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Recruiting analyst: 'Miami basketball is relevant'

When it comes to basketball recruiting, there isn't a guy more knowledgeable in the country than Scout.com's Dave Telep. He's been in the business more than a decade and is on the board that chooses McDonald's All-American's, the Naismith High School Award winner and the Gatorade Player of The Year. So, when I called him moments after Durand Scott picked Miami on Wednesday and he gushed about the job Frank Haith has done building Miami's basketball program I made sure to listen closely.

Here's what Telep, Scout.com's National Recruiting Director, had to say.

Q: What does landing Scott mean to Miami basketball?
Dave_telepA: "It's an enormous addition. It comes to this: they won a long recruiting battle with two of the best programs in the country. It's a big deal. They played their cards right. Miami doesn't have the tradition of being a traditional powerhouse program. They've got to scratch and claw for everything they get. But they're in a position now to sustain from success. Frank Haith will be the first person to tell you none of this comes easy. It's a constant grind when you are battling the line you are in the ACC and you are competing with Connectictut and Pittsburgh for a kid like Scott. That's a grind. I can't say enough what a victory this is for Frank Haith."

Q: Is this the big-name, landmark signee they were looking for to put them over the top, for this program to pound its chest and say we're getting the big-time guys now? Or, has that day already come and gone in your eyes?
A: "I think every year is just another chapter in the book. If you look at Miami's basketball program right now, you see a program on the rise that's not going to be a one-hit wonder. It's built for the long term. Bringing in Durand Scott, Garrius Adams, Donnovan Kirk and a Lisandro-Ruiz Moreno [who still has not signed], it's another foundation for another strong basketball team. Miami basketball is past those days of being on the outside looking in. Miami basketball is relevant now."

Q: What kind of player is Scott? What does he give Miami on the court?
A: "He's a very good defensive player. He has a lot of pride in playing defense and in high school that's a rare treat. He's a streaky shooter, so he's got to improve on that. But he can be a secondary ball-handler. He can shift in, rebound, pass, be a Jack of All Trades wing player. At the end of the day, though, what makes him special is he is wired to win. Winning matters to Durand Scott. Sometimes, you got to teach a guy to want to win. You don't have to with him. He wants to win in AAU season. Garius Adams is the same way. You can't put a price on what that means to your team. You already have a winning culture in Coral Gables and now you are bringing in guys who feed the monster. He should not be labeled as a savior, just another very good player."

Q: After this season, Miami is set to lose All-ACC guard Jack McClinton, Lance Hurdle, Jimmy Graham and Brian Asbury. How do you see this team next year with all the new additions with a guy like DeQuan Jones and a guy like Malcolm Grant in the mix?
A: "I envision a tempo and a pace that is basically an aggressive team that can guard you 94 feet, up and down the length of the floor and run, run, run on offense. They are going to be very athletic and very good."

Q: This class could still have one more huge chip added to the mix -- the No. 1 player in the country in North Carolina point guard John Wall. What do you think are the realistic hopes Miami fans should have in also getting Wall?
A: "Miami is in its infancy stages with John Wall right now. All you can do is sell your program and see what direction it goes in. John Wall is the equivalent of getting Manny Ramirez in free agency. You make your best pitch to him and hope he bites. That would be the highest profile recruit to ever commit to Miami. But we're a long way -- probably five months -- away from that one."


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Wow, Manny. I'm thoroughly impressed with your efforts today. We ready to stick it to UConn on the court on Sunday or what? The U would OWN the Huskies if we come out with that W.

A powerhouse in Tucson falls while another one takes its place. At least, that's what I would like to hope for.

Sorry, back to football for a minute. Pretty interesting stuff.


Haith is an unreal recruiter and you have to be excited for the future of Miami basketball!

Yo.....Manny great job as usual getting some great information. Gotta say I was one of those not sold on Haith and I couldn't be happier to be proven wrong thus far. He is getting it done in recruiting. The question long term will be whether we can keep him. He is going to be very coveted in a couple of years.


Miami Basketball Relevant

Miami Football Irrelevant

Congrats to Scott and the other signees.
The U is a family .

Manny, I know it is extremely rare but do think Haith will be at UM for his entire head coaching career?
I think he is the kind of genuine person who sees the beauty in that possibility.
In about 10 tears it could be the Frank Haith Court at UM Arena.


Miami Basketball Relevant

Miami Football Relevant




Go 'canes!

manny your an absoulte beast. the basketball work is good stuff

Sarasota/TX/5rings how is it hanging out on the Gator board???

It is exciting to compete for national titles every single year like they do, huh?
maybe one day you will get to the ACC championship game. At least get there before you start acting like your football team is worth anything. Heck Ball State is ranked ahead of you. BALL STATE!

Enjoy another 5 loss season.

The U where 5 loss seasons are celebrated!

Oh by the way Georgia Tech is taking you guys back to reality.

As Rob Schneider says "the U sucks again"

Wow the Canes have really made progress, from ESPN to Thursday night football where they put the mid-level mediocore teams. NICE!


Maybe you guys should have a parade for making it to Thursday night scrub football?

while you are at it you can celebrate this 5 loss season!

Congrats on an impressive 5 loss season. You all should be proud!


U irrelevant in football



We all know those sorry Gators "defense sucks". We all knew that UF would suck this year because they lost to Michigan. We are The U. We all knew that Georgia would beat Florida and said so. We didn't know the refs would cheat for the Gators (CR9S) and give them the win just like they did against our Ibis'.

We are going to go up in GT deeeep tonight.

Hey Coke/canesrule/jeeezy/douche bag

You gonna rally the troops this week so you can POOL your MONEY to watch the Gaytors play the mighty Citadel on PAY PER VIEW? WAY TO GIVE BACK TO THE FANS! RIGHT UP THE OLD "SHOOT"

What a "F"ing LOSER!


Go 'canes!

Unbelievable pickup. Unbelievable! I can't say enough about Haith. We need a strong year this year to really move us into the upper eschelon. We have one good year and a trip to the second round of the NCAA and we're getting a recruiting class like this! Imagine what a trip to the sweet 16 or the elite 8 would do. Coral Gables is too beautiful, and the U too good a school, to not be competitive with top recruits in any sport. Another good year and we're cemented near the top.

Thanks Manny!

Great story. I love all things "U" Thanks for the BBall coverage!

People, just to put in perspective how big this is like UConn Football snagging someone like Marcus Forston from our own backyard. We just stole a marquee player from theirs!!

Big things happening here and the long term foundation looks incredible!!

Did the Gaytors make the NCAAs last year? Oh, that's right, it was the NIT. Did they win the NIT? NOT. The better B-ball team, and now we are taking back football.

With at least 3, possibly 4, games remaining we will lose at least one due to offensive ineffectiveness. I hate to say this.

I'm a DIEHARD FAN, but a realist as well. This offense is simply too inept to run the table. QB's aren't schooled well, schemes are repetive, and knowledge is nowhere to be found.

Jim Kelly's words said as much, "QB's aren't reading their progressions..." Why you ask, b/c they aren't effectively schooled. Add that to Paul Johnson's comments that we have a good Defense...guys running around playing hard. In comparison, he said our Offense has dangerous playmakers. That's a tribute to talent and none to coaching.

Manny, it would be very interesting for you to interview someone anonymously with credible offensive insight (ex-player, CFB coach, etc) and get their true opinion.

With many firings likely to come in the NFL (Chud possibly), there are some possible candidates that could turn this around.

It's amazing to me that on a night where the Canes can get the nations respect back and be playing this well so early on in this rebuilding process that we are talking basketball. You gotta be f-ing kidding me! Don't get me wrong, the signing of a top notch b-ball player and the rise of the basketball program is great, and there will be plenty of time to talk about this in January when B-ball is relevant. But tonight is a special game for these young Canes who can pretty much seal a spot in the ACC title game that nobody had us playing in for another year or two and you guys are talking basketball. I'll be watching a big time college football game tonight while the rest of the country takes notice to whats happening down here. Have fun talking B-ball!




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