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What's so bad about 7-5?

It's pretty amazing how quickly the mood of an entire fan's nation can change in a matter of one week. Last week at this time, U were probably thinking...

> The Canes are going to win the ACC title and we're going to be in the Orange Bowl. Sweet!
> Randy Shannon probably deserves some Coach of the Year consideration.
> Bill Young has done a great job straightening out that defense. That FSU game was just a bad game.
> This whole Robert Marve-Jacory Harris quarterback sharing thing -- I can live with it this year as long as we keep winning.
> This team has really impressed me. They're doing great much better than I thought they would.

Not so much anymore. In a few hours, it's going to be a week since the Georgia Tech debacle, since all of those good feelings and positive opinions on this Canes season vanished with three hours of misery in Atlanta. But as you sit down to your turkey dinner tonight ask yourself this -- should U really be that disappointed? What were your realistic expectations for this team before Jacory Harris made you feel giddy with that comeback at Duke and Virginia and the defense and Marcus Robinson thrilled you against Virginia Tech? How happy would U have been if someone told you this team would likely finish 7-5 after starting 2-3?

Here's the reality: U probably aren't happy anymore with 7-4. And, things are probably going to get even uglier if that record slips to 7-5 with a loss at N.C. State on Saturday. But should U really be that upset? I think U should be thankful for this... this football team is better than it was last season; it's only going to get better with time; and Notre Dame is worse.

> Unfortunately, due to my flight delay in St. Thomas, I never got in on time to catch the end of practice Tuesday. But I did make it out on Wednesday to shoot a new video with Mollie Rose and gather some post-practice talk about the Wolfpack, who obviously have momentum (a three-game winning streak) and a bowl-berth to play for. So, what was the mood of the team? "We just want to get a win," linebacker Glenn Cook said. "This win will help us get into a better bowl. We don't get into redemption. We didn't do what we had to do to put us in a good position. So, this is what we've got to play for now."

Honestly, I'd say Cook and his teammates sounded a lot more disappointed they no longer have the ACC title to play for than thrilled about playing the Wolfpack. Not a good sign heading into Saturday.

> Randy Shannon has decided to make a few changes to the starting lineup on defense, benching veterans Bruce Johnson and Chavez Grant at cornerback for sophomore DeMarcus Van Dyke and freshman Brandon Harris. While I understand Johnson and Grant haven't done anything to warrant staying in the starting rotation, I'm taking it as a sign Shannon has decided with two games left to move forward at least at cornerback, throwing two guys into the fire even if they get burned.

Demarcus_van_dykeVan Dyke, who started eight games last season, said Wednesday he'd only been playing about 10 snaps a game in certain situations. Harris, who has struggled this season, hasn't started since the Duke game. Harris said he believes coaches made the change because "I think its just giving us a feel to see how we can do starting off. They really want us to see us make some plays on the ball and tackle guys and get them on the ground. I think we play faster when you know what an offense is doing before you lineup. I think early in the season we were just trying to play off athletic ability."

Both Harris and Van Dyke said they've spent a lot of time in the film room, learning how to play in Young's zone-based coverage defense. Van Dyke said adjusting from man to zone is what caused him to struggle this season. "I think this right here is my stepping stone for next year," Van Dyke said. "I really want to get back to doing what I was supposed to do."

> Shannon said linebacker Romeo Davis has been replaced by junior Daryl Sharpton at the starting strongside linebacker spot.

> There are a few reports out two seniors could be seeking another year of eligibility after this season -- safeties Randy Phillips and Anthony Reddick. I'm of the opinion at least it's time to go in the direction of youth. Show me some Vaughn Telemaque.


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I know the stadium is usually half empty but in reality dolphin stadium is just huge too big to fill. Miami is an event town and will continue to be so. The hurricanes will have a solid fan base coming to the game. Ive been to three. So relax and enjoy the hurricane experience.


i do not post much on this and most blogs. i like to read whats posted and most times the posts are garbage. my conclusion is that most so called UM fans are not students of the game of football. they are love for the game is fuelled by years of the U steam rolling opponents. and yes Cainesville, U can love the game without fully understanding it.
after the debacle @ GT, all hell broke loose. all of a sudden, our stellar recruiting class was garbage. it was back to the hang shanon mantra. the only constant is the Nix bashing that go on. i for one do not have a position on Nix as an OC. some of his play calling are unforgivable. but there have being other good moments too. the team is young and is in transition. growing pains anyone? i will put this to U though. PX is a better play caller than OCs at some programs with winning record and the biggest example of those is UF (or FU, depending on how much U hate them). the difference between college & pro is that many a times in the college game, talent covers up bad coaching. just the same way that programs running gimmicky offenses are only good for the college game and therefore have few players drafted in the NFL, is also true for OCs. most of them cannot coach in the NFL. there just arent too many plays designed to go for 5 yards that burst out into 15 yard gains in the NFL. the speed of the game and the skill of the players are @ a top level. the scrutiny that nix is receiving is making him better and will make even better. imagine Us in 3yrs playing for a national championship. with nix still here as OC the next group of freshmen will not cause us to rebuild, instead, we will simply be reloading. look at other programs playing with a young team and see where they are; Notre Dame, VT. even better, look at some with senior talent like UNC, coached by a great coach, butch. and what would you rather do, replace nix and then he winds up elsewhere and becomes a star while U call for the head of his replacement in true U fashion after 2months.
the other issue here is people's lack of understanding of the south florida talent. florida players and especially the ones that end up in miami are typically undisciplined. they have raw talent and speed, but are not refined. a well coached and displined opponent can take advantage of this. watching the GT game i got confused most times as to who really had the ball in the 3ripple option 'gay ass' scheme. this were young guys. they were tricked most times, which is the point of the offense. its the perfect weapon against a talented fast but very young defense. i also thought RS plan on defense of assignment football was BS. he emphasised tackling high to cause turn overs. Bull crap. that offense is made on the line of scrimmage. meaning that if you could distrup the play at the line, mission would have being accomplished. i have no problem with letting there gay ass QB try to beat us in the air. arent this 'schmos' the worst in NCAA in passing. the game plan should have called for heavy blitzing. getting into their back field before they could even get the play off. after all, UF #or FU# also runs a quasi option attack. we didnt do too bad against them. and the other two games we lost, UNC and FSU, we lost on last minute mental lapses.
so if u want to go ahead and throw out the stellar plays this season, the 7 wins and the 2 near wins because a bunch of 17 and 18 year olds were tricked, i definitely will not be joinning you. i repeat, 17 and 18 year olds.

I hate F$U more than Florida...

Embarrass those holes...

It's a decent season, but let's not get too excited about what we've seen. It was a down year in the ACC and we lost to the top conference teams on our schedule, FSU and GT.

Georgia Tech whipped us about as bad as OU did last year. Why should we have any positive thoughts at this point? We're going to a bowl because UCF and Charleston Southern are on the schedule, Texas A&M is the most horrible team in college football, and that kid from UVA couldn't hold onto the football in the 4th quarter.

I'm thankful for the efforts against UF and FSU, that's the only potential I've seen from the team this year.

most times the posts are garbage. my conclusion is that most so called UM fans are not students of the game of football.
Posted by: NigerianCane | November 28, 2008 at 03:02 PM


canesjunkie! u have no business watching football talkless of being a cane fan. why dont u take up syncronised swimming or something!


1. Florida State 186-50-1 .787
2. Florida 186-51-1 .784
3. Ohio State 182-51-1 .784
4. Miami 175-54 .764


Whoever wins todays Florida State-Florida match will take over #1

i disagree slightly. bruce johnson is are best corner i think he will play in nfl. I think chavez grant better get in the weight room this off season as a prio. I just think bill young is to old. he is out dated. If he wants to remain DC then he needs to stop playing that butter soft as zone. thats what is making our db's look bad. play some man up press coverage sometimes or maybe a lot of times lets make them beet us deep, not let them gash the ball down our throats our db's cant come up to help on tackles be cause there back in there zones .. in stead of man on rb man on fb man on te press on outside. we havnt done that all season. and in the gt game why was there so much spacing in the defensive the center would engage our dtackle while their guard cut us leaving gaping holes.. the l had qb pitch responsibility so they were drawn away from these gaping holes at times... he never adjusted he was baffled ...I think randy shannon needs to take control of some of the defesive play calls...and stop be stubborn .. stop protecting your coordinators .... and nix he young a remember watching him beat florida at auburn so is he a offensive genius ??? probabl not but yeah your right he is calling scared ...he needs to stop being cute and play direct football for now and then get cute ...get that identity of this a what we do now stop it. NIX STOP TRYING TO SHOW THAT YOU CAN OUT COACH SOMEONE AND LET YOUR PLAYERS MAKE YOU LOOK GENIUS . STOP CALLING CUTE PLAYS "MEANING 2AND1 YOU COME IN SHOT GUN 4WIDE AND HAND THE BALL OFF" THATS CUTE OR 1AND GOAL FOR THAT MATTER...THERE ARE SEVERAL OTHER EXAMPLES BUT JUST CALL IT DIRECT .. NOW IF WE ARE JUST FLAT OUT ARE GETTING STOPPED THEN PULL OUT THE WRINKLES... BUT YOU GET CUTE TO EARLY ....STABLISH WHOS DOMINENT FIRST..........AND BILL YOUNG PLAY MORE AGRESSIVE PRESS COVERAGES OR AT LEAST CREATE SOME PRACTICE DRILLS WHICH WILL MAKE THE DBS BETTER AT FOOTWORK AND BODY PLACEMENT WHEN IT COMES TO COVERING A PASS DOWN FIELD


I should take up synchronized swimming because I don't think we're a great football team?

This team is a disgrace to UM football,they play with no heart and losing to N C State is dreadful.
One more year for Randy !

Nix I hope you are reading this....You Suck>>>>.
Cane fans, we need to realize that in order to be the canes we used to be, we need a better play caller. Nix is HORRIBLE... we can do better if we let the baby canes play football. J. Harris is a good QB, AND HE WILL GET BETTER. FIRE NIX NOW, TO SAVE THE TEAM!!!!!!

Its no so much the record. You can accept a 7-5 if your team, shows progression and improvement. I'm not seeing it.
there is no progression.. no improvement.
The hell with top recruits. go get football players!

Well, 7-5 it is. Keep the coaches, but, find some real receivers. Looking back over the entire season, the receivers played like defensive backs. Defensive backs are such, because they can't catch the ball. It doesn't matter how fast you are if your not carrying the ball with you. The GT game took the heart and soul out of the defense. They got lambasted in a manner reminiscent to the Oklahoma game and were never the same after that. They're young and they will eventually get up from it. They got kicked in the teeth by GT and either couldn't or wouldn't recover. That indicates a serious lack of discipline. It's not something you coach, it's something you have inside to keep getting up even when you keep getting knocked down. They got knocked down and either couldn't or wouldn't get up. That same attitude carried over into the State game. The defense got kicked in the teeth again and didn't answer the bell. Some of the players, both offense and defense need to question whether or not they should remain hurricanes. For those that are left, life is difficult and not always fair, get used to it.

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