten into the end zone. I think when UM gets into the red zone today, Carolina will be focused on stopping the run. Epps will get some chances to catch touchdown passes.
> Xavier Shannon, center: You might as well as include Orlando Franklin, Chris Rutledge, A.J. Trump and Joel Figueroa in this group considering the interior of Miami's offense will be tested today by UNC's defensive tackle duo. If these guys have a good day, UM has a good day. If they struggle, Carolina has a chance to win this game.
> Bruce Johnson, cornerback: Guess who is probably going to be covering Tate? You got it. Bruce, who has nine tackles this season, is going to have to do a good job wrapping up and making sure the rest of the secondary doesn't give up a lot of big plays. Carolina's offense has generated three scoring plays this year of 50 yards or more and has nine passes of 20 yards or more.
> DeMarcus Van Dyke, cornerback: What's happened to DVD? He's gone from projected starter to lost in the shuffle. Today could be an opportunity to bounce back. But he may not see the field very much other than special teams.

> My prediction: UM 30, North Carolina 13. I'm expecting a close game for three quarters before Miami's defense starts creating turnovers in the fourth quarter that lead to a few easy points. It's going to be a battle though. Carolina is going to be real physical.


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Can we please stop holding up the 4 fingers at the start of the 4th quarter?

Posted by: boomer0127 | September 27, 2008 at 04:40 PM

Lol, i was thinkin the same thing. These players/coaches need to know what that means.

Ole Miss proves " it can be done "! This game, because I care gave me a splitting headache and a good case of diarhea!!! Progress? ZERO!

You aint in Kansas anymore Cane fan.

You hired a clearance rack coach. You get what you paid for. ZERO and ONE in the mighty ACC .

It's only week 4 and not one Cane fan will defend SHANNON on this blog. Not one. The guy is soo far over his head it's laughable.

Your coach SUCKS !!!

Wiff Marble Mouf, U aint seen duh bottom yet.

4th choice coach

Mr. Integrity? Who gives a rats a s s about his strict character. The guy cant coach his way out of a wet bag. So you'll be well behaved losers with Shannon.

This is a really disappointing loss. This year's team definitely has more raw talent and shows more potential than we've seen from UM in a while, but it's disheartening to see that our weaknesses aren't improving from week to week.

1) Defensive special teams - This just continues to be pathetic. We're routinely letting teams start from midfield or beyond. I'm not sure how much time is being spent on PR and KR coverage schemes, but whatever it is, it's not enough.

2) Secondary - Ed Reed, Sean Taylor, Phillip Buchanon, Duane Starks, etc... When they jumped routes, they knew they were making the play. When they didn't jump routes, they were always in position to jar the ball loose with a big hit or WRAP UP the receiver to avoid RAC. Our secondary this year is just an avalanche of problems. They're blowing their assignments, they try to jump routes but come up a hair short, and they don't wrap up their targets.

3) Offensive playcalling - I think Nix still has flashbacks to the '07 Wright/Freeman nightmare. He's terrified of taking the reigns off this offense. Marve has made a few mistakes, but he's a freshman. And for a freshman quarterback I think he's looked spectacular, especially in contrast to what we've seen lately down in South Florida. If we continue trying to 'not lose' games, we will continue to lose games. Cooper's biggest success running the ball this game came in the midst of some short-mid-range passes. Just because we have success running when the pass game is effective, that doesn't mean we can run the ball successfully on EVERY down in the second half. We've got to keep throwing. Also, the passes for no gain are killing us. We don't have blockers creating space, and good DBs could easily take some of these for six the other way. More throws DOWNFIELD please.

4) Two QBs - I like Jacory Harris. He has talent/potential and seems like a great kid. But right now Marve is clearly the more developed and more comfortable QB. Shannon has to start letting him play a full first half of football. Like others have said, play Jacory in mop-up duty. If Marve is the STARTER (as the depth chart implies), he should be on the field until the game is clearly in-hand. When Jacory surpasses Marve on the depth chart, he can play in the first half.

And this isn't really a weakness, but Bill Young deserves special mention for disappearing this week. His schemes were excellent in our first 3 games, but there were considerably fewer blitz schemes this week, something that would have been incredibly effective against inexperienced quarterbacks. I'll give him a pass because he's been stellar so far, but the creativity and intensity really need to stay consistent.

Last thing... for the people who said otherwise, Farquharson didn't blow that last play. It was an incredibly difficult catch (the pass was a bit high), and you can't expect a receiver to reel that pass in on his fingertips. If there was no defender behind him, he probably would have brought it into his chest. But the defender was in good position, and that was that. Tough break, but you still have to admire the team for driving downfield and taking their shot in :42.

I still hope we can improve on the areas I mentioned up above and make it to a major bowl game by the end of the season. First thing's first... crush the Noles.

It wasn't the coaching in my opinion. It's these deadweight upper classmen, with the exception of a few. We will never win these games and never win a conference or national title with these dead weight upperclassmen. The future looks bright, but the future is still at least 2 years away.

Losses to teams like North Carolina are completely unacceptable. I am a realistic person. I realize teams go through their down years and all that. But this is unacceptable for the U. We should never lose to teams like NC, Georgia tech, Virginia like last year. I don't think the coaches were at fault. For example, on that one drive after Marve threw his first pick, they were playing a little conservative. It made me mad initially, but I realized it was the right way. At the point in the game, you can't afford any more mistakes on offense. If the O-line had executed on those plays, maybe Coop would have made a play.

Like I said, get rid of these dead weight players like Bruce Johnson, Zellner, Xavier Shannon, Khalil Jones, and more. Let the freshmen play.

There's also a running back coach sitting around who coached a few NFL rookies of the year---------Donnie Soldinger

Other than the great points brought up:

2nd half kickoff-Ball hit NC player BEFORE he stepped out of bounds. You know Butch was going to be real conservative from his own 2.

Marve INT midway through the 4th. They didn't score but that was a 50 yard field position swing.

Marve INT at the end. He had him. Pass was high. Kayne missed on the first reach, probably would have made the catch. 46 seconds before thier WR makes the play on a high ball.



Someone please back me up on the above post!!!

I'm more hopeful than the Michigan Fans are...

It appears to me that the Tar Heels and Hurricanes have switched places. Used to be that the Canes found a way to win. Now, not so much.

Maybe we may need to think about phasing out the Miami football program. Too many bad decisions to go around. First of all, moving to Dolphins Stadium all but ended our comeback. I couldn't help smoking seeing the dirt infield and empty stands. And of course the students have to drive 22 miles back to the Gables. Swell. Secondly, lets face it. Randy Shannon is just not an on field coach, Maybe Larry Coker was trying to us something and we were so mad at the time we would not listen. Third, the players need to THINK. Trying for an interception, or whatever, on the late NC breakaway touchdown is just inexcusable. Penalties and mental errors should relegate violators to the bench. Lets face it, folks, this thing is going nowhere. Hate to say it, but unless we can get a big time coach in here who knows how to manage a game for 60 minutes, its curtain call time.

ok ok i give Up - i will NOT defend patrick nix anymore - he HAS to go!!!!!!!!

Did anybody watch this game? Patrick Nix did not cost the game. With NC playing a 2nd/3rd string quarterback, 24 points should have been more than enough points to win this game. The defense cost the 'Canes a win, not Nix. Yes, he was too conservative in the second half, but once again, no forced turnovers. That is not going to win many games....as was the case today. This team needs to work on tackling drills and know their damn defensive assignments.

Neither Shannon or Nix are poor coaches. They just do not have enough confidence in the freshmen talent they have brought in. Knowing what happens to young talent when it is relied too early on (see: Kyle Wright), they decide to play extremely conservative to protect the young players psyche. I think that these players and Marve in particular are much more ready than the coaches think they are. I think that firing either Shannon or Nix would cause serious problems with this young team and set us back several years. Nix and Shannon just need to loosen up. They always talk about their players playing loose, having confidence, finishing games - well, they should take their own advice and follow suit. In the third quarter, when the game became contested, Shannon made a conscious decision to play conservative. Looking at Nix's past at GA Tech, I do not think he is a conservative-minded OC - when he was hired, a lot of us were worried that he might be a little too out there for a pro-style offense. I think he played not-to-lose at Shannon's request. Shannon, however, cannot be fired because he is one of the best recruiters in the nation and is completely changing the culture of this team (for the better). His conservative personality has translated into a very disciplined team filled with leaders, unfortunately, it does not translate well to play-calling on game day. No coach is perfect, and both Shannon and Nix are still relatively new at their positions. Shannon just needs to relax with the conservative strategy and let Nix loose so that Nix can let our offense loose. Once that happens, and I think we're going to see it relatively soon, we will be a force to be reckoned with. As we've seen this year so far, we have a lot of young talent on this team - especially on offense. We just need our coaches to let that talent win the games instead of just "managing" them.

Anybody has a feeling that miami vs fsu game WILL NOT BE SOLD OUT?

One day we will have a defense again that helps us win games and make turnovers for us , but this year is not the year, Unfortunately we are in for a long year and laot of harrasement form our friends for being canes fans. ATM Im still hopeing for a 5-/50 season, but our drfense needs to get "ALOT" better if we are gonna ever turn the corner and return to prominence. I miss the old canes defense!

321 canes , after todays game I for one will not be going, Im beyond depressed although it is my own fault... I found myself believeing this team might do something good for a change! we are still a couple years away im afraid and that disappointment isnt worth 4 hours round trip to enhance it , I can stay home and feel miserable with my wife LOL

As a fan I do not like those quick one yard passes, a wasted play. Things to be concerned about, lack of secondary talent. CBs play out position and did not make any plays. I do like Harris. If he gains weight I can see him as a great safety. Other things I notice, too many draw plays, too many short pass routes. No pressure from the tackle. Past history and successful history, Miami got great plays out of their tackle.
Positive: good young talent. Good QB, team passion, I like this Hurricane team. Predicted record 8-4. If they continue to develop. A contender in two years. Cane Fans; please give these coaches and players time to grow. I guarantee they will make us proud (6th championship)

Nix really should take the blame for this loss. A week after opening it up and having some fun the game today was atrociously called after the 1st quarter.

Van Dyke, Bruce Johnson and Chavez Grant shouldnt be able to start for Div II school

Marve is the real deal and sadly our secondary is the worst in the league

I was nervous about coming out here to check on the comments because I knew you guys would be vicious. This was obviously a tough loss, but please give me a break with the Butch Davis outcoaching us crap. Didn't UNC just lose last week after having a 17 to 3 lead in the second half when the great coach Davis went with a redshirt freshmen instead of a junior who actually has game experience. Let me guess, he's a genius because he finally put the junior in after the redshirt freshmen showed he wasn't cutting it. Or better yet, maybe he's a genius because even though he is not calling plays, they got that huge momentum-overcoming TD pass on a 3rd and 10 from their 26. That my friends was THE CRITICAL moment in the game, especially when you consider the success we'd had returning punts.

The first thing most of you have to do is get the notion out of your head that we will or should be competing for a national championship already. When you're not a championship caliber team, you're susceptible to getting beat by a lot of teams.

As simple as this may sound, the game was lost on special teams, specifically the field position battle. Three of UNC's scoring drives started from near mid-field, including the last one. We're not good enough on defense to overcome that. As a fan, you hope you can at least hold them to a FG on some of those drives, but I'm hoping we'll get better as the year goes on.

I admit that coach Shannon and the staff need to find a way to win the field position battle given our youth and inexperience on BOTH sides of the ball, but cut the crap about getting out-coached.

NO EXCUSES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


guys after a long time thinking on this 1 thing is perfectly clear and true.---- a good/great coach takes the talent he has and makes them play to "or" above their talent lvl..... Is there even 1 of you here that believe that we had the lesser talent on the field today???? I mean why is it that we have to wait for more years or more recruiting classes?? so we can out talent our oppisition 3 to 1 and then maybe win our games??? "Coaches Friggin Coach!!" we have the talent to win now, FIND A F_ING WAY!!! qnd quit crying about tomarrow!!

Wow!!! i can't believe what i just saw. we let one get away. There was 3 things about this game that disturb me. 1.DEFENSE what da hell done happened i put the lose on the defense. SECONDARY was terrible for the 3rd straight game going back to the second half of the gators game. We gave up almost 200 yds passing to Tebow in the second half, over 250 yds to a freshman first time starting backup QB then today we give up over 250 yds to another back up QB. We need to start recruiting some shut down corners. We have not had one in a long,long,long time. #22 is garbage translation play someone who maybe younger but much more talented. Also check the number of INT's over the last 3 yrs. Secondly the DEF COORDINATOR you got to help them out by blitzing these freshman first time starting backup QB's. We just can't seem to get off the field on third down. lost the turnover battle again. We just not creating any turnovers and THIRD Randy whatever you tell those guys at the beginning of the game you keep reminding them of that throghout the game They seem to lose focus, momentum, and then game. Cane4Life

Man, UM fans are brutal!!! Keep the faith!!! The ACC is still up for grabs. It ain't over by a long shot.They made a terrific effort at the end. I really like Marve. This offense is way better this year than the last four years!!! They are going through some growing pains!!!!

They could very easily run the table and end up winning the ACC!! Keep the faith!! It's frustrating but there are still games to be played!! Give Shannon a chance. Nobody could tell me that this offense isn't better than the last four seasons.

We are on the way back!!! Now is when we see the real hurricanes fans from the band wagoners!! Go Canes!! Never ever give up!!! Keep the faith!!

i am sick and tired of this team, everytime they get an ounce of hype, they blow it...i blame this game on nix, WHAT THE HELL IS HE DOING RUNNING THE BALL ON 3RD AND 13 IN THE FORTH QUARTER, WHEN YOUR ONLY UP BY 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Keep the faith!! Canes are on their way back! Give Shannon some time!! Start getting behind this program! The last thing we need is to be bashing the program. It's frustrating but we are getting better!

Knock off the crying! These kids are playing their harts out!! They fought till the very last second!! Support them!! I give the offense credit for never giving up!! That's more than I can say for the bandwagon UM fans!!

Stop with the bashing!! Get behind the program!! This season is far from over!! Go Canes!!!!!

A few comments --

Randy/Nix -- Stop taking Marve out. I agree, Jacory needs to get some reps, but not when Marve is getting hot.

Bill Young -- Only blitz if you got the guys who can get to the quarterback. This has cost us two games (NC & FLA).

Start Sean Spence....all I can say is WOW!

Great Job Marve.....keep your head up!

how do u get to the audio page with this stupid new setting miami herald has...,

Whether you think the fans bashing Shannon and Nix are wrong are not, there's no denying that they flat out have passion for the U.

Don't make yourself seem high and mighty just because you support the U even if they had a horse at QB.

Some of us have different ways of showing how much we stand behind our team.

I'm personally not calling for Shannon's head, not yet anyway. I'm waiting till the end of the season and see what he did. Has the team improved? Or regressed like last year?

No one can deny we're off to a very bad start - next week will be HUGE to see if the team is buying into Shannon's talk or tuning him out. If we lose next week, season is (for all intents and purposes) over.

It was Embarrassing. Im only 23 with a part time job while at school if i can afford to pay 25$ for a ticket then alot of people should be able tool... I know 25$ got me the nose bleeds but i was still there and with all the empty seats all i had to do was move down... U do not have to be a Miami alumni or a current sudent to go to the game.. i dont get why THIS BIG CITY OF MIAMI connected with all the cities around it cant get sold out crowds... Are U kidding me? With them moving to pro player i thought it would be decent because it is still in miami but it is shorter distance for broward and palm beach to travel.... WE LET ARE TEAM DOWN TODAY!!!!!!!!!!

next year or the year after when were winning rings i dont wanna see any NEW UM fans if i didn't see someone at least once or twice this year and all of a sudden im seeing them every game when where winning im going to politely walk up to them and punch em right in their shyt!!!!

Not bashing the players from this end...they do play hard...it is the coaches!! Like they say in Oklahoma State, go after them, they are men! They can take it!

27 passes for only 135 yards. That's what you call conservative. At the end they were playing not to lose instead of playing to win. That's a recipe for a loss. Shannon is conservative vis a vis Nix is conservative.

Sorry, but it seems the Canes players started believing their own hype. It takes a couple of years in row of laying it out on the field before you can start using words like swagger. After a hot start UM faded. UNC made the adjustments and UM did not. Shannon has a long way to go and should be given the benefit of the rest of this season. But today, Butch Davis took a team without their star QB and smoked Miami. The facts are the facts. Good luck next week.

Please pick one QB and let him play. Enough with this Jacory in for a series stuff. It is not fair to either player.








Man these are some of the best comments I've ever read on this board.

I still think this loss is on the players not the coaches. Really, Butch's gameplan wasn't exactly impressive...how many runs between the tackles were '5 yards and a cloud of dust'. This team is young and they are gonna lose some games.



New Jersey Hurricane,
Please wake up!!! UM will struggle to reach .500 this year and that is a stretch. I do agree, with better coaching (Meyer, Saban, Miles) this team would easily be at least 3-1 right now!!!!

What a McCluster f*ck, as in David McCluster who led traditonal SEC patsie Old Mrs. over the Gaturds today 31-30. What a shcoker; Teebow out of the Heisman race; Urban Liar turns into Urban Crier in the post game presser. While Zooker is looking pretty good for the Ilini: Gaturds and bucked tooth Foley, you made a mistake, you should have kept Zooker, the coach that earned the national 'ship: you ar blowing 2 million per year on a guy that has lost two out of the last three to Old Mrs.!!!
The Wild Rebel, what the hell is that?

We wont even win the ACC with Nix as a coach. Its that simple.

Marve needs to play, Harris needs to sit.

This idea that it takes years to become good is ridiculous. If you get a great coach, your team will be great.

Bob Stoops at OU, Pete Carroll at USC, Nick Saban at Bama, Urban Meyer at Utah.

If you are an assistant at a big program, you need to cut your teeth as a Head Coach at a lower division/program.

I will guarantee you that if shannon has half a football brain, nix will be gone before the year is over... thats if shannon keeps his job (which he shouldnt)

we should have hired Mike Leach instead of Randy Shannon. Randy belongs in a press box coordinating a defense, nothing more.

These "coaches" really need to look at themselves; they are not coaching the games well nor are they training the talent they have!!!!

We have a horizontal passing game, you can't blitz that much because we can't cover, all day they gave a 8 yard cushion and got beat all day

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