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Shannon: "We can't abandon run" against Hokies

The University of Miami football team began its first real preparation for Thursday night's ESPN showdown with Virginia Tech by practicing well past sundown Sunday evening at Greentree Practice Field.

Coach Randy Shannon said the team spent the extra time working on special teams -- something Frank Beamer's team has always been known for. Monday morning, Shannon will hold his weekly press conference and we'll get to speak with more players about the game. But you can tell a big point of emphasis this week is getting the running game going.

Last year, UM was held to minus-2 yards in the 44-14 loss at Virginia Tech. Before last week's win at Virginia when Graig Cooper finally broke through and Miami finished with 197 yards rushing, the Canes running game had been struggling. Virginia Tech has the 16th-best run defense in the country and shutdown Maryland's running game in their win last Thursday.

"We just got to patient on offense. You just can't abandon the run game early. You may get a one-yard gain, a zero-yard gain. As long as you aren't taking 4-5 yard losses, then, you'll be ok. Eventually, you'll break one," Shannon said. "When you play Virginia Tech, the way [defensive coordinator Bud] Foster coaches, you have to be patient. He's going to want you to grind the football."

> Despite reports last week starting left tackle Jason Fox would be healthy enough to play this week, Shannon backed off a bit Sunday when asked about Fox's condition. "He moved around a little bit today, not much," Shannon said. "We'll see how sore he is tomorrow."

Starting linebacker Daryl Sharpton and running back Javarris James, however, should be fine. For real.


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Here U go, page 8:


.813 - The ACC’s winning percentage
this year against non-conference opponents,
after the first week of the season.

Beginning with Sept. 6, the ACC is 26-6 (.813) in nonconference games. The league’s overall
33-10 (.767) record against non-conference
opponents includes an 11-7 record against
the Big East, Big Ten, Big 12, SEC, PAC-10
and Notre Dame.

Posted by: 86Cane | November 10, 2008 at 09:26 AM


Posted by: green | November 10, 2008 at 10:22 AM

word for word without attribution ...


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Ugh, yet another back and forth with Green and 86. Thank you green for making this such a fun blog with your over-the-top obsession with 86.

OT: Thanks for the update Manny. The VT game is really going to test this team. With Fox possibly out, we're going to have a difficult time moving VT's front four. Our D is going to have to play lights out and contain Glennon for us to have a shot at this. If we fall behind by 2 TD's and have to abandon the running game early on, this could end up looking real bad for us.

Casual Observer:

I agree that VT will be a real test and a possible statement game to the rest of the nation watching on ESPN. You say if we fall behind 2 TD's and have to abandon the run game early on things could look real bad for us, i say if we go up 2 TD's things could look real bad for them. Anyways, i expect a strong showing from these young Canes in a night game that i believe will be the loudest game all year.

In all seriousness Green, I use to come here (besides for reading the blog) to see your comments

Posted by: Casual Observer | July 16, 2008 at 08:50 AM
no man can serve two masters
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LMAO. Pathetic...you want to post the rest of that comment?

Like I said, you USE to always post awesome links. What people around the country were saying about the Canes in some obscure paper. Or posting rankings comparing UM to other schools. But that was a long time ago.


I agree. I was just saying that if our D let's us down, we're going to have to play catch-up, which our offense really isn't designed for. It can be done, but VT's D is quite good from what I've seen. They are not going to drop the ball once they're up by a few TD's. Our D is going to have to keep us in the game. My prediction is a low scoring, tight game. I don't see this being a blowout (i.e. 14+ points to the victor) unless it's against us (just my hunch). Although I would love to be pleasantly surprised.

Casual Observor:

You never know... you may have a pleasant surprise in store for you...

Does anybody know what the betting line is supposed to be for the game? I haven't heard a word on it yet...

GREEN = Loser!

GREEN = Freak!



I think we're favored by 4

Yeah, I dont understand the Wake Forest ranking but I think its a blessing in discuse. This gives are guys some added motivation. Go Canes. Win back your respect


We are about to move a step closer to the ACC chmapionship. We need someone to BUTCH NC. I hate we let that one slip away.

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