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Our contest winner is...

After a long debate with a few of my buddies, we selected G-Man as the winner of the 10 Things I Hate Most About the Florida Gators contest. His delivery -- much like David Letterman's -- set him apart. Plus, he I loved No. 8 -- a reference to my buddy Willie Williams!

Some of you other guys went a little over the edge. I had to throw some out because of it. But I expected that. Well, here's what G-Man sent in, in case you missed it.

Top 10 reasons to hate the gators from our home office in Coral Gables:

10. All American QB turns down an invitation to the Playboy Mansion.
9. Can't tell the difference between an alligator and a croc.
8. Only allows recruits to set off fire extinguishers on official visits if they commit to UF.
7. The school of communications for giving Emmit Smith a degree.
6. Tim Tebow's crewcut.
5. The Urban Meyer school of discipline where it's ok to shoot an automatic weapon at someone as long as you can contribute on the field.
4. Erin Andrews is a prude.
3. Gainseville, Fla. Do I really need to say more?
2. Uses their conference as an excuse to avoid The Hurricanes on a yearly basis.
And the number one reason to hate the Gators:
1. University of Florida. Where winning 2 national titles since 1906 makes us "Titletown"

G, the floor is yours. Send me an email so you can do a guest blog on Friday. Any topic you want -- as long as it relates to the Florida Gators and the Canes.