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Georgia Tech loss a humbling experience

ST. THOMAS, Virgin Islands -- University of Miami coach Randy Shannon said earlier this week it would likely take his defense about a quarter to get adjusted to the speed of Georgia Tech's Triple Option offense. He miscalculated. The Hurricanes never did.

And the result was one of the worst defensive nights in Canes' history. The Yellow Jackets ran through, around and past Miami Thursday night, shredding the Canes for 472 yards rushing in a 42-23 blowout victory that hurt badly. The most heartbreaking part for fans of the U is that the Canes had just returned to the national polls this week (for the first time since 2006) and were in position to punch their ticket to the ACC Title game. Now, the ranking is sure to be history and those hopes of reaching the conference title game will require a few lucky bounces to go UM's way.

While I'm interested in hearing what Shannon has to say tomorrow, I wanted to pass along my thoughts and observations and get your thoughts once U have been able to cool down.

> THE BIGGEST FAILURE: We all knew coming in Georgia Tech's triple option offense was not only one of the best in the country, but Anthony_reddickthat it was going to be a major challenge for the Hurricanes to stop. While the lead story is that the Yellow Jackets piled up the second-most yards allowed on the ground all-time by a UM team (Auburn had 536 rushing yards in 1944), they basically did it with a rag-tag group of guys. Quarterback Josh Nesbitt wasn't even close to 100 percent, yet still torched the Canes. Jonathan Dwyer, who didn't even play in the second half, had 128 yards on 10 carries. ESPN's announcers said before the game the Yellow Jackets were already thin along their line and in the second quarter put in a former running back who weighed all of 254 pounds.

Defensive line coach Clint Hurtt told me earlier this week Shannon first began throwing the triple option at the defense during Miami's bye-week two weeks ago. But it's obvious the Canes were completely fooled by it. Romeo Davis was completely out of position on the big runs up the middle. And Miami's cornerbacks never really got into help. What I'm trying to decide in my head is what this really says about UM's defense. Before the blowout loss Thursday, Miami had been doing a pretty good job stopping the run since they got lit up by Florida State. In three of their five wins, UM had held their opponents to 78 yards or less on the ground. I think what Thursday's loss showed us was just how much this team needs the right kind of matchup to win games on defense. When Miami faces option running quarterbacks, it struggles, especially sticking to assignments. Thursday was quite literally the worst kind of matchup for Miami because it had to guard against four guys running the football on each play. That's too much for an overachieving linebacking corps (who has one real star in Sean Spence) that sorely misses Colin McCarthy.

> THE BIGGEST CRITICISM: Offensive coordinator Patrick Nix has long been under the gun here for his playcalling -- much like any Patrick_nixoffesive coordinator in the country who isn't winning or scoring 50 points. I've been 50-50 on Nix during his time here because I thought he's done some really good things and some really bad things with this offense. But nothing has been worse in my eyes than a few decisions he made Thursday. There were at handful of plays when Miami had 3rd down and 2 yards or less. And each time, he lined up his quarterback in the shotgun. While I understand Georgia Tech's front four could be one of the best in the country and obviously did a great job shutting down Miami's running game Thursday, I find it disturbing Nix left all the pressure on his quarterbacks to make tough plays on those downs. He's preached -- along with Shannon -- that wouldn't be the case.

But ultimately, what bothers me most about what Nix has done this season is this: in 11 games he still hasn't been able to figure out what offense he wants UM to be. Each week, it's a different look. One week, its Marve and Harris running sprint option against Wake Forest. The next, it's five wide, spread it out against Virginia Tech. We were told at the start, this was going to be a team in which Javarris James and Graig Cooper were going to carry the load. We were told the strength of the team was the offensive line. What is Miami's offensive identity? Honestly, I couldn't tell you.

> THE HOT TOPIC - QUARTERBACKS: Speaking of the quarterbacks, the final stats will tell you Jacory Harris (13-18, 162, 2 TDs, 1 INT) had a better night than Robert Marve (10-20, 121 yards, 1 TD, 1 INT). And while it's a fact Harris picked up most of Robert_marvethose stats in garbage time when the game had already been decided, he once again looked like the more cool, calm passer in the pocket. While Marve made some amazing plays, avoiding sacks and then finding receivers downfield, it always seems to me when Marve is in the game Miami's offense as a whole feels flushed, frenetic and frustrated. Maybe it's just me, but everytime Harris is in there, he just looks a lot cooler, calmer and commanding than Marve. I highly doubt Shannon will go back on his word this coming week and start Harris in front of Marve in Miami's regular season final at N.C. State. But I've at least seen enough through 11 games to know who I like better as Miami's quarterback.

> THE Z-FACTOR -- MISSING BENJAMIN: Miami didn't lose Thursday because it lost Travis Benjamin (again) to an ankle injury (again) in the first quarter. But there's no doubt this team has missed Benjamin's presence on the field. Those long, uplifting, get the team excited returns Benjamin used to provide aren't happening anymore and the explosive receiver opponents were forced to cover because of his speed is also gone. That's hurting Miami much worse than U think. Benjamin is a special player. And when he's around, he makes his teammates better.

> THE BOTTOMLINE: The ultimate feeling I got when the 41-23 beatdown came to an end was this -- this UM football team is good, but not as good as that five-game winning streak and all that ACC title talk made us believe. Don't get me wrong, what Randy Shannon has accomplished this season with a group of young freshman and sophomores deserves credit. Most experts figured Miami would be 4-7 now and not 7-4. It's found some amazing leaders for the future, guys who can make this team very good in years to come. But this football team -- the one playing in 2008 -- has simply been a product of overachievement.

Matt_bosherHere's what UM's success this season has been built on: an amazing season out of Matt Bosher (UM doesn't beat Virginia Tech or Wake Forest without him); much faster returns from its receivers and quarterbacks than was expected (UM doesn't come back to beat Virginia and Duke without Jacory Harris, Aldarius Johnson and company); and a pretty good coaching job by defensive coordinator Bill Young (who worked wonders for five weeks turning what had been a bad defense into one that did enough to win some tough games against decent ACC competition).

But there are still some rather large holes on this team that have just been covered up by overachievement. Miami's offensive line sorely needs at least another two to three more Jason Foxes (they've been getting away with project guys like Chris Rutledge for too long). The secondary needs major work -- especially at corner and free safety (Bruce Johnson is a great guy, not a great corner). The defensive tackles -- the young guys who are good and not the older overachievers -- still need to grow up (Joe Joseph, Dwayne Hendricks are average at best). Ditto for the linebackers (the Arthur Browns, Ramon Buchanon and Jordan Futche's on this team). Thursday night was a tough, humbling experience for Miami's young football team. But really, it should have also been for U too.


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Add me to the JACORY SHOULD START list. He's earned it!


Come on CJ. you can't possibly think that these players are black balling Marve. AJ dropped passes for Harris too. And no mtter how you try to put it. That picked Marve threw was his fault. He threw it in the defensive ends chest and even if the block was to take him out (which he couldn't because the end was playing the pass) no one was open. Collier was playing hard and so was Zellner at times. Last night Harris had the more effective game with the amount of reps he had.

And UM fans lets quit talking about Harris has a week arm. His passes do not sore in the air. They are precise and accurate. We haven't seen him struggle to throw the deep ball yet. Dorsey had a very weak arm and many of you praise him. Harris doesn't have the weapons Dorsey had( at least not now) and he is doing fine. Now CJ if anything Harris pick was the receiver's fault everyone knows that on a comeback route you do just that comeback.

I like both qb's but lets not discredit one for the other. Harris played better than Marve last night. In other past games it was vis versa.

472?!!! We suck! We will never return to greatness. We probably wont ever beat Georgia Tech.....ever. Oh well, I guess it's time for all of us to go home and sit on our thumbs. Anybody else game?

We aren't as good a team as some of us think. We've beaten some pretty bad teams by close scores which means we are just another team in the ACC mix right now.

UM is closer to the team that survived against UCF than the one that played UF close for 3 quarters. Our defensive players routinely blow assignments and allow opponents to break big plays. Our offensive players are the only ones being tricked by the offensive coordinator. Bill Young is as good a d-coordinator as you can find, but the players haven't absorbed enough to be successful. Pat Nix can't call a smash-mouth game, he simply prefers finess offense. Our offensive line stinks and our QB's (both) can't sustain rythum for multiple games.

What we've see this season are flashes of potential, nothing more. We're not back yet, there's still a lot of work to do.

Funny thing about the commentators last night was the was they were gushing over this option attack. GT was very good. We were very bad.

There's a reason the option went by the way of the Switzers and Osborns of the world. Good, fast, disciplined 'D' shuts it down. Period. We where none of the above last night.

I feared this type of game. Maybe we needed it.

Let's bounce back. Let's get a convincing win at State next week, hope Gator calls, and impress vs. the Irish.


It is not ignorance, moron, I began this conversation by speaking honestly and openly about the Canes. I have more intelligence in my pinky than you do in your entire body.

It is not a surprise that, as a Canes fan, you feel Gators fans are arrogant a-holes. Just as I, who live in South Florida, feel the exact same way about Canes fans.

You think UF fans acted like their crap didn't stink when we were mediocre? LOOK WHO IS TALKING! Your fans are the KINGS of that. It is pathetic.

I suggest you learn something about college football before answering someone like me. Because I will win each and every argument, especially when you try to tell me the Gators are more pompous or arrogant than your fans are! Pathetic.

"Florida may be winning now, but even when they were mediocre thier fans acted like thier sh#@ did not stink."


They have a horrible coach that has NO SHOT at winning a National Title, much less the ACC yet Canes fans talk about a National Title next year (and after this loss it has moved to 2010).

If you get a real head coach, then as an FSU and Florida fan, then I would be concerned but until then, the Canes are no threat.

RANDY SHANNON= RON ZOOK WITHOUT THE EMOTION (and that might be an insult to Ron Zook).

ESPN has a poll right now that you all need to vote on and probably have.

Will the Miami Hurricanes win a National Title under Randy Shannon?


84% NO
16% yes

including every single state in the Nation including Florida having more people saying NO.

Seems like everyone in the country sees what I have been preaching to you all along.

Keep drinking the KOOL AID though. You are progressing and on the right track!

Can you please sign him to an extension then if that is the case?

I like the Randy Shannon/Ron Zook comparison, but it's not totally true right now. Urban Meyer took what was basically the same team and won, I don't think another coach could do a better job with this team. A more accomplished coach might have won the UNC game, but we would still lose to UF, GT, and FSU.

If we would've made it the ACC Championship game, we would've lost to FSU again. Teams with mobile QB's give this defense problems, see 3 of our losses.

I really believe if Miami had a caliber coach in line with their program--a top D-1 program they would turn things around and compete immediately on the national scale. I believe Miami chose the cheap road, and hired an experiment and those usually dont work. During his 2 years Shannon's teams are unprepared and undisciplined. They are lucky the ACC is so mediocore this year. The sooner they cut their losses, and hire a proven head coach, the sooner they will return. Until then it will be 4-7 loss seasons.

Randy Shannon needs 3 years in order to properly be evaluated as a head coach. It's too early to tell so I'm reserving judgement on him.

Pat Nix probably needs to go. If these kids are just not ready for primetime yet, then I want to see them take a beating from a defense. Run the ball on 4th and 1, if the stuffs it then so be it, I can accept that result. Don't cripple these kids with a huge playbook that they have trouble absorbing. We kill our own drives sometimes, doesn't inspire confidence. We can't let him learn on the job here.

Bill Young is doing great. Our defensive scheme is usually effective. We lose to physical teams, but that is what we expected. We can't ask for a better coordinator than Bill Young.

Raw - UM didn't want to spend the money 2 years ago, so we took the cheap way out and decided to let Randy learn on the job. Randy Shannon can recruit, but we're not sure he can be a head coach yet. If they are losing 4-7 games after multiple top 10 recruiting classes, Randy gets fired. He's got too many ties with South Florida high schools to get fired right now. Also, I don't think and experienced head coach makes us much better right now. In a couple of years, yes, a more experienced coach makes us a better team. UM is betting Randy's skills as a HC will match his recruiting in the next couple of years.

Hey bro that pick Marve threw was because the offensive tackle did not engage and bring the Tech player down so that was his fault the commentators even said it on the replay. So that was just as bad as Jacory's where he did not get any help from his reciever.
As far as Aldarius Johnson and others penchant for dropping his passes, just look at how the offense would stay on the field had they caught Marve's Passes. They hit him and the rest right in the hands and then fall to the ground. Just add up how many drops they have when Marve is in the game and factor them in as would be completiions and not punts and then you will see what I am speaking of. Theron Colliar you are correct about this kid he plays his heart out and he has be as dependable as any regardless of who is in there that kid just wants to win. Any way I thought that his hands was what was so great about AJ coming into this year. You mean to tell me a Defensive End has better hands than AJ and can catch a bullit 5yards from Marve but AJ and some of the others cant catch a ball 10 to 20 yards from a QB.
And harris's 2 TD came without the same pressure Marve was under the whole night.

It seem like Jacory throws a more catchable ball than Marve. Jacory is also a little more accurate, otherwise, Marve seems more mobile and has a better arm. I think Marve is the more talented QB, but Jacory seems to move the team. If I had to choose I would pick Marve. The guy is a talent.

NIX HAS TO GO!!~!!!!!!

Just another week closer to unloading some more of Coker's recruits, bringing in another great recruiting class and hopefully replacing our OC. There things take time. Go Canes.

I think Jacory Harris is the future. Maybe we should redshirt him next year and save a year of his eligibility. Next year's schedule is looking harsh anyway.

You guys are crazy only if we could take and put Sam Shields and Baby J in the games more we would win. Think about when we played UNC the last play of the game when Hankerson I believe dropped the ball Sheild wouldnt have dropped it the coaches just need more time and Im so sick and tired of hearing people call for Harris when Miami has lost it hasnt been Marves fault w/o Marve Uf would have beat us by 40+ The recievers dropped like 15 balls against Fsu and he gets no protection just like they did Kyle Wright yeah i know he sucked but when Wright got time in the pocket he usually did great things Marve should still be the starter because he is just better notice how the coaches always pull Marve when he finally gets hot

We should make the move on an OC right now. It will give the offensive guys enough time to get used to the new system. Go back to the pro-style offense, enough with the gadget plays. Get a QB coach too, don't stunt the development of our QBs.

You want to blame someone blame Donna Shalala. Ever since she came here she hasn't done dick for the football program. Great you took the cheap route on your coaches RS is not a HC sorry you dummies. Maybe you'll realize it in about three more years when we still suck. This team is soft, slow and not well coached or prepared at all. Just once I would like to hear RS say this loss is on me i'm the HC and my guys weren't prepared mentally, physically and that's my fault. But he bever will because he is a stupid arrogant hard headed dummy who shouldn't be a HC.

As someone that has season tickets to both Miami and Georgia Tech, I was at the cold Bobby Dodd stadium and saw it all. I have a couple of points, 1st you can't lean too much on Miami being young because according to NCAA stats, Georgia Tech is the youngest D1 team in the nation, so GT is younger than Miami. Next I also was at the UNC/GT game. Had GT staff checked the history books they would have found that the triple option (wishbone) offense came to an abrupt end on January 1st 1989 when U of Miami upset Barry Switzer's 'unstoppable' Oklahoma wishbone attack. The DC was a guy named Butch Davis, and that is why UNC had no problems with GT.

Let me also mention that the GT starting line-up only has 2 seniors. The oldest member of the players that scored all the offensive points in the game was a sophmore. The entire backfield is all Freshmen and Sophmores.

While I am at it, Patrick Nix is an OC in the vein of Chan Gailey, which is not a good thing. When Gailey got in trouble in 2006 he was happy to blame Nix and dump him to save face. Nix was only part of the problem so the following year Gailey goes, and GT was happy to see both Gailey and Nix go, and very surprised when the U picked Nix up. What he does is predictable. Anyone that followed GT could always tell the next play based on the time left in any quarter.

Wrek-Cane - Where were your posts during the 5 game winning streak? Have you ever been to this site as Wrek-Can? Haven't seen U on this site before so shut your Gator as* up!

Wow Rawpimple,
No I have not been on this before, but I read it from time to time. Jumping to conclusions, like you did is such a shame, because you are just wrong. I have been following the ACC since it's conception on May 8th, 1954, living in both Boca and Raleigh (where I am right now).
You are just nasty. Are you so bitter at the world that you like showing yourself as a fool? I do have season tickets to both UM (starting in 1984) and GT (starting in 1990) along with yearly seats to the Orange Bowl Game and this year the NC...but this blog is about the teams unfortunatly too much of the time too many comments come from people that think they know everything and when someone tries to be helpful, stupid people attack, and therefore continuing their ignorant ways. I feel sorry for the people around you. Now to those that have some knowledge about worldly matters with today's loss of UNC and Virginia, the ACC now comes down to Miami, GT and VT. If Virginia beats Virginia Tech next weekend, the the tiebreaker in the Coastal goes to GT.

The U is much better than they were last year so this season was a huge success! This is Jacory Harris's team next year and if the O line gets better then U have J.James, G.Cooper, A.Johnson, T.Benjamin, T.Collier, D.Johnson, L.Byrd, T.Streeter, K.Thompkins, and D.Epps who will destroy deffenses next season. Plus your getting Bryce Brown and Lamarr Miller next season, and the year after U might get Jakhari Gore, Brandon Gainer, Jeffrey Goddfrey, Joshua Reese, and Lamarcus Joyner. Things are realy looking bright for tha Canes future....................!

How much talent does Nix need to ruin before RS admits he made a mistake? Bryce Brown is the real deal but do we trust Nix to utilize him properly?? No. Please Randy we love what you have done here so far but please lets not drag this on. We will always be average at best with Nix here no matter the talent. You realized you made a mistake when you fired the D-Coord last year and now we have a real good one and though we had a rough game we all believe that Young is legit. We see improvement plus he has great credentials. That phase of our team is on the right track. But please lets get a championship OC. Nix has shown nothing to deserve more chances. If Nix stays RS job will be in jeapordy after next year. Non of us want that. FIRE NIX AFTER THIS SEASON!

Top 10 next year, and with recruiting continuing to be exceptional we'll get back to the top and we will stay there. Shannon was an excellent choice, and he wants to win, and he has tasted the highest levels of success, will not stop till he gets there...but even then he will keep going. Best of all, UM can keep him, because this is his dream job.

The offensive system sucks, Shannon need to stand up and be a coach and play one quarterback, we all know who is the better of the two, nothing against Marve but Harris is a natural leader, he has intangibles that a play book can't teach, players seem to rally around him, he really make up for bad play calling, we need to send Nix down the road, and yeah Shannon hire the wrong coach from GA.Tech he should've went after the defensive coordinator, I don't hear or see how much Kansas miss Bill Young, we can get all the recruits in the world but the worst thing about it, they got these second rated coaches coaching them. Man I want to see Nix go. please go Nix just go already. Harris will transfer if not given the starring quarterback and to tell all Canes fans the truth I won't blame him. TRUE CANE

I'm watching this OU vs TTech game and can't help but notice a few things. OU picks up penalties like crazy (things that people on this site attribute to bad coaching), but since they're winning, I guess its not a big deal for them.

They run more formations than we do, yet no one's asking what's their identity on offense. Why....because its obvious...everything starts with their offensive line. Other than a few tough runs by one of their backs, guys are getting 7 yards down the field before their met with any semblance of resistance by the defense. Sam Bradford could order coffee back there and incidentally, I've noticed that he locks in on his first read, but because the defense doesn't get any pressure and he's throwing to experience receivers, there's little risk he'll be burned.

Call me crazy, but if RM or JH were playing quarterback for OU, I think they'd also put up huge numbers...maybe not quite what Bradford's got, but good enough to have them contending for a title.

I'm on this rant b/c it reminds me what the strength of our offense was when we were title contenders. Our offensive line was incredible, so much so that Dorsey rarely got pressured let alone sacked.

As for our prospects next year, thank goodness 4 of the 5 starting offensive lineman for OU are seniors. Nevertheless, we don't have any juniors and seniors on this team that are pro prospects. We should improve and be competitive in every game, but our best players will still be just sophmores, so everyone needs to temper their expectations. It's going to take time people...chill out.

I've gone from euphoric about our UM football successes to completely scared in only a few days. I am PETRIFIED about the NC State game!

A few weeks ago, that team had a horrible record and it looked like an easy win on our schedule.

But after they destroyed UNC? After we played like garbage against Ga Tech? After we played like girls in the cold weather? After the Canes were stripped of their manhood and whatever swagger they had gained? After Shannon has again confirmed that he's going to stupidly start Marve no matter how amazing Jacory Harris plays? (yes- by doing so it seems like Shannon wants to be sure we never, ever, EVER have more than 10 points before halftime.. NEVER)

Cane fans- I am the FIRST to pray I'm wrong, but I have a lousy feeling in my stomach about our next game. We are capable of walking into NC State and playing like garbage again... being trashed and kicked in the balls.

I feel like this team must be deflated with our performance at Ga Tech and being knocked out of legitimate ACC contention, and ticked off that Shannon will CONTINUE to start Marve no matter how he plays on the field.

Anyone else worried as I am?

By the way- I am almost praying we don't get back into the hunt and win the ACC and play a team like an Oklahoma, Alabama, USC, or Texas Tech in the Orange Bowl.

Don't you fellas realize what they'd do to us? We'd lose 66-10 (like at Syracuse), 40-3 (like vs. LSU in Peach Bowl), or get trashed as we did vs. Ga Tech. A loss like that would set the program back even further. It hurts to say, but we're not ready yet to face that kind of competition, especially until Shannon agrees to let Jacory start in place of Marve and play him for 4 quarters.

It's tough to swallow, but what would be better for our development as a team, as well as recruiting, is to go to a 2nd or 3rd tier bowl game, play a decent team, and win.

A final record of 9-4, or 8-5 with a bowl win over a somewhat good team would do us more overall good than getting humiliated by a top-tier team in January.


What happened to Allen Bailey this year?

Before the season, we were told that he was a unique talent, a freakish monster with out-of-this world speed and size. We were told that he was going to be the best talent on the defensive side of the ball. For sure, we were told, he was the closest thing to an NFL prospect and sack machine we'd have.

But after 11 games.. what has be produced?

Yes, I know he strained his chest or something like that and missed the first game.

But, I mean.. COME ON. What are his stats thus far? Does anyone know? (I think he was in on a sack maybe 2 games ago). And how come nobody is bringing up his name in terms of underperforming talents?

Manny- write about Allen Bailey and tell us what the hell is going on with him!


No need to worry about a BCS game...we were eliminated from contention once Virginia lost today. We needed UNC to lose one of their last two (which they did), Virginia to win out (they lost today), and we needed to win next week.

I think the fact that NC State has been playing so well makes next week's game another good measuring stick for this team. NC State needs to win next week to become bowl eligible. Its on the road, in cold weather, and as I said, NC State has something to play for. In many ways, we're the ones with nothing to play for, so this will be a big test for the coaches. Getting a win next week might be bigger than winning the bowl game.


Lay off Bailey. They converted him to play DE and they may even consider moving him to tackle b/c he's been able to put on the weight. Next year he'll be a jr, which is actually when we should expect him to shine. That's the problem with everyone on here expecting us to be conference champion contenders next year with true Sophmores as our leaders. The blue print is to win with third and fourth year players as your main horses with standout freshmen and sophmores making contributions. If we go 9-4 (with a bowl win) next year, I will consider that a successful year. 2010 is the soonest we should hope for a BCS bowl game appearance.

PeteRoc- thanks for the reply.

Ya know, it's pretty sad that we've reached the point where games against extremely average Wake Forests, Dukes, and NC States have becoming "measuring sticks" for the U.

Remember when playing an undefeated Nebraska or FSU, or another Top-5 team was our "measuring stick?"


We're for sure getting better and moving in the right direction, so we can't complain about that. But I wish it could come faster. We're the freakin' Hurricanes!!

Yes we're spoiled, but so what?!?!!?!?

PeteRoc- I'm not picking on Bailey. I think you missed my point. I am honestly trying to figure out what his stats are, and why he hasn't seemed to produce in proportion to the hype we heard about him in the preseason. I am referring to the hype produced by the UM coaches, NOT the media or overly eager fans.

I agree with you that 4th and 5th year players should be the biggest leaders on any team- but again, I'm going on what the COACHES told us, not my personal will to see us win now. The coaches told us before the season that Bailey would be the leader of the D. Now. Today. A monster, THIS SEASON. The Herald even devoted space to this in the preseason.

So I'm just trying to figure out 1) whether it's happening and I'm missing it, or 2) whether something else is wrong, ie. is he still semi-injured with the chest.

Hope that clarifies my point and question.

Anybody know the story?

NJcane - sorry for the misunderstanding...I understand where you're coming from, but don't have the goods on Bailey. Perhaps Manny will be able to shed light as you had asked. Considering NC State runs a more conventional offense than what we saw from GTech, I'm going to pay a lot more attention to Bailey. NC State has been throwing the ball very effectively, so getting pressure will be a premium.

I agree with the PeteRoc our biggest problem is the offensive line play. I too have watched Oklahoma and Texas Tech and you are right Bradford has as much time to throw as he wants. Their running plays look smooth and the passing game is almost effortless because of the play of the line. I don't know if it is Nix thats the problem although his play calling in certain situations is beyond understanding. I am more inclined to sight the offensive line as the biggest reason our offense sputters so bad. Recruit better lineman and coach them.

And now we go to a red hot NC State. Somehow the coaching staff has to find a way to give the offense some slack. Open up and just go for broke. On the defensive side, some, if not most of the starters, should remain in the doghouse. Either stay with your assignment and learn how to tackle, or accept the fact that you're going to sit. Lastly, once again this two qb situation is just no good. I'm for going with Harris for the last two games. If Marve decides to transfer, so be it. I'd sincerely wish him the best as he is really a good kid. Maybe Canon Smith would be a good backup. Anything is better than the situation we got a quarterback now!

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