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Progress report: North Carolina

One of things I've shied away from on this blog is grading this team on a week-to-week basis. I never liked getting my report card when I was in school because it usually meant I was going to be grounded (my parents weren't happy when they saw anything less than B).

So, when I got to high school, I made a decision that paid off. I decided to sign up for weekly progress reports, thinking at the very least the whole shock factor on report card day wouldn't be as strong. Instead of receiving grades, my parents received comments from my teachers like 'He's trying hard and he's doing good' or 'He missed an assignment this week and needs to focus more.' It somehow made the blow of when I did get a C a little less hard to take.

Anyway, that's my long-winded explanation as to why I've decided to begin giving you weekly progress reports instead of report cards after each game. My grading system system, in honor of the Canes, is simple: National championship material (excellent), BCS worthy (good), MicronPC Bowl here we come (average), Coker-esque (poor) and Scout Team reserve (the bottom of the barrel).

Robert_marveQuarterbacks: Say what you want about Robert Marve's two fourth quarter interceptions, he still was only making his third career start. He finished 18 of 27 for 135 yards and two touchdowns and nearly led the Canes to a thrilling come-from-behind victory with :46 seconds left and the ball on his own 31-yard line. He threw an absolute bullet to Kayne Farquharson to bring the Canes within the red zone and then just missed on the winning touchdown pass. Jacory Harris, who played a series, also moved the team down the field after getting new life on a running into the punter penalty. He didn't make any mistakes and led UM to a field goal for the second week in a row. This week's Progress Report says: BCS Worthy effort. Stay clear of making a few silly mistakes and get some better coaching and you can move up to the next level.

CooperRunning backs: Before North Carolina quarterback Cameron Sexton stole the show and brought UNC back from a 24-14 deficit, Graig Cooper was en route to MVP honors. He had 19 carries for 110 yards and caught 3 passes for 29 yards and scored twice. Without Javarris James and not a lot of help from the rest of Miami's backfield (Derron Thomas carried the ball 3 times), Cooper moved the pile plenty and made plenty of special plays on his own. My worry is, if Coop goes down, how much trouble are the Canes going to be in? How about big? This week's Progress Report: BCS Worthy effort. With Coop making the plays he's making, he's making UM's backfield look amazing. But when you consider nobody else is getting involved right now you worry this unit can go back to being MicronPC material should Cooper stutter or get hurt.

FarquharsonReceivers/tight ends: Kayne Farquharson didn't make the big catch. But he's quietly becoming the go-to receiver for Marve. The 29-yard pass he hauled in before taking a licking from Darius Williams was Terrell Owens-esque. He also caught a touchdown for the second consecutive week. Also starring for the Canes, tight end Dedrick Epps, who picked up a crucial first down on third and long to set up Aldarius Johnson's first career touchdown reception. While there were some bright spots, UM's receivers still are dropping passes. Richard Gordon had two. Thearon Collier had another that would have kept a drive alive in the first half. Laron Byrd only seems to get short, quick out passes. It's not entirely the units fault. Offensive coordinator Patrick Nix has to give these guys some room to work. This week's Progress Report: MicronPC Bowl Here We Come. A few different, more aggressive pass patterns and less drops and you'll be flying into the BCS level in no time.

Offensive line: Jason Fox provided the first sign Saturday UM's offensive line came out meaning business when he absolutely flattened a Tar Heel lineman on the second play of the game. The Canes offensive line did its job for the most part facing a tough defensive front. But two holding penalties -- one on Fox and another on center Xavier Shannon -- hurt UM in the fourth quarter badly. This week's Progress Report: MicronPC Bowl Here We Come. A BCS-worthy effort became wasted with those penalties late.

The Front Seven: For yet another week, Miami's front line of defense had a stellar day. Colin McCarthy, Sean Spence, Glenn Cook, Steven Wesley and Eric Moncur helped shut down North Carolina's running game, limiting the Tar Heels to 35 yards on 33 carries. Moncur notched a sack for the second consecutive week. But unfortunately for UM, he was the only guy in the front seven to get a sack. Freshman defensive back Brandon Harris had one, too. But it certainly wasn't enough pressure to stop Sexton from mounting a comeback. This week's Progress Report: MicronPC Bowl Here We Come. Another BCS-worthy effort stopping the run was wasted because UM simply couldn't get to Sexton when it mattered.

Missed_tackles The Secondary: For two series, Miami's secondary looked like a national championship contender. Then, Mike Paulus went out and Cameron Sexton came in. He torched the Canes secondary to the tune of 242 yards and two scores. A lot of it was because of the play-calling by Bill Young, who tried to bring in extra blitzers to create pressure. It left guys like Bruce Johnson and DeMarcus Van Dyke on an island to make plays. They didn't. Johnson missed two tackles. Van Dyke failed to cover Brooks Foster on the game-winning touchdown pass. Shannon lamented on blown coverages after the game. How about just very poor secondary play? UM still doesn't have an INT on defense. Chavez Grant said some guys might be pressing to make plays. If Miami doesn't find a remedy, good teams will continue to exploit. Even teams with guys like Cameron Sexton at quarterback. This week's Progress Report: Coker-esque. This was really the only unit who still resembled last year's 5-7 team. And you saw how much it hurt Miami late.

Special Teams: There were big hits and big returns on the Canes' special teams again this week. Colin McCarthy had a big block. Grant had the biggest. It sparked freshman Travis Benjamin on a 37-yard punt return. Matt Bosher, meanwhile, connected on 1-of-2 field goal attempts (he missed off the infield dirt) and had three of his four punts downed inside 20 (including one at the one by Sam Shields who finally made an appearance). But it's his last punt everyone will remember, the one that was partially blocked and gave UNC good field position on its final scoring drive. It wasn't Bosher's fault, another blown assignment by a blocker according to Shannon. But it still hurt. So, did a few long returns by Brandon Tate. This week's Progress Report: MicronPC Bowl Here We Come. The missed assignment on Bosher's last punt was the killer.

Shannon_defeated Coaching: Tough not get on Canes coaches here considering they had a 24-14 lead with nine minutes to play and blew it. It wasn't all their fault. But Shannon and his assistants obviously needed to make some adjustments and didn't. I thought the offense shutdown after Aldarius Johnon's touchdown catch and simply tried to run out the clock instead of giving Marve a chance to win the game with his arm. Instead, they gave a tired, beat up Graig Cooper the ball. Defensively, Young gambled with the blitz today and lost. He left his corners on an island far too much. This week's progress report: When you lose a game you should have won, you don't get to the BCS or play for it all. MicronPC Bowl Here We Come.


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To fake canesrule: insert orange and blue buttplug:
It will not erase the following memory:
What a McCluster f*ck, as in David McCluster who led traditonal SEC patsie Old Mrs. over the Gaturds today 31-30. What a shcoker; Teebow out of the Heisman race; Urban Liar turns into Urban Crier in the post game presser. While Zooker is looking pretty good for the Ilini: Gaturds and bucked tooth Foley, you made a mistake, you should have kept Zooker, the coach that earned the national 'ship: you ar blowing 2 million per year on a guy that has lost two out of the last three to Old Mrs.!!!
The Wild Rebel, what the hell is that?

Posted by: Kurt



"When you have a coach that lacks the simple and basic knowledge of a head coach and speaks in the manner he does, it is a disgrace to the University whom employs him, let alone the same University he earned his degree from."
"He flat out does not have the intelligence," & U KNOW THIS HOW?


"However, I was never excited about the decision to make Randy Shannon the Head Coach. My choice would have been Mario Cristobal if the direction was not to go with an already established Head Coach."




What is next, Vandy winning the SEC east? Georgia looked really weak, the Gaturds blow, Kentucky and Tennessee would be at the bottom of Conference USA. South Carolina is coached by Spurrier and has already lost to Vandy
Urban Liar cannot win in the SEC with his own players. Randy on the other hand needs one more year of maturing recruits and we will be back on top.
Funny how fake canesrule, cannot bear to add the words 9 'ships.

Randy Shannon is not as polished as a lot of other coaches, true. However, its what helps him relate to the guys on the team.

If the receiver catches that ball on the last play we are all calling Randy Shannon a genius. Lets just give it up, we lost...hopefully everyone learned something (coaches and players)....lets get onto FSU.

Manny..." weekly report... MicronPC Bowl Here We Come".

It has been said many times... we'll lose some, we should have won and win some that we shouldn't have... The season is still early, we're 2 and 2 and there is allot of football in front of us and time enough to grow from each game played... Lastly, Just One "Key" defensive play in the last 2 series and it's a Miami win.

Suggest to scrap the weekly report... bowl predictions for later... recruiting is hard enough.

Support the team and go to the games, if you can.

Manny, give me the red button.......... Canesrule,......... You have more bloggs written by you or written about you then on the Canes...
Please find a Gator closet and stay in it.

Randy knows what he wants from the team and he didn't try to sugar coat the loss. Calling out positions rather then the players by name was the correct way to pen point the concern.

and just because a player missed an assignment on a big play or two, doesn't mean that he played bad the whole game... case in point, look at Cook, Grant or DVD. They also had some big time plays, too!

Score 24/14... On McGriff (Secondary).. 3rd down and 10, NC on their own 26 with (9 min to go in the 4th)... Sexton throws a deep pass, good for a 74 yard TD... with 2 guys in seasondary

Questionable but who is to say... On Nix.
Leading 24/21...... on our own 26YL, with 3 minutes remaining, and it's 2nd and 9, Nix calls a run play, we get called for holding, it now 2nd and 19... he calls another run play, cooper slips after picking up 7. It 3rd and 12 and Nix calls another run play... The obvious was a pass and if Nix's play worked... he would have been called a genius. But the OL couldn't stop the D, who was in prevent defense, and we were stuffed behinde the lines... The kick was partly blocked and it gave a short field for NC to score... you know the rest.

FSU Next... Go Canes

We are a very spoiled bunch. We are already mad at our second year coach who not only had a good recruiting classes but was left with a half empty refrigerator while other schools were full as hell. Yes he knows we need more DBs , linemen and athletes to complete this team. One more year should do the trick.

Herbal Minded,

Do you have reading comprehension problems as well? Where in any of my statements do I make racist comments? I am tired of people always playing the race card! Please refer to my side note comment on my first reply to your ridiculous, terribly crafted message.

I could care less about his race, he could be purple! If you come to debate, come with facts! You have no right to come on here and say my comments are with ill intentions and are racist. You do not know me or the values I stand for. You might be the most ignorant person I have ever spoken to.

Second, his speaking abilities have nothing to do with his coaching; his bonehead decisions to break his teams rhythm is evidence in itself. I only commented on his speaking abilities because every interview I hear is embarrassing!

Please don’t tell me I didn’t go through the same struggles as he. We both went to college! The biggest difference between he and I is I obviously paid attention while attending class! He had the same opportunities as I and let’s not mention, he has what 20 years on me? Get real kid. Do yourself a favor and quit making ridiculous incoherent statements!

If you are going to honestly sit here and tell me a Head Coach of a division 1A collegiate football program does not need to speak proper English and be able to represent the school that signs his checks in a professional manor, you my friend I pity.

Do not come at me with “he relates to players.” He is a Head Coach, his sole objective is to prepare his team to defeat whatever opponent they face, period. Being Head Coach is not a popularity contest! Ask Butch Davis how he relates to his players.

Now in your no substance rant of how I’m picking on Mr. Shannon because I’m some sort of racist, you do not pose an answer to my question regarding his decision to take his starting QB out of the game for a series or two when he is in sync with the offense. Does that show the characteristics of a Joe Paterno caliber coach, a coach you sited in your last senseless rant?

Does his decision making have the characteristics of a sound Head Coach? In your estimation, has Mr. Shannon prepared his team to play 60 minutes of football? The answer is no! If I recall the only time we “finished” a game this season was against Charleston Southern (might as well taken on a top level high school program). We fell apart in the fourth quarter to Florida, Texas A&M, and now to North Carolina. Let’s not even bring up the last game at the Orange Bowl, where they disgraced past players who played at the OB by losing 48-0.

Bottom line kid, Shannon is a great recruiter but he is no game day coach! He has excuse after excuse and those kids playing and our fans deserve a Head Coach with an overall knowledge of how to manage a game and put W’s in the win column.

Do me and others reading this a favor and if you respond, take your time, get some facts, maybe help answer my question, and more importantly come with a well thought out statement that is intelligent and that carries substance behind it.

Cat 5, Big daddy, I'm with you both!! We are young and inexperienced, but definitely headed in the right direction!

As fans it is our job to support the team, and leave the coaching to the professionals!

Steve Spurrier used to have a call in TV show when he coached the Gaytors. Fans would call in to offer advice, and Steve would always say the same thing: "Let us coach the team, you guy's show up and support us. The rest will take care of itself!" He was never rude to his callers, but he let them know what their role was.

This FSU game could be one of the epic battles of all time. The rankings (or lack thereof) will not matter! These teams match up very well against each other. I love our chances, but it will not be easy. This team needs our support!

Go 'canes!!


This team is VASTLY improved over last season. This team is headed in the right direction. Randy has stopped the bleeding with our recruiting, and he fixed the issues we were having with our DC last year.

The "Nick Sabans" of the college football world are not coming to Miami! Thankfully there is no money for these over-paid, snake-oil salesmen! The U is a family! Randy's kids actually go to class! He is preparing them for life after the game!

And in case I forget, he is also rebuilding the program back to it's past glory! Time takes time! Mistakes happen! It's how you react to a mistake that makes you who you are! Randy has not been afraid to admit when he has made a mistake (replacing the DC is one example that comes to mind).

If you are a fan, your job is too support this team, win, lose, or draw! C'mon man, we have FSU coming to town this week, let's talk about that! It's not fair to attack these coaches and players at this point in their careers. This is a young team! Give it a chance to bloom!


Go 'canes!!

Hey, Kurt...

If you knew anything about the Canes and their recent histroy, you'd know that 10 years ago, they were saying the same things about Butch Davis! He rotated Ryan Collins and Scott Covington. They said he was a killer recruiter but a garbage "gameday" coach. They said he was too conservative. He led the canes to a 5-6 season before going 9-3, 9-4, then 10-1. You talk about doing research before speaking, yet you forget to do your own research. You talk about being embarrassed to have graduated from the same institution as him and his not speaking properly, yet he makes probably more money in a year than you will in ten years. Who looks more like they actually went to class. His time in school was obviously more beneficial to him than your time in college apparently was to you. You've already proven your true colors. Lets just move on.

Let me make something clear. I support the Miami Hurricanes 100% even if I do not agree with the coaching staff.

My views are not based off the season and four games Randy Shannon has coached here. I am simply making it aware how we were out-coached, period! His decisions baffle me.

We are much better than we were with Coker. However, do not think all of our problems have been fixed. Yes he has brought in more talent but I am sorry, you have to be an idiot not to be able to recruit players to play at Miami!

Set a side tradition and a strong program for a moment. What 18 year old kid would not like to go to college in sunny South Florida, let alone Miami and all the glorious "extra curricular" activities South Beach, Coconut Grove, and so on has to offer?

Let’s get off the recruiting thing because believe it or not, Coker’s players had talent as well. The main problem was the coaches not doing their job and developing their players to play at the next level.

If we are not careful, no matter what the talent being brought in is, we could once again head right back down that path in a hurry!

Miami needs a well established coach to become an elite program like (as much as I hate to say it being a Michigan State Alumnus) Michigan, Penn State, Ohio State, etc. Teams that have years of dominance ahead of Miami.

Now I grew up in Miami my whole life and lived near campus. I bleed orange and green as well as green and white. I love Hurricanes football because it has always been a part of my life.

I just want to keep everyone in check and let’s not get a head of ourselves and think all the pieces to the puzzle are together. Everyone when crazy asking how we blew a 24-14 lead with nine minutes to play. I simply answered the question. Take it for what it is worth!

Let’s prepare hard for Florida State and be ready to play four quarters of football this time! Let’s not Change the quarterbacks as well! Let Marve play and Jacory has to pay his does like Marve has. Marve is clearly the better QB as of now so play him and only him and give our offensive a fair chance at a game.


What would the 87' Canes think.....collectively we are shaking our heads.

What would the 87' Canes think.....collectively we are shaking our heads.

Posted by: 87' Canes | September 29, 2008 at 10:36 AM

Is this ex-Cane and radio personality Dan Sileo? Regardless of who this is, you should be supporting your team, not honking for the Gaytors!

Time takes time!


Go 'canes!

Everyone is in check. It was you coming on here with that "Look at how he talks" nonsense. Those of us who have gotten up and fallen down with the Canes, from the Days of Schnelly up to now, know what it takes. We see the talent returning. And yes I say RETURNING! Coker recruited very VERY few talented players. You're telling me Lance "alligator arms" Leggett was talented? Kirby Freeman (who is third string behind a true freshman at Baylor) is talented? You think Kyle Wright would have been as highly touted if he didn't play against Dade County JV competition in high school? He was an offensive coordinator and his offenses got significanlty worse every year he was here. It got so bad, the defense started bringing busts. He was the recruiting coordinator. He told his coaches who to go after and who to overlook. His evaluatino of talent is the reason we are where we are. And don't get it twisted, if kids really cared about where they play, LSU, Penn State, Ohio state, and all those backwood schools wouldn't hold a finger to coral Gables in terms of landing recruits. Kids go to programs who can promote them and get them to the next level. Miami isn't on National TV as much as Notre Dame, USC, and the top ranked teams in the country. and don't forget about the street agents. You really sounded "less than intelligent" with that last post. College football is all about cycles. Some cycles last longer than others. UM: 1983-1996 and 2000-2003

Oh god, here we go again, another person running their mouth! I will pose the same question as I did to "Herbal Minded." Do you know me? NO! Do you know what I do for a living? NO! You are unbelievable, how old are you 16, 17?

What does any of that have to do with what I've been saying? You are just another ignorant person writing on a Herald blog (what a surprise!).

I for one can speak and write the English language very well! I can’t say the same for Mr. Shannon.

Excuse me, but again, what elite program just decides to take out their QB? NONE! Look at Oklahoma and their QB. You know, the true freshman last year that lit us up!

Believe me I know Butch Davis was also heckled for being a bad game day coach. At the very least his players came to play four quarters. Last time I checked, I did not ask for Butch Davis so I really don't know where you are heading with that one.

On another note since you brought it up, did Ken Dorsey ever sit out a series or two? NO! Why? Because he was the machine to the offense just like Marve at least till now shows, he is the starting QB PERIOD!

We've been rebuilding for how long? The 'Canes deserve a winning coach! Time is over due and mediocrity will no longer be tolerated! No more just patching things up!

Someone Brought up Nick Sabin, I personally am not a fan, but look at what he is doing in Alabama. He is doing what he is supposed to, win! He has a very impressive program going on over there. They are number 2 while we continue this long "learning process."

Sam Bradford is a redshirt Sophmore... Uh... Once again... research? You sure you went to College???

Looks like the crowd on Saturday, or lack thereof, didnt make a difference on one recruit. Its quality not quantity people! Haha.

Top 2010 RB Eduardo Clements names a leader
Junior Watch Lister Eduardo Clements visited Miami this weekend and now has the Hurricanes out in front for his services, ESPN affiliate InsideTheU.com reports.

"I am very comfortable calling Miami my leader. They are close to home and close to my family. That is important to me. My father is a big Miami fan and they showed me a lot more love than the school that I thought was going to offer first (FSU). That is what I told my dad and he just told me to keep options open. At the Miami game the fans showed me a lot of love and that is something I like in a school and I also want a good education and that is something Miami can offer. Miami is in the lead right now."

Clements' childhood favorite was Florida State but the Seminoles have not offered him yet, "I am very disappointed by that, but I still got to get it done this season and do what I got to do to get that offer. That will be something that will have a hold on me though when it does come time to choose a college. In a sense I feel a little unwanted, but I have to do my job on the field."

The Booker T. standout is currently holding 12 total scholarship offers from Miami, Florida, LSU, Georgia, West Virginia, Clemson, Boston College, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Rutgers, Central Florida and South Florida.

Uh... Kenny Kelly was the starter and quit to play baseball. Ken Dorsey was the only Scholarship QB left so there was no one else. You really aren't very sharp. Derric Crudup proved he shouldn't be in the game. Has Jacory been a bust since he's gotten PT??? Hmmmm... You sure aren't the sharpest tool in the shed I see. How old are you again? I think my 8 month old is brighter than you kid.

You mention us rebuilding. It took four terrible recruiting classes to destroy this program. You think one or two good classes will get us back to the top? Right....

You've probably never played any kind of organized sport. Keep blogging poindexter!

kurt! you are in way over your head dude! stop bloging. you are incoherent and are stumbling over your self. and talking about education, your english and tense are so simplistic, its reminescent of an 8th grade scriblings. give it up! get alive! go away!

Ok Mr. 242 Cane,

So Sam Bradford was a redshirt freshman when he lit us up last year instead of a true freshman, wow big slip. Sorry even the guys on ESPN’s PTI have “stat boy” for a reason; and I believe they are hell of writers. He also holds the NCAA record for TD's by a freshman with 36!

Who are you to judge my college career? Are you serious? I know I must have gone to a better one than you, judging by your writing. I also just graduated less than two years ago buddy. How does it feel to be schooled by a young guy? I am one of the few who write on this silly board who can put together proper sentences!

But seriously, are you and "Herbal Minded" related to Shannon? The two of you have taken quite the defense regarding my opinions about him. I know I'm not the only person with those feelings towards your boy Randy.

To rebuttal your statement about national coverage, when Miami was winning in the "cycle years" you mentioned, they too were heavily broadcasted throughout the nation (I know, I had to watch the ‘Canes from Michigan the years of 2002-2006). They don’t get air time now because when was the last time we’ve even won a conference title? Six years ago!

Other programs such as Penn State, Notre Dame, blah, blah, blah, have a stronger alumni base and fan support. Those schools like republicans know how to “campaign,” something Shalala needs to learn!

I mean really I am finished beating the dead horse already! I just wanted to voice my opinion of the Head Coaching staff after we lost at home to an inferior team, playing their third string QB! DOES ANYONE ELSE SEE THE PROBLEM! Like I said, I hope we can bounce back and at least have a shot at the ACC. GO CANES!

I'm tired of all the Shannon- bashing and Nix bashing. The offense improved from the UF game to the UNC game for the simple fact that the o made some plays down the field. Rome wasn't built in a day and we didn't have too many coaches running to come to the U to be off. coordinator and we didn't have to many coaches running at the chance to coach Miami either. Kurt not to say Mario Cristobal would have been a good choice but if he lost as many games as he is losing at FIU at miami right now.. you would be at the top of the list wanting his head. If Schiano wanted the job, he would have told his wife that they are moving back to south florida period ( I think Schiano's wife and Nick Saban's wife are sisters but don't get me started on that.)these are growing pains that we are going through. The UNC loss hurts but I feel like we are going to be just fine I feel that we are going to a bowl this year and the sceondary will come along. This is the same Bill Johnson that just put Aquib Talib in the pros so shouldn't that be an indicator of what is to come ? I actually saw passes being thrown to the tight ends when was the last time we saw that? so be patient nation it's comming.

Oh so now it's political... And please forgive me for not typing oh so perfectly. We all can't be as "loquatious" as you. Sam bradford threw passes to WR's who are or will be playing in the NFL. Give him our receivers and then compare the numbers he would put up. And just so you know, Mr. I know UM football, we were destroying teams like Penn State and Notre Dame back then, despite their fan base and alumni. I didn't know National Championships were won based on school enrollment. If so, explain how UF (or FU) has only two football national titles. If that were the case UM would have none.
and keep Shalalalalala's name out of your mouth. That lady has raised more money for that school than you could imagine. Yeah she looks funny, but she's not as dumb as you think.

You have proven my points pretty much all day and continue to make yourself appear smart when in fact you wasted your parents money on college. Can you say "trade school". You are a moron!

I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to agree with Kurt here. You guys says you have followed UM football since you were little and have gone with the team through the ups and down. Well, so have I, and let me tell you, I'm worried about UM football right now. I've been as supportive as possible about Shannon and Nix, giving them the benefit of a doubt...but everytime we play, I see a bunch of talented players who are trying their best to overcome the position that these coaches put them in.

I'm no fan of Saban, or even Davis for that matter, but you can see the type of improvements they have had on their team since last year. Did they need the number 1 recruiting class to get there? They had pretty good recruiting yes, but THAT ISN'T EVERYTHING. Some of you guy are being blinded by Shannon. We all know he bleeds orange and green and is a Cane through and through. But that does not make him a good coach.

I'm sick and tired of all the excuses. And even more sick that everytime our team doesn't win, RS throws our boys under the bus. It's not their fault if the friggin coaches don't put them in a position to win!!

Great recruiter, but at this point RS doesn't know what the F*** he's doing. The sooner you guys realize this, the sooner we can finally take our talented players and find a coach that can lead us to an NC.

Unless of course RS surprises me, and finally gets an OC worth a damn.

Hey Casual... It sure is good to see you out there at practice and on the sidelines on Saturdays.... :-)

242 Cane you are ridiculous! You’re filled with excuses.

You’re going to tell me there is no politicking regarding national coverage? It’s all a game, just like the BCS!

Now you’re going to come at me with Shalala raising so much money, yeah she did. I believe she raised like a billion or so correct? Where was that money when we needed to rebuild/rehabilitate the OB? Yeah, cause we are really going to gain support with the games being played at Dolphin Stadium? Give me a break. The University broke many relationships with former players over that one.
The City of Coral Gables and its residents would never allow a stadium on campus. The county is so poorly planned that even if they were in favor, there is no infrastructure to support it.

I feel bad for the students. I had the privilege to have my football stadium on campus and there’s nothing like it. In the end the school will end up losing money on that deal because we all know how good of a business man Mr. Wayne Huizenga is. He never does something out of the kindness of his heart. Tear down the Miami Arena and build a new home Downtown.

Listen buddy, I did not come here to attack any one of the bloggers personally. Like I said before, most of the people that write on here (the Herald blog in general) have nothing of value to say nor can they express themselves without constantly misspelling words, putting half ass sentences/paragraphs together and just tarnishing the actual people that earned their degree from UM.

The above example is exactly what’s wrong with Miami-Dade County. No one takes pride in anything they do. People here (on this blog) don’t take pride in their writing, and people in general don’t take pride in the city itself. That’s why Dade County might as well form its own country. I know one thing for sure; there is no other city in America with so much potential going down the tubes faster than Miami.

I choose to support the Hurricanes because I grew up in a Hurricane family. I’ve known many players over several generations to have played for the Hurricanes and continue to have friendships with them. However, I am terribly afraid Miami is turning into U of M (University of Michigan). By that I mean the majority of the “fans” neither went to the university, or any for that manor. It’s showing on this blog. When going to the games, the majority are gang bangers and “wannabe” thugs!

It was my decision not to go Miami because they simply couldn’t offer me one thing, hockey. I love college football to death but I’m a hockey player. I know a lot of the low life fans will come out and try to trash me; however, the people that matter know exactly what I’m talking about and that’s all I care about.

Not only are you a pathetic soul 242 Cane, you are typical Miami-Dade County male, a “tough” guy.

Hey 242, I've made my 950 mile treks from Richmond to see UM play including watching them get humiliated in the OB against UVA last year. So I hope you forgive me, but I seem to have misplaced my rose-colored glasses.

Wow! Thank you casual observer,

Finally, the first person making any sense since I've posted.


Go 'canes!

Disregard my earlier sentiment about agreeing with Kurt. I only agreed with him in part about RS being in over his head.

Kurt, it looks to me that you seem to be missing the point. I guess I should have read the entire blog before agreeing with your last post. As for your Shalala comment, this may be a crazy notion, but UM isn't a football factory, it's an academic institution that has a pretty good football team. The money was raised not just for the football program. Just a little FYI before you go on another long and rather meaningless diatribe.

And as for the revenue issue, yeah you might want to look into that a little bit more before saying we're actually going to lose money. Because...well, we're not. I'll let you do your own research though since I don't have the time to post the links.

hey kurt! you talk too much! taking 1 look @ the length of your posts, and knowing the flat content in it, from having read the first two, i dont even bother reading them!................

Explain the politics, Mr. football (wannabe). and yeah, I'm a tough guy. I disagree with most of what you type and that makes me a "tough guy"? Good call there. I counter your baseless rants with facts and that makes me a "tough guy"? You just choose not to think before you type. To support your baseless rants, you attack peoples typo's on this blog. That's weak. You expect the president to spend money donated to a school to fix a "city-owned" facility? That's like Wayne asking the county to come in and renovate is stadium. Even better... That's like me asking the county to fix my plumbing in my house. Good call there. I think I'll try that approach.

And Casual, we all have our opinions and I choose to disagree with yours.

Guys, stop being so naive!

Football brings in the big donors called boosters! Also when you make a BCS game, the school is rewarded with a large check. Look at every program in the Big Ten, SEC, BIG 12, PAC 10 the list goes on and on. They take care of their Athletic Departments, because they know how much money they receive from it!

Don't be so sure about your "factual" statement, moving to Dolphin Stadium will generate profit. Everything you see is short term. What happens at the end of the contract and Miami has no where to go afterward? Little Wayne business man Huizenga will be sure to drive up the cost or rent. Then what?

This is why politicians in Miami are so successful, all you dummies buy into everything that is said and promised. How is the Tunnel situation going? How's the Metro-rail (to nowhere)expansion going? GIVE ME A BREAK!

I pity all you fools. Please I am interested in your comments? Can anyone with half a brain respond?

FYI 242, the City of Miami was going to put in their end of the money and guess what, the City no longer wanted the property. They wanted to sell it to the University for 10 cents on the dollar because that's what the city and county are known for, bad business deals! Prime example, voting machines!

Be more informed when you speak. Just a little hint for you guys, I was involved in the politics in the "Banana Republic" they call Miami, then I decided to move to a more profitable city.

All of the Head Coaches have made mistakes in the first 2 years of there tenure starting with Howard S. Give Randy some slack. Yes he needs a better OC. Nix does not have the imagination to call plays at the U. Yes we are getting tight ends back in the mix, but he is not looking at the past enought to see what made the U great on offense. Too bad we lost Kehoe as O line coach a few years ago due to Coker. He has done good work at Ole Miss. The mighty Gators have lost to Ole Miss both in Miss. (Zook got fired) and at the Swamp the last 2 times the Rebels have come to G'ville. Meyer isn't that wonderful a HC, he won the BSC with Zook's players and Zook has taken Ill. to the Rose Bowl.
The Canes are coming back. Have a little patience. Another great recruiting class and a new OC and qb coach along with additional help with the O line and we will be in the BCS mix.
Shannon speaks fine. He recruits fine. He gets his kids to class, which is great. The U has a great number of players in the NFL and a whole lot in the coaching ranks. One is an asst. at So. Cal. and several in the NFL.
Stop being so negative. The AD is doing a pretty good job coming from a place in the Midwest, like Jankowizc did when he came from Wash. We are headed in the right direction.

We could use the OC under Butch, the former tight end. He had no experience and did a great job until he went with Butch to the pros.

What happenned to the hard hitting DBs of old? Where are the guys who would bust chin straps off WRs game in and game out like Sean Taylor(R.I.P)? What about the guys who flew all over the field making plays and offenses take notice like Ed Reed and Devin Hester?
The way I see it, the DBs coverage could use some help in practice - that will come with time.
The big issues is it looks like they are scared to make that big hit and wrap up on somebody bigger than themselves.
I saw on several plays UM DBs would run into the ball carrier with arm tackles and their shoulders hopin to knock them off balance instead of lowering their shoulders and wrapping up on the opposition. That's not the smash mouth UM I know and love - and correcting that my friends will definately prove to the country that we are back to the solid D the U is known for.

How many sides of your mouth can you talk out of...? First the city was going to put money into the dump, then sell the dump to UM at a profit... WHO CARES!!!! Its gone now! and talk about short term. 25 year deal for Dolphin stadium is right around the corner isn't it? You go from cracking on the speech of the coach (racist), to the QB at OU, then move on to politics of football, then to... you really do sound like a banana rep. poilitician.

This loss was on the defense and special teams - not on Nix and the offense. Period. Up ten with 10 minutes left and a second string QB on the other side of the line.

I am especially surprised at the special teams failures b/c Shannon is the special teams coordinator. We've had two (2!) blocked punts in four games and both led directly to points in pivotal games. We cannot be missing assignments on the punt coverage team. That's football 101 and it's not b/c we're playing second/third teamers on punt coverage. That is probably the most dissappointing part of this loss.

Our other ongoing issue is poor tackling and coverage in the secondary. The first TD against UF was a blown coverage by the safety when the TE got open in the middle. Against A&M there were holes all over the place and the tackling was really poor. Saturday, against UNC the same issues arose: poor tackling, blown coverage assignments, and chronic jumping of routes by DBs that aren't Phillip Buchannon or Ed Reed but think they are... It's really a problem. Thank the heavens we don't play in the Big 12 else we'd be forced to post 40+ per game to win...
Luckily, FSU has an inept passing attack. If we can get pressure and be sound rather than spectacular in the secondary, we should be 3-2 by this time next week.

Finally, as for the offense and the QB - I thought Marve was Micron Bowl or worse. Put it this way, he's the second best QB on the field against UNC's second stringer... I would argue A&M's QB outplayed Marve too. The receivers are pretty good - drops are still a problem - but the QB needs to be more accurate and get rid of the ball faster. I know he's a r/s freshman and has time to improve, but right now he reminds me a lot of Wright as a sophomore. Lots of talent and enthusiasm but little cool and poise. We've become a Nuke Laloush factory for QBs... Could be worse - we could be FSU which seems to reruit weak QB talent and then somehow erodes what little apptitude their QBs initially had...


Take a break! If it looks negative, and feels negative, it probably is negative!

Now your rants are spinning into local politics! C'mon man, we are blogging about a game played by 18-21 year old kids! Enough!! PLEASE!!!


Go 'canes!


When did Devin Hester make plays all over the field on Defense when he was a Cane? If my memory serves me correctly he was rarely able to get on the field anywhere but Special Teams.

Can I please get a summary of the education level I'm speaking with? Really, I have nothing to hide, Michigan State University, age 24.

What really lit my fire today is seriously the immaturity of people on here. I simply started with a post of my opinion and frustrations with the Head Coach decision.

The very first reply, I have someone calling me a racist and bigot. Now this is typical on the Herald blog sections. It's all a bunch of non-sense! People attacking one another based on race, economic status, etc. Grow up!

I was just trying to engage in a mature and intellectual conversation. Obviously my comments on Randy Shannon's inability to speak English properly rubbed people the wrong way. Even though, when he speaks to the media he is not only the Head Coach but a direct by product of the universities education, since he did earn his degree at UM!

I don't understand how you people don't realize when he opens his mouth and others around the country listen to him speak, it looks horrible upon the university!

That's what really got people going. I said something about it, I'm tired of hear Gator fans and others around the country bashing UM on its image. Can you realize where I am coming from? Please just respond with real, intelligent and mature answers.

How do you feel when people still till this day consistently bash the university based on its image?

Even though Butch Davis worked vigorously to undo its negative image, I really don't feel we are making efforts to make others change their perception.

Sfcane you are exactly right why we lost! The game really came down to 2 PLAYS! First, Bosher kicks the ball out of bounds first play of the second half giving NC the ball on their own 40yd line. They go ahead and score erasing a 10pt lead to 3. Secondly, bad special teams play was the partially blocked punt which again gives NC the ball around their own 40yd line AGAIN. They then throw the winning td as a result. SPECIAL TEAMS AND BLOWN COVERAGE LOST THE GAME PERIOD!!!!! This game was won and sorry-ass play not to lose but to win play calling in the 4th quarter also contributed. ONE STINKING FIRST DOWN WOULD HAVE WRAPPED THE GAME UP!! Nix once again SNATCHED DEFEAT FROM THE JAWS OF VICTORY!!

Can I please get a summary of the education level I'm speaking with? Really, I have nothing to hide, Michigan State University, age 24.

What really lit my fire today is seriously the immaturity of people on here. I simply started with a post of my opinion and frustrations with the Head Coach decision.

The very first reply, I have someone calling me a racist and bigot. Now this is typical on the Herald blog sections. It's all a bunch of non-sense! People attacking one another based on race, economic status, etc. Grow up!

I was just trying to engage in a mature and intellectual conversation. Obviously my comments on Randy Shannon's inability to speak English properly rubbed people the wrong way. Even though, when he speaks to the media he is not only the Head Coach but a direct by product of the universities education, since he did earn his degree at UM!

I don't understand how you people don't realize when he opens his mouth and others around the country listen to him speak, it looks horrible upon the university!

That's what really got people going. I said something about it, I'm tired of hear Gator fans and others around the country bashing UM on its image. Can you realize where I am coming from? Please just respond with real, intelligent and mature answers.

How do you feel when people still till this day consistently bash the university based on its image?

Even though Butch Davis worked vigorously to undo its negative image, I really don't feel we are making efforts to make others change their perception.

Posted by: Kurt | September 29, 2008 at 03:22 PM

The country's perception of the University of Miami is based on ignorance and stupidity. To this day, they talk about players getting arrested, yet if you compare the number of arrests that Miami has had to the number of arrests other schools have, it's not even close. Just look at number of arrests this decade in places like Texas, UF, FSU, Tennessee, Ohio St., etc, etc, and compare them to Miami. Does anyone do that? No. Does anyone care? No. This image came about in the 1980s and early 90s when Miami would talk trash, showboat, and get unsportsmanlike conduct penalties and it pissed people off. The perception is not going to change because people are stupid. Miami will always be branded that.

So, to answer your question, no, we don't care what people around the country think of the University of Miami because people around the country are a bunch of ignorant dumb@sses.


Go Colorado!

Posted by: M.H. | September 26, 2008 at 06:13 PM

We need FSU to win! We'll take care of them next week!

Go 'canes!

Posted by: Sarasota 'cane | September 27, 2008 at 10:30 AM


Miami isn't on National TV as much as Notre Dame, USC, and the top ranked teams in the country

Posted by: 242 Cane | September 29, 2008 at 11:01 AM
last season, the disney networks (ABC, ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU) televised 11 of 12 games ...
this season, expect like exposure ...
b/c U turn on TVs ...


Now you’re going to come at me with Shalala raising so much money, yeah she did. I believe she raised like a billion or so correct?

Posted by: Kurt | September 29, 2008 at 01:13 PM
the campaign raised a staggering $1.4B ...
an unprecedented amount for a florida university ...



Posted by: green | September 29, 2008 at 04:09 PM


Go 'canes!

- U play on a baseball field

Posted by: gaturd agent provocateur | September 28, 2008 at 09:09 PM
marlins lease expires after 2010 ...


- Your home stadium is 30 minutes from Campus

Posted by: canesrule | September 28, 2008 at 09:09 PM
smack-dab in the middle of dade, broward & palm beach ...


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