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EXPRESS EDITION: Tuesday's news and notes

I'm going to make this an express edition because it's been a long, busy day today out at UM. First off all, for the first time this season defensive coordinator Bill Young met with the media and spoke with us about the way his unit has been playing (HERE IS THE LINK TO THE AUDIO).

Bill_young> The most interesting comment from Young is that only about 50 percent of his defense has been implemented. There will be more in the story. I would have just preferred to just provide you with a Q&A. But the sports information department said the only way we'll get to interview coordinators is if we write feature stories. Oh well, you got the story and the audio you can tune into.

> The big news this morning from UM was that coach Randy Shannon said starting right tackle Reggie Youngblood is likely out for the season. Strangely enough, I saw Youngblood out at practice. He was wearing braces on both of his legs, but was involved in stretching. Shannon told us after practice Youngblood did not practice. Stay tuned.

Lamar_miller> As many of you probably know already, the Canes landed their 15th commitment of the year and third running back in its 2009 class late Monday night when Miami-Dade's top recruit, Lamar Miller of Killian High, announced he was choosing UM. The big development in the Miller saga according to his high school coach Steve Smith was because he finally scored high enough on the ACT (20) to get into UM. Miller looked like he might be an academic casualty. Instead, he got the score he needed and got into the program he always dreamed of playing for. Miller (5-11, 205) is a Top 100 player according to Rivals. He has a Dade-best 95 carries for 742 yards and 10 touchdowns right now through five games.

He's definitely a home run threat when he has the football in his hands. I watched him play North Miami Beach earlier this year, a game in which he ran for more than 200 yards and scored 3 times. Miller is good, but needs to improve his inside running. He's definitely still a great get for the Canes and will make a nice incoming trio with Kansas product Bryce Brown (the nation's No. 1 back according to Rivals) and Davenport Ridge's Mike James. My question is which current Cane backup running back is out of a job? Shawnbrey McNeal and Lee Chambers have a combined 15 carries this season, but haven't played in weeks. Smells like someone will be getting a position change or heading elsewhere.

> Running back Javarris James and freshman receiver Thearon Collier did participate in individual drills today and there's a chance they could play this week. I'm still not optimistic either of these guys play this week. UCF is a non-conference opponent who lost to UTEP 58-13 two weeks ago. Shannon, however, did sound more optimistic about Collier than James.

"He's feeling better," Shannon said. "He ran around Sunday, a little yesterday. We'll up his tempo a little bit. If it's game time and he can help us 18, 15, 20 plays (that'll work)."

> As far as linebacker Colin McCarthyand defensive end Eric Moncur are concerned, Shannon said both could be awarded a redshirt for this season. Moncur (whom Shannon said Tuesday will definitely be out for at least three weeks, but keeps giving us the impression will be out for the year) is a fifth-year senior and McCarthy a junior played in four games this season. The NCAA rule indicates that in order to be eligible for a redshirt you have to play less than 30 percent of your season. If Miami makes a bowl game, they'll have played 13 games this season. That's still over the 30 percent limit. It's still the NCAA, so who knows.

Sam_shields> One of the more interesting comments Randy made Tuesday was in regard to junior receiver Sam Shields, who picked up the costly illegal substitution penalty against Florida State which eventually led to UM settling for a field goal instead of scoring a touchdown and taking the lead. Shields practiced Tuesday but there's a rumor circulating the message boards he could soon be off the team. Shannon left us Tuesday with this cryptic message: "We have to keep coaching him. We're not going to say, `Well, you're on the shelf.' Sam knows he's a third-year guy. Everyone is expecting Sam to make plays, and he hasn't. He's been having opportunities to do it. We'll keep coaching him hard, but we have to give these young guys a chance now. They make plays for us. You're on a roll with something, you ride it till it stops."

Here's some interesting video on what happened on the sideline after Shields was flagged on Saturday.

> One of the other more interesting comments Tuesday came from defensive end Adewale Ojomo, who was asked why UM has had so much trouble getting sacks this season and creating pressures. Ojomo didn't sugar coat his answer and basically told us UM is getting one-on-one situations and simply not winning them.

> I'll have more for you in the coming days. It's just a lot to pack into a blog. Definitely look for the story on Young tonight and for all the audio interviews from today. I spoke with Jason Fox, Sean Spence, Marcus Forston, Robert Marve, Travis Benjamin, Randy Shannon, Matt Bosher, Adewale Ojomo and of course will have Randy's press conference.


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read dave hyde ...
take 2 aspirin ...
call me in the morning ...


Guy's, fireshannon.com is Gaytor honk canesrule, aka kehoe, aka coke, aka insert juvenile name here!

He knows we are rebuilding, he knows we are taking back South Florida recruiting, and he know we are going to be a force in the very NEAR future! That's why he is on here. He wants to get a few licks in (no pun intended canesrule, you queer!) before our inevitable rise back to prominence!

We can beat their best, they can only beat our worst! If the Gaytors are up, The U is down, usually WAY down! It's a fact! The Gaytors have never "earned" an invitation to a title game on the football field! They always need another team to win or lose in order to get "crowned"! They back into titles, they cry about their conference schedule, and they are NEVER mentioned in discussions about the greatest programs of all time! EVER!

In fairness to the Gaytors, their chicks are HOT! They are skanky, and they love to bang, A LOT!

Miami is on the way back, we've all seen it before! Hell the Gaytors have seen it before, many times! That's why we are not on their schedule, and that's why their fan's are SO bitter! We won our 1st National Title EIGHT YEARS before the Gaytors won their 1st conference title! Think about that! It took the Gaytors FIFTY THREE YEARS to win their 1st CONFERENCE TITLE!

Now they have arguably the best QB (Heisman) in the country, the best WR/all purpose stud, they are 3 deep at every position, they have the best facilities in the south, AND THEY SHOW THEIR APPRECIATION for all of this by laying an EGG, AT HOME, against the worst team in the SEC, OLE MISS.!!!!!!!!!!!!! And they want to blast us about our COACH???????????????????????????? The Gaytors are the most SPOILED fan base in the country!! They are not spoiled with success, they are spoiled with jealousy!! Big difference!! They want to "swagger" Miami style, but they cannot!!

Keep bringing it canesrule, aka douche bag, aka sniveling biatch, aka pole smoker, aka crybaby! We'll leave the light on!


Go 'canes!!

Great article by Dave Hyde...thanks Green. I hope some of the people calling for staff's collective head will read it.

I was at the Killian vs Lakeland game this past weekend and after watching with my own two eyes...Lamar Miller is the real deal. He scored a 60+ yards TD on the 2nd play of the game (a run btwn the tackles by the way Manny).
I now live in Lakeland and I wanted to see the hype of Miller with my own eyes...
Posted by: Chevyboy79 | October 08, 2008 at 12:09 AM

I wasn't knocking Miller, Chevyboy. He is a great player. I, along with Larry Blustein and Andre Fernandez, rated him No. 1 in Dade for a reason. He's a guy who knows how to explode through holes and is amazing in the open field. I think his biggest struggles though happen at the line of scrimmage. I saw him get knocked down a lot with ankle tackles. You are right. He doesn't have a great offensive line. I just want to see him put up more of a fight on initial contact. That's all. Because he is amazing once he gets past that line.

Manny you rock!

Go 'canes!!

Posted by: Sarasota 'cane | October 08, 2008 at 11:16 AM

Sarasota your right on with that post above^. I couldnt have said it better myself.

I can hear canesrules reply now, 4 choice coach and not ranked for 2 years, stadium 30 miles away. Anything else canesrule? Probably not. Forget the things that really matter aka championships, right?

Mr. Lamar Miller,

Great job young man. Stick to the books, and play what you love. All of this will pay off. Keep working harder!!! This is your future we are dealing with here. Keep it up!

Posted by: HearAcane | October 07, 2008 at 07:13 PM

Mad props. Now this person can write!!!

You're what's wrong with Florida football, Gator fans

You get the idea some Florida fans are going to be miserable no matter what. They could be married to Halle Berry, and complain because she spends too much money on lingerie.

Commentary by Mike Bianchi | Orlando Sentinel
9:44 AM EDT, October 8, 2008

This is a quote from a Gaytor beat writer at the Orlando Sentinel! This is EXACTLY what I have been saying! They HATE their OWN team!

...and complain because she spends too much money on lingerie. - Don't worry canesrule, no one here is accusing you of liking girls! You "F"ing queer!



Go 'canes!!

Sorry Green. I think you never make sense. I will continue to skip over your posts. Guess I'm not as intelligent as you to understand.

If you read a lot of these blogs and message boards I think canes fans have always had an over inflated idea of how much talent this team has. I frankly don't see it. This is why you have so many people calling out coaches all the time. They think this team is the 2007 New England Patriots for some strange reason.

Hey...Get off the Hearald... FF40!!!

DS stinks for college football...the field is too far away, there is no ambiance... - James

already we've seen. ...

1. lousy kickoff coverage.
2. turnover.
3. DB getting beat in the end zone.
4. running game stuffed.

did i miss anything? -Canethang

This is freaking riddiculous. Yes the players are playing the game. But especially with a young team the coaches have to teach the players to contain the qb, not make stupid penalties, etc. -eric

Are any of you suprised? Everyone put their hopes on a bunch of freshman and underclassman. You cant do that and expect to be good. We are making their QB look like a heismen candidate. we are being outcoached and outplayed - egyptian magician

These players are playing horribly right now. They aren't playing well. This stuff you learn in high school. Brandon Harris has to learn to play the ball in 10th grade. -Footballfeak40

wow our secondary is filled with a bunch of clowns.

biggest clown...Bruce Johnson

2nd biggest clown...their coach. - Boodambudoodoo

To be done by our former coach, AND NOW THESE FA--OTS? I CAN'T F--KIN TAKE IT - SantanaFan

Wow. This is my first chance to see Miami play on TV. I need to remember not to pay much attention to what I read. This team is not as good as the press clippings claim. I watched FSU last week and thought they were average but after looking at this debacle it is clear Miami is one of the bottom feeders of the division. 4-5, wins, maybe, this year. - John C

www.fireshannon.com - Nate

Its going to be kinda hard to get the president of the school to pony up the cash for a decent coach when we have a dyke for a president. Maybe if this was a women's softball team. We are done maybe sports illustrated should make another plea to drop football. -Gibby

This is all on Shannon.

No doubt Shannon is a good recruiter. We've got some promising players.

But as a motivator as a game day coach - he's just lacking. This team is just not prepared to play this week. But you can look back to last year. The biggest game on the schedule the one game you had to win was against Virginia. The game to close the OB. It's not that we lost that game ...we were embarrassed. We're getting embarassed again today..

It'll be intersting to see what if any adjustments are made here at halftime. I'm not looking for a win anymore. I just want them to make a game out of it. FSU doesn't have a 21 point edge in talent over us. This should be a 3-7 point game either way. - Scorp6

its ok... just keep making excuses for shannon. - unbearable

Can somebody tell Shannon you dont get to keep timeouts or challegnes. Guy looks lost on the sidelines.- Nycanes25

FSU > UM - daneptizi

This D is terrible....way to go Bill Young! The U is done this year....safe to say. - Greg D

I'm shocked at how bad the Defense is. This might be the worst secondary we've ever had. These guys are brutal.

Brandon Harris might be a future stud but he is in over his head in this game. He has been Randy Phillips against Oklahoma bad today. - MJH

Fire Bill Young please! The defense in this game is embarrassing. I have never seen a team give up more third and longs. I have never seen a team commit so many defensive penalties. And why wont they blitz more? Every time they do something good happens. Also, if #1 Brendan Harris plays again this season I give up. The guy is a walking disaster. - AHM

We are nothing more than a run-of-the-mill program now. Nothing special, nothing worth getting excited for.

Let me know when we hire a coach who knows what he's doing. - UtahCane

I haven't been impressed by FSU.... but I have been embarrassed by UM.. - Bill S

Just horrible all the way around, Both QB's throwing picks, Young getting out coached by Jimbo Fisher, coaches not having guys ready to play in a big rivalry game. So much blame to go around to everyone. - Adam

Bill Young is a joke. FSU was like 90% successful on 3rd and 10 or longer. He blitzes on 3rd and 3 and plays prevent zone on third and long. Thats called doing things backwards. No wonder Kansas let him go so easily. Obviously it was their talent last year not him. -AHMalready the radio crew is hailing this as a great effort, no quit, something to build on, ...blah, blah, blah.

this just masks an overall lame effort. bottom line is that this team is 2-3, with two of the losses to in-state rivals.

there will be no shot at an ACC title or a decent bowl game. we're looking at another sub-.500 season.

i'll ask it again: do you think randy shannon and this coaching staff can get us to 10-2, 11-1 in the next 2-3 years?

i'm not raising my hand. - Canethang

Looking forward to Randy's post-game. Hope the players have some toilet paper, they're about to be s--t on as usual. -Canethang

Time of Possession.

39:23 FSU

Does it really matter who played QB? - Adam

the problem is that this coaching staff is in way over their heads, especially the man at the top.

unfortunately, this is not going to get any better until a legitimate coach is brought in.

you'll see false hope with wins the next two weeks against bad teams, but watch what happens against Wake, Virginia, Va. Tech, BC. (that's four more losses right there.)


Another year down the drain...now the nation is convinced we are a joke and will be until we beat a top 25 team....much less a top 5 team. This is horrbile. -Knoxcane

ff40 the shannon apologist... as certain as taxes and death. if no one needs a scapegoat, then why does shannon feel the need to throw his players under the bus?

its called class ff40, and randy has none. -canerule 9'ships

i dont need a scapegoat, im just sick of hearing shannon blame the players for everything, but not holding himself accountable.

my only hope is this...that holcutt has no ties to shannon since he didnt hire him, and he will want to bring in someone else to rebuild this program. -Chuck-0

ff40 your clueless...

You just dont get it. You probably were one that wanted coker here forever.


But you'll probably justify the coaching staff then too... - Nate

I see you left out that Shannon has never won as a Head Coach. - Canesrule 9'ships

yeah the typical cane fan isn't really known for their thoughtfulness and reason. -htcane

1rst and goal at the 4!!! and they have 12 men in the huddle. That is a freakin JOKE!! This is major division 1 football, and they could of smashed it in there and taken the lead in the game! That is all coaching and it just seems like shannon is a deer in headlights as a head coach. I like the guy, and he can stay as calm as he wants, but that don't mean u can execute the x&o's in pressure packed situations. He has failed in all the big ones in 2 years - canesrule 9'ships

Can someone tell me who else had drops during the game besides Hankerson, Farquharson, and Shields? - I'mdonebuyingseasontix


Seriously; WTF? - Orlando Cane

you know its coming santana, thats his MO...blame the players. ill be shocked if this week is any different - Canesrule 9'ships

Coach Shannon's gonna say this in his press confrence. IN MY SHANNON VOICE. " Guy's werent flying around like they do in practice", "were gonna watch film and make some adjustments for our next opponent". "the D played well just gotta make some adjustments". shannon why didnt u throw it to Ald johnson or Benjamin more? "They werent opon next question." Shannon why does your coaching staff suck? "Cause this University dosent have the ballz to fire me and hire a new coach cause the cheap".


Canes tackling s u cks!!!!!!

Canes recievers STILL S u c K !!!!

DuhWho doesn't have nearly the amount of talent that all you blog morons think they have. They honeymoon is quickly grinding to a halt.

Benjamin looks like a giant H O M O with hair extensions. whats up with that?

After reviewing all the above comments it is abundantly clear that DUHWHO's coaching staff really S U C K S !!!

Down 10 and kick a PAT? Just MORE evidence that RS has no grasp of the finer details in coaching. NONE !!

People who don't wear rose colored DuhWho glasses have been telling you jackmeats for a long time now that you will get what you paid for with Marble Mouf the clearance rack coach.

Hire 4th choice coach from within, and go 2-3.

Where's that ENORMOUS dolt 86cane with his 9-3 predictions. What an idiot

Where's that nimrod "hey fellas real canesrule here" and his glorious prediction of a huge crowd and victory. Midway through the 3rd quarter, at least 25 thousand people had filed out. Your fan base is a JOKE

FF40 has to be the biggest idiot on this blog EVEr. constantly backtracks, speaks nonsense, generally comes off as an idiot.

You're all a bunch of dimwitted idiots. Except of course those of you who are calling for Shannon's head. You guys aren't homers. You guys see what's really happening.

Slowly but surely, as predicted, DuhWho is showing us who they really are. A very mediocre team with horrible coaching. - Shannon ?????

Not one Gator quote above. It's all U fans drilling the sorry U team. U really s u c k. Sounds like a majority of U fans want Shannon to get his resume together. That will be a very thin resume. He has NEVER won anything and never will. He is a hopeless loser.


All guest speakers stay at the Hampton Inn, in Plantation..lol

You're what's wrong with Florida football, Gator fans

You get the idea some Florida fans are going to be miserable no matter what. They could be married to Halle Berry, and complain because she spends too much money on lingerie.

Commentary by Mike Bianchi | Orlando Sentinel
9:44 AM EDT, October 8, 2008

This is a quote from a Gaytor beat writer at the Orlando Sentinel! This is EXACTLY what I have been saying! They HATE their OWN team!

...and complain because she spends too much money on lingerie. - Don't worry canesrule, no one here is accusing you of liking girls! You "F"ing queer!



Go 'canes!!

Florida Gaytors

Best QB in college football!

Best WR in the country!

3 deep at every position!

Best facilities in the South! (Stadium excluded)

Lost to the worst team in the SEC (At Home), Ole Miss!

Trap game on the plate, LSU!

Overpaid coaching staff! (You're NOT getting what YOU paid for LOSER!)


I strongly support Randy. I know we are going through hard times but I feel like he is little by little bringing this program back around. We just need to give this guy some time. Canes fan just need to support him because he knows what it takes to recruit players. I know we are a win-now city but we need to understand that Coker bascilly dismantled this program while he was here. I support you Randy and I'm willing to give you the 4 years it takes to bring in your recruiting classes.

Your clearance rack coach will never ever see a bowl game at DuhU. he'll be gone before 09 bowl season.

U don't have the resources to compete at the top levels of college football anymore. Even cane fan readily admits this.

U GET WHAT U PAY FOR (clearance rack coach with no intellect or g ameday skills...so sad at the once proud U)


Virginia is STILL laughing. Good job on putting up a goose egg in the urine bowl finale.

Maybe 500 people in the stands at the end of the game.



No top tier coach will ever join DuhU. You pay SCRAPS. Look at the top ten teams. ALL of them pay salaries that DuhU will NEVER pay.

ITS OVA enjoy being mediocre doormats in the ACC with your overrated recruits.

Does anyone really think the Gaytors can beat LSU with Harvin on the bench, AGAIN? Those crappy coaches make that kid jump on a grenade every week for that "Bloomin' Onion luvin'" team.



Go 'canes!


Go 'canes!!

Adios LOSER (canesrule tosses 9 salads AND rims Kehoe at midfield on temporary U just after Art grinned and power dumped).

You bitter little man. Your coach S UC K SSSSSSSSSS bad. Within 24 months he'll be GONE. Adios. C-YA


Florida Gaytors

Best QB in college football!

Best WR in the country!

3 deep at every position!

Best facilities in the South! (Stadium excluded)

Lost to the worst team in the SEC (At Home), Ole Miss!

Trap game on the plate, LSU!

Overpaid coaching staff! (You're NOT getting what YOU paid for LOSER!)


Sorry Green. I think you never make sense. I will continue to skip over your posts.

Posted by: Cane360 | October 08, 2008 at 03:39 PM

Posted by: Cane360 | October 01, 2008 at 02:46 PM

cream rises to the top ...


Posted by: green | September 24, 2008 at 09:21 PM
imitation is the sincerest form of flattery ...


Sorry Green. ... Guess I'm not as intelligent as you to understand.

Posted by: Cane360 | October 08, 2008 at 03:39 PM


Maybe it was Zook after all!!!??????????


What is up for UF if/when LSU wins???????????

What if Miami really is sowing the seeds of change????????????



Posted by: canesrule | October 08, 2008 at 04:25 PM


Posted by: BBrinkley | October 08, 2008 at 09:43 AM

Ditto! They need a child fan base blog for all these knuckleheads. I admit, I have been guilty of playing with this game. Basically, defending this program/university, and finally realized this is what these guys do for a living.

I think the main problem is that we do not ignore such posts, and respond. If those knuckleheads were not getting responses then they may just leave, but doubt it. They are enjoying kicking this program while it's down because of all the smackings this program has done to their teams. We still have a winning record against all Flroida teams in this state along with mroe National Titles. The bottom line is that it is PURE jealousy.

The Herald does need to do a better job monitoring these posts. They can easily block the IP addresses sending these idiot posts. Let then run around town to their nearest Starbucks to blog. Soon enough they'll get tired of running around town. Most ISPs are static, and this is possible. The ones that are dynamic, can easily be blocked by Domain names which is usually their computer name. I suspect the Herald isn't paying good money for their DBAs or this would have been done a long time ago.

Ditto! They need a child fan base blog for all these knuckleheads. I admit, I have been guilty of playing with this game.

Posted by: Cane360 | October 08, 2008 at 04:41 PM

Sorry 360!

Go 'canes!

Looking at video clips (which are hard to account for the comp, speed, size etc.) it looks like Mike James might be the best if the big 3 RB's coming in 2009?

Gators won't have to whine about the way they're winning too much longer... Bama is already surpassing UF, ditto UGA, and LSU is currently the best program in the SEC. And with a loss AT HOME to lowly Ole Miss, expect 2-3 more losses THIS year. Add in that Tebow has one year left (Harvin and Spikes may leave sooner) and the inevitable resurgence of Miami and FSU and it's a guarantee that Gators won't be sinffing this blog in two years.

Sarasota said it best, "the gators can only beat Miami's worst"...

Over the next 24 months we'll all see Miami and UF swap places...and Urban will move on to the NFL to be fired two years after...

Over the next 24 months we'll all see Miami and UF swap places...and Urban will move on to the NFL to be fired two years after...

Posted by: CanezNC | October 08, 2008 at 05:01 PM


Posted by: green | October 08, 2008 at 04:28 PM

LOL Green. I knew I would get a bite. Just messin' with ya.

Posted by: Sarasota 'cane | October 08, 2008 at 04:49 PM

Yes, you're a knucklehead, too. LOL

I hsve fun with what you do. Heck, I like doing it, but I have to agree with homey. It is getting a little out of hand, and old.

It would be cooler if it wasn't so repetitious.

One line:

5 > 2

And, I'll leave it at that.

Dammmmnnnn, I'm pissed. You mean to tell me Lamar was in Lakeland balling? That's my school, and I missed going to this game!?!?! Dang it all!!!

Well, at least LHS won.







Haven't logged in a few weeks, but I have noticed that canesrule running his mouth. He is still worried about the U beating his SEC teams!

Go back and count his blogs, this is one bored human piece of crap that is so worried about the future of the Hurricane program.

canesrule, take a deep look at yourself and count the amount of time it takes you to blog all day 7 days a week and figure out that your a big loser in life

Manny... I'm hurt'n and just read your blog...

Listened to Bill Y... Thanks for the lift.
Go Canes

HearAcanes message should be left here permanently for the rest of the year as a reminder to the rest of us. GO CANES!

sam shields is garbage he should be off the team. bill young can say what he wants but truth is he cant make tackles on a third and 20 run up the middle. or making one freaking play in the secondary

I don't mind coaches getting in a players face but there is a fine line there especially with college kids. Yes it was a bone head play yes it was at a crucial spot in the game but I have a problem with the video I saw and how the coaches completely tore this kid to shreds, you are a coach and an educator you are supposed to build these kids up not tear them down. I also like Randy Shannon very much and I think he will turn this program into a champion but I did have a major issue with how he handled this after the game, he called Sam Shields out in the press. You don't do that, especially with college players. I am a father of two and I would have a problem with sending my kid to a coach that will hang my kid out to dry like that in press. If the kid is not performing and making constant mistakes you sit him or push him down on the depth chart. I was disapointed with Shannon on this issue and I hope that it's an isolated incident and not a trait or he will start having issues with his future recruiting efforts.

This is enough said!!!!!


I think that the 2001 hurricanes could've beat anyone, anywhere.

We will get to that kind of DOMINANCE again!!!!

I have been watching college football for 25 years and I do not remember a team that was as good as the 2001 CANES. They were dominating, and I know that every team that lined up against them were shaking in their shoes.

Back in January, former Pompano Beach Blanche Ely cornerback Patrick Peterson (at the time his name was Patrick Johnson) caused a stir when he told reporters that Florida had alerted the NCAA of problems with Peterson's ACT score. Peterson called Florida "cowards" at the time. On Wednesday, Meyer said Florida never contacted the NCAA about Peterson's ACT scores.


All I have to say about Meyer is, give me the talent he's got and I will be playing for the championship this year!!

manny the 30% is rounded up to the next whole number. 30% of 12 is 3.6, so the max amount of games you can play in during the 12 game schedule is 4. trust me im not making this up. so a player is not considered to have violated that limit until he steps on the field of his 5th game.

now if you play in a conference championship game and bowl game they may give you an extra game if you had somebody play in 5 games during the first half of the season and miss the rest of the way. 30% of 14 would be 4.2, they round that up to 5 as well instead of rounding down to 4.

mccarthy sounds like an easy medical redshirt, moncur may be tougher since theyre wishy washy on if he will miss the rest of the season or not. if they satisfy the ncaa then he can probably get one as well. its usually little more than formality but there are instances when the ncaa will decline one even when a 6th year is not involved.

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