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QB drama starting to irk Canes

In his five years at the University of Miami, offensive lineman Chris Rutledge has not been someone to make a whole lot not of noise when it comes to dealing with the media. The big 6-5, 311-pound right tackle has been more like a big teddy bear -- quiet and cuddly. But it should tell you just how tired it appears this UM football team is becoming with the quarterback drama developing publicly about Robert Marve and Jacory Harris when even Rutledge is voicing his displeasure with the questions being asked of his QBs.

Jacory_harris2Sitting about 20 feet away from where reporters were interviewing Harris after practice Tuesday, Rutledge started his mockery of the media: "Hey Jacory are you tired of being the backup to Robert Marve?," Rutledge shouted. "Jacory shouldn't you be starting? Jacory do you get mad when you go back to the bench? Hey Jacory? Jacory?" A collection of teammates sitting next to Rutledge got a nice chuckle out of the whole performance. But the truth is, this quarterback drama is going to become a lot like a tired joke if it isn't already.

UM coach Randy Shannon started fielding questions about his quarterbacks during his Tuesday press conference before he basically reached his limit and told reporters he was going to put the questions to rest with one long answer (below). He followed it up by telling the media "You all can call their parents, too. I don't care. Do what you got to do to get your story."

Robert_marveShannon doesn't like the questions, but he has to realize they are going to keep coming as long as Marve and Harris share the position. While he's obviously nowhere near reaching a decision as to who will eventually be THE GUY in the future, we at least got some insight as to how he feels about the drama being stirred up by the media -- and how happy he feels no one is questioning him anymore as to why Jacory was getting playing time in the first place.

"Early in the season people were talking about Robert, don't play Jacory when Marve is doing well," Shannon said Tuesday. "But it's like I said before, this is a partnership of two quarterbacks that are going to help us to win games. I told you before we're going to play Jacory because we're going to need him.

Randy_shannon"To me, this is no different than Javarris James and Graig Cooper, Laron Byrd and Aldarius Johnson, Davon Johnson and Travis Benjamin, Allen Bailey and Andrew Smith. They are all in the process of helping us win games at the University of Miami, are young guys, are going to make mistakes, but if we all in this football program understand what we're doing with this football team we'll be fine. People outside want to make a controversy here, a controversy there, but there is no controversy. This is where we're at with this football program."

Jason_foxFor their part, Jacory and Marve really are putting the team first. Their coaches aren't just saying it, their teammates are too. Offensive tackle Jason Fox told me Tuesday he was worried after the Duke game Marve might be upset with seeing the bench for the second consecutive game, but was pleasantly surprised to see Marve happy the Canes had won. "I just wanted to make sure he wasn't down or anything because you know that's just the natural reaction, Fox said. "But he was excited we won the game. He just said I have to go back and work harder. The coaches still have all the faith in him and so does this team and he's still going to play and do a great job for us."

Across the board, other teammates backed Fox's claim. Receiver LaRon Byrd admitted Tuesday he worried there would be problems when he first arrived at UM, but says Marve and Harris have made the most of it. "I thought there was going to be a battle, but they're like brothers," Byrd said. "They watch film together. They study together. They teach each other things. Marve has been here a year longer and he'll teach Jacory things. Jacory will then come to us and say this how you to need to run things, your routes, things like that. So we all work together. I don't think its going to be a problem. LSU did it with Matt Flynn and Ryan Perriloux and they won a national championship. Why can't we do it here?"

Marve was pressed on the QB issue plenty Tuesday. So, was Harris. Both keep tossing out the company line. Marve said "As long as we keep winning I'm down for it." Harris said: "We're just trying to win games and whoever is in and taking control and helping us win games, we're both satisfied with that. We just want to win. We just want a ring to have on our finger and just have fun and live life."

Jacory_harrisWhy is it so hard for us to really believe that? Harris probably said it best Tuesday. "I understand what people are saying because before coming in I used to think like that, this is nothing but a competition, I want to start, things like that," Harris said. "But as you come in and see that your playing with somebody that can also lead this team to victory, you also humble yourself, you notice that your not bigger than the team. You aren't the only person that can do the job for the team. And that's how I kind of learned me and Robert, we can do this together. And that's what we basically began doing."

The question ultimately is if Marve and Harris will finish it together. The odds are long and stacked against them, especially for two guys as competitive as they are. But for now, here's a plea from me to the rest of the media to just let these guys play out their freshmen seasons. Nobody is going anywhere right now. Let's worry about it when the season is over. The questions are starting to become about as bad as a tired joke.

> Saturday against Duke, Miami's receivers caught more passes than they had in any game this season and probably had their best day as a collective group too. The reason? They're growing up and they aren't giving away their routes anymore. Last week, offensive coordinator Patrick Nix said of UM's young receivers like Travis Benjamin were lifting their shoulders and giving "tells" to defensive backs about the routes they were running. It appears Nix and receivers coach Aubrey Hill have made breakthroughs in the film room.

Laron_byrd"We realized it every Sunday when we'd come in and watch film," Byrd said. "We'd sit down and say man I'm not getting no catches, the quarterbacks are not throwing me the ball. But then, we'd sit down and focus in on ourselves we'd realize I ran this route wrong, I could have had a catch on this route. Coach Shannon would tell us y'all think your open, but your not, you need to get some separation. The defense would tell us the same things like 'you guys are good, but we're still on you. 'We were kind of sloppy on the little things. Finishing the top of the route, bursting off the route, little things like that. We still have to work on them."

> Shannon said Tuesday he likes the fact the Canes do not have a go-to receiver and a different guy every week who emerges as a lead target. But there's a reason freshman Aldarius Johnson now leads the team with 20 catches for 195 yards. He's not only physically imposing at 6-2, 205 pounds and probably the best receiver at squaring his shoulders to make the catch on the team, but Miami's offense has been tailored to his strength -- those short passes where UM receivers have to muscle their way to the ball and for yardage.

Aldarius_johnsonThe Hurricanes simply aren't throwing the ball very deep downfield. Aside from Graig Cooper's 51-yard touchdown pass to Travis Benjamin, Miami's longest completions of the season have been a 36-yard catch and run by Dedrick Epps, the 29-yard strike Kayne Farquharson hauled in late against North Carolina, the 26-yard TD pass Thearon Collier scored on against Texas A&M and the 27-yard catch and run Aldarius Johnson had late against FSU. The rest of UM's completions have been 20 yards and under.

"I know that nobody can really stick [Aldarius] unless they know he's running the go route and they're playing off," Jacory Harris said Tuesday. "Aldarius is not that fast, but on the other hand, Aldarius is the guy that is going to make that for sure catch. He just knows how to adjust the ball."

> That being said, "Glue Hands" has still been balling lately. Despite going without a catch against UCF, he's had 13 catches in his last three games. Shannon said Tuesday he's taken another step up in his development and Hill said its because he's now learned how to fight for balls -- something he excelled at in high school -- at the college level. Shannon said Johnson, who has often been compared to former Cane Andre Johnson for his physical play, size and soft hands, is probably "a tad step slower" than the former first round pick was when he was a freshman. Johnson took a page from Denver quarterback Jay Cutler (who said he has a better arm than John Elway) and said he believes he'll be faster than Andre when he's a junior.

Andre_johnsonThe good thing is, Aldarius will get plenty of encouragement from Andre to be better than him. Aldarius met Andre when he was in the seventh grade when he used to come to UM to watch him practice and the two have maintained a friendship for awhile. Aldarius said Andre will often call him on gameday to give him words of encouragement. "He calls me and tells me to have a great game," Aldarius said Tuesday. "He called me the week before against Central Florida. He just calls me his little brother, that's it."

Word of advice, feel free to go out and buy AJ's No. 4 jersey. He said while he wanted to wear No. 5 like Andre when he first got to UM, he's going to stick with No. 4.

> Wake Forest coach Jim Grobe said in his Tuesday press conference the team is likely to get its best offensive weapon back for Saturday -- kicker Sam Swank, the school's all-time leading scorer and one of the nation's top placekickers and punters. Swank has missed the last two games with a quadriceps strain. He's definitely a game-changer in the field position battle and a tremendous asset for Wake if he plays.

> I got the sense from Jason Fox Tuesday one of the biggest hurdles for sophomore left guard Orlando Franklin has been keeping down his weight. Franklin (6-7, 334) has been seen several times this season with the oxygen mask on between series. He might be able to play more when he gets in even better shape. "When he keeps his weight down he's able to fly around and really crush people," Fox said. "He's really been picking it up lately... he's actually a pretty intelligent player. It's nice when you can play next to a big physical guy, who is also intelligent."

> Even though UM ran the no-huddle effectively against Duke, don't expect for the Canes to employ it into their offense permanently, at least if you believe what Shannon said Tuesday. "Everyone would like to say let's run no huddle, run two minute. But [defenses] make changes," Shannon said. "When that happens and you don't see the changes and start to get some blitzes, coverage, you can't relay it back to the guys. They're gone, and that's what gets you in a little trouble with that."

> Shannon explained the reason Javarris James (3 carries for 13 yards) got very few carries was "because his foot was numb." Look for more JJ this week against a good Wake Forest defense.

I know there was a lot to digest in this blog, but if you have room for dessert, I've uploaded all the audio interviews I collected from Tuesday. Among the features on the menu. We got safety Ryan Hill talking about how the switch from receiver to starting safety has gone. We got safety Anthony Reddick chiming on just how cool a dude Hill is (he's got a Dodge Magnum tricked out with Canes colors inside and on his rims (black and orange). Marve and Jacory fielding those tough QB questions. Byrd, Travis Benjamin and Aldarius on turning the corner. Jason Fox on everything -- and more.

> By the way, I'm not sure if you guys saw last weeks first episode of Getting To Know The U with Jason Fox, but Herald.com reporter Mollie Rose and I will have a sitdown with Chavez Grant tomorrow to talk about his life off the field. Let me know what you thought of our first take.


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Barry Quote:

But Harris' father, Rodney, said long-term, both want to be starters. Both need to be starters, whether it's at the University of Miami or somewhere else. ''Jacory has never mentioned transferring,'' Rodney Harris said. ``Every year, we'll sit and look back at things. His heart is at UM and that's where he plans on being. If circumstances arise between now and the end of the year, who knows? We trust in his teammates and coaches.''

Rodney Harris said ``as a father, I would say [Harris] should start. It shouldn't be a question. I don't have anything against what [Shannon] is doing. Jacory feels he should be starting but he doesn't complain about it because he's a team player. He wants the best for the program but he wants the best for himself, too. He's done nothing but win. . . . You've got a kid [Marve] that's already been [announced] he's going to be the starter no matter what. I can imagine that's tough on a kid [Harris] that has displayed leadership qualities.''

This article states that they would both like to start in the future (long-term), they do not mention transfering or that they are upset. All QB would like to be starters, that's normal for any player.

But again, they have said nothing about being upset or transfering. All rumors!

Manny, any news on 6-5, 305-pound William Campbell from Michigan. I know he's due for a UM visit in Dec (nice time to get away from the Michigan winter, but if you could shed some light, that would be great!

Shannon is doing the right thing. The goal this year is to ID the play makers and set up the depth chart for next year. The media will try everything they can to create a controversy. It would be nice if the parents would just stay out of it for the betterment of the team, but Shannon needs to stick to the plan and play them both. They will push each other, making them both better players.

Remember 1999. Kelley and Dorsey both played (not by design but due to injury) and Dorsey proved to be the choice after the season was finished. That is what will happen this year. After the season, one guy will make the decision with his play. If the other wants to quit, so be it. Kenny Kelley left for baseball after Dorsey won the job-anybody miss him?

Manny U da man. Thanxs for the 411 dude. Keep the blogs coming i need my daily fix. I know it man, i'm a junkie for UM sports. Something need to be done about the red zone defense and opponents 3rd down conversion. 1st our front seven can't seem to find the ball. Misdirection plays have been killing us all year. Were not staying home and doing assingment. 2nd bring more pressure on 3rd downs. opposing teams have way to much time on third down. 3rd we got to get Cook to stop being out of position. He's killing us with that. Where is Arthur Brown?

Simply put Jacory is just a better QB than Marve. U know I know and the team know it. I've been highly critical about who should start but after thinking about it Shannon is right in the way he is handle the situation. He is making this a one year competition and half way in the race Jacory is leading but here is what seperate the two. Jacory see's the field better than Marve. Marve locks on. He reminds me alot of Brock Berlin that's not good. I was watchin the replay on CSS and they brought up a stat that read that the Duke game was the second of the season were we had completions to 10 different receivers. Charleston Southern being the other. Guess who was at QB. Check out the TD's to INT's. The numbers don't lie. It's Jacory time.

I can't understand why there is a controversy. Southern Cal doesn't have this problem. Notre Dame when they were loaded with QBs didn't have this problem. Michigan... CAN I GO ON??? I can't believe that supposed TRUE MIAMI HURRICANES FANS are worried about who is staying and who is leaving. You go out and compete. Randy Shannon is not stupid. DID EVERYONE FORGET LAST YEAR AND THE YEAR BEFORE THAT??? We did not have a true starting QB because of injuries and the QBs being one dimensional. How soon do we forget!!! You need 2 capable and qualified QBs to run a team. They are Freshman. On the other side are very qualified defensive coordinators who can rattle any QB. Mr. Shannon is just trying to prepare both young men each and every week. We all have our personal favorite but we need to support this team instead of tearing this team down. BE A CANE NOT A HATER!!!

who the hell is chris rutledge??

most of you guys try to armchair quarterback and you can't even do that well.

meph, good call on the dorsey/kelley battle as a parallel. although, i think kelley was a junior while dorsey was a freshman, right?

sarasota cane, just because you have a class with a football player doesn't give you the right to start rumors. i had breakfast in the same mahoney hall with kyle wright many times and said what's up, but i wouldn't spread any rumors about him. if you were friends with harris and not just in a class, i might take you seriously. everyone who goes to UM has at least one class where there's a football player. that's the nature of a small private college.

manny for the last time it's "you're" when you mean "you are", not "your"......

as freshmen qb's, they're doing a whole lot better than wright/freeban and lee/weatherford combos, that's atleast something we can take positive from!


I think you skipped over the two words SOMEWHERE ELSE. This implies another school and in order to do that you would need to TRANSFER.

To whom...

CokeCanes/rawpimple/kehoe left a steamer... is posting as Sarasota 'cane, so if the post seems like a rant, or offers up some mis-information, it is that LOSER, not me. Thanks for your patience as we battle this moron off the blog!

Go 'canes

To whom...

CokeCanes/rawpimple/kehoe left a steamer... is posting as Sarasota 'cane, so if the post seems like a rant, or offers up some mis-information, it is that LOSER, not me. Thanks for your patience as we battle this moron off the blog!

Go 'canes

Posted by: Sarasota 'cane

You are the biggest loser ever "Sarasota Cane" You got the whole multiple names ball rolling when you started flaming people as canesrule. You then moved on to canesrule 9 'ship. When everyone in the world including canes fans saw what a wank you are, you moved on to Sarasota cane. And you've done a great job of puking all over yourself as Sarasota. You proved long ago that you are a clueless imbecile with regards to football. All you ever do is post your goofy nonsense about how evil/bad UF is and how great/wonderful UM is.

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This foamy mouth loser is incapable of breaking down football in any objective manner. He's obsessed with insignificant recruiting and his deep hatred for anything UF.

Keep it up you flaming troll. It has spread to all florida football blogs.


Manny... good article.

QB's and the 2 headed monster.

For this year, Randy has pushed himself into a corner and he can't change his stance without losing face, unless Marve gets injured or Marve completely disenigrates... then JH gets the nod as starter... end of story.

Pressure... is a tough nut to handle and no matter what anybody says... it effects us. What's important is how you learn to control it.

Marve being the starter, has the higher pressure load... He is going through a development stage of learning what it is like to be pushed by a equally competent player in Jacory. In order for Marve to succeed, he must stop worrying of making mistakes and concentrate on making the play.

As back-up, Jacory has the easier pressure load. The only pressure Jacory faces is controlling his excitement to out preform Marve and just relax.

In the next couple of games, the pressure will escalate and by years end, we might be looking at two bonafide starters... but will the players and parents accept the roll of the 2 headed monster, when the NFL is 2 years away and swaying a 10 million dollar signing bonus?

To keep them, Randy has his hands full.

Marve has had the early advantage due to

Randy has been saying since game one, that JH needs playing time and more exposure to the speed of the game... and he has done just that. Each week his progress is climbing.

Once again, the MEDIA doing what it ALWAYS does, trying to create controversy. If I were Shannon, EVERYTIME that question was asked, I would say 'Next question please', until they didn't ask anymore. 2 qb system CAN work, and others have done it successfully, case in point, the Ole Ball Coach. The Gators title team had 2 qb's. I would change the way they're substituted though. Let them each play a half, so they BOTH have a chance to do something, and get in rythm.

Drama is fo' yo mama. Let's move on please.

These kids aren't quitters, and if one of them transfers then THE U didn't need him anyway.

Either you are for us or you are against us. MOVE ON!!!

Playing against each other is going to bring the best out of both of them. May the BEST man win.

"I hope this statement game (Duke win) shuts up the fake fans.
A star was born, his name is Jacory Harris and he singlhandedly led Da U to a great victory over a vastly improved Duke." -canesrule 9'ships

That's YOUR boy cane fan. The enormous imbecile we know as C9S. Every cane fan should flog this foamy mouthed tool for EVER calling DUKE a "statement game." When he dons his blow-up U helmet, he pukes all over himself. ATTA BOY C9S

Kehoe's midfield steamer placed in U museum!!

Damn, U must be worried about the U!!!!!!!!!!!!


Your right that they were not both freshmen, but my point was that the coaches had a chance to see each perform in game situations. It makes the decision easier. I think the key was the bowl game that year. Kelley struggled, and Dorsey came in and rolled.

Someone made a good point about the pressure of starting. The problem is, if Harris starts now and plays well, its real tough for the coaches to put marve in. And they'll never hear the end of it if he struggles. I think they should stay the course-its working.

I've said before, I like Harris because he reminds me of Kosar, Walsh, Torretta and Dorsey. Tall, smart, and a calm demeanor. Marve reminds me of Vinny and Berlin. Don't get me wrong, I love both of those guys, but they always had that one awful game. The calmer guys didn't seem to get rattled.

Oh well, I still think the season will tell the story, and we will know who the guy is coming into the spring game.

Kehoe's midfield steamer placed in U museum

AKA Kehoe's midfield steamer placed in U MOUTH

You sure are worried about the U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don't say you aren't!!!!!!!!!!!1

That would be the only reason your on this board!

I love all the negative talk because I know U are worried!!!!!!

FYI - I call a statement game losing at Home to Old Mrs!!!!!!!!!!

I was wondering when some canetool was going to trot out the hilarious "you must be scared" or "U got ya worried?" Get off the meth pipe you clown. NO ONE is scared of DUHHHU NO ONE. Just ask Virginia. The "U
Posted by: TXCane

scared" take is the default comment when U got nothing competitive to say. As long as Marble Mouf is running the show, you'll continue to be a doormat.

NO FOOL, Virginia isn't scared , FSU isn't scared, NC isn't scared, UF isn't scared, Boston College isn't scared, Wake Forest aint losing no sleep, Virginia Tech isn't scared, Oklahoma ( good team) gets a good chuckle out of you, even krappy old NC state isn't scared.

The question is, who IS scared? A: NO ONE

recruits...blah blah blah....Randy...blah blah blah.....Duh U...blah blah blah..


comparing jacorry harris MIA to terell pryor osu

Kehoe Smiles and Squats at Midfield and Throws Up a U while Power Dumping On Your Temporary Painted?

Not Scared???

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Scared: To frighten or become frightened.

And U are frightened!!!!!!

Yes, I'm scared!

Manny, looks like you should put a character limit on the "Name: " category.

Even though that long name is completely unnecessary, and I hate to admit it, he's right. Nobody is scared to play the Canes right now, and nobody is scared to come to Miami and play them in Dolphin Stadium. This team has been better on the road this year, and it doesn't really surprise me in the least. As much of a money issue as it was, Miami will never have true home field advantage while this contract for Dolphin Stadium lasts. Just look at the number of FSU fans that showed up for a home rivalry game. It's a big time bummer and maybe a bit of a turn off to recruits. On the other hand, they do get to experience a little bit of what NFL players experience with the locker rooms (and with the early season dirt infield for a couple years) and the U is still going to end up being an NFL factory. But don't count on Dolphin Stadium rattling like the OB and scaring opponents.

I'm done with the QB situation. It's been over talked about and over dramatized. It will most likely continue, so I say on to the next thing: defense. I think there's more problems there than with the dual-QB situation. Clearly experience is more important on the defensive side of the ball and this team doesn't have enough of it. Spence has been a great surprise and the linebacking crew have been solid even without McCarthy, but the line and secondary need to know their roles and get it done. That will alleviate some of the pressure the linebackers have to read the plays as well. I thought Ryan Hill was very good as a makeshift safety last week, but it was Duke and they did drop a ton of balls.

Where are the tunrovers?? I think that's going to be the big factor the rest of the season - turnover ratio. The offense has been okay at not turning the ball over (other than some errant and unwise Marve throws), but the defense hasn't created any! The one turnover Miami got against Duke was a special teams fumble caused by a great spontaneous short but high Bosher kickoff. I'd be confused if I were a defensive player on special teams and the ball was headed my way too!


As an ex offensive guard, you should know better that the blocking schemes don't change based on playCALLER, they change based on the play CALLED. If the plays that are called from a particular playcaller are different than the other and there are too many plays, then I suggest to any offensive lineman to spend more time learning the plays or quit. Nobody ever said winning was easy. And if it takes more plays and blocking schemes to win, so be it. Besides, everybody who knows a little about the game knows that the offensive lineman are the smart guys out there!! *Wink

(hot)carl6352? You aint the sharpest tool in the shed fella. You should probably leave the commenting to those with some actual language skills. Please tell me that you're not a college graduate?

Is it just me, or does this whole QB controversy thing seem to be entirely a creation of the media? I've never once heard anyone on the team say or do anything that would indicate that a controversy is actually taking place. The only place I ever see it is in the media and from fans on message boards, who are honestly only reguritating what they're heard and read from the media. And no matter how many time Harris and Marve conduct themselves as honest legitimate teamates and friends, the media blows right past those actions and desperatley looks for someting to support the alleged controversy. If Harris comes in and the teams fails to score a TD on the drive or two he's in for all we hear is "why are the playing Harris? Marve is clearly the future, why slow is development?" When Marve makes the kind of mistakes that any freshman is going to make and Harris comes in and plays well behind him all we hear is "why don't you start Harris? When is Harris going to transfer to a team he can start for?" and on and on it goes. It honestly seems like some people want to feed the perception a controversy until they see it become a reality.

I get that media is first and foremost a business. Most people fail to notice that, if you ask me. That's not to say that the media doesn't convey actual "news" or "facts", but it is to say that the "facts" and "news" are always packaged and presented in such a way as to grab people's attention. Anyone can tell a story, anyone can tell you what happened on X date at X time, but a good story teller will grab hold of and invoke sentiment and passion from his/her audience through their presentation of the story. That's what everyone in the media is paid to do and they're paid precisely because of and by means of the fact that doing so makes money for the media.

I get that simply stating that Marve and Harris are good teamates, that they practice together, play together, and even pray together is not nearly as interesting as saying that maybe just maybe one of them is going to have to transfer. The former doesn't sell because status quo doesn't sell. You can't write an article that says "nothing to see here" because no one will read it.

Unfortunately for Harris and Marve, this type of journalism that they've endured is not likely to go away. There's no point in the foreseeable future where they can say that it is going to be resolved by. What is fortunate for them is that they are both solid down-to-earth team players who honestly want to win more than anything. What is fortunate for them is that they are legitimatley good friends and they legitimately want each other to succeed. While these facts and this storyline will probably not make for much of an intersting plot to the media (you can't write about a friendship every day like you can a controversy) it will make for a unifying storyline that can bring a team together at a time when they need it the most.

lets stop talking about quarterbacks and talk about this team winning everyone is getting off track this crap will only linger on and hurt the team unless we change it on the blog lets talk about the great kids we have and how hard their working their bots off to make this a winning season and a winning team when it comes down to it those who trnsfer were not real canes in the first place LETS KICK THE HELL OUT OF WAKE FOREST GO CANES

The whole QB thing should sort itself out by the end of the season. I would expect one of these kids to transfer...this can't go on for 3+ years. I think Marve will take over all snaps eventually. He's got the big arm you need to get the ball to the receivers.

We need to recruit linemen!!! Our offensive line isn't dominant....we've also had some flops.

Posted by: Kehoe's midfield steamer placed in U museum | October 23, 2008 at 10:31 AM

DUKE would beat OLE MISS. Something UF can't do. Ha Ha!

Posted by: David (Clearwater, Fl) | October 23, 2008 at 04:35 PM


Aldarius Johnson definitely has me sold on him being the next great wideout...following in the footsteps of Eddie Brown, Michael Irvin, Lamar Thomas, Reggie Wayne, Santana Moss, and Andre Johnson. And at running back I think we're set with James and Coop to continue to grow AND we have Lamar Miller and Bryce Brown on the way. But I really want us to get back to having a dominating safety and tight end again. I don't know if Epps can be THE GUY...but at safety look for Ramon Buchanan to continue in the footsteps of Blades, Reed, Williams, Taylor, Meriweather, and Phillips. THE GUY CAN HIT! Title number 6 coming up when these freshman grow older.

Man this report was gay. The coaches are blaming the players for bad plays and not taking the blame for nothing. Shannon is blaming the loses on freshman? get out here. whatever, if we had Sr.s what will be different? nothing. Look at what happen last year. Shannon blaming the kids for quiting on HIM. They quit for a reason. Play calling and lack of motivation from a limited knowledge coaching staff.

Howdy Pards;
Its great we have so much talent at QB this year. I think both Harris and Marve should play. Nix is doing great , maybe a few plays where BOTH QBS are in at same time. Also the play calling seems different when Harris is in, more passing and designed QB draws.

Defense needs to step it in RED ZONE, and DBs need to cover closer. Go Canes this is the biggest game of season.

Great Job Manny

The Market is crashing!!

I love the 'Homecoming for Wake Players' story today. Its like the same story for every single team we play. Makes you wonder if they have high school football in other states.

Wake is probably going to try to run the ball right at us. I'd like to see if we come out with good offensive and defensive schemes from the begining. In the past 3 games we've made our adjustments after being down at the half....IMO we're living dangerously if this is being done on purpose.

DOES it matter, who plays..as long as they win...who cares..if you say this and that about Q. B. U. thats fine..keep it up..it makes for a few laffs. team will be winners in 1 more yr..undefeted no, but in the top ten, or better..and belive they can can beat VA.dont see why not..they dont have to win 1st half, just close fast in second half..they are like teams in past..heartbreakers, but, i like it that way..a little swagger here and there will get it done..GO CANES.

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