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The QB debate, possible DB changes & more

The one complaint I've heard more than any other since Miami lost to North Carolina Saturday isn't that the Canes secondary imploded or that the pass rush didn't do a good enough job getting in Cameron Sexton's face. It wasn't that UM offensive coordinator Patrick Nix did a bad job calling plays late in the game (although that's becoming another big complaint again). Nope, what Canes fans are most concerned about is the way Randy Shannon is handling his quarterbacks.

Robert_marveThe complaint is simple: fans feel sticking in freshman Jacory Harris for a series is killing Miami's offensive momentum. Coach Randy Shannon has said time and time again this season he wants to get Harris in the game to make sure he's ready to go should starter Robert Marve go down. Tuesday, during his meeting with the media for the Florida State game, Shannon addressed it again and defended the decision. "The last two times we put Jacory in he went down and got three points. So we're scoring points," Shannon explained. "It helps Robert out to see what the defense is doing since we've been moving the ball, are they changing their defensive scheme? When he comes back he doesn't miss a beat."

For his part, Harris has done well when he's been in. He certainly hasn't hurt the team. He hasn't turned the ball over and he's moved the offense down the field. Marve, meanwhile, has still been able to move the team downfield and score points when he comes back in.

"I don't think it throws me out of my groove – I came back and completed balls," Marve said Tuesday. "I didn't feel out of groove. I felt good when I came back in (vs. UNC)."

The bottomline is there is more to this story than just 'Jacory needs experience.' I spoke with one of Harris' former position coaches at Northwestern Monday night who told me a big reason Harris decided to come to Miami in the first place was because Shannon promised him playing time -- regardless if whether or not Marve was healthy. If that's true, it might explain Shannon's commitment to his playing time. If you think about it, Shannon is in a tough spot here no matter what. Not only does he need Harris to be ready if needed, but he needs Harris to be here at the University of Miami and happy should anything happen to Marve. Neither of UM's other backup quarterbacks, Cannon Smith or Taylor Cook, look like they'll be ready any time soon to run this team. If Shannon doesn't play Harris like it has supposedly been promised, what's to stop Harris from leaving?

Privately, Jacory's former position coach told me Harris' family is anxious about Jacory having to wait three years to become the starter on this team (something Jacory mentioned to us last week). According to his position coach, other schools have continued to tell Harris' family and friends he could come in and start if he transferred. Miami obviously can't afford that. There is no star quarterback coming in with UM's 2009 class. Although AJ Highsmith plays quarterback in high school, he is likely headed to another position when he gets to UM. Locally, Miami has a real good shot at getting the next great QB in South Florida in Miami Central's Jeffrey Godfrey in 2010 (UM's Corey Bell was his head coach at Edison and Godfrey has known Tim Harris since he was a kid playing optimist ball in Overtown). But that's two years away. Harris, meanwhile, continues to put his best foot forward and maintain a positive attitude. "I just have to be ready," Harris said when asked of what's it like waiting to see if and when he'll come in and play. "If I'm not, there'll be a lot of mess-ups."

> While the hot topic this week has been the quarterbacks, the real area of concern for the Canes in all honesty is its secondary.

Before Tuesday's practice, UM coach Randy Shannon told reporters he expects Florida State to try the deep ball because "we haven't been able to stop it" and that there would likely be some changes in the Canes secondary this week. Looks like the first one could be moving freshman Brandon Harris into the starting lineup at cornerback.

Brandon_harrisHarris, who has been playing about 35 snaps a game in nickel situations, told us after practice he's been elevated to working with the first team with Chavez Grant. The depth chart lists Grant behind Bruce Johnson, but Harris said Grant is now playing more at nickel and DeMarcus Van Dyke, Johnson and Carlos Armour are splitting time at the other corner position.

Shannon said earlier in the day Tuesday that safety Anthony Reddick visited him in his office this weekend and told him he thought guys were pressing, trying to make plays. UM's secondary has yet to produce an interception and has given up eight touchdowns through the air. Brandon Harris said another problem is "guys peaking into the backfield and worrying about the run." Harris said "guys have to train their eyes and be disciplined" and that position coach Wesley McGriff is doing that in practice this week." But the big problem is urgency.

"I think that's the big problem, guys really want to make the big play and sometimes we go out of our territory to make the big play and we leave our zones open," Harris said. "I think if we just focus on our assignments, everything will come together."

That's what happened to Van Dyke, who said he received phone calls from several former players including Kenny Phillips and Mike Rumph over the weekend. He said Rumph told him he made the same mistake against Penn State years ago in the Orange Bowl and bounced back from it.

"I was trying to make a play and undercut the rout," Van Dyke explained of giving up the winning score to Brooks Foster with less than a minute to play Saturday. "I saw the man run a corner route and I tried to make a big play for the team, but it didn't quite happen. I learned from my mistake so next time it won't happen. I'll go for the tackle or the breakup and save my team a W instead of an L.

> Shannon said he's been really encouraged by the play of freshman Travis Benjamin on punt returns and is expecting him to "break one soon." Benjamin is averaging 17.7 yards a return this season and had a 36-yard return against North Carolina and a 44-yarder against Texas A&M. Benjamin has gotten some big blocks to spring him on those returns. Colin McCarthy has been in on both of them.

Travis_benjamin"I feel like every game my ability to catch the ball and follow my assignment, eventually I'll break one pretty soon," Benjamin said. "Before I even go on the field, I look at Chavez and Colin because they are my keys on which way I'm supposed to go. They say if I got them, they got me."

Benjamin is the next freshman I expect to have a breakout performance -- ala Thearon Collier. Last week, offensive coordinator Patrick Nix called for two runs for Benjamin, who played in the backfield in high school, too.

"Coach told me last week they got to find a way to get the ball in my hands because of my speed and my ability," Benjamin said. "Because to them, when I get the ball in my hands, there's no telling what I can do."

> Shannon defended offensive coordinator Patrick Nix Tuesday morning saying he believes Nix has done a great job with his young quarterbacks, managing Graig Cooper (who has 2 100-yard games) and creating great balance. Shannon pointed out UM ran the ball 33 times and threw it 33 times against North Carolina.

> Running back Javarris James is out of his walking boot, but Shannon told reporters to still not expect James back yet this weekend. He said James would likely start working on a bike this week. The expectations are he could be back on the practice field at some point next week as UM prepares for UCF. But my guess is James would likely be questionable at best whether or not he plays that week as well -- especially considering UCF is a non-conference opponent and Randy's new philosophy with injuries.

"Javarris was running around today, but he won't go this week," Shannon said after Tuesday's practice. "But he's out of the boot. He ran around a lot with the trainers today, did some sled work. It will probably be next week that he'll be back into it. I'm hopeful for the UCF game."

> As for the other injuries, freshman defensive tackle Marcus Forston is back this week after his shoulder injury caused him to miss the North Carolina game. Backup running back Derron Thomas was also back out at practice after leaving the UNC game early, which is a good sign.

> Receiver Thearon Collier is another story. I saw him walk off the field today (he wasn't wearing pads or practicing) wincing and holding his side as he walked off. Shannon told us Collier was taken to the hospital Saturday and released after being treated. Rumor is its either his ribs or even his spleen. There's probably no way Collier plays this week. "Thearon, I doubt if he'll be going this week," Shannon said. "Maybe if he works some mojo he'll be back. But I doubt it."

> As for Miami's other star running back, Shannon reiterated this week he's trying not to overuse Cooper. He said again Tuesday he wants to keep Cooper fresh. Cooper played mostly in the first and fourth quarters against North Carolina.

"We need Cooper fresh in the game," Shannon said. "That last three minutes of the game when Cooper slipped on the ground, we were about to get what we needed to take the game over. We can't go in the game and say use Cooper the first three quarters and the fourth quarter comes and he can't do those things. That's why we do the things with Cooper and Derron [Thomas] to spell him. We're going to continually do that and make sure we don't spend Cooper out the first half and now the fourth quarter we don't have one of our best players on the field."

> Shannon said he's not ready yet to announce who he'll be redshirting this year. "You've still got time. Injuries can happen. If they can help us, we won't redshirt them."

Here's my guess as to who will redshirt (games played in parenthesis): RB Damien Berry (1), fullback John Calhoun (1), safety Jared Campbell (1), defensive end Gavin Hardin (1), defensive tackle Jeremy Lewis (1), quarterback Cannon Smith (1), receiver Kendall Thompkins (2), safety Joe Wylie (1), quarterback Taylor Cook (0), kicker Jake Wieclaw (0), safety Ramon Buchanon (0), receiver Tommy Streeter (0), offensive lineman Ben Jones (0) and defensive end Andrew Smith (2).


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And then....

All the posts here about more yards per attempt/completion are right on.
That and negative yardage plays are the biggest problem on offense, and I think those are fixable problems. Unlike last year when we had completion % problems b/c of innaccuracy and turnover problems for the same reason. I expect the points per game to climb - let's just keep the to's down while we get our yards per attempt up.

Mostly, though we need pressure, break ups and turnovers on defense.

In my mind, the athletic ability of a defense is measured by sacks, tfls, big hits and turnovers. By those measures, I'd say we're not very talented on defense. So, we have to be solid and more disciplined until we get the talent to be more explosive.

I love the Rumph comparison. It's right on. I remember that mistake like yesterday and thought at the time we weren't very talented. I was wrong. We were just young. The next year it showed with one loss.

My hope is that this is 1998 all over again and '09 onward will be like '99, '00 and '01 all over again - but with more 'chips!

Lastly, I like that Harris plays. It keeps depth. It also keeps heat on Marve who has not been too impressive. It may be that Harris with a year of strength and experience proves to be the better player. I like his size and presence more than Marve's. He's just small and inexperienced. With a bigger arm and time, I wouldn't be surprised to hear about Marve wanting more time, not Harris.

Oh, I'm just kidding. The point we lost is when the clock read 0:00 in the 4th quarter. We act like we should all be coaches, and we're not.

We are doing fine. We'll get there. Everyone needs to calm the heck down, and we sure as heck can do without all this negativity. We get enough from other fans, we don't need it from our own.



You lost all credibility the second you said "Marve who has not been too impressive." I don't know what you're basing that opinion on, but I personally think you're crazy. Completion percentage and TD:Int ratios are much better than last years. Additionally, he's doing something we haven't seen in a long time....managing the offense, avoiding sacks, and leading this offense. Something that Harris has yet to show me.

Shannon speaking about Nix:
“I think he’s doing a great job for us, scoring points, working with quarterbacks who are doing tremendous for us,” Shannon said. “Patrick’s done a tremendous job with [the quarterbacks.] We’re getting yards, points, are developing each week with the youngness of this football team on offense and they’re getting better each week.”

Posted by: Steve B | September 30, 2008 11:25 PM
Nix has a ton of talent, experienced offensive lineman and his offense is rated 99th in the country. A great job? NOT ! UM averaged 5 yards per pass last week.North Carolina averaged 10 yds with a 3rd string QB. Shannon is either being political or he is delusional.

@ Steve B
Shannon can't even keep sentences straight. (see above) Don't expect him to be able to speak supportively yet still identify that their is a problem. He simply can't do it. This guy will go down in flames sooner than later. Cane fan just can't grasp that...yet. It's coming.


I do not think we will be able to beat FSU. Their offense is much better than the way they have played and any one of their 3 QB's are better than any and all of ours. Offense advantage to FSU.

FSU's defense is very very good overall but the secondary is weak. If Mavre has time to throw will be the question. Overall FSU's defense is much better than ours. Advantage FSU.

FSU's special teams also have the advantage over the CANES.

They expect 25-30,000 FSU fans to attend, so Miami loses the home field advantage to FSU.

Final score FSU 34 Miami 13


I hear you on the good things re: Marve but when I watch him throw and compare to really good QBs like Sam Bradford or Chase Daniels - I don't see the dead-on accuracy and quick release that I think makes great QBs different than good QBs. You're right, he's better than last year. But last year was off-the-radar bad. In '07, we threw one INT for every 15 attempts...

I hope I am misreading his passing ability, and that he proves me wrong. I just think he's good not great. And, his overly excited demeanor makes me think he's too amped and not as calm as I'd like the QB to be. That's why I am so high on Harris. He's super calm out there given how tough of a situation he's in: he only gets one to three series to prove he's not ruining our momentum and that's not easy to do when he comes in cold.

Do you see Marve being a great and accurate QB this year or next?

Do you see Harris' having as much or more long term potential?

Would you be willing to sit Harris and not see how he fares against the same competition as Marve at the risk of not seeing who is the better long term QB?

canehead2, shouldn't you say FSU fan?

FSU sux and will lose this game like the WF game!

Miami 38 FSU 2


I think Marve has been deadly accurate this year thus far. And he has a cannon for an arm throwing bullets between defenders to hit his mark. Besides his two interceptions (I don't count the last one because he threw it exactly where it needed to be, just that Kayne couldn't hang on) he has not locked on to one specific target. He's checked off on his routes, called a few audibles that have worked (and Nix has been mad at), and has done what has been requested of him. If Nix ever finally let him loose, you'll see exactly what I'm talking about.

Compare that to Harris. Everytime I see him in there, he's throwing behind the receivers. He fidgets in the pocket (not sure where you're getting he's more calm) and as soon as he doesn't see his first receiver open he runs...right into the middle of the line. In the Charleston game, he had a few deep throws, all of them that I can remember were severely underthrown. Now I'm only focusing on the negatives, because he's done a pretty good job here and there, so I'm not bashing the kid, but he is definitely not starter material.

As for the long term potential, this is what coaches are suppose to evaluate during practice. Something they've seen has told them Marve is their guy. Based on what I've seen thus far, Marve looks 100 times more solid than Harris. JMO

Taking out Marve in the middle of the game is assinine. Period. You want Harris to get some PT, tell NIX to stop getting conservative in the second half, blow out the team you're playing, and then put Harris in there to gain some experience. Honestly, has this ever been done before? Taking your starting QB out for your backup in the middle of the game for no real reason other than to build depth?

It's idiotic.

My opinion, Marve is our QB, and Harris is a solid backup. That's it.

"Canesrule, now I told you to stay off of that Miami blog!" "But Mommy, I can't! The Miami fans over at Eye on the U are attacking me because of my posts!"

"That's enough backtalk young man! Now go get the jelly, Mommy's got a little punishment for you!"


Casual -
That's pretty convincing stuff.
I admit my perception of Harris' cool is mostly based on high school stories I've read and tv interviews I've seen. And, my perception of Marve being too excitable is based on the girlfriend argument leading to punching parked car saga and the few tv interviews where he seems less poised than Harris.
We differ on the last pass of the UNC game where I thought the ball was 3 ft too high and could have been caught easily had it been a more accurate throw. I don't think that ball was catchable, and I think it was an oustanding effort to even get his tips on it... I also see Marve throwing high too often.

However, in general, you are correct - if I take my Harris biases out of it - that Marve has played better thus far and all your critiques are valid regarding Harris throwing behind receivers, weak downfield throws, and too quick to run in diress.

Mostly, the Harris playing time issue boils down to these two things which you pointed out:
1) it's the coaches' jobs to figure out who the best QB is. That's why I think they play both and I assume it's so close in practice that they want game action to continue to make that decision. Otherwise, it's innane.
2) except for UW in '91 and a few other instances, winning teams don't shuffle QBs and if we want more reps for the backup lets build leads and give time with 3 or 4 TD leads in second half.

Smart replies and see you next blog.

I have a hard time believing RS promised anyone playing time. JMO

Manuel great job!!


Tell your friends, the ones that attend when the Canes are in the top 10, to get to the games now! Our young guys need a home-field advantage. Been going for 30 years, I've been there for every good and bad games.

Step-up Cane fans

Demarcus Van Dyke is so suspect for real, first he wishes he ent to Florida, then he lets Louis Murphy score after his "U" comment, then he gives up the game winning TD vs Carolina. Lets get it B Harris. BTW cornerbacks should be startrs. Lets go C Grant

hey guys can anybody tell me what happened to CJ holton? and is bryce brown still committed to UM?

You guys cry about every thing,jacory won 2 state championships how many of you on this board has his credentials.RS Should leave and take all of his recruits with him and then you will find out all this great talent in miami would not attend UM.

miami fans are the worst. they are also the loudest.

Run the score up -- get ahead by half -- the give Harris the ball for the entire half/quarter -- that is quality time --

People need to be and have patience about this team and RS. Randy is building a team that is going to win a lot of games. He telling these guys about taking care of the little things, and if last week he was telling them learn to finish, and what happen at TAMU , we were blowing them out , they score two td's and then with UNC the same thing. RS is playing a lot of players, because he wants them PREPARED and READY when they get in. Sometime it's not going to look pretty, but it's a building tool. Enough of some of these fickle UM fans. And please stop blaming JH for the loses, when we won two games, did anyone blame him or gave him credit. He started the first game and played in TAMU ( when Marve got the wind knock out of him) . He came in and we scored points. How far removed are the fans do you remember what we had last year Wright/Wrong and Freeman . Our QB are far better than what we had last year. Let's be grateful and stand behind and with this team.

TE recruit gets the call vs. North Carolina

This out of state tight end says he was the first phone call a coach made from the field against North Carolina. The Canes want him badly, so how does he feel about UM? Read on.



I was under the impression that Marve was trying to bullet it over the outstretched hands of the CB that had been playing zone and was about 5-7 yards under the route. I could be wrong because I've only seen the replay once. Being from Richmond I don't get the opportunity much to see replays of the game. But if there wasn't a defender there, then I agree with you, that ball was slightly too high.

Nobody here is saying JH isn't any good, nor are we saying we can play better than him. But this putting in of a backup QB in the middle of the game well before the game is in hand is ridiculous. All I'm saying is, don't start a QB controversy when there isn't one. And people can correct me if I'm wrong here, but didn't it take a running into the kicker penalty for JH to "lead" us to a FG? It would have been a 3 and out otherwise.

Whoops I meant the LB had dropped back to zone, not the CB. The CB had been beaten I believe.

Manny good post man. Please Lay off all the burgers and fries though because your face is getting chubby.LOL Anyways I like how U report all the weakness the team has and relay them in a respectable manner to Shannon. I think by now everything is address so we will do better next game. Getting a lot of Dbs and lineman is a must. Once we do that we are really turned around in a new direction.

Jacory will transfer if he doesn't play. Put yourselves in this kid's place, he can start in a lot of other programs....why should he rot on the bench here. I agree with Shannon putting him in at the end of a blowout, but not in the middle of an undecided game.

If I were Jacory Harris, I would xfer from Miami next year. This can't go on.

Casual Observer | October 01, 2008 at 09:57 AM
"Lastly, I don't know why Shannon promised him anything".

.... Don't you remember that Harris was the key to bringing in the NWern Championship Team, as a whole. He was the ringer and he was promised to be able to compete for the job. He and His parents were concerned of him sitting on the bench and Randy must of said something like... If he can compete, then he'll see playing time and if he did say it, then his word is his bond and nothing else will change it... He's stubborn that way, so get over it.

I'm a Jacory Harris fan and have been since the get-go, but Marve shows just alittle more polish and mobility then Jac... but that doesn't mean Jac can't play with the big boys, cause he is just a few reps away from mastering his experience on the field during crunch time.

To your point... I agree, that bringing in Harris is a distraction now, but it's worth the effort, IMO, in order to develop his confidence and to game ready...

Later this year, as he develops, he'll be breaking ones for TD's instead of Field Goals. It's only a matter of time and it will be sooner then later. By next year, Jac will be equal to Marve and we'll see a two headed monster at QB and then I don't think you'll be complaining...

Lastly, Hate to say it, but if anything happens to Marve, in the mean time... we then have "The Jac" without losing a stroke and we keep on pump'n!

JMO... GoCanes

canehead2, to say we're gonna loose 34 to 13 or whatever you said is just crazy. This, as always, is the type of game that could go either way. No matter the ranking, no ranking, whatever. Way to support your team. Ponder is gonna struggle. If he thought Wake had a fast defense, he has another thing coming. Brandon Harris will finally give this defense the spark it needs. Shannon says that some of the juniors and seniors earned the right to start, but thats all about to change. We'll finally get our picks and win this game by a field gaol or touchdown. As we will also see more and more freshman taking over. Bring on the Noles! This is the REAL big game of the state of Florida.

You guys cry about every thing,jacory won 2 state championships how many of you on this board has his credentials.RS Should leave and take all of his recruits with him and then you will find out all this great talent in miami would not attend UM.

Posted by: NW BULL | October 02, 2008 at 12:24 AM



Cat5 Cane:

I don't think you're getting my point. I want JH to succeed. I want the better QB playing. And I want JH to get some PT, it's the way he's getting his experience that I have a problem with. One thing that has set RS apart from other people is that he doesn't promise you the moon. He tells you, play hard, and it doesn't matter if you're a Senior or a Freshman, you'll play. But Harris appears to be the exception.

Marve has earned it, and he deserves to be fully in control of this offense. Like I've said before, blow out the team you're playing, and then put Harris in there. Or at the very least, put Harris in there with some designed plays (a la, Leak-Tebow). But to put him in for 1-2 series in the middle of the game is stupid. It really doesn't put him in the groove and give him good experience, and it stops whatever momentum we had going on the offense. Stupid and stupid

What's the weather forecast, for Miami...Fri. and Sat.? Is the infield sodded over???????????

I would hate to be in Randy's shoes. You have 2 Mr. Florida's, BOTH are good, and I know Jacory is damn good, but he doesn't get a chance to show that. I know Marve is damn good, but when he gets on a roll, they pull him, and it doesn't give him, or Jacory a chance to gel. What do you do? Let each one play a half, or alternate quarters? It's a cluster-uck.


From what I understand, last week is the last time this season we'll see the infield dirt.

I think people are forgetting that Marve has a season on Jacory. They both have great talent and potential and they want to play. The simple solution is have Marve start and let Jacory get his experience in mop up duty. The problem with that approach though is whether Miami will be blowing out anyone on their remaining schedule?

I don't know if it is true or not that Shannon promised Harris playing time but if he did that is major BS and Shannon is a hypocrit. I have stood behind Shannon and still do but all he speaks about is that you have to earn your playing time and nothing is promised or guanranteed to anyone, freshman or senior. You go out, work hard, and beat the man in front of you if you want to play. It's a system that's been here since Howard was around. Especially quarterbacks. How many true freshman quarterbacks just come out and start playing in the NCAA? You sit and learn. Vinny sat behind Bernie, Walsh sat behind Vinny, Erickson sat behind Walsh and Toretta sat behind Erickson. That's how it works. You sit on the bench, support the guy in front of you and learn. Even Dorsey didn't start right away and the guys in front of him were horrible. You want to play him to get experience? Fine then blow the other team out and he'll play plenty or put him in to play the first series of the second half. It'll be a change of pace to the other team and will allow Marve to see any adjustments to opposing D made at halftime before he goes in.

This isn't anything against Jacory. I love Jacory. I went to a couple NW games last year just to watch Jacory play (and get a couple more trips in to the OB before they knocked it down). I think if he just sits back and works hard, his time will come. Now if he does not want to do that then it is his right to go wherever he wants. I won't hold it againat him. However, I would encourage him to look around at the other QB's that have transfered out lately or backed out of commitments. They're never heard from again.

I just don't think it would be fair to his teamates if the reason Shannon is playing him is because he was promised playing time during recruiting. No one else has that, why should he? Lets hope if he did do it this is the last time he makes thta mistake. Bust your butt and beat the other guy out. Keep a good attitude about it and you never know what might happen. Your time will come kid, Just play it cool until it does.

Posted by: Casual Observer | October 02, 2008 at 09:58 AM

You are correct. I have the game on DVR, and watched it again. Marve was trying to get it over the LB's head.

Let's just say the DB that picked it was in the right place at the right time.

Marve gave the look to KF because of the play to get them to the 20. I sure wish he would have looked at the outside fly route. He was wide open because the CB was playing cover 2. A pump fake would have been sweet. That would have at least put the safety out of position.

If JH transfers, he will lose this year of eligibility. If he transfers to a I-A then there goes another year. That would be 2 years right there he wouldn't see the field.

Just sit back, and enjoy the bench. Your time will come, my friend. Just be patient.

Thanks for clearing that up. I'm going to have to invest in a DVR. If for no other reason than to pick apart all the schemes we use (offensively and defensively). Sometimes hard to pick that up the first time around.

Why can't Randy Shannon just have Jacory Harris come in at the end of the game. I don't see why it has to be in the middle of the game when it hasn't been decided. Some morons out there are going to start booing the kid. The doesn't deserve that.

All you dumb bloggers complaining about Marve not being on the same page as Sanchez, Grothe and Tebag wake up...Miami dosen't have the experience, or the necessary size of the offensive line to give him the opportunity of throwing for 200 or more yards a game. If he had this, believe me, he would be right there with the best of them. Give this kid the time and he will pick any team apart.

To all you QB coaches complaining, have you ever played ball?

If you can remember Tebow's 1st year was as a backup to Chris Leak but he did exactly was JH is doing. Played a series every game.

Sanchez is part of the 2005 recruiting class and sat for 3 years, he did however play a few series every game his 2nd year.

Marve is going to be a great QB but he has only played 3 games, can any of you do a great job at a new position in 3 weeks? Not!

You have to keep playing JH a series every game in the 1st 1/2 because you want him to feel the preasure of the game not playing against 3rd stringers in the 4th qtr.

The O didn't lose the game against the Heels, the D did. If we don't give up big passing plays then this game is over.

Stop coaching (since you never played or coached) and support your team!

Upside Down Margarita:

Wrong. Tebow was backup and UF used him on downs. NOT SERIES. They would put him on 3rd and something, usually had him run up the gut of the D. Remember people thought all he was was an oversized QB / throwing FB. They didn't just put him in there for a series or 2 just for kicks. But nice try.

Seems that when this promise was made (If True) it was no certainty that Marve would be 100% healthy and we needed JH. We still need him, just not immediately. So many UM greats come back, but Testaverde doesn't seem to be one of them. He would be the perfect guy to talk to Jacory about the benefit of staying and the long-term payoff. Testaverde waited behind Kosar, learned and became one of the all-time greatest UM QB's. Walsh waited and got our 2nd National Championship. Having that time to learn and get bigger and stronger put a string of UM greats (Testaverde, Walsh, Erickson, and Toretta) in perfect position to step in and lead the team to great success. If Marve does become the next great QB then he will likely leave early. If he doesn't or gets hurt then JH will be ready to go and establish himself as the next great at QB-U!

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