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Our contest winner is...

After a long debate with a few of my buddies, we selected G-Man as the winner of the 10 Things I Hate Most About the Florida Gators contest. His delivery -- much like David Letterman's -- set him apart. Plus, he I loved No. 8 -- a reference to my buddy Willie Williams!

Some of you other guys went a little over the edge. I had to throw some out because of it. But I expected that. Well, here's what G-Man sent in, in case you missed it.

Top 10 reasons to hate the gators from our home office in Coral Gables:

10. All American QB turns down an invitation to the Playboy Mansion.
9. Can't tell the difference between an alligator and a croc.
8. Only allows recruits to set off fire extinguishers on official visits if they commit to UF.
7. The school of communications for giving Emmit Smith a degree.
6. Tim Tebow's crewcut.
5. The Urban Meyer school of discipline where it's ok to shoot an automatic weapon at someone as long as you can contribute on the field.
4. Erin Andrews is a prude.
3. Gainseville, Fla. Do I really need to say more?
2. Uses their conference as an excuse to avoid The Hurricanes on a yearly basis.
And the number one reason to hate the Gators:
1. University of Florida. Where winning 2 national titles since 1906 makes us "Titletown"

G, the floor is yours. Send me an email so you can do a guest blog on Friday. Any topic you want -- as long as it relates to the Florida Gators and the Canes.


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I can't wait to come here and post on Saturday nite. We are gonna whip these guys!!!!

Congrats G-man, that was a great list.

My favorite one was..."Tim Tebow screwed up my circumsion"....don't remember who put that, but that was great stuff.

Manny Navarro is a perfect example of a loser FIU grad who "reps the U". Grades weren't good enough for a scholarship?

Florida is Titletown because we excel at everything. A UM degree costs more but a UF is more valuable

this reminds me a lot of 1998...team trying to come out of probation beats the #1 team in the country UCLA...then 2 years later wins the National Championship. This feels very similar....16 freshman that are playing now will be some awesome juniors in 2 years!

this is the real story...how we seem to forget so quickly while our heads are in the clouds:

"Miami and Florida have not scheduled each other regularly since 1987 when then UF head coach Steve Spurrier convinced UF's Senior Associate Athletic Director Jermay Foley to remove the University of Miami from its football schedule in order to secure an eventual national championship."

no one really can say we "duck" anybody and not look like an a#*. Last time we went to Canesville and won, that same year we went to Tenn and won...we took on the critics bad mouthing the Big East and proved it by taking on the "kings of the SEC" on their turf. Granted the ACC is weak but it won't be forever. Miami and FSU are on the upswing...and as soon as Meyer feels that recruiting pressure he will be gone to the NFL.

WOW i am so damn tired of hearing gaytor fans call canesville title town that is the dumbiest pile of crap i have ever heard! 2 national championships give u the right to call your selfs title town then what do we call The U with our 5 titles?

Even with their 2 recent basketball titles, they are still one short of UM. They're not Titletown, right now I would say that would be Boston.

I don't think that a circumcision is performed with the mouth: that's why Tebow had to go to Asia to use his methods.
P.S. He turned down an invite to the Playboy mansion. Nothing to orally circumcise there.

Roll Call. . . How many UM alumni have posted here. Well, we know Navarro isn't one. Apparently he wasn't bright enough to get into UM. Average SAT score for a UM student 1269, for a UF student 1306.

Now lets see how that top 10 list checks out.

10. You're knocking our guy for moral values? Which one is it? Do we have morals or no?
9. And Miami can't tell the difference between the US and Cuba.
8. Hey, YOU signed the idiot
7. Actually, Emmitt graduated in 1996 after taking summer classes at UF. And it was PR not Comm. Nice job for taking a whiff at the best RB in history.
6. Its better than Jimmy Johnson's concrete hair.
5. Actually, he was dismissed from the team. Payed his own way through school and returned as a walkon. Thats redemption. Keep your helmet on you might hurt your head from thinking too much.
4. She's out of your league.
3. Miami, Cuba. Necesito hablar mas?
2. Actually we use our conference to amass the second largest athletics budget in the nation. Why should we sell have to sell out your stadium too?
1. Actually, it was 3 titles in 12 months. Have you done that? Didn't think so. Oh and by the way. Total ring count. UF: 17 NCAA championships + 2 Football. UM: 5 NCAA + 5 Football. So that's 19 to 10. We win.

Will Lamar Thomas be calling the game on Hurricanes radio?

UF Alum 2003 you are a moron. Go to Collegeboard.com and compare the U to UF and you will quickly see that the standard at Miami is higher for both the SAT and ACT. Perhaps it was a higher standard when you were there but who knows if you in fact did. I could write that I was a Harvard grad but that does not make me one. I don't know who would be stupid enough to claim to be an Alum of the state institution but you could be that delusional. I would also want to know where you get your stats about chmpionships. Does baseball count?

Love the way The Gator hides behind their "tough SEC schedule". 2001 and 2002 (the last time they let us play them) we whipped them on the first Saturday in September.....before conference play.

We whipped them in the SEC's back yard in a BOWL GAME in 2000. Again, so much for the tough conference thing.

This isn't ancient history, unless of course you're thirteen years old, which I suspect most of you are.

Ill agree with NJshoreCane, those ass-kickings we took are very recent history, which is why this game means a lot to the Gators. To the Canes fans, really how original or funny is Gaytors and Gayturds?

Lot of talk on our blog. Man, The Gator has some up-tight fans. It's GOT to be the inferiority thing.

The SEC is a great sports conference. PLEASE let us not compare conference academics.

both schools got some dumbass fans...i read one UM fan say that Spurrier convinced our AD to drop UM from the schedule in 1987, he didnt become our coach until 90

Q: Manny Navarro is a perfect example of a loser FIU grad who "reps the U". Grades weren't good enough for a scholarship? Florida is Titletown because we excel at everything. A UM degree costs more but a UF is more valuable Posted by: scUM of the earth | September 04, 2008 at 03:20 PM

A: My grades weren't good enough scUM. But I'm very proud to have attended FIU. I was born and raised in Miami. Anything else we need to cover? How about you? Where do you have your degree from?

No, John Reaves will be calling the game after hiting the crack pipe.


Sure is quite a few cranky Canes here. Talk while you can..prepare to be silenced.


UM needs to concentrate on being in top 4 in the state. It is likely UM will never return to prominence. State schools like USF and UCF will take your recruits.

Go watch old movies of your 5 titles, and feel good about them.

r u kidding


I am not at all disappointed at the canes losing. They did an excellent job at keeping the gator offense and defense on their heels. For a team as young as they are they will be invinceable in another year are two. Keep your heads up high team cause it's just a learning experience. The gators had hell running the ball against our defense. They're not so good as everyone think and say. You all did excellent and I am proud and I'm sure the rest of the U fans feel the same. Mauve you played well. We made a few mistakes but that will happen for a young team. Rest up and practice hard and we'll get ready for our next apponent. A #1 UM FAN FROM BATON ROUGE,LA. * GO CANES * UMH 4 LIFE

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