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Shannon: "Do we have a long way to go? Yeah"

Just got back upstairs from the the postgame locker room scene here at Dolphin Stadium where it is still pouring rain and there are still Canes fans hanging around, dumbfounded at this loss.

Florida State ran for 281 yards Saturday afternoon. Sophomore quarterback Christian Ponder led the way with 144 yards, becoming the first quarterback to eclipse the 100-yard rushing mark against the Canes since Virginia Tech's Bryan Randall did it in 2002.

Randy_shannon_actionI expected lots of anger and frustration following a loss in which Miami fell to 2-3 and 0-2 in the ACC. But I honestly didn't get that sense from players or coach Randy Shannon. I'm not saying there wasn't disappointment. But I got the sense players were actually proud of their second-half rally and content with the effort. It certainly wasn't doom and gloom, which I figure is what most of you are feeling.

Here's what Shannon told reporters: "It was a tough loss tonight. It was a great game. Both teams did a great job of finishing. I thought that we did a lot of great things and a lot of bad things tonight. Offensively, we couldn't get the run game going. We kind of struggled with that early in the game. We gave the ball to Graig Cooper early, but we couldn't get the run game cranked up the way we needed to. Our passing game started off sharp and crisp. They were doing a lot of good things. Then they started picking up blitzes and we made some plays of that. Defensively, we weren't able to hold them consistently. We got them to third down a lot of times, but then we couldn't get off the field. The special teams were tremendous. I thought that was the one phase of the game that kept us in it and gave us the opportunity to win. Special teams is the thing that you always say gives you the chance to win the game. That was the one phase we felt going into the game we had the opportunity to capitalize on. We did and it almost gave us a chance to win the game."

"Do we have a long ways to go? Yeah, I think so because we've got to win the game. I'm not going to make excuses for it. We're going to coach these guys hard. We're going to get these guys back to where they need to be. We're going to teach these guys what it takes to win the game and finish."

> I'll have a full fledged progress report for you soon. But I'm going to get out of here. Feel free to share your thoughts and complaints in the meantime.
> I'll also be uploading all audio and video interviews in the next few hours. Check back in the morning or throughout the night for updates. Here's the link to our audio page.


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Looooooooong way to go!

Chavez Grant and Bruce Johnson cant get off the block and cant cover anyone. Our secondary is the worst in the country. Brandon Harris will be great. Hopefully our secondary will be brighter in the future.

Anyone notice Lovin Ponder play? He sucks

Our offense will be great in the near future. Lets go Canes

Our secondary is the worst in the ACC. Bruce Johnson is by far our worst defender. I didn't see much of DVD. He can't be worse Johnson.

I think we should be proud of the way these guys played today. They showed tremendous heart coming back when they could've packed it in. We did a lot of good things in the passing game, but the receivers still need to work on hanging onto the ball.

Our defense can't stop the run...that puts us in a bad position.

You cannot spot a team 21 points and expect to win. What was with Shields' drops? WAY too many drops by Coker's recruits. Hugely disappointing for the fans. They better decleat UCF next week.

The offense did their job. That defense gave up 41 points!!! 41 DAMN POINTS!!! They suck! #31 showed up. I don't about the rest. B. Harris was taken to school today with all those penalties he had. Those FSU receivers are not that good. Except for that tall one. The quarterback ran for 144 yards! Are you kidding me???? WOW! talk about a swiss cheese defense. Bill Young needs to give back his salary for the product he's putting on the field!

Randy keeps saying the same sh*t after every game. How about learning how to coach??!! What a joke this program has become. You can thank Shalala for being cheap. As long as she is president and unwilling to spend money we will continue to be in decline.

Decline??? I don't know about that. Last year everybody was complaining about the offense. They're putting up bpoints this year. It's the defense that sucks. They cost us the last two ball games.

Chavez Grant? Bruce Johnson? It's the front seven that gave up 281 yards rushing and 5.2 yards per rush. How about the front seven actually shedding a block and tackling somebody...anybody. How does a quarterback that can't throw be allowed to run all over you? Time and again. 89, 77,78 and 81 yard touchdown drives by FSU. How about playing 5 defensive lineman? Don't want 5 d-lineman? How about 6 linebackers? Try something anything to stop the run becauase Christian Ponder sucks. He can't throw the damn ball.

I thought Jermain McKenzie was supposed to play today





Young Canes hang your heads up, you will work hard and get better. To many drops at key points in the game, not enough pressure from the front 7, couldn't figure it out, how to stop the bubble screen and the qb draw. After two qb draws, some one should have been spying on him. No adjustments at all. And something Shannon has been preaching miss tackles, and penalties killed us too. Slants were open all night, and the line barely gave the qb's time to throw the ball. When FSU was blitzing a rb draw would have slowed down the blitz. I'm hanging with the Canes forever.



is this guy watching a game on tv whike standing on the sidelines. this team did nothing to be proud of ecept they didnt quit like last year. except for a very mediocre fsu teams blunders, miami was blown out. shannon cant coach. remember, he inherited a defense built by butch. like coker, he took credit from butch's coaching. if he had any integrity, hed quit now and give the new guys a chance to win more than 4-5 games a year.

The starting receivers should be Benjamin in the slot, Johnson and Byrd on the outside. Or Johnson in the slot, since they seldom use the tight end. Spence came to play, hats off to the young man. B Harris, will play better, you have to put pressure on the Qb, to give these Db's a chance to stop them. Third was killing us couldn't get off the field .

what happened to after the gaytor game. shannon said we closed the gap. this team gets worse every week. even though shannon is cheap, the univ. is paying a lot of money to have a coach. FIRE SHANNON

I am going to focus on the positive. The defense is really banged up. I think McCarthy not playing was a huge because he is one of their few upper classman and leaders on the defense. I believe this accounts for why they got away from blitzing like they did against Florida.

I think we all are going to have to remain patient as Randy learns to become a better coach and these players mature. The reality is almost all big plays were made by Freshman today. Spence, Johnson, Benjamin all are true freshman and right now are growing before our eyes.

Marve was rattled most of the day and his receivers were not helping. Too many dropped passes which really did not allow Marve to get into any rythym. However, the coaches for the first time found ways to get points on the board with a few trick plays. When was the last time we say a Half Back pass or a throw back to a lineman?

There is some very good young talent and I am going to give Randy and Nix a vote of confidence after this loss. Think about it, this team put up 36 points in the second half and Marve had maybe a total of 75 yards passing up until the last 3 minutes of the game?

With another strong recruiting class, i can't see how this team won't be competing for the national championship by 2010. Go Canes, keep your heads up, I was proud by the resilent performance to get back in this game and nearly win it. Now, let's build from this and get into a bowl game...

Im seeing alot of comments that id never thought id agree with. I think this defense is worse than last years. I think we are going to be TORCHED by the likes of GT. We arent even close to anything resembling a top tier D. The defensive coaching is flat out bad. Period. Youd think that some of the players "raw" talent would be able to make up for that but im not seeing it. If we want to keep giving up massive chunks of yards then by all means do so, but dont expect our offense to bail that D out. Im not saying that our offense is bad but they arent going to be able to match 30 and 40 point games on a reg basis. Most of our points game on blunders by FSU.

I was depressed and stunned after watching the first half drubbing we took. Then I remembered how we (The Hurricanes) have come back in previous years' games and looked forward to viewing the second half. The young Canes did not disappoint me. They fought hard to stay in the game and almost pulled the come from behind vistory.

For the remainder of the year, the coaches have to do the following:

1) Get Benjamin more involved in the offense whether it's as a receiver, tailback, QB etc. He is a playmaker that must be utilized by touching the ball kind of like Daren McFadden and Percy Harvin are used.

2) Run at least 1 gadget play per game to keep the defenses guessing.

3) Work with the young players on real game situations in practice. These kids seemed confused in the 2 minute drill and misused timouts in the second half.

a) Hankerson/Shields/Farquason: bye-bye-bye
b) Finish? Yes, they did, they just never started!
c) You'd think they would put a spy on Ponder (theirs, not ours - but ours rand down field faster on that long run!)...Bill Young, drom the canoli!
d) All you Jacory fans: 2 good throws does not a qb make. I'm surprised his arm isn't even better than Ryan Clements!

as for the earlier comments on McCarthy's absence, I think Spence did well...at least he matched Colin's turnover TD against FSU!

My name says it all

Like everyone, I had lofty expectations for the 'Canes this year. After two disappointing losses, which they should have won, I realize they still have a long way to go. However I do think they are headed in the right direction. Again, we ALL have to realize this is a young team with young inexperienced coaches who are all learning on the job as well.

Last years team would have packed it in after going down 24-0. The team showed heart today. And I especially liked seeing Gavin Hardin on the side lines, not even playing, with tears in his eyes trying to fire this team up. I am not sure what is up with Shields and Hankerson but they continue to drop easy passes. And I am not sure why they are still playing with all the telented freshman behind them. I am really surprised how poorly our defense has played this year.

A few weeks back I was with the majority, thinking the 'Canes were back and can compete for the ACC Title. Now I am hoping they show improvement and win some games in the ACC, and carry that momentum towards next year and maybe a Top 25 preseason ranking.

I honestly think, with all the youngsters playing this year and getting some good game experience they should compete for the ACC Title next and be very scary in the coming years. We are seeing flashes of what our true freshman playmakers can do. Two weeks ago, Collier. Today, Benjamin and Spence. Next week it will be somebody else. And the week after another player.

Shannon will get my endorsement at least through next year unless the team doesn't show any progress.

Now let's forget about today's loss and focus on UCF and running the table the rest of the way and making a bowl game

This team never quit today! Time takes time! I saw the seeds of great things to come!

Go 'canes!

Again, we ALL have to realize this is a young team with young inexperienced coaches who are all learning on the job as well.

FYI: FSU is younger!

The D played bad and the O was far worse. Just look at the points, no drives all Gator gimmick plays.

Benjamin reverse for a TD
Double Pass from Cooper for a TD
Pass to our left tackle Fox for a TD

That's it, there were no offensive drives at all. Yes we do need to give this team time but I'm starting to worry about the coaching.

Clock management was bad! Used all timeouts on the D side of the ball in the 3rd qtr.

Playing to many players. Pick your 4 best WR and go with that. Shields dropped 3 passes, he should no longer see the field.

Did you see a crossing route over the middle or a TE pass over the middle?

The players did not quit and did everything possible to win this game. They are young and can turn it around but there will need to be changes.

One more thing.....

Spence is a beast!!!

Better days ahead, just keep up the good work and don't quit!

Im disappointed the lost to fsu. The Veterns on this team make way to many mistakes. The freshmen should make mistakes. When marcus forston, sean spence adn brandon harris may be your best 3 defensive players you got problems when they are all true freshman. Don't blame the secondary the dl can't get any pressure and allowed ponder to run all over them. The coaches can only do so much and patrick nix is finally opening it up and taking some chances on offense. I like that. Bill young is a proven d boss and will get miami's d to be great again but you need players and when you only have 5 cb;s healthy and your best players are true freshman you got ot have patience i figured miami would be 8-4 at best this year coming in and they can still do that.Give shannon time stop being so negative and let him get rid of coker's players and get his o wn and then criticize him if the team loses.

Randy Shannon and this entire coaching staff failed these kids today. After a great return late in the 1st half they bring in Harris result no points. burned 2 timeouts on defense in the 3rd quarter, 12 men in the huddle on 1st and goal from the 4 yd line. Rush 3 and dropping 8 in coverage on 3rd and 16, result 1st down. Blitz the LB's on 3rd and goal from the 20, result TD. The play before that Miami lines on their true freshmen 5'10" corner on FSU's 6'6" wideout, if not for a false start by FSU it was a TD. Miami scores to cut the lead to 31-22. why not go for the 2 points, if the 2 point fails it's still and 2 possesion game. What's the difference between being down 9 or 10 points. Man I can go on and on and on. This is a young team playing true freshmen. However, these are coaching mistakes. FIRE RANDY SHANNON AND THE WHOLE STAFF

Tought loss tonight but you have to admit the future looks bright. Spence was a monster tonight. Byrd, Benjamin, and Aldarius have each come to play at points this season, all have been impressive for true freshman. Next year Coop JJ Marve with a year of experience, AJ, LB,TB will be a great offense to watch. Most of the OL is returning as well.
Defensively, Brandon Harris was a bit of a dissapointment tonight. Too many penalties in key situations. I think he will recoved and be a great corner at UM. As for the rest of the secondary who knows. A guy like vaughan telemaque could emerge towards the end of the year going into next year as a strong point.

fire shannon

your're an idiot. wonder if you run your life as critically as you do um coaches. next time you should apply for the job.

I saw most of this game. Here is my assessment:

Good: UM Competed. UM has talent. The Offense threw the ball down the field. Benjamin is a stud. The same with Harris and Spence.


a. The Offense needs to work on their down-field passing game. The mechanics of Marve and Harris are not good enough to throw the ball accurately down the field.

b. The corners are not big or physical enough to defend the run.

c. The struggles of the Offense validates that Nix didn't have a sound Offense other than the short passes and gimmick plays. The middle of the field has been open all year, but Marve and Harris don't seem comfortable making those plays

d. Miami's D'Line has problems..FSU's line sucks big time, and Miami could not control the line of scrimmage...The D tackles don't seem to be able to use their hands, nor are their twist or stunts used.

e. Miami needs a bigger back than Cooper that has some speed. I like Cooper, I think he is one of the best players on the field, when he is out there. But he is a 3rd down or situational back. Miami needs a tough 210-220 lbs. back that can take it to the house.


I'm a idiot because I stated my opinion on a blog. WOW buddy!!! don't take these blog's so serious. Just maybe you care too much about what other Canes fans have to say. Why else are you up at 12:51 AM and on this site. I wonder does your wife call you a idiot for being online at this time in the morning. PS loosen up MR. Tinman

We need a new coaching staff. Will we get one? No. Not even when we continue to stink up the joint next season, too. Same old story for the last five years. If they fire Shannon, who will they hire? Nix?

Does anyone see a pattern here? This university is cheap, cheap, cheap when it comes to running an athletic department, especially the football program. It has made gobs of money over the years for this university but gets nothing in return.

Am finally convinced this is the way things will be from now on. No wonder no one goes to the games. Why frustrate yourself caring about this team? No one, least of all the university administration itself, gives a damn. Why should we continue to hope for better things when we know they will not be fothcoming.

It was fun while it lasted. However, welcome to permanent and mind-numbing mediocrity '60s and '70's style.

For all you fake a:: hurricane fans who have been spoiled by the likes of dorsey taylor, etc you suck for your info 23 times griese said freshman i thought for the level the game was played and kudos to them you and your team randy shannon the spoiled brats on this blog suck and im talking to all you haters YOU POSSITIVILY SUCK like my spelling so go back to the gator blog and talk about what needs to be done to fix it dont blast 18,19 and 20 year olds you suck CANES ALL THE WAY you fake a:: bloggers

r dub thank you for your post lets fix it and not cry you fake cane bloggers or should i say gator fans

Same old crap different year. Even though the offense has showed progress, The O line is still just average at best and the defense stinks. They can't stop the run or the pass. They are worthless and I don't really see much improvement from last year giving up points like nothing. I am sick and tired of this and coach Shannon reminds me a lot of president Bush. Bad decision after bad decision. How are you going to go deep three times in a row when it's raining? Part of the canes problems is the unintelligent coach who is no more than Overtown trash with a team that prides itself in losing. I am tired of losing week after week and the only pride that I have is in winning. If you can't win at the U then go to Florida or Florida State with their 2 national championships.

You cannot really make a true judgement on this
team until 2010. The special teams are a big
problem though. Coach Shannon talks about closing
games but it is very important that the team and its freshmen close the season like the old B. Davis
team did against UCLA.

most of you in here are bangwagon fans. You only like the canes when their winning. Tonite was a gutsy performance by a young team. Last year the team would have given up at half time. This team though fought back and made it a game and almost won it. This team is headed in the right direction with Randy Shannon. All this young talent is gonna produce wins immediately, just be patient and the U will shine. Gooooo CANES!

Boy things are sure different now-a-days. It used to be a I made fun of students for taking the metrorail down to the Miami Arena to waist their Sat night on Leonard Hamilton's crew. Now Basketball season can't start soon enough. McClinton ACC player of the year, DeQuan Jones ACC freshman of the year.

U still continue to protect your new "backyard" like you finished protecting your old "OB" one ...

i have never seen 2 teams self destruct like miami and fsu. both teams are poorly coached and the talent on the field is not being developed (by either team). the screwed up time outs, too many men on the field on and on. lack of discipline and good football fundamentals were absent from this game and this definitely falls on coaching and development.
im not giving up on coach shannon yet, but it was sure disappointing yesterday (and last week).
it's so hard to watch miami (over the past 5 seasons). same crap, different players this year.

A classic for the ages. I agree that this is the most storied rivalry in all of college football, this is why this game was carried by ABC as its premiere game over most of the nation in the 3:30 slot.
The ACC crew however saved the Noles with some horrific and awful calls throughout the game, including phantom pass interference calls that were just good defensive plays by Da U, and one obvious pass interference call on the fade in the end zone to Leonard Hankerson where the FSU back literally tackled Hankie, but there was no call. AWFUL officiating again by the ACC crew, the worst officials this side of the SEC replay booth in Gainesville. As for the ACC being down, we will see when the Noles take on the Gaturds.
This game proved that the move to Joe Robbie was wise: it can rock as well as the Orange Bowl and in more comfort.

As bad as Miami played yesterday, the 'Canes still could have won that game if, THEY WOULD LEARN HOW TO TACKLE!!!

P.S. the Cane fans at joe Robbie were great. No booing after a dismal first half performance, and awesome noise in the second half deluge of points and rain, staying until the end with the onside kick that never got off the ground.

"But I got the sense players were actually proud of their second-half rally and content with the effort."

If that's true then we have a much bigger problem than lack of talent.

List of "Hall of Shame" Fans

Fire Shannon

Manny, I have a suggestion for the Herald... why not set up 2 boards. One for the complainers and the other for real fans

Real fans...Speak up!

Cat5: many of the complainers are Gaturd trolls, not UM fans at all. Ignore them.

If we do not use Benjamin, the way UofF uses Harvin...than shame on the coaching staff...

I'm tired of hearing Shannon saying the same garbage. Reason we lose is because we get outcoached. It was close because FSU made some stupid plays at the end, but they should have killed us.

Not going to say anything about Nix because Shannon will get rid of him this season.

My question to all, is 5-7 acceptable again? You fools defending Shannon don't care about this program. This is same results as Coker...i'm tired of it.

Manny the main problem to me is there is nobody on this team that larry coker recruited that you can stand up and say this guy is a player, this is guy is good. with the exception of coop, j fox, and glen cook everybody else freaking blows. look at our wrs who make plays; catch the ball. benjamin, collier, byrd, aldarius. randy needs to stop the expierments with shields, hankerson, khalil jones and just say look at this point weve given you enough opprutunities and its time for you to stop playing, the thing of it is right now is we just dont have enough players to win against solid teams and we STILL almost beat fsu and unc. the future is bright as hell manny

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