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ACC reviewing McClinton's slap

Frank Haith told reporters after Tuesday night's loss to Ohio State, he didn't think star Jack McClinton would face any future suspension after being ejected for slapping the Buckeyes' Anthony Crater midway through the first half. Looks like that isn't necessarily going to be the case.

Haith spoke with ESPN's Andy Katz Wednesday morning and told him ACC associate commissioner Karl Hicks, who was in attendance Tuesday, would review tape Wednesday to determine if there was malicious intent worthy of a one-game suspension. Miami plays at Kentucky Saturday and could ill-afford to be without McClinton, especially now that backup point guard Eddie Rios has been suspended indefinitely.

Miami committed a season-high 18 turnovers in the loss to Ohio State and had Lance Hurdle, who played a career-high 37 minutes, as its only legit ballhandler. Haith told Katz he was even more upset after reviewing the tape of the McClinton incident. I'm sure he'll be even more steamed if his best player misses out on Miami's next most important out-of-conference game on Saturday.


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Yo....i feel for McClinton and I don't like bashing him cause he plays his butt off, but he messed up. He is the leader of the team, the guy we count on and he should no better. There is a difference between a guy slapping at the ball when you have and hitting you in the face and you slapping a guy separately. Even if the guy did slap him, he has to move on. This isn't a pickup game where you are trying to show how tough you are, they need wins to get in the tournament and we can't win if he isn't there and there is no one else to handle the scoring load or handle the ball.

However, he's played great for UM and deserves slack. He'll learn from this and continue playing his butt off.

How about some punishment for the Ohio State Player? After reviewing the tape Crater should be suspended for a game.

The Ohio state player should get in trouble. He started it in the first place

What happen to Eddie Rios? Why did he get suspended?

Dear Santa...

1- point guard
1- 7' Center

Thankyou, Frank Haith

Oh, believe me, Jack McClinton WILL be suspended for the Kentucky game, and we will NOT win that game without him. And, come Selection Sunday, when Ohio State and Kentucky are the last two at-large selections and we're the first team left on the wrong side of the bubble, that Jack McClinton realizes just how he murdered this program.
It's a done deal.

Thad Motta is a douche! Plain and simple, the only way he knew that ohio state had a chance to win was to get McClinton out of the game. beg and pleads and cries to the ref's to look at the replay. If that was any one else, not as big a deal is made of the slap.

Regardless, Jack put himself in that situation and blew a chance to really put him and the team on the map in front of a prime time national television audience. Hope he keeps his cool the next time. I don't think he should've been ejected, and there's no way he should be suspended for the Kentucky game. If it was a punch, that's another story, but an open hand swat shouldn't merrit a suspension.

Jack didn't do anyone who was girl slapped wouldn't do. Protect himself and set boundaries. The officiating crew sucked eggs and I hope Haith is mad at the crew after reviewing the play, not mad at Jack.
We get a player thrown out of the game for defending himself, while Urban Liar lobbied to play Tony Joiner against LSU in 07 after an attempted car theft from an impound lot. Go figure.



It was a natural reaction...that5's it..

Clemson will be looking for a DC

My sources tell me that Robert Marve talked to Les Miles for about an hour and a half yesterday about TRANSFERING TO LSU!!!!

Oh, believe me, Jack McClinton WILL be suspended for the Kentucky game, and we will NOT win that game without him. And, come Selection Sunday, when Ohio State and Kentucky are the last two at-large selections and we're the first team left on the wrong side of the bubble, that Jack McClinton realizes just how he murdered this program.
It's a done deal.

Posted by: Trevor | December 03, 2008 at 04:56 PM

And who the hell are you?

Manny, can you ask Haith why Gamble didn't play? I found that a bit odd.

ok folks lets qUit with the bashing of McClinton - i'm pretty sUre he reallizes that he made a mistake and he has already apologized to the team and coach Haith for it. he made a bad decision and it's over so let it go. this team has all the parts (pg being the exception) to be SUPER competitive in the acc & in the ncaa toUrnament so qUit being aholes and sUpport yoUr team for once.

as far as marve wanting to transfer - i have been a die hard marve sUpporter BUT if he does not want to be a CANE then sign his papers and let him go. coach Shannon and his staff (nix being the exception here) have oUr team headed in the right direction and jUst like when he took over U are either with Us or yoUr not. let him go if that's what he wants.


As always GO CANES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We deserately need McClinton to play because if we lose this game then our season is in jeopardy. I personally think that there was no malicious intent. He got hit in the face and reacted by swinging openly back and connected unfortunately even though he only really hit him with a finger. The guard on OSU is a sissy for pretending he was hurt. As for Marve, I don't blame him for wanting to transfer. Ever since Jacory came it is evident the coaching staff wants Jacory to be the guy. It's unfair to Marve and he is a special player and should go somewhere that truly appreciates him. Cause we don't and it's really sad.

It's been a while since I've written, it's alot more fun getting info from you pro bloggers. I'll tell you something, just like our season we are almost turning it around. Alot of things can happen next season, there are not guarantees. One thing that concerns me that seems to be getting worse is Coach Shannon never taking blame for anything. He is into the mind thought that he doesn't need anything. For example when asked, What bowl would he like to play in? His response is it doesn't matter. When there is a questionable call on the field, he doesn't challenge. When he hears that a player(s) may transfer his response is probably we don't need them. We'll it does matter when the Gaytors are going after one of Dades best players (Frankie Telfor)and we never offer him. Understand what Urban Liar is doing, he's establishing relationships with the coaching staff. In the meantime we offer a guy from George (Demontre Hurst) who is slower and smaller than Telfor. Everone knows Telfor most likely will play db and he had expressed that his favorite school was the U. On a different recruiting site, Arthur Brown is know talking to the Kansas State coach Snyder. Could it be possible that we have had the top linebackers commit to the U the last couple of years (WW & AB) and they suck more than Glen Cook and Romeo Davis. Its the question everyone has; can we develop talent? When he played in the spring he looked good, know he's not good enough for playing time. Why do we keep converting our big lb to de. No wonder teams are running right at us. Samething with db, Tervaris Johnson could not play db but dominated in the spring. It's obvious Randy is buring these guys on the bence so the transfer. Great example to other recruits. It's also possible that we will be losing both Arthur B and his brother, just because everyone knows that Randy doesn't like players that come in with all the hoopla. Recruiting sites have changed since the days that we could pick up all the talent from Florida, know with the sites players and schools get to see more. The difference between the U and other schools is that the LSU,BAMA,GAYTORS,OHioStinks,Texas....never let there talent get away. No matter how deep they are in the position. Why is it that USC,Texas,Gaytors,LSU...have talented QB's commiting and waiting there turns. Maybe it's because they start a QB and they don't put down the ones waiting there turn. One of the funnyist thing I see, is Randy only refering to Marve and Jacory as the future. Don't be surprise to see Marve leave and the other 2 Taylor Cook and Cannon Smith who are not part of the future also transfer. Way to go Randy, recruiting these guys and then kicking them under the bus. One more thing since I was on a role this morning. I know Kylan Robinson was a Choker recruit, but can anyone tell me why we would move a 6'1 230lb running back to LB when all of our backs are small. What a difference it would've made if used him to battered some defenses for 3-4 yards with this guy. I'm sure he's transfering too, since Randy said they don't have lb, db, and rb. Look at last years recruiting class do these guys who did not play this year, all of a sudden suck. I understand the rb, ol, te, positions. Lets be for real we can turn this around or we can let it slip away.....

F*** all the GAYTORs in the BLOG!!! You have no right of being here!!! You jort wearing douches.

GO CANES!!!!!!

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