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Canes control destiny now

BANKUNITED CENTER -- Randy Shannon's football team now has a clear path to Tampa and the ACC Championship game. The Canes got an assist Saturday night when Maryland came back to beat North Carolina 17-15, giving Miami sole possession of first place in the Coastal Division. All UM has to do now is win its final two games against Georgia Tech and North Carolina State and the Canes will get to play in the ACC title game on December 6th.

I'm sure many of U were glued to your TVs just like Canes players and coaches were tonight trying to follow the important game. The fact Miami is even in this position is a huge accomplishment. I keep thinking back to where this team was just a little over a month ago, 2-3, 0-2 in the conference. Now, these Baby Canes have grown up and learned how to win. The defense has been the key. I know I've thrown this stat out a ton, but third down defense is the most glaring number you can thank for the turnaround. In Miami's 2-3 start, the Canes were allowing opponents to convert 55 percent of the time on third down. In their five straight wins, that number has been squeezed down to 23 percent. Bill Young obviously deserves a lot of credit.

Now that Miami is in first, expect the Canes to crack the Top 25 poll this week.

By the way, Florida State and Maryland are tied for first in the Atlantic Division with 4-2 records. They play each other next week and that will likely decide the other representative in the ACC title game. FSU still has to play Boston College tonight.


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Dude BALL STATE is ranked ahead of the Canes.


and now we are going to win a national championship?

some canes fans are DELUSIONAL!

Bryce Brown was asked how do you feel about miami dade highschool level of football by Mollie Rose? He said; same as everywhere else?


I think his cornrows are tooo tight for him...

Bryce Brown was asked how do you feel about miami dade highschool level of football by Mollie Rose? He said; same as everywhere else?


I think his cornrows are tooo tight for him...

Canes ranked 23 in new AP poll!

Same as everywhere else????

Ok buddy, go to Oregon.

South Florida has the best football and baseball in the country.

Noticed the Canes are ranked 23rd in the AP poll, didn't think it would ever happen but that's what Shannon will do.

As a Gator fan I just wanted to say, Miami is coming back and in a hurry.

lol canesrule is mad. lol lmbao. ay canerule we are bottom dwellers ha?

Go Canes better things to come

TxCAne- You aint no cane you are a wannabe pi$$ant-
don't be disrespecting me when I stated a fact- UM did not have Javarris James either so quit whining about Percy HArvin, because they still had 3 other speedsters and Tebow and the score was 9-3 in the 4 q not 46-6 like against So carolina. Then came the horrendous call that gave UF the ball on the 10 yd line instead of Um getting the ball back down at most 12-3. You see, I wasn't drunk or sleeping during that game, like you seem you were. And those are the facts. Furthermore, UM's defense is even better now, and we played that game scared on Offense. So things were a lot closer than you imply. And we still didnt get 50 pasted onlike LSU and Georgia did! And like jerk Israel Gutieeres (your cousin) predicted!

Green- Ball State is nothing. Who have they played? Son YOU are delusional. ACC teams thus far have played Florida, Alabama, USC, and will play Georgia and So Carolina and UF again when evrything is said and done. Ball State!? Dont make me laugh. Even SEC teams are scared to play real teams. By real I mean yes- going out to the west and playing Oklahoma, USC, Texas, etc. Not Mississipi State, Northern Louisina, Alcorn State, or Southern Mis like the SEC does.

Buh bye girls, go on with your sad, whiney selves. This UM team is for real.

And for yourinformation I have been a REAL CAne fan since before your momma spit you out


The TXCane & Green id's were copied by a dumb as* gayturd fan!

Go Canes!

Personally, I am just glad to see results this year. With each game the Canes improved. We got to give credit to the heart of the players and the coaching staff. Can they improve? Absolutely. Will they improve? Yes. This team is headed for greatness, know why? This is our season and this is our moment. There is something "special" about these kids and they will take us to the destination call "National Champions - 2010"


keep smoking that ganja and go celebrate the Canes getting beat by the Gators by MORE THAN THE POINT SPREAD. How could you celebrate getting beat more than the point spread??????
You are a joke! Miami lost to BOTH Florida and Florida State and had a close call with UCF, YES UCF!!!

So go celebrate that, and PLEASE sign randy shannon to a contract extension. What a bunch of idiots. Please sign that guy to a long term contract with a big buyout! He hasnt proven anything except he can recruit kids that were going to go to the U no matter what.

Now all of a sudden you are going to win it all next year, or the year after??????????? What current top 25 team have you beaten????? NONE!!!! So until you can do that, go crawl in your hole and stop making the Cane fan base look like idiots.

Did you see Israel Gutierrez on ESPN this morning? He comes across as intelligent, and is a pretty knowledgeable college football reporter.

I am willing to put my money where my mouth is. I am willing to bet and bet BIG that Miami will not even make the National Title game next year. Any takers???????????

I think not.

I guess this season could come down to a bunch of loser talk.

We almost played the Gators close.
We almost made it to the ACC title game.
We almost beat FSU.
We almost beat North Carolina.
We almost beat Georgia Tech.
We almost made the Coaches Top 25.
We almost stayed in the AP Top 25 for more than a week.
We almost won a bowl game.

UM is back in the BCS top 25. Warning to Gayturd fans- you dont win the NC this year. Its OVER baby. Its OVER. Finito. Se Acabo. Termino. Le Fini.

No more Tebone or HArvin. Its over. You will be back in the wannabe section as you have been for 150 years. Because Auburn, Alabama, georgia are getting better. UM and FSU are out-recruiting Urban Liar. And facts, are, UF is coming to town in 2010- Count that as another L.

To the real TxCAne blogger- My apology.

To the fake wannabe (as are all gators): I am NOT celebrating the way we lost to UF. Just stating points of facts, dumba$$. Now go back to your farm and de-file another goat.

Posted by: green | November 16, 2008 at 01:07 PM

Posted by: green | November 16, 2008 at 05:42 PM

assumed identity ...


lets talk about football the STARTING quarterback should be JACORY HARRIS although marve is good jacory should start so plays can be made starting in the first quarter.tonights game was HOOORRRIIBBBLLLEE 7 turnovers.

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