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Guest blog: UM can pull off upset in Swamp

On my way up to Gainesville, but wanted to share with you the guest blog our contest winner G-Man sent me this morning.

Although he's known as G-Man to us here at Eye On The U, he's really known as Matthew Goldman to the rest of the world. The 29 year-old, originally from New York City, moved down to South Florida about 10 years ago when he said he made one the best decisions of his life and transfered to the University of Miami. Matt graduated from UM in '02 with a degree in communications and sociology. He currently lives in Delray and owns part of a limo service.

And this is his take on the game...

Miami is a HUGE underdog in this game. Nobody in the nation believes that the U has a chance to even keep Robert_marvethis a close game. Forget about the fact that The Canes have won the past six meetings. This Gator team is as talented as any theyʼve ever had. The critics think thereʼs no way a redshirt freshman like Robert Marve, who is making his first ever start on the road in a hostile environment, will be able to handle the pressure. Think again.

The Hurricanes can win this game. Iʼm not sure if they will. But I believe that Coach Shannon finally has this program on the right track. This is not the same team that fell apart in Norman last year. This new recruiting class has infected the entire team with an attitude and belief that they can play with anybody, anywhere. If the Canes are to win this game they must play smart and play physical.

And, we finally get to see what Marve is all about. I believe we fiinally have a QB once again who is going to get the ball in the hands of the playmakers. Playmakers, that can hold onto the ball and have some breakaway speed and not panic under pressure. I love the fact that Marve came out and said he can't wait to finally get the crap knocked out of him. Finally, UM has a capabale, vocal leader (Jacory Harris, too) with mental and physical toughness to get the offense going again.

If the U is truly on it's way back, then they won't be intimidated by playing in a hostile environment. And, they won't be pushed around. They've got to set the tone in the trenches, open the holes for Baby J and Coop. I wanna see the receivers blocking downfield on running plays.

Allen_baileyOn D GET TO THE QB! I want to see Allen Bailey (anyone on D really) knock Tim Tebow on his butt! Nothing dirty or illegal, just a good clean hard hit to let him know that heʼs not going to bully this defense. There's no sweeter sound than the silence of 90,000 people in their house. Make the entire Gator offense pay every time they have the ball. Let them think twice about making a play!

Shannon and his staff have done a great job of bringing in the talent they need to turn this program back into a national contender. If the Canes can finally get consistent play from the QB, there's no reason this offense shouldn't put points on the board and make this a competitive game. The pieces are in place on both sides of the ball. The coaching staff seems to all be on the same page. Saturday night's alright for fighting. Let's show theese wannabe's up in Gainsville what Hurricane Football is all about!

Ok guys, it's time to get your picks in for Saturday night's showdown. I want the final score, an MVP, and key reason you think Florida or Miami wins (like turnovers, run defense, whatever). And don't forget to vote in the poll.