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Duke Keys to the Game, Market Watch

I won't be at Wallace Wade Stadium for Saturday's game against the Blue Devils, but I'll still leave you with a preview of the game with the keys to victory for the Canes and of our market watch.

> Get pressure on Thaddeus Lewis:
One of the reason's UM was able to escape with a win last year against ThaddeuslewisDuke was because the Canes sacked Lewis nine times including on fourth down with Duke at the UM 30-yard line and the game on the line. We all know UM's front seven has played well against the run for the most part (except that FSU game) and ranks 16th overall nationally. The two problems with Miami's front seven has been giving up big plays to scrambling quarterbacks and not getting to the quarterback enough. The Canes had five sacks last week and appear like they're doing a better job with a healthy Allen Bailey. But this week, it's going to be imperative for Miami to not only get to Lewis, but to make sure he doesn't sneak away for first downs and big gains when he decides to run. In its 27-0 loss to Georgia Tech, the Yellow Jackets did a great job shutting down Lewis and the Duke passing game and getting off the field on third down. UM can't revert to what it did against FSU and North Carolina and expect to win. Duke has given up 11 sacks this season, a little over two a game.

> Establish the running game: When Miami has run the football successfully this season, Javarrisjamesthey've won. The numbers don't lie. In wins, UM has averaged 37 attempts and 170 yards on the ground. In losses, 28 attempts for 82 yards. Duke returns 10 of 11 starters on its defense from a year ago, but the weakness is its run defense, which ranks 81st nationally (161.2 ypg) and next-to-last in the ACC. Javarris James will be back this week and will help a UM running game that sorely needs someone to provide support for Graig Cooper. If James can, then Miami can win this game.

> Win the turnover battle: Robert Marve's seven interceptions in his last three games have been well documented. What hasn't is that UM still isn't creating turnovers on defense. Miami recovered a key fumble on special teams and blocked a punt last week, but dropped a pair of possible interceptions. Ultimately, this defense has made just two interceptions this season (Sean Spence and Bruce Johnson) and recovered three fumbles -- the other two were on special teams. Duke, meanwhile, is a team that thrive on turnovers. In their three wins, the Blue Devils have recovered four fumbles and picked off six passes and won the turnover battle convincingly.

Buy 'em
> Javarris James, running back:
Baby J isn't 100 percent, but could be the hero in this game for the Canes, who have sorely missed his running between the tackles. Before he got hurt, JJ was looking as good as he ever has a Cane. Miami sorely needs someone to take pressure of the Canes' quarterbacks. Graig Cooper and JJ are those guys.

Chavez_grant> Chavez Grant, cornerback: Nobody might know Thaddeus Lewis better than Grant, who was his teammate for years in Pop Warner ball and as freshmen at Booker T. Washington High. Grant has a 5-0 record going up against his old buddy (between high school and college) and has emerged as the real leader in Miami's secondary. Although he's been moved to the slot at nickelback in favor of freshman Brandon Harris, Grant is likely to be the guy pointing out where Duke's offense will be going in the passing game most of the afternoon. Last week, Grant called out UCF's final play before it happened and it helped Darryl Sharpton, who batted the pass away on fourth down. Duke will often line up leading receiver Eron Riley all over the field. Look for Chavez to be the guy who draws him the most often.

On The Bubble
> Robert Marve, quarterback: Mr. Marve has had major struggles lately and needs a bounce back game in the worst way. His last two outings against FSU and UCF produced these numbers -- 25 completions on 59 attempts, 196 yards, 1 TD and 5 INTs. UM has been throwing the ball 49 percent of the time since Javarris James went down compared to the 58 percent it was when he was healthy. Look for fewer throws from Marve, especially safer ones. If not, we may see Jacory Harris in the game again in the second half.

> Patrick Nix, offensive coordinator: Speaking of bounce back games, Nix needs one maybe even worse than his quarterback. His old team, Georgia Tech, laid the blueprint on how to beat the Dukies two weeks ago. It's called run the football effectively and have it set up the playaction pass. Duke is an improved team. But the Blue Devils don't nearly have the speed and talent North Carolina and FSU has. Miami's offense can't be bad on third down again and can't send Matt Bosher out to punt 11 times again like it did a week ago.

Sell 'em
> DeMarcus Van Dyke, cornerback:
Last week, I listed Sam Shields here after his costly interception against FSU basically took him out of the receiver rotation altogether. Here's to hoping the same thing happens for DVD. Shields bounced back with a big fumble recovery on special teams against UCF. DVD isn't making the plays right now in the secondary, dropping an interception against FSU and getting beat for the winning touchdown against UNC. Shannon told us he's basically only in there on Dime situations. Not what the Canes were hoping for after what looked like a promising freshman season.

> Jermaine McKenzie, receiver: I don't think he'll ever see the field this year at this point.

> My prediction: I don't have one this week. I really am completely torn. It smells so much like the Blue Devils are due their big win against UM, especially after coming so close the past two years and considering how bad UM has looked even in its win last week at UCF. Honestly, this game could go a lot of different ways.


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Miami 38, Duke 17


I guess you didnt watch last weeks game or the games against Duke the last two years based on that prediction

What about convert 3rd downs on offense and shutting down Duke on their 3rd downs?

Sooner or later we have to start looking like we use to. A champion doesn't stay down. He gets back up and keeps fighting.

Manny, it sounds to me like you are losing faith.
I know it's easy to do. I am on the verge of doing the same thing, but what we all need to do is back the team up 100%.

The U is a true champion and we are going to get back up and start fighting again.

The place is Durham, and the time is tomorrow October 18th at 3:30 est.


What this team needs to do is to go back to basics. RUN BABY RUN! Establish a good running game and the air it out. 3 and out is useless. Gain the 6-7 yards and the first down is ours. 3 and long is what it is becoming.

I think it is time to let Jacory play most of the game and let Marve come and give him a spell. It is only fair. The idea of a rotating QB system is lousy. Let the better QB play. It is not fair for this team.

Let Marve throw the ball on first downs to get us in 3rd and short, establish the running game,
run play action and throw the ball down field.

I think the defense is going to be O.K. They had a shutout last week and held UCF to 74 offensive yards. Take away the kickoff and interception return and the score would've been 20 to 0.

I think Marve is the better quarterback and you will see that tomorrow.

Throwing on first down? Marve has not been able to throw the ball consistently. First down....incomplete or short yardage. Second down....run...3 yards. Third down....and 7 or so...not good. See my point. This is nothing new.

By running the ball, it will force the safeties to move closer to the line of scrimmage. Then run a deeper pattern. BANG!

It works in the NFL. It worked for the "Classic Old School Canes." Why run a gimmicky offense?

Let the playmakers do their thing. However, give Jacory a better opportunity in the game. What do we have to lose? Marve is good, but Shannon needs to give Jacory a chance.

Im not talkiing about throwing these short dinky passes, I think they need to run play action on first down and throw deep.

Marve has a cannon and they need to use it.

Butch Davis would have this talented team 4-1 at least!!!

we need to play chess and not have an agenda, let chess be the agenda. we are too predictable and not strong enough to say STOP ME!

Butch is a good coach, but I think Randy will be in good shape. Just keep the faith.


Thank you, this saves me from humbly requesting of you to stop making predictions.

GREAT BLOG AS ALWAYS... I AGREE 3rd down efficiency is critical on both sides of the ball..



You're right!

Remember Dorsey?

He would hardly ever step out of the pocket.

Yeah, those were the days.

We will be great again. I still believe!!!!

3-9 AT BEST 4-8

U 29 Du 19

We all need to be realistic with our predictions. We are not that good this year because we are young. Two years from now once Randy can get some more recruits in we will be a lot better.

Prediction: Miami 24 Duke 23

i love gameday... ANY1 GOT AN EXTRA FREE TICKET? LOL

Tell me about any other small private school of similar size to UM that has world class facilities with 70,000 person stadiums. They just don't exist (except for ND).

Penn S

Posted by: SFCane | October 17, 2008 at 10:03 AM

temple/lincoln financial & tulane/superdome


Duke has a horrible stadium that looks like a hole in the ground.

Penn S

Posted by: SFCane | October 17, 2008 at 10:03 AM

wallace wade nestled in the woods ...


USC plays at the Collisium which they don't own and is BTW a total dump.

Penn S

Posted by: SFCane | October 17, 2008 at 10:03 AM

USC said it was tired of playing in a dump, of having its fans endure smelly bathrooms, ancient plumbing, crummy concessions and claustrophobic tunnels. ... commit $100 million over the next 10 years to fixing up the old girl.

And if you won’t, we’ll take our ball and go up the Pasadena Freeway, where they have a nice place called the Rose Bowl.
-- la times (dec '07)


UM doesn't have their own stadium while schools like FIU and smaller schools have their own stadiums
As a UM fan I demand answers.

Posted by: Ucane | October 17, 2008 at 02:30 AM

FIU is a state school with a huge enrollment.

Penn S

Posted by: SFCane | October 17, 2008 at 10:03 AM

the blue elephant evidences the foolhardy lengths florida international will go to pursue a pipe dream ...


Facilities and resources aren't based on how many games you've won, they are based on the size and alumni base of the school.

Penn S

Posted by: SFCane | October 17, 2008 at 10:03 AM

how much can the welfare cheat finagle the state under the guise of higher education ...


is the game on anywhere but ESPNU?


Have you ever been to campus, it's in a residential neighborhood, 2) theres no room 3) it took 10 years to get a permit for the arena because the people who live around there were against it. 4) how much are you donating?

we suck

im a season ticket holder but will not be renewing cause randy hasnt given me any reason to believe that we are heading in the right direction

2-9 against ACC (2-10 after we lose today)

its great that hes getting good recruiting classes
maybe the next guy can do something w them cause Randy is not the guy to turn the program around
gets outsmarted every week

we suck

im a season ticket holder but will not be renewing cause randy hasnt given me any reason to believe that we are heading in the right direction

2-9 against ACC (2-10 after we lose today)

its great that hes getting good recruiting classes
maybe the next guy can do something w them cause Randy is not the guy to turn the program around
gets outsmarted every week

temple/lincoln financial & tulane/superdome


Posted by: green | October 18, 2008 at 10:46 AM

Hello Green

Lincoln Financial is really the Philadelphia Eagle's stadium that Temple also happens to use. The Superdome is really the Saint's stadium that also accommodates Tulane. So there is definitely a parallel there with how we now use the Dolphin's stadium for our games.

I was answering the other poster's position that there is something wrong with UM since we don't have our own huge private stadium owned by the school. Your examples just illustrate my point. Only ND has their own BIG stadium. Other small private schools have tiny stadiums like Duke (about 36,000 seats?) or they use someone else's bigger stadium.

BTW I totally agree with you that the Superdome is a cut above Joe Robbie. That is my favorite place to watch a Pro football game. It's unreal and every seat has a pretty good view of the field. I was there for the Sugerbowl in 2001 when we beat Florida. AWESOME time!

Go canes! Beat Duke!

The other poster stating your losing your confidence, is showing... Sounds like it! Suggest instead of trying to be politically correct and not guessing right score... Just tell everybody that your a Miami Canes Homer (That we know you are) and the score will be 37 to 0 for a Miami win... and we'll laugh...... lov the old Manny, Keep it Hot... Cat

Hey Rogwesuck..."I'm a season ticket holder but will not be renewing"...

You didn't have to post it 3 times, we got your message... suggest to sell your remaining tickets for the games and give in your Fan Card to someone deserving.

That way, there is no reason to come back here to complain or watch them on TV... "Forget about it" and enjoy your life... Just trying to make it easy on ya.

But if you want to come back to complain about the players and coaches... come on, there is allot of others Florida and FIU and FSU and UCF and lousy Canes fans that you can talk to... BTJMO.


hello SFCane,

world-class http://dolphinstadium.com/ in a class by itself ...


Club level at dolphin stadium is awesome,110 flat screens, flat screens above the urinals, 7 different places to get all kinds of food, huge bar, at least if were losing it's 1st class

There is a game to be announced, on channelsurfing.com, that could be the Miami game. It's worth a check..

Gotta leave to my son's football game. I am recording the Canes game.

Just wanted to remind everybody of my prediction.

Miami 38, Duke 17!!!!

The U still lives!!!!

The 1997 5-6 team, and the 2006 7-6 team would smoke this year's team. We are TERRIBLE!!!

miami is going through "lows" like tebow goes through foreskins ...

This is pathetic...losing to f'n DUKE??? I don't care thet we have "young" players. We have some of the best players the state of florida has to offer - Duke has the left over players from NC!!! There' no excuse for the way this team is playing, they look dead! They look completely unmotivated, just going through the motions. Sorry, I like

....randy shannon but he and his staff have to do a better job of coaching - this team should be getting better, not worse.

U can't be serious? Down 14-17 to a team that's gone 5-35 since the day we joined and single-handidly destroyed what little reputation the ACC had.


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