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Will the Canes open up the offense?

One of the biggest criticisms the Miami Hurricanes received after their 26-3 loss to Florida last weekend was that offensive coordinator Patrick Nix wasn't aggressive enough with his playcalling. Canes fans were upset Miami didn't throw the ball down the field more.

Coach Randy Shannon explained Wednesday it was because receivers weren't getting open and that his quarterbacks have been taught not to force the ball downfield and into turnover situations. So, what are the Canes doing to get those guys open and open the offense? And is Miami going to try and be more aggressive as the season progresses? The short answer to both questions are I'm not sure and I don't know.

Wednesday, quarterbacks Robert Marve and Jacory Harris talked for the first time since the loss. And when I asked Harris if Nix had told either him or Marve there would be a change in philosophy and more passing, he basically said "No."

Jacory_harris"Running is the strength of our team right now and with the great backs we have we're trying to establish the run first and then open up with the pass," Harris explained of UM's offensive philosophy. "We're doing the same things we've been doing since the spring and since the summer. Why tweak the offense? Make defenses adjust to us."

Robert_marveHarris and Marve were two of the most prolific passing quarterbacks the state of Florida has produced in the last two years. As a senior at Tampa Plant, Marve broke state records for yards (4,380) and touchdowns (48) before Harris topped him a year later at Miami Northwestern with 49 TD passes. While both defended Patrick Nix's playcalling, both said the decision is not up to them and they wouldn't push the issue.

"It's not a part of us," Harris said when I asked him if he'd like to be more of a gunslinger. "We never overstep our boundaries and go over the head of our authority. We understand what going on at hand. We know we have five talented running backs and we know if we run the ball eventually the passing will open up."

"What quarterback wouldn't want to throw the ball more?," Marve said. "It's whatever man. It's up to the coaches. I trust them. If Coop grabbed the ball and went for 50, we wouldn't be talking about throwing the ball more. It doesn't matter. Just get points on the board and we'll get that done."

> Contrary to fans beliefs, Marve said going to the sidelines during the second quarter at Florida Saturday actually helped him out. "No it didn't take me out [of rhythm] at all," Marve said. "It showed me what they were doing. It helped me out in seeing what I needed to do. And what I was seeing on the field was right."

> Sophomore cornerback DeMarcus Van Dyke had a rough game against the Gators, getting beat on a few passing plays that led to touchdowns. There have been rumors circulating Van Dyke met with Florida coach Urban Meyer after the game and was told by Meyer he would have been better off coming to Florida (he picked UM over the Gators). Van Dyke refused to talk about it Wednesday on the record and said all he wanted to focus on was Texas A&M. There is a Gator website that reportedly has a photo of the event taking place. Sources told me it did happen.

> The same could be said for coach Shannon, who if you listen to yesterday's audio clip, will clearly see he's become annoyed with questions related to the Gators and Urban Meyer's decision to kick a late field goal. Shannon repeatedly shunned off questions by saying "all I'm talking about is Texas A&M."

> To hear everything Shannon, Van Dyke, Marve, Harris, offensive tackle Chris Rutledge and running back Derron Thomas (who will obviously have an increased role with Javarris James out) were talking about Wednesday, just check out our UM audio section.


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I got a canespace t-shirt...and you don't..

The hurricanes and cornhuskers have agreed to a home and home series beginning in 2014.


"Van Dyke refused to talk about it Wednesday on the record" - so are we to assume he mentioned something off the record?

"Don't be surprised if Butch whoops that a s s."

Let's not get ahead of yourself their buddy. McNeese State and Rutgers maybe a push over but not this U.

I dont know but what I did learn from the Florida game is that Marve has to be up there are the best two yard passer in college football. No one better. And those handoffs? What did he have about 150 handoffs? All of them crisp, clean, and fresh. I can definitely see what everyone is all excited about with Marve. I say give him the Heisman this year! Maybe instead of the statue with the arm out, give him a statue handing off the ball.


Anyone think Schiano is going to be sorry that he didn't take a job outside of New Jersey after this season? Carolina looked good, but let's see if maybe Rutgers just really isn't that good. Maybe that is why we should start the polls after the 6th week of the college football season? Pre season rankings don't mean anything, look at Michigan last year.

The biggest criticism is not that “Miami didn't throw the ball down the field more”. It’s that they didn’t throw much more on first down when Florida was obviously taking the run away. Kirk Herbstreit noted as much multiple times in his commentary. The reason the receivers weren’t getting separation was that they were almost exclusively trying to throw the ball in obvious passing situations. Talk about putting pressure on your rookie QBs.

Watching Carolina last night-I kept thinking this is what our offense should look like!

The UM Defense exposed the UF Offense weakness to the entire country.

Balanced attack, Nix needs to learn that a balanced attack is what wins games... Every great offensive coordinator I ever spoke with or heard there philosophy says a balanced attack is what you strive for. Great, our running game is great we are a running team, but thats not gonna get it done if they put 8-9 in the box! We need to be able to attack both air and ground and as long as we are unproven in the passing game teams are just going to line up with 8-9 in the box and stuff our run and we will be complaining that our OL can't get any push, how the hell is that supposed to happen when they know we are running and are to hard headed to pass?? I just don't get his logic.

Morning Nation,
I was curious to know for those who have rivals, who is the former fsu player who wants to transfer to miami. I know how people feel about transfers in here but I was just curious. And as for all of the UM - UF mess afterwards, the game is over and I LOVE our chances against Texas A&M !!!! so lets move on. As for DVD, he had a bad game. Everybody was very enthusiastic when he committed to the U and loved his motivation now want to throw him under the bus ? If anything after watching the florida game, we should feel good about the rest of the season. Go Canes !!!

Oh yeah,
"Running is the strength of our team right now and with the great backs we have we're trying to establish the run first and then open up with the pass," Harris explained of UM's offensive philosophy. "We're doing the same things we've been doing since the spring and since the summer. Why tweak the offense? Make defenses adjust to us."

Defense's already adjusted to you they know you are running and they are going to stuff it with 8-9 guys in the box, when are you going to realize that? You don't try to tweak it, you have to adjust to what the defense is giving you! The same way all great teams adjust!!! Everyone offensive coordinator says "make adjustments at half time" or "take what the def is giving" Why tweak the offense? So you offense doesn't score 3 points...

Former FSU LB Marcus Ball now JC Saftey wants in to UM

Amen Bert Dawg! Lets stop being like the gator and nole fans who rip their players apart and start supporting them. You mean to tell me that all these posters are so perfect in their life that they can rip someone who they should be supporting? Everyone has bad days and lets truely support our team instead and give them a chance before ripping them after week 2! Later in the season if it keeps happening its a different story, but if you are a true fan you support your coaches and players.

Why in God's green Earth do we think that DVD might transfer after Urban Myer was rude to him? If a coach said something like that to me not only would I know I'd made the right decision not playing for a punk like that, but I'd broadcast it to the world so that no other kids get duped by this guy either. Can you imagine running out onto the field and telling a teenager, after he fought his guts out in a hostile environment and lost, that he'd also made the wrong decision about his life! It's bad enough to kick anyone when he's down, but a college kid? An underclassman? Man what a jerk.

If Myer did say that, there should be an NCAA investigation about it and there should be a punishment for it. It's just horrible!

And by the way, we have truckloads of talent on this team, but if they haven't learned to get open then they you don't throw the ball down the field to them. Plain and simple. I know a lot of very smart 7 and 8 year olds, but noone is asking them to do calculus because they haven't learned enough to do it. Same thing here...our receivers are great, but they are young and they have not figured out how to get open against bigger, more experienced db's in a hostile environment. If that's true, then that's the end of the story. Sometimes, talent or not, you just aren't a good enough TEAM to win a game like this. So relax...

Looks like the DVD stuff is true....Blame DVD, not Urban Meyer. What else would you expect him to say.

What is DVD's deal anyway??? Very disappointing.

UNC did look good yesterday, but I think Rutgers is a little overrated.

Q:What's the most typed words on this blog in the last month?

A:Florida Gators

lololol why is evey body up set with shannon? its not his fault he did not win...he did not play in game..and dont blame nix..if marve cannot run and shoot, ya cant blame nix....florida did have something to do with it..anyway cant wait to see TEXAS A&M and canes go at it..who knows how it will turn out..

what offense are they going to open up??? hahaha was that a joke asking if the canes are going to open up?? hahah ... every1 knows all they have to do is key in on craig cooper and the game is OVER. 5 yard hitches are going anywhere. if im the A&M def. coordinator, im stackin 10 in the box with 1 free safety and daring marve to throw anything. 5 keys to stopping um are 1) stop cooper, 2) stop cooper, 3) stop cooper, 4) blitz marve & 5) blitz marve. its pretty simple if you ask me.

NCAA finds no new allegations at Florida State

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — Florida State officials say the NCAA has found no new allegations of academic cheating by school athletes. The university in February reported the results of its own investigation into the scandal involving 61 athletes, including about 30 football players.

The results of an NCAA investigation that followed were disclosed Friday in Florida State's response to the allegations.

The school already has imposed sanctions on itself, including the loss of scholarships and suspensions of athletes. The NCAA will hold a hearing Oct. 18 on whether Florida State will face additional penalties.

Q:What's the most typed words on this blog in the last month?

A:Florida Gators

Posted by: in your head | September 12, 2008 at 11:21 AM

I would beg to differ. I believe the most typed words last month were: Gayturds, Urban Liar, Urban Myth, Gaytors, Teabag, Teblow, Circumcision, Philipines, Little Boys, Floriduh....etc....

Yeah the Canes will open it up. Now they will try to throw 4 yard passing patterns instead of 2.
Jacory Harris good luck playing at Miami! marve is a freshman and throws a beautiful 2 yard pass. You got no hope. Transfer to some 1-AA school now. Hopefully others will learn from your lesson.

Question for all you Canes fans

Who do you want as your next head coach? I can tell you it is inevitable. It's only a matter of how long until Canes fans realize they need a head coach when the rest of the country sees it. Within 4 years, you will get a new head coach. Who do you want?

Jonathan Vilma
Michael Barrow
Ray Lewis
Nick Saban
Jon Beason
Greg Schiano

Nix please listen...

Balanced attack!!!

Balanced attack!!!

Balanced attack!!!

Balanced attack!!!

Balanced attack!!!

Balanced attack!!!

Balanced attack!!!

Balanced attack!!!

Balanced attack!!!

Balanced attack!!!

Kirby seems to be making a lot of moves on the schedule. We've got Kansas St., Ohio St., Florida, Nebraska, and Oklahoma.

How about a home & home with USC?

new allegations that meyer bet on the game thats why he kicked the field goal!


the ncaa is looking into it!

Kirby has made alot of great schedualing moves getting these highly ranked or big named schools to play on our schedule in the future. It looks as if he is getting the tradional powers to play us and other than playing Notre Dame there is no one I'd love to see us play in the future more than USC, so keep up the good work Kirby. By schedualing teams like this it will return us to the days of playing anyone any place at any time and still punching them in the face and taking their home field from them just like we used to.
Also great job Randy, staff and young hurricanes as well as upperclassmen at Florida last week. This team looked so much better than Cokers teams of the past and last years team. The offense will open up as the year goes along so that does not concern me. Had Nix threw the ball all over the place at Florida with two young QB's and a host of young recievers we'd got blown out like Oklahoma did last year with one interception after another. Florida isn't no better talent wise but they are experience wise. So let's back off Nix some, with a team as young as ours they gameplanned the game the only way logically that they could. I remember when Butch was there the first few years I along with many others was questioning him and the offensive Coordinator, thinking they did not have a clue as to what they were doing and we all know how Miami turned out from that.
Can't wait for next weekend at Texas A&M
Go Canes and take over Lane Stadium

I got a canespace t-shirt...and you don't..

Posted by: M.H. | September 11, 2008 at 10:09 PM


JXREY_-----I AGREE_----even if we have bad depth from cokers recruting, look at rivals, scout, and espn over the past 6 years Even taking out randys #1 espn recruit class in 08, we have had a top 10 recruiting class every year on average and have brought in top 10 players at their positions. The offense is F--king anemic, and I am a huge canes fan. Come on guys, I agree, its time to stop saying they did not get open etc, cooper is a 5 star, our receivers are 4 and 5 star, our line has 5 star lineman, our qb's were the 2 top FL passers of all time, yet we cant do squat------LETS GO, OPEN THE F----ng offense up and lets play some ball boys.
HOwever, I will agree coker screweed this whole thing up when our true freshman are in the 2 deep, HE WAS A HORRIBLE RECRUITER and its cost us.

CJ- you know who the OC was during butches years, COKER! thats why we were anemic--as soon as he became caoach and we got a new OC, we won!! Anyway, I will agree that it took butch from 95-till the end of 99 until we turned it around. Randy can do it this year. With FSU and VA TECH AT HOME, if we can build some momentum with a win on the road at a and m in texas, we can do it boys, Imagine if we went 11-1 and got a rematch with the gators--if they arent in the NC game, and we win the ACC, watch the bowl games pick that game. the fiest bowl or even here in the OB----

Bryce Brown, Arthurs Brother is now the #1 RB on Espn and Rivals. So, we do have some help comingand he is enrolling in january and will be playing spring ball. I quote him": javarris and cooper are great, but I plan on starting. Thats an OLD SCHOOL CANE!!!!!!!!!! WE WELCOME YOU BRYCE------- add him to the stable of players we have--guys, all it takes is 2-3 difference makers, thats it. with the young stud wr's randy brought in, and the #1 RB in the nation next year, with our qb's gaining a year of PT, and that young defense, MIAMI IS BACK--------WE ARE THE U BABY

I'm almost afraid to ask, but why is 86, now calling himself, ChunkySoup?????

We should really see the offense open up as the season goes on.

Personally, I don't like the way Marve throws his deep ball. It looks like he takes something off of the ball and it just hangs in the air. He doesn't lead his receivers. I noticed this in the open practices. Jacory throws a better deep ball.

Don't get me wrong, I love the way Marve does everything else. I think we need to throw deep to expose his issue and correct it.

Manny...can you get with DVD and find out if he's happy here? Whats the deal with him talking to a coach from another program? He has gotten every opportunity to get on the field from day one.

"There have been rumors circulating Van Dyke met with Florida coach Urban Meyer after the game and was told by Meyer he would have been better off coming to Florida (he picked UM over the Gators)."........

Let's see, play for a team in the toughest conference in the nation against top notch opponents or get beat by one.


Will the Canes open up the offense?

The short answer is........


"Florida isn't no better talent wise but they are experience wise." - cj

140 yards says different.......



Urban Meyer is another Larry Coker

Larry won on Butches players

Urban won with Zook players

There is a pattern only difference is Coker took the canes back to the title game can't say the say about Urban the point spread Meyer.

"Moody has 2 yards on two carries so far this year"

That's 2 more yards than Demps,Rainey,and James had altogether during the Miami game.

I got a feeling Bobby Bowden will probably retire this year. There are too many issues with that program and he's not going to outlast Paterno for most wins.

I'd look for him to announce it a week before we play them. We're walking into a big game against FSU if its Bowden's last one.

"Moody has 2 yards on two carries so far this year" - youth in asia rocks

Also 1 less than U could score the entire game. What do U have to brag about your running game? That you entire team rushed for 5 more yards than #15 did solo.


"Urban won with Zook players" - youth in asia rocks

Hate to tell U for the 716th time. Look at the stats, no Tebow, no national championship. Zook didn't recruit him and #15 would be playing for Bama if the Gators had not landed their 1st choice coach.


"I got a feeling Bobby Bowden will probably retire this year." - Canesjunkie

U also had a feeling that U had a chance against the Gators.


Looks like the Canes are the #5 team in the state.

Congrats on improving to MEDIOCRITY!!!

Cant wait to see you at the Smurf Bowl again in Idaho. Then you can celebrate the MORAL VICTORY of making a bowl game!!!

I personally have no faith in the O or Nix. However, I find it impressive that these kids believe in it and him and that has to count for something. Last year's team never seemed to buy into the system. Maybe this team is seeing something in practice every day and on film that we are not privy to. I for one am going to a wait and see attitude and see what happens. I think that the Canes got blown out by Syracuse and Donavan McNabb a couple of weeks before beating UCLA and "turning the corner" under Butch Davis.
Time will tell.

Dom, if you look back Larry Coker was the offensive coordinator in 1999 and in 2000, when our offense started rolling and blowing people out. It took Butch and the canes time those years to get the right players in place, depth built up and experience to become the team that should have played Oklahoma in 2000 and won it all in 01 with Rob Chudzinski as offensive coordinator. I agree that Coker was without a doubt the worse coach we have had since before Schnellenberger and his offensive recruits either were highly overrated or they were poorly coached. We have a world of young talent and I am sure the offense will start clicking.

Hey canesrule at least you got one thing right the CANES DO RULE. Where have you been little fellow? Did the Canes scare you into a panic attack or something last Saturday night. Boy were you sweating like that punk a. s. s. Urban Meyer was on the sideline. Dude they kept showing his face and it kept looking like he saw a ghost for 3+ quarters. He stared at the clock so much I'm surprised the scoreboard at your backswamp stadium doesn't need the lights replaced. Ain't U guys lucky U don't have to play us until 2013 unless that is if we get U in a bowl game. Boy it sucks to be a Gator if that happens but as always its great to be a MIAMI HURRICANE!!!!

See ya little fellow

Boy it sucks to be a Gator if that happens but as always its great to be a MIAMI HURRICANE!!!!

See ya little fellow
Posted by: cj

SPOKEN LIKE A TRUE LOSER good job on posting 3 points for Field Goal U

140 yards TOTAL offense. keep talking smack.

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