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Georgia Tech loss a humbling experience

ST. THOMAS, Virgin Islands -- University of Miami coach Randy Shannon said earlier this week it would likely take his defense about a quarter to get adjusted to the speed of Georgia Tech's Triple Option offense. He miscalculated. The Hurricanes never did.

And the result was one of the worst defensive nights in Canes' history. The Yellow Jackets ran through, around and past Miami Thursday night, shredding the Canes for 472 yards rushing in a 42-23 blowout victory that hurt badly. The most heartbreaking part for fans of the U is that the Canes had just returned to the national polls this week (for the first time since 2006) and were in position to punch their ticket to the ACC Title game. Now, the ranking is sure to be history and those hopes of reaching the conference title game will require a few lucky bounces to go UM's way.

While I'm interested in hearing what Shannon has to say tomorrow, I wanted to pass along my thoughts and observations and get your thoughts once U have been able to cool down.

> THE BIGGEST FAILURE: We all knew coming in Georgia Tech's triple option offense was not only one of the best in the country, but Anthony_reddickthat it was going to be a major challenge for the Hurricanes to stop. While the lead story is that the Yellow Jackets piled up the second-most yards allowed on the ground all-time by a UM team (Auburn had 536 rushing yards in 1944), they basically did it with a rag-tag group of guys. Quarterback Josh Nesbitt wasn't even close to 100 percent, yet still torched the Canes. Jonathan Dwyer, who didn't even play in the second half, had 128 yards on 10 carries. ESPN's announcers said before the game the Yellow Jackets were already thin along their line and in the second quarter put in a former running back who weighed all of 254 pounds.

Defensive line coach Clint Hurtt told me earlier this week Shannon first began throwing the triple option at the defense during Miami's bye-week two weeks ago. But it's obvious the Canes were completely fooled by it. Romeo Davis was completely out of position on the big runs up the middle. And Miami's cornerbacks never really got into help. What I'm trying to decide in my head is what this really says about UM's defense. Before the blowout loss Thursday, Miami had been doing a pretty good job stopping the run since they got lit up by Florida State. In three of their five wins, UM had held their opponents to 78 yards or less on the ground. I think what Thursday's loss showed us was just how much this team needs the right kind of matchup to win games on defense. When Miami faces option running quarterbacks, it struggles, especially sticking to assignments. Thursday was quite literally the worst kind of matchup for Miami because it had to guard against four guys running the football on each play. That's too much for an overachieving linebacking corps (who has one real star in Sean Spence) that sorely misses Colin McCarthy.

> THE BIGGEST CRITICISM: Offensive coordinator Patrick Nix has long been under the gun here for his playcalling -- much like any Patrick_nixoffesive coordinator in the country who isn't winning or scoring 50 points. I've been 50-50 on Nix during his time here because I thought he's done some really good things and some really bad things with this offense. But nothing has been worse in my eyes than a few decisions he made Thursday. There were at handful of plays when Miami had 3rd down and 2 yards or less. And each time, he lined up his quarterback in the shotgun. While I understand Georgia Tech's front four could be one of the best in the country and obviously did a great job shutting down Miami's running game Thursday, I find it disturbing Nix left all the pressure on his quarterbacks to make tough plays on those downs. He's preached -- along with Shannon -- that wouldn't be the case.

But ultimately, what bothers me most about what Nix has done this season is this: in 11 games he still hasn't been able to figure out what offense he wants UM to be. Each week, it's a different look. One week, its Marve and Harris running sprint option against Wake Forest. The next, it's five wide, spread it out against Virginia Tech. We were told at the start, this was going to be a team in which Javarris James and Graig Cooper were going to carry the load. We were told the strength of the team was the offensive line. What is Miami's offensive identity? Honestly, I couldn't tell you.

> THE HOT TOPIC - QUARTERBACKS: Speaking of the quarterbacks, the final stats will tell you Jacory Harris (13-18, 162, 2 TDs, 1 INT) had a better night than Robert Marve (10-20, 121 yards, 1 TD, 1 INT). And while it's a fact Harris picked up most of Robert_marvethose stats in garbage time when the game had already been decided, he once again looked like the more cool, calm passer in the pocket. While Marve made some amazing plays, avoiding sacks and then finding receivers downfield, it always seems to me when Marve is in the game Miami's offense as a whole feels flushed, frenetic and frustrated. Maybe it's just me, but everytime Harris is in there, he just looks a lot cooler, calmer and commanding than Marve. I highly doubt Shannon will go back on his word this coming week and start Harris in front of Marve in Miami's regular season final at N.C. State. But I've at least seen enough through 11 games to know who I like better as Miami's quarterback.

> THE Z-FACTOR -- MISSING BENJAMIN: Miami didn't lose Thursday because it lost Travis Benjamin (again) to an ankle injury (again) in the first quarter. But there's no doubt this team has missed Benjamin's presence on the field. Those long, uplifting, get the team excited returns Benjamin used to provide aren't happening anymore and the explosive receiver opponents were forced to cover because of his speed is also gone. That's hurting Miami much worse than U think. Benjamin is a special player. And when he's around, he makes his teammates better.

> THE BOTTOMLINE: The ultimate feeling I got when the 41-23 beatdown came to an end was this -- this UM football team is good, but not as good as that five-game winning streak and all that ACC title talk made us believe. Don't get me wrong, what Randy Shannon has accomplished this season with a group of young freshman and sophomores deserves credit. Most experts figured Miami would be 4-7 now and not 7-4. It's found some amazing leaders for the future, guys who can make this team very good in years to come. But this football team -- the one playing in 2008 -- has simply been a product of overachievement.

Matt_bosherHere's what UM's success this season has been built on: an amazing season out of Matt Bosher (UM doesn't beat Virginia Tech or Wake Forest without him); much faster returns from its receivers and quarterbacks than was expected (UM doesn't come back to beat Virginia and Duke without Jacory Harris, Aldarius Johnson and company); and a pretty good coaching job by defensive coordinator Bill Young (who worked wonders for five weeks turning what had been a bad defense into one that did enough to win some tough games against decent ACC competition).

But there are still some rather large holes on this team that have just been covered up by overachievement. Miami's offensive line sorely needs at least another two to three more Jason Foxes (they've been getting away with project guys like Chris Rutledge for too long). The secondary needs major work -- especially at corner and free safety (Bruce Johnson is a great guy, not a great corner). The defensive tackles -- the young guys who are good and not the older overachievers -- still need to grow up (Joe Joseph, Dwayne Hendricks are average at best). Ditto for the linebackers (the Arthur Browns, Ramon Buchanon and Jordan Futche's on this team). Thursday night was a tough, humbling experience for Miami's young football team. But really, it should have also been for U too.


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I was there. It was really not that cold. This was a plain old fashioned beating. The team always plays better under Harris at QB. It was hard for the Defense to prepare for that triple option. It is very confusing. Our freshmen will remember this one. My only negative comment is that without a doubt, NIX MUST GO! The Tech fans knew how bad he was and said we could keep him. Ugh...

you need to cool it man. you worry about the gators and let us worry about the canes.

i dont have to worry about the gators cuz they're winning by so much ... i can watch the first quarter and nap the other 3 while they play next years recruits

canesfan91 - althoUgh i respect yoUr & everyone's comments i hate to tell U that yes U are talking oUt of it!!!! nix is terrible - as a UM alUm & CANE fan of all sports i feel he has to go in order for Us to take that next step. bUt hey man U are entitled to yoUr opinion (even thoUgh it's wrong!!!!).

As always GO CANES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i see 3 big changes we have to have next year first i am from tampa and have always supported robert marve because is a home town guy he is a great kid but i do believe that jacory is the best guy the whole team seems to play so much better when he is in the game plese randy if not this year go with one quarteback next tear and let it be jacory next i am glad these seniors are gone after this year bruce anthony cook and a few more they could not tacle my grandmother the way i see it on the field if the younger guys dont make plays they dont get made and last ive always tried to defend patric nixes offence if you call it that he has to go he looks at times like a fu----- idiot you might as well let jacory call the plays he looks more poised then nix randy i will always love because he is a UM family member but if you want to be the boss you have to be the boss UM FOREVER

I'm with everyone here that the offense has no identity, and Nix needs to decide what he wants to do and run that offense whether it is successful or not. HOWEVER, I disagree that if he picked an offense and stuck with it that anything different would have happened last night. I remember back when Butch was the coach and Coker was the coordinator, everyone in the country was calling for Coker's head because all he did was power-running formations and they consistently got stuffed and we'd get killed. But a few years later, those power-running formations produced 7-8 yard gains, 3 pro-bowl running backs, and record-setting offensive stats. If Nix did that, everyone on this blog would be calling for his head because GT would have stuffed us all night long and we would have gotten killed, but at least we could all say with certainty that this was a pro-style, power-running offense and the players could say that and grow into that system.

Regarding the QB's...I have said it many times on this blog and I'll say it again, Randy Shannon is thinking long-term here, not about cheap conference titles this year. One fall camp was not enough to decide the QB situation with two freshman. Marve was better in camp, so he was named the starter. I agree that Harris was the better QB last night, and I believe that he will ultimately win the job next year. But Shannon is using this season as one long fall camp to decide the future, which is the right thing to do, because stunting the growth of one of these guys after one fall camp would have been dumb. If he'd done that, Marve would have been starting all year and we'd never have known how well Harris could play.

And if the team is overachieving all year long to get to this point, then how can anyone say that Shannon is doing a BAD job. Winning more games than your talent-level deserves is the definition of GREAT coaching.

8-4 and a Gator bowl is a great season coming off last years mayhem. Let's bury NC State, get those 15 additional practices, and move on to next season and the glory that awaits.

charliegp - does yoUr mom know that yoUr not in school today & are playing grown Up on the compUter?????

As always GO CANES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This team needs to hit the weight room hard. Why all of our players look like basketball players. They don't look physically threaten at all. Everyteam we've played this years has been bigger and stronger than our team. No more of that pretty boy beach body work outs, these guys should be required to get stronger and bigger. I feel like the defense was probably over coach for this game. They should have just went out and played their game. Not trying to play assignment football. Play Miami football, let them fly around to the ball. They had to think to much last night. We should'nt changed anything for GT. They should have had to change for us.

"And if the team is overachieving all year long to get to this point, then how can anyone say that Shannon is doing a BAD job. Winning more games than your talent-level deserves is the definition of GREAT coaching."
- posted by chicagocane

may be the best post on here becaUse it is the trUth - great post

if we didnt play "assignment football" or @ least attempt to play it then we woUld have gotten beat 81 - 23!!!

we were jUst not prepared for the train that ran Us over - that offense is impossible to simUlate in practice.

As always GO CANES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

my mom is dead ... thanks

Totally out coached. Totally unprepared. Where was the defense that stopped Oklahoma cold with a similar offense for so many years when they were the best in the country?

Same kids as last week, same talent, humiliated!> Coaching!

Tell me I didn't see Robert Marve walk to the line of scrimmage look right at the receiver he intended to throw the ball to, push his hands done two times , take the snap take two steps back and throw directly at that receiver. The defensive end of Tech saw the same thing but like me was so surprised Marve actually threw the ball he almost dropped it. Why, everytime (almost) a pass was thrown to a Miami receiver did he have at least two sometimes three defenders around him? Tech had Miami's offense down cold.Coaching! NO innovation! Miami kids might be young but they are NOT stupid.

Third quarter, quarterback sneak for a touchdown; looking at the play from the overhead camera, not a green jersey in sight. Honestly, my sixteen year old daughter could scored.

The entire coaching staff needs to take a long look in the mirror, reflect for a moment, go into the locker room apologize to those kids for a dismal job on the coaching staffs part in front of a national audience, regroup, PREPARE and have a positive end to a much, much better season than last years.

Manny, I have to agree with you. Here are my thoughts:

Coming into this season, I knew the passing offense was going to struggle with 2 freshman QBs, young WRs and a suspect O-line. I hoped the running game would be good with James and Cooper but then James went down which really hurt. I've been confused with Nix's playcalling at times but the real culprit on this team is the Defense.

Other than the Florida game, if you look at the other 3 losses, the problem has been the defense. The Defense wilted in the 2nd half against UNC, was absolutely abysmal against FSU and was absolutely embarrassed last night. Despite beating up on some terrible offenses, this Defense is not very good.

Breaking down our defense, IMO, there isn't one area that stands out as about average. This secondary is the worst unit Miami has had since the probation years. I doubt there is even one NFL caliber DB. The LBs aren't much better. Spence should be a stud and McCarthy was a nice player before going down, but the rest of the LBs have proven to be busts. The DLine is merely average as well. Forston, Bailey and Robinson may be future stars, but there are no other standouts in the group. Our D has talent, but it is young and obviousoly not ready for primetime.

As upset as I was last night, I still feel like things are going in the right direction. However, the rise back to dominance is, obviously, further away than we thought after the 5 game winning streak. I expect improvement on both sides of the ball next with a look to contending nationally by 2010.

It's tough for any QB when it's a jailbreak through our o-line every time the ball is snapped. Tom Brady would stuggle with our o-line.

OH no! We suck again!

I'm not as convinced as some about the OC situation. Don't get me wrong, I've been frustrated as well and maybe I'm just fearful of having to take another step back by bringing in a new guy, but I'm just not convinced that our struggles can be traced to one thing. If I'm wrong, someone please explain to me why Notre Dame's offense has dropped off so much in the last two years with a supposed offensive mind like Charlie Weiss or why UCLA's offense is ranked 106 with Norm Chow or why Chuck Long at San Diego St can't seem to produce anything on offense since he left OU. Hell, as powerful on offense as the Gators are now, they weren't a juggernaut the year they won the title. The true test of their offensive staff will come after Tebow leaves. If their offensive is still prolific then I'll give them credit.

I do agree that our offense seems to look better when Jacory's in there, but I also recognize that not one element of our offense is great. Our O-line is pretty average, our QBs are young/inexperience, and our receivers are likewise young/inexperience. Our backs are pretty good, but not great. If you're going to run a pro offense (as most on this blog prefer), what the hell do you expect to accomplish when significant pieces are not where they need to be yet. Every team knows that the key to beating us is attacking the line of scrimmage to stop the run FIRST and foremost.

My only criticism of Nix is not utilizing the backs in the passing game to take advantage of the opposing front seven being so aggressive at the line of scrimmage. I really feel that Cooper isn't the ideal between the tackles runner, but would be excellent on swing passes, wheel routes, and anything that lets him catch the ball in space and on the move. Same with JJ...I think using both of them (as well as the TEs) in the passing game is how you loosen up the opposing front seven.

However, its becoming clear to me that Nix's philosophy prefers to emphasize the WRs in a vertical passing game. But because of the inexperience (not to mention frequent drops), we're just not there yet.

I want ONE reporter or media person to ask a direct question to Nix: "Why did you call a shotgun passing play on 4th and 1?" I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to hear what he has to say.

I agree with the observation about us not having an offensive identity, and that some of Nix's playcalling sucks.

At the same time, Nix has been pretty good much of the season.

I think that if JACORY HARRIS was the QB all season, with the same playcalling, we'd score 10 more points per game on average. Think about it!!

I am so glad everyone is finally hearing what my dad and I have screamed all season.


Scoring more points than the other team- that's what matters. And I hope hope hope he is the starter next year.

I also hope Marve doesn't transfer. But next year, Harris should be the QB the entire game, but when we're winning by a ton and the score is out of reach- then we can play Marve.

Bottom line, Ga. Tech has our number. We can't beat 'em. Their schemes year after year dominate ours whether it was in the OB or,..whatever. Redskins can't beat Steelers, Canes can't beat Ga. Tech. And this ain't musical chairs. No team EVER won anything rotating QB's. This calls into question Coach's decision making. Shape up or ship out. Wasn't that the phrase during WW II?

I've been just as frustrated with the Offense. I've been very critical of Nix this year and his playcalling. Obviously, the Offense is young and has struggled at times. However, we've had success when we've opened it up...think 2nd half of the Duke game, against FSU and end of the UVA game. The problem is, as I see it, Shannon and Nix go conservative with the Offense and try to win with Defense. The UCF, WF and Va. Tech games are perfect examples of this. IMO, Shannon and Nix need to take off the training wheels and start attacking down the field.

Md Cane,

Last year against GTech, Nix called a great game. There were 5-7 bombs (no pun intended) where receivers were running free down the field, but Wright/Freeman couldn't connect. That's why we lost last year...it wasn't the OC.

Its Been 7 years now that we don't have an Offense
It zux. NIX NIX NIX NIX NIX same lame plays every week. Even my sister that doen't understand football knows whats comming.
And that shotgun formation on 3erd and 1mm or 4th and 2 mm ??????
Since he was at GT he tried to outsmart other teams and always gets burned. At get many times Calvin J took them to the red zone where unexplicably he turned away from him and kept kicking field goals..Yes I remember very clearly. He just doen,t cut it.
Im tired and very pissed plus lame excuses make me sick... so NIX do the honorable thing and LEAVE...

TO all you NIX LOVERS ...STOP with the excuses.. don't you see. He cost us the FSU game when it was handed to us in silver platter, he cost us the UNC game also.
It is unexcusable not to be able to score 7 from inside the 5 when you are the one stopping yourself with dumb playcalls. Look at last game against VT, we scored a TD with JJ then again 3 times inside the 5 tried to get cute with Coop...the result 3 FG...JJ came in on the series after and run for 10.???
Yesterday 4th and 1 inch he goes to shotgun and throws the same pass as the last 4th down conversion...this time it was covered by two guys...

With NIX we are going no where..

This bargain low budget coach does't cut it.. So open your wallet and lets get a REAL OC.....

TO all you NIX LOVERS ...STOP with the excuses.. don't you see. He cost us the FSU game when it was handed to us in silver platter, he cost us the UNC game also.
It is unexcusable not to be able to score 7 from inside the 5 when you are the one stopping yourself with dumb playcalls. Look at last game against VT, we scored a TD with JJ then again 3 times inside the 5 tried to get cute with Coop...the result 3 FG...JJ came in on the series after and run for 10.???
Yesterday 4th and 1 inch he goes to shotgun and throws the same pass as the last 4th down conversion...this time it was covered by two guys...

With NIX we are going no where..

This bargain low budget coach does't cut it.. So open your wallet and lets get a REAL OC.....

Yeah, it sucked, yeah it was an asswuppin, but I agree with the reasonable posts--I'm sure it was a painful but crucial learning experience for these kids, and besides, 6 months ago you probably would've given a kidney to be 7-4 (and likely 8-4) and have things looking as good as they are for next year. So we looked like a bunch of freshmen and sophomores last night. Well, we are. How many Canes are going to get drafted AT ALL (forget the 1st round) this year? Hard to win with little or no upperclassmen contributing significantly. Shannon seems to be building a winning culture and a solid foundation (for years to come). Young looks like a truly solid hire (last night notwithstanding--we did mention Fresh and Soph everywhere, right?). Our D is going to be scary good. And as to Nix, I'll admit I'm still not sure, BUT, until we have a healthy O-line and receivers that catch the ball consistently and a quarterback with more than like 5 minutes of experience (and a little more depth everywhere) then he gets a little more time to work ('cause yeah, implementing a whole new offense again every couple of years is REAL helpful). Let's wait until next year before passing judgment on the OC. In the meantime, chin up, Canes, it's only one game, one more to go and then a bowl--you've had a great year and we're proud of you (and feel free to disregard some of the more colorful psychotic shyte you read on here). Go Canes!

Had a chance to watch the 'Canes live. There's no comparison, Harris has much better field vision and decision-making. Marve can really only make a down-the-field thrown when he has a good 5 seconds to sit in the pocket or when he runs around for 5-10 seconds and then throws. Jacory can drop back and throw; Favre is basically Kyle Wright with better scrambling/running ability; he has no field vision at this point. 4 years ago at Tech Wright dropped back about 9 times and was sacked on 5 (if I remember correctly). Marve demonstrates that same ability--or lack of ability--at this point. Hopefully it will change, but with Kyle it never did.

Here's my open letter to Jacory: If the coaching staff wants to play Marve over you--transfer. There's no way based on what I've seen so far this year Marve should be playing so much more than Harris.

Yes, why is Cooper running the ball so much? Baby J is way better. He can break an arm tackle, has better vision, and falls forward. Cooper does too much dancing.

Finally, our guys looked little. I guess that's what happens when we have so many freshmen out there, but they were boys against men and it showed.

Reporting from the Virgin Islands, huh? Did you seriously cover this game on TV?

NJCane, you are right on. We had some momentum last night after getting the field goal with Jacory leading the way. Marve came in and it was 3 and out--again. There was no confidence out there with Marve. Seems the WRs know if they're open they're really not going to get the ball as Marve can't see 'em and is too busy running around in the pocket.

You've hit the nail on the head with our secondary Manny, it really is a true weakness of the team. Both our Corners and Safties, seem to avoid contact by all means necessary.

Miami needs to avoid recruiting guys under 6' 190 to play saftey, it doesnt work. The guys back there are getting out muscled, and know it, therefore makes them afraid to hit period.

Reddick may be ok in coverage, but this guy has missed almost 10 tackles a game seriously!!

Back in the day our Corners and Saftey's came up to put a dent in a guys chest. Now they's waiting for the guy to run by, to attempt catching a shoe-string. Absolutely Horrible!! The only guy back there that i say showing a little effort was #29, even though he's young, so i give him credit for his effort.

Overall, this kind of offense exposed our youth, it take time to learn how to defend this kind of attack, and will all those guys have been taking in all season, by learning on the run, it was bound to happen.

I really dont think this would have happened against a regular offense. This was a squere one type of game, too much to know, not enough time to learn for the young guys on this one...

That game last night was another version of the 40-3 ass whooping put on us by LSU in the Peach Bowl. LSU was more prepared, energetic, and they run fake punts and went for it on 4th down all night. They basically came out and punched us in the mouth and Tech did same last night.

That loss will set us back years. Technically we were 7-3 but the reality is the O is as bad as ever with not really much promise. We were winning at VA because of missed field goals and if Duke's WR could hold on to a few balls they would have beaten us too. The VA Tech game was good, but our inconsistency is the same as it was under Coker. We're not anywhere back to being "back." You don't get man-handled in that fashion when you're "back."

New blog entry by Manny.

When Miami played UVA, I wrote on this blog Nix needed to imrove his play call, and I got critize for it. This is the very reason I said it. I knew there was going to be a time where the defense wasnt going to be able to contain the other team offense, and our offense needed to step up. Well, that game was yesterday, and our offense was really lame.

Now, if Nix wants to keep his job, he better start Harris for the next game. This is the only way he is going to be able to keep his job. Harris makes him look better. Harris understand that running is the last option not the 2nd option when dropping back to pass. Marve just won't cut it when it comes down to put big numbers. We saw it against VT when he wasn't able to punch the ball in the end zone, and we saw it against GT.

I hope this next game Nix understand the situation he is in. When commentators on TV are questioning the way you call your plays, you know is time to do something about it.

I watch the game against UNC, and GT.The big differense was the DBs from NC they were physical, and they were hitting instead of waiting to be hit. Miami is young and not very physical when it comes down our DBs. Give them one more year where they can bulk up, and get to be more aggresive. Will see what happen then.

since Manny hasn't answered my questions, i'm gonna copy/paste this from the gameday blog:

First of all, I just wanna say I'm glad this happened in a way. This team (as well as its fanbase) needed to be brought back down to earth a little bit before the 2009 season. Hopefully we can beat NC State and get to a new year's eve bowl game across an SEC team (a great test for this team)...next year we'll be in the preseason top 25, this will likely be Jacory's team, and with a win over Oklahoma we could suddenly be in the national title picture.

Some questions for Manny:
1. Who do you think will be the starter next year at QB?
2. What do you think we can expect from Nix's offense next year? Obviously he's going to open it up at least a little more now that his kids have a year under their belt.
3. In that same vein, do you think it's possible we could see a little bit more of a conventional rotating QB system with substitutions coming in the middle of drives?

Thanks in advance.

8-4 (hopefully),7-5 and going to a bowl is much better than 5-7 and staying at home. All you haters on here who bash on the kids because they didn't come from Northwest & Booker T and bring Miami a national championship are closet Nick Saban fans anyway who probably hate on Shannon because thats who you want to coach Miami. As far as the players needing to hit the weight room alot of the kids are still growing and the strength will come along. Yes the O-Line is not as dominant as I would like to see but I'm sure this will be adressed in recruiting. It took Bill Young a few years before the defense became dominant @ Kansas but yes Shannon needs to re-evaluate his offense.

There will be changes next week. Jacory will play more next week . He's more comfortable back there than Marve. And he sees the field better. It will be some changes Next year, I can't see Nix being here next year. Last season Shannon got rid of the DC, so expect a new OC, that will bring some creativity to the Offense. Better play from the LB's . Spence is balling for a freshman, DB's are small and not physical enough to shed off blocks and able to play man to man.I like that we are improving, another good recruiting class will get us over the top.

MAX- Thanks for the intelligent reply (not so used to getting those when talking to Canes fans).

Perhaps some Gators fans are arrogant. But at this point we have a right to be, our team is good, our team is better than yours, we are consistently playing well and putting ourselves in the position to be in and win championship games. And, we've done it in two sports. It doesn't matter what happened in the last 25 years...it is about now...time to stop living in the past.

When the Canes were dominating and being arrogant, Gators fans didn't give them crap about it. They said, you know what, they deserve the ability to do so. Yet when the shoe is on the other foot, Canes fans go crazy because they are not in the position to compete with what the Gators are doing right now.

In fact, the Canes aren't even good now and their fans are STILL arrogant! It is absurd.

So yes, it is jealousy. And there is NOTHING WRONG with jealously at all. If the shoe was on the other foot, I'd be jealous as hell. The difference is, I can admit it.

I wanted to write my own column this morning about last nights game and the overall effect, short and long term, it will have on the program. The aftermath of last night will have no short term effect on this team or program. Dell Shannon will turn the page to NC State and the young bucks will follow. The "closer" mentality that Shannon possesses will have nothing but a positive effect on this team. Long term, the canes staff learned that unless we can recruit defensive backs that don't wear skirts as a preferred type of dress, we will never compete with G Tech and they will remain a thorn in the programs side. Grant, Harris, Johnson, and even Reddick would be lucky to stop my local pee wee running backs and qb's. They were sealed off by the G Tech wide receivers play after play and when given the opportunity to make a tackle when unblocked, they o-layed at the ball carry as a courtesy effort at best. Until we get another Ed Reed, S Taylor, or K Phillips out there who takes pleasure in blowing up ball carriers and sending these backs hobbling to the sideline, our run defense on the edge will always suffer. Do these guys have the heart to tackle? They are so soft and unwilling to put their bodies on the line its ridiculous. Outside of the d linemen and linebacking core, Sam shields is the biggest animal we have. This kid loves to hit anything that moves at full speed. That is the mentality we need back in our defensive backfield. Let's face it; these guys don't like to hit people and to make matters worse, they can't cover the opposing receivers either. This is by far the worse collections of db's ever at the U at one time. Toast Johnson is a disgrace and should not even don the orange and green. Van Dyke, Nicolas, Grant, and Harris? Who can actually play from this group? Stop protecting Harris. The kid was given a chance to play and has a long way to go. 3 picks have hit his hands and fell to the ground..and you guessed it, he doesn't tackle well either. Will Campbell, Holton, or Telemaque bring help? I hope so; this group needs it in the worse way. Memo to this group: Grow a pair, talk to Ed Reed, have pride, and come out and play like a heat seeking missile. Get in someone’s face and abuse them. Nobody used to want to throw the ball against us. Nationally we were always ranked as one of the top D Backfields in the country. That needs to return!!!
I apologize for the rant; I just had to get that off my chest. Back to the game.

Offensively, I thought that Kirby played pretty well. He did a good job on all those 3 and outs and he was very efficient in the red zone. Of his 2 td passes, I thought the one to Johnson was a great read and the catch Johnson made for a guy his side was ill. The catch was impressive, but more so, the speed he showed running away from Kirby was off the NFL charts.

No seriously, its time that Marve consider transferring or holding the clip board. We have been down this road before and unless this program wants to be a middle of the road team, Marve can not be the trigger guy. It's so apparent by body language that the offense knows Jacory is the leader and he is the guy that can turn this group into a top 10 offense. Everyone plays with a quicker hop in their step when he is running the show. I was baffled by the decision to remove Harris from the game after he led us to the field goal, slicing the lead to 10-3. 2 plays later, 17-3, and he comes Kirby, I mean Robert. I didn't realize the offensive philosophy was to accumulate as many 3 and outs as possible. It is of this reporter’s opinion that Marve is being given the most opportunities so that his benching or removal from the program can be justified next year or even as early as our bowl game. It makes sense! Think about it. Give him the bulk of the snaps in our losses, and he can't cry when moving aside for Jacory. The stats will back up this decision and prove the coaching staff gave him the playing time they promised him when recruiting him. This qb situation is the only position I see where the playing time is not being earned. Dell has always said, week to week, practice to practice, guys have the opportunity to earn the starting position. Is Jacory that bad in practice? Is he Doctor Jeckle? Cause when on the field, whether Thursday or Saturday, he has outplayed Kirby every step of the way. Some guys have IT, and some don't. Marve works hard and is a fiery guy who can have a positive effect on the team...from the sideline. We all have that feeling in our gut when he is in the game. Is he going to throw a pick? Will he start too run after one read? Will he drop the loaf of bread on the turf? When is Bosher coming on the field? 3 and out again. Damn it. You all know what I am talking about. However, when Jacory is in, the offense is popping and we know we are going to get points. Last night, Harris did the following.

1st series - pick, after picking up 1 first down.( the pick was thrown a little to the inside, but Byrd did not aggressively attack the catch )
2nd series - field goal
3rd series - td, failed 2 pt conversion
4th series - 4 and out - a questionable play call on 4th and 1 cost him that drive
5th series - td

As a coach, I think the kid was pretty efficient. Let’s close the book on the qb's and hope that the coaching staff is playing the trump card I presented earlier. ps. anyone watch the sons of anarchy? See the episode where they burned the club tattoo off the back of the former member? That should be done to Kirby with his big "U" tat on his back.

Running backs - Cooper, not Warren Sapp should be the hurricane representing the canes on dancing with the stars. His stuttering in the hole and fears of going straight ahead is costing us 2nd and 3rd and long all day every day. Unless you can drive a Mack truck thru the hole, he can't get yardage. Again, I know you can all see this, why can't the coaches? I know he has been our only option, supposedly; but how bad are mcneil, chambers, and thomas? With baby j nicked all year, cooper has been the guy we HAD to play? That makes me sick. Every time cooper tries to make a move and juke a defender, he falls flat on his face. I have never known a "yard line" to be the leading tackler for the opposition. You would think the fields are laced with trip wires, like a mine field when he carries the ball. He is not the answer and I pray that baby is healthy next year. I also pray that brown, miller, or james can bring the thunder like backs of the past. Can one of those 3 incoming freshman be the next clinton, willis, or frank? Please let it be. We need a running game and cooper is not our guy.

Receivers - after watching the game, I truly believe that they don't want to catch anything that marve throws there way..If it’s within a 10 yards of them and not over or under thrown. a johnson is money when j harris throws him the ball. byrd needs work on his routes and needs to develop the "I am a beast" attitude. Go see m robinson for help with this. davon johnson needs more pt. hankerson is a bust. kayne needs to go home. collier will be special. I also think its time to get sam shields the ball. next year, johnson, benji, shields, and byrd can be a special group. throw in tommy streeter and an improved johnson and we will light up the scoreboard.

o-line - I thought they did a decent job protecting. I feel that they look worse than they are when kirby is un the game. when harris is playing, they look fine to me. harris avoids pressure by sliding in the pocket and gets rid of the ball quickly. he gets thru his reads in a heartbeat and he has that qb clock in his head. baby j looks great running the ball when harris is in the game which appears to make the line, once again, look fine to me.

defensively, we got abused last night. others want to blame assignment football as the culperate, or romeo davis. when is glenn cook going to be held accountable? how about the defensive backs that could not get off my daughters blocks (she's 1 years old). whether they were ran out of the play while looking pass, or whether they knew it was a run, collectively as a group, they were always 10 yds off the line of scrimmage on each play. bad coaching? nah! soft lil beeyatches? yes.

d-line - not horrible. they were burned a few times up the gut, but they played the best of any group on the field. I felt we should have gone to a 3-4 last night with a nose guard on the center all night. make the linemen come out and have to chase the linebackers. butch davis sure knew how to defend that offense. and that is not a stab at randy or bill, because I love both of those guys. but what did we go over in the film room this past week? what was the scout team running? the d-line should make tackles within a 7 yard buffer zone. in the backfield or a 2-4 yd gain. we did that well last night in certain situations. once the offense penetrated past the first level of our defense, it was goodnight Irene.

linebackers - if we could have cloned spence and had 3 of him on the field we may have been ok. not to say sean didn't miss some plays, but he was the standout of the group. I am not going to kill romeo because he is not that good to begin with. cook however gets praise from everyone and has played down a notch or 2 all year. they say he is a smart guy who is like another coach on the field. maybe his future is in the booth and not on the field. nothing wrong with that. maybe we should try that against nc state. suit up bill young and give cook the head set upstairs. b young can't do any worse in my eyes. next year with futch, cooky, spence, brown, colin, and sharpton we will be fine. remember, robinson and bailey could also get time there if needed.

d backs - I have already gone there, back let’s go back again. I had too much fun with this before to miss another opportunity. tackling drills? heart? willingness to make an actual tackle? intelligence? guts to put your eyes in the backfield and anticipate the run? get off a block? hit someone or something? catch a ball thrown near you? fight for a ball? buy a clue vanna? this group makes me sick every week and its stopping our defense from being the defense everyone was talking about before last nights game. when was the last time a d-back put fear in a receiver coming over the middle? when is the last time we picked off a pass? when is the last time we knocked a pass down? the d-backs only succeed when the opposition’s offense fails.

I think the coaching staff did the same type of job they have been doing. They are building the future with the young guys and growing frustrated by the older players. could bill young have made better adjustments at halftime? I think so. but maybe he did and they didn't execute. I mean we know that coaches can't tackle from the sideline.
nixer was the same as he has been during the win streak. call conservative plays for marve; qb draws, 2 yd losses for coop, and 3rd and long over throws by marve. for harris, the book opens up and nixer looks like a good coordinator. funny how an 18yr old can get you a contract extension or get you fired. nixer should talk to dell about playing jacory all the time so he can keep his job. if marve keeps playing nixer will be fired within 18 months.
and finally, dell shannon. I love that guy on the sidelines and I love the gambles he always takes. the kids really respond to him and we will be fine. mark it down. With Jacory at QB, Shannon will have his first National Championship within the next 3 years.


The fact that you spend your time capitalizing all the U's in a sentence makes you a clown.

Pay me $400,00 and I can put a bunch of offensive plays in a hat and pull them out at random and you can call me the offensive coordinator for the Canes.
I do not like to beat a man when he is down but this UM offense has not gotten any better since day 1.
Unfortunately, I do not have an answer but someone better come up with one soon or else this team will look very similar to the path Reggie Balls career took.

Adam S., if you were jealous of the 'canes over the last 2 decades or so, then what can I say? That's pathetic!

How long have you lived in Florida, 10 years or less??? There is no fan base in the state that comes close to the arrogance displayed by your average Gator fan! 99% of your fans are giving the rest of you a bad name!

Go 'canes!!

Right on Reggie N. I think most here are on the same page with our evals. However, it's a little unfair to compared Jacory's end of game stuff as the tech numbnutz around me informed me their 2nd and 3rd stringers were in here. However, I thought during the first half Jacory clearly showed he can move the ball better than Marve. I completely agree it was a mistake when they brought Marve back in in the 2nd quarter; that ended the game right there.

Sarasota- I've lived here my entire life.

Why would it be pathetic to be jealous of a team that plays well and wins all the time? Every team that loses a championship is jealous of the winner. Every team that sucks (Clippers, Mets) is jealous of another team (Lakers, Yankees.)

To say no fan base in this state comes close to the arrogance of Florida is RIDICULOUS. The Canes are the kings of arrogance. You call yourselves "The U" and refuse to give any other team credit for doing well as long as you're doing poorly.

Not only are you jealous and arrogant, 99% of YOUR fan base are idiots. And for you not to be able to admit that most of the hate from your base comes out of jealousy and because they SHOULD NOT at this moment be arrogant, even though you are ANYWAY just shows that you are part of that 99%.

Cane fans.....first, I'm very proud of my Jackets for playing that well against an incredibly athletic defense. I'm chiming in about P Nix.....he is terrible. Take it from someone that suffered through his mediocre coaching for several years (he was GT's OC before coming to Mia). The biggest indictment against him was not playcalling (although is WAS very vanilla), it was QB DEVELOPMENT. Reggie Ball was entirely P Nix's project. In four years as a starter, Reggie did not improve, he in fact got worse. This is not the player, it is COACHING. And P Nix's title was "Offensive Coordinator and Quarterbacks Coach".......In watching the Canes, I'm seeing the same sort of uneven, schizophrenic QB play I used to see at GT......Randy Shannon is the bomb, he will have the U competing for championships soon enough, but you've got to dump the OC.......TRUST ME.

Our biggest problems aside from Nix's playcalling on offense in short yardage situations is that our offensive line is just about the worse I've ever seen. There are no running lanes for backs to run through to get to the 2nd level and when a QB takes a snap whether it be under center or in the shotgun he has no time to throw the ball before they have someone chasing them down. It is not Marves fault the offense doesn't move with any consistentsy, it's the lines fault. I have watch the games this year and when Marve or Harris is in there they have zero time to pass. And when Marve is in there recievers like Aldarius Johnson half a . s. s. try to give any effort to make a catch on a pass from Robert Marve. It's clear that he and a few others do not try to work for Marve at all but when Jacory is in there AJ tries to make Harris look like Elway. That is pathetic. I applaud Robert Marve for maintaining his mental toughness when it is obvious he is getting a major screw job by the guys he is depending on most. And the int he threw last night was not his fault it was his lineman's fault for not getting the defender down on the ground. Jacory is a good talent but he has little arm strength and those lollipop passes he throws would be intercepted by a good secondary anyway. When nix learns how to call plays to keep the chains moving and these recievers grow up mentally and accept their BUDDY from high school is not the QB then and only then will this offense have an idenity. I just hope Robert Marve isn't made a scapegoat for these jerkoffs selfishness and terrible line play.

I have to agree with you Knox Jacket. By the way congradulations on the win last night even though it was against my Canes. I watched Reggie Ball as a freshman and all be it he did not have the ability our guys had he never progressed under Nix he just regressed. I do not understand even with freshmen prodominatley on the offensive side of the ball how or why we are not attacking with all the talent we have here at the skill positions. I understand the continuity issue by Randy who I feel has done a great job with this team and is the man as well, but Nix has got to crap or get off the pot. I've only seen one game that an offense he ran attacked and that was a few years ago in the bowl game when Talor Bennent came out and torched West Virginia in the first half. Other than that it has been pretty lame and pathetic offense out of Nix.

Miami lost because they were out of position on defense and when they were in the right place they could not make a tackle. They were punked by a team that was tougher, more physical, hungrier and better prepared.
This was a total team loss, but the defense was awful. Embarassing.

Fire Nix....Start Harris! When Marve is in there I find myself hoping for first downs and no picks. When Harris is in there I expect to score everytime.

Marve is in there and it's a struggle to move the ball. It feels like we are running in mud. Harris always looks in control. It feels right even when he makes a mistake. The offense just moves SOOOO much smoother and we look fast.

RS is great, though stubborn. B. Young is great. We can see the bigtime potential in those guys as the program continues to grow. Nix is the weak link here and let's not have this bite us in the butt down the road.


Is stubbornness more important to RS than winning? More important than giving playing time to the obvious better QB?


Free Jacory!

Hey Adam... I live in Gator Country and I can tell you most gator fans are arrogant a-holes.
Yes, every fan group has thier share and Miami is no exception, but UF fans are the worst.
Florida may be winning now, but even when they were mediocre thier fans acted like thier sh#@ did not stink.
By the way, you happen to be showing your ignorance by coming onto a UM site to post your UF dribble. WTF? Go away.

I'll be heading up to Atlanta in a few weeks for a Championship game...Any nice restaurants any of U can recommend ?

Welcome back to planet Earth U guys

nevermind, I forgot, U guys are used to getting Ur Lunch SERVED to U ...

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