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This and That

Our weekly live chat is over. I spent an extra hour answering questions -- including the most popular: Are the Canes wearing all-black uniforms Thursday night. Feel free to check out the chat transcript. I might have answered your question.

Aside from that, just some quick news to pass along...
> As expected, starting left tackle Jason Fox has been listed as doubtful for Thursday night's game against Virginia Tech. His streak will end at 21 consecutive starts and he'll be replaced by Reggie Youngblood. Chris Rutledge has started the last five games at right tackle. Seldom-used junior Matt Pipho will be in the rotation along with Tyrone Byrd. Look for the Hokies to bring the heat from the corners this week on Robert Marve and Jacory Harris.

> As for the other injuries: receiver Leonard Hankerson (leg) and running back Shawnbrey McNeal (illness) are the only other guys exepcted out.

Robert_marve> I asked Marve and Harris Monday night for their takes on Virginia Tech's defense. Unlike many of their opponents who have thrown different looks at them, Marve and Harris feel confident they know what to expect from the Hokies. Marve compared it to Florida State's; Harris to Florida's.

"They have very good schemes," Marve said. "They have a lot of old guys out there playing, so they understand what they're doing. They're like a Florida State, how physical they are, how fast they are with everything, how they fly around to the ball."

"They don't do anything really complicated. They run one coverage," Harris said. "Their blitzes, you see blitzes everywhere. They're always the same thing - send one more than you can block. They like to drop people, and when they blitz they blitz everybody. We have to have a good running game to open up the pass."

> Both quarterbacks by the way appear to be trying to grow beards -- just for the heck of it. Jacory said he's going for a Rick Ross look. Marve said he just hasn't had time to shave. But I think there's more to the story. Running back Graig Cooper is growing a beard too. Maybe they're tired of being called the Baby Canes.

> Frank Haith's 17th-ranked basketball team (we use Associated Press rankings) will play its season opener Saturday night at 7:30 p.m. against Florida Southern. Don't expect point guard Lance Hurdle to be in the starting lineup. Hurdle's ankle still isn't good enough for him to play from what I've heard. By the way, Vegas doesn't believe in the Canes. BetOnline.com has tabbed UM as 100 to 1 long-shots of winning the national title this year -- the longest odds of any team in the Top 25.

> For those of you baseball fanatics who can't get enough -- Jim Morris' baseball team will have several intrasquad scrimmages later this week in its Second Annual Orange-Green Fall World Series at Mark Light Field. The best-of-three intrasquad scrimmage series begins Wednesday, Nov. 12, followed by game two on Friday and a possible third game on Monday.

Games will be played during the team’s normal practice time, with first pitches expected around 3 p.m. each afternoon. Admission is free to the public. The Orange team will be led by junior Ryan Jackson, sophomore Yasmani Grandal and senior Dave DiNatale while juniors Jason Hagerty, Jonathan Weislow and Kyle Bellamy headline the Green team.


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Q: Manny, with the LB's apparently healthier nowadays, have you gotten a chance to catch up with Aurthur Brown to see how he feels about not getting a real chance to fit in? Do you think his lack of playing time has any affect on Bryce's choice to come to UM?

didn't realize you had a fancy new format.

Nice update..

do not mean to bring up the black jerseys again since manny pretty much denounced it. however as a fan not living in south florida, can anyone tell me exactly where the rumor came from? the radio? tv? or did someone just make it up? thanks

black jerseys ...
can anyone tell me exactly where the rumor came from?

Posted by: alwaysacane | November 11, 2008 at 05:00 PM


Black Unis


thanks! they look sharp i must say. we will see! go canes

What happened to Derron Thomas? he was a good third down back.

The team seems like they are coming together. No issues with the SO-CALLED QB contraversy.. So far i am real satisfied with Shannon and his staff, yes even Nix(depending on the game)....

I dont care what they where... just win!!

Y is every one care so much about arthur brown.. he's a freshman that needs to redshirt.. R. Davis is playing real well, he gets off blocks better than cook & should see the field more... Brown's gotta wait till next year.

Can anyone tell me who started this rumor

If the Canes are wearing black unis for real, they wouldn't let the players know simply because it would become a distraction. Take a look at the Bama and UGA week, i dont think coach shannon wants his team to go through that kind of media attention.

Yeah true U305 but the real question is do the jerseys even exist? Right

Guess who is dead last in the entire country in RED ZONE defense again (even after Randy Shannon devoted his attention to it)?????

You guessed it, your MIAMI HURRICANES!!!!!!

Congrats guys!!! Just dont let Vtech within your 20 and you will be fine!

Can we get Randy Shannon signed to a long term contract??????? Come on Miami what is wrong with you. Lock him up forever and give him a huge buyout if we have to fire him. He has earned it!!!!!

Red Zone D is a problem but it's called rebuilding! We normally start two SR who will eventually be replaced by FR.

And yes, hopefully Miami will sign Shannon to a long term contract because the U is in the process of taking over college football!

Rebuild then reload,

Shannon is the Man!

Arthur Brown and Bryce Brown are our very near future. MARK MY WORDS!!!!!!!!!!!

Why does everyone bite back at these stupid comments that canesrule posts under another persons name?

If we don't give him or her the satisfaction he or she wants then I think we won't hear any more of these posts.

Just let the trash be talked and ignore it!!!

We are gonna do all of the talking on the field...

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