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Duke progress report

What a difference a week makes. After looking like the 2007 Hurricanes last week against UCF and for the first half against Duke, Miami's young football turned a corner in my eyes this past Saturday. That clicking moment we kept waiting for from the receivers finally happened. And nobody deserves the credit more than Jacory Harris, who brought life, energy and leadership to an offense that sorely needed it.

Coach Randy Shannon said Saturday and reiterated it Sunday that the starting job is still Robert Jacory_harris_2Marve's to have. He's said Marve will start this week against Wake Forest. His reasoning, though he won't really say it, is simple. The last thing Shannon wants is for the quarterback job to become a weekly contest, a focus to take away from his team concept. Starting is one thing, and finishing is another. Harris has obviously done that the last two weeks. He won ACC Rookie of the Week Monday for the second time this year. He earned it. And the truth he's playing like the better quarterback right now. I believe putting Marve back into the starting role sends the wrong message when all you preach is competition. But that's a decision Shannon will have to live with for now. He proved smart by playing Jacory for a few series each game this year when most of U disagreed with it and said it was disrupting the offense. Shannon proved to be right then. He may prove to be right again with this week's decision.

Now, to the progLaron_byrd_versus_dukeress report. I was busy writing a story this afternoon on high school coaching for the paper and didn't get to my usual progress report until late tonight. My apologies. My grading system system, in honor of the Canes, should be familiar for you guys by now: National championship material (excellent), BCS worthy (good), MicronPC Bowl here we come (average), Coker-esque (poor) and Scout Team reserve (the bottom of the barrel).

Quarterback: There's no other way to put it -- Jacory Harris was the man Saturday. Yes, he threw two interceptions, including one that put UM down 24-14 in the third quarter. But he proved to everyone why Shannon made it a point to play him in every game this season. He led UM on six consecutive scoring drives and finished 18 of 28 for 185 yards and two touchdowns. He also was the team's second leading rusher with 53 yards and a touchdown. He also hauled in pass from Travis Benjamin. Marve did throw a costly interception (again) and sat out for the rest of the game (again). But it still was only one mistake. He wasn't doing a bad job, just not a great one. He finished 4 of 7 for 64 yards and a touchdown. All in all, when you put up 49 points, you've done a good job. This week's progress report says: BCS Worthy. For the record, I believe Jacory should be starting this week. But that's probably why only play the role of coach on Madden.

Running backs: The story coming in was the return of Javarris James. He never got going (3 carries for 13 yards) and neither did Miami's running game. A lot had to do with being down 24-14 and needing to throw the football. But 10 rush attempts between Graig Cooper and James is unacceptable. Shannon pointed it out in his press conference Sunday and its the truth. Miami's not going to win a lot of games in the defensive-minded ACC if its two best backs only get 12 touches (Cooper had 2 catches). This week's progress report says: MicronPC Bowl Here We Come. These guys get held to a higher standard because I consider them UM's best unit. Still, 154 yards rushing on 29 attempts isn't that bad.

Receivers/tight ends: I've got one thought: Finally. The talented trio of freshman receivers -- Aldarius Johnson, Travis Benjamin and Laron Byrd -- had the kind of performance you thought they Aldarius_johnson could but were only hoping for until this week. They didn't just make plays, but the tough acrobatic catches this offense has sorely needed for years. Dedrick Epps included with that key fourth down catch. Johnson had eight catches for 84 yards and a touchdown and proved to be the go-to man for Jacory when the tough got going. It looks like a role he'll have going forward, one we all kind of knew he would grow into. Benjamin, meanwhile, was once again the steady big play threat. They'll obviously have to develop consistency. But Saturday you got a great peak at what the future holds at UM and why Shannon was so excited about the receivers he signed. This week's progress report says: National Championship worthy All I kept thinking about with Aldarius (Andre Johnson), Benjamin (Santana Moss) and Byrd (Michael Irvin) was how much they reminded me of the Canes' glorious receivers of the past.

Offensive line: The Canes gave up two sacks this week, but once again I didn't think any were really the line's fault. They looked more like coverage sacks. Miami didn't run the ball a lot, but averaged 5.3 yards a carry and opened up the running lanes for Harris on the quarterback draws. I also loved the fact left tackle Jason Fox was mixing it up after the whistle. It shows toughness and heart we already knew Fox had. This week's progress report says: BCS Worthy.

The Front Seven: Duke had a lot of success running the football early and the defensive line only Darryl_sharpton produced one sack from Adewale Ojomo. But the adjustments at halftime were made and although UM didn't get to Thaddeus Lewis much, it was enough to make the Duke offense sputter. Duke ran the ball 44 times and only averaged 3.2 yards a carry. That's not a bad average at all. Darryl Sharpton, Glenn Cook and Sean Spence once again played a ton of minutes and combined for 23 tackles on defense and deserve to be commended for it. This week's progress report says: BCS Worthy. Not enough pressure. But still a good day stopping the run.

The Secondary: No interceptions, two pass breakups and thankfully a ton of drops by the Duke Chavez_grantreceivers helped UM once again cover up what could have been a shaky day for the secondary. Duke finished with 191 yards passing and two touchdown catches. Freshman Brandon Harris had a few shaky moments of his own again. What can you say other than he looks like a freshman. The positive? Senior Anthony Reddick led the team with 12 tackles and didn't miss many. This week's progress report says: MicronPC Bowl Here We Come.

Special Teams: Matt Bosher continued his MVP performance with a 75-yard punt to bail UM out of bad field position. He shanked another punt again. But he's still doing what he has to do for a guy handling all the kicking duties. Bosher had four touchbacks on kickoffs. Shannon has talked about getting Jake Wieclaw into action soon. But if Bosher keeps it up, there will no need to. As for the return game, Benjamin once again had a good day putting UM into good field position. He's bound to break one soon. This week's progress report says: BCS Worthy.

Coaching: By far the best performance of the season since the Texas A&M game if you only count Randy_shannonthe second half. Offensive coordinator Patrick Nix made the proper adjustments in the second half going to the no-huddle and calling plays for Jacory that worked. Bill Young also corrected the problems UM had stopping the run in the first half. Shannon also was 2 for 2 on rolls of the dice on fourth down. They were huge plays and led to important scores, especially the one right before the half. This week's progress report says: BCS Worthy. You make the right adjustments, rally from a 24-14 deficit, win, score 49 points and you get props.


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Hey "Kehoe's Little Fudge Stick",

bitter, angry, jealous

COME ON GAYTORS, GET UP AND GO (Just so you know, that's what they say in the stands at Gaytor games! I know you go to a Junior College in Miami somewhere, just thought you would like to know!)

Go 'canes!

Yeah we are pretty similar.

We just won a National Title 2 years ago and you are living in the 80s.

We have one of the best coaches in the country and you have a coach who is 9-10 and didnt make one of the thousand bowl games last year.

We are ranked #5 and you are, well, you guys arent even #5 in the weak ACC.

Keep coming up with those EXCUSES THOUGH!!!!


ESPN U, will on Comcast soon.

I got more...plenty more...Your coach is creating quite a resume. He can bring this to his next job.

1) Lost to Florida and Florida State in the SAME YEAR something that has not been done in a very long time

2) Had a team quit on him

3) Lost 48-0 in the last game ever at the storied Orange Bowl

4) Has a losing record as a head coach and a losing record in the weak ACC

5) Constantly loses home games

6) Didnt even make one of the thousand bowl games last year

7) Is struggling to make a bowl game this year

8) Throws players under the bus like no other coach

9) Makes promises to recruits that hurt his team just so he can say he had a top 10 recruiting class

10) Is the #1 coach at crying and coming up with EXCUSES

Couple additional STATS

1) 5 home losses for Randy Shannon in 2 years (and the year isnt over yet)

2) 3-8 total ACC record and lets face it the ACC isnt the greatest conference

3) #102 out of 119 in Total Offense this year and these games factor in all the weak teams you played like Duke, UCF, A and M

4) 92nd out of 119 in turnover margin

5) 73rd in rushing offense

6) 93rd in passing offense

7) How about defense???

And now all of a sudden you have no more complete joke teams to play like Duke, Charleston Southern, UCF (well maybe NC STATE) and all of a sudden you are going to win the ACC or even win it next year???????


Well, there was good football talk for a while. Then The Clowns once again appear. I wonder if they jump in and out of other blogs like UT, Michigan, Nebraska, ND, etc. Man, they must have a lot of time on their hands.

Anyway, if there was anytime to kick the 'Canes while their down, this is it. It's well deserved. Actually mid-nineties was tough, but I put up with The Clowns of the time (I have MUCH more respect for those guys, though, because ALL of the "sparring" was face to face). Late 70's abuse? Well, no one knew at that time that the Hurricanes were going to change College Football forever.

I'm not going nuts. I'm not expecting anything from this team. I'd just like to see the team and coaches get a little better each week, and I'd like to see them play with a lot heart, pride, and fight.

I hope this two qb system pays big dividens down the road. This weeks game is a water shed moment to see if progress has really been made, even a close loss could be favorable considering the youth of this team. The defense which really during the great Miami eras has carried the program has to step up in the secondary. We are blowing coverages, using terrible technique on covering deep balls, and the tackiling must continue to improve. If the defense was where it should be we would be 5-1. Im not sure what's happend since the Forida game on D. Offense tend to be erractic, especially with young recievers and qbs. The coaching on Offense is my biggest concern the scheme is erratic; are we a power run team, a passing team, spread, west coast, or what and the play calling can range from average to down right awful, but again when players make plays as evidence on Saturday any O "could" work; but if the defense was dominent the field would be shorter because of stops and turnovers and the offense would have less pressure on it...so we will see this week!






easy Herbal....

ESPNU is National TV? Ok buddy. Keep smoking that South Beach ganja.

Posted by: gaturd agent provocateur | October 21, 2008 at 07:04 PM

You wouldn't know a fact from a fig you imbecile

Posted by: gaturd agent provocateur | October 21, 2008 at 03:52 PM

ESPNU currently reaches 20 million homes through secured distribution agreements with Charter, Cox, DIRECTV (Channel 609), EchoStar’s DISH Network (Channel 148), AT&T, Insight Communications, Mediacom, Time Warner, Verizon, hundreds of smaller affiliates and is close to distribution agreements with many others.

ESPN U, will on Comcast soon.

Posted by: M.H. | October 21, 2008 at 07:40 PM

seeing is believing ...


If it werent for the Gators and Noles the U would be lost somewhere on ESPN ocho which is broadcast to like 3 homes in the country.

Posted by: gaturd agent provocateur | October 21, 2008 at 07:04 PM

mediocrity schmediocrity ...
last season, the disney network (ABC, ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU) televised 11 of 12 games ...
this season, disney & raycom will televise 11 of 12 games ...
not to mention ...
comcast sports southeast replays our games twice on tuesdays ...
expect maximum exposure ...
b/c U turn on TVs ...



UM has won a notational tile in this decade they just did it before UF.

UM much like UF has 2 title's in a decade, UM did it first once again.

UM had a deplorable season last year it's a matter of fact. I think you can agree.

UF had a Heisman QB and didn't make it to the national tile nor there conference title.

Are you going to use the same excuse the SEC is to tough? Bama is undefeated and they have played more ranked teams than UF so far this year.

Two of the teams as of right now that UF has to face are ranked. One of them is an ACC team. We all know that can change this weekend.

UF better hope they can beat UGA and Vandy oh and I wouldn't look past SC either. UF will be lucky enough to make it back to the capital one bowl. But lets be real here, if it's not a national title then it's just trivial.











6) Didnt even make one of the thousand bowl games last year

Posted by: CokeCanes | October 21, 2008 at 07:56 PM

Cokey, a.k.a. Kehoe Likes to Drop His Steamer on My Chin,

Are you bragging about your bowl appearance last year? You lost to MEEEchigan! For God's sake, you had the reigning Heisman QB, the greatest coach to ever set foot on any playing surface, but you did not win your conference, and you LOST your bowl game to MEEEchigan!

This year you have already dropped a game to the WORST team in the SEC, but you think you are on a title run???????????????


P.S. You HAVE National Championship talent, they are just NOT being coached UP to their FULL potential. Hence the 5 losses in 12 months.


P.S.S. If our coaches had your players, we would have smoked Ole Miss by 30. That's right Fudge Packer, if we had your players, we would have smoked Ole Miss by 30!!


P.S.S.S. Raycom is not a network stupid! It's a syndicate, like Jefferson Pilot! They produce the game, and hope a LOCAL network picks it up. I have a funny feeling the Gaytor fans in Honolulu, Guam, Alaska, Georgia, Alabama, New York, anywhere in America except G-ville, Etc., are not going to see the Gaytor game this week...UNLESS THEY PAY FOR IT!!! But any 'cane fan with cable or a dish will see our game for free...EVERYWHERE!



Go 'canes!

stop trying to be like the top of the line, U will never get there... just like the gators won't

Maybe try attending a Canes game and bringing some family with you. You probably have about 50 family members living in your 2 bedroom apartment so you should be able to double the Canes attendence just with your household.

Posted by: CokeCanes | October 21, 2008 at 07:56 PM

Get off the stage!!
You "F"ing suck!!
Get the hook!
Get out of here!

Tough crowd tonight Cokey a.k.a. I Like to Watch Kehoe Light His F-arts on Fire,

They all cannot be wrong though, you really are not funny at all!! You are however, BITTER, ANGRY, AND JEALOUS! I'm betting it has something to do with your small penis, AND the fact that you have NEVER been laid by a girl!


Go 'canes!

Just read the article this morning about the FR players, it's amazing at actually how many skill players are true FR!!! It gives all UM fans an idea of what the coaching staff has to work with due to the lack of skilled upperclass players.

This is just the beginning!

Recruits will read this article and know, if they come to the U they can play as a true FR!

Great job Shannon!!!

I just have one thing to say about the 2 QB system. I won't argue that both Marve and Harris can play. I just think that since both guys are young and you are trying to find out which gives you the best chance to win, it's only fair that Jacory gets the chance, like Marve, to see if he's the better starter.

Remember when Kenny Kelly was here? This situation is not that different. Kelly was good but when freshman Ken Dorsey finally got the chance to play he proved that he was better than good. He was great. Kelly didn't like having to share the starting QB role so he went on to play baseball. The point is, you can't hide greatness. If Harris is the real deal, and I believe he is, he'll eventually force the playing time.

Also, looking on the bright side, at least we have a good problem with deciding who is better out of two legit QBs.

Seriously, that is a ridiculous statement. Recruits will want to go to Miami now because they see freshman playing????
You supposedly had the best recruiting class ever in college football and you are playing them all. You have all these "freshman studs". Why would a recruit want to come to Miami? So he can ride the pine and split time and play a series or two like Jacory? So he can be one of 600 RBs? So he can sit on the bench?
It should make recruits stay away even more because the chance they take over or play is very low unless they are an O-lineman or play in the secondary. They should go to a school where there are a lot of juniors and seniors so they can actually play. Why would you go to a team with a bunch of freshmen where you will have to TRANSFER later on?

Jacory Harris is the perfect example. They had Marve who is a freshman. He just blindly picked Miami because it was the hometown and now there is talk of a TRANSFER. Exactly why you shouldnt go to a school with a bunch of freshmen. Now not only did Jacory blow a year of eligibility but he might have to look for another place to play. According to your theory he should pick a place with a bunch of freshmen. OHHHH BOY, the IQ must not be very high.

CokeCanes - Why do the top recruits continue to go to USC even though they are 3 deep at every position? The best players in the country want to play for the best programs that will put them in the pros and where they can compete to play every year! Unlike the gators the U runs a pro style attack, the same O that is run in the NFL!

We have 6 RB now, all returning next year.
And.......we have 3 top 20 RB's coming next year!

Why don't they go to Florida where they know they would start next year? Because the U plays FR and sends them to the NFL! Even if they don't start or play they know they will have a better chance to make it to the NFL.

What present Florida RB are starting in the NFL now?

You need two hands to count the U RB in the NFL!

Yeah all the NFLers you have on your team this year. You are loaded. How many players this year does the U have going in the first round?
If you have all this NFL talent why are you one of the worst teams in one of the worst conferences? Why are people talking about TRANSFERING?
I could care less how many Florida players are in the pros now (there are plenty), but what I do care about as a fan is being in contention and having games that matter every year. You guys cant even make a decent bowl game, or a single bowl game for that matter.
Do you get a trophy for sending players to the NFL? Why do you have 0 potential first rounders this year?
The U is a thing of the past until they can possibly bring in a bigtime head coach who can majorly turn things around. You are living in the PAST. Wake up! Its 2008 not the 1980s!

Comparing USC to Miami is like comparing the New England Patriots to the Detroit Lions.

USC is in contention every single year. Miami is LIVING IN THE PAST!

Everyone wants to go to da Canes. We have a great offense and play real hard. Our players always have a smile on their face whether we win or lose.

So what do we think those predicitons will be for the Wake forest game?

I predict

Canes 20
Wake 34

We are still too young and wake is actually a good team. Give us one more year and we can beat them. I would like to see Marve start and play the hole game. I dont like the switching of the qbs.

Sarasota what's wrong with you? You always came across as quirky but you are all over the place.
Right now the Canes have no business talking smack to any team, especially Florida. They beat us and they are better than us but we will be back one day.
I disagree I think we will beat Wake and Marve will play well and be our starting QB for good. I am tired of this switching. Let our QB get some rhythm and I believe Randy won't cave in to the pressure from Dads and Moms.


You are not much better. You don't come across as intelligent or someone with a high football IQ as well. I mean your comment here sounds like you are a Pee Wee league dad with a son so bad at baseball that you are just happy he is playing with a smile, and hustling. We should expect more from Miami. This is the Canes. With such a storied history and great teams and players. This play has been unacceptable and our rivals are right, we make a lot of excuses and you are the major culprit.

"I'm not expecting anything from this team. I'd just like to see the team and coaches get a little better each week, and I'd like to see them play with a lot heart, pride, and fight.

Posted by: NJshoreCane | October 21, 2008 at 08:57 PM

Interesting blog...

It seems like the "U" against the entire college football world...Just the way we like it.

Seriously, no room for talking smack now but look out for the start of next season. The Band Wagon jumpers will be out in full force. You know it's gonna happen.

is it me or are the wrs looking like the answer to our questionable offense? and maybe not throwing into triple coverage a pniky toe away from the sideline

Were receivers running routes any better when Jacory Harris was in the game? It seemed like the offense came to life when Harris got in the game. I also noticed that Marve always looks for Travis Benjamin when he gets in trouble, Harris looks for Aldarius Johnson. I suppose this naturally develops over time, but I don't like the potential for issues here.

Were receivers running routes any better when Jacory Harris was in the game?

They ran the no-huddle O when J.H. was in the game, this makes a big in the routes the receivers run. If you read Barry M. article Marve states that he wished he could of ran the no-huddle O when he was in the game.

Marve has a bad habit of throwing into triple coverage, that's why he came out of the game.

Can't wait for the Wake game!

Sarasota 'cane - Good job with the Gator blog!

Maybe that moron (child) will stop with all his rants!

U-48 Wake-28

Da U!

No matter where we Canes fans post, there are always the same bunch of loser lizard "fans" hanging around talking trash, spouting off their supposed football knowledge, and blowing off anything that doesn't fit their UM-hater mentality. It wouldn't be surprising to find out that more than a few are actually one-and-the-same with such other geniuses as the well-named raw pimple. Take them for what they're worth...absolutely nothing...their ignorance is amazing and their collective obsession with trashing anything positive about Miami (school and city) pretty well sums up their shallow, envious, pathetic little lives. Shannon & Co. are on the right track. Sure, it won't be all smooth sailing, but won't it be a great pleasure to send these lizard losers back to their redneck enclaves with their collective tails between their legs.

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