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UCF thoughts

I just finished uploading all the audio and video interviews following today's game against UCF. As for my thoughts on the game...

> I know for weeks now many of you have criticized offensive coordinator Patrick Nix for his playcalling and the way the offense has developed. Today was the first time this season I honestly felt Nix deserved the criticism. Not only was UM's offense bad, but I got the sense in the postgame locker room scene players were honestly confused by whatever it was UCF was doing defensively. Robert Marve said UCF didn't do anything defensively he had studied on tape.

Jacory Harris said the same thing, saying UCF "made it look like it was dropping into a Cover 4 defense, but was really playing a Cover 2." It's one thing for a young quarterback to get confused and not understand what it is he's seeing. After all, this was Marve's fifth career college start. But how could UM get so caught off guard? Even if UCF threw a new, confusing defense it hadn't run before or UM didn't see on tape are you telling me it's an entirely new defense no one has ever seen before? At some point, Nix and the rest of UM's assistants have to figure a way to beat it, teach their players to adjust. Miami never did. Instead, UM basically abandoned the passing game and tried to run the football -- to no avail. What happened to not only making adjustments, but those trick plays? Couldn't have Nix thought to use something in his arsenal?

> As for Marve, he now has seven interceptions in his last three games and is definitely not playing like the young budding quarterback Miami wants him to be. He admitted he's taking chances because he's trying to make plays. I can't blame him. The majority of Miami's passing plays are either bubble screens or quick outlet passes. When Marve does get a chance to throw down field, I get the sense he's trying hard to make a play so Nix will cut him loose more. Nix needs to obviously make adjustments. The bubble screens aren't working and the few times Marve has gone downfield, he's been intercepted.

> Maybe, one of the changes should be who starts at quarterback. Jacory Harris didn't do anything to overtake Marve, but he certainly isn't taking chances on his own like Marve appears to be. He did make two nice passes downfield Saturday -- one was dropped by Thearon Collier and the other was caught for a first down. Maybe the best thing would be to sit Marve down for a week and give Jacory a chance. What do you think?

> Defensively, Miami obviously played a much better game than it has in weeks. They got to the quarterback, produced five sacks and held UCF to 78 yards of total offense -- including just four on the ground. But it's awfully hard to judge just how much this unit improved. UCF ranked 113th out of 119 teams in total offense coming in. Here's what I take from it: The Canes did play better in coverage and did wrap up better tackling in the open field. And, they also communicated better, which shows me they are actually learning from their teacher Bill Young.

> I was anxious to see if freshman linebacker Arthur Brown would see the field after being promoted to the second team. He never did except for special teams. I just think Brown simply isn't ready and we aren't going to see him unless another starter goes down. We'll have to see what happened with Glenn Cook, who was knocked out when his head hit the turf late in the game. Miami can't afford to lose Cook. Linebacker is absolutely the thinnest position on this team.

> I'm beginning to think Matt Bosher is getting a little tired handling all of the kicking duties. Saturday, he punted 11 times, kicked off four times, kicked a field goal and an extra point. He shanked two punts. Bosher has been great so far this season, but at some point he's going to need help. We've been told he's been getting time off in practice to rest his leg. We saw why on Saturday.

> Miami gave up three sacks Saturday, but I wouldn't entirely blame the offensive line. Robert Marve had plenty of time to pass Saturday. So did Jacory Harris. Both held onto the football for extended periods of time and didn't throw the ball away.

> Check back for my progress report Monday.


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Da U has lost to future top 10 FSWho......future as in when the coach in waiting under Jimbo resigns 37 years from now.



"Randy biggest mistake was too get a staff that was too young, and is trying to learn on the job." - everbody knows my name

Good one Norm! What do you think Duhhhhh U's mistake was with hiring Shannon in the first place?


We are one 1st Choice coach away from having a winning regular season.

I wish we would have never left the Big Easy, life was so much more simple back then.

No conference title games, no competition, and our QBs were actually in the Top 100 in the country........ any other reasons?


UCF has soooooo much experience and the Canes are just too young for every team they play.

In fact, the Canes should just play Pop Warner teams. This way the age excuse does not come into play anymore and Marcus Forston can play against the competition he played against in high school.

Marcus Forston, Jacory Harris= INVISIBLE!!!

Way to go guys!!! Top recruits invisible against weak college competition!

manny, its nice to see the positive, but the defense cant be called better against an offense like ucf. is thw nix system so complicated that receivers havent got to the catch the ball page. i really wish people would stop giving credit when like last week, if the other team didnt mess up on punts, UM would have lost bad against fsu, and probably lost sat with ucf. there is no growth whatsoever on this team. not even the few vets are getting anything right. how long do you make these excuses. 2yrs.3yrs. it will always be give more time. i know the young wont win a NC, but i would really like to see progress SOMEWHERE on this team. not against a bottom ranked offense or defense. things should be improving somewhere. miamis speed shut the ucf offense down. nothing more. fsu doesnt have much of an offense, but they moved the ball at will. the speed was as fast as miamis def. i still truly would like to know, if this team is not better next year, what excuse then. too much talent is being wasted now. nix has no creativity in using what is there. a good coach know how to make the moat of what he has. even duke, a first year coach is at least competitive. why cant miami, with the talent they have,truly be competitive. even if they lose, i would rather see glimpses of hope that improvement is there. i personally dont think shannon cares. he doesnt show it. its like he know his job is secure no matter. accountability is the word, he says the players are, why isnt he. i dont think they beat duke, and i dont think they win more than one game the rest of the season.

Everyone can see that Nix just is not cutting it. Miami needs to cut their ties with this dude as soon as the season ends. We need a veteran OC.

Go Canes!!!

And a veteran head coach while we're at it........


We need Norm Chow!!!

Dare I say that the Dukeys will manhandle us? Where does this end? Hiring a former DC named Randy Shannon to coach this U is a cruel joke. UM doesn't care about being at the top. UM doesn't care about it's football boosters. UM is pathetic.

Cane fans were still talking "bowl game" through the first three games

Bowl game?......BOWL GAME? We have some of the dumbest fans on earth. Our offense against lowly UCF was atrocious. Marve looked really bad.

Eight completions against THREE picks? That guy is so overrated he should have his own HBO comedy special.

MR. FOOTBALL? ....Broke Tebow's records?????


Hey guys, canesrule here again, have U noticed how as the season of losses and barely winning against Sub-Top 80 Teams has trudged on that there are less posters on The Eye on Excuse U and thousands of less fans in the stands?

Can anyone please explain this strange phenomena?

It's like we actually hate our own team unless their winning........I know if I were a recruit I'd be thinking "Do I want to play in front of 90,000+ week in and week out no matter how we perform, or in front of 20,000 - 40,000 depending on which way the wind blows"?


DuhU drew 40k for an instate game. What a joke. Fans who have been to the fish house see it for what it is. It's a lifeless terrible stadium. $27 chicken sandwiches. Kohler toilets.

Post over at sunsentinel canesrule. Plenty of suffering there too


I think that Marve is always looking over his shoulder. I have never seen Miami do their quarterbacks like this. I think Shannon needs to play one or the other the whole game, unless there is an injury.

I'm nervous. Duke is going to hand us our lunch.

At club level the chicken sandwiches are only $8.00 but the double jack & cokes are $16.00 plus tip

Well we did beat the Canes this year but its killing me inside, what more could I ask you say? How about 3 more rings and 5 more wins in a row vs the Canes! Im gonna have to wait foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!! AHHHHHH!!!!!!! It sucks we can only beat you when your down. It reminds me of the time I beat the crap out of this dude that had two broken arms, I was tough!

Sad thing is we gave you the second hardest game you had this season beside ole yeller

Heyyyyyyyy canesrule, maybe we can meet up later and toss each others salads, while watching tebow/philipino boy videos ;) then we can talk crap on the canes message boards some more, life is good! Ive never been able to talk crap to canes fans until now, only 3 more rings to tie! YES!

Canesrule, lets go out and meet some girls! Nah Id rather spend hours talkin crap to canesfans. 28 yr old virgins fo life! Go Gators!

Ive always wondered why there arent more fsu fans talkin crap on here, I mean they beat the canes this year too! I guess they have lives, I should probably get one too, shattttttt!

I say give Jacory the start, but I realize it probably won't happen. Marve reminds me of Kyle Wright a guy who locks on to 1 wr, and tries to gun the ball into a spot as the entire defense reads his eyes. The only difference I see between KW and Marve is Marve has much more composer and leadership. Jacory plays with his head not his arm, he throws a better deep ball, and he passes with more touch.
Marve needs to show improvement if he wants to be the starter, or he'll just be a transfer. I really don't understand the devotion to Marve from some fans. I don't think Jacory Harris would be making the mistakes Marve is making if Jacory was in his 2nd year of college. I think Jacory has more potential.

All you FireNix fools need to see what Auburn's been doing since it dumped it's OC. We might squeak by Duke or NC State but we've got some tough games left and we'd stand no chance without Nix. And in defense of Randy Shannon,
the offensive coordinator he originally hired accepted a job offer in the pros and Nix was willing to take the risk here with an untested and unproven head coach. The OC here is no Dream Job and won't be til we start winning again. Let's give him a chance to prove his worth and reevaluate at seasons end. With all the talent we've got coming in next year.....the cupboard will be stocked with talent, and we can get used to winning every game again!

all of you who makes assumptions that acc is the worst conference, check it, florida state beats colorado a big 12 team, virginia tech beats nebraska a big 12 team who by the way gave a top ten texas tech a pretty good contest, maryland who is so under the radar even beats cal from the pac 10, UNC who beats notre dame and i don't care what ya'll say is still a legit team, oh yeah i almost forgot, wake forrest who everybody thinks is overrated beats ole miss,the same team that beats ur self proclaimed mightiest team in the acc, gayturds!!!! georgia tech also beats ur doormat team of the sec miss state who by the way beats almost undefeated vandy! so before u call acc something, get ur facts straight, if acc is mediocre, we're mediocre only within our conference, all the teams in the acc give everybody a legit contest and that's really the only reason why there aren't a lot of ranked acc teams in the top 25, while the rest of college football's conferences play cupcakes in the beginning of their season to stay on top!!!!

Yes we do and we are mighty proud of it, and our beloved steaming Gaturds.
Da U is indeed a c*nt hair away from a dazzling 5 and 1 record.

From Canesport:

"The results of Shannon's efforts aren't showing up on the scoreboard yet." INCORRECT SIR !! The results of his efforts are clearly displayed on the scoreboard. Don't give me this "give him time" mumbo jumbo. Dude has been at the helm for 18 games. UM has regressed.

"We need a stronger running game, to open up the passing game" WOW...that's completely revolutionary thinking!! You are what you are. And your "running attack" is what it is. BAD You state that like it is as simple as going to the store for groceries. Don't you think the guys are trying to run well? You think JJ is the answer??????? Take off your Randy goggles fool.

"Shannon MUST get to a bowl game this year." Best case scenario is UM SQUEAKING into a bowl. After you get pasted by Duke next week, you'll lose the "bowl" chatter. Bank on that.

".......and then laid a giant egg Saturday against Central Florida. That is failure." Okay.... a wee bit of reality

"The onus here ultimately falls on Shannon because he is the man in charge. But he isn't an offensive mastermind.." SOUND CHECK...IS THIS THING ON??? Newsflash Einstein: he aint no defensive mastermind either.....

8 completions/ 3 picks/ 1 pick six.... Do you think if he played for a coach like Spurrier Saban that he would have those numbers??? The coaching staff is far worse than you realize. Hey Marve-lous, quit getting stupid tattoos and work on your game with your coaches. Wait,...nevermind...that will probably continue to set you back.

JJ will return soon and nothing will change. NOTHING. Look straight into your HC's eyes when judging your horrible offense. There is no depth. There is no leadership. There is nothing shiny. Benjamin...blah...blah...blah...

Give King Randy a lifetime contract because we know he is the best recruiter in the world.

The coaching carousel will grind on at UM.

UM doesn't have the resources (read: LOW BUDGET ATHLETIC DEPARTMENT) to compete at the top anymore. Take a close look at all the schools in the top 10. They ALL have huge budgets and huge commitments to winning as evidenced by the coaches they hire and what they pay them. That is what it takes to compete in the current system of college football. UM flat out isn't on that level. UM is going nowhere with the shoe string budget. If you look beyond competing for an ACC title you are dumber than a box of hammers. Any talk of a bowl game for this team is absurd. Actually,you shouldn't even look beyond DUKE. I'll be taking the Blue Devils and the points Saturday. Solid bet.


how bad will it have to get before people see how bad patrick Nix is for Miami. He's Larry Cocker with Hair... He's not our guy cut him lose , Don't need to be a rocket scientist to figure that out........ Another LONG season.

Duke is a tough matchup-their strength is a mobile QB and 2 good recievers-that's our weakness. On D, Duke seems vulnerable to the run, so maybe we can make up for things by controlling the ball. I'm not as confident as I should be.

As for our QB, I agree w/ Manny. This situation reminds me of 99 when Kelly was the guy with "all the skills" but Dorsey was the better game manager. Butch was smart enough to see that and make the change, even though it caused them to lose Kelly.

UM's best QB's have been guys who are calm and collected. (Kosar, Walsh, Dorsey) That's Harris. Our more emotional QB's (Vinny, Costa, Berlin) always had that one bad game that ruined the season. Remind you of anyone?

I don't dislike Marve-and he is talented. But I think Harris is the better "fit" for this team. I think he's more likely to allow the game to come to him, rather than force it. We need an RB (I hope Brown and Miller keep their promise) but I think we have our QB. Jacory Harris.

Thought For Today

Is Canespace more fun to read each day

when it is:

50 people posting 5 comments each


5 people posting 50 comments each?

One SS blog is enough don't ya think?

cya tonight

Posted by: solarcane | October 13, 2008 at 08:22 AM

Not True...We have a lot more fun!

I like J. Harris, but I dispise the way Shannon treats him...with fear. He's afraid to keep him out of a game, even when Marve is doing great. Harris' father's interview on Saturday said it all. The father is dicatating whether his son plays or not. Shannon is afraid that if he plays the better QB, JH leaves. If that's the way it's going to be, then I say let him leave!

For all you JH fans, tell me exactly what you've seen that shows you he is a much better QB or has better "potential" than Marve? Some of you talk about that he has a better arm. Are you kidding me?! Almost every one of his deep throws in the Charleston Southern game was severely underthrown! On crossing routes, I have seen him throw behind the receiver more times than I can count. Composure in the pocket?! If you call getting happy feet 2 seconds after getting the ball and seeing no one open, then running right into the middle of the line for little to no gain as composure, than I agree with you.

The problem people, is that as long as we have an idiot OC with his ridiculous playcalling and inept gameplanning, we can have Peyton Manning back there, and we're going to lose. Nix has already chastised both JH and RM for calling audibles, yelling at RM once to "just run the play." It's sickening.

UCF isn't third in the nation with INTs for nothing. Some of you NEVER look at the big picture. Marve has officially learned what it's like to be "baited". UCF did an excellent job of doing this. One of his INTs was when he was hit, and could not follow through anyway. Do you think HS kids know how to bait the QB? No. So when has Marve learned to play against this or what to look for? Never. Do you think any of our DBs (which Marve plays against in practice) know how to bait the QB? No or they would have a heck of a lot more INTs this season.

It's sad that Marve has to face a secondary in practice, and one of our lineman has more INTs than most of them do. And he only has one. I wonder if the front 7 has more INTs than our DBs??? It is sad if they do, and is the reason Marve is not getting these looks in practice.

Do you think Dorsey would have been as good as he was if he wasn't facing Ed Reed, Antrel Rolle, Mike Rumph, Kelly Jennings, Marcus Maxey, Alfonso Marshall, Sean Taylor, Phillip Buchanon, etc. in practice? Not to mention the WRs he had lined up: Kevin Beard, Jason Geathers, Andre Johnson, Daryl Jones, Roscoe Parrish, Ethenic Sands, etc. I don't even want to start with TEs.

Obviously, we've had teams that reloaded NOT rebuilded. We have a team that simply cannot make itself better due to the lack of talent in key positions. This makes for a long road ahead.

We have to rely on freshmen to make plays which is a sad thing for THE U. I still have yet to see a WR fight for the ball. It's simply pathetic.

I wish we would, as Miami fans, stop trying to figure out what is wrong with the coaches, and start looking at the talent. The talent is very thin as you move up to upperclassmen. And if we have talent, it's extremely inexperienced.

Just name this one as a throw away year as well. I don't think anybody knew how bad this team is, but it is becoming more and more of a reality. We are an average team at best, and we might as well get use to it rather than trying to find someone to blame. Sorry kids, it is a long road to greatness. Get use to it.

Russell... Correction
My bad, meant to say OC.

Canes Bloggers (Not Impostors) now is the time to stay together...


I don't know if anyone else brought this up yet but, am i the only one that sees the terrible use of timeouts from the coaches. At the end of the first half we got the ball with 1:21 to go. We ran a play and the clock was at :52 seconds, and we did not call a timeout.(we had all three timeouts remaining) Marve rushes everybody back to the line of scrimmage while looking for instruction from the sidelines. They finally snap the ball with :37 seconds and he forces an interception. Thats on the coaches. Second week in a row we don't use our timeouts in the first half and then burn all three in the second half on defense. It's getting pretty stupid already. We can use those timeouts at the end of the half, calm everybody down, have time to run plays and maybe even get points going into the locker room.

A win is a win is a win - I am with you MH - going to the Duke game?

I agree with you regarding Nix, I've been supportive towards him but I realized that the problem is not youth, the problem is Nix. Look at the Dolphins they don't even have talent, but they make plays here and there with the best players available. That's what a experienced offensive coordinator does with the players he has available.
A coach is not only good because he knows how to coach, a coach is good because he makes the players he has look good, and Nix doesn't know how to use his players. Besides a good Head coach is as good as his OC, and if Randy doesn't start looking for a new OC he's going to start getting the heat for the whole team. I would bring back Dan Werner he coached Dorsey and I think he did pretty good while he was here. Besides he now has an experienced DC, now he needs an experienced OC, if he wants to keep his job.
On another note, Shannon is going to have to start looking to his conditioning coaches, shannon's player are getting hurt too easily and that might have to do with conditioning, look how different the Dolphins are doing now after last year poor conditioning. I know you never compare the PRO's with College, but just think about it.

Rumor Mill - Tommy Bowden has been fired

see you all at the Duke game, we need to cheer these boys Saturday.....and bring your ponchos......going to be icky out there

Posted by: Herbal Minded | October 13, 2008 at 11:34 AM

My "throw away" year really meant "learning" year, and nothing more. I did not mean to pack in the tents, the season is over. Sorry for that misunderstanding.

Sure we have a shot in every game. Injuries have killed us, and the youth (inexperience) even more. But to see these upperclassmen play the way they are is upsetting.

On a run play, I see Trump and Franklin explode through the defensive line like they were playing defense and going after the QB. That is pathetic. Man, I was so mad at the upperclassmen Saturday. I sure hope this does not bring the younger guys down. I hope they continue to play to their potential. WE NEED WORK!!!

Posted by: cubancane | October 13, 2008 at 11:53 AM

I agree. Maybe there is more to it, and I hope it does make sense one day. It is getting tiring of seeing tinmeouts used on defense. it hasn;t bit us yet, but what if it does, and we lose a game because of it?

I think that falls in the same category when Shannon wouldn't wear a headset last year. I guess the man is going to learn the hard way with that, too. Oh, how I love growing pains!!!

We are getting better, it just sucks it is going to take more time. There is no such thing as an overnight champion. We just need to stick together, and stay positive.

Posted by: CanesgirlNC | October 13, 2008 at 12:35 PM

I see the breaking news on ESPN now. Thanks for calling that one out:


Maybe we should have hired Mike Leach as head coach. I know for a fact we wouldn't be having these kinds of offensive problems if he were the head man around here.

Hows that new Wal-mart hair color kit workin out for ya canegirl?

Maybe we should have hired Mike Leach as head coach. I know for a fact we wouldn't be having these kinds of offensive problems if he were the head man around here.

Posted by: MattInNY | October 13, 2008 at 01:23 PM

Maybe you should go kill yourself because you know nothing about football.

A win is a win is a win - I am with you MH - going to the Duke game?

Posted by: CanesgirlNC | October 13, 2008 at 12:15 PM


Posted by: M.H. | October 12, 2008 at 10:35 AM

a win is a win is a win ...


Posted by: green | October 11, 2008 at 08:27 PM


hey M.H., herr hitler sent fraulein Cane molasses to recruit you ...


Stop the presses !! UM beats lowly UCF.

Duke will be a HUGE win. That's if you beat them.


Nix better step it up or he's grass. I know we're young but we do have tremendous talent and passion. If Marve continues to play bad, put in Jacory. If Jacory does bad too then we know for sure Nix needs to go. GO RANDY AND CANES!!!!

Maybe we should have hired Mike Leach as head coach. I know for a fact we wouldn't be having these kinds of offensive problems if he were the head man around here.

Posted by: MattInNY | October 13, 2008 at 01:23 PM

Maybe you should go kill yourself because you know nothing about football.

Posted by: Canes | October 13, 2008 at 02:29 PM

You are right I know nothing, you are far superior than everyone here. In case you missed it, it took a special teams TD to beat crummy Central Florida, we barely had 200 yds of total offense and our QB threw 3 picks and our backup looks like a deer in headlights whenever he is on the field. If I know nothing, than you are blind to the fact that this program is treading water and is not making progress at all. We have wins agains a 1-AA team, an aweful Tx A&M team who lost to Kansas St. this weekend at home by about the same margin as we beat them and and mighty UCF. Wow...I am impressed. If I know nothing than you are an idiot who needs their head examined for short term memory loss. Nothing has changed the last 4 years...NOTHING!!!

And one other thing Mr. I know Everything...care to take a look at the rankings? Texas Tech is ranked 5!!!! Thats Mike Leach's team big guy! Not saying he was the answer but he is having another goood year. Where are we? Sitting at 3-3 hoping to make the Humanitarian Bowl. What an embarassment!

i disagree with you MattInNY. a lot has changed the past four years. the 2004 season we were blowing out crappy teams, and winning big games. except the three losses to nc, clemson and vt (all very close games; ot, by a feild goal, and by 1 touchdown). we were ranked, high for the most part and blew out florida in the peach bowl. i just hope they can get to a bowl. oh how a lot has changed. bring back the dominant D we had, the explosive offensive we had, and the unpredictable special teams! OH HOW I MISS THOSE DAYS!!! GO CANES

Canes stink...they are irrelevant...no one cares....LAST PLACE IN THE WEAKEST CONFERENCE...
A win over Duke will be like a NC to them....

Randy Shannon couldnt coach a Pop Warner team...

Any recruit that would go to this crap team needs their head examined because the Canes aint winning ANYTHING for a long, long time.

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