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Duke progress report

What a difference a week makes. After looking like the 2007 Hurricanes last week against UCF and for the first half against Duke, Miami's young football turned a corner in my eyes this past Saturday. That clicking moment we kept waiting for from the receivers finally happened. And nobody deserves the credit more than Jacory Harris, who brought life, energy and leadership to an offense that sorely needed it.

Coach Randy Shannon said Saturday and reiterated it Sunday that the starting job is still Robert Jacory_harris_2Marve's to have. He's said Marve will start this week against Wake Forest. His reasoning, though he won't really say it, is simple. The last thing Shannon wants is for the quarterback job to become a weekly contest, a focus to take away from his team concept. Starting is one thing, and finishing is another. Harris has obviously done that the last two weeks. He won ACC Rookie of the Week Monday for the second time this year. He earned it. And the truth he's playing like the better quarterback right now. I believe putting Marve back into the starting role sends the wrong message when all you preach is competition. But that's a decision Shannon will have to live with for now. He proved smart by playing Jacory for a few series each game this year when most of U disagreed with it and said it was disrupting the offense. Shannon proved to be right then. He may prove to be right again with this week's decision.

Now, to the progLaron_byrd_versus_dukeress report. I was busy writing a story this afternoon on high school coaching for the paper and didn't get to my usual progress report until late tonight. My apologies. My grading system system, in honor of the Canes, should be familiar for you guys by now: National championship material (excellent), BCS worthy (good), MicronPC Bowl here we come (average), Coker-esque (poor) and Scout Team reserve (the bottom of the barrel).

Quarterback: There's no other way to put it -- Jacory Harris was the man Saturday. Yes, he threw two interceptions, including one that put UM down 24-14 in the third quarter. But he proved to everyone why Shannon made it a point to play him in every game this season. He led UM on six consecutive scoring drives and finished 18 of 28 for 185 yards and two touchdowns. He also was the team's second leading rusher with 53 yards and a touchdown. He also hauled in pass from Travis Benjamin. Marve did throw a costly interception (again) and sat out for the rest of the game (again). But it still was only one mistake. He wasn't doing a bad job, just not a great one. He finished 4 of 7 for 64 yards and a touchdown. All in all, when you put up 49 points, you've done a good job. This week's progress report says: BCS Worthy. For the record, I believe Jacory should be starting this week. But that's probably why only play the role of coach on Madden.

Running backs: The story coming in was the return of Javarris James. He never got going (3 carries for 13 yards) and neither did Miami's running game. A lot had to do with being down 24-14 and needing to throw the football. But 10 rush attempts between Graig Cooper and James is unacceptable. Shannon pointed it out in his press conference Sunday and its the truth. Miami's not going to win a lot of games in the defensive-minded ACC if its two best backs only get 12 touches (Cooper had 2 catches). This week's progress report says: MicronPC Bowl Here We Come. These guys get held to a higher standard because I consider them UM's best unit. Still, 154 yards rushing on 29 attempts isn't that bad.

Receivers/tight ends: I've got one thought: Finally. The talented trio of freshman receivers -- Aldarius Johnson, Travis Benjamin and Laron Byrd -- had the kind of performance you thought they Aldarius_johnson could but were only hoping for until this week. They didn't just make plays, but the tough acrobatic catches this offense has sorely needed for years. Dedrick Epps included with that key fourth down catch. Johnson had eight catches for 84 yards and a touchdown and proved to be the go-to man for Jacory when the tough got going. It looks like a role he'll have going forward, one we all kind of knew he would grow into. Benjamin, meanwhile, was once again the steady big play threat. They'll obviously have to develop consistency. But Saturday you got a great peak at what the future holds at UM and why Shannon was so excited about the receivers he signed. This week's progress report says: National Championship worthy All I kept thinking about with Aldarius (Andre Johnson), Benjamin (Santana Moss) and Byrd (Michael Irvin) was how much they reminded me of the Canes' glorious receivers of the past.

Offensive line: The Canes gave up two sacks this week, but once again I didn't think any were really the line's fault. They looked more like coverage sacks. Miami didn't run the ball a lot, but averaged 5.3 yards a carry and opened up the running lanes for Harris on the quarterback draws. I also loved the fact left tackle Jason Fox was mixing it up after the whistle. It shows toughness and heart we already knew Fox had. This week's progress report says: BCS Worthy.

The Front Seven: Duke had a lot of success running the football early and the defensive line only Darryl_sharpton produced one sack from Adewale Ojomo. But the adjustments at halftime were made and although UM didn't get to Thaddeus Lewis much, it was enough to make the Duke offense sputter. Duke ran the ball 44 times and only averaged 3.2 yards a carry. That's not a bad average at all. Darryl Sharpton, Glenn Cook and Sean Spence once again played a ton of minutes and combined for 23 tackles on defense and deserve to be commended for it. This week's progress report says: BCS Worthy. Not enough pressure. But still a good day stopping the run.

The Secondary: No interceptions, two pass breakups and thankfully a ton of drops by the Duke Chavez_grantreceivers helped UM once again cover up what could have been a shaky day for the secondary. Duke finished with 191 yards passing and two touchdown catches. Freshman Brandon Harris had a few shaky moments of his own again. What can you say other than he looks like a freshman. The positive? Senior Anthony Reddick led the team with 12 tackles and didn't miss many. This week's progress report says: MicronPC Bowl Here We Come.

Special Teams: Matt Bosher continued his MVP performance with a 75-yard punt to bail UM out of bad field position. He shanked another punt again. But he's still doing what he has to do for a guy handling all the kicking duties. Bosher had four touchbacks on kickoffs. Shannon has talked about getting Jake Wieclaw into action soon. But if Bosher keeps it up, there will no need to. As for the return game, Benjamin once again had a good day putting UM into good field position. He's bound to break one soon. This week's progress report says: BCS Worthy.

Coaching: By far the best performance of the season since the Texas A&M game if you only count Randy_shannonthe second half. Offensive coordinator Patrick Nix made the proper adjustments in the second half going to the no-huddle and calling plays for Jacory that worked. Bill Young also corrected the problems UM had stopping the run in the first half. Shannon also was 2 for 2 on rolls of the dice on fourth down. They were huge plays and led to important scores, especially the one right before the half. This week's progress report says: BCS Worthy. You make the right adjustments, rally from a 24-14 deficit, win, score 49 points and you get props.


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First. Randy and his staff are doing a nice job of developing our future national champions, particularly jacory. The kid is the real deal, a Bernie with legs: two state championships don't lie. Marve needs to get his passes off quicker, and when not there, run, like he did earlier this season. Both are going to be awesome, and I see no problem with the 2 headed qb system Randy and Nix are employing brilliantly.
The D is a work in progress, but losing McCarthy and Moncour is going to hurt us severely the rest of the year. Looking for the super frosh to help us there.

Manny great stuff as usual. I agree with U on everything, especially with the starting of Jacory. Let's just hope that Marve don't dig a hole that Jacory can't get us out of. Shannon is dropping the ball on this. Not only is he the better QB right now. I get the feeling the team realize that. Check out the swagg when he is playing. Shannon is playing a dangerous game by not practicing what he's preaching about the best players would start. I just hope he don't lose this team by not running the best QB out there.

The linebackers were good, but the Dline was not good the whole game. Not sure how you came up with BCS worthy for the front 7 unless you looked at them only after Duke scored that touchdown to start the 2nd half. And the secondary was getting burned because the safeties had to come up in coverage to tackle the running back. Did you see where Hill played most of the first half and how many tackles he was in on?

And, although Jacory did play a great game for a true frosh, I still believe Marve is the starting QB and I back that. He has more experience and he wasn't all that bad other than for the one int he threw. Harris threw the exact same thing on the first pass of the 2nd half. I like the back and forth play between them because time on the sideline allows each guy to see what the defense is really throwing at them. Call it arm chair quarterbacking.

Finally, I think Nix's play calling was superb and Young's second half adjustments just okay. I think Miami's defense woke up in the second half when the offense finally started to stay on the field. Then they were able to just out talent Duke and capitalize on dropped balls. Can't really credit all that to the defense. Nix's non-conservative but non-aggressive play calling was the perfect combination for success.

Sorry it's been so long since I've written, btw.

Manny always good as usual. U get National Chmpionship material for your work. Anyways, I agree Jacory should be starter but cant be. We cannot have another kyle wright/firby freakman show like last yr. Who cares who starts? Esp. if Jacory plays 3 quarters like agianst Duke. The only time i feel he should bench marve is if he keeps playing like he does, but i dont c that as the case. Hey, we all have our ups and downs, give the kid a chance, its still his first season.

If you agree that we can't have another Kirby/Kyle flip flop, then why don't you agree with what Shannon is doing? By saying Marve is the starter and Jacory in some drives every game he is creating 2 great QB's for the future. What happens to Marve if he rides the bench next week? What if Harris comes in next week and doesn't have "it"?

You say you don't want a QB contraversy like last year but by questioning Randy thats exactly what you are doing. Whats next booing Marve the next mistake he makes and calling out for Harris. What is that gonna do to Marve's confidence?

Let Shannon do what he does best, football.
Can the same be said about you?
So stop calling for a change to Harris and listen to THE COACH.

I have to agree with PRCane for one simple reason: In the words of The Rock

Marve should be QB cause COACH SHANNON SAID SO

Simply stated.. Questioning his decision to start marve your questioning Shannon and i tihnk he knows the deal.

One thing you forgot to say about the running back was how JJ was picking up the blitz. The QB was able to have more time because of it. If this team keeps getting healthy, who knows, may be we will make it to a decent bowl game. I won't hold my breath though. We were in the same situation last year after the seminole game, and then, everything crumble in front of our eyes. I learned with this team you never know what type of game to expect. After all, this team still young. I just hope we can continue to improve.

I did notice JJ picked up the blitz and blocked very well. His presence in the back field is important. He is, afterall, the veteran of the backfield (unless you include Derron Thomas).

Did you also notice that Cooper had trouble getting to the 2nd level when there wasn't much as much to work with? Don't get me wrong, he's probably one of the best backs in the country when he gets to the 2nd level, but I think he needs to be more patient behind the linemen and let it work out before he goes tumbling into them for short gains.

Manny, and I don't mean to sound harsh, but you and the rest of the media need to relax before calling this a quarterback controversy in Miami. It's rebuilding mode, which means stick to your guns (e.g. Marve is the starter and Harris will play in every game - period). Shannon has done that so far, and I respect that. By the end of the season, we will all see who has the better "QB-IQ" and who is better suited to lead the team.

Simply stated.. Questioning his decision to start marve your questioning Shannon and i tihnk he knows the deal.

Posted by: jkasse2 | October 21, 2008 at 01:58 AM


great work but U had us waiting too long.. first off i know u wanna see jacory back there starting but u have to look at THE BIG PICTURE.. we were 5-7 last year and this year was not about winning know, this year is about building a foundation for the future. I think your looking at it week by week thats why U might want to see Harris in. but what if Harris starts and get killed by WAKE? does that mean Marve is the qb the week after. See that the thing i think randy is looking at. he doesn't want to play musical chairs with the qb's this year but he is also wants to see who is going to be the starter for NEXT YEAR and what better way to do that then having them both playing and competing on the field (not practice) this year. So next year we will have 2 qb's with playing experience and i believe we will have a clear cut starter and a very capable back up...

What did anyone honestly see in the Duke game that made you believe this team is turning the corner. Duke dominated the first half and if their linebacker held onto Jacory pass it would have been game, set and match for the hurricanes. After this week against Wake, Miami fans will be wondering how much longer will this thing last. Miami beat a bad football team in Duke....They will finish this year with 5-6 wins and at UM thats not good enough. Lets be real here this is a bad football team that is not getting better anytime soon.

Posted by: notindenialcane | October 21, 2008 at 08:35 AM


"What a difference a week makes. After looking like the 2007 Hurricanes last week against UCF and for the first half against Duke, Miami's young football turned a corner in my eyes this past Saturday."

I don't agree with you Manny. I know Duke is a much better team than years passed, but it's still Duke, and we looked god-awful in the first half. Now if next week we come in and roll on WF, I'll say we finally went over that hump. I mean the Terps shut them out, so it is a winnable game.

All I know is, if (and that's a big IF) we continue to make strides on offense, then I will be very excited about the future of this program. Let's just see if in this game, Marve improves on his TD:INT ratio and/or if Harris can replicate his passed performance.

Lets be real here this is a bad football team that is not getting better anytime soon.

Posted by: notindenialcane

Im going to call you an idiot unless you justify what soon means. If by soon you mean next couple years your down right stupid, if by soon you mean they next few games you have a 50/50 chance of being right. Had to get that out of the way.. onto Wake Forest.

WF is going to be a tough match up defensively and offensively. Defensively it is obvious because our secondary is a joke. If it werent for dropped balls the Duke game woulof been totally different. Which scares me in Skinner and the rest of WF, but like said b4 if Maryland can do it we can do it so QB pressure is mandatory. If we sack and rattle skinner, we should win.

Offensively i get scared. Going up against UCF and there experienced and old secondary, they gave the U reciever fits. WF D is ranked 23rd in the nation and the youngest players on D are red shirt juniors! Hopefully our young team grew up in a hurry because if UCF was any indication, than it does not look good. But like last game who knows, it could be a blow out by either team or a close win by either team, the ACC games are just toss ups and who comes to play.

Let's go CANES!! I can feel it. We're comin back!! Jacory just keep playin the way u have and you will be the starter soon enough!!!

I disagree with your premise, but I understand because it is a paradox:

U think: Marve plays bad so he should get pulled early
I think: Marve gets pulled early so he plays bad.

Getting into a rythm is part coaching ( short easy to complet passes to get going )and part participation ( Being in the game to actually get into a rythm) The deck is stacked against Marve on both counts. Further, while you cant excuse his 50 yard punt down the middle of the field, it can be traced back to feeling a need to make a play to just stay in the game. ( albeit misguided )

anybody know if we are on tv this week, i dont have espnu

Its on ESPN U @ noon

First, I don't know what to make of the 2 QB system. However, since I don't think either QB has really distanced himself from the other, I think we should continue to play both this year. I think Shannon honestly doesn't think we're going to win the ACC this year, and this entire year has been about winning a national championship in 2 years. That's why he is playing all of his receivers instead of limiting the number in the rotation. That's why he's playing both QB's instead of picking 1 to start for the next 4 years. And while our running backs are the strength of this team, that's not saying much. I know you guys all love JJ and Coop, but these guys are just not as good as any of the featured backs we've had in a decade, including James Jackson in the late nineties. The next wave of running backs is on its way just like the QB's, receivers, and linebackers showed up this year.

Point is, I don't think Shannon is willing to delay his national championship by limiting the development of some very important players, which is what would happen if you played only the starters now in the hopes of potentially winning the ACC this year. UM doesn't care about the ACC. We want the world, and that's what is happening this year.

This year is like one very long training camp for Randy Shannon, and I think that's the right attitude. He won't say it because he doesn't want his seniors becoming disillusioned and he doesn't want the fans to turn off the television, but that's what is going on. And that's why, outcry or no, you'll see 2 QB's and 10 receivers all year.

Oh, and if nobody can stop your passing game, then you only run the ball 12 times. No big deal there.


I hear and respect your argument, but have a slightly different take. Aside from Game1, Jacory never played more than a couple of series leading up to the UCF game. In effect, he had never been given a chance to get into rythm himself. Having said that, I still agree with the status quo of starting RM while sprinkling Jacory in for a couple of series to stay consistent with the stand RS took at the beginning of the season. On the other hand, something's bothering me about RM of late. I feel (as others have noted) that RM is throwing more picks lately because he's taking too many chances down field. That pill is a little easier to swallow if we're scoring points in spite of it and just have to deal with the occasional head scratchers.

With Jacory, he threw a couple of picks, but we still scored a ton of points. This begs the question...perhaps opportunities are there and Jacory is identifying them, but RM is not. I'm not into second guessing and playing the what if Jacory would have started the previous games. Instead, I'm pulling for RM to play well this weekend, albeit against a better defense. If he stops taking the unnecessary chances and moves the chains, maybe we'll score more points.

LIKE miamiboi said, IN SHANNON I TRUST...

My opinion on the QB's..

Marve is the more gifted athlete with a higher ceiling. At his best I see Favre like qualities, where he is now is more Rex Grossman, a rocket arm, but horrible decision making. Jacory always has his eyes down the field with amazing vision. He is the smartest QB since Dorsey & is farther ahead then Dorsey was as a freshman. I have concerns about his arm strength, but Harris made some nice downfield throws saturday.

Marve has got to start for now. Does the coaching staff have a plan on when they sub the QB's or is it all game dependent? So far it seems that it all depends on how they are playing, and it worked well for HArris last week, but Marve is now under pressure, he knows that any mistake can lead him to the sideline. Great players flourish under pressure situations, but its harder for young ones.

Ideally both QB's play well and we have a devastating 1-2 punch at QB. Am i the only one that wants to see them on the field at the same time? If Nix can get creative The U can have some big play gadget plays with both in the game...

Marve was doing fine at the beginning of the game with a nice pass to Blur for that TD. It would be interesting to see Marve run the no huddle, and see what his results are.

I admit that INT he threw was terrible, and the funny thing is, I told my wife Harris is going to do the exact same "freshman" mistake that Marve just did. And you know what, HE DID! Right at the beginning of the second half. It was good coaching to not pull Harris though. I sure would hate to see a QB flip-flop.

Marve was suppose to correct that since he was doing it against UCF. Since he didn't, he was pulled. Harris received his second chance as did Marve in the UCF game. It wasn't until Marve's third chance that he got pulled in that game.

I just love how Cane fans are so quick to judge, and how fair weather they are (including U Manny, seems you're drifting back to liking Nix). One week, hate the coaches, the next week, they are geniuses for adjusting at half-time. These things take time and experience, and I hope this game proves we are headed in the right direction. We must have patience with these players and coaches. How about we pretend this program just started two years ago? This is pretty much the state of the program Coker left us in. it is going to take time, and due to the athletes Shannon is bringing in, it may not take long at all!



I don't think Shannon is willing to delay his national championship by limiting the development of some very important players

-Chicago Cane


Big Jim,

What's your beef with what ChicagoCane said? I don't get it.

He's talking NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP ??????? Set some realistic goals. NO TEAM goes from bottom dwelling to NC. NEVER ! UM needs to rejoin the teams at the national level before ANY Of that talk should be thrown around. We have more problems to address on that team than I have time to list. C'mon man, you sound like one of those "the swaggers back" idiots.

Big Jim:

Relax, hes talking NC in a couple years ya know 2-5.. which is not unrealistic at all. He is not talking this year, cause thatd be absurd and reason for flipping out. He brings up a valid point and is actually agreeing with you. He is saying Shannon has set realistic expectations and is trying to develop the talent for later years.

Big Jim = canesrule = gaturd agent provocateur

This entire year has been about winning a national championship in 2 years.

He's talking National Championship in two years not this year or next?

I think that is a realisyic goal.

Big Jim,

I'm definitely not in the "we still have a chance of winning the ACC" camp. If we do great, but my main focus is the continuous improvement of the team. I didn't interpret ChicagoCane's statement as a timetable for winning the championship. In fact, I think he was trying to explain the long term benefits of playing a lot of guys now, instead of sticking with a smaller rotation of your supposed best players in the hopes of being as competitive as possible right now.

How about this realistic goal...

We'll win a national championship before any other team in this state does.

I think Nix did do a better job of adjusting after halftime. But, when we were backed in our own end zone and we run 2 pass plays instead of trying to run the ball and get a little space in case you have to punt. (Which we did. thank god Bosher bailed us out) But Nix pulls the bonehead move of passing out of our own end zone (twice)and almost throwing another INT which would have been for a score. Then, he runs on 3rd down. Stll a little suspect in the play calling department. But hey, we are getting better. I'm starting to get the feeling that Clit Hurtt was right when he said," a lot of people will be writing apology letters to Shannon when this is all said and done. 2 qb's, 3qb's? Who cares as long as we're winning. When Jacory runs he looks like he's running on water. Very smooth.. For all you fools who say, "But it was Duke" Whatever GO CANES..............

if that was a bcs worthy preformance call us Hawaii

I think the big difference from what I saw this weekend between Marve and Harris is that Marve is trying to put the whole team on his shoulders and is failing. Harris came in and clearly had the understanding that they need to put the ball into the playmaker's hands, a la Glue-Hands and TB. They both are making freshman mistakes and will continue to. The guy who starts to make the least mistakes by the end of the season will be a step ahead for next year. But let's see what happens against a good WF defense this week before proclaiming either of them as the The Next Coming.

P.S.: why do these blogs always turn into calling someone out and such. That to me is exactly what "blockheaded Miami fans" do and it's pretty frustrating as an alum and die-hard fan.

why do these blogs always turn into calling someone out and such. That to me is exactly what "blockheaded Miami fans" do and it's pretty frustrating as an alum and die-hard fan.

Posted by: AZCanesDude | October 21, 2008 at 02:32 PM
in this case, a gaturd posed as a Cane to sow dissension ...


I didn't interpret ChicagoCane's statement as a timetable for winning the championship -PeteRoc

So he's not thinking NC during the current crop of QB's?? When then? I guarantee you he's looking projecting it during the RM/JJ era.

Hey Coke,

Looks like the meds must be working, Congrats!

By the way, your Gaytors are playing on ESPN360 this week. Can I come over and watch the game on your computer, or do you want to meet at Starbucks, and see if someone will let us watch it on theirs?

Or we could go to Gameplan and PAY for it, again!!

Go 'canes!

Gators: Raycom/ Fox television

Canes: The barren wasteland that is known as ESPNU

You wouldn't know a fact from a fig you imbecile

any news manny????

Im going to call you an idiot unless you justify what soon means. If by soon you mean next couple years your down right stupid, if by soon you mean they next few games you have a 50/50 chance of being right. Had to get that out of the way.. onto Wake Forest

YEAH THIS TEAM WILL GET BETTER YOUR RIGHT....This team was on the verge of being down big against Duke if JH pass was intercepted and ran into the end-zone. Did you not watch the first half of the duke game. Duke ran the ball at will right at Miami. Then you come back and act like Miami played well against Duke. Maybe you did not notice but Duke receivers were wide open the entire 2nd half and dropped a ton of footballs.

I will say it right now this team will not be any better next year. Why, because they have no Offensive line. They play Oklahoma, at USF, at FSU, At Virginia Tech, at North Carolina, Clemson, Georgia Tech. Miami will be lucky to go 6-6 or 7-5 next year. This team is not winning anytime soon. Not this year and forget about next year. Wait till 2010 when this team is ready to make a run for the NC and they have no Offensive Linemen on their roster.

Randy knows what he is doing. He promised Jacory that he would play so he has to play him otherwise the other Northwestern and Central and Booker kids will go to LSU or FSU.
He is stuck playing Jacory a series or two.
Why should you all question Randy Shannon? He has proved that he is great and has been at the U for a long time.

I do agree that you win games on the lines and Miami's offensive line is weak. Plus we have very few young offensive linemen. Instead we are recruiting 600 RBs and LBs and corners and safties who couldnt cover Helen Keller.

We are 3 years away from competing on a top 10 level and 4 years from maybe talking about a national title.

Sorry Cokey, or can I call you "Kehoe's Little Fudge Stick?" I was looking on ESPN.com under schedules, where they post all the games that are going to be shown on NATIONAL TV! (REMEMBER, THAT'S WHAT YOU WERE BASHING MIAMI ABOUT THE OTHER DAY, NOT HAVING A NATIONAL TV AUDIENCE! THE FACT IS MIAMI HAS BEEN ON NATIONAL TV EVERY GAME EXCEPT THE FIRST, THE GAYTORS HAVE NOT, AND THEY ARE NOT AGAIN!) I forgot that no one with more than two teeth likes the Gaytors!

Sorry you don't have satellite or cable, ESPNU is where they highlight games AND college sports, 24/7. I don't think you will find it with your rabbit ears though!



Go 'canes!

ESPNU is National TV? Ok buddy. Keep smoking that South Beach ganja.

even ESPN 2

That is National TV

If it werent for the Gators and Noles the U would be lost somewhere on ESPN ocho which is broadcast to like 3 homes in the country.

Maybe try attending a Canes game and bringing some family with you. You probably have about 50 family members living in your 2 bedroom apartment so you should be able to double the Canes attendence just with your household.

How about those Canes highlights this past weekend? ESPN had a 3 hour highlight show just on this past weekend of College football and the Gators were mentioned a bunch of times and they were on a bye but the Canes? Nowhere to be found.

I love kicking you fools while you are down. Especially since you guys think you are good and that "NEXT YEAR" is the year. BAWAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

The Hurricanes have turned from thugs to a bunch of babies with every excuse in the book. EXCUSE U.

Work on getting Randy Shannon that contract extension and attend those Hurricanes games!


2 INTS against Duke in one half of play is BCS WORTHY????

I wish I had you as my teacher in school.

There are a couple of factors to deal with here:
1. Past legacy - There's a lot to live up to and everyone compares this years team and the teams of the past few years to some really super teams.
2. Current play - Inconsistency seems to be the norm but with so many young players that's to be understood. Also consider that the coaches, with the exception of Bill Young, are learning the art of coaching at this level. They appear to be learning with every game.
3. Future outlook - The past two recruiting classes have been good to outstanding. This years class appears to be in line with last years class and should be stacked at RB, DT and the secondary. Add in the fact that we should be set with Bosher kicking FG's for the next few years.

In summary, this team is on the right track and we will see the bandwagon jumpers by the start of next season.....

Ok here we go:

LAST YEAR--the Canes didnt make one of the thousand bowl games, had a team quit on their head coach, got shut out to a mediocore Virginia team in the last game ever at the Orange Bowl.

THIS YEAR---Canes lose to both Florida and Florida State something that has not been done in forever. Lose at home to North Carolina and play a crap game against UCF.

Next year....Lets start laying out the excuses now. You will need every single one. Nix? The players still too young? You have 500 RBs but no offensive line or secondary? Better start coming up with all your excuses now because next year will be an even more painful season..BOOK IT!


Posted by: CokeCanes | October 21, 2008 at 07:04 PM

Evil, "mad scientist" laugh???




Go 'canes!

Start laying out the EXCUSES for EXCUSE U!!!!

ohhhh Coker messed up the team..the same team that Randy Shannon was coaching too

ohhh Patrick Nix stinks

Marcus Forston has a cold

Jacory Harris is awesome! Did you see those 2 second half INTs against the top 10 DUKE opponent? Just a stud! OHHH But he is TOO YOUNG!!!

You guys are such a bunch of BABIES!!!

You guys STINK, plain and simple. STINK and thats being nice.

You have a garbage head coach, a pathetic offensive coordinator, you have no O-line, your secondary is filled with a bunch of girls, your depth is non-existant but you have about 500 RBs coming in. Yeah thats gonna help when you have a garbage O-line!
Next year is looking real bright...PUFFF PUFFFF

Hey Coke,

We DO have something in common! Neither The U, or the Gaytors won a conference Title game last year!

This year we struggled against our conference doormat, (before we blew them out) you lost to YOURS!!! (Ole Miss, in case you forgot!!)

Miami and the Gaytors are BOTH on a two game winning streak!


Go 'canes!

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