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Gameday blog: N.C. State 38, UM 28 (F)

MIAMI -- The Canes are in Raleigh today to face the red-hot Wolfpack and are minus leading receiver Aldarius Johnson, who was suspended for violating a team rule and did not make the trip. The Canes are obviously playing for a better bowl game today. But it's N.C. State who has a lot more to play for -- they need a win to look up a bowl trip.

Nc_stateI'm here at home preparing to go watch Frank Haith's team take on Stetson at 3:30 p.m. at the BankUnited Center. But I'll be along for the ride in Raleigh, providing my thoughts on the game as it progresses. Our Susan Miller Degnan is up there checking in with me and says the skies are dark and the stadium lights are on at Carter-Finley Stadium. Let's hope that doesn't set the tone for Randy Shannon's team, which obviously doesn't want to end what has been a good season with back-to-back losses before bowl season.

The key to the game today is simple...
> Stop Russell Wilson. Bobby Bowden called him the mother of all running backs. Miami has to redeem itself after its debacle in Atlanta last week.
> Remember, DeMarcus Van Dyke will get his first start today opposite freshman Brandon Harris, getting his first start in over a month, at cornerback.

> Derron Thomas starts the game in the backfield -- call it a senior deal. Miami's offense fizzles and goes three-and-out on its first drive. Should we be surprised? The good news: Matt Bosher gets off a 61-yard punt to pin N.C. State deep in its own territory.
> Russell Wilson has turned out to be everything we've heard he was. He absolutely shredded UM on the Wolfpack's opening drive and then tossed a touchdown pass to Andre Brown with 7:42 left. It capped a 96-yard scoring drive. I smell a lot of trouble for UM today. This could get real ugly. N.C. State 7, UM 0.
> Patrick Nix isn't helping his cause. Another 3-and-out for the Canes on their second possession. Robert Marve tried to go deep to Sam Shields and he couldn't come down with the catch. The ball actually was thrown well. Shields has to snatch that ball out of the air.
> The Canes finally get off the field on third down after DeMarcus Van Dyke bats a pass away on N.C. State's second series. You got to give UM's secondary a little credit. They are getting very little support from the pass rush. It's tough to cover guys for 10 seconds.
> Someone blew some major coverage for N.C. State and the Canes are happy to take advantage. Dedrick Epps finds himself wide open and makes a beautiful over-the-shoulder catch for a 69-yard catch-and-run from Robert Marve. And just like that, the game is tied with 3:50 left in the first quarter. UM 7, N.C. State 7.
> Brandon Harris has finally made his first real big play as a Cane. N.C. State tries to run a trick play having Andre Brown throw the football and Harris steps in front of a Wolfpack receiver and returns it 24 yards to the N.C. State 45. Big play for Brandon.
> Javarris James makes his first appearance of the game on 4th down and 1 and picks up the first down. Maybe someone finally heard your complaints! Until then, we'd been seeing Graig Cooper on short running situations. Here's the best stat Baby J has -- only one carry for negative yardage this season.
> Baby J takes three consecutive carries and his last -- a dive into the end zone -- puts UM up with 13:09 left. Javarris has 4 carries for 42 yards. UM 14, N.C. State 7.
> Shades of Donovan McNabb, Russell Wilson just ran circles quite literally around Miami's defense, scoring on a 29-yard touchdown run with 10:44 left. He looked like Michael Vick in John Madden football 2003. Amazing. Miami's defensive line missed at least four opportunities to get to him. UM 14, N.C. State 14.
> Jacory Harris comes in on the fourth series (as usual) and moves UM downfield. But then, he makes a bad decision, trying to force the ball into triple coverage to Richard Gordon and DeAndre Morgan caught the tipped pass in the end zone for an interception.
> Miami's defense finally makes a play when Marcus Forston sacks Wilson on third down and five. And then, Sam Shields -- who had been playing great -- crashes into N.C. State's punter, giving N.C. State a first down. Tough play. Shields was trying to make a play and instead of getting flagged for running into the kicker, he gets roughing.
> Another great play by Marcus Forston keeps N.C. State out of the end zone. Forston just gets enough of Wilson on third down to sack him and forces the Wolfpack to settle for a field goal with 1:47 left. N.C. State 17, UM 14.
> By the way, it looks like defensive end Marcus Robinson suffered a groin strain on the previous series.

> Miami's defense just can't get a handle on Russell Wilson. Now, all of his first half running has opened up the passing lanes. The Canes were lucky Marcus Forston and company were able to hold the Wolfpack to a field goal on their opening possession. N.C. State 20, UM 14.
> Javarris James scored his second touchdown of the game giving Miami its second lead of the game. The Hurricanes ran the ball six times on the seven-play scoring drive, sprinkling a little Baby J with a little Super Coop. UM 21, N.C. State 20.
> So much for that lead. N.C. State takes less than a minute to answer Miami's scoring drive as Wilson carves Brandon Harris and the secondary. N.C. State 28, UM 21.
> We keep forgetting how valuable Travis Benjamin is to the return game. Graig Cooper, Brandon Harris and company have done a good job filling in. But Benjamin is the game-breaker who can make the difference in a game like this.
> With 8:57 left to play N.C. State might have sealed this one up with a 42-yard field goal. Miami's last two possessions have gone nowhere and if the Canes don't score on this next possession, we're probably going to be headed to San Francisco next month for the Emerald Bowl.
> No Canes comeback today. Jacory Harris gets picked for the second time with 5:23 left and it basically seals the deal for N.C. State, which basically has to run out the clock to hold on for the victory.


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A Gator is here, because there is so little to do in Gainesville that he has to get online. Same reason I am on here. Plus Gators can't be happy with their team winning unless they get to harass another team's fans.

Aldarius, are we gonna be able to count on you like this for your entire career? Nice work.

you guys need to relax and stop comparing this team to the glory days of old. The canes were god aweful last year. They are slightly above average this year but are much more competitive and look like they will continue to get better. There is a lot more parity in college football now. There are just a handful of great teams this year and a lot of decent teams. Look at LSU, Michigan, and Notre Dame. The ACC is tough and beating up on the SEC again today. I am not giving the coaches a free pass, but for a team that did not have one legitimate playmaker coming into the season, they are headed in the right direction. Reality is it's going to take some more time so be patient.

Hire him as a recruiting coordinator and lets get a proven guy in here now.

Posted by: Caniac | November 29, 2008 at 03:28 PM

Yea, randy is going to take a demotion to recruiting coordinator. U guys are idiots.

Go canes

I want to believe in Shannon honestly because he's black ( sad but true). I want him to do well to end the disparity of the lack of Black coaches in college football. I dont really know if he's a great recruiter though because I think the kids that are there grew up in south Florida and they just really wanted to be Hurricanes. exp..Miami Northwestern players, Booker T players, the only guys we got was Arthur Brown and Lyron Bird from out of state. We didnt get the CB at LSU, we didnt get those florida guys that didnt come to the U because of unfortunate deaths of PATA and Sean T. Look I hope Shannon does well but the verdict isnt out on him yet. Go Canes please do better fellas

We have fsu on the road and OKL at home next year. Thats not good. but 8-4 sounds feasible, seeing we could have done that today!


two words, it's over.

I done. See you guys next year. Go Jack McClinton and Frank Haith.


Shannon must go, I'm tired of the U hiring coaches that the players want, the Canes have always done well with coaches hired from the outside and have always sucked with coaches hired from within. They need to can Shannon and hire a good FCS coach or a good asst coach from D1

Im so disappointed. I understand the GT, FL, amd FL ST lose but come on North Carolina and NC State. Not to mention having to rally to beat Duke and Virginia. Barley beating UCF and trying to give the game to Virginia Tech. Those freshman did as mush as they could with the bad coaching and horrible upper classman.

Will ya'll pls stop the whining! Enough is enough. Are we going to allow this team to grow up? No excuses, but they are going to be better next year. Let it go, let it go. I am a Jacory fan, but Robert played a better game today. Don't give up on the "U" yet. I won't. GO CANES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

8-4 doesn't appeal to me for next year. We should have been better than that this year. Some say 4-8 was expected , but I say lowering expectation doesnt excuse getting embarrassed on the field and barely winning. We should be no worse than 9-3 every year point blank period. We are the U and that means something; come on 8-4, 7-5, 5-7. Thats not the U. We need help and fast. New coach's to help Shannon or something. Hurry up Tommy Streeter.

Its not whinning McKenzie. Look at the season. They could have beat Florida but Shannon and next held them back. They played that came for a moral victory. I just dont see things getting better if we dont make some changes fast, not saying fire the head coach but bring some peolple in that can help the team coaces and players. Cause OKLAHOMA aint gonna have no pitty on us next year.

This year's team didn't finish towards the end of the season. Two straight 400 Plus total yardage games by your opponents is not a sign of progress. This was a 5-6 team that is playing better ball then UM is right now.

We are no closer to having a starting QB then we were in spring training. Sorry, but pick one of these guys and let the other one play back up or leave.

Shannon gets a bye this year but next year you can be sure he will be on a short leash. The feeling here is that he is a much better recruiter and defensive coach than a head coach. Nonetheless, he deserves time. Now on to the "Who gives a damn" bowl.

Manny U asked What's so bad about 7-5? What do U think about that know. Another disappointing loss. The DEFENSE is soft. Another poor tackling effort by the defense. Like i said before we had this problem since Shannon became D-Coordinator and it's still a problem. We all know going into a game U first want to stop the run. That has not happened all year. Once again the LINEBACKERS were no where to be found. Can't get off the field on 3rd downs, which leads to back to back 40 pt games. I am very disapointed in the DEFENSE.

With that being said Our OFFENSE need to be our best DEFENSE. We need to have the mentality that we have to score every time we touch the ball. If U can't stop them. Then out score them. The ole Spurrier theory.

A lot of you people sound like 12 year olds. Immature fans. Seriously get a grip, it was a bad loss, and the season's ended on two sour ntoes, but overall, it was an above average team. Let's see what Randy can do, and the only thing I'll say is Nix needs to really get his crap straight.

Shannon does need to pick a QB. I agree with that. I don't like this in and out. He could at least let 1 play the 1st half and 1 play the 2nd. Today, it seemed like marve got in a flow and then was pulled out. Didn't make sense at the time. I saw a better touch on the ball from marve today too. I know ya'll don't want to hear this, but I still think the players need time to adjust from high school to college. Not ready to call for firing anyone yet until next year. I feel the freshmen were overwhelmed this yr. Now, next yr I'll throw my hat in the ring for OC or RS to be axed if not improved.

Hey guys, up and down season this year. We had highs (5 game winning streak) and now some lows dropping two in a row to sour the season a bit. I still have faith in RS despite the loss. We have a very young team and they need to grow a little. That's why on one week we look dominant and another we look lost. Kids.

That is not an excuse for some things though. We HAVE to get a legit OC in here. Nix is not the leader this offense needs. We need to choose ONE QB and go. This two QB thing doesn't work. It's one thing to argue it works if we were winning but we are not. But it was unpopular when we were winning and is even more so now. No other team that's worth a crap does this. This is not a formula for success or other coaches would do it. RS please dump the two QB thing.

Gotta get these kids working hard in the offseason. Gotta get stronger, faster, bigger. These guys need to put on 10-15 pounds of muscle on defense because we have been getting run over. Our LB look like safeties (it's understandable this year because they are freshman) and our safeties look like corners. We get pushed around by physical o-lines.

RS has a lot of work to do but if he stops with that two QB thing and gets a real offensive coordinator in here we'll continue our move upwards. And yes we have gotten better this year compared to last but it's just a sour ending the last 2 games. I believe in THE U. My fellow U Fans, let's stick together and ride this thing out. We will get out of this. We bleed green no matter what. Let's not forget that.

One more year for Randy,then send him to Notre Dame to replace fat Charlie.
UM looks awful and losing to N C State is akin to being bite to death my a duck.
A disgrace to U of Miami football !




Not above average 4-4 in ACC = AVERAGE
- young team? VT/GT NCSU has just as many starting Freshmen The glass is not half full. Next years schedule is more difficult, our team has regressed so expect a 6-6 season.

I can see giving the backup (Harris) a series or two in a game that we have in hand or in the 2nd Quarter when we have a veteran team. But not when we have a team as young as ours.
That being said ours defensive game plan and execution the last two weeks have left alot to be desired. Why in gods name are we not attacking teams, spying dual threat QBs, and bump and run coverage with Saftey help over the top. At least be aggressive even if we do get burn't make them do it before we play back on them.
Offensively No one in there right mind is going to play one QB in the first half and another in the seconds half for any reason other than an injury or something not an everygame situation. And any time you move the TE over to the side the split end is on the opposing defense knows its gonna be a run because the TE then is covered and is ineligible. DUH!!!
Nix did finally figure out that when we are in shortyardage situations that you line James up in the I-formation and run him and not Cooper. good job of envolving the TE in the passing game but why not open the passing game up and let Marve throw the ball downfield and get the ball to Byrd and the other receivers. Collier did again a steady job and Byrd can be a great receiver. Can somebody tell me why Jermaine McKenzie or Hankerson are not running down the field on pass plays or just getting in the game.
And don't get me wrong I want to see Randy and the Canes succeed too because he knows what it is to be a Cane. Not becuase of his skin color. Who cares what color he is? The important thing is we have the best coach possible not to give somebody a job because they are a minority. Randy can recruit and I love Randy's disapline but the ingame coaching and weeklong preparation before a game sucks, bottom line. I do feel the freshman have hit the wall this year and will look much better next year and in the bowl game. That being said we are with out a doubt a much better team with alot to look forward to in the future than we were at this time last year.

Does anybody else feel like Shannon doesnt EVER I MEAN EVER get in an officias face we we have a bad call against us? We were called for illegal substitution that was incorectly called and he stodd there and stomped his feet like a child throwing a temper tantrum. He is afraid to give them the business. If his demeanor on the field is similiar to the locker room then we have another Cam Cameron.

Told you guys...we're not good and we're not getting any better.

Marve and Jacory are going to make mistakes, it's hard to get upset at them for games like this.

Sounds like Nix did his usual great job as OC. Randy needs to get him out tonight.

Randy Shannon better start showing some progress. He's 2 years into the 4 we'll give him before we freak out. Hell, some of you are already freaking out on him.

Miami is good talent with bad coaching right now. I just hope our talent can overcome the coaching.

It has beens stated many times before that Miami talent makes the coaches.

In this cased I think that the tables are turned against that happening.

You know what really depresses me? After we bring all these "great" freshmen players, we don't even have the best freshman in the ACC!

QB who just burned us for 220 yds and 2 scores? FRESHMEN

Julio Jones? FRESHMAN


Jacquez Rodgers or whatever his name is at Oregon State? FRESHMAN

I don't wanna hear that they are young cuz there are other freshman out there performing great.

Look, we've made progress but the last two games have been god-awful. The problem, looking forward, is that good HS players will look away from Miami if we keep Nix as OC. Miami is known for putting guys in the NFL. That won't happen to players in this offense. The guy just has to go and our new AD needs to take the choice away from Randy. We need a modern day Trestman or Stevens as OC. We need an OC who can get HS players excited about coming to the U. If my kid was being recruited by Miami for offense, I couldn't let him go as long as Nix is there. Any wonder Matt Patchan is a gator?

And, as the old saying goes, when you have 2 qbs, you have no qb.

Who would replace Randy Shannon if he was fired at the end of this season? I don't see anyone out there I would want here.

Mike Leach - We can score tons of points and keep Bill Young. He doesn't know anything about South Florida, we'll lose tons of committments.

Tommy Tuberville - He has recruited in this area before and knows the U. Is he much better than Randy Shannon?

Dave Wannested....lol!!!

Steve Spurrier - He used to be able to coach, but the guy is about to retire.

Mark Richt - Great coach, but he's already setup at Georgia, the move doesn't make sense for him.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha

maybe santa will give shannon a game plan for the bowl game.

the helmets will be changed to canes next year. unyil shannon leaves, the U is gone

Steve Spurrier would probably take the job if Shannon is fired. Rumors are that he's postioning himself for a better job somewhere else. You can win at Miami but not at South Carolina. Donna Shalala would have to pay him over 2 million dollars though...

o'brien-2 shannon -0
arent they both 2nd year coaches at their school. one shows growth, the other looks the same for 2 years. one is a proven coach, one is a budget coach. just like the stadium, all that matters is money. UM wont be back, they wont spend the money. the new AD is scared of donna the dyke. she wears the pants....since the Virg. game last year, i have posted my feelings-FIRE SHANNON

spurrier wont come to miami-- there are young coaches out there that would bust their butts to win here. shannon really isnt a recruiter- the NW players picked miami- he did not even have to try. did anyone check film on the receivers before they gave them a scholarship. i wonder if they could catch in HS just because youe HS wins, doesnt mean you belong at UM this recr. class isnt as good as everyone says


I agree with mike those players chose Miami, Everybody thought Randy Shannon was like Ray Lewis sorry but no.I think we need a Ray Lewis type for head coach because it looks like once RS puts the headset on he loses touch with the game. How many good head coaches wear headsets the whole game? RS lose the headset get into the game

Canes fans:

We've been patient, but next year is time to see some real improvement.

This upcoming recruiting class will be Shannon's 3rd. He's running out of time to still use the excuse of "Coker's guys sucked."

Irrespective of whether we win our bowl game, I think Shannon should be fired next year if we finish the regular season worse than 9-3.

We had a two-game improvement over last year, and I want to see the same next year or see Randy Shannon fired!!


Everytime I want to give this coaching staff the benefit of the doubt, I go to the facts about what other college freshmen are getting done this year! Somebody else said it earlier. The NCST QB is a freshman, Sam Bradford at OU is a sophomore. BC wins with a true freshman QB. Alabama is killing folks with a bunch of freshmen. Hell they had the 2nd best recruiting class next to Miami last year according to ESPN. But look at their success compared to ours.

I also was pissed about RS' response to ESPN criticism about our offense not having an identity. What the hell was that crap about "taking what the defense gives us." The U offenses of the past dictated what we would do to opposing defenses! We put our speed and power on display every time we lined up and made the defense have to stop us. Since when do we wait to see what the D gives us before we strike. Did GT take that approach last week? Did NCST take that approach today? Hell no. They came out and made it happen and kept us on our heels all day.

I need to see improvement at whatever bowl game we go to or I will join the chorus of boos calling for change!



why is it that when the game is on the line we put Jacory in the game? Duh because he is the better qb Marve isn't the man who will bring the U back he has been in and had a chance to prove himself all season and failed Vtech prime example no tds in the air. I want a qb who is on every game not one who reminds of bust from our down season ( kyle,brock, kirby )

To All,

Happy Thanksgiving!!! Now on to my thoughts. I am extremely disappointed in the play of the U to end the season and am humbled to think that we still have a long way to go. I think if we do not go at least 9-3 next year our whole coaching staff should be fired. Nix should be fired today. I agree with everyone that the excuse of being young is just that a fall back excuse. Other schools are doing it with young players. Hell look at UF. They're offense is a pretty experienced group but their defense might be younger than ours as a whole and you don't see them making the mistakes that we seem to constantly be making. Anyways at this point in the season a freshmen is a sophmore, especially since many of them came to the U in January.

I just don't see the improvements from our players that I'm seeing at other schools and that is a reflection of the coaching staff. The goal of 9-3 next year will be difficult as we have a tough schedule with FSU and OU that only leaves 1 loss for conference and we'll have VT on the road next year.

I think that blog by Manny saying what's wrong with 7-5 says a lot about where we are right now. I kind of had a feeling we were going to lose this game after last week's debacle at GT and the way NCST was playing lately. I'm sorry to say this but I live up here in Charlotte, NC and I'd rather be a 6-6 NCST than a 7-5 UM right now. They have momentum that can be carried over to next year after winning the last 4 of the regular season. Where's our momentum???!!!

One of the more depressing things about this season is the state of our defense. The U used to take great pride in that and our head coach is our former DC. I'm a senior accountant at the firm that I work at. The reason why I bring that up is because the colleagues that I've noticed will become great managers are those that are well organized and take great pride in being able to multi-task. I see Shannon as being one dimensional in being a good DC but not even a good HC that has to look over many different areas of the team and think on a moments notice. I'm willing to give Shannon one more year to prove otherwise however at this point I don't see this team taking off until we get a good HC that can utilize the talent that Shannon has left behind. It's a shame as I really did hope that Shannon would succeed considering what he means to the inner-city kids and how he has straightened out the character of the program.

Yeah, I agree with the prior post. We play down to whoever we're playing. I heard the announcers during the game say that NCST had one of the worst Defenses in the country at stopping teams on 3rd down. What do we do? 4-10 on third downs. Meanwhile their Offense is torching us for one big play after another. We make every teams defense look like the effing Steel Curtain or No Name D for Christs sake. Nix's whole strategy is to play not to lose. Our whole game plan is predicated on everything going exactly right, but if there is the slightest hiccup then we're F'ed.

It is pretty obvious that we are getting out coached at this point. You cannot possibly say that NCST was any more talented than we were. I also heard during the GT/UGA game that GT is just now coming off some sort of probation that has limited their scholarships. Point being that we cannot expect to win games on talent alone anymore. Everybody has athletes, but you have to be able to coach them up.

Yeah, I agree with the prior post. We play down to whoever we're playing. I heard the announcers during the game say that NCST had one of the worst Defenses in the country at stopping teams on 3rd down. What do we do? 4-10 on third downs. Meanwhile their Offense is torching us for one big play after another. We make every teams defense look like the effing Steel Curtain or No Name D for Christs sake. Nix's whole strategy is to play not to lose. Our whole game plan is predicated on everything going exactly right, but if there is the slightest hiccup then we're F'ed.

It is pretty obvious that we are getting out coached at this point. You cannot possibly say that NCST was any more talented than we were. I also heard during the GT/UGA game that GT is just now coming off some sort of probation that has limited their scholarships. Point being that we cannot expect to win games on talent alone anymore. Everybody has athletes, but you have to be able to coach them up.

I was in Raleigh today and let me tell you something, all the nc state fans around me were laughing at the canes. Teams do not respect the canes anymore, they think they are a JOKE>>>.
THANK YOU PATRICK NIX FOR SCREWING OUR SEASON AGAIN... Nix is a peace of crap, he needs to be flushed down the toilet,can't anyone else see that, but me. We need to WIN, as a miami fan I will not take anything but a WIN.

I just can't wait for tommy streeter aldarius Benjamin collier Byrd even shields gets a chance to see the field all at one time what a core plus sleepers like davon Johnson and etc plus baby j and using coop on the right plays that fit him and jacory at the helm this o will be powerful all this talent and we are not using it we have marve Shannon and nix there screwing us up maybe urban can give us some advice it kills me to see these guys not be used to there full expectations look spence forston and Robinson are proving they can play with the big boys at a young age aldarius and friends can't prove it cause Robbie can't get them the ball and nix doesn't have sense to let jacory play without having the world on his shoulders.

lets get thousands of signatures and send THEM TO shanonn. MANY, when you you see nix tell him to go back to the rat hole he crawl out from, FIRE THAT PEACE OF CRAP NOW BEFORE IS TO LATE FOR THE TEAM!!!!!!

All that is nice Dhcane, but all those nice recievers will be screwed when Shannon continues to split time between Marve & Harris. He is just scared to make a decision, and everyone knows the decision should be Harris.

When did Dorsey first come on the scene, his comeback against FSU. Harris had two second half comebacks, when he was barely even playing, and he is the future.

Problem is, Shannon is too nice, and will continue to ruin the program by splitting time between time between these two guys. Won't work, pick a guy Shannon. And it better be Harris.

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