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Marve named ACC Rookie of the Week

Robert Marve's big day in Texas has been rewarded with ACC Rookie of the Week honors. Marve, making his second career start, completed 16-of-22 passes for 212 yards, two touchdowns and one interception in helping lead Miami to a 41-23 win over the Aggies. He threw his first career touchdown with 20 seconds remaining in the first half – a 26 yarder to freshman receiver Thearon Collier. Marve completed 13 of his first 16 passes. For the game, he completed 72.7 percent of his passes and had a passer efficiency of 174.58.

Glenn Cook was named Defensive lineman of the Week after he picked up a season-high nine tackles – one shy of his career-high – and returned a fumble for a touchdown. It was his second career fumble return for a TD. He knocked the ball loose, picked it up and ran it back two yards for a touchdown in the third quarter giving the Hurricanes a 41-10 lead. He also had a half tackle for loss. Cook leads the Hurricanes with 18 total tackles and 2.5 tackles for loss.

It's the second time this season the Canes have been honored. Jacory Harris was named Rookie of the Week for his start against Charleston Southern. Spencer Adkins earned Defensive Line Player of the Week honors for his game against Charleston too.


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1st again...

& props to Marve

Yeah! It was a break-out game for Glenn Cook (as predicted). This week should be even sweeter with an inexperienced freshman in the baby-blue uniform! Stick'em D!!

5rings, thanks for the highlight link! wow! I'll see the replay on css on tues here in GA, but either aTm SUCKS or we're back(or maybe a lil' o' both).

Marve played a great game and deserved it. Keep up the work and you will get more ACC Rookie of the Week awards. Old man Cook had a great game as well. Lets take the momentum over to the Heels this weekend and give them a little payback. I would love for the Canes to put an old fashion woodshed whopping on them.

Let's not forget that turncoat Butch Davis left us hanging with no one to turn to but Grandpa-Coker and years of misery in his wake! We should show NO MERCY on that chump and his tarheels! KRIP-CRACK that jack - lights out!

Let's not forget that turncoat Butch Davis left us hanging with no one to turn to but Grandpa-Coker and years of misery in his wake! We should show NO MERCY on that chump and his tarheels! KRIP-CRACK that jack - lights out!

Manny...thanks for the update and congrats to the Canes for a big road win and honors that followed.

Marve looked solid against TAMU and showed his huge upside potential. With Collier, Byrd, Benjamin and AJ all starting to show their stuff it can only get better from here on in.

The BIG play is back jack!!!

cowed by the florida international comunistas ...
manny navarro erased the truth from his 9/20 entry ...
"half-empty stadium "
"embarrassing scene"
"heart with U in texas"

Building on a 151-year legacy of independence, the company's newspapers and websites are steadfast defenders of First Amendment values
-- mcclatchy company

free speech in short supply @ the miami herald ...
I wonder why ...
email manny navarro's editor ...
remind him we live in America ...
home of the free ...
land of the brave ...
I think ; )

Stats from the TAMU game:


something's rotten at 1 herald plaza ...

TAMU game highlights:


Great job Marve!

Did you all notice Notre Dame had two players arrested for Alcohol? There is a small article in rivals but if this were the U it would be headline breaking news on all channels!

Thug ND!

Yea and one of them was mike golic's son. Espn hates the u and they aren't gonna embarass one of there own by showing his son got arrested for underage drinking. Espn is the news source for sports pretty much now on tv. If it was the u they'd have guys on espn talking about how out of control the program is and we deserve the death penalty. In case you say it isn't tre when the u had the fight with fiu that is exactly what happened.

What impressed me most about Marve are not the final game stats, but rather his ability to avoid sacks and move the pocket when necessary. I think the potential is definitely there, now we just have to hope he continues to improve every week.

Speaking of ESPN...Did anyone else notice that Miami's only mention on College gameday was that next week would be a winnable game for North Carolina. Also no mention, no high-lights on College Football Final.

I noticed that also welcane.

You either love the U or hate the U and I think ESPN hates the U. And voters.........

But, they better get ready because Shannon is turning this ship around!!

Thank you Coach Shannon and Coach Nix for letting these football players play football!

is it possible that this recruiting class has exceeded the hype? Wow!

I'll give the yes vote on ESPN prominently displaying Miami's bad press but ESPN does not hate on Miami fellas. Kirk Herbstreit is always quick to praise the Canes and for pete's sake have any of you read Cane Mutiny from ESPN's own Bruce Feldman?

Feldman consistenly produces material on the Canes in his almost daily blog as well. Some of you all out there are really misinformed. Hech didn't even Beano Cook call Miami the greatest College Football story of the past 25 years?


Feldman went to UM its the least he could do

does anyone remember what happened after we beat Tex a&m last year?

Da U has the top three ESPN telecasts of all time, so doubt they hate us, we make them too much money. If ESPN could do it, they'd offer us our own Notre Dame like deal, exclusive coverage of all of our games, but the ACC would not stand for it.
M.H.: U gotta believe! You do remember big Canes fan Tug mcGraw and the miracle Mets of 1969 right?

Nice to finally read a blog without any Political crap or infighting with fellow cane fans!

Go Marve! Go Canes!

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