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Quick postgame update

I'm trying to upload as much of the audio and video from the postgame scene as I can, but it takes awhile. I'll give you some quick observations and notes from what I gathered from the Canes after their 26-3 loss to the Gators.

> Coach Randy Shannon said he had no comment when asked what he thought of Urban Meyer's decision to kick a field goal late in the game -- and cover that 21-point spread. Shannon said it in a way that certainly made everyone believe he didn't like it.

> Shannon praised quarterback Robert Marve for not making any mistakes in his first start. Shannon said Miami's game plan was to run the football and to go into the fourth quarter with a shot at the victory. He said Marve gave them that chance. I'm sure many of you felt offensive coordinator Patrick Nix did not. Shannon said receivers dropped one too many balls.

> As far as the emotions after the game, Shannon told his players to be disappointed but not to point fingers. Offensive lineman Jason Fox was certainly one of the guys who wasn't happy. He said while UM did some good things he said losing never makes him feel good. Marve said he was happy with the way he played but the entire team didn't do what it was supposed to.

> I expect to hear some bad news regarding running back Javarris James in the morning. As the Canes waked off the field, JJ was wearing a boot on his left ankle. I know radio and ESPN reported an ankle injury. Shannon said he'd have to wait to hear the prognosis. Here's mine... get ready to see a lot of Graig Cooper and Derron Thomas. I'm not sure if JJ is out for the year -- but he's out.

> I think you'll see some changes in personnel the next time Miami lines up. Defensive tackle Marcus Forston started his first game in college Saturday and was solid. But I think there is no question we'll see more from from Sean Spence in the near future. Spence sacked Tebow and had an earth-shattering stick on Brandon James in the fourth quarter. He's too good not to see on the field more often.

That's all I got for now. Be sure to check out the audio interviews I'll be uploading throughout the night.
Feel free to give me your thoughts below. Like, are you accepting this as a moral victory.


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Nix sux, talk about the Gators knowing what we were going to run on every down. Fire him now!!!

First btw


2nd ain't bad! HAHAHA

I'm scared, this offense reminds me of last year's. What to do??

the Canes have NOTHING to be ashamed of....they hung tough with FL until the 4th where they ran out of steam....i LOVED that each time that a name key came on TV it said "Freshman" after each big play.....we're rebuilding and a bunch of Freshmen kept the #5 team in the country at bay for 3 quarters and did not roll over to play dead......go Canes, (and don't forget that if we take our conference which after tonight I think we can, we can meet these fools again down the line!!!

We need become agressive on offense. I understand the method of establishing the running game but, florida's defense was playing 8 men in a box. We can't contimue running wide reciever screens!!! Please throw the ball down field. The defense was tired by the fourth quarter. They were on the field most of the game.

no moral....just make me happy we got a bright future

I don't see this as a moral victory... I think it was a missed opportunity. If we had been more agressive/creative on offense we would've been able to win this game.

IMO Pat Nix needs to mature as an Offensive Coordinator at the same rate his players are maturing. The playcalls aren't limited because of talent anymore...We should throw the ball way more than we do. Where is our balance?

Gator fan coming to lay some praise and criticism upon the Canes. That defense is nasty. Probably top ten in the country good right now. And I'm sure I'm not breaking news here but that offense is awful. Musburger and Herbstreit kept heaping praise on Marve but the guy finished with a hundred yards of total offense. The O-line has some big guys but a close up of them in the fourth and I saw a couple of guys who looked like they were about to collapse on a key third down. Can't wait for the epic 9-6 battle with VT later in the year. UM/Wake Forest in Tampa seems like a decent possibility if Miami learns to run routes longer than 5 yards. See you guys again in 2013 or whenever they play again.

Im proud of my canes but NIX please be alittle more agressive I got faith in you, the refs suck I check the other boards and other fans are comin over to say that we got screwed on the calls. Recruiting will work in our favor i think, they will see the progress and how we play our freshmen, Hold ya heads up canes, and fans, Urban Meyer is classless.......

I am happy with the effort. Yes we lost, but we weren't even expected to compete. Only thing I would have liked to see was a couple of home run shots. Play calling could have been a little better on offense, but we had some dropped balls also. Don't get on Nix just yet, I don't see why we can't win the rest of our games this year.

TIGHT ENDS, we need to get Epps and Zellner involved. I think everybody would agree, in the years that we have been successful in the passing game, we usually have the tight ends involved a whole lot more than for the pass few years.

I know some ppl are jumping down Nix's throat already, but thats gonna need to stop. For some reason those ppl feel that our rise to the top will happen over night. Fact check, our descent to the bottom didn't happen over night and our rise sure as hell will not. Wev got some talent on the O-Line and at RB, so it should be real EASY to see why we wanted to keep the ball on the ground. I would have liked to see us air the ball out a bit more, but we HAVE to get a running game going.

Overall, I'm excited for this yr following this game. UF is by FAR the toughest team we'll play this yr. The ACC is WIDE OPEN. I thought wed be a yr away from competing for the ACC Coastal crown, but I'm thinking we can contend for it now.

As for the fire Nix comment, dude, grow up.

I'm sure the Nix exactly what they need to do after watching film on this game. I am guilty of being frustrated with Nix during the game, but I understand he wanted to get the pressure off of Marve. I do believe Marve is a superstar in the making. I just hope Nix would give Marve more opportunities to throw the ball.

First of all Randy and staff have done a great job with a team that has over 50% freshman and sophomores. That defense of ours is beyond nasty, our DC and barrow did a great job on Florida. I agree our offense needs to be more vertical in it's passing attack but Marve looked pretty good for his first start and alot better than last years QBs. I am so proud of the canes for giving the gators all the could stand. This team looked so much better than last years and previous years under that loser Coker. There is no doubt in my mind that if we play like this every game remaining on our schedule we should win the ACC this year. Florida and Meyer sweated that game out for 3+quarters. So much for blowing us out and running the score up Meyer! You were pissing on yourself until a that score on 3rd down after that bogus pass interference call. And yes you tried to run it up with less than 2 minutes left in the game but could only manage a field goal. Did everyone see the glare that Randy gave Meyer when he was trying to score on that last Florida drive? I told you, Meyer not to try that cause boy U probably brought the Jimmy Johnson out in Randy which is the last thing you want to do. We'll see you Florida chumps in 2013 unless we get you in a bowl game first. Boy it'll suck to be a Gator then boys. But it's always great to be a MIAMI HURRICANE!!!!!!!!!!
Oh and in case you didn't know now U know
THE CANES ARE BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kirk Herbstret says; You might be lookin at the best team in the ACC.

Was at the game. Defense got tired in the 4th because our offense was predictable and refused to stretch the field. Nix coached scared .
I dont like the 2 quarterback idea .Play Marve all the time.
Gators always HAVE 2 HOME GAMES TO START THE YEAR. The Canes have Oklahoma away last year UF this year and Ohio State away next year. Paul Dee was one of the worst ADs we have ever had at UM.

Considering we played alot of freshman in front of a loud throng of 90000 fans we played tough. This was no blowout .
I hope we meet the Gators in a bowl game soon so we can kick a last second field goal like Meyer did. Classless stuff like this is why UF is hated by much of the ACC.
Meyer wanted to be the New England Patriots of college football. He has become them in some ways. They both have a humourless coach who lies. They both tried to run up the score on their opponents. They both choked in the post season last year.

Look i understand the u isn't gonna be championship u over nite again. But come on dude running the ball on first and 10 all but like twice in the first 3 quarters are you kidding me? the worst run d in the world can stop the run then. The wr's showed some nerves but marve looked awesome. i counted 6 drops. marve also showed no nerves and looked confident. I truly believe marve is best qb miami has had since dorsey. but nix has to take the training wheels off run some playaction off the run on first and 10 against that 8 man front and miami might of won this game. The d just got screwed that wr didnt even have control of the ball ever how can you call it a catch. Sec officals relizing if florida lost to um then sec wouldnt look so good losing to acc team .Sec officals ruined the game. it was a great game between 2 very talented teams. Refs decided the game not the players. Ncaa should have ncaa refs not conference ref's either the ref's take there own conference side ala sec officals in this game. or like the byu washington game in orde to seema above board make a horrendous call costing washington a tie and chance to win in ot.

Randy Phillips is slow and cost us (some) of this game. Why was he even playing? There have been no problems with Reddick or JoJo this year! Get rid of Phillips, he is a Coker guy!

We might meet them again in a bowl game? fingers crossed

Great effort by the young canes. I don't like watching the canes lose, but it was tight until the fourth and a very good showing by alot of the young guys. *hopefully this is the only win for the gators for another 25 years*

The fire nix crowd needs to calm down. If we came out throwing the game would have been a blow out for the gators. As it went the down, the d was pretty fresh and looked good until the 4th.

The canes will do great in the weak ACC this year and the future is bright.

This was much better showing than the last loss we had to a top 5 team last year if you will recall. I expect continued improvement and big things in the future.

Ok I know it was as loss but really wow I can't comprehend the depth Miami has acheived in such a short time. It was amazing how those guys played toghether and hung in there for three quaters. I know that it is not saying a lot but but oh my gosh wow it is so refreshing to see them play as a team. It should remind you all off the 1998 canes before they took over the college football world nothing to lose but all to gain the idea of being a champion lives at the U. The baby canes played 3 quaters of great football and it is only a matter of time before they play four quaters all the time. Growing up is hard to do but they are and they will come hard. If anybody has a problem with this game and the coaching then u do not know the U !because these kids put it on the line They will shock the acc and win it and if i were urban liar i would be affraid.

You know what,i might need to grow up too, because if we don't see noticable improvement w/ this offense and the talent we have there now,then yes, Nix should be fired at the end of the year.his calls tonight were predictable at best.we have decent tight ends-use down the middle of the field.we have young,fast receivers,where's the crossing routes-he didn't really even try to get the ball down the field.you need that to take pressure offf the running game-they had 8 or 9 in the box most of the game.it was really bad for Nix tonight-hope he gets better.maybe call up norm chow or some guru and get advice,somethin,cuz young is gonna kill him if keeps leavin his defense out to dry.

nuff said-Nix needs to grow up!

the kids did awesome and the fact that we gave the turds fits all night on D witha bunch of young pups is amazing,offense needs to catch up though and yes that does fall on Nix's shoulders.Young did his job, Nix needs to learn how to do his.

hey..chud was great but Nix called an aggressive game and you know what how many true frosh played?

I would have loved to see more of LaRon Byrd and Aldarius Johnson. AJ looked pretty good out there tonight. We have some things to be proud of on the offense. Things to be proud of 1) Marve learned from this exprience. 2) The offense has learned together to make it work. 3) We know what to expect from the WR's. 4) The blocking is pretty outstanding. 5) Brandon Harris is a true player!!!!! and Sean Spence!!!!!

Randy Phillips is a weak link in our defense. We should play Vaughn Telemanque to see what he's got. Lets phase out the Coker recruits.




Canes will win the ACC. NIX MUST GO. Dude... how predictable can you be on 1st down. Reality check... all we did was a 50yd fg. How about using some of that size and speed at WR. Dont give me this freshman thing... there quite good on defense.

Chuck, maybe you were seeing what I was seeing. I said all along, play those young receivers and let those veterans watch. They are still dropping the crap out of balls. Why do we do so many bubble screens? If you are going to play a young quartback, you cant limit him on what he does. If that is the case, you are playing to lose. Also am I the only one who knew that ball came out when Carl Moore hit the ground...NO POSSESSION!!They call it in the NFL all the time. I hope we win the ACC title so we can see them again. Shame on Urban Meyer for tryin to run up the score. He left his starters in with one minute to go and kept throwin inside the 10 with secs left.

In my view they adjusted to protect Tebow and we did not adjust to their adjustment. They normally had several defenders when we tried long passes, we normally had one when they did.
On offensive play calling I would have been tempted to use tight ends even more if not needed for blocking. Mavre is an excellent passer, please use him more and move the linebackers back. If you want to run they must fear the pass.
The freshman were very good and they will get better.
Noticed 57 in the first half but not in the second, at least from the limited TV view.
Will continue believing but please let us get some offense.

We played well given the circumstances. Why doesn't everyone stop complaining and actually go to their games? That's what we need. When they're winning everyone goes, and now a lousy 48K for the first game. If you don't go, don't post comments(unless you do live out of town)

We played well given the circumstances. Why doesn't everyone stop complaining and actually go to their games? That's what we need. When they're winning everyone goes, and now a lousy 48K for the first game. If you don't go, don't post comments(unless you do live out of town)

I was at the game last night good to see the canes out there. We need to be ALOT more aggressive with the passing game. Time for Nix to step it up.

lacane = canestool in drag

you can't hide yourself stool. Quit cross dressing.

oh yeah, sweet FIELD GOAL . Traveling to Gainesville for 3 points has got to hurt. HOw'd that latte at Okahumpka taste Stool?

We hung in there?? We played them tough?? We have a bright future based on a blowout loss?? That sounds like Coker talk to me.
We blew a gigantic opportunity last night. I don't see how we garnered any respect from a blowout loss, except that this is America where we embrace and coddle mediocrity. Except we weren't even mediocre. We stunk. The offense stunk the entire game, and the defense stunk in the fourth quarter, and the special teams stunk fairly consistently (while not completely). We still have nobody who can hang on to a pass that hits them right in the hands or chest. We still have defensive backs running around like it's a Chinese fire drill. We still have atrocious special teams. We still have horrible coaching decisions. Bill Young's OK but Patrick Nix is the worst OC I have ever seen. He makes his predecessors look like Norm Chow. This program, last year, was going nowhere fast. This has not changed.
Mark my words - we lose to Texas A&M, a team we should have no business losing to, because we're going to pout and sulk for two weeks and then come out uninspired because it's not a "rivalry game". You heard it here first. Oh no, we SUCK AGAIN!

1) Nix is terrible - doesn't matter if you play freshman or seniors. Coordinators need to scheme and run plays that put the team in a position to win. YOUNG DID IT WITH FRESHMEN ON DEFENSE...WHY CAN'T NIX TO IT WITH FRESHMEN ON OFFENSE!?! No excuse for inimaginative and uncreative game plans week in and week out...he coaches scared and not to lose!

2) Team definately not as well-conditioned as UF. WTF with that??!! I remember watching entire SEASONS and never seeing a Cane with his hands on his hips. Over the last couple of years Canes have been gassed in the 3rd/4th quarters. IS THERE A NEED FOR A CHANGE IN THE STRENGTH/CONDITIONING PROGRAM?! Has Swasey become complacent? THis needs to change as well.

I felt the defense did an outstanding job by keeping us in the position to win. I loved the aggression. But they were on the field too long and grew tired in the end.
Right now Nix seems to be the "weakest link". No matter the level of talent nor how much talent we have on offense. Players can only run the plays the offensive coord. calls. Maybe Nix should replay to GT with that b.s. he called last night. Because that is unexceptable at Miami.

Nix played scared. More than his team did.

Ok here is an unbiased, OUTSIDE view on what the problem is with your Hurricanes.

It's Randy Shannon.

Apparently, he can recruit. However, he needs to do his most important job better...be the leader of his team. Notice I said be the leader and not coach, because with so many coordinators and stuff, not all facets of the game are his influence.

So what do I mean by being a leader? Well, your team's body language was awful. Sure, they're all rowdy and jacked up during the first quarter, but afterward they have a very significant drop in energy. And when you fall behind, its like the team really digs itself in a hole instead of grabbing a shovel and coming back. Randy is the most emotionless coach that's ever walked UM's sidelines. And that lack of energy is picked up by his players and practiced as well.

I'm an FIU guy, and yes I know our program and talent level is not where it needs to be I know...but Mario Cristobal is a freak on the sidelines. He has the same amount of energy whether we're up (hardly happens) or down big time (happens most of the time lol). Yesterday against Iowa, we were down big time in the fourth and special teams still somehow blocked a field goal. Everyone got super excited, and Mario ran onto the field to give congrats and pat people on the shoulder hardcore. Mario even goes to the field to check up on an injured player. He shows passion and that he cares! What did Randy do when those SEC officials reversed the elbow call? NOTHING. He just stood there. When his players look at him, and he doesn't show any type of interest in challenging the call, the players figure "if he doesn't care, why should we?" I know you all say Randy is a professional, all business guy, but you can't be like that in a game that rides so much on emotion. This also explains why UM has lost 9 of their last 11 on the road. At home, you have the crowd to give the players the momentum and energy they need....but on the road you have nothing, you only have your coach who is as emotional as a sack of potatoes.

Randy, be a leader, show interest and enthusiasm on the sideline, and your players will take note and show increased effort on the playing field. That's the missing intangible that everyone seems to have totally disregarded. Everyone loves Randy, I don't get it...its so obvious he's like this silent poison on the sidelines man come on man grab a page from Mario Cristobal's book and throw your damn f***in headphones on the floor, get in your player's faces...criticize them, congratulate them.., put your fist in the air when your TEAM makes a play! Emotion is the intangible the powers your players to keep their heads up and keep their body language in check and often wins games!!!

Whe the F is Hankerson and why was he starting? How many drops does he need to have to get benched, everytime Marve had something going Hankerson dropped a pass........he sucks!!!!











hankerson looked scared all game, even when he made a play. I am dissappointed that Marve never had the chance to go downfield. UF's D was gassed, and Nix never tried to stretch the field.

For those of you who are complaining that Randy sows no emotion to his players, check out Orlando Franklin's body language after Shannon chewed him out after the illegal contact penalty that cost us 15 yards.


If you come to Miami you ARE NOT GOING TO be playing on that defense until all these young freshmen leave. They are set.

If you are an offensive recruit, do you really want to be on an offense that is that bad and has that horrible coaching? They coach scared, dont use their WR, have no blocking and made a very average defense in the Gators look like superstars.

Miami is still a LONG way away from a National Championship game. Mark my words. Save them. That offense is not going to be fixed in one year or two. It will require an overhaul.

If Miami gets a coach like a Nick Saban, keeps Bill Young, and gets a much better O coordinator then we will have a chance. Until then this is the offense you should expect to see.

The Canes problem is coaching. They need to get a young, fiery, motivated head coach that can BOTH recruit and COACH. This guy can only recruit, he is not head coach material. He is a Ron Zook without the emotion. That is exactly what he is.
This was Miami's season. This was Miami's game. Do not expect this team to come out like this every game from here on out. They tried to lay it all on the line and they got beat by 23 and could have been worse if not for knocking a ball that should have been recovered for a TD and a bomb TD called back because a WR was not on the line.
They played a team that has NO DEFENSE. Florida's defense is a joke. Did you see them play last year? They couldnt stop anyone. Watch that Michigan game if you think they were good and Miami had an average of 1.6 yards per run and 3.6 yards per pass? WOW. What happens when we play a real defense? That offense was unprepared and if not for Bill Young and our kicker making a 50 yarder it would have been Virginia all over again.

Me move on from here. Two weeks 'till we play A&M. THAT GAME, right now, is the biggest game of the year.


By the way, Shannon did give Meyer a quick handshake at the end of the game and then ran away without congratulating him. I think OC's for both teams need a lot of improvement. Gator OC overall had a better plan but still wasn't the greatest with their "mature" talent. As far as Nix (Cane OC) I can understand the playcalling in 1st half (wanting to keep team in game and not overwhelm freshmen) but 2nd half Cane's were in this game and yet no agressive playcalls. A few more agressive plays (and less sabotage from officials) might have produced a closer ending. Fieldgoal at end was gutless by Meyer but congrats Gators on a great victory.

One more thing - Shannon talks in his post game conference about players needing to be hungry after crossing their 40 to score points but if he and Nix don't give them the meat and potatoes how are they supposed to be hungry?

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