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Quick postgame update

I'm trying to upload as much of the audio and video from the postgame scene as I can, but it takes awhile. I'll give you some quick observations and notes from what I gathered from the Canes after their 26-3 loss to the Gators.

> Coach Randy Shannon said he had no comment when asked what he thought of Urban Meyer's decision to kick a field goal late in the game -- and cover that 21-point spread. Shannon said it in a way that certainly made everyone believe he didn't like it.

> Shannon praised quarterback Robert Marve for not making any mistakes in his first start. Shannon said Miami's game plan was to run the football and to go into the fourth quarter with a shot at the victory. He said Marve gave them that chance. I'm sure many of you felt offensive coordinator Patrick Nix did not. Shannon said receivers dropped one too many balls.

> As far as the emotions after the game, Shannon told his players to be disappointed but not to point fingers. Offensive lineman Jason Fox was certainly one of the guys who wasn't happy. He said while UM did some good things he said losing never makes him feel good. Marve said he was happy with the way he played but the entire team didn't do what it was supposed to.

> I expect to hear some bad news regarding running back Javarris James in the morning. As the Canes waked off the field, JJ was wearing a boot on his left ankle. I know radio and ESPN reported an ankle injury. Shannon said he'd have to wait to hear the prognosis. Here's mine... get ready to see a lot of Graig Cooper and Derron Thomas. I'm not sure if JJ is out for the year -- but he's out.

> I think you'll see some changes in personnel the next time Miami lines up. Defensive tackle Marcus Forston started his first game in college Saturday and was solid. But I think there is no question we'll see more from from Sean Spence in the near future. Spence sacked Tebow and had an earth-shattering stick on Brandon James in the fourth quarter. He's too good not to see on the field more often.

That's all I got for now. Be sure to check out the audio interviews I'll be uploading throughout the night.
Feel free to give me your thoughts below. Like, are you accepting this as a moral victory.


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I guess in 2013 the gators will be sayin' "UM hasn't beaten us in 5yrs."

"Do you know who is friends with?" - little girlie man cane

Yes that's an easy one as that's where he picked up his habit of lying and his lack of morals. Reference Roland Smith.

"Do you know how many recruits where at the game as guests of the the U?" - little girlie man cane

None you imbecile - it's an NCAA rule that applies to the away team, but I personally wouldn't be shocked one bit if Randy broke it.

"If we were so bad why was it only 9-3 in the 3rd qtr?" - little girlie man cane

For the same reason Duhhhh U gave up 17 points in under 13 minutes. In the SEC, we play all 4 Quarters and don't give up after 3 like they do in the ACC. We play to the whistle and the clock strikes 0:00..... Randy should try it sometime.

"We should lay off of Patrick Nix for now" - Canesjunkie

Why not cure all of your problems at one and fire your 4th choice coach as well. Please me advised, do not, repeat do not, promote within.

canesrule seriously dude you are a head case- U play football manly manly? No U just spend your days trolling cane blogs looking for some action and the only person you can find to fight with is a girl. Go back to the god forsaken place you guys call the swamp and blog with you gayturds.

I am perusing the rules but I believe they can go to the game but the school cannot pay for the trip.

For the same reason Duhhhh U gave up 17 points in under 13 minutes. In the SEC, we play all 4 Quarters and don't give up after 3 like they do in the ACC. We play to the whistle and the clock strikes 0:00..... Randy should try it sometime.

Posted by: canesrule

FIRST OF ALL THERE IS NO WE. YOU DONT PLAY IN NOTHING. where was the sec when usc dominated where was the sec when ken doresy was our qb.

how come (if the sec playes 4 quarters) did the gayturds let a sorry qb named brock berlin come back in the second half to beat them.

UUUU suck because your still in your moms house and cant get any girls.


We got some Canes over here


My Oh My How the Canes Have Fallen!!!!

It's actually pretty sad to see. I am starting to feel bad for them. They actually think they are going to "progress" under this head coach who is painfully in over his head.
Please sign WAAAAAAAndy Shannon to an extension now. Heck sign him up for a lifetime!!! That would be reason for the whole state to throw a parade in their city.

Who will be the Canes coach the next time you take on the Gators???

My bet is Jonathan Vilma

He couldnt be worse than WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAndy Shannon. Plus he might have even tried to win the game on Saturday instead of sticking to his gameplan all the way till the clock went to 0:00. How fitting that WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAndy ended the game the way he began, with a white flag and kneel down. Heck, his offense would have been more productive, if he just did the kneel down the entire game.


How much does this game really help recruiting? High school kids are pretty fickle. Do you get the impression that any recruits will be swayed towards UM for good because of Saturdays performance?

Manny sorry we can't use this blog for productive conversation. U know at every good party there has to 2 or 3 spoiler sports.

GO CANES beat the Aggies!!!

Hey, you really have to check the Miami blogs over the last week or so and really read what that kid above has written. He's funny. He amuses me............like a Clown.

He's also exposed his age, temperment, and lack of intellect, soooo no further reason to discuss CFB with him.

What has Randy Shannon done for this Canes team?

1) Managed to have a team quit on him

2) Managed to not make one of the million bowl games

3) Managed to get embarrassed in the last game ever at the Orange Bowl 48-0 by a subpar football team

4) Managed to lose to the Florida Gators something that has not been done since the 1980s

5) Managed to handle defeat like a BIG crybaby and have a new nickname WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAndy Shannon

6) Managed to payback his team from last year by quitting on them himself. He NEVER, not once, not even in the 4th quarter mix anything up on offense to even attempt to try and score a touchdown.

There is still plenty more to come because this guy is painfully over his head.

Heck, but he got the Canes to be 2 spots behind the Gators in 1 recruiting class according to rivals.com That should be enough for all the damage he caused to this program so far.

Pretty nice list of achievements for a head coach.


Keep the faith boys! Spence is an animal! It's great to see Spence and Forston already making a positive impact! Nice stick by Spence in the 4TH quarter! Miami just needs to open it up down field on offense. They will soon be back to their winning ways. I've got to run for now.

P.S. Keep Marve and Harris rolling out and they will get better and better. Remember I predicted an ACC Champioship this year. Keep the faith!!!

I guess in 2013 the gators will be sayin' "UM hasn't beaten us in 5yrs."

Hey hurrpesphin302 ... U fans wrote the book.

By the way I had a great time at the opener at Dolphins Stadium. The tailgaiting parties were great!!! Nice seats in section 115. Enjoyed being amongst Miami fans all day long!!! Dolphins Stadium is nice!!!
Love the outside bar!!!! Go Canes!!!!

Hey, you really have to check the Miami blogs over the last week or so...

And read about all the gushing regarding all those "playmakers" Duh U had after the Charleston Southern game... Were they all suspended Sat.? Or just exposed for what they actually are?

Blog quotes of the week last week ... "We ARE going to beat the Gators !!!"

This weeks quotes... "We COULD have won"... We're Back ! " (please revert to Ur "playmaker" boasts of blog entries from the recent past...

See you outside of the top 25 at the end of the year U MORONS...

ps- try to get inside of the 30yd. line sometime... Or Second Base @ DOLPHINS Stadium.... And then kick Ur field Goals.

UM played well, but all this whining means: Waaaandy is a Wanker

LMAGDAO @ "second base" - that's just good comedy.

"Dolphins Stadium is nice!!! Love the outside bar!!!!" - And THAT football fans is all you need to know about the state of the Miami footbal PROGRAM. How far you've fallen. You haven't seen the bottom yet.

Nix must go, then put Shannon back up in the booth so we can get a real coach.

I really hate the way this game ended for the players. This loss is a product of bad coaching.I just love the way that randy shannon throws his players under the bus to cover his own rearend. That had to be the worst play calling I've seen in a ball game in a long time.What about the tight-end coach,a very deadly weapon with what one trow his way for a first down I might add. Pulling marve when he gets in rythem and poised to lead this team.Really the blame falls on the coaching staff so quit pointing fingers at your players and stand up and be a man. Take responsibility and stop blaming others.

Randy Shannon has 6 wins. In those 6 wins, he ran up the score 3 times (that's half for those that struggle with math, as I sometimes do).

Just one week ago against DII opponent, Charleston Southern, Shannon chose to go for it on 4th and 3 with 4:25 to go instead of punting. They went on to score a touchdown with 1:51 to go.

In Shannon's very first win, against Marshall, Shannon scored a touchdown with 1:51 remaining.

Last year, against Texas A&M, Shannon kicked a field goal with 2:07 remaining.

If Shannon wants to question Meyer's integrity, he first has to explain his own decisions in these games.

It is obvious, that Shannon's comments were made to impact recruiting in Dade County where Meyer poses the greatest threat. It is plain to see, that Shannon is either being disingenous or that he actually believes his own nonsense.

Sadly, Miami fans, who have plenty to feel proud about can only whine and pretend to be offended. Mostly though, it is because they just want to find something to be indignant about.

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