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TRR: '09 class impressed by effort in Swamp

In case you missed our first episode of The Recruit Report, this is a new weekly feature I've added to our Eye On The U lineup to keep Canes fans in tune with what future recruits are doing at the high school level.

As many of you know, coach Randy Shannon told reporters Sunday he was thrilled by the number of phone calls he received from recruits after his team's 26-3 loss to fifth-ranked Florida in the Swamp. Tonight, I spoke to three members of UM's current 2009 recruiting class -- Wichita running back Bryce Brown, Plantation cornerback Brandon McGee, and Hialeah American defensive end Olivier Vernon -- who all said they liked what they saw from the Canes.

"Honestly, I think national championship in a year or two," McGee said. "That defense Brandon_mcgeeis sick. [Robert] Marve did pretty well. I just think the fact their still young and already doing those things should tell everybody we'll be the real deal soon. As time goes on, we'll get better. When I went to school today, some of my teammates were ragging on me. But UF did what it was supposed to do. I definitely think Miami impressed a lot of people with the outcome of the game. It was only 9-3 in the fourth quarter. If Florida is supposed to be that good, I can't wait to see what happens when our guys grow up."

Brown, the younger brother of Canes freshman linebacker Arthur Brown, said he watched the game live at home and was just as impressed as the rest of UM's current commitments. "I think the future is promising for Miami. I was very impressed with the defense," Brown said. "I thought offensive wise, coach [Patrick] Nix did a good job with the playcalling. The running backs need to be more confident, establish themselves more and some guys dropped some passes. But they'll get that fixed in practice. Definitely, anybody that knows football knows Miami is going to be a great team in the future. I think they're more ahead than they are supposed to be. They are definitely impressing me. I'm just excited and can't wait to get there."

I'll have more to share with you tomorrow from my conversation with Bryce -- including why he changed his official trip to UM from this coming weekend to December and why he'll be visiting TCU instead. But for now, here's how the Canes' future did in high school last week.

Bryce_brown_2> Bryce Brown, RB, 6-0, 215, Wichita East, Kan.: Brown's season got off to a great start with a 33-7 win over Wichita North in which he ran the ball 22 times for 146 yards and three touchdowns. It was his first game without big brother Arthur, but also his first game in a new spread offense without a lead blocker according to the Wichita Eagle. "I learned a lot tonight," Brown told the newspaper. "I learned, with the spread offense, you've got to be patient. I was trying to press it and do the things that I'm used to doing, like getting outside real fast. But with the field spread wide, you've got to be a little more patient."

> A.J. Highsmith, QB, 6-0. 186, Fort Bend (TX) Hightower: The son of former Hurricane running back Alonzo Highsmith had a bye last week. But if you want to check out how he does all season, just visit his team page at The Houston Chronicle.

Mike_james > Mike James, RB, 5-11, 211, Davenport Ridge: After an impressive kickoff classic victory two weeks ago, James followed it up a solid outing in a 27-0 win over Avon Park. According to The Lakeland Ledger, James ran 116 yards on 18 carries with two touchdowns. He also had 38 receiving yards.

> Prince Kent, ATH, 6-3, 195, Norcross (GA): Norcross didn't play last week. They had a bye. But I did find out how Kent did in his first two games thanks to the team's booster website. In a season-opening loss 21-6 loss to Camden, Kent hauled in 8 passes for 83 yards. In a 24-17 win against South Gwinnett two weeks ago, Kent had 3 catches for 73 yards. He also starts at safety in the secondary.

> Brandon McGee, DB, 5-11, 186, Plantation High:
McGee's days as a two-way player may finally be over. The emergence of Immoni Carswell at quarterback allowed McGee last week to play strictly at cornerback for the first time in his career. In Plantation's 40-7 win over South Broward, McGee had four tackles and two pass breakups. "I only had two passes thrown my way and had one reception in front of me during a Cover 3," McGee said. "I think I'm doing quite well. Corner is kind of natural to me. I'm just getting the defensive instincts down."

> Stephen Plein, TE, 6-6, 240, Fort Myers High: The Green Wave opened their season with a 14-7 win against Lehigh at home. Not a word on Plein in the Fort Myers News-Press.

> Curtis Porter, DT, 6-2, 334, Charlotte Victory Christian: Tropical Storm Hanna canceled Porter's game against North Hampton last Friday night. Here's what else the Charlotte Observer reported.

> Luther Robinson, DT, 6-3, 280, Fort Pierce Westwood: Robinson's team pulled off an impressive 21-19 win against Vero Beach according to TCPalm.com.

> Billy Sanders, TE, 6-4, 235, Lake City Coueru d'Alene, Idaho: Sanders, who moved from Phoenix Brophy Prep to Idaho, lost his first game of the season 33-17 according to IdahoSports.com.

> Olivier Vernon, DE, 6-3, 239, Hialeah American: The Patriots suffered a disappointing 30-24 loss to Coral Reef. Vernon, who said he might play some linebacker this season, lined up only at defensive end. Olivier_vernon He said he had sack, blocked field goal and a handful of tackles. "We came out flat-footed," Vernon said. "I guess we deserved that loss." Vernon said his father recorded Miami's game against Florida and he watched it on Sunday. "I wasn't surprised. I knew it would be a good game. The freshmen came in -- especially Sean Spence -- they looked good." Vernon said other schools are still coming after him hard and he's decided to schedule official visits to Alabama on Dec. 12 and South Florida on Dec. 5. But he says he still is committed to Miami and likes the fact so many freshmen are getting a chance to play. "I know for sure I can get out there and get some playing time," Vernon said.

> Cory White, TE, 6-5, 234, Fleming Island: White's team opened the season with an impressive 31-6 victory against Middleburg. White didn't catch any balls at tight end and played the entire night at tackle. Here is a link to the team's website.

PROGRAMMING NOTES: I'll be hosting my live Q&A Tuesday at 1 p.m. There is now a permanent link on the blog in the upper left hand corner so its easier for you to find. See you tomorrow.


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Too many potty mouths. So, I had to bomb the response section for this blog. I apologize to those that play the game right. Hey Canesrule, how about you visit Joseph Goodman's Gator Clause instead of inflaming everyone around here. In case you missed it, Florida won 26-3 and won't be playing UM again until 2013. I think its safe for you to start concentrating on the rest of your schedule.

Miami started 13 seniors and juniors Saturday night. Florida started 12 sophomores.

Miami started four seniors on defense and eight of its 22 starters were seniors.

Whose the young team again?

agreed Manny, as a cane alum and full supporter of the program through good and bad times, i think UF was scared up until the two unfortunate calls that went against the canes. I think the receivers and offensive line have a lot of work to do in the coming weeks to get ready to play at A and M. I was glad to hear Coach Shannon say that he would make some changes on special teams coverage and return teams to get his best speed and best athletes on the field. Who is going to be the running back to make the short tough yardage for the canes in the next month? That will be a huge concern because 5-15 on third downs could easily turn into 9-15 on third downs with solid run blocking and a bigger running back who goes north and south.

Question for anyone: How does this team stay emotionally up for the A and M game and future games? I liked the sideline demeanor on Saturday, but am unsure that they can keep that emotion and focus up consistently.

Anyone who additionally thinks that UF does not have a defense needs to watch the game again. I guarantee that UF will have a top 10-20 defense at years end. They have as many as 7-8 future NFL young guys playng on that defense (anyone who doesnt believe that write the names of that two deep down and see if they arent pros in a couple of years). I am a cane through and through; no excuses for inept offense, but the 140 yards of offense that UM had were partially because of bad execution, not because of poor play calling, and mostly because UF's defense is talented and very experienced.

in response to Rich:

the 12 sophomores UF started: many of those were redshirt sophomores who have been in the program for 2-3 years now, and the true sophomores started last year and have a full year plus of playing experience...UM had true and redshirt freshmen playing in their first road game in a hostile environment, big difference.

8 senior starters: Reddick and Cook(injuries have kept them sidelined for nearly two years), X Shannon (transferred from FIU), that leaves Moncour at DE (sat out game 1, still injured), Youngblood at OL (sat out game 1, injury), Johnson at CB, K Jones at WR, and two DT's in Joseph and Dixon who dont have a lot of starting experience. Jones, Dixon and Joseph rotate with freshmen and dont play a lot after the first quarter. That leaves Bruce Johnson at CB as the only returning senior starter who plays consistently through the game and wasnt playing his first game...

now who really was the young team out there on saturday?


Are you hAving Q&A TODAY?


Not to beat a dead horse but the NCAA rulebook proves Carl Moore did not catch the ball. Here it is:

Catch, Interception, Recovery
ARTICLE 7. A catch is an act of firmly establishing player possession of a
live ball in flight.
a. A catch of an opponent’s fumble or pass is an interception.
b. Securing player possession of a live ball after it strikes the ground is
“recovering it.’’
c. To catch, intercept or recover a ball, a player who leaves his feet to
make a catch, interception or recovery must have the ball firmly in his
possession when he first returns to the ground inbounds with any part of
his body or is so held that the dead-ball provisions of Rule 4-1-3-p apply
(A.R. 2-2-7-I-V and A.R. 7-3-6-IV).
1. If one foot first lands inbounds and the receiver has possession
and control of the ball, it is a catch or interception even though a
subsequent step or fall takes the receiver out of bounds.
2. Loss of ball simultaneous to returning to the ground is not a catch,
interception or recovery

Moore lost the ball on contact with the ground. By rule it was not a catch . The Gators got what they wanted but it was a hollow victory helped by a slimy athletic director.

Any word on Greg Cote?? Did the Herald let him go yet??

Any word on Greg Cote?? Did the Herald let him go yet??

Good job manning on reported on the Canes. yeah I agree Florida fans need to get off our blog and concentrate on theirs. They will eventually though due to them suffering a few loses of their own. Yeah Yall won so do us a favor and get loss. Taunting and flamming the Canes and their fans can come back to haunt ...nothing last forever. Wait until Tebow leaves U all for the NFL this year..I wonder how things will pan out then?

Not poor play calling, 30 runs up the middle with 8-9 guys up at or near the line and you can't run thats not bad execution. How many months did Nix have to game plan for this and thats the best we can do. He never gave the offense a chance to win or even score.Third and 9 we throw the ball 1 yard and tell the receiver get 9 yards and make 4 guys miss. We have been doing this the last 2 years. Young took chances on defense it was the only way to stay in the game.

Loved that special teams play U.

Loved that offense play U.

Loved that amazing running attack U.

Loved that brilliant coaching U.

Loved that post game whining by the HYPOCRITE R.S.

Loved that huge stick Bosher put on James after he knifed up the middle of your coverage for a cool 35 yards. Nice celebration kid. SIT DOWN.

He body slammed your returner like a little girl,and had 2 other sticks

Thanx Manny for outing canesrule! That kid is a real problem for this blog. I would recommend having the MH IT department search his IP and block him.

Now to FB: I understand that our QB is young but eventually you have to open it up. Hopefully Nix starts doing that soon. I was never a fan of Chan Gailey and Nix not only learned from him but also played for Auburn back in the ball control days. I live in TX and watch Mike Leach at TX Tech, he changes QB's every two years and they come right in and start passing. Don't see why Nix can't do the same thing, he does have the top 2 all time Florida leading QB's.

Need to give Nix the rest of the year and see what happens, maybe the O will show promise by the TX A&M game.

FYI: The TX A&M stadium is a loud environment, so it is another great test for the O.


Q.. Hey Manny Appreciate your Time as always. I was wondering how much confidence they got from the game Sat and if you think they will string a winning streak because of it???

TXCane, the only thing in Texas are steers and queers. You don't sound like a steer so you must be a queer!

Canes suck. They got stomped no matter how you look at it. The Cryami offense didn't even cross midfield in the 2nd half. You lost, you suck, now go play your sorry ass conference schedule. Stay off the gator message board, if you don't I'll keep posting on this sorry blog.


Hmm, interesting stuff off Rivals today:

In the 1950s, it took the political leaders of the state to force Florida to play Florida State, and it might be time for those boys to get involved again.

Florida beat Miami 26-3 and showed again why it is a legitimate contender for the SEC and national titles.

But it was the Hurricanes who made the biggest impression on me. No team I have seen this season looks to have made more improvement from last season than Miami.

Associated Press

USF tight end Cedric Hill eludes UCF linebacker Alex Thompson to score a touchdown.

UM gave the Gators all they could handle for three quarters. The 'Canes showed a level of talent, speed and effort that more closely resembled the championship teams of old than the one that I watched at the end of last season. Miami still must find a way to get more big plays out of its running backs and wide receivers, but if you ask me, the 'Canes are a lot closer to being back than a lot of people think.

I think this sums up why even though we lost, many of us fans are encouraged by our team!

Sean Spence is outstanding. Deserves sll of his pre-season hype. I don't understand why UM went to a prevent defense in the last quarter giving Tebow time to throw unless the defense was tired.
Had Nix paniced in the last quarter and started throwing the ball deep the result could have ended up like Hawaii.
The reversal of the pass after 2 of the on field officials called the pass incomplete total bull and the motive of the upstairs offical should be questioned.

Florida fans just can't get enough of the Hurricane blog. Good luck in the SEC. No move on! Take you lame coach and your Heisman Trophy winner who turned down an invitation to the Playboy Mansion.. Hahahah, what a tool! He would rather leave the country and circumsize little boys with his church group, instead of going to a party at the Playboy mansion?!?!?!?! Nuff said! You can have him!!! Hahahhahaa! Tim Jesus Christ Tebow in full effect. GATORS STILL SUCK! That will be my last comment for all these Gator fans. Quit smiling, you look like you got a mouth full of dice! GO CANES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"He body slammed your returner like a little girl,and had 2 other sticks

Posted by: e "

Brandon James returned kicks for 131 yards against your sorry special teams. He routinely ROASTED 10 of your 11 guys. Go ahead meatwad, get excited about Boshers tackles. FOOL. I've never in my life been excited about a kicker making the tackle. But you should celebrate homer.

"Brandon James returned kicks for 131 yards against your sorry special teams. He routinely ROASTED 10 of your 11 guys. Go ahead meatwad, get excited about Boshers tackles. FOOL. I've never in my life been excited about a kicker making the tackle. But you should celebrate homer."

Wait how many rushing yards did Demps, and Rainey have at the end of the night? Florida has no running game whatsoever. Where was Moody at all night? How many rushing yards did Tebow have? I could have swore I heard gator fans telling us how may rushing TD Teblow would have at the end of the night. Oh thats right UM's young D with there first year under coach Young completely shut down the running game of the fastest team in the nation. UM exposed UF weakness for the rest of the SEC and the nation. Florida's days are number mark my words.

Watch what happened at the 2:12 mark to many of those and your passing game will be out the door too.

the great james got lit up by a KICKER, at least I have my meat


I'd like to address the "game changing catch" on the sideline. Regardless of whether or not the Florida receiver's elbow landed in bounds or not, you have to look at the whole play. As soon as the elbow hits the ground, the ball goes flying out of his possession. It is at the instant he hits the ground...watch the replays.

Now, to quote the NCAA rules under FI-45:

"XI. Airborne receiver A85 possesses the ball and in the process of going to the ground, first contacts the ground with his foot as he falls to the ground inbounds. Immediately upon hitting the ground, the ball comes loose and touches the ground. RULING: Incomplete pass. An Airborne received must maintain control of the ball if going to the ground in the process of completing a catch."

Moore went airborne, caught the ball, landed on his left elbow and the ball immediately came lose. And to think, the SEC officials used replay to make it a completed pass. I guess the replay ref must have never watched the replay any further than the .1 second that his elbow landed in bounds. And the Gator fans say this is legal? Someone please post a link to that replay so all can be revealed. No way does Moore maintain possession as he lands on the ground.

you couldn't shut your own pie hole, the zipper on your jorts goes in the front not the back

The non-catch starts at about the 2:08 minute mark:


Might not have changed who won, but definitely would have negated one TD.

Gator fans are so funny. They act like we were #1 in the nation or something. The point is, they can't play us when we are full strength. They love to point out our upperclassmen as if they are THE BOSS's recruits.

Let's see, True and Redshirt Freshmen, and Sophmores are THE BOSS's. All others are Coker's. UF did not have a drop off between Zook and Meyer. WE DID! So if those losers want to claim THIS ONE GAME THAT MEANT ABSOLUTELY NOTHING BUT BRAGGING RIGHTS THEN GO AHEAD AND BRAG! We still have more NCs, we still lead the series, more dominate players in the NFL, and we are still in the heart of the best high school players in the world.

Just wait for 2013, but hopefully we'll see them in a bowl before then, and I think by the hype of this past game, even though we are coming off a 5-7 season, some corporation out there will want to make money off of that one.


5 > 2

I could not agree more. The refs suck, they hated us in 2002 and now they see were on the way back, they arte trying to hold us down. It may not have changed the outcome but it would have keep momentum on our side. Its over now, lets just go out and beat up everyone else and HOPE they have to meet us in a bowl game for some payback. 2013 is too long to wait to eat some gator meat.

Am I one of the only ones in which the late field goal didnt really bother me? I didnt think anything of it. The only thing I thought was weird is that it seemed they were trying to cover the spread for some reason (betting). But as far as running up the score I dunno, its only 3 points. I know Im probably gonna catch some crap from my fellow Cane fans but it didnt really bother me much and I dont think Randy shouldve really said anything about it. I dunno I know everyone has different opinions about it, so I can accept both thoughts.

Stop worrying about Nix guys. The playbook will open soon enough. It's not our time yet. That's a huge YET! Let's judge Nix after the 6th week. This will give all those guys time to learn more plays and get more comfortable with the offense. Give it time! That was the first time they actually first team offense has EVER been together.

Patience Daniel son!

Is UF still bragging? LOL Good for you UF, you beat an unranked team, BARELY! If there were neutral refs, it would have been a whole different story, but whatever, it's a part of the game. It just stinks to get beat by refs and not by your OVERRATED team. From 1st to 3rd quarter, it felt like it was a home game. The Canes were out cheering the Swamp, and it was probably 100:1 if not more. By the way,

5 > 2

Posted by: 5Rings,U got em? | September 09, 2008 at 01:30 PM

It was the 3 plays that lead to the field goal. They had to kick the FG because it was 4th down. When people say, "running the score up" it's not the points. It's the play calling to run the score up. There was only 1:56 left, and with the new play clock at 40 seconds, the Gators could have kneeled the ball 3 times, and the clock would have ran out, GAME OVER! But oh, no, gotta get Gator Nation that betting money and not Cane Nation. That, my friend, is running the score up.

Spread was 23. They had to score. It was not 21 1/2 as everyone else is claiming. They had to score, just had to. See how they beat us by exactly 23 points. Hmmmm....makes ya wonder.....

There is a sad fact that Gators fans are going to have to face and why I chuckle at their ego- the SEC is the strongest conference in college football and they are not going to get through the SEC without taking at least 3 losses. That means no National Championship game. The Hurricanes have, for the forseeable future, the advantage of playing in the ACC; so the chances of Canes blowing through the ACC undefeated is a better bet than seeing the Gators get out of the SEC unscathed. So have fun with those 2 championships Gator fans- it's gonna be awhile before you put on number 3. 5 > 2

What's so funny about this season is that we might just loose that one game while FLORIDA MIGHT LOOSE ABOUT 3 0R 4 FOR ALL THAT SMACK TALKING. We'll be in a better bowl while they'll in up the Gator or Peach. I hope LSU, AUBURN, GEORGIA, and even Vandy (who gives them comp evry year) whoop their tail so CANES RULE will forever leave our sight!

What's so funny about this season is that we might just loose that one game while FLORIDA MIGHT LOOSE ABOUT 3 0R 4 FOR ALL THAT SMACK TALKING. We'll be in a better bowl while they'll in up the Gator or Peach. I hope LSU, AUBURN, GEORGIA, and even Vandy (who gives them comp evry year) whoop their tail so CANES RULE will forever leave our sight!

What happened to Sam Shields? I'm confused as why we would be starting Mr. Drop too many balls. (Not saying any names, but you know who you are) Is Shields that bad of a screw up? I really thought he would step up and lead these young guys in the spring, but it never happened.

"The Hurricanes have, for the forseeable future, the advantage of playing in the ACC;" -


"SEC is the toughest conf in CFB"

Sounds like UF already has the excuse ready to use when they don't make a BCS bowl game this year.

Salad Tosser,

Yeah, I said, "For the forseeable future..." because they switched from the Big East a few years back in case you didn't know about that.

U Give, But U Cannot Take ...


Or I did I use too many big words for a UF Fan? I was tempted to say UF Graduate, but I'll give the school the benefit of the doubt on this one. I'll try and dumb it down a little bit next time for you.

-Rocket Surgeon

Salad Tosser-

Not a rocket scientist, but I can do basic math:

5 > 2

"The Hurricanes have, for the forseeable future, the advantage of playing in the ACC;" -


"The Hurricanes have, for the forseeable future, the advantage of playing in the ACC;" -

OH NO, don't get recognition by playing top tier teams in the nation or top conference teams. Rack up wins against patsies in the ACC. That's an advantage alright.

HAS TO BE THE BIGGEST MORON ON EARTH. If average joe cane fan had a single hair on their nuutz, they would call this imbecile out.

that's almost as funny as you dolts responding, "hey salad tosser"

"U" aint the sharpest tool in the shed.


I have some more numbers for you:

5 > 2

Success is in the distant past.

in 08,,,, you suck.

Go ahead, keep talking about what you did decades ago.

Alabama has 14 of em. Do you care? of course you don't. NO ONE cares about your past. NO ONE. Do something in 08 THEN have an attitude. Better yet, win the SORRY ACC coastal division then get smacky you ancient imbecile

U suck

sweet field goal. Im sure everyone was reflecting on those "5" when you kicked your lone field goal. FOOL


Count with me:

one, two, three, four, FIVE

"The Hurricanes have, for the forseeable future, the advantage of playing in the ACC;"

that has NC written all over it.

To the Gator fan that is envious of Timebomb for tossing salad. Where was the SEC from 1980 to present day. Through those year's the SEC only has 6 teams out of 26 years winning the national title. Seems to me the SEC has been irrelevant up till now. Great to see you guys have finally arrived as a conference way to join the rest of college football. Now how long will it last?

When was the last time the tide won a national title? Florida could be so lucky to have gone to as many national titles as Miami let alone win as many.

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