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Shannon: "Do we have a long way to go? Yeah"

Just got back upstairs from the the postgame locker room scene here at Dolphin Stadium where it is still pouring rain and there are still Canes fans hanging around, dumbfounded at this loss.

Florida State ran for 281 yards Saturday afternoon. Sophomore quarterback Christian Ponder led the way with 144 yards, becoming the first quarterback to eclipse the 100-yard rushing mark against the Canes since Virginia Tech's Bryan Randall did it in 2002.

Randy_shannon_actionI expected lots of anger and frustration following a loss in which Miami fell to 2-3 and 0-2 in the ACC. But I honestly didn't get that sense from players or coach Randy Shannon. I'm not saying there wasn't disappointment. But I got the sense players were actually proud of their second-half rally and content with the effort. It certainly wasn't doom and gloom, which I figure is what most of you are feeling.

Here's what Shannon told reporters: "It was a tough loss tonight. It was a great game. Both teams did a great job of finishing. I thought that we did a lot of great things and a lot of bad things tonight. Offensively, we couldn't get the run game going. We kind of struggled with that early in the game. We gave the ball to Graig Cooper early, but we couldn't get the run game cranked up the way we needed to. Our passing game started off sharp and crisp. They were doing a lot of good things. Then they started picking up blitzes and we made some plays of that. Defensively, we weren't able to hold them consistently. We got them to third down a lot of times, but then we couldn't get off the field. The special teams were tremendous. I thought that was the one phase of the game that kept us in it and gave us the opportunity to win. Special teams is the thing that you always say gives you the chance to win the game. That was the one phase we felt going into the game we had the opportunity to capitalize on. We did and it almost gave us a chance to win the game."

"Do we have a long ways to go? Yeah, I think so because we've got to win the game. I'm not going to make excuses for it. We're going to coach these guys hard. We're going to get these guys back to where they need to be. We're going to teach these guys what it takes to win the game and finish."

> I'll have a full fledged progress report for you soon. But I'm going to get out of here. Feel free to share your thoughts and complaints in the meantime.
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