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Gameday blog: Ga. Tech 41, UM 23 (F)

ST. THOMAS -- Wish I could say I was in the freezing cold with the rest of the UM sports writers for tonight's game, but I've been sent to this terrible place called the U.S. Virgin Islands to cover Frank Haith's basketball team. It's horrible. My hotel, Marriott's Frenchman Reef & Morning Star, has a terrible view of the ocean. And these pina coladas aren't even close to being the best I've had in my life.

Georgia_techBut enough about my horrible assignment. I'll be watching tonight's game from my hotel room and sharing my thoughts as it rolls along. I don't know about you, but I'm excited about this game. It's been a while since Miami played a meaningful game like this -- if you don't count last week. But you know what I mean.

> Georgia Tech picks up right where it left it off and moves right down the field. Consider it a small victory Miami held the Yellow Jackets to a field goal. GT 27, UM 3.
> Talk about a strange drive. But at least UM is showing life. Dedrick Epps hauls an 18-yard touchdown pass from Robert Marve with 7:45 left to play in the third quarter to get into the end zone. Epps made a huge 30-yard catch on the drive. Thearon Collier caught a 21-yard pass on 4th and 13. But the play of the drive? Kayne Farquharson running onto the field on the touchdown pass when UM was short one player and delivers a key block to allow Marve to throw the TD. GT 27, UM 10.
> Safe to say this one is over now. Josh Nesbitt scores on a 1-yard plunge to make it 34-10 with 4:08 to play. Miami has given up 361 yards rushing to this triple option attack. GT 34, 10.
> I think the bigger thing to take from this game is that Miami certainly isn't the first team to struggle against this offense. Whatever UM did to prepare in practice this week, didn't get them ready. Sometimes, that happens.
> It's become flat-out embarrassing. Lucas Cox makes it 41-10 with a run right up the middle. Now, the question becomes does Georgia Tech set a record for rushing yards tonight? 395 yards rushing on Miami. I'm going to google this.
> At this point, I'm wondering why more backups aren't in the game. No need for starters to get hurt. Miami still has something to play for next week at N.C. State.
> Jacory Harris moves UM downfield and into the end zone with a touchdown pass to Leonard Hankerson with 10 minutes left in the game. Maybe something to build on a night when so much went wrong. GT 41, UM 16.

> So far, the story of the game has been Miami's inability to stop the triple option on the edges. While the defensive tackles did a good job plugging up the middle, Jonathan Dwyer and company were able to to run to the outside. Georgia Tech capped its first drive with a 31-yard field goal with 5:53 left. GT 3, UM 0.
> Couple nice early plays for the Canes young defensive players -- Sean Spence and Marcus Robinson each have a sack.
> Special teams was horrible in the first quarter. Travis Benjamin couldn't get past the 20 on the first kicks he handled. Matt Bosher nearly had a punt blocked and had another go 32 yards.
> As bad as the 1st quarter was for UM (GT outgained UM 145-45), the second quarter has gotten off to an even worse start. Michael Johnson's 26-yard interception return for a touchdown has put the Yellow Jackets up two scores with 13:28 left. UM showed a lot of heart in rallying to victory this season in tough places. They'll have to do it again tonight. Georgia Tech 10, UM 0.
> It wasn't a touchdown, but it was something. After getting picked on his first series inside the Georgia Tech 20, Jacory Harris leads UM on a scoring drive his next series. He made a couple nice throws, hooking up with Aldarius Johnson along the sideline and then Sam Shields, who made a nice move for a 23-yard gain. It ended with a 24-yard Matt Bosher field goal with 6:19 left in the half. GT 10, UM 3.
> And right when you think Miami has built a little momentum, the defense gets torched by the triple option. Jonathan Dwyer races right up the middle of the field for a 58-yard scoring run. Anthony Reddick and Romeo Davis over-pursued on the plays. This is where you miss a Colin McCarthy. GT 17, UM 3.

> Slow down the triple option offense: Shannon talked this week about tackling high and causing turnovers. GT is next to last in the nation when it comes to turning the ball over via the fumble. Miami needs to make sure though it wraps up, especially the Yellow Jackets big man when he runs up the middle.
> Make sure your quarterbacks aren't forced to win today: Georgia Tech has a very good defense, but what is most special about the Yellow Jackets is their secondary. The last time UM played a secondary like this, UCF nearly pulled off the upset. Robert Marve and Jacory Harris need to be caretakers today.
> Continue to capitalize in the red zone: Miami has been the best team in the ACC when it comes to scoring in the red zone and that's a big reason why they are on this five game winning streak. Last week, UM couldn't punch the ball into the end zone against Virginia Tech, but still came away with points every time down. They need to do the same this week if it hopes to end the three game losing streak against Georgia Tech.
> It might be time for me to head back to the beach. Georgia Tech is running right through Miami's defense. 229 yards now. Jonathan Dwyer has 10 carries for 129 yards and two touchdowns. His last one might have put a nail in Miami's coffin with 1:59 left in the first half. GT 24, UM 3.

> I'm expecting hot games today from Glenn Cook, Marcus Forston and the middle of Miami's defense. As good as UM looked last week sacking Virginia Tech's quarterbacks, I think the Canes win tonight because Cook, Spence and those no-name defensive tackles (Joe Joseph, Dwayne Hendricks) represent.
> I'd stay cool on the tight ends. Last week, I expected Dedrick Epps, Chris Zellner and company to play well and they were shutout. I don't see them breaking out this game.


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Oh, surprise surprise, they put Harris in and the offense is good.

Coaches, please!

Offense with Marve = bad.

Offense with Harris = great.

Please stop the hurt, make the call already.

This coaching staff couldnt game plan against a girls powderpuff team! and they couldnt develop talent out of Jim Thorpe!!!

CHANGES NEED TO BE MADE>>>>FINALLY RANKED AND THEN GET BLOWN OUT>>>>>WHEn it was close harris was not in the game....Harris scores fuckin points!!!!fire nix hire me...and we will win!!!!

well jacory should clearly be the starter F***k

JACORY is the QB should have known that when he was in before.

My understanding is that Marve has gotten involved with some rancid law school girl. Maybe he shared her with the whole team. Just shut down the program. Forfeit the NC State game, forfeit the bowl game, none of these bastards deserve to wear the uniform ever again.

Wow, nice showing in the pwerhouse ACC.

Canes are a joke!

I never thought I see the day we play matador defense didn't we beat nebraska and triple option then in 2001

Seriously guys...no fair weather fans. It's not as ugly as last years Virginia game at home or Oklahoma on the road. Plus, we can still win the division. And...we have younger players than last years bad games. Relax, it happens. It's sickening, but happens. NOW...WHAT NEEDS TO HAPPEN FOR US TO WIN THE DIVISION? WHO HAS TO BEAT WHO?

Marve can't move the offense.
Play Jacory the whole game.
Game changed on marve's interception.

This clueless coaching staff couldnt game plan a game of tic tac toe!!!!!!

How can we win the division

Yeah, we beat Nebraska's triple option in 2001. That team is now playing in the NFL. These so-called players don't belong in a Saturday afternoon two-hand touch beer league. They suck. Every last one of them. Too bad none of their parents used birth control.

I refuse to slam the team, but I do hope Shannon and his staff find their clear starter by next years opener. Doesnt look like they will be definite by years end.

Can it get any worse?? coker and now shannon... is UM trying to get rid of their football program????

The fact that a team this crappy can still win the division shows that the ACC is the worst conference in the history of college football. Miami couldn't beat anyone in the SEC or Big 10. God damn it, life sucks.

How do go to the ACC Championship now got to hope everybody looses.

that's harsh yo but we'll get over it hopefully things should fall our way next year it shouldn't be any excuses


Actually, I hope Shannon and their staff find their clear path to the unemployment office. Should have hired Mike Leach when we had the chance.

Play Harris rest of this game
Leave the youth in for experience
How do we win division?

NC needs to lose to NC State
Virginia Tech loses to Virginia
We own head to head on Virginia, Virgnia Tech, and Duke.

Pull for Duke at all games...

Yes, yes, we're all thrilled at what Jacory Harris is doing when we're getting blown out and Georgia Tech has gone into shutdown mode. Color me thrilled. Should he start? Yes. But not because he made the score 41-16.

Twice that's been 4th and 1 and we throw it. That says a lot about this O-line

shannon is not the problem it's those bum ass assistant coaches calling the plays

Shannon should've been fired after the Virginia game last year. This is so bad that not only should he be fired, but Haith and Jim Morris should be fired as well.

Shannon and Bill Young are essential to our staff. Only expendible person is Nix during the offseason. Continue good recruiting and get these guys experience and we're fine Fair weather fans F-Off.

f##kin sad...........thats all i got...nix f$$k you...leaved miami and go away...you suck!!!!!!

Its 3rd and 1 they throw it, its 4th and 1 they throw it, whats wrong with NIX why wont he just run it.

Their 3rd string RB against our #1s and they STILL get a big gain.

This just aint right. It aint right.

ga tech will have 5 wins also snd they own the tie breaker

Hey, your savior just completed a pass for minus-3 on fourth and one! Yeah! Start him! YOU ALL SUCK! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Oh, I hate you all. Name one credit to society that ever came from Miami. The city, or the school. Just one! Can't do it, can you? Nope, nothing but drug dealers and murderers and rapists and hip-hop rappers and crazy politicians. The only thing that sucks about tonight is that Georgia Tech didn't score 100 and that you guys scored as many as you did. Whenever a Miami team in any sport gets a train run on them, an angel gets his wings.

If this coaching staff had any balls (or semblence of manhood) they would resign.

We need to support our guys...I get the feeling some of you only come on here when it's bad or your either Gaytor fans or those of another team. Go Canes!

get Marve out of the damn game! let him sit there for the season.


Yeah, Randy Shannon and Bill Young are really essential, you know? Their great defensive minds are going to give up over half-a-hundred to a team that struggled to score 10 points against Gardner Freaking Webb. They're not essential. They suck. I've seen more than enough of them.




You are not a Canes fan. You have no business being on this board. At least canesrule/YJ is a true hater. I don't know what you are, but you need to drive back to your commuter school (FIU) and go F^%k yourself.

The team is young so we hit a wall so what but we had just won five straight all these canes haters suck it easy

This sucks

with the last 2 choices of coaches, UM has no become the baylor of the acc.

Shannon should not be truly assessed until he's had a full recruiting cycle to work his coaching with his pick of assistants. These arent messages to send to recruits guys...if you're true canes fans, you'll shut it up and look to next week.


this gotta b nix last year!

bbrinkley please wake up from your fantasy world; Butch Davis has had the same amount of time with unc and he whooped UM with inferior talent. Explain that boy!

I tell you what if you can't run the run spread out and use all those young and talented receivers nix needs to be fired straight up

Actually, Baylor found a good quarterback in Robert Griffin. They've done what we cannot do. We're not even at Baylor's level. We're an embarrassment.

If we beat NC State we will finish 8-4 and probably go to the Carquest bowl.

Definitely an improvement over last year.

reminds me of the blow out in syracuse with butch back in 99 when we were in rebuilding mode,

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