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Quick postgame update

I'm trying to upload as much of the audio and video from the postgame scene as I can, but it takes awhile. I'll give you some quick observations and notes from what I gathered from the Canes after their 26-3 loss to the Gators.

> Coach Randy Shannon said he had no comment when asked what he thought of Urban Meyer's decision to kick a field goal late in the game -- and cover that 21-point spread. Shannon said it in a way that certainly made everyone believe he didn't like it.

> Shannon praised quarterback Robert Marve for not making any mistakes in his first start. Shannon said Miami's game plan was to run the football and to go into the fourth quarter with a shot at the victory. He said Marve gave them that chance. I'm sure many of you felt offensive coordinator Patrick Nix did not. Shannon said receivers dropped one too many balls.

> As far as the emotions after the game, Shannon told his players to be disappointed but not to point fingers. Offensive lineman Jason Fox was certainly one of the guys who wasn't happy. He said while UM did some good things he said losing never makes him feel good. Marve said he was happy with the way he played but the entire team didn't do what it was supposed to.

> I expect to hear some bad news regarding running back Javarris James in the morning. As the Canes waked off the field, JJ was wearing a boot on his left ankle. I know radio and ESPN reported an ankle injury. Shannon said he'd have to wait to hear the prognosis. Here's mine... get ready to see a lot of Graig Cooper and Derron Thomas. I'm not sure if JJ is out for the year -- but he's out.

> I think you'll see some changes in personnel the next time Miami lines up. Defensive tackle Marcus Forston started his first game in college Saturday and was solid. But I think there is no question we'll see more from from Sean Spence in the near future. Spence sacked Tebow and had an earth-shattering stick on Brandon James in the fourth quarter. He's too good not to see on the field more often.

That's all I got for now. Be sure to check out the audio interviews I'll be uploading throughout the night.
Feel free to give me your thoughts below. Like, are you accepting this as a moral victory.


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I would lose track of the stats that Gators would rack up against mediocre teams if we played in the inferior Big Easy or ACC.

How about looking at the truth, the number of SEC players in the NFL.
Posted by: canesrule | September 07, 2008 at 11:32 PM

No no no. Talk about the gators in the NFL. Not the SEC. I'll be waiting.

What was it 70 years without winning an SEC championship? Talk about a drought.

canesrule what is the exact number of sec players in the NFL??

"And how about winslow throwin up the U after scoring, were family" - 5 Nipple Rings, UUUUU got em?

Shoudn't he be throwing up the P.O.W. sign after every score, I thought that loser was a soldier.

Our college team sucks, so let's talk about the NFL and Dolphin Satdium instead.


Lmao, ah man no come back. Imagine that! Dudes like 'um, um, subject change!' hahaa!!!!!

I still wanna know why you've been on here 12 hours? I think your a Canes fan.

"canesrule what is the exact number of sec players in the NFL??" - too lazy to Google

Rather fittng from a fan of Duhhhhh U


Our college team is decent but we dont produce players in the NFL. We produce one good player every 15 years or so.

Excuse UF









"I think your a Canes fan." - I Legally Changed My Name to Cinco Anillos

So much for thinking....... just yesterday U also thought U had a chance of winning against the Gators.


Why was there not a call or a review when tebow tossed the ball forward an it rolled through the endzone. It should have been a touch back. Please check on this. Thanks and great job.

I just watch some preview of the game and the thing that stuck out to me is that the announcers kept saying we were predictable on first down Florida knew we were running and not throwing. Nix i hope U get the message and start mixing it up. STOP BEING PREDICTABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Come on dude Shannon will have U on the hot seat if the results don't add up. I know U can call some plays but U RELY on the run too much. We are not G-Tech. We are MIAMI! Watch some of our earlier years and in the early 2000s , we put the ball in the air a lot! I hope U correct your mistakes and do better come A&M. Again stop being predictable...we are not a 70% running team. This is not NAVY AND ARMY TEAM. We traditionally mix it up!

Posted by: BIG DADDY CANE | September 08, 2008 at 12:10 AM

If Randy Shannon wants to get the UM back. he needs to hire the best offensive co-ordinator he can find. Otherwise we are doomed to more of last year's ineffectiveness.

I was in the Orange Bowl in September 1985, the last time before Saturday that UM lost to Florida. I remember the Florida fans in the bus mocking the UM fans. It was UM's fourth loss in a row. Jimmy Johnson's record as UM coach was 8-6. Florida had the famous, experienced Kerwin Bell as QB, UM had the inexperienced Vinnie Testaverde.

No one on that bus would ever had dreamed that UM would not lose again at home in almost a decade, and was about to begin the greatest eight-year period of domination in the history of college football. Florida fans should not be too cocky today.

Canesrule PUNK'D you guys. Seriously.

Paul Dee- wrecked U

Larry Coker- wrecked U

Randy (marble mouf) Shannon- wrecking U


For the handful of you that actually attended in Gainesville, how did it feel to go to a stadium that has a real fanbase? Not just a bunch of Julio's with tribal arm band tattoos, cell phones, and Expeditions with nice rims.


BC laughs at "DUUUUHU"

Your beta max video memories are hard to let go of Cane fan. Its 08. Take the reality pill and admit that your program SUCKS

All you pansies who are complaining about having the score run up on your pathetic, quitting butts, do you remember your beloved Dennis Erickson going for two in the fourth quarter of a game against San Diego State that made the margin of victory 27 instead of 26? Turnabout is fair play, but you wouldn't know anything about that, you pathetic bunch of whining, spoiled, pouting quitters. Hope you all lose out!


1) How bad is JJ hurt? Does this mean he wont try to go pro if it's a long-running injury??

2) Who can fill in for that power back best with James out?

3) Any other injury updates?

4) What's the mentality like going into the week off for A&M? I think it'll do them good after that loss to have 2 weeks to prepare for another road game.

5) Think they got a shot at the ACC Championship in Tampa? Just bought tix, so I hope so!

I guess we know what type of team we have now. Any doubts about our freshman and d-coordinator are gone. This is going to be a great defense going forward. We've just got to work harder on offense and get the ball downfield.

All of you who said we could win the ACC are not looking so crazy anymore.

UF basically won by a score that was predicted...23 points. Miami has absolutely zero offense. UF, according to the Cane fans leading up to the game, was supposed to have a suspect defense. Well, the closest penetration to UF's end zone was the 33-yard-line. If they gave Miami 7 points just for reaching the red zone (instead of the end zone), the score still would have been 26-3. Pitiful offensive showing by Marve and the Canes.

JJ going pro, what are you on , 4 -,100 yard games in 2 years against some of the girl teams we played, he's been somewhat of a disappointment.

University of Miami football coach Randy Shannon said his phone rang for hours following the Hurricanes' 26-3 loss to No. 5 Florida in Gainesville on Saturday????

Last season Shannon states that he does not give out his cell phone number to anyone. PERIOD. Now his cell phone is magically ringing off the hook "for hours".

Yet another case of Randy getting caught up in his own lies. Next he will have you fools believing that he is actually improving the program and has a chance at winning your mediocre conference title.


When is cryer going to win any kind of championship with his own kids, Zook already played in a bcs bowl with his


Can you do anything about this child-gator "canesrule" who constantly plagues this blog with his immature stench ?

He really is ruining the blog!

He really is ruining the blog!

Posted by: Italian cane

WAHHHHHHahhhhh truth hurts

where's that dolt Green and his mystic phrases this a.m.?

It's nice to see cane fan cranking up the excuse machine.

-refs robbed us

-nix sucks

-wait till 2013

-but we're DuhU

U suck

abysmal special teams
abysmal offense
abysmal running backs

your d-line looks pretty stout. Aside from that your team is horrible. Shannon is clueless about special teams and that will continue to hurt you. Blow up helmet cane fan can't get his 5-ring brain around the fact that Marble Mouf is clueless about anything other than recruiting and D.
It takes so much more than that to produce a winnner. You'll see

Make sure all you U fans know what kind of person Shannon is by checking the filed goal he had kicked with 2 minutes to go last year against Texas A&M.

Make sure your browser included htm at end:


Is RS going to addrerss the safety and the TE position or what?

whats going on with you manny? haven't heard from you since this last post game update blog. its been two days. whats going on with that?

Since your also a high school beat writer what have you been hearing about recuirts regarding urban cyrer trying to run up the score?

canesrule U know an awful lot about Canes football maybe you are a closet cane! Try going to a gator blog dude.

Those that count have Randy's number! Do not worry yourself about Canes football, Randy has it under control. You need to start worrying about your coach and how long he stays.

Do not worry baby we can handle the truth. A team with 18 starting freshman who were playing in their 2nd game keep T-teabag pretty quiet. Sure you won the game I would think you would have expected that but the gators thought they would win by 50, none that I spoke to or who I saw at the game, thought it would be 9-3 in the 3rd quarter!

We will have a great team and you dissing our team just makes yours look pretty weak.


Recruits we're calling Randy at 3:00a.m.? That guy feeds you a line every chance he gets. You'll turn on him shortly. He's clueless. Randy kicked a late field goal against A&M but is pissed at meyer for doing the same?


Try stopping a team instead of whining about a team you pansies.

Your lumps will keep coming in 08. HORRIBLE offense, backs, special teams.

140 yards TOTAL offense? WEAK just like the guzzling canechic

SPORTS ILLUSTRATED actually had some good things to say about the U for a change:

GAINESVILLE, Fla. -- Before we examine why Florida's 26-3 win against Miami on Saturday should give the Gators pause and the Hurricanes hope, we must make two assumptions.

Assumption No. 1: Florida is accurately rated at No. 5, and the Gators belong in the national title conversation. Therefore, they must be held to a higher standard.

Assumption No. 2: Miami is not the U of Ed Reed and Sean Taylor, nor is it the pitiful outfit that closed the Orange Bowl last season with a shutout loss to Virginia. The young Hurricanes exist somewhere in between.

If Florida truly is a national title contender, the Gators should have grave concerns about the fact that they led 9-3 at the close of the third quarter against a team that features 22 freshmen and sophomores on its two-deep depth chart. They also should worry that they still face the same issues that plagued them during a four-loss 2007. No running back has emerged to relieve the pressure on quarterback Tim Tebow, and the Gators can't find a group of defensive tackles who can stuff the run and pressure the quarterback.

Florida coaches and players should be thrilled that they held the Canes to a field goal and that the offense finally adjusted and scored a pair of late touchdowns, but still, in the back of their minds, they should remember how they felt when they looked at the scoreboard before the fourth quarter began. For offensive tackle Jason Watkins, it was shock.

"I was looking forward to just blowing them out," Watkins said. "I was ready to beat on them."

Instead, Miami coaches threw every manner of blitz at the Gators, and Watkins and his counterparts struggled to cope. The Canes sent the defensive line and one linebacker after Tebow, the defending Heisman Trophy winner. They sent the line and two linebackers. They sent all three linebackers and dropped a pair of linemen into coverage. Miraculously, Miami only managed one sack, but that had less to do with the quality of the rush and more to do with the fact that Florida has a musk-ox at quarterback.

After the win, the musk-ox offered some free advice. Tennessee defensive coordinator John Chavis, whose unit faces Tebow and company in two weeks, might want to take notes. "When you have a lot of athletes like we do, if you sit back, you're waiting to get picked apart a little bit," Tebow said. "A good way to gameplan us is to come after us."

That's especially true if Tebow has to gain all the tough yards. With all those bodies flying around the line of scrimmage Saturday, the Gators realized a painful truth. Despite an offseason spent trying to develop the running backs, Florida's best ballcarriers remain Tebow and receiver Percy Harvin. Harvin, who missed last week's opener against Hawaii while recovering from offseason heel surgery, scored on 2-yard option pitch early in the fourth after the Canes stuffed a pair of Tebow runs. Tebow led the Gators with 55 rushing yards. Freshmen Chris Rainey and Jeff Demps, who averaged 16.8 yards a carry against Hawaii, combined to carry six times for 12 yards against Miami. Which defense, Hawaii's or Miami's, do you think the defenses at Tennessee, LSU and Georgia will most resemble?

Florida's defense should enjoy its near-shutout, but Gators coaches know the young Canes are far more advanced on defense than they are on offense. Miami may need one more year to develop its playmakers. The aforementioned SEC rivals do not. If the Gators hope to win the nation's toughest conference, they'll need help at defensive tackle. Starters Lawrence Marsh and Terron Sanders did an admirable job Saturday, but they'll run out of gas by October if Florida doesn't develop players to spell them occasionally.

Now for the good news, Gators. It just might be possible that Miami is good. Not wait-one-more-recruiting-class good, but holy-cow-these-young-guys-may-develop-even-faster-than-anybody-thought good. Linebacker Sean Spence, the one Cane to fell Tebow, didn't look like he spent last year at Miami Northwestern High. Redshirt freshman quarterback Robert Marve, who hadn't played a game since December 2006, seemed poised and elusive. Across the field, Florida coach Urban Meyer couldn't help but notice the potential.

"I think they're going to be a good team," Meyer said. "If you're looking for someone to say, 'Boy, they just don't have very good players,' you're out of your mind. You don't understand the game of football. They're young. They're still learning how to play."

And if not for a close call on the right sideline on the final play of the third quarter, they might have entered the fourth with the ball and a chance to take the lead. Facing third-and-9 on the Miami 33, Tebow lofted a pass toward Carl Moore. Moore leaped and grabbed the ball, but Miami safety Randy Phillips met Moore in midair, and Moore appeared to crash over the sideline as the official nearest the play signaled incomplete. But a replay official ruled that Moore's left elbow had come down in bounds. The Gators had first-and-goal at the 5. Harvin scored a few plays later.

Asked about the reversal of the incomplete call, Canes coach Randy Shannon refused to question the call, but he did point out that an SEC official made it. Besides, Shannon probably felt no need to complain. As lopsided as 26-3 might seem, Shannon can look at a score like 24-14 and dream of a bright, not-too-distant future. That tally was the final in mighty Middle Tennessee State's win against ACC colleague Maryland on Saturday. Given the sorry state of the ACC, Miami should feel confident that if it can hold its own in The Swamp for three quarters, it can compete for a conference title. This year.

"We played with a top 5 team in the country, and we had a shot," Shannon said. "That's all you want is a shot when you're on the road in a hostile environment. We've got to capitalize on it next time."

Next time, that shot won't come against No. 5 in the nation with a Florida Field-record crowd of 90,833 wailing away. It might come at Duke's Wallace Wade Stadium or Georgia Tech's Bobby Dodd Stadium, where the odds won't be so stacked against the Canes. "We can build off this game," Shannon said.

And they will. "A game like this," Marve said, "just makes me want to work harder."

" The Miami defense played well enough to win plenty of games. When the offense catches up, the Hurricanes will reassert themselves not only in the ACC but also nationally. The final score notwithstanding, Florida is fortunate to have played Miami in the second week of the season."

-Ivan Maisel, ESPN

I get the sense that this team can go as far as the coaching staff wants to take it. There is no lack of talent, speed, heart...all of those elements that were missing the past couple of years.

Have you ever heard of ACC Nation? Its some stupid blog that picked us last in the ACC at the beginning of year. Its going to be fun to hear them eat crow every week for the rest of the season.

canesrule - seriously U have no clue but we will talk at the end of the year. Right now all you have is talking points! Do you know Randy? Do you know who is friends with? Do you know how many recruits where at the game as guests of the the U? Was the game over at 3am?

I know a heck of alot more then you think but since you have the inside connection to Randy then you better make your way around the blogs and spread all Randys contacts and friends, better yet maybe his cellphone # since you are in his FAB FIVE!!!!

Way to go UF you struggled against a team that was 5-7 last year,and who UVA scored 48 points. I wonder why Florida couldn't score as many points. Hell after watching the game again the only thing I saw that hurt UM was penalties and bad calls. I will enjoy watching Florida get beat by the likes of UGA, LSU and SC not to mention a possible upset by Vandy. Now I know why Canesrule is on here talking so much sh it. You know deep down that UF doesn't stand a chance when playing in the SEC that's why you have to play a UM team that's in a rebuilding stage. Or you have to look to your cake walk non conf games to make yourself look good.

Obliviously Urban Meyer knew Canesrule would be on the Miami blog when he left us with this little gem

"I think they're going to be a good team," Meyer said. "If you're looking for someone to say, 'Boy, they just don't have very good players,' you're out of your mind. You don't understand the game of football. They're young. They're still learning how to play."

The only thing that needs to change is Greg Cote needs to be fired. Forget about Nix, the real answer is to get rid of Greg Cote.

Please get us a off. Corr. we have to much talent to not devise a better plan . They knew what was coming everytime. Make the adjustment , we had everything to gain and nothing to Lose. He was bad last year too. How much longer do we have to put up with it.......... Please

Struggling can be defined as the only ACC in the Top 25 team needing a last second field goal to beat Ole Miss.


Posted by: canesrule | September 07, 2008 at 01:43 PM

How funny would it be if a 1 time Florida Gator recruit/commit/de-commit (Snead) leads his Ole Miss team over the Gators?

Just have to get this off my chest. This may sound dumb, but one of the keys to this game occurred before kickoff. It was the coin toss!!!

If the Canes could have won the toss and put its defense on the field first, they may have been in a position to establish momentum early and get some of the jitters out. Note on the initial 3 and out that 2 passes were dropped and the punt was shanked. Excellent field position for the Gators and a short 35 yard drive for the opening score.

Then the Canes dug in and played them head to head until the "call". Despite the call, it was disappointing to note that the offensive coaching staff never gave the Canes a chance to make a play with their ultra conservative game call. They were playing not to win the game, but to keep the score close. Don't blame the offense for that, give them a chance to play!

And speaking of calls, what happened on the horse collar tackle of Marve or the obvious block in the back on Harvin's final TD run? Didn't see any yellow flags on those plays thrown by the SEC game crew!!

But that's sour grapes I know. The classless Gators were the better team and deserved to win. I won't deny them that. They just happened to get fortunate and schedule the Canes at the right time. The results may have been completely different if a more experienced Miami team met Florida next year or after.

The Canes are a work in progress, but they will PROGRESS.

Hey AllTime...

Here's the difference between the UM vs Tx A&M game last year and what the Gators did. I got this from ESPN.com.

UM vs Tx A&M:
Start of Drive: 7:56 in 4th Qtr
Field Position: Miami ball at Tx A&M 39 yd line
Play Calls: 9 straight running plays
End of Drive: 5:45 in 4th Qtr
End Position: Tx A&M 6 yd line
End Result: Field Goal

UF vs UM:
Start of Drive: 1:56 in 4th Qtr
Field Position: UF ball at Miami 16 yd line
Play Calls: Pass on 1st down (completion for 9 yds) and 2nd down (incomplete), then a 4 yd on a 3rd down running play
End of Drive: 1:31 in 4th Qtr
End Position: Miami 11 yd line
End Result: Field Goal

If you're telling me the context of both games are the same, you're an idiot. Please tell me why the Gators were throwing the ball with under 2 minutes left in a 23-3 game. I'll tell you why...its because they were actually hoping to get another touchdown. They "settled" for the field goal.

peteRoc i concur with you on that one.


Didnt I tell you all this week would be EXCUSES week and boy is it ever.

The Canes are talking about progress but what is being lost in the whole thing is that you can have all the talent in the world but if you have a crap head coach you arent going anywhere and Miami has a crap head coach.

The players may have quit on the Canes last year but Randy Shannon quit on the Canes players in this game.

We should lay off of Patrick Nix for now.

I slammed him on the gameday blog, so I'm included in the group questioning him as an off. coordinator.

I'm reconsidering my opinion of the gameplan because it kept us in the game. We don't see these guys practice, so we're not sure if Marve makes wise decisions with ball. He is a young QB and its fine if we want to be conservative. I love Marve's talent, but sometimes guys with good arms believe they can force the ball into coverage. I also noticed that he tends to stare down his target. I love Marve though, he's gonna be a great one, but he might have made a couple of critical mistakes that would've let the game get out of control. I also think we are trying to avoid a Kyle Wright situation where we totally destroy a QB's confidence.

I'll include myself in the 'fire Nix' if we don't make progress throughout the year. We should be an explosive team by the end of the year...if we're not, there's a problem.

Javarris James out 2-4 weeks with a high ankle sprain. Doubtful for Texas A&M. 2 years in a row he has suffered an injury early in the season...

excuse week is in full swing on this blog.


Look at that flaming moron PeteRoc comparing field goals. You are the dumbest homer alive.

If you don't like another team doing that to you...STOP THEM


Your offense and special teams SUUUUUUUCK !!!!!
Looks like lots more of the same in 08,

Do your PROGRAM a favor and fire Marble Mouf TODAY. He got out coached by about five miles. FACT

Your coach is a DOLT.

I haven't seen one excuse on here. Why don't you just go back to your blog.

Who's making excuses? All I heard out your gator fans in the swamp was your QB had an off night. So go whine with your gator fans!!!!

No Canes fan or sports writer have been able to justify Randy Shannon's 2nd half coaching and how he basically never gave his team a chance to win the game with that offense they ran. Heck, the 4th quarter do SOMETHING, ANYTHING, but they kept running the same offense. The same running into an 8 man front and 3 yard passing routes. A trick play, maybe throw the ball down the field, at least attempt to win the game. Instead Randy Shannon QUIT on his team.

In all seriousness, if that was my coach, I would be FUMING. At some point during that game you need to take a chance. He coached scared and he coached not to win.

But hey, look at the bright side the Gators only covered the point spread by 2 points. The Gameplan almost worked!

If we were so bad why was it only 9-3 in the 3rd qtr? Oh I forgot TBONE was having a bad night!! Man cane fans we really stink, stink so much that we shut down the super de duper gator offense! Wow does not say so much if the gators could only score 26 points on such a horrible team.


ExcUse U ...

Look at the bright side U ... With a decent D. and Kicker... U make an O.K. Soccer Club.

fellow canesters, this is their ONLY chance to gloat and they barely pulled it off. They know it will not happen again. Can we blame them ?

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