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Emotional Canes headed to Swamp

University of Miami coach Randy Shannon told reporters in his press conference Tuesday, the rivalry between the Canes and Gators no longer exists the way it used to because the teams don't face each other on a yearly basis anymore. Annual rivalry or not, nobody can deny emotions will be running high for the Canes when they visit the Swamp Saturday night -- even if linebackers Romeo Davis and Glenn Cook are the only guys on the team who actually played against Florida in the 2004 Peach Bowl.

When Florida receiver Louis Murphy made his comments earlier this week about Miami not being the Real U, his quote was instantly posted throughout the team's locker room Sunday. Jason_fox
Tuesday, UM cornerback Bruce Johnson looked like he was boiling inside when I asked him about Murphy, telling me he's sweeping it under the rug until Saturday night. Safety Anthony Reddick just smirked, saying the team will handle it "between the white lines." Offensive tackle Jason Fox responded with some old school Canes bravado I haven't seen or heard in years.

"They can talk whatever they want, Fox said. "They can try to fuel the media and try to get whatever they're trying to do. But they're going to look pretty dumb when we come out and stick it to them. But I'm not going to say anything more than that."

Words of course only go so far. What's really fueling Miami this week are two things -- the urge to prove themselves in the eyes of the nation and the suffering of one of its senior leaders, defensive end Eric Moncur, whose mother died after a long battle with cancer Sunday. Johnson, Moncur's roommate, said Moncur's mother's death and his willingness to play this week in spite of his emotional pains has really hit home with his teammates and is motivating them a lot. Eric_moncur
Johnson said Moncur would visit his mother everyday in the hospital after practice and he could tell it was wearing on him. "I feel like we're going to feed off his energy on Saturday. I mean, I'm playing to help The U and everything, but I'm also playing for Eric too. For him to come out and still practice and do what he's doing after what he's been through. He doesn't want to let us down and we don't want to let him down. We're playing for Eric too. We're going to give it all we got."

Linebacker Glenn Cook told me many of the current players have received calls this week from former players including Kenny Phillips and Jon Beason to talk to them about the importance of beating Florida. "It's intense," Cook said of his memories playing Florida. "It's probably the most intense game we've played, a lot of trash talking. We just don't want to lose Florida because they say things the whole time were out there. That's how its going to be this Saturday."

> Shannon talked during his ACC teleconference Wednesday about his defense focusing on stopping Florida's running game and not making the game so much about stopping Heisman winner Tim Tebow. Tim_tebow_2Shannon said Tuesday what makes Florida's offense so successful is when the running game is working and Tebow can run the playaction. Basically, Shannon said he's not worried about Tebow getting his -- it's the other guys. The numbers certainly don't lie. Last year, in Florida's four losses (Auburn, LSU, Georgia and Michigan), Tebow still was affective running the football, averaging 46 yards on the ground (not that far off from what he did in UF's wins when he averaged 79 on the ground). As a team, when Florida ran the ball well, they blew teams out. In UF's nine wins, they averaged 222 yards rushing. In their losses? 151.

> New defensive coordinator Bill Young could ultimately be the star of Saturday's game. Bill_young
If he can devise a way for UM to contain the likes of Tebow, Percy Harvin and Chris Rainey from turning broken plays into big plays, Miami can be successful. Florida's spread offense, though, will make open field tackling the most important aspect of the game. Cook said Young has been preaching turnovers all week and feels giving Tebow different looks (zone blitzes, etc.) could produce that. Johnson said Tuesday the defense began working on new fronts and it was being successful against the scout team. "We're really trying to work on [turnovers] because its going to be a big key in the game, Cook said. "Tebow is still young. He's still getting comfortable as a quarterback. So, we got to give him different looks. That will make him read a little bit more and keep him in the pocket."

> Offensively, several players told me UM has spent a lot of time this week "going silent" to simulate the fact they likely will not be able to hear a peep in the Swamp. Offensively, I expect Miami to run the ball a ton with Graig Cooper and Javarris James and take as much pressure off Marve as possible.

> UM will definitely get a boost from having Allen Bailey and Moncur back in the rotation this week at defensive end. But I wonder how effective both can honestly be. Shannon told reporters they would both get between 20-25 snaps. Fans should realize both still aren't at 100 percent. Moncur obviously will wear his emotions on his sleeve. Bailey told me he'll likely have to wear a brace on his chest to protect his torn pectoral muscle at least half of the season. Bailey said he doesn't feel any more pain in the muscle, but the brace does restrict him some. Expect Miami's defensive line starters this week to be Steven Wesley (who played well against Charleston Southern), Adewale Ojomo and Antonio Dixon and Marcus Forston. Bailey said that's who was going with the first team Tuesday.

> It's amazing to me how much of a leader Xavier Shannon has become on this team, especially so quickly, since transferring in from FIU last spring. Yesterday, e talked at length about his experiences playing on the road and how he's trying to keep his teammates calm heading into The Swamp. He sounded so much like his father it was amazing. Even if Randy never says it, he's got to be proud how much Xavier helps this team.

> I think everyone laughed out loud yesterday when quarterback Robert Marve told reporters he couldn't wait to get "the crap" knocked out of him so it would calm him down. Marve, who usually sounds rehearsed when he talks with us, was about as human as ever yesterday (JUST LISTEN). He obviously doesn't want to get the crap knocked out of him (although I'm sure the Gators would love to). Marve was just so excited yesterday, you can tell he's salivating at the mouth to play this week.

As for those worried about his first start coming in The Swamp, check out some of the comments from his teammates, including Jones below who said Marve came in with the right attitude from day one.

> Another moment I laughed out loud yesterday was listening to Jones talk about some of his funnier experiences in hostile environments. The most hostile place Jones said he's been Khalil_jones
in was Clemson where he says "the ground shook." Jones said fans were taunting former assistant Don Soldinger, calling him a Potty Mouth after Soldinger cussed out a UM player. At Virginia Tech, Jones said fans taunted players by telling them would all be in jail by morning. At Oklahoma last year, fans pulled the same stunt but actually brought bars with them to drive their point further. Jones said its always good to embrace the wild atmosphere in games like the one UM will face Saturday. "It's always better to embrace it than to run away from it. You have to use it to drive you." God knows the Gators will come up something creative for the Canes this week.

> Jones said playing in a loud environment really won't affect the receivers. He said most of the time he can't hear the snap count anyway and just goes when the ball is snapped. "You just have to block everything out and focus on the task at hand. Whether its quiet or loud, coaches expect you to make that catch. You got to get the job done."

> I'll be back later tonight with if there's any news from this afternoon's practice.


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first time first!

Hey nice blog Manny! Everyone needs to play well and the rest will take care of itself

Great work, Manny. There's heart and soul in this post.

Manny, I don't know what I would do without you. I am sitting here in the office, too excited about this game to work, just going around and around checking all of the blog sites hoping for another little tidbit to read.

I love the fact the the Canes are talking back at that idiot Murphy (hey, if Larry Coker didn't recruit him, he was probably all state in high school), but they sound completely different then the Coker teams that jumped on the Louisville logo to pretend to be confident. You're hearing a lot of "they're going to look pretty dumb when we come out and stick it to them. But I'm not going to say anything more than that..." type comments, not dumb, moronic babbling like the last couple of years (like pretending the offense was hiding plays before the Oklahoma game).

I've said it before and I'll say it again, if we beat Florida this Saturday then UF shouldn't show up for a game against us at any time in the future between now and the end of the world. If they don't beat us now, then they're never going to...EVER.

And I can't WAIT to see what happens.

And this from NBC Sports:Bowl Projections...


Orange Bowl
Jan. 1, 2009
At Miami
Miami (BCS/ACC)
vs. Boise State (BCS/at-large)

Somebody has to represent the ACC in the Orange Bowl, so why not Miami? Boise State must go undefeated to reach the BCS, but the Broncos certainly are capable.

"If he can devise a way for UM to contain the likes of Tebow, Percy Harvin and Chris Rainey".....then Moore, Moody, Murphy, Hernandez, Demps, James, Cooper and Thompson should have huge days.


Robert Marve told reporters he couldn't wait to get "the crap" knocked out of him so it would calm him down.


"If they don't beat us now" - one cane outside of the 305


And this from AP TOP 25.........

thank goodness for the yellow jackets.


It takes a real big man to show up on a blog and talk smack when his team is in the top 5 and are 3 touchdown favorites against an unranked team they're playing at home. Murphy is an idiot, and apparently the UF fans aren't much more clever. Better gator teams have lost to worse UM teams in the last 2 decades, and it is best to remember that this same Gators team got waxed in a bowl by a team less talented than the Canes that are traveling north this weekend.

"I can't sit up there and be worried about officials. They're human, they're going to make mistakes. I'm going to tell you that right now -- they're going to make mistakes. But you know what? You have to accept what it is and keep going." - Shannon on the SEC Officials

More whining and the game is still a few days away. Running up the score, the officials, can't wait to read the post game excuses.



"What Louis Murphy said really pumped us up. We had the article posted all over our locker room"........so then we started talking trash ourselves?

“Are they going to be able to match up with our defense?” - Canes safety Anthony Reddick


“I think we have as many playmakers as they do” - Reddick

4 vs 11 - U DO DUHHHH MATH

“He (Tebow) may have done that to other teams, but I’m confident we’ll stop him.” - Canes DT Antonio Dixon


“If he (Tebow) wants to run up in there, it’ll be fun to see what happens. He’s a tough kid. Maybe he’ll be able to handle it.” - Canes middle linebacker Glenn Cook


"Gators team got waxed in a bowl by a team less talented than the Canes" - Duhhhhh Bulls Fan

Odd that a less talented team managed to make a major bowl game, now isn't it?


Manny...good stuff on Hank and the Canes mindset heading into the game against UF.

Big players step up in big games. Who will it be this time?

this is the best cane blog by far that i have found thanku

Thanks for making my point for me...didn't read a word I said.

I said it's easy to be cocky when you're favored by 21 points, and you give back examples of the Canes talking when they're 21 point dogs.

I said this years Miami team is better than last years Michigan team, and you tell me how last year's Miami team didn't make a bowl.

I guess there's no point...maybe I'll log on and see what those huge UF blogs are saying...oh, nevermind.

Read and then respond.

ago canes

"I said this years Miami team is better than last years Michigan team".......then you're implying that Duhhhh U will go 9-4 and actually reach a bowl game while playing in the inferior ACC vs. the Big 10


U will be lucky to break even in the regular season for the second time in three seasons.


"I said this years Miami team is better than last years Michigan team, and you tell me how last year's Miami team didn't make a bowl. I guess there's no point" - guy with no point


Right now we are ranked ahead of uf in total offense uf is just winning in the number arrests the last two years

Forget the "D"- The U has always been about the "O"... I say this team scores with the big boys with Matt Perrelli at QB...

I will have a spot right in front at Gameday

My gameday sign will read:



Dude -- you're reporting deserves so many props...Itz incredible not only how far, IMO you've come during your Canebeat, but also how far in front you are of has-beens like Cote...

Whatever happens, Saturday --- keep it up, yo! You and Miller-Degnan alike...

CANES, baaby


I will have a spot right in front at Gameday

My gameday sign will read:

Jamar Hornsby stole my credit card

Sorry but being objective here Miller-Degnan is BRUTAL.
Cote is a decent dude. He needs to lighten up a little more like LeBatard but he did come up with a good Jacory Harris analogy.

I hope the Canes are emotional after the game too instead of not caring and quitting like they did last year.
Then Miller-Dyken can write about how the Canes are MAD and they will win their next game against Temple or whatever other sorry school the Canes load their schedule with.

The SEC and Gayturds suc*!

"Then Miller-Dyken can write about how the Canes are MAD and they will win their next game against Temple or whatever other sorry school the Canes load their schedule with"

Yeah I can't wait to watch UF take on the citadel. Those non conference games are going to be tough

I will be holding up a sign that says:

Me me in the parking lot so I can whoop your a** canerules!

Paid blogging pu**y that never played a sport in his life.

Keep talking smack but make sure to post Sat. Night.

UF goes 6-6 this year Tebow jumps ship for the NFL. Florida realizes Urban has taken them for a rather expensive ride and he goes the way of Zook.

i want to give a shout out to my main bloggers ...
and last but not the least, the mean GREEN-keep it coming soilder.

Posted by: NigerianCane | September 01, 2008 at 10:00 PM


Gator Nation

Posted by: canerules | September 03, 2008 at 01:03 PM
euphemism for one-horse hogtown ...


hey gaturd agent provocateur, lay off Susan Miller Degnan & Pres. Donna Shalala ...

hey manny navarro, why must one search high & low for your chat link?

I will be holding up a sign that says:

"Meet me at I-95 Exit 3-A because I'll already be on my way home when I realize the game is over halfway through the first quarter" - canesrulebowlineligibility

You Gators are funny man, The Canes are not that young. Pay attention please. My teaammate at BTW in 04 Antonio Dixon (SR), ex teammate Chavez Grant (JR) who shut the explosive Preston Parker and Greg Carr down last season, Colin McCarthy (JR), Glenn Cook (SR), Bruce Johnson, Carlos Armour (SR), Randy Phillips (SR), Darryl Sharpton (JR),Courtney Harris (JR, Ryan Hill-Jr,Javarris James-Jr, Kayne Farquharson-Sr,Khalil Jones-Sr , Sam Shields-Jr , Jason Fox-Jr , Reggie Youngblood-Sr ,Lovon Ponder-Sr,Eric Moncur-Sr , Spencer Adkins-Sr, Dedrick Epps-Jr. And just so you know they maybe young but Spence, Forston,Brandon Harris and Aldarius Johson can play with anyone in the country, dont forget they torched those experienced florida guys when they were in high school.

Oh yeah Dont forget about our leaders Jason Fox and Xavier Shannon both seniors and the heart and sole of the team. F you gators Chris Rainey and Major Wright are pretty Young themselves. And you guys lost the games that matters most. Please dont forget you are a FOUR loss team, thats not enough to win a title. 21 points my tail

Hey Gators, I'll tell you when I'm done with you - get back here to sucking my d*ck. The only time you should be opening your mouth is when I'm unloading my manglue in it.

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