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Sound bites: Hurricanes talk Georgia Tech

Want to know what University of Miami players are saying about their next opponent? For the past three years, I've uploaded audio clips from every time I've been out at a Canes practice or game -- from inside the locker room (when we had access) -- and outside of it.

Check out everything players were talking about this week at our UM audio page. I know our new website design hasn't made it easier to find it. But I try and post the link every time I upload something new. Feel free to bookmark it. I think its one of the coolest things we have on MiamiHerald.com. It's not often you get to hear everything asked and said by players because most of it gets edited down for time (in TV and radio) or space (in written stories). Here you get everything from when I turned my audio recorder on to when I shut it off.

Among the best conversations from Monday...
T1_forston> Defensive tackle Marcus Forston shares with us how defensive coordinator Bill Young brought entire room of players to laughter when he shared his new favorite song, Young Jeezy's Put It On For My City. Forston goes on talk about how UM plans to shut down Georgia Tech's triple option attack and how he and Marcus Robinson became close friends at the U.S. Army All-American game last year.

> Defensive tackle Josh Holmes, who has starred since coming back from injury, shares his own stories about Young and more.

> Quarterbacks Robert Marve and Jacory Harris, meanwhile, talks about Georgia Tech's defensive schemes and how they plan to prepare for it.

> Left tackle Jason Fox fills us on the condition of his injured right ankle including what he can do, how he's feeling with the pain and how much he thinks he can play this week.

Orangebowlfootballlogo> ESPN.com updated their Bowl Projections Monday and the Canes have climbed the charts since Bruce Feldman and Mark Schlabach's last entry. Feldman has Miami headed to the Orange Bowl to play Cincinnati. Schlabach has UM facing Notre Dame in the Gator Bowl. If you had your choice, including a shot at Notre Dame, would you prefer for the Canes to be in Jacksonville instead of Miami on Jan. 1? That video link might sway you to pick the Irish.

> Today, I'll be out at the BankUnited Center to speak with Frank Haith about his team's impending trip to the Virgin Islands to compete in the Paradise Jam. The Hurricanes won their season open 96-60 on Saturday night. I'll be following them this week while Susan Miller Degnan and Brian Costa follow the football team to Atlanta. Tuesday's chat, by the way, has been moved up to 1 p.m. so that I can make that press conference at 2:30 p.m.

> Haith's team could get some great news Wednesday. Published reports by Scout.com say highly-touted New York city guard Durand Scott is expected to announce his college choice and Scout.com writes the Canes are in the lead. Stay tuned for an update. I've contacted Scott's AAU coaches and am expecting to hear back from them soon.

> Miami's baseball program appears to have suffered some really bad luck. Canesport.com reported late Monday night left-hander Eric Erickson has gone down with a season-ending injury, leaving Chris Hernandez as the team's only returning starting pitcher.


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In that case, tres!!

Who will be replacing Erickson? This is not good amigo. I can't believe this is happening before the season even stars.

About playing Cincinnati or the Irish, I'm leaning toward Cincinnati. Come on, it will be in the O.B. We will have home advantage. If it was at a bigger level, then I would like to play ND.

GO Canes!
Beat Ga Tech. Nix should put Robert and Jacory in at same time, give the YJ some of there own.

UMAA party in Atlanta for those who don't have tickets to the game:

UM vs. Georgia Tech Game Watch Party
Norm's Olde Mill Steakhouse 2089 Savoy Drive Atlanta, GA 30341 770-455-0900
Date: 11/20/2008
Time: 7:30 p.m.

Join the Atlanta Hurricane and Alumni Club in cheering on the 'Canes as they take on Georgia Tech!

RSVP to: Larry Kunin, M.B.A, '90, at 404-429-0305 or via e-mail at lhk@mmmlaw.com.


I was just down there for the VT game and went over for the Friday game of the Orange/Green fall league world series game and saw Erickson pitch 4 strong innings and only gave up 1 run on 2 hits. It was a very good 4 innings and now this happens. Can you get more info on this?

A shot at Notre Dames?! Are you kidding me? That would be the most watched game by far. It will be a treat to pit our Bulls (with pun intended) against the "anointed" Weis and put some corporal punishment on them boys. LOL

Screw the Irish! I wouldn't want the U to drive even 5 minutes out of their way to play them, especially this shell of a team that is playing an entire schedule of nobodies just to become bowl eligible and ride their popularity into an above-average bowl. Those posers don't deserve our time.

I'd much rather slap around the Big East champ in a BCS game. Cincinnati is one of the teams that replaced us in the Big Least, and I'd love the chance to show the world that the old Big East champs are still WAAAAAYYYYY better than the new Big East champs.

Why are we having this discussion with two games left to go?

Ga. Tech matters, and that's it.

I wish they WOULDN'T put bowl predictions on here. It'll jinx us. Let's just worry about ONE thing, the YELLOW JACKETS. That's all we need to be concerned with. They've owned us lately, and that needs to END. Let's storm Atlanta. GO CANES!!!!!

Posted by: HE HATE ME | November 16, 2008 at 11:22 AM

I took your post and spruced it up some for arguements sake.

The ACC is weak huh?!? Well let's delve into that statement.

1. The youngest team in the nation (U)(7-3) gave one of the best teams in the nation (Gayturds)( 9-1) all they could handle for 3 quarters at "The Swamp" before finally laying down. 26-3

2. Virginia Tech(6-4) beats Nebraska(7-4) in Lincoln. 35-30

3.Boston College(7-3) and North Carolina(7-3) both beat Notre Dame(6-4). 17-0/29-24

4.Maryland(7-3) beats then ranked #23Cal(6-4). 35-27

5.Miami(7-3) goes to Texas A&M(4-7) and wins big. 41-23

6. Wake(6-4) goes to Baylor(4-7) and wins. 41-13

7.Wake(6-4) beats Ole Miss(6-4). 30-28

8.North Carolina(7-3) goes to Rutgers(5-5) and wins.44-12

9.Georgia Tech(7-3) killed Miss. St.(3-7).38-7

10.Florida St.(7-3) beats Colorado(5-6). 39-21

11.North Carolina(7-3) beats then ranked #24 UCONN(7-3). 38-12

12.DUKE(4-6) goes to Vanderbilt(6-4) and wins. 10-7

Games yet to be played:
Clemson vs South Carolina
Georgia Tech vs Georgia
Florida vs Florida St.
Wake Forest vs Vanderbilt

Oh yeah.....the Alabama/Clemson and the USC/Virginia games are non-issues.:)

Your Canes will get crushed by the Jackets. Noone has been able to stop the Triple Option, the Canes are weak up front and are completely gutless. You have played a weak schedule and have been lucky to win all of those close games. Overrated Canes better stay in Miami!

Not too many people have answered Manny's bowl game question. But as for me, I'd much prefer a chance to beat notre dame. There's nothing better than seeing them lose on any given Saturday. And if Miami can get a chance to put the beat down on them then I'm all for it. Yeah I know the Orange Bowl is a bigger payout, but my strong dislike toward the irish takes precedent. And that's exactly why I was glad that the Dolphins passed on Brady Quinn last year. Didn't really want Ted Ginn either, but would have hated for the face of the franchise to have notre dame ties.

Of course we want the OB, but the Irish make a nice consolation prize, do they not?

Win or lose, the pressure that these kids will face the next 2 weeks is invaluable for their development. Hats off to the Onion.

As for the game, FSU's D is vulnerable to the option game because they are so aggressive, they leave gaps. BC exploited those gaps as well. UM's defensive scheme is more disciplined than FSU. VT runs a little option and ran wild on MD, but UM shut them down.

Also, the reason GT has beaten us recently has been our inability to protect the passer from Tenuta's blitz schemes. Tenuta is gone, and although GT is sound on D, the scheme is less complex than the previous teams.

Absent 3 or more turnovers, I like this match-up because we have better athletes across the board, and 11 game films to study. Then again, you never know.

YellowJacketNo1- you're a complete moron.

Ga. Tech has already lost 3 games, yet you have the audacity to write "No one has been able to stop the Triple Option?" What the heck do you call those 3 losses???

Your also dumb for saying Miami has "played a weak schedule." Look up the national rankings- we're considered to have one of the Top 25 most difficult schedules, which is something we can't say for the soft bumblebees of Ga Tech.

Get a life, dude. Your team is about to go down.. If you wanna talk trash- at least say things that are TRUE. I doubt you'll be on here running your mouth around 11 PM Thursday night...

Wow, tough call...

On one hand you get to Duck Notre Fame for the first time in years...

...on the other, a chance at bigger $, mopre pub, and finally a BCS win for the ACC which would likely vault the Cames to a Top 10 or Top 15 pre-season ranking in 2009.

As much as I hate ND (living in Chicago my feet burn everytime I drive by South Bend on road trips), I think Cincy would benefit the U more.

This Thursday November 20th the Palm Beach 'Canes Club is


Networking Mixer and Game Watch v. Georgia Tech
at Bar Louie in City Place (1 Mile west of 95 on Okeechobee Rd. Exit 70)




Check out www.561canes.com or contact Mary Clark at marybclark@hotmail.com for more info!

Until recently there is no team in the world i'd rather see Miami beat than Notre Dame other than UNC and Florida and if that is who we get in a bowl it would be great. However a chance to play in the Orange Bowl with an ACC championship already conquered would make a more emphatic statement to the world that Miami is back than beating Notre Dame. Besides everybody beats them now a days it seems. but the most important thing and teams to beat are Georgia Tech and NC State. They are both going to be two tough road games for our young Canes to win regardless of their records.

YellowJacketNo1, take your fake teeth back out and shut up. You guy's lost 3 games. It might as well have been 4 if FSU keeps both hands on the ball. North Carolina buried you. Those weak teams that we beat, BEAT YOU! V-Tech and Virginia smoked you guys. Our defense is number 10 in the nation. Soft? Tell your boys they better hold onto the ball. V-Tech beat and they have no offense at all. Even your head coach said you guys just look horrible right now.... GO CANES..........

We beat our selves with turnovers in 2 of those 3 defeats. 7-7 in the UNC into the 4th qtr when we fumbled punt and snap to give UNC a real short field. We were at the UNC 18 going ro the 14-7 lead when we had 2 stupid penalities to make it 3rd & 28. VT we fumbled late in the 4th to give the game to VT. We were pushed around too much at UVA. I see you lost to UNC & FSU, OT at UVA, and escaped with a win against VT. I would not be talking Crap either. Don't forget you have P. NIX still calling plays for you and that is not a PLUS.

A win is a win. A loss is a loss. Excuses won't get you to the title game. GO CANES.........

For the record. We did not escape with a win at V-Tech. They were shut down by our D. Period! They have a great defense too, but they were shut down........... GO CANES.........

One game at a time...We have GT this thursday!

Manny is Jacory perfectly fine with his knee
following monday's practice?

Ask Susan how was Fox today at practice?

How about TB is he gonna play thursday?

spyhazard your great D?
UF l 26
T a&m w 23
UNC l 28
FSU l 41
Duke w 31
5 games over 20 pts against your D. DUKE 31 pts and FSU 41 pts? TECH gave up over 20 pts 4 times and not over 28 pts all year. Duke didn't score on us. We beat FSU and they only scored 28 on us. UNC scored 28 pts on both of us and we both lost to the HEELS. VT 16-14 that was a real barn burner they beat us 20-17. U really put it on them with that D for sure.

As far as who I would like the Canes to play. The answer is complicated.

As a fan I would love to beat down Notre Dame (in fact I would be willing to spend New Years in Jacksonville to witness it) but for the University and the team I would want to win the ACC and play in the Orange Bowl.

I root for three teams every week UM, whomever is playing the gators and whomever is playing Notre Dame.

Ok, pp-boy you have:
UF l 26
Tx W a&m 23
UNC l 28
FSU l 41
Duke l 31
I see you're still stuck at the first part of the season.

Wake-W 16
Virginia-W 17
V-Tech-W 14

It's not how you start, it's how you finish. WE control our own destiny and we are right where we wanna be. You are not. We were supposed to be 3 years away according to the whole nation. We are playing a ton of freshman, and we're still winning. Not to mention, your coming on this blog to talk smack, which means you're worried. Have a little more confidence. This blog is for Miami fans and people that are getting worried because they're about to play us.. Which one are you? So get back on your John Deer and get to cuttin Georgia boy. Quit living in the past.... GO CANES.

Excuse me, Wake only scored 10.. Even better...

Go CANES....

Definitely would prefer the Canes to go to the Orange Bowl. We need to establish ourselves in getting to a BCS bowl since we haven't done that since 2003. It doesn't matter who our opponent is, the program would benefit more from a better venue/bowl than a higher profile opponent.

3 yrs away? We have a new coach new system and fres. and soph. all over our team. UNC is in the Driver seat not you guys with the easiest path to Tampa after we put it on the U Thurday Night. The Diesel is going to run all over you guys. No, I am not scared because Pat NIX is calling the plays for the Co-Cains and Duke 31 pts(haha) FSU 41 pts(haha). What past am I living in? What is the tractor about? What do you do for money? I own my business and I do have a Kubota because I also own a 50 acre Farm outside of Atlanta? Again what do you do?

The Triple Option is the offense of the future and your unintelligent defense will not figure out how to stop it in a weak! GT will romp at home over the Canes because your players will be intimiataded in front of the our fans!!! Go Jackets.

Kubota? That is the funniest shizz I have ever read on this blog. Bragging about your tractor. Your not even a REAL redneck you sell out. Kubota, that hilarious. I work for my money and still have enough time to get tools like you all worked up you pig farmer. Of course you have a farm. I'm a Private Investigator. I track people down for a living. Been doing it for 15 years. I have a wife, 2 kids, and a dog named spot. Bring on Diesel. We don't fear nicknames. It's hillbilly eating time. Yeeeeee frakin haw son! GO CANES.

The Triple Option is the offense of the future? You mean the past. Now that everybody has seen all the formations, it's not working out so well for you. Exposed! GO CANES........

Any new Mollie Rose coming?

GT will romp at home over the Canes because your players will be intimiataded in front of the our fans!!!

Inner city 18 year olds will not be scared of rich white folk from the suburbs of ATL... They gonna be focused on the opposing players not U!!!

Well said Herbal Minded. I was beginning to think that deliverance was setting in and I was about to be attacked by rich white folk on Kubota tractors...... Yeeee haw! GO CANES..

QB Nesbitt is hurt and might not play according to ESPN!!


according to the Atlanta Constitution...he's not playing..

haha our team will be intimidated by your fans are you kidding? Nothing scary about a bunch of Asian engineering majors... Seriously I hope u were joking... Plus I will be there talking shat to all the wrambling wrecks... Intimidating... Bwahahahahaha u are hilarious...

And I gotta go on the record and say HM I don't know what ur looking at cuz molly rose is really not that attractive at all... I mean she's alright but nothing special

M.H., do you have a link to that? Thanks.

I have to agree with spyhazard, sorry YellowJacket#none. VT beat you and UVA beat you. Two teams Miami beat.

Granted UM lost to FSU but at least UM didn't get blown out by UNC.

If you remember right the Canes lead the heels in the entire game just about. When did GT ever take the lead in the UNC game?

Do I think UM can beat GT? Yes. If the DEFENSE can play like they did/or better against VT.

So have fun with your "white out". Just don't put the dubya in the win column just yet. You may need to keep the "white out" close by to cover up the W with an L.

Second it's good to see so many U fans in the A. I will be looking for you all Thursday night. Yo I will bee in section 233.

...I gotta thing for blonds...Mollie Rose a college grad and she knows UM football... 2 qualities that are hard to find... Most of the blonds I've ran thru couldn't tell me 1 of the 3 branches of gov't..

Mollie Rose Brains and Beauty

And the GT vs UM record is? GT9-UM4 so I guess we should Run and Hide? THUG U is scary but not now or anytime soon. Good Luck Thursday you will need it.

Pi$$ on a Dog? Did Michael Vick become a 'Jackets fan during his time in the ATL? I didn't know they allowed blogging from Leavenworth.

And the GT vs UM record is? GT9-UM4 so I guess we should Run and Hide? THUG U is scary but not now or anytime soon. Good Luck Thursday you will need it.

It's all about pay back. UVA,VT,and soon GT.

-All signs are pointing that Georgia Tech quarterback Josh Nesbitt has recovered from a sprained ankle suffered two weeks ago against Florida State


Some say the Hurricanes were responsible for the death of the option with their victory against Nebraska in the 2002 title game. Apparently, speed really does kill when it comes to the triple option.


Hurricane Hoops preview for 2008-09:


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