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A great QB can make all the difference

Say what you want about what's gone wrong at the University of Miami over the last five years. Point to all the excuses you like to explain why this program plummeted from national championship contender and BCS regular to the MicronPC Bowl and 5-7 record last year. You can say its recruiting that Larry Coker and his staff dropped the ball. You can say it was the development of talent, that nobody on this staff did a good enough job figuring out guys like Devin Hester, Jon Beason and Kenny Phillips were really that good. Me? I point to one position: Quarterback.

Saturday was proof positive of that in my eyes. How else can you explain how Miami is 6-3 right now? How else do you explain a team that made countless bonehead penalties and struggled to move the ball for three quarters, suddenly rallied from a 17-10 deficit to win 24-17 in overtime against a team it lost to 48-0 a year ago?

Jacory_harris2_2Jacory Harris is that special quarterback. He's the game-changer this program has sorely needed since Ken Dorsey walked out the door with the final piece of quarterback lineage at Quarterback U. Jacory, though, has brought it back. Think back for a second how many games this program has lost over the past few years because they didn't have that leader behind center, or in some cases couldn't even compete because the Kyle Wrights and Kirby Freemans of the world couldn't even do the little things like get the ball in the hands of the playmakers.

Yes, it's true Miami failed in recruiting. Yes, it's true Miami didn't do a good enough job developing the stars that were here the last few years. But the truth is they missed having a general to lead the offense more than anything. When this program won national championships, it had some of the best collective talent in the country. But it also had one common denominator -- that special quarterback behind center. Canes fans ought to feel lucky they have two. Because although Robert Marve was on the sidelines for two of Harris' magical comebacks (Duke and this one), it was Marve who engineered the magic a week ago against Wake Forest. This program still has a long way to go to start thinking about a sixth ring. Offensive line and the secondary are the two biggest holes I see. But the good news is the biggest piece is in place. And right now, there are two to choose from.

> Saturday's game was without question the most exciting and meaningful win for this program since it beat Virginia Tech on the road a few years back. Miami can now win-out and hope North Carolina drops a game and reach the ACC Championship game in Tampa. Before the season, I predicted UM would finish 7-5 -- or 9-3 if everything panned out. As long as the injury to Jason Fox isn't as serious as it looked on TV Saturday, then the latter is quite possible now.

> I know folks are going to jump all over Graig Cooper for his fumble. But he was the second most important weapon in UM's game-tying drive Satruday. Cooper finished with over 100 yards rushing and picked up valuable first downs with long runs. With Javarris James out, Coop truly stepped up his game in the second half and delivered.

> Hats off to defensive coordinator Bill Young for once again proving he knows what to do at halftime. This was Miami's third consecutive come-from-behind win. It wouldn't have been possible if Young didn't at least figure out a way to slow down Cedric Peerman, who had 10 carries and 66 yards at the half. Yes, Miami gave up some yards through the air and caught a few breaks with a pair of missed field goals. But the Canes defense came up with big plays when it needed to. They didn't break.

> I'll have my report card for you sometime Sunday night. Enjoy the NFL weekend for now. And when you get a chance look at the Dallas Cowboys and New England Patriots. Ask them what its like to not have Tony Romo or Tom Brady behind center.


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great game. the drive to tie the game was a sight to see. really enjoyin this season.

Hey Manny,

Thanks for the good info and keeping us Canes fans on the West coast informed. I agree with your assessment of the quarterbacks this year. Although they are young and make some mistakes, they are a huge upgrade over Kyle and Kirby.

What excited me the most about today's win was the team coming together during the 4th quarter and overtime to overcome their mistakes. I was particularly impressed with the play of the freshmen on both the offensive and defensive side of the ball.

It's going to be an interesting season the rest of the way.

I am really starting to believe anything is possible with this team. I remember when Larry Bluestein(SP) use to praise Jacory Harris. He would always say that Harris would be a good one. I guess he was dead on.

hat's off indeed for bill young. again, a not so stellar opponent offense, but a good second half showing by the defense. i think learning how to win games now against weak offenses could set up the future defensive confidence. i think many will look back at the UF game earlier this year as proof that they aren't as bad as many Miami fans say on these blogs. i thought the linebackers were very good and that the secondary did mostly a good job stopping the passing game. i think the front 4 are still suspect. good stuff though. it feels good to think about the win. now for the next one on thursday nigh football!!

Canes best receiver:


Canes best QB:


Heart Attack Harris... "MR Clutch"

Say what you will and not to take anything away from Marve, but we have found our QB...
Final quarter... puts together a 8 + minute, 95 yard comeback drive and overcame 3 penalties on the way to tie the game with 50 + seconds left... "OUTSTANDING" performance!!!!

The difference between the two QB's is a nanosecond and a touch less off the speed of the ball to make the ball catchable. Marve's greatness is still to be seen, as he continues to press the ball and I'm sure he'll come around but in the mean time, IMO... Harris is the better choice.

BTJMO... Cat

I hope this time Manny you at leat AT the game

I hope this time Manny you were at least at the game (keyboard issues)

coachoftheyear.com Can u guys go out and vote for RS every day. He fell back to 7th on the list but i think we can get him backl up there.




marve needs to be given the opportunity to succeed or fail; open up the playbook like they do for harris and let the kid show us what he's got.


Neither QB will lead us to an ACC Title game at any point in their carrer. Good news is we are back........…..back as in dominating Nevada with a 1 point win in the MPC Computer Bowl. Please don’t take our misinterpretation of knowing we hired the wrong coach and that the ACC is a joke of conference as “we are back”.

Facts are facts, we needed OT to beat a team that just LOST by:

35 to UCONN

28 to Duke

I guess in these modern times when we have been unranked for 3 years, we can claim such a win against an inferrior opponent as “being back”.

Probably the most asinine analysis we’ve heard since I claimed we we’re going to make the BCS Title game this year and Randy was going to win coach of the year. I've said it before and I'll say it again........



Your correct and the 6th ring is coming soon!

canesrule - Yes we do!!!!

"6th ring is coming soon" - LonghornsCane

And by "soon" you mean the year we revert back to the Big East, an indepndent, or any other possibility of not having to play in a conference title game.

Indy = Multiple Ships
Big Easy = More W's than L's
ACC = Can't Sniff A Winning Regular Season



That everyone like U comes to the boards of CHAMPIONS!

Teams that matter gain the attention!

canesrule - Yes we do!!!!

"Teams that matter gain the attention!" - iampissedthelonghornslostcane

Turn on your TV, U are irrelevant.....the teams that have been ranked at least once in the Top 25 in the past three years are gaining the attention.



321...actually Manny predicted 7-5:

Aug. 28, Charleston Southern, W 52-14
Sept. 6, @Florida, L 34-10
Sept. 20, @Texas A&M, L 27-24
Sept. 27, North Carolina, W 20-16
Oct. 4, Florida State, W 28-26
Oct. 11, UCF, W 31-21
Oct. 18, @Duke, W 30-23
Oct. 25, Wake Forest, L 27-24
Nov. 1, @Virginia, W 23-17
Nov. 13, Virginia Tech, L 17-10
Nov. 20, @Georgia Tech, L 14-10
Nov. 29, @N.C. State, W 35-20

Posted by Manny Navarro on 7/22/08


I don't think QB was their problem since Dorsey left. It was leadership.

Ideally, you want the leader of the team to be the QB, but if you don't have studs at QB, you need leadership around him.


It must be or your paid loser a** wouldn't be on this site!!!!!

canesrule - Yes we do!!!!

Turn on your TV, U are irrelevant?

Have you checked your schedule lately?

Probably not, your to busy on this site.

I will give it to U.

This coming week BYE

The week after - Thursday Night on ESPN

The following week - Thursday Night on ESPN

Looks like National TV want the U toooooooo!!!

canesrule - Yes we do!!!

I'm with Cat5 on this one, but I think Marve could still end up being the guy. The difference between these two right now is that Jacory has a better feel for where he needs to put the ball and when to take some pace off to make it more catchable. But I think marve still has the better arm, and all the big plays down the field are coming from him. It is tough to tell right now, but when Marve learns to put more touch on the ball, which side of the receiver to throw to, etc, and when his receivers get bigger and better and can catch the lazerbeams he throws more consistently, he might end up being the much better QB. Right now, a lot more or Marve's passes are dropped than are Jacory's, an indication the receivers may not yet be good enough to catch passes thrown with Marve's velocity. That doesn't make him the worse QB, and it may make him ore effective in the future.

I think this is why Shannon refuses to pick one and let the other stay on the bench. He just can't tell yet who will be the best QB next year and the year after. Harris is having more success right now, but the receivers are young and when they get better fewer of Marve's passes will be dropped and he's the one making all the 40-50 yard completions.

I'll say this though...I'm certainly not sweating it. They're both going to be something else.

ACC = Can't Sniff A Winning Regular Season


Posted by: canesrule | November 02, 2008 at 01:11 PM



Correct me if im wrong, but didn't I see Alabama playing Arkansas state this past Saturday (The ninth week of the season,) SEC schools sure schedule tough ha? LOL

Ur the biggest "LOSER" that i seen thus far!!!!

ACC is a joke of conference

Posted by: gaturd agent provocateur | November 02, 2008 at 11:58 AM

Indy = Multiple Ships
Big Easy = More W's than L's
ACC = Can't Sniff A Winning Regular Season


Posted by: gaturd agent provocateur | November 02, 2008 at 01:11 PM

gaturd agent provocateur contradicts gaturd agent provocateur ...


with five weeks to go, the ACC is 33-10 against its nonconference opponents.
-- heather dinich

The University of Louisiana celebrated the 1,000th game in its football program's history Saturday at Cajun Field.
-- pete "the pied piper" pelegrin (11/2)

At present, no single institution exists with the specific, official name of the University of Louisiana
-- wiki

there you go again …
pete “the pied piper” pelegrin fudges the truth …
calls the university of louisiana at lafayette or louisiana-lafayette the university of louisiana in a transparent attempt to seem less bush …


I love Jacory …


pigheadedness will undo Coach Shannon ...
shelving the better quaterback to show who's boss ...
the offense stalls under Robert Marve’s command …
why can't U see ...


Q:Manny The Coaches at Miami have not given Marve his time to shine lets not forget it was him that put on that show at College Station, he made us look not so bad against Florida, almost beat UNc if it wasnt for Kanye Fargushon, and if it wasnt fo the recievers dropping like 15 balls against FSU. You have to admit Marve was pulled yesterday when Cooper made a mistake and thats just not right?

does anyone not think that randy shannon is an idiot for calling the short kickoff after the td with 55sec left???? 1 pass and they were in fg range and had it not been for the strip and recovery we would have lost

personally I believe the only thing shannon is good at is recruiting...and that has yet to be seen. he makes terrible in-game calls and he won't last at the U

Posted by: bobjohnson | November 02, 2008 at 07:19 PM


does anyone not think that randy shannon is an idiot for calling the short kickoff after the td with 55sec left???? 1 pass and they were in fg range and had it not been for the strip and recovery we would have lost

Posted by: bobjohnson | November 02, 2008 at 07:19 PM


iF U think RS meant for bosher to pouch that then ur the damn idiot.

personally I believe the only thing shannon is good at is recruiting...and that has yet to be seen. he makes terrible in-game calls and he won't last at the U

Posted by: bobjohnson | November 02, 2008 at 07:22 PM

well keep ur damn opinion to ur self.

Bobo is correct. Nice win BUT. It's not like we executed a winning drive. Sure it was a TD but JH's regulation TD pass was a wing and a prayer. Had Uv's secondary not been busy puking all over themselves in the endzone, that ball would have never been caught. It was essentially a hail mary. Don't get me wrong. Great play. Awesome results. But not impressive by any means from an execution standpoint. Randy still looks terrible on the sideline. Please don't start yelling, "were back!" Just don't

Manny, great stuff as usual. U are right on the money with your evaluation of Jacory. He is special. I noticed that after the Duke game. Marve is good. Alot better than Kyle and Kirby. He reminds me of Brock Berlin. He make some good throws but it's that bone head Interception that puts him in the Berlin class. Jacory is special but more than that he is a winner. Just like Dorsey.

I'm beginning to notice a pattern on defense. They start slow but finish strong. Bill Young kinda reminds me of Mickey Andrews with the halftime adjustments and the way they tighten up after half. That being said. This is still a poor tackling team but getting better. Just wish they would get a little NASTY and develop Mickey's strategy of taking out quaterbacks. Also Bill Young please start bring more pressure on 3rd and long. It will help the weak secondary.

Who is the OL coach? he needs to be evaluated. Seems like the OL is regressing. Extra push ups more running something need to be done. We got to shore up both lines of scrimmage before we become dominate again.

I am curious as to what "terrible in-game calls" Randy makes. And if you don't think he is going to last, then I am surprised your smart enough to use a computer.

Posted by: canesinmyveins | November 02, 2008 at 08:23 PM


You fools are so idiotic it's not even funny. You clearly don't know the first thing about leadership, executive decisions, strategy, talent development, and the knowledge of what it takes to win.

Here's one for you idiots to digest.

Name the last team that complete a winning season with more than half of it's 2-deep line-up and both of it's starting QBs as FRESHMEN.

If you know anything about football, and life in general you know it takes the ability to spot and select talent then the ability to develop that talent, to teach.

Think about those facts when you fumble for an answer to my question.

Max, ur a IDIOT. get off of oUr web site. NOW!!!

This is football. Football Man not rocket science. The whole key is to trust your eyes U idiot. They don't lie.

Cav...86 should pay you....

New BCS Polls:



Starting to look a little better for the ACC!

canesrule - Yes we do!!!!

Marve has had more then his time to shine.a lot more then harris and harris is shining bright!!!

Jacory is clearly the one the coaches trust with the game on the line. Marve has the better arm and he makes good throws also but he scares me with those bonehead INT'S. Jacory is the better leader and the offense responds to him better. People are caught up too much on arm strength. College QB's just need to get the ball to the playmakers and thats what Jacory does just like Dorsey.

Jacory is looking more and more like Dorsey.

marve has the better arm, but no touch..

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