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CoachSpeak: Shannon, Haith talk Friday

BANKUNITED CENTER -- Just got through a double-header of press conferences for football coach Randy Shannon and men's basketball coach Frank Haith here at The U and wanted to pass along what was talked about. We'll start with the guy who is coming off a big win Thursday night in front of a national TV audience...

Randy_shannon2> Shannon was obviously happy with his team's fifth consecutive win, especially with how the defense and special teams played. But Shannon said the goal this week in preparing for Georgia Tech is to learn how to "seal the deal." Shannon said he was frustrated Miami couldn't punch the ball into the end zone while in the red zone and settled for field goals. He also wasn't happen with Graig Cooper's fumble and Kayne Farquharson's drop. He said there are lessons to be learned. "We got to capitalize when we get those chances," Shannon said. "We got to seal the deal and not wait until the fourth quarter to make those plays. We're not getting hat extra push in the red zone. And we need to."

> What Shannon liked most in reviewing film was how Miami cut down on the number of penalties it drew two weeks ago against Virginia. The Hurricanes were flagged one time for 10 yards Thursday night -- a 10-yard illegal block penalty, which cost the Canes good field position.

But overall, Shannon liked the fact Miami was able to win the field position battle and praised kicker Matt Bosher for getting great hangtime on his punts and kickoffs, allowing the special teams unit -- led by Sam Shields -- to get down field and not allow for big returns. "It was probably his best performance in terms of all three phases," Shannon said of his kicker. "Our plan was for him to kick it up, let it hang and let our two fliers -- Sam and Ryan [Hill] to get there." Shannon pointed out freshman Ramon Buchanon had an opportunity to block a punt and didn't.

> Shannon said Shields big hit on the kickoff after Miami scored to make it 10-7 got the team excited and the crowd excited and gave Miami momentum.

> Shannon said one of the biggest keys to the game was winning the time of possession battle -- especially in the second half. Miami had the ball for 18 minutes in the second half -- including 10 in the third quarter. "Everybody talks points, points, points," Shannon said. "But sometimes, holding on the football is just as important. Bud Foster is one of the best coordinators in the nation. We knew if we could hold onto the football and keep their offense off the field, it was just as effective."

> Shannon was happy with the play of his defensive line, which produced six sacks and was led by freshman Marcus Robinson's three-sack performance. But as good as the line played, Shannon said he saw a few other blown opportunities for sacks and big plays.

"Allen Bailey missed a sack and Marcus had a few mistakes where he was out of position," Shannon said. "But I like what we're doing. It was a great game to see [Robinson] come around. But he wouldn't have had that type of a night if not for the guys inside. Coach [Clint] Hurtt pointed out how guys were not reacting to run pass like they should. We just did a better job recognizing that. Another guy who deserves some praise is Josh Holmes. He's been very active on the inside."

> Shannon said the only way Bailey will move to defensive tackle permanently is if he were to put on more weight. Right now, Bailey is only playing at the tackle spot in bandit formations.

> Shannon also had high praise for left tackle Reggie Youngblood, who stepped in and started for Jason Fox at left tackle. Shannon said Youngblood did a good job picking up the blitz. Miami rotated four guys at tackle -- Chris Rutledge, Matt Pipho and Tyrone Byrd rotated in at right tackle and a few snaps on the left side. Shannon said he doesn't know if Fox will be back for Georgia Tech this week.

> The other injured guy to follow this week is receiver Travis Benjamin, whom Shannon said was "nicked." It appears Rutledge, who was injured Thursday but returned to action, is "fine."

> Shannon talked a little about Georgia Tech and the challenge Miami faces next week. The key he said to stopping the Yellow Jackets option running game is stopping their fullback. "It's going to be difficult," Shannon admitted. "We got to play assignment football."


Frank_haith> As expected, Haith told us Friday starting point guard Lance Hurdle will not play in Saturday's home opener against Florida Southern. He still hasn't practiced at full-speed since suffering an ankle injury the first week of practice. Haith said there is no guarantee Hurdle will play in next week's Paradise Jam in the Virgin Islands. "He's a couple days away," Haith said. "But for a guy like him, whose wheels are so important to how he plays, you got to take time to make sure its right. I don't think we'll see Lance at 100 percent for awhile."

> Sophomore Eddie Rios will get the start in place of Hurdle alongside Jack McClinton, James Dews, Dwayne Collins and Jimmy Graham. Haith said Rios has had a really great week of practice and is hoping he takes advantage of his opportunity.

> Saturday night's opponent Florida Southern is in Division II. But Haith warns the Moccasins won't be a pushover, not with 7-foot center Rashaad Singleton, a transfer from Georgia in the lineup. Miami beat Florida Southern last year 104-61 last year.

> Haith said he's excited about his two new post players including Cyrus McGowan, who led UM in scoring in their two exhibitions. Haith said he was pleased with the play of redshirt freshman center Julian Gamble as well as Miami's defensive effort in the preseason. The Canes are trying to create more turnovers this season and trap teams. What Shannon didn't like in the preseason were the turnovers Miami had.

> Haith said he's hoping to use freshman DeQuan Jones in a Jimmy Graham type fashion -- energy off the bench. He said Jones (6-6, 217) has the physical tools to block shots, rebound, score and create steals, but needs to work on his positioning. "He's a freshman and it takes time. I hope our fans understand that because he's going to be special."


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Love how you call Frank Haith "Shannon" twice. Shows that as long as football's around, the gridiron comes first.

Two lion Coaches in their respective sports -- it would be easy to get them mixed up LOL.

Good eye Ray...Manny's got Shannon on his mind..

Here's a couple of stats for you: 10.8 and -1.0 yards per return on kickoffs and punts, respectively. If Bosher doesn't move up in the "rankings" for the Groza award, I will be astonished. Some of his kickoffs were short, but they prevented the returner from doing anything. And the punts only average 42.0, but again they had good hang time and the returner only had one chance (for -1). Pretty awesome, I would say.

I think the bball team needs to be prepared to get everyone's best in every game they play. Because Miami is high on the totem poll this year, every team will be playing 110% to take them down. Good luck, boys!



Great win for the Canes last night- their victory made my trip from NJ worthwhile. We should now be ranked again in the Top 25, and it was a solid win on national TV, and I am sure the recruits on the sidelines enjoyed it.

Sorry to hear we only had about 46,000 fans. Whoever was there, though, was rocking and we made a lot of noise to help the team when needed.

All UM fans have gotta be happy and appreciate for this win. Yes, it was far from perfect and it required lots of luck (missed field goals, lucky bounces, recovered fumbles, a dropped V-Tech bomb, etc) to make it happen...

But considering everything and the totality of the circumstances, this was a very good win for us. Don't forget that V-Tech is always HARD for UM... and not just recently.

I must say that the offense was pretty disappointing at times. That recovered fumble which was run down to the 2 yard line was especially annoying. How in the world did we not punch it in with the momentum we had going, and first-and-goal at the 2?? Against a better team, leaving all those points on the field would have KILLED us.

UM is not yet ready to play 4 quarters with the likes of a Texas, Oklahoma, or USC. But we are now good enough to be a Top 15-20 team, and we're for sure moving in the right direction.

I guess the fans, like myself, get frustrated because we remember how AMAZING a Canes team is capable of playing. So we get frustrated with the shortcomings of the current guys..

But all in all, we should be very appreciative that we're 7-3 with 2 regular season games left. We'll be 9-3 or 8-4 heading into our bowl game, and that is a million miles better than last year's garbage...


Im just impressed that Randy can be in the middle of his football season and still have such insight when it comes to the basketball team. Randy Shannon is the man!

no....not Rios..


I was just talking to one of my 'boys. I told him that as a Cane Fan, I didn't think Miami would be ranked.

While I like their wins..and they should not apologize for beating the teams on their schedule. I don't know if they could beat any of the teams below.. I have been thinking about this a lot, but I think Miami will have to prove they belong by beating a ranked team in a Bowl game (Hopefully BCS Bowl).

So tell me if you think Miami could beat any of these teams:

10. Ohio State 8-2
11. Oklahoma State 8-2
12. Missouri 8-2
13. Georgia 8-2
14. Ball State 9-0
15. TCU 9-2
16. Brigham Young 9-1
17. North Carolina 7-2
18. Michigan State 9-2
19. LSU 6-3
20. Florida State 7-2
21. Pittsburgh 7-2
22. Cincinnati 7-2
23. Oregon State 6-3
24. South Carolina 7-3
25. Tulsa 8-1

Also, to be fair.

Nix called a good game. The stats don't show it, but I liked the multiple looks he gave VaTech. I think I understand why they are not attacking in the passing game.

Young has his guys tackling too...That is really important because the Defense has to be able to hold it down until the offense becomes more potent.

Before anybody puts unrealistic expectations on Shannon next year, Miami still needs more talent. Think about it, their Kicker is their Punter!!! They are playing a lot of freshmen too.

So next year, let's just hope the "level of play" is better and they can improve maybe a win or two from this year. If they have the same record next year, we should not jump ship.

Where are all the Hurricane Haters? Where are the naysayers? Where are the Shannon bashers?

We are freakin' 7 and 3, 2 wins better than last year in 2 fewer games. If we can win 8 or 9 games this year, and then 9 or 10 next year, we are competing for a National Title in 2010. I cannot think of anyone else I would rather have coaching this team than Randy, including Pete Carroll or Mack Brown. I love what you are doing Randy, with quality guys, doing the right things. When was the last time we had to suspend 5 players for getting in a fight at Student Union (FSU)?

Love the job you are doing, Randy. Please keep it up.

Where are all the Hurricane Haters? Where are the naysayers? Where are the Shannon bashers?

We are freakin' 7 and 3, 2 wins better than last year in 2 fewer games. If we can win 8 or 9 games this year, and then 9 or 10 next year, we are competing for a National Title in 2010. I cannot think of anyone else I would rather have coaching this team than Randy, including Pete Carroll or Mack Brown. I love what you are doing Randy, with quality guys, doing the right things. When was the last time we had to suspend 5 players for getting in a fight at Student Union (FSU)?

Love the job you are doing, Randy. Please keep it up.

what I'm hearing won't really please fans who are hoping the Huskies land the 6-5 guard out of Rice High in New York. I'm hearing that (Durand) Scott, expected to announce his college choice in the coming days, is now leaning toward attending Miami. Why? Well, there's more to it than basketball. UConn has the superior program but Miami might have the ideal situation. Scott is said to be looking to "get away from it all," meaning he might relish the opportunity to soak up the warm weather 2,000 miles from The City. ... It's just what I'm hearing about his thought process. Maybe, too, he's looking to start his own story, so to speak, at Miami where he could be more of a headliner than in Storrs, where his high school teammate Kemba Walker is already a star on the rise.
-- mike anthony


good info....green...

Yes, Randy has this team on Fire, congrats on a big win. We gotta punch it in though... Nix good play calling and working with the youngin's ... fellas, stop the drops ... killing me, we should have blown this game wide open... Randy's right "seal the deal". The defense is lights OUT.... now next week, play asignment ball and we'll be ok against GT.... FSU was blowing asignments like crazy two weeks ago.

ranking???? natinal audience? we should be in the 20 - 25 range... was listening to ESPN radio today and heard Mike terico and Van pelt saying how, it's not a question of will he do it ( refering to randy ) it's when he does it. last night woke up a lot of folks.

Yeah Scott Van Pelt was saying that Miami will be back, teams took it to us last year Va, Vt and GT. We knocked off VA, VT and GT is next in lined. We need to play sound defense against GT. And watch the FB, and we can't leave points off the board, need to get james in there in the red zone. Shannon wasn't happy about those field goals, he wanted TD's. we need to incorporate a package with an OL in the backfield with James and pound it in.


He**, we would beat all those teams!

I want a Florida rematch!

Da U!

Not having Hurdle, and relying on Rios is going to kill us in Virgin Islands tournament. Rios is still a nightmare from what I hear.

Jacory Harris and Javaris James need to see the field, and Nix has to scrap that shotgun gadget offense. It's simple, best players, best formations, better team.

And by the way OB vs Dolphin stadium? Anyone going to a football game for comfortable seat backs, better nachos, and instant replays should just stay F home and watch it on TV. Dolphin Stadium is aweful. No flavor, no people, away from the field, and more than a half hour for students and real Dade fans. Ask anyone other than someone from Broward or on the UM Finanice Committee, and they'll tell you bad idea. That decision will come back to bite in the long term.

I agree with the people sho say leaving the Orange bowl was a bad idea. Don't get me wrong the place had been let go and was in terrible shape. However I could see until a new stadium was built for the canes playing their games at Dolphin Stadium. But not until a 2025 lease is up and then they are talking about building a stadium for the Marlins instead. Come on Man! We have more National titles in Football than both the Dolphins and Marlins put together in Pro Sports since 1980. If anybody deserves a new stadium it is the Canes built on the same place the original Orange Bowl was.
Now as far as our team goes great job to Randy Shannon, Bill Young and our Defense for playing lights out other than those two Touchdown runs by Taylor. Think about using a Spy the next time we play a running QB like Taylor.
Offensively great job to Patrick Nix on the different array of formations however the play calling and personel inside the 10 yard line was terrible other than the J. James touchdown run. Why are we running out of the spread inside the 5 yard line with Cooper running the ball. Heres a hint on what you should have done, run Baby J out of the I behind that bulldozer Hill and if you are going to pass throw fades to Laron and Aldarius and let them go up and fight for the ball. As big as they are they should be able to win the match up most of the time or at least draw a flag for interference. Duh!!!
Now as far as Marve goes that kid is going to be really good and should be the starter as he is. Great job on leading us to the win kid. If the line would actually pass block and the receivers would catch the ball we would have blown the hokies all the way back to wherever they come from. As far as him taking off and running all he has time to do is see if his first read is open and then he has to take off because he has no time. So we'd better be glad the kid can run istead of losing 5 to 10 yards on a sack.
As far as Jacory goes he's going to be a good QB one day but his arm isn't strong enough to make all the throws we need yet. So he's doing good to get playing time at the times he is getting it. Great job to Shannon on how he has handled the situation. And who gives a rats a.s.s. if Jacory's dad is piss-d! Did he think Jacory was just going to walk in and be the man without a fight for the job? I'm sure Randy did not promise Jacory or his father anything other than he would get to compete for the starting job. And so what if he transfers who cares? The best UM QB hasn't even seen the field yet. Yeah thats right I'm talking about Taylor Cook. 6ft 7 with a cannon arm and great mobility. The only reason he isn't starting is the kid did not get to Miami until August cause if he had Marves dads lips would be poked out like Jacory's dad's are.
That brings me to the man of Miami Jimmy Johnson. Lets get one thing straight Jimmy Johnson can wear anything he wants anytime he wants that costed any amount of money. He's the Father of the Bad Boys of Miami.

I agree with you CJ except for Jacory's arm strength. He doesn't have the rocket arm like Marve but he does have decent strength. At this stage in his career I believe his arm is stronger than Dorsey, but what made Dorsey great was his accuracy and intelligence for the game. I think he is already making the throws we need. But I think the right man starting in Marve, because of his mental strength. Marve has had some bad games but manages to come in the next week and performs. I would rather bring Harris off the bench and allow him to do his thing so his confidence can continue to build. If we start to change starters each week because of bad play, we will have a mess on our hands like fsu did.

Randy Shannon is building an exact replica of the 2001 miami hurricanes, great athletes, great defense, fast offense, all the pieces are there, qb jacory harris reminds me a lot of dorsey, tall, skinny kid, great footbal IQ and harris has the it factor with weight lifting and maturity, harris will be the starter and should be starting now but I believe he will clearly beat out marve in the future and we have sean spence, marcus forston, bailey, robinson and the wr's. The only missing pieces that need to solidify this team is at the rb and corner position and I think he just accomplish that task with the 3 rb's and cb's commits coming next year, in rb such as mike james, lamar miller, bryce brown, those guys remind me a lot of portis, gore, mcgahee and that's what miami offense is lacking and those guys bring that, that one touch and score like the 01 squad could do at that rb position. Once miami start winning again will start seeing those so called UM fans filling up the stadium the way it should be now but what can I say, this is Miami, city fill of pretenders, carpetbaggers and bandwaggers. will see in 2010, 2011, then everyone will be canes fan again.




You guys are so clueless. Miami is at least 2 years away from competing that is unless they get a ball buster tough as nails coach then they could get there sooner. Forget National Title. Miami is no longer an independent without a conference championship. That extra game is a killer.
Now where Miami needs improvement and players is first and foremost on the Offensive Line. You win football games on the line of scrimmage PERIOD. Miami is hurting bad on the O-line and could use some more D-line. Next, Secondary. We are hurting in the secondary. I believe we are fine at RB and QB. We dont need any more of those. We could use a dominant WR but I want line before anything else.
Next we need a Nick Saban, Will Muschamp type coach. A guy who can turn teams around in one year, not an experiment in Randy Shannon who is learning on the job. We need a real head coach. This is not a knock on Shannon. He is just not a head coach. Move him to D-coordinator, let him recruit but dont let him manage a game. He coaches scared, he has no clue how to handle personell and the QBs. No clue whatsoever. Let him handle what he knows, the D and lets get a head coach to develop this talent faster. Ask Jim Kelly about rotating QBs like this. It is stupid especially the way we are doing it. This is not how Florida or LSU used their two QBs. Their QBs were basically FBs and RBs coming in on short yardage situations, not sharing snaps. They had a legit starter and only changed them if they needed a few yards.
This team under Shannon is starting to remind me of the Dolphins under Jimmy Johnson. A great defense, low scoring, but their offense was horrible. That is what this is reminding me of. Sure we will be in most games in the ACC but to win it all you need to have an offense and I dont see it happening. Lets donate money, and get a dominate, PROVEN head coach instead of an experiment. The U does not deserve an experiment.

Save this post--all of you non-believers because I will be here all next year and the year after when you are screaming for the coaches head. We need a PROVEN head coach!

does anyone know anything about bryce brown going to oregon and saying oregon is ahead of miami right now? miami cant afford to lose him in the 09 class

AZCanesDude - Shut up and go over to the Gator post!

U know nothing about coaching and FB!


Next we need a Nick Saban? Yep, a quitter who makes 6 mil a year.

Next we need a Will Muschamp? Yep, a coach of the 60th ranked d who is giving up 352.90 YPG and who has never been a head coach?

He coaches scared, he has no clue how to handle personell and the QBs. No clue whatsoever?

I can tell you haven't played FB since the 3rd grade. He is managing a game using FR QB's not Kurt Warner. Is he suppost to pass the ball like TX Tech?

Stay in AZ and pull for your two crapy teams.

In S. Fla we know how to win and support Shannon!

Didn't think this kid would even let himself be associated with the mindgames of recruiting. Bryce Brown was supposed to be beyond reproach with his character. Hope it is just pay as you go hype journalism. Maybe his bro is doing more badly than we thought.


BTW Bryce B is saying the same thing about Oregon having the "edge" in getting him. Not another PJ I hope. Maybe getting Lamar Miller and another James has gotten to him. LOL. Hope I am wrong.

bryce brown is afraid of competition, if bryce brown played football in miami dade with the likes of lamar miller and company, he wouldn't even make honorable mention, the competition is weak in kansas. Message is for bryce brown, prove me wrong and let me see what kansas players can do against florida athletes.

All the article says is that he is visiting Missouri? What's wrong with that??,he just finished with a visit at TX Tech. All recruits visit different schools, who cares! He has never stated that he wasn't still coming to the U! And, who cares what his brother is doing, if he isn't good enough to play then he will sit the pine! Also, the Missouri coach is going to be Washingtons coach after the season.

Hell Yeah. Go Terps. We're going to the ship

It's up to us now.


Carolina Falls!

Its in our hands now!

Go Canes!

GO CANES... and thank u maryland for beating unc baby.

Maryland beat NC 17-15, Miami is leading in the Coastal Div.

Where are the idiots who were praising Butch for all his magic earlier this year and continue to bash RS. I'm dying to hear them explain UNC losing a game they had to have.

And while we're at it...I'm checking out the starting lineups at Alabama since the same idiots insist Satan would do a better job down here and noticed there starting offense has all juniors and seniors except Julio Jones the standout freshmen. Their defense starts two sophs and one freshmen, the rest juniors and seniors. In other words, he's not playing with kids out there.

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