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Bosher selected team MVP

Matt Bosher turned out to be the only Hurricane to earn All-ACC honors second team honors. It's only fitting, UM's most consistent player was tabbed with Jack Harding (Team MVP) award Sunday night as the team held its annual awards banquet at the Westin Colonnade Coral Gables.

Matt_bosherWithout question, Bosher was the best player for the Canes this season. He was 17 of 19 on field goal attempts, a perfect 38 of 38 on extra points and was second in the conference in punting with a 41.1 average. His only field goal misses were at home against North Carolina from 43 and at the end of regulation against Virginia from 51. There's no doubt Bosher will find himself in the hunt for the Lou Groza award next year as a junior if he puts up those kind of numbers again.

> Most Versatile Player: Graig Cooper. Can't disagree with this one. Cooper led the team in rushing with 778 yards and four touchdowns and was third on the team in receiving with 24 catches for 102 yards. He averaged 4.9 yards a carry, threw a touchdown pass and returned a punt for a touchdown in the opener. I've got to wonder if Miami just isn't better off letting Cooper return more kicks next year with Travis Benjamin alongside. That would be one scary tandem.

> Defensive Scout Team Player of the Year: Gavin Hardin. This one is interesting. If you remember, last year Adewale Ojomo won this award. If UM can get Hardin in the mix at end next year, they might actually be able to move Allen Bailey inside -- where I think belongs.

> Offensive Scout Team Player of the Year: Damien Berry. I don't know if we should be disappointed or happy Berry won this award. I thought he looked good last spring at safety, making hits and plays on the defensive side of the ball. The move to running back didn't produce a single carry this season. Instead, Barry played in six games and made three tackles on special teams. 

Sean_spence> Hard Hitter Award: Sean Spence. You probably could have changed the title of this one to Best Defensive Player Award. Spence talked Saturday about how he was only expecting to play in a small role this season -- special teams and a maybe a few snaps at linebacker. Instead, he was pressed into major duty after Colin McCarthy went down. He made 62 tackles, 7 1/2 for loss, 2 sacks and returned an interception for a touchdown against Florida State. Let's not forget his big strip at Virginia. 

> Special Teams Player of the Year: Sam Shields. Since Bosher won MVP, this one is obvious -- especially after Travis Benjamin slowed down. This is a good award for Shields to build off of for next year. By the way, he made 8 tackles on special teams and 11 catches for 124 yards at receiver.

> Walt Kichefski Hurricane Award (commitment, consistency) and Strength Training Athlete of the Year: Khalil Jones. I really believe Khalil is probably Randy Shannon's favorite player. All year long, Shannon had nothing but great things to say about Khalil, who started nearly as many games (3) as he had catches (5) all season. I guess sometimes you just need that locker room leader.

> Nick Chickillo Most Improved Player: Chris Rutledge. Can't argue with this one especially considering Rutledge was a project from the day he got here. With Reggie Youngblood out, Ruledge started 10 games his senior season.

> Albert Bentley Most Valuable Walk-On Award: Chris Ivory. About the only thing the team's long-snapper did wrong was get suspended for the season opener.

> Mariutto Scholar Athlete (highest G.P.A.): Xavier Shannon. Come on, we knew Xavier had to get something right? He started 12 games and despite those high snaps, he never really hurt the team. 

Glenn_cook> Plumer Memorial Award (leadership, motivation, spirit) and Dale Melching Award (leadership): Glenn Cook. Glenn won't ever get confused for being a great player. His physical skills are average at best. But there's no question everyone on this team looked up to him on defense. His greatest contribution was probably helping Spence come along faster than most expected. He spent a lot of time with Sean in the film room.

> U. Miami Sports Hall of Fame Unsung Hero Award: Patrick Hill. He didn't get a chance to be in there very often, but when he did, he often laid guys out.


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great stuff Manny. Thanks for all the work you do!!


Bosher deserved MVP!

Q: Manny...does the media vote? Who did/would U have voted for?

Any news on the recuits who visited?

To all those "go ahead and start Jacory fans and let Marve transfer" fans: Be careful what you wish for. Remember Scott Mitchell!

Also, I actually would have liked to have seen Marve & Harris alternate starts this year. I know it goes against what Randy stated, but it gives each some experience in game planning from the start as well as giev each a view from the sidelines to see how the game is flowing (as Jacory benefitted from).

Umm, what's with all the "?" marks?

With McCarthy coming back next year healthy, I have to think the LB corps is going to be in much better shape than this year even though it will be much younger. I expect Sharpton to have a difficult time retaining his starting role, especially after his GT and NCSt performances. Sorry to knock you, dude!

Congrats to Xavier Shannon! I don't think his father cut him ANY slack this year, and being a graduate student myself, I understand the demand and time that school actually takes. If Miami had 21 more Xavier Shannon's, nobody would question the motivation and dedication for the game/team. Right on!

Graig Cooper should never have stopped fielding punts or kickoffs. He's one of the fastest and most elusive players on Miami and sometimes shows glimpses of the Miami teams about 7 years ago. He's not a good running back unless the line immediately opens up a hole that a truck could fit through. He has no patience and tries to create everything himself. So put him on special teams! That's what that's all about. I fully expect JJ to be the go to back next year and I really, really, really hope that Miami stops playing out of the shotgun formation because it absolutely destroys the running game. It will also be nice to see some other guys getting some time back there (NOT D. Thomas!) like Berry, McNeal, Chambers (maybe), and this trio coming in (Brown, James, and Miller).

Another shout out to the kicking game. I think Miami fans over the past 5 years or so can thank their lucky stars about having Brian Monroe and now Matt Bosher (look back at how bad that 5-7 season was without a kicker). The year in between was a nightmare! It really goes to show that a team with a struggling offense can still win games with a good kicking game (field position or 3 pointers). Bosher was definitely deserving, but I really hope this is the last year that he's up for this award (sure he should get Groza chances). No offense.

It says everything about the season when the kicker wins MVP.. Go Canes!!

Best opposing Defensive Coordinator: Patrick NIX
His playcalling was our Offenses worst enemy, even more than the other teams D.

NIX for President

Butter finger award- hankerson, Frahrquarson, AJ, Shields

The Charmin-Huggies Bad Tackling award: Glenn Cook, Romeo Davis, and all the LBs except Spence

The George Foreman Grill " getting burned all the time" award- All of the dbs

The Ki-jana carter Overrtaed award goes to: the O-line

The Albert einstein award for calling shotgun on 4th and one more than once: Nix

Next year is going to be tough on all of us due to the continuing financial crisis. We will have to spend wisely and coach Shannon could help in that dept.
keeping NIX will ensure more empty seats at homegames and more money for your families basic needs.
It's so depressing to know that we will loose at least 6 games in 2009, maybe even seven, plus it's going to be HUMILIATING against at least OU and GT and maybe FSU and VT.
Please recruit good players so that when the new coaches arrive in two years they will have something positive to work with.

WR award for lowering his shoulders while running a rout: T. Benjamin

Pat NIX award for blinking and giving away a rout to the DB: T. Benjamin

Award for the worst sorry asz pathetic excuse for his oun shortcommings: Pat NIX

I feel bad for some of you that are so fixated on Nix

Ronald reagan Award for public speaking and communication: RS

Mr Frodo award for... you know, looking like a hobbit- Donna Shalala

Congrats Canes on having your kicker as the team MVP! Maybe next year it will be the punter or perhaps the long snapper! Ha Ha!

I agree Bosher deserves this recognition, but having the kicker as an MVP is a sure sign of a bad season.

Miami GAyturd: Get off this blog you lozah, we don't care about your wannabe turds, 2 national ch maybe 3, still our historical beeotches. tebone is a bible banger with a plastic smile and I am happy he lost the Heisman to a real kid, who as a sophomore is 10000X a better qb than tebone in that gimmicky mickey mouse offense and that Overrrtaed conference they play in.

ACC vs SEC head to head: 6-4

Reminder: UF lost to Ole Miss who lost to Wake forest. Um, beat Wake forest even though we lost 23-3 to Urban liar the brachyosaurus (has anyone seen how long his neck is?)

Have fun hating on the canes. we are rebuilding, just like we have several times before. The fun will be on us starting 2010 and when your sorry team comes south from their farms.

Well hopefully Jamie, you guys can hurry up and rebuild so we can play you before 2010 in a bowl that matters. I know you guys like playing on blue fields and getting your groove in San Franscisco but hopefully you can play with the big boys next year.
You can say what you want about the SEC and I agree it is down this year, but once we win #3 and we will, that would make 4 out of the last 6 National Champions have come out of the SEC.
The right quarterback won the Heisman, I would not even be upset if McCoy won it. Well at least you have your kicker, that could help recruiting, maybe you guy could become kicker U! Ha Ha!

Manny, update us on the Visits this weekend? It was a lot of guys coming in if i am not mistaken.

Miami Northwestern DT and Class of 2010 commitment Todd Chandler took an unofficial visit to UM on Saturday.

"I was out there for practice," he said. "I was joking around with the guys. It was great. I was with the defensive line most of the day. I learned most of the drills they do - it's what we do in high school, but much faster paced. When I get there I'll jump right in."

Chandler met a fellow Cane defensive tackle commitment, Curtis Porter.

"And I was hanging out with Olivier Vernon," Chandler said. "They have a great attitude about Miami. They were saying they can't wait to get there, how they're trying to jump right into the program.

"I was hoping to meet (fellow 2010 DT commitment) Louis Nix, but he wasn't out there."

Why did Chandler decide to go to practice?

"(Former teammate) Marcus Forston and I had spoken earlier in the day and he said they were practicing," Chandler said. "I wasn't doing anything else, so I went out there.

"I talked to coach (Clint) Hurtt and (Micheal) Barrow after practice, was getting to know them better."

And Hurtt did something that Chandler says he'll remember for a long time.

"After practice he introduced me, put me in the middle of (the defensive tackle) circle, said `This is 2010 commitment Todd Chandler,'" Chandler said. "The players were hugging me, giving me 5. They were telling me congratulations, that they were happy for me."

Chatham (VA) Hargrave Military Academy OL Daniel Campbell has returned from his Miami Hurricanes official visit over the weekend.

"It was real nice," Campbell said. "It was my first time going to Miami. How the players are, I really liked them. It was nice in that type of environment."

Campbell was hosted by Orlando Franklin.

"He's real cool," Campbell said. "It was nice to hang out with somebody like that."

And Campbell says he also enjoyed talking in-depth with head coach Randy Shannon. The two met before Campbell left campus today.

"He was just seeing that we had a good time," Campbell said. "We weren't talking about football. He wants me and Bobby (Massie, a teammate who also was at UM this weekend) there because we can make a lot improvements to the team like the Northwestern freshmen did. I said I could see myself playing there."

Campbell says he has no clearfrontrunners and that "Miami's up there."

He says he will likely take visits to Alabama and Oregon in the weeks ahead. He's already visited USC.

He and Massie will both be arriving on a college campus in the summer.

So how did Massie like things at UM?

"He had a great time also," Campbell said, adding, "I don't know if we'll go to the same school. When it comes down to it, it's where we feel comfortable."

The bottom line when it comes to the Canes?

"They have a good chance," Campbell said. "Miami, I could see myself playing football for them."

He says he "doesn't know yet" when he'll make a final decision.

Campbell says Cane commitments on the visit with him were selling UM well.

"I'm always open in my mind, and it feels good to be wanted," Campbell said.

* Campbell said former Cane signee Antonio Harper, who played with Campbell this year, is still intent on playing for UM.

"He didn't visit this weekend because he was taking the SAT," Campbell said.

Norcross (GA) High School DB Prince Kent was slated to visit Miami this past weekend.

But he made a decision last week to change his dates.

"I'm visiting in January after I come back from the All-American game in Orlando," Kent said. "I changed it because I had a lot of stuff going on, finals this week. A lot of Florida guys, recruits, didn't have finals around this time. I had to do a lot of studying."

Kent is still graduating early, and he says UM will be his only visit.

He is set to enroll Jan. 20.

"I talked to coach (Patrick) Nix (Saturday) night," Kent said. "He said a lot of recruits came down for their official visit. He was telling me they were about to have dinner, was telling me they'd reschedule my official visit."

Kent says he hopes to make an immediate impact as a freshman at UM.

"I want to go there and make an impact wherever - special teams, corner or safety," Kent said. "I want to make an impact on the field, period. I think I can play right away."

Fort Myers High School TE and Cane commitment Stephen Plein says, after taking his official visit to UM this past weekend, "I feel like part of the family now. I feel like a Hurricane."

He'll have to wait until Jan. 20 to officially report - he's graduating early. But he certainly got a taste of UM.

And he got a taste of something else.

"The food they gave us was ridiculous," he said. "You could never stop eating."

But the food wasn't Plein's highlight.

"The hotel in Coconut Grove, I was on the 13th floor overlooking the bay, all of the Grove," Plein said. "I walk out on the balcony and it's the most ridiculous view ever. I couldn't' help but smile.

"There was a packet hand-signed by coach Shannon when I got there waiting for me, too. And when I came back from my host there was a cookie cake on my bed that said `Welcome to the U' on it."

Plein was hosted by Matt Pipho

"He was awesome," Plein said. "He's kind of just like me. I hung out with him, A.J. Trump and Cannon Smith. We went to the Grove, just hung out."

Plein met with coach Randy Shannon today before returning home.

"He was saying how they're glad to have me, how they recruit great character kids and they're happy to have me as part of the family," Plein said.

Plein says all the committed recruits on the visit worked on the two uncommitted recruits at UM: Daniel Campbell and Bobby Massie.

"We were all messing with them, would say `This is how you're treated in Miami.' We were just giving them a hard time trying to get them to commit. They were definitely impressed with everything down there."

Plein says he received an in-home visit from coach Tommie Robinson last week and that he will get an in-home from Robinson, Joe Pannunzio and Randy Shannon in January.

Davenport (FL) Ridge High School RB Mike James took his official visit to UM this weekend and said, "It was awesome. It made me realize I made the right choice."

James' favorite part of the trip?

"Hanging out with JJ (Javarris James)," James said. "He was my host. He treated me like a little brother."

James tried to sell the two uncommitted recruits on the visit, Daniel Campbell and Bobby Massie, on UM.

"I was telling them the U is where it's at," James said. "They said they were having an awesome time."

James says he "did a lot of eating" while on campus.

And he spent a lot of time with coaches.

"This was my first time meeting coach (Randy) Shannon," James said. "He turned out to be the exact guy I thought, nice and humble."

He also spent time with running backs coach Tommie Robinson.

"He was talking about sticking to my game and that everything else will take care of itself, about being solid with what I do," James said.

James says he's all set to arrive at UM in January.

"Everything is in order for me to graduate early," he said. "I can't wait to get there. Me and JJ were talking, and I was saying how I'm ready to get up there now.

"I watched practice (yesterday), was following the running backs around, and I'll fit right in."

James says he went around Coconut Grove and South Beach in addition to the Coral Gables campus.

"It was awesome," he said. "I love the scenery. It's a nice place."

Charlotte (NC) West Charlotte High School DT Curtis Porter took his official visit to Miami this weekend with fellow commitments and early graduates Mike James, Stephen Plein, Brandon McGee and Olivier Vernon.

The only other visitors on campus were prep school players Bobby Massie and Daniel Campbell.

"Oh man, it was overwhelming, was a great visit," Porter said. "It was crazy, I just loved it."

Porter says he spent part of the visit talking up UM to Massie and Campbell.

"I tried my hardest to get them to Miami," Porter said.

He says they didn't give him an indication of if they were favoring Miami.

Porter's favorite part of the trip?

"Meeting the coaching staff, the players, meeting the President of the university and also the academic advisors," he said. "What you major in, you get to meet the dean. My major is finance, so I met the business dean.

"President Shalala, she said she's here for the students, and the students is what makes the school."

Porter met with coach Randy Shannon before departing today.

"He was talking about character," Porter said. "He said remember you are here for education and to play football afterward. He was explaining we're one of a kind."

Porter spent part of his trip talking with coach Clint Hurtt.

"We went over some defensive schemes," Porter said.

Porter was hosted by Josh Holmes.

"He's a funny guy, is a trip," Porter said.

Porter says the recruits didn't get a chance to tour Dolphin Stadium - "There wasn't enough time," he said.

He broke down his visit:

"I went to campus Friday morning - we ate breakfast, met with some coaches, hung out," Porter said. "I talked to some players and then just went to relax after that. Friday night we went to dinner, talked to coach Shannon and the president, just had a lot of fun.

"Yesterday we did the same thing, had breakfast, lunch, hung out with players. We watched them practice yesterday. They gave us free time and we just chilled. Last night we went to dinner and then I went to sleep because I was tired."

Porter drove over 10 hours for the visit so his parents could also see the campus. An official visit only provides airfare for the student-athlete.

Porter's mother, Teresa, said she was blown away by UM.

"It's amazing there," she said. "It's so beautiful. This is my first time in Miami, and it's breathtaking for me. It's a beautiful city.

"Everybody, all the coaches, the staff, were absolutely friendly. To me they were the best. Their hospitality was awesome. There were a lot of things that they said that made me feel a lot more comfortable knowing my son would be in the best of hands. I know it's going to be tough, but with their help he'll be fine. They emphasized how education comes first for him as a student-athlete. So I liked that."

Wow, thanks for the updates Conch. Sounds like a very productive weekend. We REALLY need at least Campbell or Massie. Both would be awesome, but we'll see. Hopefully the team is preparing hard for Cal. That is going to be a tough game in their backyard. Every game is important in and of itself, but this game will not only put the final stamp on '08, but will also set the tempo for '09. The more I think about it, the bigger this game looks. I hope and pray we come out with a sense of urgency in all three phases of the game. Cal will definitely show up. We had better also. THIS WILL BE A DOG FIGHT! Go Canes!

thanks conch...

Awesome stuff conch. Where did youget all that inside info?

Miami GAtor not only is the SEC down, it has artifically elevated your aspirations by you thinking Georgia and even Alabama were any good, when they werent- not top 5 material anyway. In fact ga doesnt even belong in the top 25 in my opinion! LSU-forget it. ga Tech is going to sweep the floor with them.

So, with all of them home games and a "neutral" game against Ga, who DID UF beat that mattered?

Oklahoma? texas tech? USC? penn State? Texas? Ok, they beat a glorified high school team named the U- and of all of the teams they beat, they scored the least on the U. lol It's ovah baby. o-vah!


We all know that success is cyclical in college football. Teams will have ups and downs, and your teams is currently on the up. I wouldn't be bragging though, because your best years don't even come close to Miami's best years.

When Miami dominates (see earlier this decade, the late 80s and early 90s), they win 30-something games in a row, dominate all facets of the game, blow out good teams and send numerous guys to the NFL.

When the Gators are at their best (this year) they can't even go undefeated. They have to rely on voters to give them the benefit of the doubt. They have a gimmick offense and a defense that can't even compare to the great Canes defenses. Alabama's lousy offense totally dominated them for half that game, and they shut down Florida's running game.

When you finally have a team that's good enough to get through a whole season without stumbling on a 4-loss Ole Miss or Auburn team, then you can talk. Until then, you need to acknowledge that you have an inferior program. A few decent years doesn't change that.

what a shame that javarris got hurt this season

hope you bunch of Univ Miami dumbos lose

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