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Gameday blog: Ga. Tech 41, UM 23 (F)

ST. THOMAS -- Wish I could say I was in the freezing cold with the rest of the UM sports writers for tonight's game, but I've been sent to this terrible place called the U.S. Virgin Islands to cover Frank Haith's basketball team. It's horrible. My hotel, Marriott's Frenchman Reef & Morning Star, has a terrible view of the ocean. And these pina coladas aren't even close to being the best I've had in my life.

Georgia_techBut enough about my horrible assignment. I'll be watching tonight's game from my hotel room and sharing my thoughts as it rolls along. I don't know about you, but I'm excited about this game. It's been a while since Miami played a meaningful game like this -- if you don't count last week. But you know what I mean.

> Georgia Tech picks up right where it left it off and moves right down the field. Consider it a small victory Miami held the Yellow Jackets to a field goal. GT 27, UM 3.
> Talk about a strange drive. But at least UM is showing life. Dedrick Epps hauls an 18-yard touchdown pass from Robert Marve with 7:45 left to play in the third quarter to get into the end zone. Epps made a huge 30-yard catch on the drive. Thearon Collier caught a 21-yard pass on 4th and 13. But the play of the drive? Kayne Farquharson running onto the field on the touchdown pass when UM was short one player and delivers a key block to allow Marve to throw the TD. GT 27, UM 10.
> Safe to say this one is over now. Josh Nesbitt scores on a 1-yard plunge to make it 34-10 with 4:08 to play. Miami has given up 361 yards rushing to this triple option attack. GT 34, 10.
> I think the bigger thing to take from this game is that Miami certainly isn't the first team to struggle against this offense. Whatever UM did to prepare in practice this week, didn't get them ready. Sometimes, that happens.
> It's become flat-out embarrassing. Lucas Cox makes it 41-10 with a run right up the middle. Now, the question becomes does Georgia Tech set a record for rushing yards tonight? 395 yards rushing on Miami. I'm going to google this.
> At this point, I'm wondering why more backups aren't in the game. No need for starters to get hurt. Miami still has something to play for next week at N.C. State.
> Jacory Harris moves UM downfield and into the end zone with a touchdown pass to Leonard Hankerson with 10 minutes left in the game. Maybe something to build on a night when so much went wrong. GT 41, UM 16.

> So far, the story of the game has been Miami's inability to stop the triple option on the edges. While the defensive tackles did a good job plugging up the middle, Jonathan Dwyer and company were able to to run to the outside. Georgia Tech capped its first drive with a 31-yard field goal with 5:53 left. GT 3, UM 0.
> Couple nice early plays for the Canes young defensive players -- Sean Spence and Marcus Robinson each have a sack.
> Special teams was horrible in the first quarter. Travis Benjamin couldn't get past the 20 on the first kicks he handled. Matt Bosher nearly had a punt blocked and had another go 32 yards.
> As bad as the 1st quarter was for UM (GT outgained UM 145-45), the second quarter has gotten off to an even worse start. Michael Johnson's 26-yard interception return for a touchdown has put the Yellow Jackets up two scores with 13:28 left. UM showed a lot of heart in rallying to victory this season in tough places. They'll have to do it again tonight. Georgia Tech 10, UM 0.
> It wasn't a touchdown, but it was something. After getting picked on his first series inside the Georgia Tech 20, Jacory Harris leads UM on a scoring drive his next series. He made a couple nice throws, hooking up with Aldarius Johnson along the sideline and then Sam Shields, who made a nice move for a 23-yard gain. It ended with a 24-yard Matt Bosher field goal with 6:19 left in the half. GT 10, UM 3.
> And right when you think Miami has built a little momentum, the defense gets torched by the triple option. Jonathan Dwyer races right up the middle of the field for a 58-yard scoring run. Anthony Reddick and Romeo Davis over-pursued on the plays. This is where you miss a Colin McCarthy. GT 17, UM 3.

> Slow down the triple option offense: Shannon talked this week about tackling high and causing turnovers. GT is next to last in the nation when it comes to turning the ball over via the fumble. Miami needs to make sure though it wraps up, especially the Yellow Jackets big man when he runs up the middle.
> Make sure your quarterbacks aren't forced to win today: Georgia Tech has a very good defense, but what is most special about the Yellow Jackets is their secondary. The last time UM played a secondary like this, UCF nearly pulled off the upset. Robert Marve and Jacory Harris need to be caretakers today.
> Continue to capitalize in the red zone: Miami has been the best team in the ACC when it comes to scoring in the red zone and that's a big reason why they are on this five game winning streak. Last week, UM couldn't punch the ball into the end zone against Virginia Tech, but still came away with points every time down. They need to do the same this week if it hopes to end the three game losing streak against Georgia Tech.
> It might be time for me to head back to the beach. Georgia Tech is running right through Miami's defense. 229 yards now. Jonathan Dwyer has 10 carries for 129 yards and two touchdowns. His last one might have put a nail in Miami's coffin with 1:59 left in the first half. GT 24, UM 3.

> I'm expecting hot games today from Glenn Cook, Marcus Forston and the middle of Miami's defense. As good as UM looked last week sacking Virginia Tech's quarterbacks, I think the Canes win tonight because Cook, Spence and those no-name defensive tackles (Joe Joseph, Dwayne Hendricks) represent.
> I'd stay cool on the tight ends. Last week, I expected Dedrick Epps, Chris Zellner and company to play well and they were shutout. I don't see them breaking out this game.


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First of all, I just wanna say I'm glad this happened in a way. This team (as well as its fanbase) needed to be brought back down to earth a little bit before the 2009 season. Hopefully we can beat NC State and get to a new year's eve bowl game across an SEC team (a great test for this team)...next year we'll be in the preseason top 25, this will likely be Jacory's team, and with a win over Oklahoma we could suddenly be in the national title picture.

Some questions for Manny:
1. Who do you think will be the starter next year at QB?
2. What do you think we can expect from Nix's offense next year? Obviously he's going to open it up at least a little more now that his kids have a year under their belt.
3. In that same vein, do you think it's possible we could see a little bit more of a conventional rotating QB system with substitutions coming in the middle of drives?

Thanks in advance.

it's nix he doesn't know what to do with all that talent

no hire me ill do it for free jesus

good stuff derrick

Definitely Hasnain

Three Syracuse players ran for over 100 yards a piece in that game.

Over course McNabb was one of those three.

464 rush yards


UM's new mascot is the possum; they just got ran over g tech!!!!

We're actually one catch away from beating UNC, so it wasnt a "whoopin." As far as last years game, I believe almost anyone could have beat us on the road. Wright, Freeman, Shield (last years), ect...As I said, give them time and experience. Support the team. If It'd make you feel better...go play NCAA on dynasty mode where you're guaranteed a win so you can sleep better with some feeling of accomplishment.

The high school season is only 10 games long. For the freshmen on this team, the season would have been over.

It's a stretch, I know....

bbrinkley please re-read what I wrote; it is a whoopin (for the past 2 years) because UM has far more talent then unc. I do support the team, I do not support the coaching staff who are tearing this program down.

Every loss is a "whoopin'". Whether it's by one point or 75 points, if you lose, you didn't win, and therefore, you got whooped and didn't belong on the same field as your opponent. As for tonight's game, we didn't belong on the same field, in the same conference, in the same classification (Division 1) or maybe even the same hemisphere. A joke. An embarrassment. An absolute slaughter. If Tech wouldn't have called off the dogs, we'd still be at 10 points and they'd probably be nearing 60. Let's face it - we're a laughingstock. Coker turned us into one and Shannon doesn't have what it takes to reverse the trend.


Gato Bowl ?

Miami is a better team than what they show tonight. I'm making a few predictions. This will be the last time Miami loses to GT, and Harris will be the starer against NCST.

If Miami's a better team than what they showed tonight, why didn't they show it? Because... they're not a better team than what they showed. Scoreboard proves it. Just shut down the program; we're a basketball school now anyway.

Roderick, I agree with you whole-heartedly!!!!

I kno we got a young team but it still sucks to see us lose like that. The team did not look prepared, no heart unti it was too late etc. I'm a true cane fan and I always expect them to win no matter what cuz thats the tradition. Can we still make it to the acc championship?

We didn't look prepared because we weren't prepared! There. That was easy. No heart? Well, that's been the theme of this program the last five years. The swagger has been replaced by stagger. We're a damned joke.

this game is over, stop venting... Coaches are human, they have called good game plans the last 5 games. This game, it was the players who didn't convert 4th downs and players who didn't tackle. Its a freshmen team and this is growing pains. Next week we have NC State... We end up 8-4 and go a respectable bowl and start in the top 20 next year. Probably end up top 7 next year or better. Similar to dorsey's sophmore season. Jacory all the way...Randy has a tough choice but its better than Wright vs Freeman.

start JH

Oh, and yes, we can make it, but do we really deserve to? We didn't even half-ass it out there tonight. We looked as if we couldn't be bothered. We deserve nothing. Doesn't matter. NC State will beat us so this whole line of conversation is moot to begin with.

Hey Keyman,

Why the hatred for Miami? Did someone from Miami fuc your girl and come on her face in your bed?

This is a top-7 team next year? What the hell are you smoking? There's no proven quarterback, the running backs are horrid, the offensive line is putrid, the receivers are inconsistent, and nobody on the defense knows how to tackle, all they do is go for kill shots. We have a kicker who can't get a kickoff inside the 20 and shanks every third punt. Our head coach is incompetent. Our coordinators - both of them - are criminally inept at best. What makes you think this team has potential next year? Another stellar recruiting class? You mean, like the freshmen we had in there tonight who were badly outplayed by Georgia Tech's freshmen? I think not.

Yeah, the D sucked tonight. But, as the commentators noted they never got a chance to rest and regroup. It was like a marathon with all the three and outs.

With JH at qb, and the variety of receivers we have, this team should be throwing up some serious points. I think Marve plays hard but he doesn't have the vision that JH has. We can't win on the ground. I've said it before; Stop with the political crap and Start JH. Every game should be an Air Assault with the talent we have at wide receiver.

And, people like Roderick please spare me the drama. Overall, things are still looking up.

Honestly,I watch Texas Tech, and Oklahoma (Sam Bradford is a true sophomore), and they make offense look easy. Marve makes it look hard. receievers (yeah YOU aldarius!!) can't catch the ball if their lives depended on it. MArve looks sad, lost, distracted, puzzled. Marve should be sat down. Taylor Cook's redshirt should be reomved. harris shoudl be the true starter.Period.

Randy if you don't see that, you are a bigger dumba$$ than I ever thought!

Nix- It's over son. You need to go sell used cars. You are NOt a coach, let alone a UM coach. we don't want you here. You are despised. Get the f--- away from me! Go back to Auburn. You are a loser.

This was the most pathetic exhibition of an unprepared, undisciplined poorly coached and unmotivated team. These guys dont deserve to wear he U. the season should be forefited. I am embarassed.

To the "miami sucks" blogger. Your momma just called me. She says I was her best.

Yeah, things are looking up. Looking up at Georgia Tech, North Carolina and Florida State. Randy Shannon, Bill Young and Patrick Nix are not doing the job. Neither are the players. Sorry, but that's the truth.

Again get over it...This is a game and its a bunch of kids...If you have ever played football you would know that this could have happened to any team. Playing on the road, cold weather, and a hostile environment against a team that has its back against the wall. A team which is playing 20 seniors...when dorsey lost to washington in washington in 2000 people said that season was over and the BCS snubbed miami and took FSU...that year no one would have ever had miami ending #2 with a sophmore qb...who weighed in at 155...maybe 175

Hey Keyman,

Why such hatred for Miami? Did someone from Miami f&%k your girl and come on her face?

linebackers, linemen, and safeties- you tackled like little girls today. You all need a shot of testosterone, because you all didn't look like men out there today. Seriously. You all belong onAppalchain State or FIU or soemthing. You aint no Cane players, this was nauseating.

Seniors. get the f- out!. You torturd me for frigging 4 years. get out and dont let the door hit you in the arse$ never come back to the Gables. You dont ever deserve to be called canes. Ok, unless you want tocomapre yourselves with the likes of Dereck crudup, kenny Kelly or Ryan Collins LOL.

I just want to say that I still love the canes. Sean Spence, Jacory, Aldarius and Laron Byrd will all bring this team a championship.


...and F&^K U Alejandro. Who the hell do you think you are? get off this board.

First amendment, SFCane. I have every right to be here. You are not the administrator of this board. And if you are, then trace my IP address, post my name and phone number, and ban me.

Any year that the U dosn't win the NC is a failure.

gator fans- you know who you are- be happy. You aint Canes. You are a bunch of skanky gators with 2 national championships. Your campus is in hick town, and your cheerleaders are ugly.

Marve sucks. Nix sucks. randy- I'm still willing to give him one more year. He doesn't seem to have a fire in his belly. I dont see him with passion. I dont know. he did look pretty dissapointed at the end of the game. he looked miffed. he looked more sad and disspaointed than mad.



We weren't predicted to get this far even though it was known that we had a top recruiting class. So, to be where we are even though we just lost A game, (not several in a row) is an accomplishment.

Indeed, things are looking up.

Some people should just abandon this team right now because it it obviously too much to be a fan of a program that is rebuilding. Go be an Oklahoma fan, hey maybe Florida, they are right in the same neighborhood. Or, you could just time warp back to 2001.

With JH starting our offense will be competent and things will be a lot different.

The senior class on this team is probaly the worst that Miami has ever had? They shouldn't even be playing, only freshman and sophmores!!!!!!! No Romeo,Reddick,Zellner,etc... Good riddens, farewell, goodbye, hasta la vista, sayonara, ciao, , zai jain and every other freaking language there is!!!

What a lame response.

I'm just saying that you stated you love FIU football and that Jacory couldn't even be starting there. Clearly then you are one of those FIU grads who "adopt" UM.

True UM haters I understand. But the half-ass UM wannabes who hate on UM when they loose but throw the "U" hand symbol up when we win just drive me nuts.

Pick a side and stick with it.

Post all you want. You'll find more traffic here than any FIU board. ( I assume since I have never been to an FIU board so I couldn't actually tell you want their traffic is like...)

Enjoy your "adopted" school, Alejandro. Us real UM grads thank you. Maybe you can actually make it to a game everyone once in a while and increase our lousy attendance.

Nix is very predictable and 4 and 1 you throw the ball, Line JJ in the back field you either give it to him or play action short pass to the tight end.But running out the shot gun is crazy. JJ needs to play more like Coop running style but he needs to hit the hole and stop dancing back there. The defense just got out played and poor tackling they failed there assignment tonight.


Just having #26 Anthony "whoops, sorry..." Reddick in the class is a strong case for a bad senior class.

However, nothing will ever overcome Lance "DUCK!" Leggett and Kyle "sack" Wright as the most disappointing class of all time!

I'll say this. Until we can beat GT, we won't get to that next level and I'm being brutally honest here. This is 4 straight years we've lost to those guys.

Tonight, GT was the better team, simple as that.

What a embarrasing defensive performance!! Once again poor, poor, and more poor tackling from the same people. Reddick,Cook,R.Davis hell the whole back seven. What do they have in commom? they are all seniors. Which mean they have been poor tacklers for 4 and 5 years. But for some reason we keep inserting them in to the starting lineup. U can't do that. You are setting bad examples for the team poor tackling rubs off on the rest of the team. If this team is to become ACC Champs or a top 25 team we got to get better Linebacker and Safety play.

Nix, I've been supportive of you but i think U are not ready for the big stage. We need to go out and get a Offensive Coordinator with NFL experience. They make better college coordinators. Also if we are going to rotate QB's. We must find out who was the hot hand and stick with him. Jacory should be the starting QB. He see's the field better, spread the ball around and the team is more productive with him. Points go up, 3rd down conversions go up and running lanes open up. Trust your eyes. They don't lie.

You know what the problem is when i hear things like don't worry were rebuilding? I'VE BEEN HEARING IT FOR THE PAST THREE YEARS! How long are we going to have to go through this?

I haven't seen any evidence from this team that makes me believe they are going to be ranked in the top 25 at the beginning of next season. For them to do that, they are going to have to explode against NC state and whoever they play in the bowl game, and with the offense playing the way they are there is no way that's going to happen.

Our secondary is garbage and our o-line is too. There is too much ground to be made up at those two positions. The best corner we got is B. Harris and the rest of the guys next year will be freshmen. The o-line will take time to develop. It's going to be AT LEAST 2 years, possibly 3, before we see this team in the hunt for NC. Ain't no way it's going to be sooner than that.

Make no mistake, I love the canes. But I'm tired of this.

We are so far from competeing with the top teams its sad. TT would put 70 on us

ok, I'll throw this out there...with today's performance Nix earns himself a tix outta here...knowing the talent that is on offense, who do you hire? Most good coordinators will look for a head coaching spot. The not-so-good coordinators will just replace Nix.
Throw in the fact that the two youn' uns will have to learn a new system (like Kyle had to 3 times!)...do we want to take that risk?

I said this during the 1st half, but still applies:
These coaches need to live through every scenario before the kids 'learn'...

vs CHS SO - learn to play in D1
@ A&M - learn to win on the road
@FLA - learn to play in big night games
vs FSU - learn to play from the start
vs UNC - learn to close
vs UCF - learn to hold on for dear life
vs Duke/Va - learn to finish
vs VaTech - learn to win a big one
vs GaTech - learn not to think since we are ranked that the other team is going to laydown for you (even if their 3rd string Oline is in there and half their team has high ankle sprains)

I hope that next week it's learn to bounce back rather than learn to fold in the tent and mail in the season!!!

Can the coached TEACH or is it purely learn by experiencing it?

This d is bad,6or 7 more freshman next year playing,how good is the coaching,what freshman can you say made great strides from game 1 to game 11

one final point...was it me or on 4th an goal from the 1 ESPN showed the TD ona QB keeper play from the skycam...there was a nose tackle and absolutely NO ONE over the guards! Hell, MY GRANDMA could have scored! At least make them score by 'forcing' a handoff or a pitch!!!

You're also forgetting that the 2000 team had Ed Reed, Dan Morgan, Santana Moss, Reggie Wayne, Jeremy Shockey, Clinton Portis, Andre King, Najeh Davenport, Mike Rumph, James Jackson, Phillip Buchanon, Joaquin Gonzalez and Bryant McKinnie playing. I'll spare mentioning who some of the other Fr. and So. were on that squad. And no unless the stars align this team will not be top 5 next year and can only dream about no. 2 like the 00' squad.

SF cane on the not giving up comment down by 17 to UCLA I agree but just for clarification that was the 98 squad which featured Edge James and not the 99 team which had a Davenport, Jackson and Fr. Portis (all heart against Va Tech). 98 team brought back the promise though. But that team also had a Sr. quaterback in Covington and not a true and Redshirt Freshmen as the Field General.

Spare me the predictions please!

And why all the hatred for Nix? Didn't the D give up 40 something points today to the tune 400yds rushing? Amazing that doesn't get blown up in this blog. Yes, the jury is out on Nix as well as Shannon as a HC. I'll give Young a pass for now only because he has quite a good resume on the Defensive side of the ball.

If the Canes can finish 8-4 I'll take it since that was my best hopes for the season coming in. They are young and therefore kids and not men yet. Come 2 years for now these kids will be much stronger and will not get beat at the line and in their tackling left and right like this year. It sucks to watch them get manhandeled out there but hey at least their chances have improved to get ND in a bowl which would make tonight less nauseating.

so r we still in the race for the coastal? what needs to happen for us to win it?

To answer your question the only frosh to have 'progressed' on gameday have been Marcus Robinson, Spence, and Collier...although we've seen flashed of brilliance from Byrd, Johnson, the 2 QB's, and others...nothing consistent.

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