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EXPRESS EDITION: Tuesday's news and notes

I'm going to make this an express edition because it's been a long, busy day today out at UM. First off all, for the first time this season defensive coordinator Bill Young met with the media and spoke with us about the way his unit has been playing (HERE IS THE LINK TO THE AUDIO).

Bill_young> The most interesting comment from Young is that only about 50 percent of his defense has been implemented. There will be more in the story. I would have just preferred to just provide you with a Q&A. But the sports information department said the only way we'll get to interview coordinators is if we write feature stories. Oh well, you got the story and the audio you can tune into.

> The big news this morning from UM was that coach Randy Shannon said starting right tackle Reggie Youngblood is likely out for the season. Strangely enough, I saw Youngblood out at practice. He was wearing braces on both of his legs, but was involved in stretching. Shannon told us after practice Youngblood did not practice. Stay tuned.

Lamar_miller> As many of you probably know already, the Canes landed their 15th commitment of the year and third running back in its 2009 class late Monday night when Miami-Dade's top recruit, Lamar Miller of Killian High, announced he was choosing UM. The big development in the Miller saga according to his high school coach Steve Smith was because he finally scored high enough on the ACT (20) to get into UM. Miller looked like he might be an academic casualty. Instead, he got the score he needed and got into the program he always dreamed of playing for. Miller (5-11, 205) is a Top 100 player according to Rivals. He has a Dade-best 95 carries for 742 yards and 10 touchdowns right now through five games.

He's definitely a home run threat when he has the football in his hands. I watched him play North Miami Beach earlier this year, a game in which he ran for more than 200 yards and scored 3 times. Miller is good, but needs to improve his inside running. He's definitely still a great get for the Canes and will make a nice incoming trio with Kansas product Bryce Brown (the nation's No. 1 back according to Rivals) and Davenport Ridge's Mike James. My question is which current Cane backup running back is out of a job? Shawnbrey McNeal and Lee Chambers have a combined 15 carries this season, but haven't played in weeks. Smells like someone will be getting a position change or heading elsewhere.

> Running back Javarris James and freshman receiver Thearon Collier did participate in individual drills today and there's a chance they could play this week. I'm still not optimistic either of these guys play this week. UCF is a non-conference opponent who lost to UTEP 58-13 two weeks ago. Shannon, however, did sound more optimistic about Collier than James.

"He's feeling better," Shannon said. "He ran around Sunday, a little yesterday. We'll up his tempo a little bit. If it's game time and he can help us 18, 15, 20 plays (that'll work)."

> As far as linebacker Colin McCarthyand defensive end Eric Moncur are concerned, Shannon said both could be awarded a redshirt for this season. Moncur (whom Shannon said Tuesday will definitely be out for at least three weeks, but keeps giving us the impression will be out for the year) is a fifth-year senior and McCarthy a junior played in four games this season. The NCAA rule indicates that in order to be eligible for a redshirt you have to play less than 30 percent of your season. If Miami makes a bowl game, they'll have played 13 games this season. That's still over the 30 percent limit. It's still the NCAA, so who knows.

Sam_shields> One of the more interesting comments Randy made Tuesday was in regard to junior receiver Sam Shields, who picked up the costly illegal substitution penalty against Florida State which eventually led to UM settling for a field goal instead of scoring a touchdown and taking the lead. Shields practiced Tuesday but there's a rumor circulating the message boards he could soon be off the team. Shannon left us Tuesday with this cryptic message: "We have to keep coaching him. We're not going to say, `Well, you're on the shelf.' Sam knows he's a third-year guy. Everyone is expecting Sam to make plays, and he hasn't. He's been having opportunities to do it. We'll keep coaching him hard, but we have to give these young guys a chance now. They make plays for us. You're on a roll with something, you ride it till it stops."

Here's some interesting video on what happened on the sideline after Shields was flagged on Saturday.

> One of the other more interesting comments Tuesday came from defensive end Adewale Ojomo, who was asked why UM has had so much trouble getting sacks this season and creating pressures. Ojomo didn't sugar coat his answer and basically told us UM is getting one-on-one situations and simply not winning them.

> I'll have more for you in the coming days. It's just a lot to pack into a blog. Definitely look for the story on Young tonight and for all the audio interviews from today. I spoke with Jason Fox, Sean Spence, Marcus Forston, Robert Marve, Travis Benjamin, Randy Shannon, Matt Bosher, Adewale Ojomo and of course will have Randy's press conference.


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Benjamin plans on taking those dreads to the track at UM and said there's only one way fans won't be seeing that hair keep bouncing.

''I told myself if I ever get tackled by my hair, I was going to cut it,'' he said.

Said his mother: ``I'll believe it when I see it.''

I think it will happen this weekend.

Haven't logged in a few weeks, but I have noticed that canesrule running his mouth. He is still worried about the U beating his SEC teams!

Go back and count his blogs, this is one bored human piece of crap that is so worried about the future of the Hurricane program.

canesrule, take a deep look at yourself and count the amount of time it takes you to blog all day 7 days a week and figure out that your a big loser in life

Posted by: canesrule is a loser! | October 08, 2008 at 06:40 PM
Agreed. But you are referring to the fake canesrule, whose real names are "Jay and Daniel were orange and blue butt plugs" or something like that. Real canesrule 9 'ships is a real canesfan.

I felt I did the job. I wasn’t perfect, but I did the job.”

Was that Daly talking or Randy discussing his habit of doing the bare minimum to get by and going through the motions?

We’ll just chalk up this week’s trap game and unavoidable 2-4 record to kharma. Couldn’t possibly place the blame on:

Randy “Please Don’t Run the Score Up on Us” Shannon

Bill “Wet Paper Towel Curtain” Young

Patrick “What Down Is It” Nix

Randy gives Daly the boot, Daly returns to lead the up-and-coming UCF Knights to victory. Dare I say in my heart of hearts I have always known that Duhhhh U is the 4th best team in the state, now it will be proven on the field.

Florida Gaytors

Best QB in college football!

Best WR in the country!

3 deep at every position!

Best facilities in the South! (Stadium excluded)

Lost to the worst team in the SEC (At Home), Ole Miss!

Trap game on the plate, LSU!

Overpaid coaching staff! (You're NOT getting what YOU paid for LOSER!)


Posted by: canesrule | October 08, 2008 at 04:25 PM

Finally!! We can at least agree on something!!

Go 'canes!!

DS stinks for college football...the field is too far away, there is no ambiance... - James

already we've seen. ...

1. lousy kickoff coverage.
2. turnover.
3. DB getting beat in the end zone.
4. running game stuffed.

did i miss anything? -Canethang

This is freaking riddiculous. Yes the players are playing the game. But especially with a young team the coaches have to teach the players to contain the qb, not make stupid penalties, etc. -eric

Are any of you suprised? Everyone put their hopes on a bunch of freshman and underclassman. You cant do that and expect to be good. We are making their QB look like a heismen candidate. we are being outcoached and outplayed - egyptian magician

These players are playing horribly right now. They aren't playing well. This stuff you learn in high school. Brandon Harris has to learn to play the ball in 10th grade. -Footballfeak40

wow our secondary is filled with a bunch of clowns.

biggest clown...Bruce Johnson

2nd biggest clown...their coach. - Boodambudoodoo

To be done by our former coach, AND NOW THESE FA--OTS? I CAN'T F--KIN TAKE IT - SantanaFan

Wow. This is my first chance to see Miami play on TV. I need to remember not to pay much attention to what I read. This team is not as good as the press clippings claim. I watched FSU last week and thought they were average but after looking at this debacle it is clear Miami is one of the bottom feeders of the division. 4-5, wins, maybe, this year. - John C

www.fireshannon.com - Nate

Its going to be kinda hard to get the president of the school to pony up the cash for a decent coach when we have a dyke for a president. Maybe if this was a women's softball team. We are done maybe sports illustrated should make another plea to drop football. -Gibby

This is all on Shannon.

No doubt Shannon is a good recruiter. We've got some promising players.

But as a motivator as a game day coach - he's just lacking. This team is just not prepared to play this week. But you can look back to last year. The biggest game on the schedule the one game you had to win was against Virginia. The game to close the OB. It's not that we lost that game ...we were embarrassed. We're getting embarassed again today..

It'll be intersting to see what if any adjustments are made here at halftime. I'm not looking for a win anymore. I just want them to make a game out of it. FSU doesn't have a 21 point edge in talent over us. This should be a 3-7 point game either way. - Scorp6

its ok... just keep making excuses for shannon. - unbearable

Can somebody tell Shannon you dont get to keep timeouts or challegnes. Guy looks lost on the sidelines.- Nycanes25

FSU > UM - daneptizi

This D is terrible....way to go Bill Young! The U is done this year....safe to say. - Greg D

I'm shocked at how bad the Defense is. This might be the worst secondary we've ever had. These guys are brutal.

Brandon Harris might be a future stud but he is in over his head in this game. He has been Randy Phillips against Oklahoma bad today. - MJH

Fire Bill Young please! The defense in this game is embarrassing. I have never seen a team give up more third and longs. I have never seen a team commit so many defensive penalties. And why wont they blitz more? Every time they do something good happens. Also, if #1 Brendan Harris plays again this season I give up. The guy is a walking disaster. - AHM

We are nothing more than a run-of-the-mill program now. Nothing special, nothing worth getting excited for.

Let me know when we hire a coach who knows what he's doing. - UtahCane

I haven't been impressed by FSU.... but I have been embarrassed by UM.. - Bill S

Just horrible all the way around, Both QB's throwing picks, Young getting out coached by Jimbo Fisher, coaches not having guys ready to play in a big rivalry game. So much blame to go around to everyone. - Adam

Bill Young is a joke. FSU was like 90% successful on 3rd and 10 or longer. He blitzes on 3rd and 3 and plays prevent zone on third and long. Thats called doing things backwards. No wonder Kansas let him go so easily. Obviously it was their talent last year not him. -AHMalready the radio crew is hailing this as a great effort, no quit, something to build on, ...blah, blah, blah.

this just masks an overall lame effort. bottom line is that this team is 2-3, with two of the losses to in-state rivals.

there will be no shot at an ACC title or a decent bowl game. we're looking at another sub-.500 season.

i'll ask it again: do you think randy shannon and this coaching staff can get us to 10-2, 11-1 in the next 2-3 years?

i'm not raising my hand. - Canethang

Looking forward to Randy's post-game. Hope the players have some toilet paper, they're about to be s--t on as usual. -Canethang

Time of Possession.

39:23 FSU

Does it really matter who played QB? - Adam

the problem is that this coaching staff is in way over their heads, especially the man at the top.

unfortunately, this is not going to get any better until a legitimate coach is brought in.

you'll see false hope with wins the next two weeks against bad teams, but watch what happens against Wake, Virginia, Va. Tech, BC. (that's four more losses right there.)


Another year down the drain...now the nation is convinced we are a joke and will be until we beat a top 25 team....much less a top 5 team. This is horrbile. -Knoxcane

ff40 the shannon apologist... as certain as taxes and death. if no one needs a scapegoat, then why does shannon feel the need to throw his players under the bus?

its called class ff40, and randy has none. -canerule 9'ships

i dont need a scapegoat, im just sick of hearing shannon blame the players for everything, but not holding himself accountable.

my only hope is this...that holcutt has no ties to shannon since he didnt hire him, and he will want to bring in someone else to rebuild this program. -Chuck-0

ff40 your clueless...

You just dont get it. You probably were one that wanted coker here forever.


But you'll probably justify the coaching staff then too... - Nate

I see you left out that Shannon has never won as a Head Coach. - Canesrule 9'ships

yeah the typical cane fan isn't really known for their thoughtfulness and reason. -htcane

1rst and goal at the 4!!! and they have 12 men in the huddle. That is a freakin JOKE!! This is major division 1 football, and they could of smashed it in there and taken the lead in the game! That is all coaching and it just seems like shannon is a deer in headlights as a head coach. I like the guy, and he can stay as calm as he wants, but that don't mean u can execute the x&o's in pressure packed situations. He has failed in all the big ones in 2 years - canesrule 9'ships

Can someone tell me who else had drops during the game besides Hankerson, Farquharson, and Shields? - I'mdonebuyingseasontix


Seriously; WTF? - Orlando Cane

you know its coming santana, thats his MO...blame the players. ill be shocked if this week is any different - Canesrule 9'ships

Coach Shannon's gonna say this in his press confrence. IN MY SHANNON VOICE. " Guy's werent flying around like they do in practice", "were gonna watch film and make some adjustments for our next opponent". "the D played well just gotta make some adjustments". shannon why didnt u throw it to Ald johnson or Benjamin more? "They werent opon next question." Shannon why does your coaching staff suck? "Cause this University dosent have the ballz to fire me and hire a new coach cause the cheap".


Canes tackling s u cks!!!!!!

Canes recievers STILL S u c K !!!!

DuhWho doesn't have nearly the amount of talent that all you blog morons think they have. They honeymoon is quickly grinding to a halt.

Benjamin looks like a giant H O M O with hair extensions. whats up with that?

After reviewing all the above comments it is abundantly clear that DUHWHO's coaching staff really S U C K S !!!

Down 10 and kick a PAT? Just MORE evidence that RS has no grasp of the finer details in coaching. NONE !!

People who don't wear rose colored DuhWho glasses have been telling you jackmeats for a long time now that you will get what you paid for with Marble Mouf the clearance rack coach.

Hire 4th choice coach from within, and go 2-3.

Where's that ENORMOUS dolt 86cane with his 9-3 predictions. What an idiot

Where's that nimrod "hey fellas real canesrule here" and his glorious prediction of a huge crowd and victory. Midway through the 3rd quarter, at least 25 thousand people had filed out. Your fan base is a JOKE

FF40 has to be the biggest idiot on this blog EVEr. constantly backtracks, speaks nonsense, generally comes off as an idiot.

You're all a bunch of dimwitted idiots. Except of course those of you who are calling for Shannon's head. You guys aren't homers. You guys see what's really happening.

Slowly but surely, as predicted, DuhWho is showing us who they really are. A very mediocre team with horrible coaching. - Shannon ?????

Great JB quote in today's MH, the article is about the Fins.

This is what the U is after but it will take time. We have 3 big backs coming in next year to go along with James and Coop. As Tesla says, "It's Getting Better Every Day"!

Football is not about tricky plays. It's about dominance. Physical and mental dominance. And the best way to dominate is to run the football. If you can run on a team, shove it up and down the field, it means you're kicking --- (that's physical) and both of you know it (that's mental). Running is power.

-- From Out of Bounds, the autobiography of NFL Hall of Fame running back Jim Brown.

Da Canes!

FORTY EIGHT TO NOTHING - Do you think anyone reads that cut and past crap!

Da Canes!

cut and paste, cut and paste, who's reading all that crap!

Da Canes!

LOL at 48 to nothing / canesrule / etc. How ruined do you have to be to follow the entire blog and pick up bits and pieces from people's posts and piece them together? I mean I've heard of hating a team, but this is bordering on infatuation. It's like his life revolves completely on the Canes. LOL...psycho

And on top of that, he actually thinks people read it. lol. Talk about time wasted. It's pretty obvious to me that if he takes this much time to post here, he doesn't have a job. My guess, living with mommy? Ask her to make some meatloaf.

I, for one, have been way to critical in my blogs about the coaching of this years Canes. I think I feel the frustration as many other Canes fans of the past wanting our championship teams back. We just hate being mauled over by mediocre teams on any given Sat afternoon.

I don't retract my feelings about Nix as I do believe as this program developes Nix's offenssive capabilities will limit the talent put on the field week in and week out.

Young is an outstanding DC with a proven track record. He needs time to develope this very young group of kids. It was eveident last week with Brandon Harris. Harris has the talent but looked so overwhelmed by the transition from high school to college play. I just wish more emphasis was placed on hitting and tackeling. The Miami of old had great defenses that put an absolute fear in opposing offenses long before the game was played because of their fierce defensive hitting and swarming around the ball. This team seems fearful of hitting,tackeling and swarming around the ball which creates turnovers.

Of course Coach Shannon gets all the heat sitting at the top job. But he too needs time. The real local talent is still wanting to come to the U and that's a good thing for the future. Whether he can develope this talent to where it once was remains to be seen. The ingrideients are there with a lot of heart, desire to win and confidence....all the things that define "swagger". Just give them a little time and be patient...GO CANES you're still the best!!!!!!!

Would all you NO knowledge of the sport idiots please quit beetching. Jeez you're like a soap opera. The U can't do this, and the U can't do that? Do you even UNDERSTAND the schematics of the game. GD Rome wasn't built in a day, and neiher will the U's return to the elite. Look at how long it took Butch to get us back. You can't just waltz in, and just because you get the top recruiting class, MAGICALLY be bad-@ss. It doesn't work that way. These kids really don;t have senior leadership, and they themselves are having to emerge as leaders, and that takes time. For pete's sake they damn neear came back and won the game. Last year, or the year before, that wouldn't have happened. Quit listening to the freakin media, what the hell do they know, most of them have NEVER even played a sport in their lives, so they have NO idea what it takes to get back to where you once were. Back the F'in team, or MOVE THE F ON. GO CANES!!!!


How was Saban's recruiting class this year? How's he doing compared to last year? What exactly did Davis inherit at UNC? How's he doing this year with respect to last year? I don't think anyone here is saying we have to be world beaters by RS's second year, but how about a better over-all record? If we cotinue to play like this, we'll be lucky to go 6-6.

To say it's because we're playing freshmen is BS. UNC, and UF both had more starting underclassmen than we did. Are you going to argue now that UNC has better talent? My gripe with RS is that yes he's new to the HC, but he shot himself in the foot hiring Nix. Somebody who barely called plays at GT.

Last year we talked about discipline. Tell me exactly how RS has instilled that? Penalties per game hasn't dropped significantly, we're still making bonehead plays. I'm not trying to poop on RS, but c'mon already stop with the "Rome wasn't built in a day" garbage.

P.S. Comparing Shannon to Davis is assinine. RS didn't walk into a program that had lost 30 scholarships. The "senior leaders" that you say we don't have, RS helped recruit. I want RS to succeed, but please stop with the homerism and call a spade a spade. We need help, and RS needs to start manning up for the short-commings of this team and stop throwing these kids under the bus.

Casual Observer:

These kids don't have the physical maturity to compete with a team with a solid running game. It's literally is 'men against boys' right now. I've thought that from spring practice...these guys look like high school kids.

Randy Shannon can't get out there and stop a straight run between the tackles. Coaching can only go so far. If they stack the box our secondary will get toasted.

The team will improve by adding depth and physical maturity. Nix did a decent job against FSU, we did put up a lot of points in the second half.

I see where you're coming from...we did get outcoached in the first half, but you can't pass judgement on this staff given the limitations they are working with.


I agree with what you're saying. I guess I'm just a little peeved at the way this team is being magaed right now. Look no further than the difference between RS and BY talking about this team. Whereas RS will say that "we have what we got" in reference to our secondary, Young will place the blame on himself. He talks about how he needs to get his schemes through to his players. Not that the players are doing a terrible job and are uncoachable.

I don't have much qualms with the D yet. Young is a proven DC, and he did wonders with less talent. I know he will start to get these kids in the right position to stop a running QB and to improve in the secondary. So I'm giving him a pass for now. It's Nix that I have a problem with, and just the overall way RS handles these let-downs. Just coach already. We don't need a 2001 type team to win NC's. Why does everybody think that? We need good talent obviously, but signing in #1 recruiting classes year in and year out isn't everything.

Manny, or does anyone on the board know how many scholarships UM has to offer this year?

Casual Observer,

We have lost 3 games to two ranked team and 1 was previous ranked. Maybe you should casually observe the other teams you mentioned.

-UNC, and UF both had more starting underclassmen than we did? Bull! There is a big difference between a FR and SO, we had more starting FR and many more that played (22).

-Shannon (Miami) - Starting QB Redshirt Freshman making his first start in two years (since HS).

-Saban (Alabama) - Starting QB SR-Played 5 games as a FR and now a 3 year starter.

-Butch (NC) - Starting QB played all 3 years (didn't start all) and is a JR.

-P.S. Comparing Shannon to Davis is assinine. RS didn't walk into a program that had lost 30 scholarships.

No, Butch Davis walked into a team that just played for the National Championship!

1992 9-2 Sugar Bowl (Could have one the NC)
1993 9-2 Fiesta Bowl
1994 10-2 Orange Bowl (National Title loss ended Ranked # 3

Then Butch came along.....


Would you have fired Butch after a 5-6 season? You were probably also complaining then.

RS is a 2nd year HC with a 2nd year OC and an experienced DC but in his 1st year with Miami.
He has a 1st year starting QB and a young team that lost to Florida in the 4th QTR, NC in the 4th QTR and to Florida ST in the 4th QTR. after coming back and not quiting.

Stop judging Randy after 1 and a 1/4 years on the job, it takes time to build a winner!

Florida Gaytors

Best QB in college football!

Best WR in the country!

3 deep at every position!

Best facilities in the South! (Stadium excluded)

Lost to the worst team in the SEC (At Home), Ole Miss!

Trap game on the plate, LSU!

Overpaid coaching staff! (You're NOT getting what YOU paid for LOSER!)


Posted by: canesrule | October 08, 2008 at 04:25 PM


Go 'canes!


I love how you judge an "experienced" team by talking about QB's. Last time I checked I:
1. Didn't talk about the state of our QB
and 2. Don't think that QB plays every position.

But you keep believing what you want.

Once again, we were on probation when Davis was here. We were limited, not by the coaching staff, but what we could put on the field.

Yes we did have more upperclassmen playing. This has been discussed to death. I'm not going to regurgitate it again but here are two quick links for you.
If you do the math, you'll see that experience wise (PT) UM had more experience than UNC. I won't do your hw anymore than that.

Lastly, I'm not calling for RS's head. But I will judge him based on results. Is he a rookie coach? sure. Will I give him time? yes, he's got until the end of next season. But do I have to like the way he excuses being severely outcoached by throwing these kids under the bus? No! And neither should you. He needs to be a man and be held accountable whenever he doesn't have the right gameplan or doesn't seem to be getting through to these kids.

Oh and one last thing. It's funny that you go by records. So in that respect, when was the last time Miami beat a legitimate tean? Texas A&M? lol

The fact is, Miami has not risen up and beaten teams that were good. They've just batted downs a bunch of nobodies. Had we at least beat UNC, I would be much happier. Now we'll go against UCF, we win, and everybody forgets that we just played a BS team to pad up our W/L record. w00t

In 1992 to the above post- we were 11-0 and lost to alabama--- From 1985-1989 we had 2 losses in the reg season, with 1 of them 1 point loss to notre dame when we missed a Field goal.
THen from 90-92, we lost 2 games, and from 00-02 we lost what 1 reg season game. Thats winning. Urban is loaded, i mean loaded, and 2 of his 1st 3 years he lost 3 and 4 games, and the NC year they skated by alot---he will lose 4 this yr. Bottom line guys, COKER SINGLE HANDEDLY RUINED THE PROGRAM----------Randy started with a bear cupboard, We might have 0 drafees, I was watching a mel kiper report----not 0 in the 1st round but 0 overall, thats coker for you---

TO CASUAL OBERSERVER__--UCF WENT TO A BOWL AND WON THEIR CONFERENCE LAST YEAR, and lost to USF in ot. They are not as bad as their record.
On a good note, w/o any of the late signees we will land, we are now ranked #9 on Rivals, and have 2 of the top 10 RBS' in the nation coming. On ESPN, they call our DBS the best out of any class, Brandon Mcgee, Jamal Reid, and Prince Kent are all on their ESPN 150 list, Kent is a 6 ft 2 corner, we need that--------and, the 3 guys that didnt qualify that went to prep school are all ranked in the top 50 overall, with Brandon Washington 2, Harper, and Z Kane the LB, on Espn all the 3 are listed as re committing. Huge boost as they are all getting 1 year of playing time, so like cooper did 2 yrs ago, can step right in. With us needing OLINEMAN, Brandon washington on Rivals is now ranked #2 overall, #1 OLineman in all of prep school, and we got him. randy is looking good--last yr we loaded up with 5 of the top 7 LBS in nation, top qbs, and all those stud WR's, now, he has the Top DB's, stud RBs, and TE[s and D lineman. We just need 2-3 more stud Olineman to committ and its another top 5 class-----------I keep saying it, but by 2010, all of our studs are Juniors, and the other 2 classes that are coming in will be added. we will be back.

Lets also not forget that Jimmy Lost 5 games in his 1st year, the year we won the NC in 83. However after that, we lost 1 reg season game in the next 3 years. 2. Butch did not get us back really until the 2000 season. 5 years. And, think back, everyone thought he was doing a lousy job as even till the 99 season, we were still losing close games. But, he had 4-5 recruiting classes in before we turned it on in 2000. SO, by 2010, that will be 4 classes by randy(3 and his 1st he finished but coker started it in 07 so they werent all his players) --but, things are headed in the right direction.

TO CASUAL OBERSERVER__--UCF WENT TO A BOWL AND WON THEIR CONFERENCE LAST YEAR, and lost to USF in ot. They are not as bad as their record.

Posted by: Dom | October 09, 2008 at 02:12 PM

Dom, didn't UCF get embarassed by UTEP 58-13? Didn't they lose like 35-7 against BC? Yeah I can honestly say that if we don't cover the spread (or God help Shannon, we lose) I may have to be put on suicide watch.

To go with your recruit rankings. That's all great, and I'm excited. But let's be serious. We had great talent coming before RS, which everybody was excited at one point. Did we just get unlucky and had a bunch of busts all at the same time? or could it be that they weren't properly developed because we had poor coaches in place? Let's hope that doesn't happen again.

UNLIKE JIMMY,DENNIS,BUTCH,COKER--Randy is the only 1 who inherited 0 Talent, think about it, we are getting no one drafted this year. NO ONE ACCORDING TO MANY SITES----------So what does that say? 2. You cant win with freshman when they are your main contributors, not how it used to be when we plug 1-2 freshman in. 3. When Randy has 4 top classes in, and if we are losing more than 3 games a year after the 2010 seasson, then I will be the 1st to say, Its time to go-------BUT COME ON, they were talking about how Alabama has 8 guys that can be 1-3 rounds in the NFL. So, what I am getting at, is ooker was really that bad, we didnt even see it guys, we got no local talent, I watch the ND games, and Sam Young is starting at OL(st thomas) Armando Allen(RB)hialeah---Ricky Jean Fracois who said they are taking tebow out is from Hialeah and coker let him go, Major Wright(went to FL)-shannon came in too late. These are all players that normally would have stayed home--thats only 3, there is a ton more, that would have been canes and we would still have depth--etc. Coker was going out of state way too much, the talent is not the same, their not Passionate U family members, and the program went to s__t. Those my friends are the reasons we suck, Larry Coker personally was the worse recruiter in the history of the U.

2 of FSU's top playmakers, Preston Parker and Antone smith who had the 20 yd td grew up canes fans and backed off coker at the last minute and left. Do you think Randy loses those players----Start adding all of the guys that left, and see how many people we would have and why we have fallen off------Look at this also, the 3 qbs coker recruited and left, none are starting either--so another perfect example--Devlin at Penn St is the backup, Derek Shaw never made it, daniel stegal left to play baseball, and kirby Freeman was cokers------ Thats larry coker for you


You do realize that a lot fo taht talent that came in during Davis' tenure here was recruited by Coker right? Just and FYI

The HC don't do the recruiting, they do the closing. It's the assistants that do all the leg work.

"...a lot of that..."

The HC don't do the recruiting, they do the closing. It's the assistants that do all the leg work.

Have you ever recruited before?
If that statement was true then why did 90% of the recruits during Cokers years come from out of state? And now 90% are from S. Fla. The head coach has all say on who he wants to bring in.

Dom makes alot of positive points about the future of the program while you casual observer focus on the negative. Focusing on the negative never changes anything.

What do you like about the program? Anything?

When the new President takes over and starts trying to turn this country around do you give him his 4 year term or will you judge him after a year and 1/4 on the job?

Shannon has the support of me as long as this team doesn't quit, and he has that support for his 4 years!

I'm 100% with TXCane! Shannon has my support as well. If after 3 or 4 years these kids can't produce that will be a different story. But at least give him the chance to get a full roster of HIS recruits. I wanted win now just as bad as everyone. We're not being blown out in these losses. We could very well be 4 & 1 right now. It's gonna take time. Period............


Where is Arthur Brown?


Sniff....Sniff...yeah your H A L O T O S I S


GREEN = BAD CASE of H-E-R-P-E-S !!!!

Posted by: TXCane | October 09, 2008 at 03:41 PM

I'm with you!!

Posted by: spyhazard | October 09, 2008 at 04:36 PM

And you too!

Posted by: carl6352 | October 09, 2008 at 05:34 PM


Go 'canes!!

Where is Arthur Brown?

Posted by: B-Cane | October 09, 2008 at 05:37 PM

Practicing, that's what TRUE freshmen do!! 5-6 years ago, you would not have even known his name because he would have red-shirted!

I think we will see him sparingly this week. BUT don't be surprised if he makes a few mistakes! He is young, and he is having some growing pains with the playbook!

Go 'canes!!

Casual Observer - Did you read today's article?

"The Hurricanes' depth chart for Saturday's game against Central Florida includes 15 freshmen -- five of whom are likely to start -- and 10 sophomores"

Nobody, and I mean nobody in the country has 5 fr starting. Nobody!!!!!!!!!!

You can't expect alot out of this team this year, but it's preparing them for next year!

It's called rebuilding!!!!

Shannon has my support!

Manny - Any news on who the starting WR's will be? After viewing the Shields film (wow) and with Hankerson being out it seems that we could have 3 true FR starting? Any News?


I was thinking the same thing. All of these freshmen starters are a good thing....these kids are going to be ready to play next year. It also gives us a huge boost in recruiting.

Shannon is not playing around, he's gonna end up playing as many freshman as possible.

I hope Arthur Brown sees some time at LB this week. That kid is gonna be a player...him and Spence on the field...gonna be special.

Have you ever recruited before?
If that statement was true then why did 90% of the recruits during Cokers years come from out of state? And now 90% are from S. Fla. The head coach has all say on who he wants to bring in.


It's obvious you have no idea what you're talking about. The HC asks his assistants to go out and find the talent. But it is at his discretion who he wants to target. LC wanted to focus out of state, while Davis and RS want to target in state. That's the difference.

You're crazy if you think it's the HC who goes out there on Friday nights to watch HS games while still trying to prepare his players for the Saturday game. Wrong. He sends out his assistants who then start doing all the leg work.

I know this is so hard to believe because you want to believe that LC was terrible at everything including recruiting. But the truth is, he WAS the person that was involved in picking up some of that talent of the 2000-2002 Canes. Deal with it.

As for the article, yeah I read it. It had to do a lot with the fact that many of our veterans our hurt. I'll have to re-evaluate UCF v UM NOW because it's different people seeing the field. But our last 5 games? We were technically more experienced then the other team.

RS throws anybody under the bus except his lousy son and himself. What would have happened in years past if LC would have critized a player (calling his name and position), in the media?.
Now the highlights of RS press conference is his personal critique of players. I wonder how he would have felt if JJ would have called his name as the culprit in the loss to Penn State in 1987? The two touchdowns Penn State scored, were runs at guess who? you got it, Randy Shannon!!!. I'm yet to hear him say that a loss was his fault or that his staff was outcoached.
Canes fan, UM will never succeed under RS. He was offended last year when The Palm Beach Post suggested he should go to Public Speaking classes. He thought it was insulting when in reality all coaches do. Men like Joe Paterno, Lou Holtz, Pete Carroll, Butch Davis have attended this classes. See these coaches want to better themselves, but RS think he's above that and the results are the clownish press conferences we're seeing. He called Sam Shield's performance "horrible", but what about the "All Universe" Brandon Harris ?. The difference my friends, is that Harris's dad (Tim Harris Sr.) would not tolerate it.

"My question is which current Cane backup running back is out of a job?" Manny N.

In my opinion, all of them. Our running game works best with bigger backs-at least 210lbs. Both Miller and Brown will be around that size, and will take over the position. James is too fragile, and the other guys are too small. Cooper has skills and they need to find a way to utilize him, but the rest are history.

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