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Moncur listed as doubtful

After plenty of speculation about whether or not he'd play this week, UM defensive end Eric Moncur was officially listed as doubtful for Saturday's game at Texas A&M Thursday when UM released its injury report moments ago.

Moncur, who missed the opener after missing most of camp following sports hernia surgery, practiced Wednesday with his right foot heavily taped. His injury is listed as "leg."

The other players listed on the injury report are the usual suspects -- offensive linemen Chris Barney and Ben Jones, defensive tackle Josh Holmes and running back Javarris James.


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Who, I totally forgot about Ben Jones being on this team...

Manny...thanks for the update.

Q: How many TDs will AJ score against TAMU?

I'm going with TWO! I think you are going to see an offensive expolsion against TAMU. The REAL Miami Hurricanes are going to stand UP.

Canes 34, Tamu 13.

Manny...thanks for the update.

Q: How many TDs will AJ score against TAMU?

I am going with TWO. I think U will see the REAL Miami Hurricane offense stand up this week @ TAMU.

Canes 34, TAMU 13.

Sorry for the double...

86Cane greases manny navarro for access ...

Sarasota...I know what you were trying to do today over there was defend Miami turf, and some of it was even funny, but don't pollute Manny's blog with trash just to attack "that guy" (canesrule).

Manny is trying to develop a strategy to deal with that situation within his restraints of working for a major media outlet, so give him some space.
We need to help him anyway we can...

Posted by: 86Cane | September 15, 2008 at 11:05 PM

Sarasota...I coulda warned U about that! Don't bother with the haters, Manny has a plan.

Posted by: 86Cane | September 15, 2008 at 10:53 PM

the little dic(k)tator run amok ...


Just got off the phone with someone in programming at wftv and he said he is contacting abc to find out why that game was assigned to them. He said they have to put in a request to change from the game assigned and the assignments were put out on monday. I pointed out that his station is the only one in florida not showing miami and his station is the only one not providing regional coverage. He said he will look into it and contact abc.

Give him a call if you like, i'm sure he would love to hear from more canes fans in central florida. 407 841-9000. Ask for programming.

Posted by: Gin & Tonic | September 18, 2008 at 09:05 AM

Green...your childish, senseless and baseless personal attacks ruin and clutter this blog. Talk Canes football, that's what people come here for!

Let's all hope that Marve steps up in his second game, AJ takes on his starting role and goes deep for 6 and Collier returns a punt for a TD.

C'mon Nix, let 'em PLAY! Go Canes, Beat TAMU!!!

Great stuff from the UM web site at www.hurricanesports.com:


86, Green, you guys should hook up with realcanesrule 9'ships and start re-making Three Stooges episodes.

You're characters would be 86 as the rambling homer; green as the phrase puppet, he would only utter three words at a time: and 9 'ships as the delusional imbecile.

Go poke each other in the eye you dim bulbs.

Man, it's slow, time for some punish AKA cavaleer style:

I think most fans have been so thoroughly Cokerized by the last five years that they think a mistake or a failed drive means the game is over.
Those days are over.
Posted by: Cavaleer | August 03, 2008 at 10:23 PM

But Nix's playcalling was superb, both run and pass.
He's gonna light it up this year.
Posted by: Cavaleer | August 14, 2008 at 12:26 AM

I'm sure Marve expects to have a better year than Bradford. In fact, I think he'll have a much better season than Bradford, a season much like the last Hurricane QB who started as a RS FR, who goes by the name Kosar.
Posted by: Cavaleer | August 14, 2008 at 10:46 PM

man, this guy's full of BS! Better year than Bradford? Sure. More propaganda.

Oscar's scared.
Scared because he's not confident in his own team's preparation, mental and physical.
Scared because he has no idea what to expect from the U in the second game of the season.
If we play on Sept. 6th he'll have the advantage in experience but he won't know much about Us.
Pick your poison.
Posted by: Cavaleer | August 18, 2008 at 09:41 PM

Sure, 26-3 is scared. Why do I choose to punish this tool? Everyone needs to know their place.

"86 as the rambling homer"

I like my role!


If they say Arthur brown is not getting on the field because he played against absolutely no talent in high school, what does that mean for his brother because if he is going to come and not be ready then i feel like RS & CH should be going harder after the miami dade county recruits.

Remember that Arthur Brown is a true freshman just like Ramon Buchanon that played against tougher competition in Florida. It just takes a little bit longer for some guys, remember Andre Johnson he didn't play until he was a Redshirt (SO).

Does anyone know where the south florida watch parties are for the game saturday?????????

UM vs. Texas A&M Game Watch Party
Bar Louie in City Place 550 South Rosemary Avenue West Palm Beach, FL 33401 561-659-9081
Date: 09/20/2008
Time: 3:30 p.m.

Join the Alumni Club of Palm Beach County in cheering on the 'Canes as they take on Texas A&M!

RSVP to: Mary B. Clark, A.B. '03, J.D. '06, at 305-338-0819 or via e-mail at marybclark@hotmail.com.

UM vs. Texas A&M Game Watch Party
Fort Lauderdale Ale House 2861 North Federal Highway Fort Lauderdale, FL 33306 954-565-5747
Date: 09/20/2008
Time: 3:30 p.m.

Join the Alumni Club of Broward County in cheering on the 'Canes as they take on Texas A&M!

RSVP to: Walt Williams, B.B.A. '64, at 954-761-8500 or via e-mail at wgw001@bellsouth.net.

I think 86 and Green are the same person


Hey is the game this weekend gonna be nationally televised or is just going to be regional?


Your not gonna have to worry to much about Bryce Brown cause he won't be playing much when Jakhari Gore gets here the year after.(Gore is an absolute big time playmaker, no doubt about it)...I was thinking the same thing as you, and you have a valid point. Those guys might be good or even great players but playing in Wichita, Kansas isn't like playing in Miami-Dade County.

attention Canes in Orlando, Daytona, Volusia County,etc. ABC has assigned the Notre Dame / Michigan State game to the local ABC station in that market. Please call and let them know your upset they chose not to show the Miami game. The entire state will see the Canes play except Orlando and areas around Orlando if the local station does not make ABC change the assignment. Which they can do - but they need to hear from viewers to see the demand. Call # 407-841-9000 and ask for the programming coordinator. If you go on other boards please copy/paste this as well.
Go Canes

I'm glad i live in Miami but thats bullsh it what they're doing in Orlando. Doesn't NBC carry all the Notre Dame games anyways. Makes no sense to me. I'm getting mad now and i don't even live in Orlando.

Is anyone going to the game? I will be in the corner of the endzone rooting on the Canes.

Bold Statement.

UM = Alabama.

Same talent and development. Alabama overated and UM underated. Ranking at the end of the season will be very very close.


think 86 and Green are the same person

Posted by: RyanC | September 18, 2008 at 01:00 P

Jekyll and Hyde? LOL....


You got your wish. The Orlando Sentinel is reporting that the Cane game will now be shown on ABC. $hit made no sense to me from the beginning.

now we in CA are stuck with ND again! have to go to the sports bar for a live feed amidst the noise of the locals....

think 86 and Green are the same person

Posted by: RyanC | September 18, 2008 at 01:00 P

Jekyll and Hyde? LOL....

Posted by: PinoyCane | September 18, 2008 at 04:31 PM

They always appear together here. It makes sense. I think 86 is having fun w/ an alter ego. How is it that green is always around to respond immediately after 86 posts?...

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