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UCF progress report, midseason analysis

It's hard to grade last week's performance against UCF as a progress report considering it felt more like regression. But I'll stick with the theme considering the Canes got the win. Since we are also at the midseason point, I figured I'd also give you an overall grade and thought on each unit as well as an MVP. My grading system system, in honor of the Canes, is simple: National championship material (excellent), BCS worthy (good), MicronPC Bowl here we come (average), Coker-esque (poor) and Scout Team reserve (the bottom of the barrel).

Quarterbacks: For the second week in a row, starter Robert Marve took a step back instead of a Robert_marve step forward. Against a veteran UCF secondary, Marve was 8 of 19 for 74 yards and three interceptions. He admitted afterward he was confused by the coverage schemes UCF threw at him and had never seen it before -- proof positive he's not learning enough or fast enough in the classroom with offensive coordinator Patrick Nix. Jacory Harris, meanwhile, didn't set the world on fire finishing 4 of 16 for 14 yards. But he did play more than he has since he started the season opener in place of a suspended Marve. He failed to lead UM to a scoring drive for the first time this season, but was in there late in the game instead of Marve.
> This week's progress report says: Coker-esque. It wasn't as bad as Kirby Freeman's 1-for-15 performance a year ago against N.C. State, but Marve didn't do anything outside of a 25-yard touchdown pass to Travis Benjamin that looked good. I don't think we are headed toward a QB controversy yet, but Marve needs to stop throwing picks. He's got seven in his last three games and now has 8 INTs versus 6 TDs. UM's pass offense, which finished 108th a year ago, is now 101st in the country.
> Midseason report card: C. Marve has to be considered the MVP, but he is headed in the wrong direction right now and looks a lot more today like he's going to be another Kyle Wright instead of a Ken Dorsey. Nix has turn to this around quickly.

Running backs: Graig Cooper carried the ball a career high 23 times and finished with 90 yards and Graig_cooper a touchdown. Lee Chambers, who hadn't carried the ball since the win against Charleston Southern, came in and provided a nice burst with a long 25 yard run. But there is no question in my eyes now this UM offenses misses Javarris James. Cooper always seems to start of great, ripping off nice runs. But he slows down and so does the UM running game.
> This week's progress report says: BCS Worthy. It was another good effort by UM's most consistent unit. But like I said earlier, the Canes need JJ back. And it looks like they'll get him this week.
> Midseason report card: B+. Not having JJ has hurt this group, but Cooper has played exceptional in his absence and earns the MVP for this group and possibly the entire team. But he's going to have to step his game up and prove he can be the featured back for four quarters if he wants NFL scouts to consider him an early round pick a year or two from now.

Receivers/tight ends: Everyone knows how much Marve struggled. But it wasn't a great day for any Travis_benjaminof UM's receivers either. Dedrick Epps and Cooper led the team with three catches each. Benjamin's 25-yard catch was about the only highlight. My question is, what's the real problem? Can these guys not get open? Are they not running the right routes? Is Nix calling the wrong plays? The bottomline is these guys aren't working in a lot of space. How many times Saturday did you see a UM receiver catch a ball and have any room to manuever? A lot of times, they already had defensive players draped all over them. You can't have success in the passing game if you can't create space. Part of it is the short routes and part of it separation.
> This week's progress report says: Coker-esque. Simply not enough production. I felt like I was watching a rerun of last season.
> Midseason report card: C-. UM has so much speed and talent at this position now. But we're only seeing it in flashes. And those have usually been provided by Travis Benjamin, the midseason MVP for this unit.

Offensive line: Unlike a lot of other critics who might rip this unit for the way they played Offensive_line Saturday, I'm not putting all the blame on their shoulders for the three sacks they gave up. Marve and Harris had a lot to do with it. Each had plenty of time to throw Saturday, but held onto the ball for long periods of time. Harris had an opportunity to throw the ball away the one time he was sacked and instead held onto it to keep the clock running. The running game is where more of my criticism goes. UM ran the ball 43 times and netted just 3 yards a carry. UCF's defense was good. But not that good.
> This week's progress report says: MicronPC Bowl here we come. Chris Rutledge looks like the weakest link on this line at right tackle. When he was splitting time with Reggie Youngblood, he was effective. But with Tyrone Byrd, he's not getting the same results. The good news is Chris Barney looks like he's back, which provides more depth on the interior.
> Midseason report card: B. They've given up some sacks this season and haven't been as good as we thought they were, but they haven't been bad. Jason Fox has been the obvious MVP of the unit.

OK, before we go to the defense... it's time to go to the polls.

The Front Seven: Talk about a turnaround. After looking horrendous against Florida State, UCF Allen_bailey provided the perfect remedy for this unit. Yes, UCF wasn't good. But UM made tremendous strides in its open field tackling this week. Daryl Sharpton showed me a lot. And, I don't care who you are playing, if you hold someone to four yards rushing its an accomplishment. Aside from about two scrambles, UM also patched up the problem of giving up first down runs on quarterback scrambles. And how could we forget about the five sacks? After collecting nine in the first five games, that was a major improvement.
> This week's progress report says: National championship material. Bill Young got the job done -- albeit against a weak opponent. But he got it done.
> Midseason report card: B. Of all the units we had questions about coming into the season, I felt this was the one area that needed the most work. All in all, these guys have honestly overachieved. How else can you explain that this group gave up 281 yards rushing to FSU and still ranks 20th in the country in total defense and 16th against the run? After losing Colin McCarthy and Eric Moncur for the season, this unit stepped up and looked like they fixed some major problem areas this week. But that still doesn't mean I'm not worried about this group going forward. UM isn't very deep at linebacker. Thankfully, the Canes have had freshman Sean Spence, the MVP of the group, come in and provide some major minutes and some big plays. Now, if they can get Allen Bailey going and a couple of freshman like Marcus Robinson going you could see even more improvement.

Bruce_johnsonThe Secondary: The Knights had one of the worst passing offenses in the country coming and didn't disappoint. Quarterback Rob Calabrese had trouble making simple passes at times. Still, nobody got beat on any deep passes this week and UCF's receivers didn't get very far when they did catch the ball. Chavez Grant looked good back in his nickel spot and had two pass breakups. The bad? The dropped interceptions. Brandon Harris and Jojo Nicholas had chances to make picks. They have to hold onto the football.
> This week's progress report says: BCS Worthy. Only 74 yards passing allowed and a few batted balls in key situations this week helped these guys have their best day of the season.
> Midseason report card: C. Only one interception from the secondary and several blown coverages hurt UM bad this season in losses to North Carolina and Florida State. But we got to remember how short-handed this group is. Despite the woes, UM still ranks 37th in the country in pass defense. That's not too bad. I'll give the nod to Chavez Grant as the MVP of the unit. He hasn't made a ton of plays, but of all the guys in the secondary he's made the fewest mistakes. By the way, anybody seen DeMarcus Van Dyke?

Special Teams: Matt Bosher finally looked human this week, shanking two punts. But he still had a solid day considering he had to punt 11 times. He had some good hang time on the majority of his punts and made a field goal. Travis Benjamin was limited in what he could do this week as UCF kicked the ball high in the air every time they kicked to him, but still provided UM with decent field position. The stain was the 91-yard kickoff return they gave up following an offsides penalty on DeMarcus Van Dyke. The play of the day was provided by Sam Shields, who recovered a fumble to setup the winning touchdown and redeemed himself for drawing a flag on kick catch interference earlier in the game.
> This week's progress report says: MicronPC Bowl Here We Come. The good ultimately outweighed the mistakes since UM won.
> Midseason report card: B+. Bosher has been phenomenal considering he has to handle all the kicking duties. He's averaging 40 yards a punt and is 9 of 10 on field goal attempts. I'm giving him co-MVP honors with Benjamin, who has finally provided UM with a badly needed game-changer on special teams.

Coaching: Last week, I got on Bill Young's case. This week, it's Patrick Nix's turn. His quarterbacks Patrick_nix were unprepared for the zone defense UCF threw at them and the Canes were never able to adjust and get the passing game going. Plus, I'm getting tired of those bubble screens. We see them at least once a drive. For a coach who looked creative in those trick plays against FSU, Nix didn't use one against UCF -- not even a reverse. He's getting too predictable. On the flip side, Young did his best to take advantage of a struggling UCF offense and made sure his players not only got to the quarterback this week with sacks, but didn't give up first downs. That's getting the job done.
> This week's progress report says: MicronPC Bowl Here We Come. You can't just have the defense playing well and expect to go anywhere. We saw what happened under Larry Coker when that was the case. Offensive adjustments have to be made.
> Midseason report card: C. Young has to be considered the MVP here. Aside from the FSU game and the final 10 minutes against Carolina, he's done a good job without much -- especially when you consider the injuries (McCarthy, Randy Phillips, Eric Moncur) and losses (Kenny Phillips) this team has had to endure. Really, only one freshman, Sean Spence, has been able to come in and provide a real lift. Young is ultimately doing more with this defense with less than the guy who was here a year ago. Offensively, Nix's clock is ticking. He's got more talent this year than he had last year, better quarterbacks, better receivers, a veteran offensive line and a solid weapon in Graig Cooper. Yet, UM ranks 110th in total offense and 11th out of 12 teams in the ACC. That's what UM ranked at the end of last last year. That's called not getting it done.

So what are your thoughts at the midway point? What are your grades for each unit? Who are your MVPs?


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Micron PC Bowl? Don't get ahead of yourself U. Duke will biznatch slap you around probably. The team is going in the wrong direction.

I think we should do what Clemson and Auburn did and fire the Head Coach and Offensive Coordinator. If I'm not mistaken I believe Butch Davis was hired the same year as Randy and I'm not positive but pretty confidant that we had more talent at the start of Randy's coaching tenure than Butch. Also, Butch has had good recruiting classes but not Miami-esque according to Rivals.com. It seems that Shannon and Nix act like deers lost in the headlights. I respect Shannon for what he has done regarding the professional conduct of the team but this is Miami. You don't see CSI-Miami changing its stories to petty theft. Anyway, I think more can be done with our talent and to me it seems to be getting wasted. I think Marve has a point with forcing the ball because all the coaches seem to let me do are those stupid bubble screens for 4-5 yards. Yeah, it works for other teams but Miami is supposed to stand for pro-style offense and I do not believe the bubble screen is a pro-style play.

I checked, www.firenix.com is still available, I got $1 on it, anyone got $0.99?

I liked your grading, but I have an unsolicited advice for Randy Shannon: "Start looking for a new OC, Nix ineffectiveness will drag you down If you decide to stick with him, I appreciate your loyalty, but a better offensive coordinator will save your neck next year. If Nix system needs time to develop, probably it's too complicated and we probably will need to look for a simpler, more effective system. I don't see other programs doing crazy things to score points, they do it with good coaching."


Two things on "the separation":

a. The QB is probably late with the throw. The QB has to anticipate the route and throw on the break not when the WR is wide open. Marve thinks his arm is strong enough to get it in there. He has to have a clock in his head to throw it between 2-3 seconds after the snap.

b. The routes are not good - They are all stop routes.

Simple rule: Get the WR's that are above 6 feet tall down the field and match them up against CB's and Safeties, the WR's under 6 feet throw it underneath and short.

Let's bring back Dan Werner, Werner is a veteran of 21 years in the coaching ranks and has been an integral part of the development of several of Miami's greatest quarterbacks including Gino Torretta, Steve Walsh, Craig Erickson, and Ken Dorsey.

I'm sorry to say, the Canes are regressing. They still can't throw and catch, tackle ....nothing. even our special teams are terrible. 3 blocked punts this year, kicker can only get the ball to the 15, which translates to the 35. Shannon wasn't the answer as a D.C. and he is not the answer as H.C. The more this staff is around these players, the more they look lost... Can't happen. Let him go.. pull every resource we have and get Butch back here. If we had made the Coker call earlier, we would already have him back. But Coach donna waited on that one too. She is as much the problem as anything.

4.9 yards per pass attempt. That's what Marve's average per pass attempt is right now. That's the worst in D-1 for all major conferences (Acc, Big Eeat, Big-10, Big-12, SEC & Pac-10). Marve is tied with Mike Hartline of Kentucky for the absolute worst. If you consider the absolute worst to be worth a "C" than I wish you were one of my professors in college. Both Marve and Nix deserve an "F" for that statistic alone.

Q: 4.9 yards per pass attempt. That's what Marve's average per pass attempt is right now. That's the worst in D-1 for all major conferences (Acc, Big Eeat, Big-10, Big-12, SEC & Pac-10). Marve is tied with Mike Hartline of Kentucky for the absolute worst. If you consider the absolute worst to be worth a "C" than I wish you were one of my professors in college. Both Marve and Nix deserve an "F" for that statistic alone. Posted by: sjbytes | October 13, 2008 at 04:15 PM

A: Good points SJBytes. Still, I'm not just grading on stats alone. The bottomline is Marve and Harris are better 6 games into their college careers than Kyle or Kirby were last year in their final seasons. Yes, they're making mistakes, but I don't put all the blame on them. I think they've just had two bad games in a row. I'm not going to fail them for it.

Somebody Help.... I can't find the Endzone...
Sigend Pat(reggie ball)Nix

What difference does it make what plays are called if the players are not executing??

That is the question.

Answer... Not much.

There is plenty of blame to go around but to pin it all 100% on coaching. Not right.


Oh Manny,
You are a very kind soul. I wish the people that employed most of us were so forgiving. Nix didn't do anything at Ga.Tech, and he won't help here. Send him back to Auburn. Maybe Randy should swallow a little pride and bring back Kehoe and Soldinger. They can recruit and coach. Who knows. But we're not where we need to be. Someone is getting lots of money to make it happen, heads up... where is the other shoe when you need it?

Not everyone will agree but two observations from Saturday.
1. The receiver's routes were weak. They have 4 routes (Slant, Post, go, curl/comeback)-not counting the screens, ever hear of a post corner, hitch and go, dig, slant and up, flag...how about a double move? Fault, NIX!

2. This really goes with #1, the corners were jumping ever route! Look at all three picks, two were on comeback (hitches), one was on a post. They scored on the post route....come on.....and this will come with experince and weightroom, but the reciever have to get agressive!!!!! When the ball is in the air, go take it.....on the picks (comeback routes) the db's went through teh receivers and took the ball, and on that one dropped pick, the corner ran a better go route then the receiver, but like I said it will come with time.

Remember, the only way you get seperation is by making a move, before you get the ball!

Just move few pointers.

Coach Shannon on the Radio:

I will laugh if Nix goes, and wins a NC with Auburn while we are on our 4th OC in 5 or 6 years. If this happens, we will fall off the CFB radar, and we might as well drop to DI-AA.


You have got to build a stable program before you can win as a program. It ain't going to happen if Nix goes. The next OC will have to deprogram those QBs, and we will be hanging around 5-7, 6-6 seasons for the next 5 years.

So without Nix or Shannon where would that leave us? Do you all really think we would be 5-0 or something like that? PLEASE!!! Not with this talent. Without Nix's trickery, we don't fool FSU, and they really beat the ish out of us.

As BY says he's only implemented 50% of his defense. Don't you think Nix has done the same thing? Come on people, think outside of the box for once in your lives.

And a great example is the 2001 NC run. Our offense flat out sucked it up against Boston College. If it wasn't for Reed taking the ball, and running it for 6, we could have lost that game. Bye, bye NC. Offenses, even great ones, come out flat sometimes. Let's leave it at that.

Manny...great blog and fair grades so far. If Nix and the offense can get some consistency going (JJ) and generate just a few big plays (Benjamin, Collier and AJ) then there is no reason the Canes can't finish 7-5 or 8-4.

Here are some questions for U:

Q: Why the repeated time outs on Defense in the second half of the last two games?

Q: What's up with Berry at RB? Why move him and not play him at all? Why not use him as a power back or even a FB/blocker to compliment Cooper?

Q: What do former Canes like Steve Walsh and Bernie Kosar think about Nix's offensive scheme?

My MVPs are the only guys who have made plays this year:

Cooper on Offense.
Spence on Defense.
Benjamin/Bosher (tie) on Special Teams.


Suggestions for improving the offensive team:
1. The offensive pass plays have to average more than 4.9 yards per play.
2. The quarterback has to average 1 interception or less than per game.
We have 6 games left in the season. If we cannot correct these glaring awful statistics, then we are in for a long cold winter

Manny, I've always loved your blog. But if you say you are sick of the bubble screens, then why don't you man up and ask why they are constantly called? The cane nation will love you and respect you if you asked the hard-hitting questions. Please also ask why Chambers has not seen the field more?

Buble Gum Screens


Listen to Luke tell the truth and for all the fair weather fans, go and root for a new team like FIU or something or in fact no go ahead and jump onto the USF bandwagon. U guys make me sick, I live in NC so I do not have the opportunity to go to the games but I am going to the DUKE game. Me and my girl are going to be there reppin Miami in full gear, so please stop being fairweather fans people show some heart damn!

I have no issue in saying that I don't like Patrick Nix. I don't think his offense has an identity, and his is predictable. Does anyone know what Patrick Nix offensive system is? Is it a spread offense or a pro offense? You can't be two things you have to pick and offense and run it well. Nix's offense is all over the place, it reminds me of FSU's offense a couple of years ago that was being run by Bobby Bowden’s kid and I think we remember how awful they were. Also I don't care for Nix play calling, outside of what an offense can do with different formations and motion the true mark of a good offensive coordinator is his play calling and how he uses it to keep the defense off balance. Patrick Nix play calling is awful, he doesn't have any flow you know what's coming which makes it easy on the defense. How many times do you have to call a bubble screen to realize it doesn't work, the definition of crazy is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Nix falls in love with plays and just keeps calling them over and over. Then there is talent development, you want to see the players on the offense get better and I don't see that, I haven't seen a player on UM's offense improve in the time span that Nix has been offensive coordinator and although position coaches have some blame in that, your offensive coordinator has to put his player in a position to succeed. I know you want continuity in your coaching staff but how long do you give Nix before you pull the plug. Shannon didn't have much patience when it came to Tim Walton, you would think he needs to see some major improvements over the second half of the season for Nix to stick around, or maybe he’s slipped something into Shannon’s Poweraid.

It is amazing when reading these commits during this season. To imagine that fans are still calling for Butch Davis to come back.

GET OVER IT, HE LEFT (just like Spurrier did)

I still remembering going to games in the late 90's and seeing banners flying from planes


IT takes time for any program with a new coach to turn around a program. For those of you who look at Nick Saban as an example

1. Alabama was not that bad of a program before he arrived in the middle of the night.

2. He is an established coach in NCAA

3. He has players who will be drafted. Most likely first rounders

Give this team and coaching staff the time it takes to turn it around. 4-6 years not 1-2 years

Shannon deserves our support and some additional time. But, the Nix hire is a huge ?. Young also deserves our support he has shown flashes of the future and ALL of his experience players are out.

Nix needs to go. What the F did he get done at GaTech??? What has he done here? 20 points on UCF...? UCF people? Throw his ass off the train Randy or else you will continue to lose support.

It's not dead yet (season) but is ain't looking too good.

Go Canes!

Don't be too hard on the team. They are young and will take time to adjust to the speed of the next level. 2010 is The U all the way.

Nix does need to find a small DII school to go to so we can get somebody else there. What about Lane Kiffin for OC????

WE ran those same screens last year, and they didn't work then,can't have a horizontal passing game. Different players, same results- then it must be coaching

noticed something at the game on saturday, if anyone else saw it or something like it, please comment, it was troubling amongst other things. right after they came out of halftime, shannon and nix were having a heated discussion near the 50 yard line. looks like to me that shannon was giving nix instructions and that nix was either arguing them or walking away and ignoring it. looks like nix was getting chewed out in front of the entire team. i dont know if the discussion was about who to go with at qb or the gameplan. either way, if i saw this argument/disagreement from section 423 in the upper deck, then surely recruits and the team can see it. i know the offense will have off days, but the oc and hc need to alwasy be on the same page, and it looks like that is breaking down. thats the most troubling thing i saw on saturday. was shannon telling nix to run the ball and let the defense win it? was nix handcuffed in playcalling in the second half because of the pics? for that matter, who did actually scout ucf's defense prior to this game, that person should be immediately dismissed? does shannon trust nix anymore? does nix feel like it is a shannon offense, not his? i dont like what i saw on that exchange one bit. the offense will have bad days, i agree. BUT IF THE HC AND OC ARE NOT IN AGREEANCE AND ON THE SAME PAGE, THIS TEAM, REGARDLESS OF HOW TALENTED, IS DESTINED FOR FAILURE. NOTE TO SHANNON AND NIX; GET IT TOGETHER, GET ON THE SAME PAGE, NO MATTER WHAT IT TAKES. THIS YOUNG TEAM CANT AFFORD ANOTHER COACHING OR COORDINATOR CHANGE. I PERSONALLY WISH WE WOULD RUN THE EXACT OFFENSE OKLAHOMA USES, RUN FIRST, PASS SECOND, STRONG OLINE, CONTSTANT HURRY UP AND PRESSURE ON THE DEFENSE FOR SUBSTITUTIONS. BUT, WE HAVE NIX, AND HAVE TO DEAL WITH IT. LOOK AT AUBURN LAST WEEK, UGLY. AND CLEMSON WILL SURELY MAIL IT IN FOR THE REST OF THE YEAR. THATS NOT WHAT MIAMI NEEDS. MIAMI NEEDS ITS HC AND OC TO MAN UP AND GET ON THE SAME PAGE FOR GOOD. IF NOT, LOOK AT DUKES TWO DEEP. A LOT OF SENIORS AND JUNIORS ON OFFENSE AND A GREAT QB WITH A STRONG ACCURATE ARM. TROUBLE FOR OUR DEFENSE, DUKE SCORES AT LEAST 24 ON US. IF WE DONT PUT UP 30 POINTS OR MORE WITH A GREAT GAME PLAN THIS WEEK, DUKE BEATS US AND WE GO 0 AND 3 IN THE ACC AND ARE IN REAL REAL TROUBLE. THIS WEEK, THIS GAME RESTS I THE HANDS OF THE OFFENSE. GO CANES, SCOUT DUKE, GET A GAME PLAN THAT WORKS, SCORE SOME POINTS, AND WIN THE GAME.


i think UM keeps nix, team needs consistency. but i would sure keep one of the oc's at oklahoma in mind and pay them what they want to get here if nix cant get it together, remember our current athletic director has ties to oklahoma.

Lots of chatter about Auburn wanting Nix back... "now I lay me down to sleep..."


Everyone needs to remember one thing!
It took Butch Davis approximately 5-6 years to build a national championship caliber team.
He had a winning season in 1995 and '96, then in 1997 we all know about the 5-6 season. Then in 1998 the breakout game was against then #1 UCLA.
1999 we were one year away from an exciting season. Other than being snubbed by voters, Miami should have played Oklahoma in the National Title Game, not f@#$%^ing fs-poo!
Give this alumni a chance people! It took Coach Coughlin four years with the Giants until he won a Superbowl. Patience, Consistency, and a Vision are the keys for this team.

Silly canesrule, dics are for chicks!



Go 'canes!

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Go 'canes!

I had to swat Two-Bits on the nose with a rolled up newspaper for leaving a steamer on our beloved U!


Go 'canes!

Posted by: CokeCanes | October 13, 2008 at 10:13 PM

Step right up, step right up!! Guess his age, win a prize!




Go 'canes!!

We beat LSU!!


Go 'canes!

This is Jeapardy!

I'll take college football for 200 Alex!

This Florida University has never gone undefeated in a single season, ever, in football, ever!



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I'll take college football for 400, Alex!

This school "flopped" to the ground during a football game in order to gain a meaningless record, for their 'ship-less school!



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Canesrule/Cokecanes what in the hell can you say about this to make it sound right??????? This HO MO, did not want to meet Hef and the Girls Next Door, for WHAT???????? So he could diddle a poor foreign boy's dingle??????????

Forget the records and the rivalry for a minute, what can you two say to defend this, this...I am at a loss for words!



Go 'canes!

Does anyone realize the University has paid Randy Shannon bargain basement money. Not that they didnt have more money to spend because they offered Greg Schiano more, but they didnt feel Shannon deserved more. So Shannon has to budget his money spending it on average but unproven and untested offensive coordinators like Nix. His first choice Koetter from Arizona State scoffed at the money offered him and bolted for the Jax Jaguars job. Schiano, Butch Davis,Nick Saban, Rich Rodriguez, Charlie Weis etc All these coaches are making millions and are well equipped to hire the necessary help. Give the guy a break. He is doing the best he can with what he was given. Who is the quaterbacks coach anyways? Do we even have money for that?

hey shain before u get ahead of urself, and say anymore foolish things, true that randy and butch got hired the same time, and yes we do have better talents here and we will always do, the fact of the matter is, ur UNC team are playing seniors and some of em' might even be NFL 1st rounders, we are playing freshmen here, new guys coming out fresh from highschool, no matter how good they are, this yr just ain't it yet, consider the facts dude, ur UNC team, most of them already had 3-4 years under there belt in college football, and still u have to win coming from behind, if ur coach is so good, he'd be blowing off opponents, enjoy ur best record now, because after ur best players graduates or gets drafted after this season, you'll be back to being doormats!!!!




Patrick Nix isn't going to make it here. You guys are right, no identity on offense. We're not a running team, not a passing team, not a balanced team.

I've supported Nix on this blog lately, but that was pathetic against an opponent that wasn't really all that good.

Can we afford Norm Chow...probably not.

lets go get rich rodriguez hehe

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