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TRR: '09 class impressed by effort in Swamp

In case you missed our first episode of The Recruit Report, this is a new weekly feature I've added to our Eye On The U lineup to keep Canes fans in tune with what future recruits are doing at the high school level.

As many of you know, coach Randy Shannon told reporters Sunday he was thrilled by the number of phone calls he received from recruits after his team's 26-3 loss to fifth-ranked Florida in the Swamp. Tonight, I spoke to three members of UM's current 2009 recruiting class -- Wichita running back Bryce Brown, Plantation cornerback Brandon McGee, and Hialeah American defensive end Olivier Vernon -- who all said they liked what they saw from the Canes.

"Honestly, I think national championship in a year or two," McGee said. "That defense Brandon_mcgeeis sick. [Robert] Marve did pretty well. I just think the fact their still young and already doing those things should tell everybody we'll be the real deal soon. As time goes on, we'll get better. When I went to school today, some of my teammates were ragging on me. But UF did what it was supposed to do. I definitely think Miami impressed a lot of people with the outcome of the game. It was only 9-3 in the fourth quarter. If Florida is supposed to be that good, I can't wait to see what happens when our guys grow up."

Brown, the younger brother of Canes freshman linebacker Arthur Brown, said he watched the game live at home and was just as impressed as the rest of UM's current commitments. "I think the future is promising for Miami. I was very impressed with the defense," Brown said. "I thought offensive wise, coach [Patrick] Nix did a good job with the playcalling. The running backs need to be more confident, establish themselves more and some guys dropped some passes. But they'll get that fixed in practice. Definitely, anybody that knows football knows Miami is going to be a great team in the future. I think they're more ahead than they are supposed to be. They are definitely impressing me. I'm just excited and can't wait to get there."

I'll have more to share with you tomorrow from my conversation with Bryce -- including why he changed his official trip to UM from this coming weekend to December and why he'll be visiting TCU instead. But for now, here's how the Canes' future did in high school last week.

Bryce_brown_2> Bryce Brown, RB, 6-0, 215, Wichita East, Kan.: Brown's season got off to a great start with a 33-7 win over Wichita North in which he ran the ball 22 times for 146 yards and three touchdowns. It was his first game without big brother Arthur, but also his first game in a new spread offense without a lead blocker according to the Wichita Eagle. "I learned a lot tonight," Brown told the newspaper. "I learned, with the spread offense, you've got to be patient. I was trying to press it and do the things that I'm used to doing, like getting outside real fast. But with the field spread wide, you've got to be a little more patient."

> A.J. Highsmith, QB, 6-0. 186, Fort Bend (TX) Hightower: The son of former Hurricane running back Alonzo Highsmith had a bye last week. But if you want to check out how he does all season, just visit his team page at The Houston Chronicle.

Mike_james > Mike James, RB, 5-11, 211, Davenport Ridge: After an impressive kickoff classic victory two weeks ago, James followed it up a solid outing in a 27-0 win over Avon Park. According to The Lakeland Ledger, James ran 116 yards on 18 carries with two touchdowns. He also had 38 receiving yards.

> Prince Kent, ATH, 6-3, 195, Norcross (GA): Norcross didn't play last week. They had a bye. But I did find out how Kent did in his first two games thanks to the team's booster website. In a season-opening loss 21-6 loss to Camden, Kent hauled in 8 passes for 83 yards. In a 24-17 win against South Gwinnett two weeks ago, Kent had 3 catches for 73 yards. He also starts at safety in the secondary.

> Brandon McGee, DB, 5-11, 186, Plantation High:
McGee's days as a two-way player may finally be over. The emergence of Immoni Carswell at quarterback allowed McGee last week to play strictly at cornerback for the first time in his career. In Plantation's 40-7 win over South Broward, McGee had four tackles and two pass breakups. "I only had two passes thrown my way and had one reception in front of me during a Cover 3," McGee said. "I think I'm doing quite well. Corner is kind of natural to me. I'm just getting the defensive instincts down."

> Stephen Plein, TE, 6-6, 240, Fort Myers High: The Green Wave opened their season with a 14-7 win against Lehigh at home. Not a word on Plein in the Fort Myers News-Press.

> Curtis Porter, DT, 6-2, 334, Charlotte Victory Christian: Tropical Storm Hanna canceled Porter's game against North Hampton last Friday night. Here's what else the Charlotte Observer reported.

> Luther Robinson, DT, 6-3, 280, Fort Pierce Westwood: Robinson's team pulled off an impressive 21-19 win against Vero Beach according to TCPalm.com.

> Billy Sanders, TE, 6-4, 235, Lake City Coueru d'Alene, Idaho: Sanders, who moved from Phoenix Brophy Prep to Idaho, lost his first game of the season 33-17 according to IdahoSports.com.

> Olivier Vernon, DE, 6-3, 239, Hialeah American: The Patriots suffered a disappointing 30-24 loss to Coral Reef. Vernon, who said he might play some linebacker this season, lined up only at defensive end. Olivier_vernon He said he had sack, blocked field goal and a handful of tackles. "We came out flat-footed," Vernon said. "I guess we deserved that loss." Vernon said his father recorded Miami's game against Florida and he watched it on Sunday. "I wasn't surprised. I knew it would be a good game. The freshmen came in -- especially Sean Spence -- they looked good." Vernon said other schools are still coming after him hard and he's decided to schedule official visits to Alabama on Dec. 12 and South Florida on Dec. 5. But he says he still is committed to Miami and likes the fact so many freshmen are getting a chance to play. "I know for sure I can get out there and get some playing time," Vernon said.

> Cory White, TE, 6-5, 234, Fleming Island: White's team opened the season with an impressive 31-6 victory against Middleburg. White didn't catch any balls at tight end and played the entire night at tackle. Here is a link to the team's website.

PROGRAMMING NOTES: I'll be hosting my live Q&A Tuesday at 1 p.m. There is now a permanent link on the blog in the upper left hand corner so its easier for you to find. See you tomorrow.


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Success is in the distant past.

in 08,,,, you suck.

Go ahead, keep talking about what you did decades ago.

Posted by: Timebomb tosses 86's salad | September 09, 2008 at 04:49 PM

Is that what those 90,000 fans were saying saturday? Cuz from what I could hear they werent sayin sh*t! Silent & Scared. Unranked team keeping you to a measly 9 pts for 52 mins, In which we helped them to those 9 pts (botched punt placed you on the 35 & 15 yd penalty put us on what the 1?, easy punt block) Oh but how those SEC refs came thru, and changed the momentum of the game (which is huge in college football)

I pray we see you all in a bowl game in the end of the year, hopefully with neutral refs, and also no homefield advantage(which was also huge for you guys). Ah I can see it now, PAYBACK!

watched the replay of the game this afternoon on css...after hearing a bunch of people say that was a catch, i have no idea what they were watching. Even the gators radio announcers were saying no way its a catch...he didnt have possesion for a nano second...too bad that a great game got ruined by a flat out horrendous call. id love to see the sec refs response to this one. also, i was under the impression that only indisputable evidence could overturn the call on the field...didnt see any view or angle of that play that would make indisputable evidence.

Listen to you pantywaits whiners trying to put down the SEC


Wilbon just slammed Shannon. Told him to "JUST SHUT UP !"


Crying about UF running up the score with a FIELD GOAL is the softest thing I've EVER seen come out of Coral Gables. It's the STATE of things in Miami. Lose then whine . How sad.

Gaytors fans cry nonstop about 'we play in the sec' thats why we have 2 rings.

Maybe you should request to get out of the conference just like you requested not to play us anymore.

You're forgetting cane fan that you "hate" UF. Why wouldn't they tack a cheap field goal on your soft A S S ? You would have hung a 70-spot on them if you could have.


I'll ALWAYS remember UM in 08 for whining about a FIELD GOAL...LMAO


A team that didn't even sniff the end zone shouldn't be WHINING about a field goal. HOW SOFT ARE U?

forget the field goal, you should be pisssed that you're coaches STINK and your O STINKS and your special teams STINK


DuhU is just BAD You look just like 07. That's gotta make you squirm.

5rings...blah blah blah blah...win something NOW then talk you imbecile. You're stuck in the past you FOOL. Presently you are an acc DOORMAT.

I have a phone number you might want to call:


That's the championship hotline.

Presently you are an acc DOORMAT.

Posted by: Timebomb tosses 86's salad | September 09, 2008 at 05:59 PM

Really? I didnt know we played any acc team yet?

Dont worry we will win and win alot in this present year. Just read all those news stories that you guys rely so heavily on to boost your ego and you will see how almost EVERY single story says, 'The U will be back'.

You all are so scared its funny, you just keep tellin yourself were stayin down.

A team that didn't even sniff the end zone shouldn't be WHINING about a field goal. HOW SOFT ARE U?

Posted by: Timebomb tosses 86's salad | September 09, 2008 at 05:59 PM

Why dont you ask James and Tebow how 'soft' Bosher and Spence are? lmao

Why dont you come down to the city of Miami talkin all that sh*t and see how 'soft' we really are?

Enjoy your 2 rings Gator fans, it's the last rings you are going to have for a long, long time. Once the Gaytors Circumcising Champion QB is gone next year (on his way to washing out of the NFL as a Fullback), UF will return to their proper spot as the bottom feeder in Florida college sports.

Yes indeed, it was our same two-faced 4th choice coach who chose not to punt on fourth down with less than five minutes to play and the Hurricanes up by 45-7 in the season opener against Charleston Southern.

Any thought of if Randy's gonna publicly beg the Aggies for mercy this week?


not impressed at all w UF
i was at the stadium and that place is a 'DUMP'
a Swamp would be an upgrade.

made the OB look like a state of the art facility

i had decent seats but NO leg room
my knees were digging into the person in front of mes bk

the bathrooms were like saunas

u would figure this school tat brags about having so much money would give its fans a better experience

it was awful

as for the game

UF will lose Tebow at some pt this yr and they will become no better than South Carolina

i imagine Meyer knws this and will time his departure w tebows

he has not developed any NFL talent
and his gimick schemes are being exposed
hes gonna get Tebow killed

long story long
enjoy ur moment in the sun UF
it wont last long and
this season will end in failure
not Miami

"Why dont you come down to the city of Miami talkin all that sh*t and see how 'soft' we really are?" - One Ring for Each of Our Wins in 08'

Good one! Except you don't play in the City of Miami. The 30,000 Fans of Duhhhhh U may have realized this after riding on the short bus for 30+ minutes.


"and his gimick schemes are being exposed" - rico suave

I'll take the Gators gimick schemes being exposed and 23 point wins all season long.


"too bad that a great game got ruined by a flat out horrendous call" - Ryan Seacrest

Still living in the past and referring to when U couldn't beat Ohio State when it mattered?

Duhhhh's recent relevant history on national TV can be summed up as........


Where was this rushing game I heard so much about from all the Gator fans? I forget what was James, Demps, and Rainey rushing stats. Whats that they didn't have any? How is that possible you faced a UM team that lost to UVA last year 48 to nothing. Florida could barely muster 26 points against an unranked team (You could say Miami spotted UF 9 with a shanked punt). Florida did all that with a Heisman winner.

Honestly the SEC excuse is well just that an excuse. If your team was really the best in the nation it wouldn't matter what conference you play in. So please think up a better excuse for the reason you only have two ring's instead of five. Like I said before UF won this game but UM still owns UF all time.

"Still living in the past and referring to when U couldn't beat Ohio State when it mattered?"

Just like UF couldn't beat Nebraska when it mattered


I hav seen this before- 1999 UM played the pernnial Number 1-2 FSu tough for 3 quarters, and the young but tealented team ran out of steam. But that was the sign. Of things to come...2000- BCS was ours but robbed
2001- Best CFB team in the history. Period.
2002- Stolen dreams. Robbed again.
2003- Number 5- beat FSU. Would have beaten anyone.
2004-Beat the lowly gaturds- thats the reason we didnt finish any higher.

Oh by the, salad,, just know that UF has won 64 times in the last 8 years to UMs 77! ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

canesrule- I'll show you-and I'll go all of LAuderdale lakes on yousoft skinny a-$. By the way, What was the Nebraska UF score in 1995?

- And how many wins has UF had since 2000?
- And since you panzies always talk about how tough the sec is - Why then has UF lost 3 of the last 5 bowls?

You gators are a sorry bunch beginning with you. Now go home to your trailer son, yo momma is calling. She wants you to clean the pig pen.

Why couldn't UF stop LSU on there final drive? How many fourth down conversion did LSU get in that drive?

How is it that Tebow hasn't beat UGA since he became the starting QB?

Hell thanks to Florida Chad Henne finished his career at the University of Michigan with a victory in a bowl game, the first in five.

You talk about playing four quarters in the SEC but in almost all of the games you lost last year the winning TD's came in the fourth quarter.

"Still living in the past and referring to when U couldn't beat Ohio State when it mattered?" - The Truth

"Just like UF couldn't beat Nebraska when it mattered" - AtlantaCane

Yes but we are not the one's who will still be whining about it to our great, great grand kids.

The Swindle at the Swamp vs. FSU, when no fewer than six key questionable calls all went against the Gators, is in the Guiness Book of World Records as worst officiated college football game ever. Yet we rarley bring it up.

U can't get through five posts without hearing about OSU.......six years later.


"Why couldn't UF stop LSU on there final drive?" - I Love MARTA

We lost by 4 points to the national champion in their house. When was the last time U beat a ranked opponenton the road?

HERE'S A HINT - 2005

"How is it that Tebow hasn't beat UGA since he became the starting QB?" - I Love MARTA

Let's see here, Tebow became a starter in 2007, so that makes all of a whopping 1 loss he has to a team he played against with a bum shoulder. Not to mention the same team in which we have won 15 of the last 18 and one of the current 5 SEC teams ranked in the Top 11 of the AP.


"You talk about playing four quarters in the SEC but in almost all of the games you lost last year the winning TD's came in the fourth quarter." - I Really Love MARTA

As the facts go and as previously stated, during the entire 2007 season we had the 2nd youngest D in the nation and the youngest overall all roster in the nation. We still played in a major bowl game and managed a 9-4 record. However, at the time and after each loss, fans of Duhhhhh U said having a young team was no excuse. U ended up 5-7. Because why???


What difference does 4 points make you still lost. Not only lost but gave up. Like I said you couldn't stop LSU when it mattered. You can keep your hints I don't need them. All I need is to not have to read a bunch of bulls=hit from some D O U C H E bag gator fan.

The last thing I want to hear is some gator fan telling someone else not to whine. I still hear florida fans whining about UGA dancing in the endzone. If your not familiar with that incident here let me refresh you:

This is for you Canesrule/Teblow salad tosser/ or whatever name you want to go by. This has one has nothing to do with football.

26-3 is so much more impressive than 23-3. The comical thing is that Urban Myer Weener thought the extra three would impress recruits... Meanwhile, most of those attending were already won over by the young Canes going toe-to-toe with the 'mighty' Gators... Then Urban tacked on three worthless points and turned off recruits, parents, and high school coaches... I could care less about losing by three more points but I'm sure glad it mattered to Urban :)

Keep it up Urban...you're a genius...

Atlanta, Urban whines so much about UGA's celebration penalty that he vows to "get even"? Richt did it to fire up his own team...plus got 15 yards on the the kick-off... What't there to "get even" about... Maybe Urban can go get a 15 yarder to even the score??? What a dolt.

Let's see here, Tebow became a starter in 2007, so that makes all of a whopping 1 loss he has to a team he played against with a bum shoulder.

So your excuse is a bum shoulder? Your telling me that without Tebow you can't win games? No other QB in the stable that can compete?

Not to mention the same team in which we have won 15 of the last 18.

So you know how UM feels when Florida fans
S H I T. UGA actually has a tough schedule this year too.

canerule and cokecane are the biggest d_o_u-S-H_e BAG Gator fans...No life loser living in the attic with their mom....you all will recognize 4-5 loses this year and stay the f off this cane blog


Hey guys, I seriously found a video of the infamous "canesrule", and hes callin us cry babies and whatnot. Typical gaytor.

Check it out.


5Rings...gotcha beat with this 1 lol

Great job Manny. The part about how the 09 recruits are faring was nice, especially Bryce Brown. I'm curious as to why Arthur Brown hasn't seen any or much action. Maybe I missed it? Do you know where he sits on the depth chart? Sean Spence looks awesome. Brandon Harris looked mighty good on a few plays too. He got smoked on one though. Jacory Harris was great in game 1. Marve looked decent despite having one hand tied behind his Nix....er back. Why not more complaining about that bad call on the UF reception? He dropped the pass! Yea maybe it wouldn't have made a difference, but it amazes me how officials continue to make bad calls, even w/ instant replay. Keep up the fantastic work. Go Canes.

Israel Gutierrez is an idiot with his latest article about Randy Shannon. Randy Shannon can talk crap about whoever he wants, its not the first time coaches go at each other like that.
We'll see UF again before 2013 and we don't have to worry about pissing them off.

Israel you s*ck and TV, the words out of your mouth are an f'ing jumbled mess with no clarity, your articles stink and your an amature journalist. I would think you would stick to the Dolphins and Marlins beats, those 2 teams are a mess. They don't give you enough material to craft a story?

hey, manny . . tell israel, gainesville gazette called, they need people there! sheesh, can't believe that dude actually writes for MIAMIherald, what a sellout, he totally punked out on us! wether coach shannon was out of line or not, you have to respect his statements, he didn't say it to take a shot at urban, that's to state a fact! it does show character when u wanna rub it in to people ur team is much better than the other, what does that teach kids? to face the world with big ego???

just b'coz u get to appear on around the horn, does not mean ur a legit sports writer!

i really wany israel to try walking around UM campus, so that he'll get hit in the mouth on his way out!


We used to win stuff. Now we get PUMMELED by k r appy ACC teams.
(cough:: virginina::cough) We like to talk smack because we won in the good ole days. We have sucked for a long time. We'll continue to suck under marble mouf. What a fool he is. Getting a knot in his panties over a FIELD GOAL !!!!!!!!!!!!! We're talking about a FIELD GOAL. Not a touchdown. A FIELD GOAL.


What a bunch of whining pansies.

Note to Marble Mouf: Check the score on the CSU game before you whine about a FIELD GOAL you pantywaist.


You mean it took Israel Gutierrez 4 days to write about something that happend on saturday night. Your a little late Gutierrez on stirring the pot.

"What a bunch of whining pansies. "

Now we know what if feels like to be a gator fan.

Still whining about that dance UGA did in your ENDZONE last year.

Where is that cryptic moron Green this week? Looks like the master of the phrase crawled back into his hole.

C'mon Green, talk up Field Goal U.

Great job on your KICKER sticking UF's returner after he hung ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY ONE YARDS on your sorry special teams.

Brandon James came NINE YARDS short of EQUALLING your anemic offenses TOTAL output. Shut your hole and beat an average team in the sorry ACC. Better yet, win over a ranked team on the road. AINT HAPPNIN


"Great job on your KICKER sticking UF's returner after he hung ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY ONE YARDS on your sorry special teams."

And just like UM offense Jame never scored a TD. Nor did he gain any actual rushing yards. So your 1st string RB couldn't mange to get a single yard aside from special teams. Now there's something to hang your hat on. Anyway you slice it UF struggled against Miami.

Florida fans will learn this year that without Tim Tebow they don't have a chance in hell. Worry about the goings on with your own team don't worry about these canes.

Hey Manny, why is Canesrule still on here again today? I thought he was banned? I guess he got tired of watching Teablows home videos from the Phillipines circumcizing little boys.


People, people, people. It's 3 points and after 25years of rooting for the U I gatta say this to my fellow U followers. Let it go!!!!!! WQe know that UF has no shot at the SEC this year let alone the BCS. We know that Errban is the underminer nothing is lower than him. We know that Canesrule secretly wears Ray Leiws Jammies and is really just pissed because he couldn't get admitted to the U. Just wait unitl year end when we'll be in a better bowl game and they'll be whinning about how that isn't fair. Checked that UF blog no fans of the U why? Because we don;t need to gloat about beating unranked young teams when were in the top 5. But hey when success in new you just don't know what to do!!!!!

Why is Israel Gutierez articles found under UM section in the Herald? Shouldn't it be found under the UF section only? That guy is a complete TOOL. If you had not read his article, dont bother. Complete homer for UF.

Why is Israel Gutierez articles found under UM section in the Herald? Shouldn't it be found under the UF section only? That guy is a complete TOOL. If you had not read his article, dont bother. Complete homer for UF.

Posted by: GainesvilleMullet

I.G. is just telling the truth which is that Waaaaahndy Shannon is a SORE LOSER.


UM runs up the score when they CAN...ahhh. the good ole days.

quit whining Field Goal U

IG is keeping the pot stirred just like UF fan's keep coming here to talk S H I T about beating an unranked team. We are three days removed from the comment I think it took Israel Gutierez all of fours day to actually write this crap piece. I have never cared for Israel Gutierez he is irrelevant. Like I said it took him four days to write this crap I bet he started the moment someone explained to him what college football is.

Talk about sour grapes I do believe Urban has stated verbally that Florida wouldn't let that dance UGA did go answered.

I know UF fans have to enjoy while it last because for once in a hundred years they actually have a good team.

Just think 10 years ago you where on the same where on the same level of CFB as Vandy.

Ah, the UF fans basking in their glory. I'm sure these idiots will be gone from here once their almighty team is beaten at least three times this year. (probably UGA, LSU and South Carolina).

Too bad they aint playing Auburn in regular season. I really enjoy those games.

I was reading on one of the other canes blogs that have have a handful of top notch silent commits. Anyone know anything about that.

I read about William Campbell decommnting from Michigan over on ESPN. He is suppose to make a vist to UM sometime in Dec.

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