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Fox's streak likely over

Jason Fox's streak of 21 consecutive starts at left tackle is looking dangerously close to coming to an end Thursday night against Virginia Tech. And that's not good news for a Hurricanes team hoping to rebound from their minus-2-yard rushing performance against the Hokies last year.

Jason_foxFox, who has started 33 of the 34 games he's played at Miami, had his right ankle heavily taped during Monday afternoon's practice at Greentree Practice Field and could not backpedal during their stretching and jogging exercises. While other linemen backpedaled, Fox came back jogging forward. Coach Randy Shannon said during Monday's press conference he didn't know if Fox would play this week. Miami does not release its injury report until two days before kickoff when it plays on Saturdays. But it's unclear whether or not it will be released two days prior to kickoff this week.

Two weeks ago against Virginia when Fox went down late in the first quarter, he was replaced by senior Reggie Youngblood -- who moved over from right tackle -- and junior Matt Pipho, who shared snaps in his absence. Senior Chris Rutledge has started the last six games at right tackle and also got hurt against Virginia, but is expected to play this week. If Fox doesn't play, Miami will likely start Youngblood in his place. Youngblood has started 18 games in his career -- including two this season. But he's playing injured. The Canes should count their blessings he's around. Shannon talked Monday about how Youngblood had an opportunity to take a redshirt this season after going down in the North Carolina game. But he elected to go against it.

"He's not where we need him to be at yet," Shannon sad. "But the more reps he gets the better he's going to be. He did a great job coming in the Virginia game and doing a tremendous job for us when Fox got hurt. Last week was a lot of ones vs. ones and now he's starting to get back in the trend of it. Anytime you are a senior, it's tough when you get nicked, come back off nicks. He's responded well, had a great attitude. It's a pleasure to see him move around, do the things he's doing."

Youngblood came to Miami with a lot of hype. He was a member of the USA Today All-USA High School Team and rated the No. 2 tackle in the nation by Rivals.com, choosing the Canes over Oklahoma. But his career certainly hasn't panned out the way he wanted. He's admitted to taking plays off. But Shannon and Youngblood's teammates are proud he's decided to stick through this season.

"He's progressed a lot," Shannon said. "[Offensive line coach Jeff] Stoutland has done a great job making him understand what it takes to be a great football player. Sometimes, guys who have a lot of athletic Reggie_youngbloodability, come in with a lot of praise and say, `I can go and take this off.' You're not giving it your all. This year he's giving it his all. He had an opportunity to redshirt, said `Well I'll forget about this year and I'll come back.' But he wanted to come back for this team. He stepped up, showed I want to be with you guys and finish this off the right way. That says a lot about his character. It's unbelievable for a guy who was nicked, is still nicked, but says `I can sit out but I want to play with this football team.' It shows players on this football team no matter what happens we all have to make sacrifices, do what has to get done."

Said junior A.J. Trump who has started the last five games at right guard: "I got a lot of respect for that guy, fighting through that injury. It's huge for us. It would have been easy to say this is it, I'll wait until next year and improve my draft stock. But he's said my teammates need me. You can't give that guy enough respect."

> Before rushing for 197 yards against Virginia, Miami's running game had disappeared for the most part in wins against Wake Forest and Duke. Then, Miami ran the ball well against the Cavaliers, but drew seven false start penalties -- one more than than their season total (6) in their first eight games.

Aj_trumpTrump drew three false starts himself and said coaches are certainly getting on their case about it this week. "It's something we definitely want to get right," Trump said. "Not to make excuses, but we're jumping early and I'd rather be doing that than starting late, getting beat and giving up a five yard loss and a down."

> One thing the Hurricanes definitely want to do is continue to get off the field on third downs. After their season opening win against Charleston Southern, UM's third down defense was giving up first downs 55 percent of the time (34 or 62). Since the loss to Florida State, though, Miami has only allowed opponents to convert at a 24 percent clip (15 of 62). The Hokies are converting at a 36 percent clip.

Linebacker Glenn Cook said the improvement there -- as well as Miami's improved play in the second half -- has little to with halftime adjustments defensive coordinator Bill Young is making. He says it has to do with guys doing a better job tackling. "I think it's just a matter that we calm down and start doing what we're supposed to," Cook said. "For some reason we haven't started well. But we've learned how to finish."

> Thursday night, UM will induct five new players into its ring of honor -- quarterbacks Jim Kelly and Gino Torretta, offensive lineman Jim Otto, defensive tackle Cortez Kennedy and running back Edgerrin James. Javarris James said he hopes to honor his cousin with a big game Thursday -- especially since his mother and a lot of folks from back home in Immokalee will be coming for the game.

"Since I got here that's always been my motivation to come out and out-do my cousin," Baby J said. "He did a lot of great things here. He's going to be the youngest guy to go up in the Ring of Honor. Following in his footsteps is just a privilege. I think I just want to showcase as much talent as I can when he gets honored."

> Shannon talked a little bit about the selection process and why UM waited 11 years to honor more of its great players. "There's a lot of things involved in picking those guys. You can make a pick for anybody. Those guys are from different eras we felt should be honored. There'll be more Ring of Honors later on in the future. The last time we did it was Vinny Testaverde in 1997... When [athletic director] Kirby [Hocutt] came in he brought it up to me. We talked about it. He said this would be a great time going into a new facility, new stadium. This was an appropriate time."

Shannon said several criteria were used including character off the field. He said the fact Kennedy returned to school and finished his degree three years ago played a factor. "You have to go from each era. Everyone says Jim Otto. Well, he did a great career at the University of Miami. He's the only center that played in the NFL, AFL that was an All-Pro in both and played in the Super Bowl games. Why not Dennis Harrah? That era. Why not Mike Irvin, Eddie Brown? You can go back and forth all the time. There were 75 All-Americans that were on the list at one point in time. Somebody's going to get upset, get mad at you. We just have to take our time and pick who is best at that time. It wasn't a deal, `Here's the five guys.' It was 100, 75, then 50, 25, 10. It kept going down and down and you have to pick eventually. Someone's going to be upset."


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memo to Patrick Nix: DO NOT RUN THE BALL FROM THE SHOTGUN AGAINST VA TECHS DEFENSE! Not that it works very well against other defenses. Give our O-line a chance to open some holes out of the pro set please, like they have been successfully doing for the most part. Thank you and Go Canes!

G... agree on the Pro set and add some beef to the FB, like Bailey for those just gotta have it downs!!!

I think that Supa-Coop needs to stay patient and let the o-line actually do their job. It seems like he rushed into the pile too quickly sometimes and can't find the opening. Other than that, he and JJ keep up the blocking in the backfield for the QB's and maybe catch a few in the flats, and Miami should be okay on offense. I certainly don't expect this one to be a high scoring affair anyway.

I hope JJ is in it for the long haul. He missed the second half two weeks ago. Cooper has stepped up big time. He was key in that come back against UVA with some of those first down runs. I've also noticed he's stopped dancing some. More North/South than East/West. Keep up the great work!


and then there were 4 black coaches ...


ESPN loves playing those early Big-10 games for some reason. They aren't even that entertaining. I suppose OSU/NW is somewhat entertaining, but the UM/MN game is pathetic.

Posted by: AZCanesDude | November 08, 2008 at 12:50 PM

please ESPN spare me the Purdue against the likes of Indiana that you love to showcase on the West Coast because you really believe College Football fans give a hoot about Rose Bowl tradition.

Posted by: Russell | November 08, 2008 at 03:36 PM

force-fed slooooooow-motion football ...


64,000 question: will ACC football & basketball re-up with ABC/ESPN trust?


the problem with running out of a pro set is that you would also have to pass from the same formation or else your dropping your pants every play and im not sure if theese young QBS are comfortable under center yet, but i do agree that running out of the shotgun will be tough against those guys.i hope they find a way to get it done

Hey, it'll be a shame if Fox can't play, but what can you do?

It's not like Youngblood has never seen the field- he's started 18 games in his career... plus he's a Senior.

If Fox is out we'll just have to go with the best of the remaining healthy guys and give it our best. By this time of year, virtually every team has starters who are nicked up, playing hurt, or simply not playing at all.

But they can't pull that 'start slow' crap. WTF is up with that? Starting in a 24-0 hole to FSU? Not remembering how to tackle until the 2nd half? (Yes, Glen Cook- I'm talking to you) Again... WTF??

At the end of the day, if the Canes show MORE GUTS and MORE HEART and WANT IT MORE THAN V-TECH, they'll win on Thursday night.

You just ran off 20/30 about you and your posting them like they are trophies... What are you...sick... Ya there are times when you have acted like a Canes Fan, and when you do, People comment good thing about you... But why don't you tally up all of the negative posts about you over the past 9 months and then read them over and over again

86 call me...
Posted by: Cat5 Cane ...
In response to something on canespace.com... I think or maybe it was about you being a jerk, which is most of the time recently!

I've been giving out your cards as I go, but don't see many new posters... wondering why?
Just thinking aloud
Posted by: Cat5 Cane...
Yes, I was at different functions, like the baseball games and the Titanic Bar, promoting Canespace.com, as a place for Canes Fans to come and enjoy being a Fan.
OH Yeah, ... and I consider Tom P, 86, The Soupster a good friend. Ya got anything to say about that... say it to my face, at the Canespace tailgate, Bus parking lot... Need directions???... Cat5cane@gmail.com

I'll put down my saber... and Green sorry for my rant. by Cat5...
My appology to you for you being jerk, like now!!!

Green... as said before, I like your style. By Cat5...
When you post as a Canes Fan and not as a jerk!

Enough of my responses to you... grow up and be a fan..By Cat5

NJ.. Coming into town for the game... come on over to canespace. The format is similar to this one, post your comments and ask about the Tailgate party

Nothing but fans. and maybe a couple of grumpy guys like me when they see jerks jumpimg on other canes fans...

Take a toke...Catman..

Just A Fan- thanks for the invite! I will check out the link you gave me and see if my dad's up to it.. plus how early we can drive down, as my parents live in the Palm Beach area.

By the way- are you as sick of reading these stupid posts on here, people arguing with each other, acting like children?

This blog should just be for Canes fans- to talk about the games, recruiting, etc.

Don't you agree?

Some will like... most will hate... The Miami Hurricanes-

Thanks for the info Manny.

tech owns the ACC and owns miami.
Beamer Ball

owns miami???? what the hell!?! . . dude, have you checked the all-time record between the 2 schools????

Go Canes!

Okay Fans Lets fill the Stadium, help the Canes Bean Beamer and the Hokies.

Sam Shields ready to make a few BIG plays. Hey Sam lets outbeamer beamer.


Have you checked modern history? VT has won 9 of the last 13 meetings between these two schools.

Hey Canes fans, vote for your UM cheerleaders:


buy space on miamiherald.com ...


documented liar, thief, plagiarist, parasite, megalomaniac, libeler, creep ...


I'm on the outside looking in because of media credentials.
Posted by: 86Cane | June 02, 2008 at 08:35 PM

access denied …


I have been playing nice because I had invited the UM athletic department and ticket office to snoop around here. I even offered FREE advertising, but they will not even return my emails.
Posted by: 86Cane | April 13, 2008 at 02:52 PM


pegged as an opportunist ...
using Eye on the U to recruit, advertise & leverage manny navarro for access ...


your niche aside …
reviled throughout the Hurricane blogosphere …


manny navarro buries his head in the sand out of niceness ...


The Hurricanes don't seem worried because they feel they know what to expect. They figure Boone will run each time he enters the game. But you really never know. You can bet the Hokies are scheming of ways to make this formation keep the Hurricanes on their toes.


Yes, OWNS YOU and the ACC
V-TECH WINS 95,96,97,98,99,03,04,06,07,
miami WINS 00,01,02,05,

Yes, OWNS YOU and the ACC

V-TECH WINS 95,96,97,98,99,03,04,06,07,
miami WINS 00,01,02,05,

This an open question to all Canes fans with their pulse on the scene in South Florida:

What's your sense- are people going to show up to this V-Tech game game in droves or not? Is the South Florida media (especially 560 WQAM) hyping this up??? Or is attendance gonna suck, like it has at every game, except for FSU?

As I'm sitting up here in NJ, freezing my ass off (though flying in for the game on Thursday!) I have no idea what to expect...

All I can say is that it'll really suck for the program to have the stands half-empty on ESPN. NOBODY else has that sh-t! Why should we? When was the last time you saw that on a televised college football game?!?! It looks crappy for recruiting ...

Please let me know what you think!!!

i think your flying in to see that 08, add to the list!


ACC camps 04,07,
Coastal division camps 05,07,

OWNS YOU and the ACC

V-TECH WINS 95,96,97,98,99,03,04,06,07,
miami WINS 00,01,02,05,

How many rings U got???????

Nice stats, now back it up!

The U!

Did U get your degree from V-Tech???

What is camp?? I camp but don't know what a ACC camp is???


U National Champs 5!
VT 0

no one in football has EVER OWNED um like this. tech is the team the U cant beat!

when U read the net/paper friday TECH 31 mia9 and have WON THE LAST 10 OF 14 GAMES VS MIA.


Hey Jersey...

Just got back... Yeah, many of the old bloggers here are tired of the old grudge match between Green and 86 (Soup), who has been trying to calm the waters by not responding to green's continued attacks, but green loves his ghost image behind a key board and won't stop. Some times 86 strikes back... So there you have it.

I for one am getting over the top with thrown verbal insults and innuendos... like before but a ghost is like smoke... and has no substance... Just words, words and words...

Someday maybe we'll find out who the mystery man is behind the name green.

And as to greens comment about Manny not liking 86... I dought it... They talk to each other 2/3 times a day.


My reason for spouting off... All I want is Canes fan board without the BS.

Sorry ..."I Doubt it"... didn't spell check

The cheerleader talent has fallen off almost as bad as the team talent.

if u look at the wins tech has had recently over miami they were either probation years or coker years. miami in top form vs tech in top form is not comparible.tech has never been an elite program and never will be,so thursday we will see if they can handle our true freshman class,if not,hoakies are in trouble for a good minute.

Yes, OWNS YOU and the ACC

V-TECH WINS 95,96,97,98,99,03,04,06,07,
miami WINS 00,01,02,05,

Prior to '95, UM was 12-0 against the Hokies. That makes a series record of 16-9 in favor of Miami. That's ownership?

As for VT discussion...VT has been able to beat the "U" in its DOWN years...however, VT has never been able to match up with the CANES when they are on top. Bottom LINE...VT is a second tier program and will never be ELITE...which means consitently in the hunt for the BCS Championship...it's A CANES thing and "U" wouldn't understand it.

As for the game Thursday night...it will be a tough one, but one that will be won by the "baby" CANES...

yes, U r right from 1953-94, mia had 12-0 lead.
1995-07, V-TECH has a 9-4 lead. after thur 10-4
U kno all those FR cant beat BEAMER BALL!
31-9 (17-21 PTs OFF TURN OVERS)

2003 miami 11-2 with a 31-7 loss to V-TECH.

95,#17 mia lost 7-13 tech
96,#18 mia lost 7-21 tech
99,#19 mia lost 10-43tech
03,#2 mia lost 7-31 tech
04,#9 mia lost 10-16tech

butch was 1-5 coker was 3-3 randy 0-1
well, soon to be 0-2

It'll be a tough game. They're freshmen, though probably the best group of freshmen playmakers in the country. Hokies are good, but they're not world-beaters. I like our chances. GO CANES!

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