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McCarthy, Moncur likely done for the year

Just got back home from the longest and most interesting Randy Shannon Sunday press conference I've ever attended and unfortunately do not have good news to report.

Colin_mccarthyLinebacker Colin McCarthy, who was a late scratch for Saturday's game against the Seminoles, is done for the season according to Shannon. And defensive end Eric Moncur, who left Saturday's game in the second quarter with a leg injury, could be too.

"Colin is done for the season. He won't be playing anymore," said Shannon, who said McCarthy's injury was related to his shoulder, the same one he injured in high school. "Eric Moncur, fellas, I don't know. I don't know if he'll make it back. After halftime, he didn't come back dressed. Those guys, I don't know their status. I'll let you guys know Tuesday or Monday, but it didn't look very good for Eric Moncur."

"I talked to [Eric] a little bit and I told him I love you to death, but I can't do this to you. We can't do this to you. You can't do this to yourself. You just got to shut it down. We'll send you to a specialist. But right now you're not going to be able to help us this season."

Eric_moncurConsider it a huge blow to this Miami defense, which was torched by Florida State for 281 yards rushing and four touchdowns Saturday in the 41-39 loss at Dolphin Stadium. Shannon said the injuries mean freshmen will have to step up. Saturday, Sean Spence got the start in place of McCarthy at weakside linebacker alongside Glenn Cook and Daryl Sharpton. Sunday, Shannon said the team will have to bring Arthur Brown along as well as Kylan Robinson and Jordan Futch. That trio has a combined four tackles this season. Spence led UM Saturday with 10 tackles and an interception.

On the defensive line, Shannon pointed to Adewale Ojomo, Marcus Robinson and Andrew Smith to have to step up and fill Moncur's shoes. Ojomo recovered a fumble Saturday and had three tackles and started the opener in Moncur's place.

"You don't expect these things, but you got to your mind ready for it," Shannon said. "I've learned to be prepared instead of just guessing. Guys got to play -- that's why they came here. Coaches got to get these guys ready in some form or fashion."

> I'll have more for you later from Randy's press conference, which lasted a half hour longer than usual. He even got a pen and started drawing up his depth chart on the dry erase board for us today and talked at length about his vision for this program. But for now, here are some quick, short notes.

> Shannon said it was receiver Sam Shields who made the costliest mistake in Saturday's game. Shields was flagged for an illegal substitution penalty when he came in on a formation he doesn't even play on when Miami had the ball on Florida State's 4-yard line midway through the fourth quarter. The Hurricanes settled for a field goal when they couldn't punch it in the end zone. Shannon said he felt that it was turning point in the game. "I thought definitely we were going to score," Shannon said. "We score, we go up and now Florida State has a different mentality. When your trying to come back in the game, that was the biggest play. Now, you got the whole momentum and now Florida State is [panicking]. That really hurt us."

"I have no idea [why Sam ran out on the field]," Shannon said. "He's not even in that personnel group, first team, second team or third team. That's what had everybody baffled."

> Shannon said he's optimistic Javarris James will be able to play next week. He said James will have to work on inside running drills this week and prove he can cut on his injured ankle.

> Despite the loss, Shannon said he was very proud of the fight Miami showed by rallying in the fourth quarter.


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The Gaytors are the most bitter fan's in the country!


Tim Tebow skipped a chance to go to the Playboy Mansion so he could circumcise little baby boy's!!


122 yards
0 TDs

I thought Kyle Wright graduated?



Your Mom just banged half of Dade county! What are you going to do?


He did graduate, but we haven't been Quarterback U since the 1980's.

Please stop talking stats, numbers, and facts you are really confusing me! I need a zanix!!!

Florida lost to Ole Miss!


Hang it up canesrule


Hey anyone know the exact date we were last ranked in the Top 25.

Was it in 2005 or 2006?

It was in 2006 Sarasota..... why do you ask?

It's spelled Zanax!


Does anyone remember the last time Canesrule got laid?


I really just forgot it's be so damn long. I've also taken a lot of zanix and can't count to six. You get the idea.

It's spelled Zanax????

WRONG YOU IMBECILE! It's spelled Xanax.

Much unlike yourself, I actually attended Da U.

I think Canesrule has 3 or 4 different personalities on Eye on the U!!


Let the weekly evidence speak again:

6 SEC Teams in the Top 20

1 ACC Team in the Top 20

FSU falling in at #33 under "others receiving votes" and Duhhhhhh U falling in at #Irrelevant just outside the Top 75.

"Yeah but we have much younger teams in the ACC, it's almost as if we are recruiting middle school kids, while the rest of the conferences in the nation are hand picking kids directly out of high school......"


Two bits, four bits, six bits...


LSU is going to kick the shyt out of Florida!!


How many other QB's could win the Heisman with 4 losses on their record?


Were they throwing Blooming Onions on the field at the Ole Miss game?


Ben Hill Griffin was one of the greatest Gaytor Alumni ever!


I like to hear the sound of my fingers stroking the keyboard.


I think that's a rhetorical question but I will hang on your every word. Play on playa!


Still no replies..... her where's every one at? This blg is quieter than Dolphin's Stadium in the 3rd Quarter.


No Canesrule,


Canes fans stop whinning. It all starts with RS, he has undermined every coach that stepped on his way. Here's what I'm talking about, He threw Greg Marks under the bus because Marks had the guts to say RS wasn't a smart defensive coordinator. Next he told Coker to get rid of Art Kehoe (20 years with the program) and Donny Soldinger (By far the best recruiter UM has had, he currently has 15 players in the NFL and most of them don't talk to the current regime(ie. Clinton Portis, Frank Gore, Michael Irving)). Coker was stupid enough to believe in his DC and that's when RS went straight to DS, bypassing fat Paul Dee, and told her LC had no control of the team.

Now RS in in full charge but UM can't win. Since he won't take responsibility for the poor performance of the team he puts the blame on the young players. We see how every week a different player's name is on the news as the culprit for that week's loss.


Not to make light of a season ending injury or downplay the loss of McCarthy at LB... but my initial reaction to this news is that it's a blessing in disguise. Here's why:

First off, you have to accept that we aren't playing for anything big this year. No national title, no BCS game, no ACC championship.

Secondly, I think it's clear to anyone who's been watching that Sean Spence is a beast. He's obviously going to be a huge talent and I'd be very surprised if he doesn't go in the first round after his junior year. You just can't teach what this kid has; his tackles are textbook and he hits like Sean Taylor used to at the U.

I was at the game last night and (as well as Spence played) he was confused about his assignment before almost every snap. There were a lot of frantic hand signals and shouts back to the other LBs and DBs. It was more than a little unnerving.

Giving him the rest of the year as a starter will be a tremendous benefit to both Spence as an individual athlete and the team as a whole, especially over the next couple of years when it looks like we'll be playing for "something" again. I think this injury will provide a tremendous boost to his football IQ and help get him even more comfortable for big game play.

Again, it sucks having this come at McCarthy's expense, especially since he shows so much leadership and talent, but you have to like the opportunity it provides Sean to step his game up.

Looks like the same dolts from the Palm Beach Post are spreading their nonsense here.
Miami returned 8 starters and are playing 21 freshman. No other team in the country is facing this, Shannon has some great recruits coming this year and isnt done yet.
WE suck at DB but 3 great commits are coming .We have missed J James and will have some great backs coming next year.
We are very young and young guys often lose close games.
This team will turn it around this year and be even better next year and BCS contenders the next year,

Say or think what you will... the coaching staff has got to go!!! Ponder this; Butch Davis is in his second year at NC. He has no where near the talent level UM has yet NC is 4-1!!! UM no longer game plans or adjusts to teams like they did when Butch was here. I would tell all the UM recruits to go else where because UM no longer develops talent in players!!!!

Did you really believe Miami was going to win the National Championship this season? With a redshirt fresheman QB and coming off a 5-7 season? People need to be realistic, this team is competive and way ahead of where they are suppose to be. Playing Florida tough, they had North Carolina beat, and only played the second half against Florida State and only lost by two. Who are the most talented guys on the team? Cooper, James, Fox and the Freshman. Nobody can deny this team isn't headed in the right direction. Butch Davis was there 5 years before the team became dominant. He did it the right way not just another one great year flash in the pan.

I agree SS, the new AD needs to take a hard look at this coaching staff. Randy is a good recruiter, but stinks as a coach, and I am not sold on Nix either. When the opposing teams QB's can run all day long something is seriously wrong, and why is it the WR's can't seem to catch a pass? And for those people who say that "oh, they're young and need time", that didn't seem to hinder Sam Bradford, QB of Oklahoma in his freshman year last year. The current coaching staff needs to be overhauled, starting with Shannon. Man, and sharing a stadium sucks too!

The most talented guys on the team are the kicker (Matt Bosher) and Travis Benjamin.

Lack of experience is no explanation for poor performance. The guys on the team have been playing organized tackle football ever since they were in fourth grade. Cane fans, football is not that complicated and the other teams are not composed of fifth year seniors bound for the N.F.L.
So what if they lined up with 12 players and had an additional 5 yards, it was first and 9 yds to a T.D. and we throw a usually useless fade pass. Poor Coaching!
If you find this hard to believe , look at the sieve like Defense. There were gaping holes caused by stunting where several defenders were bunched up leaving a cakewalk for the runners. Poor Coaching!
It seems the coaches have overcomplicated the defensive game to the point where the players are mainly concerned with carrying out a stunt scheme rather than being able to rely on their instinct to find the ball and crush the runner.

This applies to the passing game too. Just find an open guy and throw to him. Harris knows how to do this!

Sam Bradford was playing with a loaded Okahoma team, that have great team chemistry and they know how to win. You don't go 5-7 and the next year win a National Championship. Randy Shannon barely just got the job and now people want to run him out of town. Where are the seniors and the juniors on this team that is suppose to help the freshman learn. Seniors and Juniors are suppose to be the strengh of your team. He's got a great recruiting class, give a man a change to develop the talent. This team is making silly mistakes that is costing them games. With a few breaks this team could be 3-1. People need to show patience and calm down to give Randy a chance to develop his talented freshman.

Hey guys, did you see my guest appearance on Dateline ABC? I was the guy with the beer, naked in the garage.

DB recruit caught Spence’s eye Saturday

Jim Martz

This defensive back recruit who has the Canes as his frontrunner got a special call out from Sean Spence on the field on Saturday. Will he be part of the Canes' future? Read on.


Miami (FL) Columbus High School DT Antwan Lowery was among a large recruiting section at Dolphin Stadium on Saturday. What is his take on the game and how does it affect recruits? Who did he sit with? What is he saying about where UM stands? Read on.


Coaching? Yes, there are some coaching faults but remember who there coaching (FRESHMEN).

How do you let a QB run all over the field?
Why did Vince Young run all over the field in his Championship year? USC expected the run but couldn't stop it. What about Tebows Championship year? Same thing!

It's not the D cord. Young. Who would you replace him with? He is one of the best D cord. in football so quit complaining about him. If you had Tivo as I do you could rewind and rewatch. There were a few plays where we had 6 true FR starting on D with 2 SH.

Shields dropping passes? How is that coaching?? Do you want Shannon to run out on the field and catch it for him? Did you see the best TE in pro FB (Gates) drop a pass yesterday? He should be cut and the HC fired. Ha Ha

I know most of you posters are Gayturd fans and just want to try and make the U look bad. Forget it, the U owns SF recruiting and recruits don't listen to bloggers who never played or coached anything.

The U is on the way back baby!

How come the MORON 86Cane isn't here yambering on and on about how 9-3 is "doable". WHAT A FLAMING IDIOT. Go ahead keep spending your money on that lame website that about 50 people read. FOOL.

The ghost of Art Kehoe, shut up and talk FB!

Randy Shannon needs to be FIRED. The only thing he should be president of is his local Boy Scouts chapter. He is a turrrible coach. TERRRIBLE !!!

Okay, lets talk football. How on earth did FSU TORCH your sorrry D for TWO HUNDRED AND EIGHTY ONE RUSHING YARDS?????? Antone Smith basically S U C K S. DuhWho made him look like a world beater.

DuhWho has yet to see the bottom of this debacle. I hear Shannon is about to get an extension. The only reason that would be good news is because Coker got the axe right after he got an extension. Keep your fingers crossed on that one.

Your clearance rack head coach is at the very bottom of his peers.


We need more than pride, buddy. We need a well coached, disciplined team. It's not fair to these young talented guys to keep losing and being out of position time after time. You cetainly can recruit in your hometown but that's only half the battle. The other half is X's and O's. As a life long canes fan I don't want to see our guys crying in anger on the sideline.

Bob and Rob,

Who would you like to be our next coach?

Butch Davis? 1995 8-3 1996 9-3 1997 5-6
You two were probably calling for his head after the 3rd year?

Shannon has been a head coach for 1YR and 4 games, what else should he do? What did he do wrong in the lose to FSU?

We tired my man Jacory ain't playing. Randy you promised a different story when you came here. Stop the nonsense and play him more or you ain't recruting here nomore

NWBoyz - Keep your Gayturd a** of this site!

Hey "Randy ows Dade" UF is 4-1 in the SEC and Uloser is 2-3 ind the ACC (All Crying Conference). We beat you, we made you cry again. All you losers take consolation on "recruiting", big deal. You talk about players being young, but forget to mention players with 6 years experience (Greg Cook) and 5 years experience (Moncour) and more than 12 players older than 23 years-old. Your players despite taking PE courses can't graduate in time.
Uloser and Randy "I throw anybody under the bus as long as it helps my tainted image" Shannon deserve each other. You don't have a stadium because no city in Dade County wants you. Your recruits are extremely "OVERRATED", did you see how Brendan Harris got burned time after time. Marve and Harris will give their right arms to be a poor man Tim Tebow.

The only bowl you'll see this year is the toilet bowl.

Cane Ex,
I'm not calling for Randy's head. It is way to early for that. You asked what did he do wrong against FSU. Well, they did have a ton of penalties, defenders had no clue how to stop anything outside (bubble screen or sweep), FSU had free blitzer getting in everytime untouched. All of these things I blame on the coaches. Randy is in charge of the coaches. He's teh CO of the ship. They got back in that game on shear talent and pride. Again, it takes more than that.

You've got to give Randy a fair shot given the talent that he inherited when he took over the program. Maybe he is not the answer, but give him a chance to prove that. I mean, afterall, he is one of us, a real Cane.

Truth of the matter is that he has recruited well enough to get himself fired if he doesn't succeed. The one thing that scares me, whether freshmen or not, it seems that the Canes have gotten worse as the season progresses. That was evident last year when we weren't even competitive at the end of the year (Does anyone want to remember the Virginia game? I don't!)

To some extent, the same thing seems like it may be happening again. That is coaching. It shows that other teams are making adjustments to Miami while Miami may not be doing the same. That's what's scary to me, but I 'm keeping the faith and hoping for the best.

I am a Cane and will always be a Cane. Been to every game this year, including A & m and Florida and still am hopefull that we can turn the corner. The talent is there and it's getting better. The work in progress will PROGRESS.

GatorNation - I think U need to worry about LSU. Go ahead and chaulk up a 2 loss!


-Penalties FSU had 12 Miami had less 10
And out of the 10 4 were on 1st time starter and FR DB Harris. That's not coaching that's being a 1st time starter.

- Our D was bad last year so we fired the coach. The outside plays aka screens and sweeps were all run to the strong side of the field, it is the outside LB that should stop that. That oustide LB was 1st time starter FR.Spence who also had 10 tackles. Our new DC is Yound who is one of the best FB coaches in the country. (Review his record) FSU did a great job attacking the FR DB's and LB all game long.

-Blitzer: FSU only had 2 sacks but did do a great job of breaking down the O. They put 7 to 8 guys in the box to shut down the run, which in turn made Marve (1st year starter) beat them with the pass. What should they do? Maybe if Shields doesn't drop 3 passes (1 on the 3 yard line) then maybe it's a different game, but then again that's not coaching, that's FSU making a 1st year starting QB beat them.

If you haven't played they game or reviewed film then it is easy to blame coaching, but all in all it was FSU attacking FR all game long.

What till next week when we have two more FR playing due to the injuries. UCF has a great HC that will attack the FR again, except they will have more FR to attack.

Time will take care of all Miami's problems!

Just give them time.

I was at the game Saturday very disappointing we will be lucky to win 5 games this year .Defense is as bad as I can recall and I have been a fan 30 years.

FYI.... Spence plays the "Will" backer (weak side LB for those who don't understand fb lingo) It was Sharpton (the "Sam" backer) who was out of position. ((Yikes))

Anyone... Where do we get 4 victories to become bowl eligible? We have GT, VT, Wake, NCSU, UCF, UVA, and Duke. I see UCF and NCSU. UVA blew out Maryland this past Saturday, so that's a toss up (with the way this defense is playing). and Duke is better than last year. I like the play of their QB. Any thoughts?

First and foremost, Colin & Eric, I hope you guys have a speedy recovery and better things for both of you in 09.

I sure hope we can land Lowery. Would love to see him and Big Man from North Carolina in the DL rotation.

Singer, breaking down your coaching list.
Schiano, his wife (along with Jerk Saban's wife)want no part of South Florida so you can forget him. I think He's trying to get Ray Rice another year of eligibility anyway.

Chud is the offensive opposite of Shannon. Probably the best pick of the 3 and offense would be more productive but all the belly aching that goes on in here would go to the defense and we probably would not have landed the recruiting class that we did.

Tubberville has had that taste of SEC football in his mouth (not to mention spanking Alabama around.)and may feel that the Miami job would be beneath him.

Living up here in the Northeast again, I miss going to UM games. I miss going to the HS games on friday nights too. Man so much sports to do down there and people complain go figure.

I have a feeling we are going to see alot of QB shifting in these next few games w/ Marve & Harris. The talent level is much better than watching Kirby Freeman & ( I already forgot his name).

Now it's time for Jordan Futch or Arthur Brown to step up. I didn't know that Kylan Robinson is @ LB when did this happen ?

Shannon Bashers once again nobody wanted this job and obviously before Shannon took over, there was signs that we were lacking talent so if you thought someone else was going to waltz in here and have us play for a NC right off the bat, let me know what you are drinking.

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