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What's so bad about 7-5?

It's pretty amazing how quickly the mood of an entire fan's nation can change in a matter of one week. Last week at this time, U were probably thinking...

> The Canes are going to win the ACC title and we're going to be in the Orange Bowl. Sweet!
> Randy Shannon probably deserves some Coach of the Year consideration.
> Bill Young has done a great job straightening out that defense. That FSU game was just a bad game.
> This whole Robert Marve-Jacory Harris quarterback sharing thing -- I can live with it this year as long as we keep winning.
> This team has really impressed me. They're doing great much better than I thought they would.

Not so much anymore. In a few hours, it's going to be a week since the Georgia Tech debacle, since all of those good feelings and positive opinions on this Canes season vanished with three hours of misery in Atlanta. But as you sit down to your turkey dinner tonight ask yourself this -- should U really be that disappointed? What were your realistic expectations for this team before Jacory Harris made you feel giddy with that comeback at Duke and Virginia and the defense and Marcus Robinson thrilled you against Virginia Tech? How happy would U have been if someone told you this team would likely finish 7-5 after starting 2-3?

Here's the reality: U probably aren't happy anymore with 7-4. And, things are probably going to get even uglier if that record slips to 7-5 with a loss at N.C. State on Saturday. But should U really be that upset? I think U should be thankful for this... this football team is better than it was last season; it's only going to get better with time; and Notre Dame is worse.

> Unfortunately, due to my flight delay in St. Thomas, I never got in on time to catch the end of practice Tuesday. But I did make it out on Wednesday to shoot a new video with Mollie Rose and gather some post-practice talk about the Wolfpack, who obviously have momentum (a three-game winning streak) and a bowl-berth to play for. So, what was the mood of the team? "We just want to get a win," linebacker Glenn Cook said. "This win will help us get into a better bowl. We don't get into redemption. We didn't do what we had to do to put us in a good position. So, this is what we've got to play for now."

Honestly, I'd say Cook and his teammates sounded a lot more disappointed they no longer have the ACC title to play for than thrilled about playing the Wolfpack. Not a good sign heading into Saturday.

> Randy Shannon has decided to make a few changes to the starting lineup on defense, benching veterans Bruce Johnson and Chavez Grant at cornerback for sophomore DeMarcus Van Dyke and freshman Brandon Harris. While I understand Johnson and Grant haven't done anything to warrant staying in the starting rotation, I'm taking it as a sign Shannon has decided with two games left to move forward at least at cornerback, throwing two guys into the fire even if they get burned.

Demarcus_van_dykeVan Dyke, who started eight games last season, said Wednesday he'd only been playing about 10 snaps a game in certain situations. Harris, who has struggled this season, hasn't started since the Duke game. Harris said he believes coaches made the change because "I think its just giving us a feel to see how we can do starting off. They really want us to see us make some plays on the ball and tackle guys and get them on the ground. I think we play faster when you know what an offense is doing before you lineup. I think early in the season we were just trying to play off athletic ability."

Both Harris and Van Dyke said they've spent a lot of time in the film room, learning how to play in Young's zone-based coverage defense. Van Dyke said adjusting from man to zone is what caused him to struggle this season. "I think this right here is my stepping stone for next year," Van Dyke said. "I really want to get back to doing what I was supposed to do."

> Shannon said linebacker Romeo Davis has been replaced by junior Daryl Sharpton at the starting strongside linebacker spot.

> There are a few reports out two seniors could be seeking another year of eligibility after this season -- safeties Randy Phillips and Anthony Reddick. I'm of the opinion at least it's time to go in the direction of youth. Show me some Vaughn Telemaque.


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First, I have to say spot on!


Lets play all the freshmen and get max experience for them for the run at 2010 for a shot at an NC....

What so good about an 8 - 4 when it delays the development of the freshmen? We need to man up as juniors when it counts. A season when we are rebuilding, let us go for the long term and only goal of an NC. We don't want 8 - 4, 9 - 3, or even a 10 - 2 to be be runners up. We want a crack at the Holy Grail!!!! lol

Go Canes baby.

Great job Manny as usual. I think 7-5 would be a disappointment considering this team could be 10-2 had Jacory played the 2nd half of the FSU and UNC game. I think DVD and Harris are our best corners but Linebacker and safety's are our weakness. We need to input the youngings there to see what we have. Nix is doing a good job. But Marve is not best suited for it. Shannon must put the best players on the field and let them learn on the job. We need nasty Linebackers , Nasty Safety's and nasty O-Lineman.

8-4 or 7-5 Really isn't that bad unless you are a Canes Fan! We have truly been spoiled by the teams and talent of the past. I see a vast improvement over last year and the year before and I appreciate it.
I think Shannon needs to forget about being Diplomatic and coach these kids to win. As it stands in the NCAA today, diplomacy is out the window and style points are everything.

We need to win and win the right way or you will be left out in the cold. Our upperclassmen really bit the big one this year. Glenn Cook could have improved his stock like Beason or T. Gooden. Instead he is just another player on a so-so team playing for a mediocre bowl spot.

DVD has been a bust since Da'Cody F agg pushed him down like a 3rd grade girl last year. The O-line has been a disappointment. All in all, it has been all about the freshmen and I think that's what we should be concentrating on.

2010 Baby the Canes can be #1 and Shannon has to put his pride and his Diplomacy in the trash and Coach to win! Let these kids play to win!
Just my opinion!

I say that even if we don't win at NC State and I will be there at the game cheering them on, I say play every freshman you have and let them get that precious game experience.

Nix needs to stop playcalling as if he is afraid. He acts like Arnold from Different Strokes when the Gooch was around.

He coaches scared and we all know that "Scared Money don't make Money"! Nix needs to man up and open up the playbook and let these kids play, it will only make them stronger.

Manny Great Post and thanks for always providing us with the info we need to stay in tune with our beloved Hurricanes!
Let's Go Canes! Let's Go Canes! Let's Go Canes! Let's Go Canes! Let's Go Canes! Let's Go Canes! Let's Go Canes!

Its about winning, Bruce Johnson is a senior and has been The canes best CB this season... R. Davis is playing out of position, he is a MLB, Cook can't get off a block for his life! Put Cook ay SLB and Davis at MLB... Shannon better have these youngins on a short leash... A loss against an extra motivated NC state will not be excepted!!

Apparently R. Davis is injured so to mend the ^^^ Sharpton plays middle and Cook Plays SLB... Cook might be a smart player but he is not physical.

Hey its time to vote for your Miami Hurricanes at...


I'd rather be a 7 and 5 (or 8 and 4) Cane than a 10 and 2 Gaturd (after the loss to FSWho this weekend). Cook needs to be benched he was awful agaisnt Ga. Tech. Put Sean Spence in the middle and let him make tackles.
As for the change at corner, Johnson and Grant did not tackle well last week and deserve to ride the pine. Harris and DVD give us two big physical corners who can do run support and move on the ball better than the former starters. Johnson gave up the big play that led the NC comeback.
I think part of the problem at Ga. Tach was that we were outschemed by their coaches. We should have substituted an extra lineman for a safety and just tied up the Ga. Tech o line and freed up our lbs.
We blew Ga. Tech, but had great games against Wake and Virginia, both of which I thought would beat us.
The young Canes are on the way back up to the top.

Manny, you bring the best out in people. I did not realize there were so many "expert" coaches in the area. You are right on about the team improving and the fickle fan base changing with the wind.

I am thankful the team has shown improvement and we need to remember they are mostly Fr. and So. They will improve. GO CANES. Will see you in Raliegh.

If things are so good, why not give Randy Shannon a nice, big, fat contract extension, RIGHT NOW????????????????????????????

Because he is in over his head and everyone sees it but Canes fans/writers/supporters.

What makes you think that next year they are going to be vastly improved from this year????

They have no O-line and no real promise in O-line recruiting, they play undisciplined football, they have a head coach that is honestly, brutal, they have a secondary that is a joke, their D-line and LBs got run over by an unranked team. What makes you think next year all of a sudden you are going to be great??????

I say this is an annual 4-7 loss team and if that is good for the U and you guys that is great for me.

Randy Shannon is CLUELESS as a head coach and I have been telling you this since Day 1. I cant wait when he bombs over the next year or two and is fired so I can come back on here to all you KOOL AID drinkers and let you know how WRONG you were.

Like I said, if things are so great for the Canes, Randy Shannon should have a long term contract extension. Go get it done, KIRBY!!!!! Keep him and Bobby Bowden around forever!!!!!

its amazing to me the supreme idiocy that runs rampant on this site. First of all anyone who can't see how much better this team is than last years is blind, secondly to the moron who claims that we would be 10-2 if harris would have played the second half against fsu, and north carolina, the outcomes would have been exactly the same, I like jacory he reminds me of dorsey but marve has more potential and with the year under his belt he's gonna be fire next year. Stop being spoiled rotten fans take this team for what it is, a team in transition that is improving, i'll be at the nc state game saturday cheering them on, the least the rest of you poser fans can do is watch them on tv and cheer them on

Happy Thanksgiving Manny, great job as always

I will be at the NC State game also! NC State will be motivated that's for sure. We can't come out flat. Oh and I am thankful that we do not have to watch Kyle and Kirby any more.......

Manny...??? What's so bad about 7-5? Come on Manny… I know you want to have your pre season pick of 7/5 to be right, but, but, but… Come on guy, LOL,… Give me 8/4 and a better Bowl!!!

Beating NC St, is a must… and it means playing in a better bowl in warmer weather… I would much rather play in the Gator Bowl in Jacksonville or the Champs Bowl in Orlando, then The Meineke Bowl in Charlotte or the Music City Bowl in Memphis, in late December.

Additionally, it means more students, fans and recruits in Florida would go to the game…

With an wink and a smile... 8/4 would be better!

7-5 is better than 5-7, but 8-4 is better than 7-5, so I say win the last game. 9-4 is better than 8-4, so I say win the bowl game, too.

I don't think so many people are disappointed by the loss last Thursday as much as they're profoundly disappointed by how the team played. Georgia Tech ran at will against the 'Canes defense and rang up almost 500 yards of rushing as well as a lop-sided score. What the heck went wrong? How did a team that holds opposing offenses to just over 100 yards rushing in a game suddenly give up almost 500?

What's more, by the end the game, the 'Canes had obviously lost all their fighting spirit. They were dragging themselves around on and off the field.

They looked tough in their last couple of wins against VA and VA Tech, especially on defense.

So what happened?

The 'Canes probably had more overall talent; the 'Jackets had more overall experience. I think the place the experience differential most showed up was in coaching. I think Shannon didn't have the team ready to play against the 'Jackets, plain and simple, and I think this loss is on him. The 'Canes just looked totally unprepared to handle the 'Jackets' wishbone.

So Shannon deserves the criticism he's getting. But does that mean he should be replaced, or that he's not a good coach?

Hell, no!! Shannon is the best man for the job. He goofed, and he's a member of the team like all of its other players, so when he goofs, it costs the team.

But he's still the very best coach the 'Canes could have. He's young and he's personally involved with the team, but he also has some very valuable experience and most of all, he has an attitude. Once he gets all of these characteristics together, the 'Canes will be a very, very good football team, and other teams will be afraid to play them, especially those SEC sissy teams that get undefeated or one-loss records by playing non-conference games against the Girl Scouts.

There is no doubt in my mind we can beat NC State... I didn't say it would be easy but definitely a winnable game. Our DB's have to do their jobs and the DL and LB's must lock down the RB's and TE's. Putting a Spy on Wilson is a must... In a word... Defense, is the key to winning this one and Marve and Jacory must control their throws...

Canes win by 14.

Manny...HAPPY THANKSGIVING to U and your family.



YOU SUCK!!!!!!

I personally predicted a 7-5 (stretch 8-4) record for this season. I'm hoping we hit the 8-4 mark. Yes, I'm disappointed we didn't show up in the game, but I also realized these boys were young and likely to slip up somewhere. However, I'm more disappointed we didn't make the ACC Title game because we needed that extra game to allow Moncur an opportunity to gain a medical redshirt. I know the RS was not guaranteed, or he may have still chosen to move on. But it would have been nice to have his leadership along the D line next year. Although these youngsters are growing, they could always use the advice of an old head. Overall, I'm excited and thankful to be better than where we were at this point last year. Here's hoping that Nix loosens up and DVD a BH have lights out performances.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Nix, if you're reading this...
Stop running Cooper up the middle, he excells as a zig/zag runner, not meant for power plays. Here's a novel idea, since JJ is banged up. How about using (2)full backs in the Power I formation.
Another big complaint,is running the spread with an empty backfield on the goal line...

Just because NC State blew out UNC last week, does not mean Miami has already lost Saturday. The tones are we are going to accept 7-5 if we lose Saturday. I don't think it is acceptable to just accept losing, that what has been happening for two plus years.

People this is Miami and we are playing a basketball school. Give me a break, Miami should dominate if they come in and do their jobs and assignments. Miami's seasoned defense is good enough to pitch a shutout aganist NC State. NC States quaterback is fragile-handle with care- one good pop and he is down with this injury or that injury. The guy has been hurt two or three times this year from a sack or a roll out tackle

If Mavre starts he has to look at more than one receiver and his first read, the reason he completes passes when he rolls out or scrambles is because he is looking at more than one guy.

Canes(20) vs WolfPackers(10) Canes- Champp's Bowl

4 life... excellent point in rolling out and seeing more then first receiver, as he has the gift to be a great QB and just needs to check off the field before throwing.

no anthony reddick please go

Okay this is adressed to all of you Shannon haters and bashers; I'd really like to know who you think should be coaching Miami. I'm really interested because like I've been saying all year long nobody wanted this job 2 years ago ( And no you can't use Jimmy Johnson or Howard Schnellenberger or Rob Chudzinski) I'm really interested in hearing what you have to say.

I flew up to be at the NC State game cheering on our Baby Canes too!

Hopefully, we'll man up on D this Saturday, and we'll kick some "a" on O. Supposed to be in the low 50ºs at game time... we can handle that!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

Let's Go Canes!

Im all for Harris starting but Van Dyke sucks, Grant is a friend of mine but he really needs to get his act together back at BTW he and Darian Mobley played much better than what I have been seeing, Bruce is a good talent but needs more consistency

Forget that just play CJ Holten and VT those kids are special

For Sean Taylor fans ONLY:


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Manny, what time is the Stetson Game?

And any idea if Haith is going to add more players to this years class?

Posted by: Deebee | November 26, 2008 at 05:45 PM

1) 3:30p
2) 1-2

Let's all realize one thing here....we played both Duke and Virginia when they were coming off winning streaks. We won both games on the road. I have said it for years that we seem to play better on the road (with exception of VT) than we do at home. The main reason is the crowds are bigger and we feed off that. At the OB, or Dolphin stadium the crowd is pathetic. I live in Charlotte, NC and when I watch the games on tv half the stadium is empty. My son and me have gone to Duke, Virginia, GT, and will be at NC state this weekend. The fans have packed out the house and playing Miami still means a lot to them. I wish we could get that type of support at home. When I lived in Miami I loved going to the OB, but even in the greatest of years it was hardly ever a sell out. I think it will be a tough game this weekend given the state of the ACC. It seems like all the teams that have a lot to play for lose the game. The only sad part of this year will be if the hokies get back in the title game again. There is no way they have a better team than we have, but usually get it done when they have to. This has a lot to do with coaching. We will see how Randy does after the first "blowout" of the year. Good luck Canes! See you in Raliegh.

My expectations this year for Miami were to be better than they were last year (and they are), be in the hunt for the ACC title game (they were) and go to a pretty good bowl game (should happen with a win).
The team has a chance to finish 9-4 and that's pretty impressive after last year and so many young players.

Canesforlife - You make fun of redshirt fresman Russel Wilson like he has been too soft this year. You won't make that mistake after Saturday when he becomes ACC POY.

We just landed one of the top DL from the class of 2010. We are on our way back to the top baby and 2010 will be a top 3 class for us. The Gaturds will do some dirty recruiting to try and sway this young man but if what he is saying about the U is tru, then we have no worries. Here's a lil info:

It wasn't an overstuffed turkey that was delivered to Miami football headquarters on Thanksgiving morning, but Jacksonville Raines High junior defensive tackle Louis Nix' morning phone call brought something better to the Hurricanes -- the first commitment of the 2010 recruiting season.

Nix, a 6-2, 300-pound run-stopper, verbally committed to Miami, giving Randy Shannon a pledge from one of the top upcoming defensive tackles in the country before the Hurricanes have even put the finishing touches on their 2009 recruiting class.

"When I went down there this summer I felt comfortable with the coaches, the players and the staff," Nix said. "You want to be somewhere where you think you will fit in. It's a great environment there at Miami."

Nix chose the Hurricanes despite intense pressure for many months to become a Florida Gator.

"My family and friends are all Gator fans because everyone is from Jacksonville.," Nix said. "They have been pressuring me to go to Florida. But Miami is where I should be. I have a great relationship with Coach Hurtt, the defensive line coach. He is like a father figure to me. When I call him, he always asks about my grades and how I am doing. We talk about a lot of things other than just football. He makes sure I am doing everything to help me be successful.

"I think that now everyone will accept me going to Miami. I am the first one in my family going to college."

The mutual courtship between Nix and Miami gained steam last summer after Nix was named the outstanding defensive lineman at the UM Football Camp. Nix went head-to-head with Booker T. Washington standout lineman Jose Jose during those sessions and did real well. Word of his performance began spreading around the country along with his game tape and Nix has already received offers from most major programs.

The hoopla became so much this fall that Raines Coach Cedric Thornton said Nix struggled to concentrate on school and football.

"He has been real frustrated with a lot of people being in his ear about recruiting and it affected him the entire year," Thornton said. "He didn't start looking like himself until the last three or four games of the year.

"His sophomore year was great and all that film went out. He has received offers from everybody in the country. People in his neighborhood started adding their input. I worked with him to focus on what got him to that point. He fought through it. By him making this commitment now, it is taking that weight off his shoulder. It was something he felt real good about so he decided to do it now."

But Thornton wanted to make sure Nix was certain about his choice before he made his commitment. Raines is in Jacksonville, which is Gator Country. Urban Meyer recently told him that Nix was at the top of the Gators recruiting board for 2010. Thornton knows that commitment or no commitment that the Gators will not stop recruiting Nix in the most intense way.

"Yesterday Louis showed me a lot about his maturity," Thornton said. "When he came in and told me he wanted to commit., I asked him why. Why did he want to go to Miami? His answer had nothing to do with football. He liked the idea of a private school and having a close relationship with his instructors. He talked about his relationship with Clint Hurtt and the staff.

"I knew then that Miami really was the right fit for him, the only place for him to go. People will keep trying to change his mind. This recruiting thing is funny. There is a lot of time between now and February of 2010. But he has really thought this thing through."

Before Nix called Miami to commit, he had to sit down and have a talk with his mom, who struggled with the idea of him not playing in Gainesville.

"When I was done, she was supportive of my decision," Nix said. "She still loves the Gators though. Maybe I can turn her into a GatorCane."

I just read the Miami Herald and they wrote the game is on MyTv what channel is that on Comcast Cable does any one know?

My TV is station CBS, channel 4, in Miami...
Depending on City and State and cable company, channels will change.

Thanks Cat5 I am visiting my parents from Jacksonville my parents live in Miami and I was going to leave tomorrow morning but saw they have the GA vs GA Tech game and Virginia Vs V-Tech in Jacksonville. Now I am staying since it will be on channel 4 in Miami. Thanks for your help Go Canes.

My TV is station CBS, channel 4, in Miami...

Posted by: Cat5 Cane | November 28, 2008 at 08:28 AM

ed led astray ...
it's channel 33 ...


I'm sorry Manny, 7-5 is not acceptable to the U-family.This statement are for loosers, thats what Coach shannon is preaching. He wants to establish a winning mentallity,thats why he likes to recruit kids from winning programs.I wish we could blow NCst out by 40 points and forget what happened at GA Tech.

The expectation for this team of 9-3 or 10-2 are from people who have never played a down of football. No way this team has the experience, knowledge of schemes, or trust in each other to win this year.

Shannon is correct in using this game toward growing for next year. 8-4, 7-5 does it really matter to U fans? Anything short of an ACC Champ/ BCS game is all the same to most of the U fans.

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